so sorry about the colouring and etc


“That’s brilliant, and I’m not just saying that because of the massive blood loss! …But maybe we should try it on Rohan, first.”

(The text in the first panel reads “take care.”)

The last(?) in a series of comics about stands and friends etc.  Also the last thing left in my scraps folder dating back to–yikes!–September. Time for new ideas!!

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Can you explain what you meant when you said the dizzee and thor kiss (almost kiss I couldn't tell?) scene was packed with meaning? I'm an oblivious bitch and subtlety goes over my head I'm not good at picking out deeper meaning in things

ok ok so this is gonna be long (I’m sorry)

Also by scene, I meant the whole scene when they’re at the party. 

1) Dizzee’s character arc. From the moment dizzee enters the party, you can see that something important for Dizzee’s character is about to happen… It’s filmed/edited in a way that showcases that this is a first experience for him. And they’re telling us that this is abt him in relation to the LGBT community. They go from shots of dizzee looking mesmerized to shots of the club displaying various forms of LGBT expression. From the music, to the colours, to “vogueing”, etc. You can clearly see that everyone there is having a good time. You’re hearing cheers all over the place and you’re hearing Thor chuckle along with them. 

2) Safe space and Freedom. So I feel like this scene is running on two main themes: freedom and safe spaces. So, at some point Dizzee asks Thor “what is this place?” and his answer is “this is where free people run free. Just birds singing their bird voice. Doing bird things”. In this moment Dizzee is being told that he can be whoever he wants to be here. And what does he do? He gives Thor the record of “set me free”. I mean idk if I’m reading too much into it but it feels like there’s some symbolism in that action. He’s at a gay club for the first time with a boy he likes and he’s told that he’s in a place where “free people run free” and then he goes ahead and gives that boy he likes a copy of a record that he loves bc he’s stated before that the record “is gonna set so many ppl free” and tells him that it made him think of him. This means he’s been associating freedom with Thor or maybe who he’s allowed to be when he’s with Thor.

3) The whole scene is about lgbt expression. And Dizzee is clearly interested in knowing more about it. He keeps asking questions. And he keeps getting answers that reaffirm that everyone is allowed to be free in this space. I mean that part of the scene where he asks “are they boy or girls” and we get that focus on gender and its relation to being lgbt. And then he keeps asking questions abt everything, he keeps looking mesmerized by everything, and we keep getting explanations abt different aspects of lgbt expression from that era. Vogueing, for instance.

4) Now going back to this being an important moment for Dizzee. So, in the first half of the scene we see Dizzee discovering new things abt lgbt expression and in the second half of the scene we see why they were important for dizzee. It’s all flows so well tbh. As the audience you’re already intrigued by this whole scene. As an lgbt viewer, I’m already excited abt lgbt expression being treated like this and we’re all sensing where it’s going. So, then the girl kissed Dizzee and Thor said “my turn” and as soon as he said it the feel of the scene changed. It feels different bc the lighting changed and they immediately transitioned into playing “telepathy”. So, basically the first half of the scene was preparing him bc he kept being told that he could be who he was here. He kept being told that freedom is welcome in that space. He was being shown that being lgbt is okay. And, in the second half of the scene when Thor says “my turn”, Dizzee gets to have his moment and we (lgbt viewers) get to have one with him.

5) Telepathy. That moment again is laced with meaning and they did it by choosing “telepathy” as their song. That’s a recurring theme for them too. They’re “just two psychic boys” after all. And the way the scene is playing out with the lyrics playing loudly around them. You see different moments between them when the song is playing. I mean, at some point the lyrics go “boy you keep me safe from harm” and the shot goes to Dizzee looking completely mesmerized by everything to Thor smiling at him.

