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Considering how much I adore Kenma, and how Nagata Takato as Kenma in the stageplay is literal, adorable perfection… drawing him was SO overdue. 

(Also please wake me up when it’s March and the Summer of Evolution DVD is here to bless us all k thanks.)

HQ Stage series: Bokuto | Akaashi | Kuroo | Hinata | Nishinoya

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Maybe a cobra guppy mermaid if you're still taking suggestions

Omg cobra guppies are like baby bettas and also super pretty??


One Nasty Skullboy fresh from the oven.

Dazai: Come on guys, sing~

Chuuya: Don’t force them if they don’t want to.

Akutagawa: I don’t sing.

Atsushi: I can’t sing…

Dazai: Hmm, well of course I can’t force you if you don’t want to!

Chuuya: What are you planning to do to them

Dazai: Oh nothing!


Atsushi: SO LONG




Atsushi: *strikes the imaginary air guitar*

Akutagawa: *slams the imaginary air guitar on floor*


Dazai: Whoops my hand may or may not have slipped some alcohol on their drinks–

Chuuya: YOU– I’m too tired for this.

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Anyways, I think you're a nice person and a good artist, but that 'Mercy is everyone's doctor in canon' argument isn't true, and I wanted to just clarify that. This aside, I hope you have a wonderful day. (Fin)

thanks for these messages, i definitely agree with the points on gameplay vs lore and these points have definitely been on my mind for a while

I know the gameplay mechanics are not entirely canon, but i feel like the game itself is an ongoing dialogue between prior knowledge and new material, so it’s best to think critically about the game with both lore and gameplay in mind. if we took the game absolutely literally, we’d assume widow and tracer were on the same side because they played on the same team for quick play. 

but the game has implications through gameplay, and such is described through character descriptions and other lore based characterizations! mercy is overwatch’s head doctor, so it is assumed if one is underneath the overwatch name is under her care or at least consults with her, so i think others should keep that in mind. who even is in overwatch at this point is quite muddled, as well, like pharah hasn’t officially joined nor has junk or roadie. but in the game, they are implied to be candidates for joining the organization or the enemy side, talon. i believe the goal of the game/lore is to have the entire cast as member of overwatch, but i may be wrong!

gency definitely gets the brunt of the doctor/patient critique because she outright helped with his cyborgization, but it’s important to know that lines between mccree, soldier and reaper imply a doctor/patient relationship, but i don’t see even half the hate concerning that in those ship tags =/

I can completely understand why people don’t like gency, but for me the fact that she isn’t a psychological doctor but one of science and research is what keeps me from being like =/. because at the end of the day she holds no answer to genji’s mental well being, and post-recall she is merely a person holding her own in the middle east and sharing amicable letters with a former patient. (I do not believe blackwatch genji was mentally stable enough to have a relationship with anyone!!! let alone mercy).

to end this long piece alls i gots to say is that i like gency a lot, i don’t blame you if you look at gency and just are like “nah” but tbh i don’t really like having to go on these long winded rants trying to justify a ship that i just took a liking to in febuary after just buying the game. i heard about the chocolate voice lines and was like awww then came online to see such negative treatment of gency shippers and constant ongoing discourse. 

discourse like this is totally cool, flaws exist in relationships. sometimes i see shit in ow ships and literally stamp my foot down and huff about how fucked up that thing is, but i really bite my tongue. gen/zen is a really important ship to some people but it’s not my cup of tea due to many personal reasons, ones similar to those used in anti gency arguments (lol), but id never hit up their tag with anything. i can also see why people think it’d be cute though! if they’re consensual, mentally healthy adults, i dont see a dire problem that needs to be addressed, ya know?

hope you have a great day too!

yo muffin, where’s all the art?!!?

–I hear you cry :o

Hey, remember when I used to post stuff like this regularly?

so do I buddy;;
Unfortunately it’s been a baaad few months for it, which is why I’ve been pretty quiet on the whole drawing and commission front..

It’s come to my attention that many of you may only be following me for my art, which is 100% awesome and cool with me, thank you! And I realise that my hundreds of inspiration reblogs aren’t for everyone

SO. This is my  >>> ART ONLY BLOG <<<  omg finally ★
@britishmuffindraws will only have drawings and commission announcements. Please feel free to unfollow this blog and follow there if it suits you!

I’ll still be posting my stuff on this blog too though, here is still my home :D

Cheers <3

re: art tutorials? maybe?

