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Concept: David being the ultimate wingman for Gwen and "accidentally" pushing her towards Jen. Bonus points if he sings the chorus of "Talk 2 Her" by Sam Coffey and The Iron Lungs when Jen's not around to a very embarrassed Gwen.

oh my gosh yeah hghkjfh

can gwen also be his ultimate wingman and she like,, lowkey sets up dates for him and jasper and then tags along but at a different table so she can watch them

my parents have this fancy big tv and i’m watching LazyTown on it for the first time and the details… the texture…. it’s really true!! You can see the pores on people’s faces!! Robbie’s eyebrows scream fake, and the pores on Sportacus’ chin destroy his baby-face aesthetic. i’m…. this is amazing..


supercorp + stares