 And then we have the “it’s okay… Go on. Kiss him” which again is reassuring Dizzee that he’s safe there and that it’s okay for him to have those feelings for Thor. And to add more meaning to this moment… the song suddenly slows down and the lighting changes again. That’s meant to tell us (the audience) that something important is abt to happen so we better pay attention. It’s pulling focus towards Dizzee and Thor. Giving them the spotlight as soon as the song slows down. It makes it seem like they’re alone for a second. That the moment is changing bc not only is Dizzee discovering something abt himself, it’s also meant to show us the attraction between the two characters. So, then they “kiss” and there’s that beautiful shot of their silhouettes as they’re leaning on each other’s foreheads and there’s another transition with the music and lighting. As soon as “set me free” starts playing the feeling of the scene is lighter. Dizzee had his big moment. And now he gets to celebrate. It means a lot that as they’re pulling apart, the beat starts picking up and we see them looking at each other, smiling and dancing. It’s even better bc the song that closes that scene is “set me free”, a song about freedom. It’s like they went full circle with that theme.

So yeah… I just feel like there’s a lot that goes with everything that was done in that scene. It feels like they wanted to convey a message. And it was a good message. A message of freedom and acceptance for the lgbt community. 

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Do you feel like Clip Studio Paint is much better than SAI? If so, why is that? Does it handle blending or pressure better?

I don’t think I’ll be helpful because I use SAI for digital painting, but B/W inking for CSP. I also haven’t had the time to fully test CSP out because I was busy, but I’ll try to help point out the few differences and functions I use.


[ Blending + Pressure ]

Both are about the same to me. I think the stabiliser in SAI is stronger (at maximum), but I don’t recommend putting max, it slows down the brush stroke. CSP has a tool where it “neatens” your brush stroke, so your line art is super clean (I forgot the name for it but I don’t use it).

[ Blur Brush - SAI ]

Useful for blending. Not sure if CSP has that option, but it’s a bit different than airbrush or smudge tool (PS).

[ Luminosity layer - SAI ]
[ Add, Add-Glow layer - CSP ]

If you’re using 2 programs and switching between SAI and CSP when painting, SAI’s Luminosity layer automatically converts to Add layer in CSP (similar to Linear Dodge on PS). You’ll need to change it to Add - Glow layer to get similar results as Luminosity.

You also need to merge the layer before exporting to Adobe PS/AI/ID  because it will convert to Linear Dodge layer and the lighting will change again.

[ Rulers - CSP ]

I like using 2 rulers in CSP:
1. Perspective ruler

(I don’t have a sample so I’m linking a CSP tutorial from their website -___-;)

2. Symmetrical ruler

[ Transform / Move multiple layers at the same time - CSP ]

In CSP, you can use the marquee tool to select an area, and all layers will move at the same time. Very useful if you work on many layers.

For PS and SAI, you can only move one layer at a time.

[ Free materials - CSP ]

CSP has free materials for downloads, ranging from brushes, to textures, to screentone (manga), to 3D references.


Overall, CSP has more helpful functions. If you use SAI for painting, you’ll still need to export to Adobe for most of the other functions: cropping, colour editing, text, etc. I do think that if you’re planning to create comics, then CSP will be a more complete program for you. They always have huge discounts (70-90%) so you can get it at a reasonable price. And the license is for 2 computers. You must also be comfortable with the brushes + tablet you’re using, no matter what programs you use. 

P./S: This is just my personal experience and other people will probably know even more about the programs above. I hope that was helpful though.

