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Look those different reactions and emotions from Sam and Dean toward Castiel in that clip(12x19)! I mean, it's the perfect comparison between REACTION from a BROTHER (Sam) and an ANGRY BOYFRIEND!!! How can anyone say otherwise???

You mean the husband / brother in law dynamic?! 

I’m paraphrasing you, sorry, you said brother, and they are very much like brothers in a way but also I feel like… not? Sam and Cas do care about each other deeply but they don’t really interact like brothers, most of their interactions are through Dean, when they do bond in ONE episode out of the 100 Cas has been in they STILL talk about Dean, like, a lot….

And they care but they’re not, like, anywhere as they both do for Dean. We are continuously shown the difference, eg. Sam isn’t that worried about Cas being dead in seasons 7 or 8 in comparison to Dean who is literally wallowing in booze and thinks he is seeing him everywhere, when Dean tells Sam “its not an IT, its CAS” etc, when Lucifer was possessing Cas and when Cas has been missing this season Dean is sleeplessly researching, going out of his mind, using all his coping mechanisms etc and Sam is supportive of Dean and saying “he’ll be fine”… pfff.

it’s the standard brother in law - person - spouse dynamic IRL and in fiction.

I love how CLEAR they are making it this season. I harp on about this all the time, which is probably why you messaged me ;)

I also love how they made this super clear with Saileen too! Which I discovered today was canonically scripted as a love interest *sighs contentedly*.

All the parallels *sighs again*…. but here how when Eileen is in emotional trouble Dean looks at Sam…

 kinda like…

Sorry for the terrible gif quality - I can’t gif well!

So yeah, I’m actually kinda weirdly disappointed by this promo as I was hoping for more unadulterated relief on Dean’s face before the anger considering he’s been out of his mind worried and looking for Cas in the corpse columns… but then I guess it’s because I try not to but I have my own expectations of what I speculate for this episode. I do definitely see more of the angst though and it getting stronger hopefully through the episode til its finale….

Also @godshipsit pointed out that the scene looks like it has been cut and Sam is kind of hovering in the background…. like he has a lot this season re: Dean / Cas moments.

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And nothing more than in *THE ANGEL LOVE STORY EPISODE* 12x10…

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It’s just such a brother-in-law/brother wants to stay out of domestic squabble thing. It’s fantastic!


I was rewatching 7x07 and something stuck out to me! The camera pans over the file for Mary’s second child (Spencer) just enough for me to read this:

I’m sorry for the terrible quality (I can’t take photos on iTunes or Netflix so this is from YouTube) but this is what the ‘Physical Exam’ section says:

Procedure normal. No complications due to prior birth. Vitals normal. Both stable.

“Both stable”. This can’t be talking about Charlotte’s birth - why would that be in the file of Spencer? I’m sure this means that both Spencer and her twin were both stable!

edit: to the many many people telling me that this means both mother and child are stable, yes you are most likely right. But we know that this show likes things to have multiple meanings, so I’m not ruling it out, okay? A girl can still dream!


lol i bought some of my own prints from society6 just to check their print quality ((because i’ve been getting so many requests about uploading my art so people could get them as prints but i wanted to make sure that the quality was nice)) – was a bit surprised at how the different the colors were – they were very faded and yellowish (so i pulled out the mini comic prints) ;; the magazine mockups were a bit dark but i think it’s okay *__* i still kinda liked the prints from the local shop better ((the family portrait prints are so smooth when printed large AAAA so happy)) :0 anyway i left the magazine mockups in society6 so idk

these are terrible phone photos im sorry i was in a rush hahaha


SHERIARTY ~ Young love gone wrong AU

“I was the shadow that faded in his light; always invisible before him… unwanted… unnoticed. And somewhere along the line, the silent admiration transformed to rage. I loathed what I loved. The realization of my insignificance became the impetus to become his equal - the other side of the same coin. And so.. I became the darkness that devoured all light."  - JM

"I’d never give him the satisfaction of knowing that every string of my violin sung for the boy who lurked in the shadows of the abandoned music hall.” - SH

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Many critical blogs often mention SU's unsatisfactory and inadequate representation in comparison to how the show is presented as being super progressive and having good representation. I would like to know then, how should representation be properly done? I'm not trying to attack any opinions or start an argument, I am just interested in this because I'm currently writing a story and I want to do proper representation in my story without messing it up and overhyping it like in SU's case.

