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Lellinger Aesthetic | Top of the World - The Carpenters

I’m on the top of the world looking down on creation
  And the only explanation I can find
Is the love that I’ve found, ever since you’ve been around
  Your love’s put me at the top of the world

yeah ok have my 2am edit thingy bc i’m honestly too lazy to make a video as i planned


Guys! I got this stunning painting of Liara in the mail from @trekkiemage! Look at those colors! (and yes, I agree Liara looks wonderful in bright colors) Look at the paint! Look at the adorable dragon seal on the letter! 

Thank you so much! I love it and now have her sitting on my desk so I can look at her all day.

Korean kpop fans are so weird sometimes. Like you can’t be a huge fan of more than one group ?? You /have/ to choose one. Like when I told my students I like bts and exo and big bang and etc they’re like …but u have to choose one. So I’m like obv bts but I looove a ton of groups and they’re just like dumbfounded lmao

I met one of my middle school ExoLs on the walk home and she’s like what r u listening to and I’m like exo! And she was so shocked cuz she knows me as an Army
She was just like WOW EXO! And got so excited and stared at me with stars in her eyes

I dono…I’ve had multiple students do this before where they’re like no you gotta be true to bts only!

Look I’m not super proud of what my subconscious produced last night, but it’s important to me that we all know that I dreamed I was the Inquisitor (and also a Pokémon trainer but that’s not plot important) and I told Blackwall and Cullen we were trapped in a cave in and a blizzard for the sole purpose of tricking them into a threesome, and just as it looked like it was working I heard with perfect accuracy Clint McElroy’s voice behind me saying “aren’t you gonna invite ole Merle to your swingers party?” And then Merle was there, smiling beneficently and starting to tug his arm off. And dream me was just like “no, no, sorry, no, but you’ve singlehandedly ruined this weird copyright infringing sex dream with a combo of characters that I don’t believe my waking mind would have picked but who fucking knows, now it’s just time for me to wake up at three in the morning so I can stare at the ceiling and try to figure out what the fuck I’m Into”

Mieran/Kierark in the Wild Hunt: short summary

Mark: i’m as straight as an elf-bolt
Kieran: *goes by*
Mark: i’m not gonna give up so fast
Kieran: *stares at Mark with cartoon heart-eyes*
Mark: no
Kieran: *becomes Mark’s bff*
Mark: No.
Kieran: *kisses Mark*
Mark: don’t you d—
Kieran: *has sex with Mark*
Mark: oh ok ok i love him more than entire world
Mark: by the Angel

Of Love

“I hate hanging around depressed people,” Den said to himself in the mirror. “It’s just so… depressing.” He stared. “Well, I suppose they’re not too happy about it either.” He chuckled. Sighed. Then frowned.

“Are you talking to yourself in there?” His boyfriend’s voice peaked out of the bathroom.

“I like the company, okay,” Den shouted playfully.

“But I’m right here!” Adom’s smile was always apparent to Den, like it transmitted Xanax through the airwaves, it wrapped him in blankets, and tucked him in.

“No, you’re in the bathroom trimming your fucking nipple-hair, and you’re a shit conversationalist anyway!”

“Oh, well sorry I don’t talk pretty like you do—besides, we both know you’re only with me for my nubile nubian nipples,” as Adom said this he walked out of the bathroom, bit his lip and pinched his nipple sarcastically.

“That’s not fair,” Den said through wide smiling eyes, “you also make fantastic mixed drink, and that’s enough to keep a gal around,” he finished with a matter-of-fact nod.

Adom nodded in agreement and added,” the secret to the best mixed drink is to not mix anything, it keeps you too drunk to leave.” As Adom finished, his phone buzzed, he looked at it, put it away, then looked at Den.

There was silence for a moment, then as Adom’s focus started to shift from Den to void—

“Hey,” Den said softly. The sound, gently intimate, allowed the lingered tear to fall from Adom’s heavy lashes; breath staggers, sobs—
“Hey,” Den said again, still gentle, but stronger; instantly the gap between them was only filled with outstretched arms.

With an embrace, everything faded; the most powerful thing in the world.
No death, or pain. No suffering. Just Nothing.
The most beautiful thing you can do for someone, is give them Nothing.

Oh wow. Old art I made 4 years ago… Amazing.

Why does the cat look so… retarded and space staring.. and why is the dog’s tongue a literal SHOWER.

By the way, I put this in a contest and got zero votes lmao

Tagging as bad OC because I think these two were my characters at some point. Also Photoshop because I edited it with that. No source because this MONSTROSITY AND SIGN OF HUMAN FAILURE AND THE REASONS WHY ALIENS DON’T VISIT US… is mine.

I thought the dog thing was scarfing down some anal beads at first, lmao.

I would have voted for you, friend. <3


wannabegeo  asked:

Salve doc, o meglio buonasera. Soffro di una fibromialgia abbastanza tosta, ultimamente i nervi mi tradiscono, perdo sensibilità agli arti e mi tremano le mani (su quest'ultima parte sto facendo degli esami, ma mi sembra giusto dare il quadro completo, no?) e cerco comunque di fare attività fisica. Per i dolori ho preso qualsiasi miorilassante esistente, tanti antidolorifici, roba omeopatica e iniezioni di vario genere, ma niente sembra funzionare come dovrebbe.

Sempre la ragazza della fibromialgia, non so stare entro i caratteri. Comunque, siccome ci devo convivere per tutta la vita, lei sa di terapie o farmaci che funzionano davvero? O qualche centro specializzato che fa miracoli veri?

Ascolta… sei sicura che sia proprio fibromialgia.

Ti è stata fatta una diagnosi differenziale MOLTO precisa e accurata da altre malattie neurologiche?