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A headcanons for Chocobros(I feel silly calling them that)being protective of their fem!S/O during pregnancy and first few months after birth?(bonus-holding child for first time)

Pregnancy (Chocobros)

Haha, well it is a silly name. I still think it’s v cute though lmao. I might do the baby holding one, but that’ll probably be tomorrow. Also I’m sorry but I’ll be keeping it gender neutral. I’m non binary so I want my writing to be as inclusive as possible. Hope you understand and hope you enjoy regardless :)

Part of him feels he’s in way over his head. The other part of him wants to make sure his s/o doesn’t have to worry about a single thing. It may seem excessive which it is but he’ll get Ignis to organise a whole team to help look after everything. For more personal things like the nursery, he’ll ask his s/o what they want, in terms of colours, toys, etc and hope the way he arranges it is to their tastes. Probably going to be very fussy throughout the whole thing because he wants everything to be just right. He’s completely clueless when it comes to pregnancy, and he doubts his ability to be able to look after his s/o. His attention ends up mainly going into everything else as a result. It arrives at a point that, his s/o tells him to cool it and relax with him. That’s when he first feels the baby kick and thinks they need a doctor.

Very doting. Spends pretty much all his time looking after his s/o. Tries not to take it seriously when the hormones hit and he’s the person his s/o ends up taking it out on. At the end of the day, he knows they’re pregnant with his kid. They can’t really mean what they say, right? Does a lot of back and forth to sate the strange cravings they’ll have. Will probably do all the important stuff, like diapers, clothes and a nursery when his s/o straight up forces him to do it. He’s still reluctant because “What if it strains you?” They tell him, they’ll manage just fine, and the only thing they need is for him to help them get all this stuff sorted out as early as possible. Expect to see him insist that his s/o needs a wheelchair, while they facepalm because “It’s only been 5 months, relax.”

Out of everyone, he’ll be the most informed on pregnancy and the most prepared to assist his s/o in whatever they need. He’ll keep a watchful eye on them but give them a little space too, and arrange for their friends and family to visit them a bunch, in case he’s extremely busy. That’s also his way of avoiding the brunt of their hormones. Which is to say that, while he’s definitely ready to support them, he has too much on his plate as is to be able to deal with that sort of thing too. Likely to arrange for a maid to help out too. (Note: I wasn’t sure what word to use, but ended up using maid because that’s what we use where I live)

While he’s happy, he finds that Iris seems to be even more excited than him. His s/o enjoys her company and the whole pregnancy through, it’s just a tug of war between the two siblings for who gets to spend more time with his s/o. When she notices that the hormones are starting to get worse, Iris concedes to Gladio who thinks he’s won some grand prize. Only to learn over the coming days that his s/o is very moody and has zero patience. They really chew him out over getting caught up in a petty sibling rivalry when he should have been getting other things done. Goes into overdrive to compensate and appoints Iris to help his s/o. She smiles politely and tries not to lose her mind throughout the remaining while.

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Sorry I'm stupid but like are these pictures of space real? Also I wanna study and understand more about Space where would be a good start or a videos to watch?

No not a stupid question! Yes these pictures are real but most of them are originally taken in black and white with filters picking up particular wavelengths. They are then artificially coloured after with their corresponding colours. Some images show the elemental composition though, instead of their true colours (as in oxygen=blue, hydrogen=green etc), and others are coloured so that we can actually see what is in the image, since it was taken in wavelengths outside of the visible spectrum. 

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Hi Krishna, I have a question, are you familiar with the moving circle objects that float around in a theme ? I've seen some rp blogs that have it, can you link me to a tutorial with it?

Hello !! I’m not sure about what exactly you are saying but I figured out it may be the Jar of Blobs that you are talking about, I have the exact thing that I’m having on my indie rp you can view the demo here @brxttitude

If you are talking about that thing, then I have then this would be the tutorial for it ! It is actually a very simple one so there’s no need to worry about a lot of coding. In this you could actually pick if you would like to have a comet, blob, snow, rain, bubbles, and etc…

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Why'd you stop watching Gotham?

bcos it’s a racist, homophobic, ableist and all around Bad show with terrible writing and poor treatment of female characters. remember when jim went to arkham to interrogate the prisoners and we basically got a montage of how “funny” mentally ill ppl are bcos they’re either vegetative, childish of violent. or just like, mentally ill ppl being locked up in cages and treated like animals?? haha wild. or jim being biphobic to his wife (who is just a crappily written character and harley quinn copycat?) and renee montoya being brought into the show for jim’s manpain at his wife being with her, then getting written out suddenly with that plot line being totally unresolved. or having tabitha and barbara make out bcos “wow hot girls making out” and it’s only done so a man can comment upon it? then there was killing sarah essen, which was again for jim’s manpain. there are a bunch of other reasons too but these are the only ones i can think of rn.