First off I’ll start by saying I’m white, able-bodied, and not trans (I’m possibly genderqueer but I wouldn’t id myself as trans) so I’m not the Expert in all representation for all groups ever, BUT

I think SU’s problem comes from quantity over quality. They have all these different characters so they can point and say ‘hey look at all this representation’ but then the characters themselves are just a bit shit. I’ll try and break it down into groups


  • Pearl - Predatory/jealous lesbian trope who is pretty abusive and gets away with everything she does ever
  • Ruby and Sapphire - Fairytale relationship where they fell in love immidiately. They’re the best out of all the LGBT rep in SU imo but still not great
  • Mystery Girl - Used as a prop so that Pearl could get her number and the show could be all ‘LOOK HOW GAY WE ARE’
  • Mr Smiley - Nothing in canon to state he’s gay, only been confirmed from outside sources, and therefore they may aswell have just not said anything becuase it doesn’t make a difference
  • Amethyst - Only stated that she’s experiemented with gender from an outside source (Guide To The Crystal Gems). After coming to terms with herself and becoming more self-confident she seems to have dropped her “male” alter-ego Purple Puma entirely.
  • Stevonnie - Debatably over sexualised fusion of two children. Only NB becuase they’re a fusion of a boy and girl. There are no NB humans at all other than them
  • Smoky Quartz - Hates themselves. That’s it. That’s their whole character.

Characters of colour:

  • Connie - At this point she pretty much exists for fusion fodder and to team up with Steven. She has no friends other than Steven, she’s stuck in the ‘Asian kid with super strict parents’ stereotype, and she’s been oh so helpless until Steven comes along.
  • Lars - All we knew up until season 5 was that he was “not white” and that was it. They never explored his culture or heritage at all, and the only reason we know his race is becuase he made a cake. If you don’t know where an Ube Roll comes from, you’re still not gonna know what his race is.
  • Connie’s Parents - Same as Lars
  • Kofi Pizza - Angry black man stereotype
  • Garnet - ‘Wise black lady’ trope. She has no character any more, they’ve devolved her into a dumbass cardboard cutout of what she used to be, and she only ever talks about fusion now
  • Amethyst - portrayed as a slob at all times in contrast with the thin white woman who hates food, PLUS the racist drawing from the artbook
  • Concrete - Not canon but like COME ON
  • Bismuth - We all know this story. Revolutionary black woman who gets shunned and hated for wanting to take revenge on her oppressers. Locked away by some dumbass white kid who has no clue what he’s talking about.
  • EDIT: I forgot the Rubies: Always portrayed as stupid and incompetent. Get treated like shit for no reason at all (IE: Lapis dropping Navy on the floor, them being left in space to die, etc)

I was gonna include more groups but honestly there’s not enough to talk about with things like disabilities and gender. All I can say is that Connie’s eyesight was ‘healed’, and that a race made up entirel of women somehow can never get stuff done without the intervention of Steven The Magical Boy.

While the show has a lot of characters that people can point at and say ‘look, representation’, the show in actuality doesn’t know what its doing with them. It cares more about quantity over quality.

How do I think it should be done? My way of doing it is that I write the character as a character first and foremost before assigning anything to them. For example, if you wanna write a lesbian character. Then you write a lesbian CHARACTER not a LESBIAN character. Just write every character as a genuine person, avoid any negative stereotypes (you can always google things if you’re not sure), and if you’re super not sure then ask people for constructive criticism. I know I’m not perfect with this stuff, and I’ve had people give me constructive criticism on my characters, which has allowed me to make them better.

Another common piece of advice is to not make the characters traits a BIG DEAL, but that really depends on the story youre writing. For example, I’m writing a fantasy story, so I dont make the characters sexalities, disabilities, gender, race, etc a BIG DEAL because that’s not what the story is about; it just has these things included. But if you wanted to write a story like In A Heartbeat for example, then yes, focussing on the characters’ sexualities and making them a big deal will work well for that.

