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The “proposal” [or the blowjob innuendo, there are two kinds of people and all that jazz okay :P] from another angle.

{04/05/2013} [x]

“ ᵀʰᵉ ᴬᵏᵃᵗˢᵘᵏᶦ ʷᵃˢ ᵒʳᶦᵍᶦᶰᵃᶫᶫʸ ᶠᵒᵘᶰᵈᵉᵈ ᵇʸ ʸᵃʰᶦᵏᵒ ᵈᵘʳᶦᶰᵍ ᵗʰᵉ ᵀʰᶦʳᵈ ˢʰᶦᶰᵒᵇᶦ ᵂᵒʳᶫᵈ ᵂᵃʳ ᵃᶰᵈ ᶜᵒᶰˢᶦˢᵗᵉᵈ ᵒᶠ ᴬᵐᵉᵍᵃᵏᵘʳᵉ ᶰᶦᶰʲᵃ ᵗʰᵃᵗ ʷᶦˢʰᵉᵈ ᵗᵒ ᶜʳᵉᵃᵗᵉ ᵖᵉᵃᶜᵉ ᶠᵒʳ ᵗʰᵉᶦʳ ʰᵒᵐᵉ ᶜᵒᵘᶰᵗʳʸ, ʷʰᶦᶜʰ ᵃᶜᵗᵉᵈ ᵃˢ ᵃ ᵇᵃᵗᵗᶫᵉᵍʳᵒᵘᶰᵈ ᶠᵒʳ ᵗʰʳᵉᵉ ᵒᶠ ᵗʰᵉ ᶠᶦᵛᵉ ᴳʳᵉᵃᵗ ˢʰᶦᶰᵒᵇᶦ ᶜᵒᵘᶰᵗʳᶦᵉˢ⋅ ”


Thank you for unknowingly, and unwillingly, taking part in the ‘Soon’ project.

This project was never intended to be a real thing - it started off because I saw someone reblog a post in which someone had sent another blog the word 'soon’. That was it, nothing else. I thought it would amusing to see how the people I follow would react to the same event. I only made one minor change - instead of sending the message as myself, I sent it anonymously, adding a further layer of mystery to the ask. There was no reasoning behind whom I sent the ask to - I simply sent it to those who appeared at the top of my dash, and waited for a response which I would then screenshot and add to the list. At first, I thought I would stop with one person. Then two. Then three. Over the course of three days my list stretched from a lone person to 13 individual blogs. Each and every response was recorded.

The results were interesting to say the least.

Many people, it seemed, respond primarily with fear and confusion - many of the responses ran along the lines of 'what, I don’t understand, I’m afraid/scared’. To me, this seems somewhat reminiscent of being a child, instantly assuming the worst upon hearing your parents call your name.

You don’t know what they want, why they’re calling you, anything - it could be good, it could be bad, but we instantly assume the worse, and this trait is shown again in the responses to 'soon. Why? Is it because we’ve always been raised in such a manner that more emphasis is put on bad things than good things? Maybe.

But still, that’s just my opinion.

It was also quite interesting to see that some people went so far as to post again, wondering aloud what the soon was about. In order to calm these people I decided to send them another ask, still in anon, to let them know that it was just an experiment. I also decided to attempt to initiate short, funny, light-hearted conversations with those who posted interesting responses (primarily those with gifs, which were unusual to see, or Ike, who’s response was just amazing).

I could write more but I’m feeling hungry, so allow me to leave you with this gif of a minion holding a banana, and I would also like to say that I encourage you to attempt this experiment yourself! If you’d like you can screenshot their reactions and send them to me, and I’ll compile them into a nice list for the amusement of all.



selfie how-to guide: ft. my new friend julian casablancas 

1. set the room on fire while fixing hair 

2. understand your face

3. smize of the world


(HERES THE STORY for you curious souls :] )

All I can think about...

All I can think about is how proud Cory would be of Lea right now. He would be attending all of her press releases and watching her rehearsals. He would be tweeting about how her talent is a “bright shining gold star.” But he’s her angel, and he’s watching over her. And I’m sure he’s smiling down and thinking, “That’s my girl.”



005. A Quote That Represents Your Feels For Her (by Tháts)

"Hey, light of mine,
My dark past seem so distant now,
Thanks to you future seem so bright, you're my holy rite.
For long I don't feel alone,
For you I've being strong.
To you all my pretty songs,
Honest smiles and poetry rhymes,
All to thank you for the life, you've made it worth while.

Only for you I have fought all my sorrows and fears.
Hey, light of mine.
Thank you for fill my heart and made it your home."
- Babi S.

I miss my angel.


Part 1 of my Killer’s Lullabye series. Check out this song, it’s a good one. 

(pls read the pupok bits in his voice it’s worth it) (also part of this is indeed inspired by unbreakable kimmy schmit B))

|also on ao3|

Alt. title: A girl and a scorpion exchange greetings, coping devices, and other Fun Things
Warnings for: #abuse mention, #blood, #scorpion………… Helena’s life is one big 8(

He says, ‘Do not be afraid.’

Helena sees the shadows move, twitching and shimmering until–

Do not be afraid.’

But Helena is afraid; she sets her lip between her teeth and digs her nails into her arms but she can’t stop the jackrabbiting of her pulse, the shaking.

She tucks her head into the crook of her arm and feels grime and blood streak against her face. “I don’t want to die in here,” she whispers, horse, her breath too quick in her throat.

Then don’t.’

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Sometimes angels falls from the sky and come to earth to fulfil their purpose whilst shedding their light to others. Then, once its time, they go and leave us. Some sooner than others. They will be missed but their spirit and good deeds will live on in the hearts they touched.
—  In loving memory

anonymous asked:

when I found out Joni was in the hospital I immediately thought of you and was like omg how is Rema handling this bc I know you love her

My SWEET BABY this means so much to me!! I love Joni Mitchell, and you were SO spot on, because I was in tears at one point. This is so thoughtful of you, thank you angel cake!!! Stop by again soon my luv :)

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ANNA YOUR DAY HAS COME & I WISH YOU A HAPPY BIRTHDAY 。゚+.゚ヽ(●´ω´●)ノ。 I hope you can spoil yourself a bit today (it's a Saturday after all, don't you dare work hard today) and that you get to eat looooots of cake or other treats you love ;3; There's someone right here that loves you a loooot & I'm sending a huge amount of happy vibes your way so you'll have the best birthday~ (let's get old together /sobs/) I've also prepared a small thing for you so I'll post it soon ;)


I’M SPOILING MYSELF PLENTY TODAY not with treats though THANK YOU!! (。≖‿≖。✿)


“You don’t have to give me anything really” but it wouldn’t be good to say so instead I’M LOOKING FORWARD TO IT MY DEAR ANGEEEEL!!! *TACKLES THEA TO GROUND WITH A HUGE BEAR HUG*