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“All I wished for was some peace and quiet. SOME PEACE AND QUIET!”

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Hey! I know this is stupid but i've just shipped Bill and Will :'D. Omg i see them made a perfect couple! ^^ Is this some kind of... Billcest i guess 😂😂?! But whatever happens. I SHIP THEM SO HARD!!! (Sorry if i've made a mistake in the sentences. Bec Eng is not my first language)

Lmfao you’re good. I understood all of it so your english is pretty top notch! 

For Recovery Bill and Will have a sort of “marriage of convenience” thing going on. They both recognize they’d be better together than apart, even if they don’t even particularly like each other, and have known each other for centuries and therefore better than literally anyone else ever could. This is both good and bad, and more will be revealed about this as the comic goes on. 

Of course being demons their relationship is just plain weird in all honesty.

Bill: Shit I need to make Will feel better

Also Bill: Get that bitch a bow. bitches love bows. 

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Hey ! So I've been thinking about donating to a charity that focuses on animal rights , do you know any good ones ? Or have you donated to a charity before that your really happy about ? I've been thinking about peta but I don't know yet I like to do some research on the charity before I donate them some of my money . So do you have some suggestions? (Ps : sorry if I made any grammar mistakes, English isn't my first language)

Don’t apologize for that you’re fine c: Hm. I personally wouldn’t ever donate to PETA. They directly kill unwanted pets, not to mention they’re racist, and extremely keen on exploitation of women and fat shaming. Go check out some of their ads! (from people passing out pamphlets in kkk robes to naked pregnant women in crates on the street) it’s just all so gross. Can read some stuff about them here

These would be some organizations that I believe are very deserving of donations/support.

(give me more guys)