the only good things that came out of gotham imo: 1) most mr freeze episodes but esp his origin eps, 2) that one scarecrow episode, 3) harvey dent, 4) the diverse casting and willingness to switch up traditionally white and/or male roles (bd wong, chris chalk, jada pinkett smith, morena baccarin, etc.) but these things literally ALWAYS get sidelined and the writers seem incapable of keeping one plot going without it getting convoluted or just leaving it unanswered completely? and the fandom always prioritizes their white male fave over any poc or female characters it’s exhausting and disgusting. 

i wanted to support this show so badly because i love batman villains and because of the actors of colour like b.d. wong is a gay east asian actor who has been vocal about his struggle to get decent roles so i understand why people support this show but if i’m going to watch a show that focuses on batman villains (lbr here hardly anyone cares abt jim at this point sorry jim) i want it to be a GOOD show that isn’t racist, homophobic, etc. with characters i actually like and who are in-character.

MCR 23rd September (my theory)

if you’re a sad MCR piece of trash and you’re literally wetting youself because you’re so hyped about this announcement, I’ve come up with a theory behind the whole white flag and cross ordeal going on here. PS, its probably gonna be long but idk i ramble a lot. (sorry for spelling misakes or whatever im useing my laptop)

So as you know its the 10th anniversary of the black parade. The theme of the album as we know was pretty dark and grim, even gerard said so himself. the colours associated with the album mostly was black and white. the black (in my opinion) mostly over powered the white. black is normally symbolised with fear of the unknown, depression, maybe anxiety etc. and thats what the whole album was about. A cancer patient fearing the unknown who was depressed and anxious about the future ahead of him/her. white symbolises safety and goodness, but i’ll explain in a bit.

The new MCR logo has changed though. a black cross with a white background. you could argue that this was an untentional design, but if you’re a bin like me then obvs you want to look further into it. my friend told me that the cross is actually a symbol of ressurection, and yes it could be. maybe MCR are really reuniting. you also would’ve noticed the “MCR X” in the cross. yes the X could’ve just been there to fill up the last gap, OR if you look further into it and know your roman numerals, X is actually 10. look at what i said before. 10 years of the black parade.

could this be a follow up album/tour to the black parade?

again, as i said earlier, i thought that the black over powered the white in the black parade. but in the flag, the white over powers the black. i also said that white symbolises safety and goodness which is the complete opposite of black.

now, this may be irrelevant to the whole MCR thing, but i decided to look up the date that they mentioned at the end of the video, 23/09/16. i didn’t exactly think i’d find anything useful, and this may not actually be useful. i found out that a psychologist died on that day back in 1973. this psychologist discovered the psychoanalysis theory. his name was Sigmun Freud, and guess what? he died of CANCER. what is the black parade album about? A CANCER PATIENT.

so, i decided to look up what that psychoanalysis actually was, and it turns out that it “releases suppressed emotions and experiences.” it also “helps with ANXIETY and DEPRESSION”

Soldiers in wars and conflicts normally suffer from PTSD, depression, anxiety etc. which could’ve been helped with psychoanalysis. the reason im mentioning soldiers is because at the end of the black parade (song) you can hear military drums, but we thought the whole album was about a diseased patient? also, the room the patient in is WHITE.
soldiers would sometimes be ordered to wave a WHITE FLAG in surrender, MCR waved a white flag in the video.

so, with the date, the flag, the black parade and a possibly irrelevant research to some psychiatrist guy, this must either mean that it’s just a one-off anniversary thing, or a new follow up album.

