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Instead of moving to defend herself, Rey closed her eyes. Ren hesitated, confused by her actions. A long moment passed in which Ren sensed a change in the air, a change in her. 

Star Wars: The Force Awakens - Alan Dean Foster 

@phoenix-173 sent me a NSFW gif a while ago and I wrote the scene last week sometime, intending to post it here.  And then I wrote stuff for before the scene.  

And now there is 18,000 +++ words sitting in a google doc, with probably 50k more to come of a dark (for me) wintershieldshock.

You know, cause that kind of thing happens often, I guess.

I was looking through the photos with Richard I have on my phone device and, may I say, how wonderful the black and white/sepia ones are??…. ^_^

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Can you please do a reisaru scenario where fushimi actually like gets really mad at munkata for putting himself in danger and yells at him Infront of the alphabet squad?? Reactions from seri and such please

I can see this happening some time post-ROK now that Munakata is more on a ‘normal’ level rather than what a King was, like his powers still may be strong but he’s no longer invincible the way he once was. Maybe King powers end up deteriorating more quickly than regular clansmen powers too, so Munakata goes from being on the level of an exceptionally powerful clansmen to more Totsuka-level but despite that he’s still leading the force and basically acting as if nothing has changed. Fushimi notices it shortly after the Slate’s destruction, like he himself is still on bed rest and light duty but Munakata’s already going out on missions despite his own injuries and the need to adjust to his weaker powers. Fushimi clicks his tongue when he sees Munakata returning with a worried Awashima at his side, part of him wondering about Munakata and recalling their last private conversation where Munakata gave him the mission to infiltrate jungle. Munakata told him then that neither of them might survive that mission and Fushimi finds himself thinking that it seems as if the mindset is still there for Munakata. Maybe there’s some issue with Homra too and Fushimi notes the look on Munakata’s face when he talks with them, wondering if Munakata really thinks that Suoh Mikoto’s ghost will be satisfied by Munakata’s death.

Finally one day Munakata steps in during a mission and almost gets badly injured, Fushimi jumps in the way and saves him but it’s very close. Afterward everyone returns to the office and Munakata continues to be super chill about what just happened, like he shows no worry at all that he was nearly killed. He does thank Fushimi for saving him, very calmly and possibly phrasing it more like ‘I appreciate your valuable assistance’ rather than actually using the word 'saved’ (which would imply he was in danger) and that’s when Fushimi just snaps at him to shut up. Awashima immediately scolds him and the alphabet boys are shocked but Munakata’s expression doesn’t waver as Fushimi coldly asks what Munakata thought he was doing there anyway, he hasn’t got the powers he once did and yet here he is running into danger even so. Munakata starts saying something bland about a King’s duty and that just makes something in Fushimi snap, he starts berating Munakata in this cold dismissive voice that gets increasingly emotional as he goes on, like he’s sick of Kings and their stupid sacrificial bullshit, Munakata’s not a King anymore and he needs to accept that and stop running headlong into danger, he might not care about the risk to his life but his clan does. The rest of the squad is just left speechless, like seeing anyone yell at Munakata like that is outside of the normal but seeing Fushimi raise his voice so much, get so visibly emotional about it, that’s just dumbfounding to them all. In the end Fushimi’s breathing hard and angry and that’s when Munakata walks over to Fushimi and puts a hand on his shoulder, apologizing for not putting more value on his own life and that he did not intend to worry Fushimi so much. Fushimi immediately looks away, suddenly embarrassed by how much actual emotion he just showed, and Munakata smiles gently as he says this is what he has his clansmen for, so if their King loses his way there is someone to help him put his feet right again.

Imagine being the last person left in the library because it’s near closing time but instead of shooing you out, librarian!Woozi just patiently waits for you to be done with your work.

hey… ((O   w O)) hey, remember that thing i said i wasn’t gonna be able to do??? i just put it in my queue ((O  \/\/\/\/O)) it’s 5am~ BUT I DID IT!!!! wwhhowowowow~! please imagine that more like a ghost sound than like a “whoo!” sound - cuz now i’m dead (X    v  X) *dies* ~goodnight from the other side <3

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Tiny strain Saru is my favorite thing, omfg. Just imagine them dressing him up as the fluffiest little penguin for Halloween or just for fun~ (I'm so weak for Shimipengu)

Tiny Strain Fushimi raised by Scepter 4 is always adorable. I bet Munakata would be all excited to dress him up for Halloween, like he’s of course very keen on holidays as always but he’s never before had someone he could actually dress up and take out (well, he expects all of Scepter 4 to dress up for the annual Halloween party but it’s not quite the same thing). Awashima and the alphabet squad are all encouraging too, like on Munakata’s request Awashima starts mapping out the most advantageous route that they could take Fushimi on in order to maximize his candy acquiring. The alphabet squad are all eagerly asking Fushimi what he wants to dress up as and tossing ideas for costumes off each other, like Hidaka mentions that for a couple years he and his little brother wore themed costumes and Doumyouji’s listing off superhero possibilities while Enomoto keeps thinking of all the cosplay opportunities this could bring. Meanwhile tiny Fushimi is very confused because he’s never really had any good memories of Halloween before, Niki never took him out and probably used to use Halloween as an excuse to torment Fushimi even more than usual. To Fushimi Halloween is the day your dad dresses up in scary masks and delights in terrifying you all day, not a fun time when you go get candy and carve pumpkins and everything. The alphabet squad assure him that it’s fun though, they probably even help him carve the pumpkin into a scary face that somehow looks oddly similar to Captain (also at one point they leave the carving tools where Fushimi can reach them and he becomes slightly fascinated with a  particular knife).

So then a couple days before Halloween Munakata returns triumphantly to the office bearing the most adorable penguin costume, Fushimi kinda stares at it in a mix of wonder and possibly some irritation, like I’m not a baby and that looks like a onesie. Munakata assures him that it will be an adorable costume and maybe he bought matching costumes for himself and Awashima, so they can be like his parents and take him out together. Fushimi doesn’t need to worry about his Strain powers because the Gold clan offered him some kind of bracelet that’s easy to hide even under a costume which will keep his powers in check (I imagine he wears this on and off already, like Munakata wants Fushimi to learn how to see his powers rather than hide them but at the same time he recognizes that considering Fushimi’s youth and mental health the ability to block said abilities id also important). On Halloween Fushimi comes into the office in his penguin outfit and everyone basically dies of cuteness, like they’re all taking pictures and Munakata is the proudest daddy with his tiny gloomy penguin son.

Posting this on here (with permission) because y’all need to see this beautiful piece my friend drew for me on my bday


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They’re honestly so amazing and I love them dearly