so sorry about the last gif

“p.s. yes I am embarassed to be found sleeping.”

To my ‘internet’ friends, that live so far far away from me. thank you.

sometimes, I’m feeling down… and also scared of things that i can’t really explain to anyone around me, feel so alone against the world. And i end up texting you, I’m still really scared that you will not like me as much because of that (please tell me if i’m being too much…) but you reply anyway, with lots of nice words, sometime funny texts, lighten up my mood and make everything feel better. thank you for being there for me, the *hugs* and all those heart and kissy emojis means so much. every single one of them :’)


taekook in run bts! - ep.16


aka. the moment Rory wants to say something and Logan’s waiting for her to say it and she just doesn’t


Because Sungjong’s hyungs will never let him live a.k.a. how the INFINITE hyungs imitated Jongie’s famous neck grabbing move during The Eye.