Basically just make sure that your character is an actual cahracter and not just “EVERYONE LOOK, ITS THE GAY ONE” and all they are is just GAY and nothing else. Don’t make them exist just so you can say you’ve got representation.

I probably rambled a lot, sorry, I’m terrible at writing out stuff like this but yeah. Just remember quality > quantity, avoid stereotypes, accept criticism, and write the characters as people and you’ll be fine.

The majority of the Arrow fandom seems to take one of two positions regarding Felicity: she’s perfect and always right, or she’s terrible with no redeeming qualities. I love Felicity, so if you hate Felicity, this post probably isn’t for you. She is one of my favorite characters. And I love her because she is a well-written, complex character. Which, sorry, means she has flaws, so let’s get rid of that pedestal some of you have been polishing. 

One of the most common criticism’s of Felicity is that she’s self-righteous and that she thinks she has no flaws. In essence there’s this position that Felicity thinks she’s perfect (I’ll talk more about her being self-righteous specifically in a second). And, frankly, she doesn’t. Just look at what she tells her father at one point “I grew up thinking I was broken”. The reason I think that some people get that impression is 1. from the fans who view Felicity as perfect and take her word as gospel in any disagreement, 2. because she’s juxtaposed against Oliver who is brimming with self-loathing and thinks he destroys everything he touches, so any measure of self-esteem looks extreme by comparison, and 3. because she is not as unguarded as she gives the illusion of being and actually keeps her insecurities locked away for the most part. So let’s look at what some of Felicity’s actual flaws are, and how aware of them she is. 

Felicity is a genius. That’s just fact. That means that growing up Felicity was a “gifted child”. One common struggle of gifted children is that they feel a pressure to be perfect. In all kinds of different ways- school, behavior, accomplishments. Felicity feels this push very acutely. That’s why her intelligence is always on full display, because her tasks have to be completed perfectly (you’ll notice she is generally very hard on herself if she feels she made a mistake). It’s why her appearance is typically completely pristine and put together (either in her more business-like professional attire, or when she chooses to get dressed up) even when you wouldn’t totally expect that level of togetherness (that and the fact that it’s a tv show). And that’s why she always feels a pressure to be the “good one”. This particular aspect is fed into by her father’s abandonment (a common reaction of children in this situation- which she outright expresses, as mentioned above- is the “what did I do wrong that he left me”) and by the fact that the team looks to her in that respect. This even twists into times when she feels she has to prove herself to the rest of the team in certain ways, like the time she’s been eager to be in on the action even though its not her disposition and not within her skill set. It is also the reason why she is often very guarded. Why she mostly chooses to grieve alone. Why she doesn’t talk about her past or her parents. Why she disguises her pain with humor. And why she appears to think she’s perfect- because she feels like she has to, because that is the expectation put on her by everyone else. 

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Kimi ni Todoke Chapter 119 Translation (w/ Images)


I wanted to share Chapter 119 and provide a translation for those who are curious about the latest developments in Kimi ni Todoke. Under each image I’ve written what’s being said on that page - hopefully it’s easy to follow. 

I’d like to apologize in advance for two things. First is the terrible picture quality. They’re not actual scans, just pictures taken with a cell phone, and to make matters worse, you’ve got my colorful blanket as the background…lol. So I’m sorry for the lackluster presentation, but hopefully this tides you over until we get scans / the actual volume is released. Second, if you’ve read my translations before, you’ll know I’m not fluent in Japanese (or pretending to be) - I took a few courses at my university but am largely self-taught. I’d like to think I’m getting a little better, but these are not anywhere near professional translator quality. There are probably several mistakes. I’ve tried to make the dialogue sound natural, but I’m limited by my own level of comprehension. If you don’t understand / read Japanese and want to know what’s happening, I hope this at least gives you the gist of what’s going on - basically, I’m giving you what I gleaned from the chapter (right or wrong)! I’ve also included a few “notes” on certain pages where I thought some explanation might be beneficial. Thank you for your patience! :) 

This chapter should be the last one in Volume 29, which will be released on July 25th. Kimi ni Todoke is currently on a one month hiatus, so we won’t see Chapter 120 until July (August Issue). There is an author’s note in this chapter that I didn’t translate, but in it Shiina-sensei says there’s still a bit of the story left. I’m guessing we’ll get about 4 more chapters (maybe 5) so that the series ends with 30 volumes. 

