so starting this

how to treat yourself like a princess ✨

- begin your days with tea and lemon (especially the mornings in which you feel the most down) in a designated tea cup

- turn your space into your castle: floral prints on the walls, antique brushes and bottles, fresh flowers on the bedside table

- choose a beautiful, favourite symphony to be your personal princess theme song

- remember how deserving you are, even of the most simple things (i deserve to feel the sun on my skin, i deserve to take an extra-long shower today, i deserve to feel loved by myself)

- every now and then, remember this simple mantra: “life is short. buy the dress.”

UMM WHERE DID THESE BACK MUSCLES COME FROM?? It’s crazy noticing all these small differences in my physique lately as I lean down 😩👌 (ass shot at the end courtesy of my friend lmao)

The venomous jealously White Women express when a Black Woman gets called “beautiful” in front of them.. or hell any type compliment ESPECIALLY from a man is disheartening and pathetic to say the least.

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WE FINALLY HAVE A KELLEX GOAL 😭😭😭 this has been the kellex year for real

for. real. 

i mean is it just me or is the radfem nature of feminism on this site so viciously bitter that rather than push feminism, the primary objective constantly seems to be “how can we shit on men in any way possible to and reinforce hyper-masculinity at every turn.” like, it doesn’t even feel like feminism anymore, it feels like a toxic vendetta that actively works against some of the main goals of feminism

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i am crazily addicted to your art! i’m so glad there is still hetalia art floating around. i’d love to see you style with austria or canada if you could? thank you for all that you do. much love (〃ω〃)

Never noticed how pretty this man is until now..

Thank you so much, sweet anon! 

Relatable Kuroko no Basuke characters
  • Kuroko: all his old friends emotionally hurt him and abandoned him
  • Himuro: feels inferior towards his naturally more talented friends and is bitter about it
  • Kise: no matter how hard he tries, he still can’t win
  • Akashi: strict (abusive???) parent, fears of abandonment, the term I would use is “mentally fucked”
  • Ogiwara: after his passion was crushed, he gave up on it and quit

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What site do you think is the best to start posting your art on?

welp, I personally post art on tumblr, twitter and instagram, and they’re pretty good! I’d say it’s probably best to start posting it everywhere all at once lmao


who is he tho…