so sorry for the sketchy drawing


will i ever contribute to the fandom with something actually good? no

Voltron SingerAU

Because an anon prompted this:

“ Okay but consider this; Kuro singing “call me devil” by friends in Tokyo. I would really love to see how you would draw him singing. Voltron singer AU!!  Oh gosh please say yes!”

… And I simply couldn’t resist making up some stuff. So there you go (sorry, it’s very sketchy):

1. Kuro singing “Call Me Devil” (by Friends in Tokyo)

Also: Kuro being a rockstar and kinda stumbling upon Lance, a singer/songwriter, during one of his binge drinking sessions is my new aesthetic for this AU.

2. Keith singing “Kiss Me Before I F*cking Lose My Mind” (by Charlie Puth) to Shiro… on stage… in front of EVERYONE…

Because there’s nothing better than Keith and Shiro being a duo… a pining duo. For years. Until Keith finally confesses to Shiro on stage with a song - without Shiro knowing what’s going on at first of course.

Allura might be their label manager or something. And Pidge and Hunk are the tech support (because I think neither of them would enjoy standing in the spotlight. They’re more like the people making sure everything’s working backstage).

@phil-the-stone can we consider this one as a “holding hands”?


Mulberry Moons’ November Giveaway


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I will draw the winner on Nov 31! Dec 1st! Good luck!

Just a fanart of precious monster-Dr Flug (without a paperbag on his head), shown me and designed by @demcakes .
I just could not resist his cuteness!

screaming-nope  asked:

Sorry for bothering you I am now invested with your BNHA Voltron au and i wanted to ask; do you think the attitudes of the lions would be any different? Like do you think the red lion will still be so protective over Bakugou, for example.

….tbh I hadn’t thought that deeply about this, but considering Bakugou is Bakugou I’d say Red is just as much of a mama with him as she is in canon - the one with the best relationship with his lion has to be Kirishima though, after all

It’s nothing much but here’s my updated version on how I draw the children
(I’ve literally had no inspiration for PJO in like a month so)

Some more mer-person Bitty!

I don’t really have a story in mind, and I know this is HEAVILY inspired of the Little Mermaid, but I see this later in the story, after Jack (and crew) saved Bitty from the nets, after they fall in love, etc. This is why Bitty is panicking instead of just singing to him. 

(thanks for the ones who saw this on my stream!)