Finally, if you enjoy Kimi ni Todoke, I would strongly encourage you to purchase Bessatsu Margaret, if you’re able to. I started buying them this year (to collect the final chapters of Kimi ni Todoke), and they’re amazing (and massive!!). So much fun, and the images are bigger than what’s published in the manga volumes so you can see finer details! 

Well, now that I’ve scared you away from actually reading this thing, put on your best clothes and grab a box of tissues, because you’re going to Kitahoro High School’s graduation ceremony! 

*sniffle sniffle*

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hello!! do you have any art tips? your coloring, anatomy, and backgrounds are a HUGE favorite of mine, your pretty much my favorite artist!!

Hello hello Anons and @sevensity! I’m so sorry for the huge delay! ;___; Ahhh thank you so much, you guys are so sweet and you all give me so much more credit than I deserve. At the moment I primarily use only photoshop, but I have experience with traditional media.

Let’s see.. I’ve described some things that I do in previous asks. If I had to boil it down to some things that I find the most important it would be observing and drawing from real life, as well as thinking of things in their most simplistic of forms first and then detail dead last. Color is what I personally struggle with the most and I found it incredibly helpful to observe the world around me. Shadows being made by a warm light source will be a cooler color, but if the light source is a colder hue the shadow will appear as a warmer color. It’s really fascinating (although these rules apply to the real world and are a good foundation, as an artist you can ultimately bend the rules in your drawing to whatever you believe looks good).

As for cintiq/wacom @sevensity, apologies I only had the chance to play with a cintiq twice in my life haha so I’m not sure about ALL of the details. But I am positive that both the cintiq and the tablet have to be connected to a computer in order to be used (except for some “ipad/portable tablet” versions). Consider them extensions of your computer, they do not come with the actual coloring program installed inside of it and you will need your computer open and running in order to color on the cintiq or with a tablet. Also the cintiq is different from a tablet. A cintiq you draw directly on the screen (while still connected to a computer, so it’s like another monitor in a sense). A drawing tablet you draw on but the result of your drawing shows up on the screen in front of you, it’s similar to a complex track pad. You have to learn to draw while looking up instead of down at your hands :) I hope that makes some sense.. But good luck with starting up digital art ~ ! It does sound intimidating but it is so fun and convenient once you become comfortable with it. You’ll do great I’m sure!

Answering asks below. You guys are so supportive and lovely, it makes me tear up! I wish I had the space to answer them all (I’m pushing it already), but know that I have read ALL of them and if you are non-anon I will pm you! Also I’m so sorry I haven’t been able to get to them until now.

Hey there @haikyu-haiku :) it is just the crests! Since they all coexist in the same kingdom they all wear the same clothing. Their crests are the only thing that differentiate them (apart from the sun clan having mostly bright, outgoing members and the moon clan being comprised of mostly quiet, methodical thinkers)

Thank you so much Anon! Yes of course, he is also a fav of mine! It’s hard to imagine Bokuto in anything without Akaaaaaahhhhhshi by his side hahah. Akaashi will likely be his right hand man/guard.

Hello Anon! Yes I would and I want to! It might not be anytime soon, as I have been struggling with my art lately, because I’m finding it more helpful atm to do more studies and draw “less complex” fanart on the side. Apologies! But I definitely would love to get back to the fantasy haikyuu as soon as I’m able <3

Hey there Anon! Thank you so much, I’m really happy that you like the AU <3 it’s so encouraging to hear! I am not planning to write it personally (as I am not a particularly fantastic writer haha), but you can read @mikazau‘s really amazing written first chapter of the AU -> here <- :)) It was an absolute joy to read! 

@the-ultimate-trash Ahhhhh! This is. I cannot. But ILY too <3 Thank you so much for this, I can’t stop re-reading! It just made my day to see and I feel so honored that you took the time out of your day to write for this AU ;___; You are so amazing and thank you again for sharing your work with me!