MCR better not be fucking with us and release some bullshit app because i’ll shoot my foot.

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What inspires your colors for you art? What inspires or helps you make them blend so well together? How do you do it?!

hmm this is a hard questions once I have to explain the way I do something, haha XD I mostly do it..intuitive? I guess. 

Sometimes I try to use this cold lighting-warm shadows, or warm lighting-cold shadows, but I am not really sure this is how it ACTUALLY works. Also the colour ‘opposites’ like orange-blue; red-green; yellow-purple, I think I use this \technique\ quite a lot. Obviously it barely ends as actually orange-blue etc, but I try to take the tones that are more-less close to the particular colour scale. But then again I am also quite a fan of warm colours and generally warm “feeling” about art so I kind of try to follow it too. Not always, but quite often I think.

haha I am sorry I reaaally don’t know how to explain it good enough. Also our art history teacher told us a few times that we find the best harmonic colour scales in nature, and also in the art that is done by people during a lifetime of humanity. (she was talking about Egyptian art and jewelry back then I think)


Would anyone be interested in buying some of my original artworks?

(First, sorry about the photo quality. It’s ruined the contrast, colours and details for each piece of artwork. Yucky Fujifilm.)

I was going through my artwork recently and realised that nearly every piece I finish goes into a portfolio, only to collect dust and sit in the dark for the rest of eternity. I don’t necessarily need them and it’s a bit of a waste if they just sit there, so I’m thinking about selling some of my originals (pretty much the ones in the photo above).

Obviously I would make them ‘sales-worthy’ (trimming the edges, removing tiny smudges if there are any etc.). The price would vary on each individual artwork, keeping in mind the size, the amount of time it took, the materials, the quality etc. I don’t really have the money to frame and mount them all but I might do it for a few of my personal favourites :) I’d probably take care of any shipping/postage costs.

My artworks need new homes, so if enough people are interested I will sort something out in the next few weeks :)

(Also I live in Australia, so keep that in mind when it comes to shipping etc.)

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can you recommend your favorite harry potter blogs? :) ones with nice tagging systems and that update frequently?

Sorry it took me so long to answer this. I went through my Following list three times to make sure I didn’t forget anyone. To avoid listing half of the people I follow, I narrowed it down to my favourite TEN blogs who make Harry Potter edits of their own, not just blog about the series. They all have organised tagging system and update reasonably often, as well. (In no particular order.)

  • seerspirit: She’s one of my favourite gif-makers ever. We also have a lot of similar tastes when it comes to fancasts, colouring, font usage, favourite characters etc… so I never once regretted following her, and I doubt you would either.
  • foundersofhogwarts: A blog dedicated to the founders of Hogwarts (obviously) that I love.
  • asheathes: She’s so incredibly talented and creative. Just her Wizarding Schools Around The World series is enough to follow her, if you ask me. 
  • nevillles: Her gifs always ooze so much quality that I’m beginning to think she’s found a way to download movies 107482037217392p HD. 
  • wandkeepers: Ariele is the reason why I’m so fond of the doomed ship of Fremione. I’m still mad at her for that, even though it’s been over a year. (Because this path can only end up in tears and pain.)
  • pragmatique: Her manips are simply art. She doesn’t post edits very frequently but when she does, you can’t decide if they’re manips, or if she actually kidnapped the actors and forced them to have a photoshoot or something.
  • ohremus: She’s always been one of my favourite Harry Potter bloggers, but her colourings of late especially are killing me here.
  • ophelies: I always have mad respect for people who can make good graphics, because I just can’t pull them off. And hers are really cool.
  • aaronpaules: Just another person whose gifs look so crisp and quality that it makes me want to cry.
  • buckbeakisback: I absolutely love her Colour Palette gifsets. Most Colour Palette stuff (including the ones I’ve attempted) look awkward and forced but somehow she manages to colour them perfectly. Witchcraft.