Hey guys, I’m thinking about maybe posting some art tutorials! I was just wondering if anyone would be interested?

If you guys have any suggestions or maybe you’re new and want to learn certain things, please feel free to sent asks with what you’d like to see!  🎨✨


Day 8 of Pidge Ship week. @pidgeshipweek

The sun was just beginning to peep over the horizon.

The birds were chirping.

The trees lining the road rustled slightly with the wind.

And Keith Kogane was late for class.

As he sprinted down the paved path leading to the lecture hall, he unlocked his phone and scrolled through his messages, cringing at the latest ones.


theultimatesharpshooter: ur so dead mullet XD

honkyhunk: Dude, where are you? 

cheerios: keith hunk said you weren’t at breakfast, are you okay?

cheerios: don’t you have a lecture at 830?

He groaned, and exited out of the texts, slowing down the tiniest bit as he neared the crosswalk.

He was so screwed-

Suddenly, a screech tore through the air, and he stumbled back as a motorcycle  raced past him, the figure perched on it with a green helmet obscuring their face.

“What the hell?” He shouted after it. 

The figure raised a hand in greeting as they sped off into the distance.

And Keith Kogane stood in the street, red in the face, staring into thin air.

“What happened to you?” Lance said, leaning over as Keith quietly stuffed his bag under his chair.

Their professor, a middle-aged man with a bushy mustache and a cheerful disposition named Mr. Coran, continued to talk animatedly while gesturing around the front of the hall.

“Got….got a little sidetracked.” Keith mumbled back.

(He actually would’ve made it on time if not for the ten minutes he spent sprinting after the motorcyclist, shouting obscenities).

“What did I miss?”

Lance shrugged. “Eh. I’ve been on Snapchat the entire time.”

“Knew it.”

Suddenly, the backdoor to the hall creaked loudly, and Keith whipped his head around.

There was a girl in a green sweatshirt standing in the doorway, face flushed, and hair wind-blown. She quietly slipped into a seat in the back, and busied herself with opening her notebook. 

“Well, it looks like you weren’t the last one after all.” Lance guffawed, and continued to scroll through Snapchat.

Keith frowned the tiniest bit.

She looked awfully familiar in green…..

shout out to literally everyone still following me despite the fact that i’ve been so inactive and absent recently

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Lol people are mad about shipping Reddie and saying we're sexualizing children like imagine how pissed they're gonna be when they find out that the book has a literal sex scene of the boys with Beverly XD

MM, THANK YOU! its true though, book bev was wild and stephen king was definitely smoking something while writing all that shit out, aka it being the infamous sewer scene. although i’m a big fan of the book, i just pretend that scene doesn’t exist. 

Blankets (OC, sickfic)

Liam could have predicted this. It had barely been a week since Elliott moved in with him, and already he’d come down with another cold. The move had been a pain, dealing with the administration at Elliott’s university, and moving was stressful under the best circumstances. So Liam wasn’t surprised when Elliott woke one morning sniffling with his head buried beneath the blankets.

What Liam did not predict was coming home from work to find Elliott on the couch, shivering, even though he was clothed in a thick black sweatshirt and fleece pajama pants. His red hair was in complete disarray, and next to him sat a ball of the fluffiest yarn Liam had ever seen. “What are you doing?” he asked.

Elliott jumped as if he hadn’t heard Liam come in. “Er–ndothi’g,” he said. Another shudder overtook him and he lost his grip on the tool in his hand. It fell to the hardwood floor with a sharp clang!

Liam crossed the room and picked it up when Elliott made no move to get it himself. It was a single metal hook, about as long as a pencil and as thick as Liam’s little finger. “Are you knitting?” Liam asked, as Elliott reached for the hook.

“Crocheti’g,” Elliott said, kneading a spot on his forehead. His eyes were a glassy green, half-lidded and blinking as if he were struggling to stay awake. Still, he slipped the hook into a loop on his current project - which looked like a very wide scarf - and continued his stitching, one by one.

“What are you making?” Liam asked, sitting down beside him and casually inspecting his work.

Elliott sniffled and rubbed his nose into the back of his wrist. “A blagket,” he said. “It’s goi’g slower thad I’d like…mby ha’ds are chh-cold–” He twisted away from Liam suddenly with a harsh sneeze, buried hastily into the crook of his elbow. He came out of it slowly, as if he’d sneezed away a portion of his soul.

Liam furrowed his brow. “Bless you,” he said, puzzled. “Why’re you making a blanket now?”