Hi Anon, absolutely! Everyone is allowed to cosplay anything I’ve drawn! It is an honor and apologies again for the lateness (I’m probably way too late ;___;)

Ahhhh hello there @preciousghouls! Thank you so much, you are so sweet ahhhh ~ It is ABSOLUTELY OK with me if you want to write the timeloop AU! In fact I’m extremely flattered that you even WANT to write it. It’s such a huge compliment (to me at least) to have a writer say that they saw your drawing and felt like writing for it ;____; thank you so much for the interest! I had a couple Anons ask the same Q and the answer is the same for everyone! Yes, you may write for any of the AUs!

OHHHHH YOOOO Anon. I should have known this. I’m a huge fma fan too but that really slipped my mind hahaha. Thank you for the correction! In the end I really just drew it thinking blandly “oh I want it in his eye so I can have fun drawing the mark” LOL

Hello @scgawara and @picturethosesmiles! Thank you so much! I actually do have an instagram! But I hardly used it until now and I never really thought to share it because of that haha. Here’s my IG: here username: mikkapi :)) but I don’t really plan on posting many finished drawings on there in the future ~

Hey there @saikimin and Anon! Thank you so much! Also thank you for asking! Anyone may repost my work and use them as icons as long as there are credits :) Reposting on IG is also fine even though I have one already. Just applying credits is all I ask <3

Hello Anon! Thank you so much you are too kind! And I’m sorry unfortunately no I am not taking any commissions at the moment, as my top priority is building my portfolio and working on a couple personal projects that I have already started. But thank you again for your kind comment and I will let you guys know if I ever do open commissions! <3

Haha hi there! I love Yuri in a ponytail as well <3 hmmm but yeah, good question! I have way too many haha. In terms of more traditional artists I’ve always loved the styles of Monet, Michael Malm, and Glen Keane. Since I’m very into the digital age of art as well, I also REALLY admire the work of @wlopwangling and @mmcoconut and @princecanary. They are amazing and unique and everyone should check them out!

Hey there @just-a-little-nerd! Thank you so much for your kind words <3 I have considered it but I get worried about keeping up, as I have a portfolio to polish first and foremost. But one day I’d absolutely love to! And I hope I’ll be able to create quality work for you guys then :))

Ahhh thank you so much Anon ;___; I do like them. Quite a lot. I had a whole mafia/cop comic strip for them based on “Welcome to the Madness” buuuut… no time… hahaha. Here’s this sketch instead??

Thank you again to everyone for all the wonderful messages! I love you all and I’m sorry again I’m so terrible at responding within a reasonable amount of time. Take care and hope summer is going well for you all! 

Prophecy girls. I haven’t had the chance to read the last installment but i hope they all end up happy. Also it was burdge’s birthday and I first found out about her art via PJO so i couldn’t help but draw fan art in honor of her. Thanks for inspiring me and happy birthday!!! sorry about the terrible quality :/

Some of Grantaire’s Fave Memes:
  • deez nuts 
  • ‘at least seven’ (in reference to how many pamphlets he handed out, probably)
  • john cena (usually when enjolras is giving a big speech)
  • ‘I’m always a slut for ______’ (memes, happy hour, courfeyrac’s spaghetti)
  • paul blart (’What can I say, it was a quality movie about love and friendship.’)
  • shrek (one meeting answered all of Enjolras’ prompts with ‘Ask me if I give a shrek?’)
  • snurch (snail church) 
  • none pizza left beef (’none fun w left enjolras amiright’ ‘don’t high five him, courfeyrac’)
  • much revolution such success
  • pepe (the screaming ones A+++)
  • he would just. love bringing back old terrible memes. (’y u mad bro? me gusta.’)
  • putin.

I’m sorry my cell phone video quality is so terrible! Here’s a quick video of the glitter so far in my next gemsona piece ♡♡♡♡ thank you so much for being so nice about my art n_n There’s still a lot of work to do but I’m really excited about this piece. The colors here are so off, the copic ink is much brighter in real life.