so sorry for the weird looking colouring


Taylor Swift as ‘Stella Swan’ in Firelight.

hi, i’m gonna show you how i coloured the training scene gifs from this gifset bcs i know it’s a god damn struggle to get that stupid magenta red blue out of Magnus face and i know this may not be the perfect colouring for it yet but!!! i want to share it with you guys!! 

i’ll show you how to go from this

to this!

the tutorial is under the cut :) 

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Sorry I know this is TRACED. So if enough people feel iffy about it (PM me if you do), I’ll take it down.

This is what I plan to do as “screencaps”. Idk I just don’t like colouring over the manga (it just makes it look weird imo) and how traditional it looks. So I figured to just trace over everything to clean it up a little.

If Izumo in the cute little cafe maid outfit was animated… I think this is what it would look like.

The colour scheme was taken from the next chapter’s coloured cover.

Izumo Kamiki © Kato Kazue

Art © Kazue Kato


Ideas from ex-bookjunky. Thank you for the ideas! Hope it’s matches your expectations!

Our eyes are super important and useful to us. We use them to convey emotions, warning, ideas and even how we feel that particular day. We even use them for fashion. Some people who don’t need glasses can place a pair of useless frames on their head just because ‘Hey it makes me look smart!’ Yet another way we have fun expressing ourselves is by buying contact lenses that we may or may not need and change the colour of our eyes! If we forget the contacts are in, it starts to burn and itch and can even ruin our eyes permanently, but No we want to look pretty. And it doesn’t stop there! We even perform an absolutely completely dangerous and useless surgery that has no health benefits just to change the colour of our eyes permanently.

You know what today is?? Ace art day! Happy Ace Awareness Week everybody!

To contribute I decided to draw my favourite ace ot3, frazeleo ft aromantic Leo. His shirt was supposed to be the aro flag but I only managed to get three of the colours in. (also there seems to be three versions of the aromantic flag? anyone know what that’s about?) Frank’s shirt design is an actual shirt you can buy right here.

I kind of gave up near the end of this, I realized I don’t know how to draw curly hair so sorry if it looks weird /: 


Minghao: I mean, I basically taught first-year Math to Mingyu by myself. If I can get that idiot to understand Calculus, I’m pretty sure I can teach a class of five hundred students eventually.

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Could you write 338 with jamilton please? I ❤️ your writing btw

thank you!! here you go! <3 

Word Count: 913 (yikes sorry)

Warnings: swearing (as always)

From: Hercules (

To: Alexander (

Dude, seriously. You claim you hate him, but you obviously like him. Get over yourself and ask him out.

From:  Alexander (

To: Hercules (


 From: Hercules (

To: Alexander (

Okay, sure.

From:  Alexander (

To: Hercules (

….Okay, let’s just say hypothetically I liked him. How would I ask him out? If I liked him, I mean. Which I don’t.

Shut the fuck up, I know you’re laughing. Also, you shut up too, Laf. 

From: Hercules (

To: Alexander (

Just ASK HIM. He’ll say yes, he likes you too.

also ps hello this is lafayette you are a catch alexander he will say yes i know this

Alex couldn’t help chuckling to himself as he read the last e-mail. He was all alone in his dorm room, but his cheeks were flushed bright red. It was true, he always complained about Jefferson, but he’d actually just had a huge crush on him since day one of their political philosophy class together. They were in the same tutorial, and, while they fought incessantly about the course material, Alex couldn’t help but be drawn to the guy. He was passionate about politics, and he was also devastatingly attractive.

Alexander’s e-mail account pinged again, and he saw that their political philosophy tutorial had updated the materials to bring to class the next day. He ignored it, his mind on Jefferson, and decided to reply to Hercules.

From:  Alexander (

To: PHL142 – Tutorial D3 (,,, [21 others]…)

Oh, ASK him? So, like, “JEFFERSON I LOVE YOU GO OUT WITH ME?” or like, “You free later?” … ooh, how about “Netflix and chill, Tommy?”

Also P.S. Laf, learn how to capitalize and USE PUNCTUATION for God’s sake…

Oh, and P.P.S. Herc, fix your fucking phone so we don’t have to e-mail anymore. I feel like a grandpa. 

Alex hit send on the e-mail without proofreading. Moments later, he got a call from one of his best friends, John.

“What’s up?” Alex answered casually.

“Um. Why did everyone in our political philosophy tutorial get an e-mail of you professing your love for Thomas?” John asked immediately.

Alex’s insides went cold. “I sent that to Herc.”