“I’b cold,” Elliott said, as if it were the most obvious thing in the world. He didn’t look up from his work, only kept his elbows close at his sides. Chills visibly wracked his slender frame, and he kept sniffling, now a wet, stunted sound.

“Elliott, I’ve got blankets,” Liam said, resting a warm hand in the middle of Elliott’s back. “Why didn’t you just take one of those?”

Elliott shrugged, but kept his eyes firmly fixed on his strip of blanket. “I dided’t wadt to take theb off the beds. I thought you’d be mbad.”

Liam’s chest tingled with pained sympathy. “I wouldn’t be mad, El’,” he said. “God, I think you’re uncomfortable enough without having to make your own blankets, yeah?”

He scratched lazy circles over Elliott’s back, and felt his boyfriend relax beneath his palm. For a moment, Elliott ceased his stitching in favor of slouching into the cushions and allowing Liam to massage his fingertips into his tense muscles. Liam kept up his ministrations for a few minutes, until another contained tremor resonated beneath his hand.

“Right, I’m getting the comforter off the guest bed,” Liam said, standing before Elliott could protest. He certainly tried, as Liam strode down the hall, but it only ended in a fit of grating coughs and a muffled groan. Liam, meanwhile, tore the thick blanket from the bed in the other room and shook it in an effort to get the dust off. It had been a while since anyone had stayed in the room, and if he were honest, he hadn’t been as thorough with the cleaning as he had with the rest of the house. He brought it out to Elliott, who had abandoned his blanket on the cushion beside him, and was now huddled with his arms wrapped around himself, fingers retracted into his sweatshirt sleeves.

As soon as Liam draped the blanket over Elliott’s shoulders, the ill man hugged it closer, as if he’d just been out in a snowstorm. Liam palmed his forehead. It was warm, but not too warm - a low grade fever at most.

“I’m going to make you some soup,” Liam decided, piling all of the pillows on the couch at one end. “You lie down, and I’ll let you know when it’s done.”

He took the yarn and the hook and set it down on the coffee table while Elliott adjusted himself to lean into the nest of pillows. Once Liam was satisfied, he gave him a last pat on the head and turned toward the kitchen.

He hadn’t even made it to the door when he heard Elliott’s light snoring, and he smiled to himself. Just as he’d predicted.

dang I just realized that my life is literally one of those ~romantic~ YA novels I read as a middle schooler lol??? literally I’m hitting all the tropes

(hit that Read More for Drama™ and my midnight ridiculousness 😭👌)

  • TO START OFF, CRUSH IS IN FRENCH CLASS (✔ love me some clichés)
  • and of course I sit right behind him (✔✔)
  • and in french we’re studying romantic relationships and how to talk about them?? (why…..why……… literally the hugest trope why are the textbook writers like this. why ✔✔✔)
  • so anyway I’m like halfway decent at french & my crush is decidedly not haha so he’s like “im just going to text u if I have questions” and i’m like “ok” not really thinking he will
  • AND THEN OUT OF THE BLUE HE TEXTS ME AND IS LIKE “HEY HOW DO YOU SAY ‘IF YOU HAVE TRUST YOU WILL DEVELOP LOVE’” i nearly spat out my water / choked on my water it was a little bit of both!!!!! it took me two whole minutes to remember that our unit was on love and stuff aaaahhh i was like 🔍👀??????
  • anyway after that heart attack he kept asking me to help him translate different sentences and now i know he’s a closeted romantic and i was blushing the entire time and my mom was really suspicious but how do I even explain that situation??? (also all of my sentences were so sad in comparison rip he’s like “if i had taken you to europe, we would’ve been closer” and i’m like “if they took a break, they would still be together” lmao)
  • anyway he said bye by going, and i quote, “TY THO PALLLLLL” and idk if he’s overcompensating or like maybe he just normally talks to girl friends like that idk!!! idk!!!!! he’s so weird im still pining after him tho

thanks for reading hahaha bless ur heart ♥♥♥

Possible Lord John Grey theme? (Unofficial)
Bear McCreary
Possible Lord John Grey theme? (Unofficial)

This theme plays in two moments with Jamie and LJG (When Jamie asks LJG to kill him and at the end when they are going to the estate)

I mashed those 2 moments together and made this. It still has the voices since I can’t cut them out but I like it. Spoilers though since they are still talking its not just the music,

