so sorry

due to the fact that I’m a weak lump of trash, I’ve allowed myself to succumb to the major queerness that is the broody gay commander heart eyes lexa and her bisexual princess of the sky people grumpy cat clarke. And I’m taking this time to apologize for that fact that this blog is going to turn into a multi-fandom gay shrine. Albeit all the effort I’ve put in to stay monogamous. 

that being said i’ve also found that I have become impossibly much gayer than originally planned. and so will this blog.

I’m trying hard to be happy. And I just want to lock myself away. I feel so horrible and grey and foul. And I just want to cry tonight. And I want to protect everyone who feels vulnerable/needs protecting. And I want to help anyone who needs help. Instead I’m spending my days helping people who won’t read the fucking manual. I don’t know what I’m doing with myself. I don’t know what I want to do with myself. I always thought, or maybe expected myself to do something great. And so far I’ve done nothing. I wish I had the drive to do something. I wish I felt excited for new opportunities, or for learning new things. I can’t even pay attention to new things anymore. It’s a real fucking struggle. I’m so scared that I’m close to the edge again.

I can’t resist drawing this foxy lady  guy…★


I do apologize for being kind of inactive for a long time, school’s killing me so much I barely have time to draw. ( ≧Д≦) My Exams are a week from now so I might be inactive again (For two weeks, I think) 'til I'm finished with those crap. However, I would be queuing the doodles  I made would seem I’m active but not really.

Have a great week, everyone! (^・ω・^ )~