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May I still be able to request the headcanons about David's, Gwen's, Max's Preston's, Nikki's and Harrison's S/O being scared of balloons?

I feel all of them would handle the situation pretty much the same, so I just did one list, with some differing and nitpicking here and there for specification. I’m really sorry for the way I filled this request, but I don’t know much about this phobia. I’m terribly sorry if you don’t enjoy the way I wrote it.

Triggers: Discussion of the phobia of balloons

  • Everyone is very caring for you, so when you inform them of your fears, they would all try and be understanding of it, even if they didn’t really relate to the fear themselves.
  • Some of them, such as Max, Gwen, and Nikki may not be able to avoid the temptation of teasing their partner though, and will sometimes bring up the fact that they are afraid of something so bizarre.
  • However, those that are partial to teasing, will stop doing as such if it really seems to upset the person that they are with.
  • David is a pretty jumpy, scaredy cat guy himself, so I feel he would be the most understanding of the situation and he wouldn’t be too shocked when his partner tells him that they are afraid of balloons, because he has some strange fears himself.
  • Though he is the most caring, I feel he would also be one to let is slip his mind. Both him and Preston would probably end up having an event and have balloons. David would just do a few, but Preston is known for being over the top. He would definitely have a party and invite them without thinking about all the balloons.
  • They would both feel terrible about it and try to get rid of them as quickly as possible.
  • They would all try their best to avoid situations with balloons, especially those in which a balloon may pop. A few, like Harrison and David, would definitely take these precautions a bit farther. Such as RSVP-ing to a party and requesting they don’t use balloons, or arriving earlier than you to an event and getting rid of any balloons on the premises.
  • Harrison and David have honestly probably gotten banned from some revenues over the fact that they disrupted events to try and make them more comfortable for their partner.
  • Out of all of them, I feel Nikki would be the most likely to not fully absorb the level of her partner’s fear. She would definitely attempt to prank them by popping a balloon behind them at some point. (Max may do the same)
  • They would both immediately realize their mistake and apologize profusely. There would be genuine guilt, and they would be willing to do anything to make it up to their partner. 
  • Gwen would definitely try and get to the root of the fear and rationalize if with her partner. She majored in psychology and loves to put that knowledge to use. However, she knows better than to try and push someone to ‘fix’ a fear, and won’t put her partner in any situation that makes them unhappy.

Campfire Kiss or Makeout

so i’ve seen things here and there about other adults as campers and,,,,,, i have no self control

i didn’t do david and jasper for obvious reasons, and daniel bc he’s just a recolor (i did jen bc gwen didn’t have a camper design)




Hanahaki Disease is an illness born from one-sided love, where the patient throws up and coughs of flower petals when they suffer from one-sided love. The infection can be removed through surgery, but the feelings disappear along with the petals.

To whoever made the prompt list:

Fight me in the WalMart parking lot at 12:30 this is so sad and also making this comic sucked out my remaining will to live


Max: *shrugs*

Audience: *applauds*

Max: *gets onto the stage, grabs the microphone off of the stand and looks at David from the corner of his eye* *clears throat*

Max: I wanna make one thing clear.

Max: I am not his son.

Max: *drops microphone*


Gwen: Well, that could’ve gone better.

hey David, you should really get that thing on your neck checked out, looks like it could be poison oak… or bugs…

…particularly… the love-bugs… named Gwen ;)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

ya never know in these woods, amiright???

David: when was this?!? And why did you have my phone??! Also those glasses are inappropriate!

Gwen: jeez I was just dropping max off at a tech party, he had your phone… so… ya know we took a picture.  

David:   :(

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im kinda disappointed because yet another show has a hetero couple get together and we have enough het representation in media

Hmm. Not entirely sure how to respond to this.

Not in a bad way! Just because … well, it’s a weighty topic.

I guess the first thing to establish is that if you’re talking about canon, there’s no reason to believe that Gwen and David actually are together. They become Max’s “parents,” but the idea that they’re anything but coworkers – and hopefully friends – is pure speculation. 

We know that David and Gwen are canonically into the opposite sex, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t bi or pan. In fact, if you look at the things Gwen reads —

— there’s decent evidence of her being interested in women — or at least their boobs and butts. And let’s be real: someone out there might headcanon David as straight, but I sure haven’t met them.

So yeah! That’s one thing: canon has made no statement one way or another, regarding their sexualities or relationship status.

Now, if you’re disappointed in the fandom’s reaction to Gwenvid … well, this is awkward, because I literally declared myself Queen of Gwenvid Trash Mountain a couple posts ago. But I also totally get it. I may have spent an absurdly long time calculating whether the Progressive Points of an interracial couple in which the WoC exhibits few-to-no stereotypes were enough to overcome the loss of points in it being a M/F relationship. (And of course, comparing the Progressive Points of two white-boy clones in an unhealthy and/or abusive relationship; I’ve experienced a lot of guilt over not liking Danvid. Like, it felt vaguely homophobic? That made sense to my anxiety disorder, I swear.)

The difficulty is that, if you want to ship someone with David, there just aren’t many options that aren’t children or serial killers or creepy old men. And … Gwenvid is so good and pure and I’m sorry, I can’t be rational about this ship, I love it too much. It’s a shame that there aren’t more non-evil ship options on the show, but then again, it’s a children’s summer camp, so there just aren’t going to be that many adults. I suppose maybe the best choice is just ship nothing, if you’re not comfortable with the M/F nature of Gwenvid or the … ick of some other David ships?

However, the nice thing is that, like I said, very few people consider either Gwen or David straight, putting them somewhere on the bi/pansexuality spectrum. I know I personally make sure to emphasize David’s being bisexual, because I can think of exactly 1 example of positive bi representation, and while that example is awesome as fuck, it’s important to have more. 

So while it is a M/F couple, in my experience most fans don’t consider it a het one, if that makes sense.

And for what it’s worth, the writers have given us an established male-interested guy in Nurf, and a nonbinary character in Nerris. So while it’s not like we can check off those boxes and go, “Yay! We solved representation!” it’s a nice reminder that the creators of the show are definitely trying, and we’ll likely see more different kinds of representation as the show develops.

someday i’d like to break into jj abram’s house and beat him over the head with a box. then when he asks me who i am and why i’m doing this, i’ll tell him it’s a fucking mystery and then beat him over the head again for the next two years or so