“No, you didn’t,” John said. “Clearly you felt so much like a grandpa you forgot how to work e-mail.”

“B-but, I hit reply on Herc’s e-mail, didn’t I?” He checked. He had clicked reply to most recent.

“Oh shit, oh shit, oh SHIT!” Alex cried, his face turning bright red.

“It could be worse,” John said awkwardly.

Alex groaned and hung up the phone. Trying not to think about it, he crawled into bed and hid under the covers.

The next day he debated whether or not to show up to the tutorial. There was nothing he would like to do less, but he figured he should at least try and face the problem head-on. He could let everyone know that it was just a mistake, and manage to convince them that the thing about Thomas was a joke.

Even with this plan in mind, he dragged his feet as he walked to tutorial, feeling nervous and embarrassed. As soon as he walked in, all eyes were on him. John gave him a pitying glance.

“Hey,” Alex said awkwardly. “So, I guess I should learn how to work e-mail.”

A few people laughed, relaxing at his acknowledgement of the elephant in the room.

“How stupid do you have to be to send an e-mail to twenty-five of the wrong people?” Charles Lee laughed. “Including the guy you’re talking about!”

Alex flipped Charles off and took a seat next to John. Their tutorial leader entered and started taking attendance. As always, Thomas walked in late, but he didn’t have his usual confident air about him. Alexander sunk lower into his seat, trying not to make eye contact.

The tutorial dragged on forever, Alexander and Thomas, for once, not making any comments. Since they normally drove the discussion, their poor TA was struggling to make the rest of the students speak up. Eventually, the class ended, and Thomas walked up to Alex.

“Can we talk?” He asked.

Alexander’s face coloured and he nodded. As everyone filed out, the two of them were left alone.

“Alex -” Thomas began, but he was cut off by a torrent of apologies.

“Look, Jefferson, that e-mail was a joke. I didn’t mean it, it was something that Herc was teasing me about. I’m sorry if that made you feel weird, it was totally a mistake, and I should have fucking checked who I was sending it to, and I’m really sorry if I embarrassed you, and I know you’re totally gonna hate me, so please, just yell at me or whatever-”

Will you just shut up for a moment so I can say something nice to you!” Thomas interjected, and Alex clammed up, blushing even more.

“What do you mean?” Alex asked.

“I wouldn’t say I love you, but I will go out with you, I am free later, I will not Netflix and chill, and don’t call me Tommy,” Jefferson said, smiling shyly, an expression Alexander had not yet seen on his face.

Alexander’s face was beet red. “O-okay,” he stammered. Thomas placed a kiss on his cheek and turned, waving as he left.

“I’ll text you!” Alex called after him lamely.

After a second of silence, Alexander heard Thomas’ reply; “Why not e-mail?”


Happy Easter!

I hope you are together with your beloved and are not alone! Yeah, I am alive as you can see.

That was fun drawing those chibis. Imagine them being a Easter Bunny Café lol

I might clean them and colour properly. These are just doodles, that’s why sorry for the mess of lines.

Colours in art are so weird. It’s like,

“WHAT!? How can I possibly use PURPLE to shade on skin wtf?”

and then you do it and it’s like,

“Oh-wtf that actually looks pretty good how did that work..?”

Or have you ever coloured something where there’s different lighting, and after you’re done you pick one colour you used and just look at it like,

“How did I just use this colour? HOW DID I JUST USE THIS COLOUR ON WHITE CLOTHING?”

And then you look at the “white” clothing and you’re like,


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Is there something you do other nations think's weird?

There is a lot so I’ll say a few…

-People over from my place die their arm hair to a lighter colour so it doesn’t show

-I take 2 showers a day as well as brush my teeth around 3 times or more

(Mun is very sorry for this. I feel a little nostalgic looking at the rat)

-we take toothbrushes to school and work

-Its normal for couples to sit side by side in restaurants. Its easier to kiss if you do that

-I use napkins for almost everything I eat

-I like eating avocado with sugar (its good)

GLORFINDEL of the Golden Flower and ECTHELION of the Fountain.

Work in progress line-art of an Art Nouveau, Silmarillion inspired illustration. Can’t wait to colour these guys! Ermm…but WHY do the lines look so blurry on my dashboard?! Weird. Never mind. Looks better on my page. Sorry!

BTW, Quenya inscriptions on Glorfindel’s sword and Ecthelion’s belt translate as follows: 

Ú-‘oston an gi adh nin~ ‘I will not fear for you are with me’.

Nanyë Turambar, nanyë i hesto fëanyo~ ’I am the master of my fate,the captain of my soul’.