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Hello I have been out of the loop for way to long (I think since a little after the APMAs happened) what the actual fuck is going on??? I thought Juliet was a bitch before and now,,, wow I'm confused

Oh boy this is going to be long and I hope to not come off hard in some areas, or even lost in some words (I’m sorry if I do), but here we go. Pretty much since after the APMAs so much has happened between Juliet, Andy, Jake, Inna, Chris Biersack, and I guess some parts of the fandom mainly on Instagram because there is so much going on there right now. However, I’ll start with Juliet. Pretty much she was doing what she normally does, being around Andy and acting like the perfect person as she always does. On the second to last date of Warped Tour, she released an article talking about make-up shaming and how it’s hard to look good on Warped Tour. Of course, she framed herself as the victim and thought she would get some of her fans and supporters to back her up. No one did because first off; it was bullshit. Second off; because what said didn’t make sense at all. She’s done Warped Tour practically as long as Andy and any other artists, and has had no problems before with her make-up. So, no one knew why the fuck she did that beside for her to get some talk online and look like the victim again. As of now, she has been doing what she normally does, going back into her tactics, logging into Andy’s accounts and posting comments that read like her words, doing the whole Depop thing as usual, trying of course to show off the perfect relationship, not really caring, and pretty much just being her normal self.  As for Andy…well he’s being Andy and just doing stuff that makes you question what is honestly going with him. Even though he can state multiple times in interviews about how doing so many projects helps him, that he is all healthy and happy, that the old him is dead for good; it still makes you second guess everything he’s saying and going on. As of right now, he is busy doing stuff for American Satan, starting on The Andy Show season 3, apparently putting out a clothing line that he has been working on for a year, writing a book, doing another Andy Black album, and is somehow doing something with BVB. 

Jake and Inna are honestly…are honestly just..are honestly just getting on everyone’s nerves constantly. They have their own little band together and clothing line that they have been promoting the fucking hell out of it. Every chance Jake can get on Instagram, mainly his Instagram story, he will literally be promoting their band and their clothing company like crazy and it’s killing their business. As for the band, well…let’s just say not everyone was too happy with it. I personally haven’t listened to it, I never really was interested in what they were doing with the band. So that has been them as usual. 

Chris Biersack has pretty much been doing some out of this world stuff on Twitter recently. He has pretty much hinted at Andy either being Scientology or not, in a tweet that has sense been deleted that said he was embarrassed by so called Christians he follows for talking shit on Scientology which sparked a ton of heat. In that tweet he was defending Scientology, or taking Juliet’s back as he normally does. He even stated in a reply to a someone on that tweet that since has been deleted, that “He[Andy] may not believe but he respects those that do,” which is honestly the most wildest and full of shit response I ever heard because the only reason why Andy would have to respect Scientology is because of his wife and his in-laws. Next, in another tweet or well reply that since has been deleted, was a reply to a post CC did two days go when he went a Paris concert and was apologizing on Twitter for fanboying over on Instagram. Chris replied to him, either in a joking matter or not, that “Maybe they’ll[Pvris] make you their drummer some day and all your dreams will come true. One can dream, right?” and honestly I still don’t think it was a joke because it seems that Chris has honestly made previous stabs at CC on Twitter I don’t think they were jokes. I don’t think they were at all. 

As for the fandom, God bless us and help us all, Instagram has literally taken all the drama that was on here, moved it to there, and sit it a blaze. Apparently now on Instagram, it seems if we state our opinions, whether they be neutral, good, or bad is somehow like now taboo. I made a post about some tips and subtle jabs at Scientology and the plane incident, and one account who follows me and I follow (they’re honestly a good account, don’t get me wrong) commented on a few post of mine that I talked about Andy’s clothing line, Chris’s tweet to CC, and another post I made about tips which had subtle jabs at Scientology and the plane incident and was like telling me to read interviews, not to worry about the tweets, and asked me if I was okay on my tips/subtle jabs Scientology and the plane incident. This is of course doesn’t seem new, a lot of people of the fandom on Instagram seem to have a problem when it comes to stating opinions, concern for Andy even, or even hate for Juliet. 

That is pretty much the best rundown I can give of what the fucking hell has been happening since the APMAs. I’m probably a missing a few things here and there, but this is what has happened, it’s been fucking wild, and tiring. If you want context for a few things such as Chris’s tweets, I do have screenshots saved of them if you want to send another ask to look at them. If you have any more questions or even just want my opinion on something or want to submit anything, just drop me another ask. Thank you anon and I hope this helps you.