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Based on a really cute fanfic I’m reading by auriadne called of cats, coffee, and crystals! There’s Kacchan and Todoro-kitty and it’s really cute, so read it please and also tell author how cute the story is! These are from scenes in chapter 2.

also, artistic license, Kacchan has kitty beanie shhhh they’re cute.

auriadne! I hope they’re to your liking! ( /)\\\(\)

So, @epiproctan asked for our lovely Keith in C2 for the Expression Challenge. So here you are. ^ 3^ Thanks for your ask, it was very fun to draw.

The expression wasn’t cheesy enough, I had to make a romantic atmosphere so we can fully appreciate Keith as a wannabe Disney princess. :’D

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for @angst-wizard, because you deserve that little bit of happiness to lift up your mood <333 *gets emotional herself and waves hand in the air while crying* i just have feels about our friendship okay?

Credence runs a careful hand over Graves’ naked chest, litle hairs catching between his fingers. He leans down to kiss his collarbone and smiles, an adorable blush colouring his cheeks.

“What are you smiling at, Credence?” Percival asks, reaching with his own hand to push into the young man’s hair and stroke him gently through uneven locks. Credence closes his eyes and a quiet needy whine rings somewhere deep in his throat.

“Nothing,” he replies shakily, lowering his chin to rest on Percival’s chest. His hands go further up to trace every line of Graves’ face as he studies him, chooses a spot to kiss and finally settles on the corner of the man’s smiling mouth. Percival, intending to catch Credence’s mouth, opens up his lips, but it’s only a kiss to the corner after all. He lies back down on the pillow.

“Well, I do love it when you smile.”

Credence’s lips pull into a wider curve and he hides his shy gaze away by resting his head on Percival’s shoulder.

They remain silent for a while, only the soft noise of breathing and sheets whispering can be heard as they lie in an embrace. It feels hot and Credence wouldn’t trade it for anything, only to feel the touch of Percival’s skin to his own. It’s overwhelming a little, or too much, and he drinks in the smell of sweat and cologne and that something that comes from their apartment that he can’t quite place. Maybe, it’s magic that acquired a scent, he doesn’t know.

“Kiss me, please?” Credence says in a low voice, gaze flicking up to meet Percival’s. There is a palette of emotions on the man’s face and Credence feels just that bit terrified of how gentle and sincere those emotions are. His eyes are full to the brim with fondness and his lips are curved in a genuinly happy smile. His head is tilted and he leans down to press his lips to Credence’s, locking them in a kiss and impressing those very emotions into his mouth.


How would I know how to get back to the future? Who do I look like? Marty McFly?

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🌻🎃IM SO HAPPY YOU HAD A GOOD DAY!! I had almost all my least favorite classes??? But gay is good and I'm stupid bc we got to play on a swing set (long story) and some kid was like STAWP SWINGING SO FAST and I said I CANT I SWING BOTH WAYS yeaaaah it was funny he didn't understand so it was a okay

AHH THANK YOU(have i mentioned i love the pumpkin+flower you’ve got its so good)