so sooooo bored


“If we are strong enough in our souls we can rip away the veil and look that naked, terrible beauty right in the face; let God consume us, devour us, unstring our bones. Then spit us out reborn.” 

Well thanks a lot @thereadersmuse for activating every last one of my Persuasion feels when I have no time to go and swoon over Captain Wentworth’s “I am half agony, half hope” voiceover. I mean for fuck’s sake I just went and looked up fanvids. What is even happening help.


“This is what’s ridiculous. People who suffer from cancer, severed limbs, or blindness receive sympathy from others, but people suffering from mental illnesses are viewed as outcasts by everyone. Everyone’s prone to a mental breakdown if they suffer a traumatic experience. We all just act like that would never happen to us.”


okay but Hanna’s obsession with mirrors has to mean something!!!! It could be a clear sign of ~Multiple Personality Disorder~!!!! The writers wouldn’t just have these scenes for no bigger plot relevant reason;; There are no coincidences in Rosewood!!!!

  • im hella bored so here's my opinion on the signs based off ppl i know (im a cancer)
  • aries: you're blunt and kinda mean but i still love u
  • taurus: I LOVE YOU SO MUCH you're not even as stubborn as everyone says wtf
  • gemini: so sweet so so so sweet
  • cancer: we rant together and just love each other and its so nice.
  • leo: ur rlly needy but so am i so its okay bb
  • virgo: ur nice i guess, but it feels fake idk
  • libra: i love u but ur so flirty and it can be very irritating im soRRY
  • sagittarius: man idk what to say sometimes i like u but sometimes u just piss me right off
  • capricorn: ur an asshole but i kinda love it??
  • aquarius: you guys are so awesome!! like you guys!!
If singers had a group chat together

Demi: We’re cool for the summer!
Justin: Where are you now?
Selena: I just wanna look good for you
Justin: What do you mean?
Selena: I’m so sick of that same old love
Justin: Is it too late now to say sorry?
Ariana: FOCUS ON ME!
Taylor: In your wildest dreams!
Demi: What’s wrong with being confident?
Adele: Hello..
Drake: You used to call me on my cell phone
The Weeknd: I only call you when it’s half past 5
One Direction: But baby I’m perfect
Jimmy Fallon: ew..
Sia: if you dont shut up, IM GONNA SWING FROM THE CHANDELIER!!!!
Walk the Moon: shut up… And dance with me.
Ellie: BURN!
Meghan: #just#got#butt#surgery… im all about that bass.
Maroon 5: sugar, yes please, your butt is way too big already.
MAGIC!: Why’d u gotta be so rude?
Kesha: im sooooo bored :( waitin for somethin interesting to happen….TIK TOK, TIK TOK.
OneRepublic: just counting stars.. omg! there’s so many!
Sam: stay with me, cuz your all i need
Sia: hey baby, i have an elastic heart.
Taylor: i have a blank space for YOU Sam ;)
Jimmy Fallon: ew…
Rihanna: am i the ONLY girl in the WORLD!?
Beyonce: well, girls rule the world.
Eminem: i love the way you lie.
Britney: you wanna go!? i mean, i wanna go!
Silento: watch me.
Eminem: im not afraid!
Justin: ill show you
Camp Rock 2: it’s on!
Justin: what do you mean?
Ray Rice: slaps Justin
Justin: sorry
Bruno: im gonna uptown funk YOU up.
Taylor: in your wildest dreams
Jimmy Fallon: ew…
Trapqueen: 1738!
Kim kardashian: thats the amount of braincells you have
MAGIC!: why you gotta be so rude?
Kelly Clarkson: what does'nt kill you makes you stonger, right guys?
Hozier: oh god, take me to church.
Charli XCX: the fault in our stars these days…
The Weeknd: run for the HILLS!
Ray Rice: slaps the weeknd
Random Judge: First your girlfriend, now this dude?! WTF RICE!?
Michael Jackson: this is a real THRILLER.
Demi: dammm, you guys are gonna make me have a HEART ATTACK
Ed Sheeran: STOP thinking out loud people!
Pink: just give me a reason.
Maroon 5:…ANIMALS!….
Imagina Dragons: …DEMONS!….
Ariana: man, this is turning into a real PROBLEM.
Fifth Hrmony: this was so worth it.. lol!
Taylor: just shake it off
Ariana: FOCUS on the real situation people! my hair is terrible!
Katy: im gonna ROOARRR!!!!
Wiz Khalifa: see you again

Hey Hey!

This friendly post is brought to you from my desk. Working hard or hardly working. Obviously I am hardly working right now. But I love the project I’m currently working on right now, so I can’t say I’m too worried about working hard, as I seem to work on it all, the, time. 

But, of course, if you’re following my Instagram (lizclaire_) you’ll already know this, but I headed to the barn this morning to frolic around on a horse, and… I fell off! It was all very cliche - the horse went sideways, and I went forward, and I think he kicked my left love-handle area, because good golly, I am in pain (couldn’t even imagine the pain if I didn’t have my extra padding. phew!). 

So… on Feb 1 I hit SIX(!!!) years of blogging. Although, i feel like I post few and far between these days. It’s weird. I don’t know why other than the fact I just don’t care to.  Although, I suppose I also feel like my life is so so so so sooooo boring lately, that all I could (and would) discuss with you is the latest American Idol and/or Bachelor and/or Apprentice and/or Netflix show. Shall we blame it on the winter?  

I was talking to my friend Sarah in NYC the other night, and she said something that made me so clearly realize the issue I’ve been having.  I feel like I have lots of friends, but no organic friends anymore. I don’t know if it’s because of age, or because I left Toronto for a while, or being single at this age, or whatever, but I miss the random calls/texts, “what are you doing tonight? let’s do something. Yes?” “Yes!”  I don’t know. Maybe that doesn’t make sense, but everything is so planned, and I am lazy and never plan, and thus spend so many nights doing nothing, but working, watching TV and swiping left, left, left, right. 

And it’s not that I’m unhappy, because I love my little cozy life of just me, myself and I, but there are times I just want to go for a random beer then and there with someone, and/or discuss the ridiculous show that is the Bachelor with someone. Oh jeesh. I’m rambling.  

Thank you so much for all the Project Sunshine emails - they warmed my heart! I have not responded to any yet (as I’m waiting for the formal application doc), but will this week! YAY! Super excited for that. 

I also need to mention I’ve been going on sooooo many dates lately. Because LOL, single life. They’re hilarious and wonderful and awful all rolled into one.  Oh, to be an Anonymous blogger again… oh hell, whatever, maybe just maybe I will share my stories with you. I mean, some of them are pure gems!

Weight and healthy eating and exercise?! Bahaha. You’re so funny. Mentally I am good and happy and want to lose about 20 lbs, but also am all like whatever, I’m good in my own skin. Therapy is pretty fucking awesome and I would definitely recommend it.  I haven’t weighed myself since before the New Year, but i tried on two dresses which I retired last summer as I got too fat for them, and they fit me. So wahoo for that. Also, I will say dating over weight is hard. I KNOW I KNOW. But it is. My whole pump-myself-up-don’t-cancel game is strong. It has to be. The few hours before the date I always just want to cancel, but then for whatever reason, me and my all black (obvs) outfit will waltz out the front door. 

Okay. Solid chat and break, and back to work I go, Hi Ho Hi Ho.