so someone else come and talk to ten

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headcanons for the paladins comforting you during a breakdown/ptsd flashback?


  • sympathetic and understanding
  • he’ll try to calm you down by reminding you that you are not still going through that
  • afterwords he’ll always listen to you and such
  • he loves you, he just wants you to remember that


  • kind of scared/freaked out the first time you have a breakdown
  • because he’s not very used to those kind of things
  • so he tries to calm you by more or less catching your attention, forcing you to take deep breaths and trying to remind you that wherever you were, you are not still there 
  • it takes him a couple tries to get himself in order
  • he always gets so scared after you have one
  • hugs and cuddles afterwords


  • he’s very scared for you at first like??? why are you freaking out??
  • probably calls for help he needs someone more level headed here
  • but afterwords once someone has helped him to calm you down and you’re no longer freaking out, he’ll sit with you and talk if you’d like
  • very calming he hugs you and listens and he just :((( he doesn’t want you to ever how through that again


  • love this little bub
  • anyway umm also kind of scared at first
  • takes him like five to ten minutes of you freaking out for his instincts to kick in and he’s like are you okay??
    • nvm, physical contact was not a good idea lance.
  • but he tries okay he’ll stick it out for you and even call someone else to help if it continues longer than twenty to thirty minutes
  • afterwords he’ll sit with you if you want to talk about
  • he just wants you to remember that he loves you so much


  • probably read up on this before to be honest
  • like when she was thinking about what she would do if her family were to come back and what if they had PTSD so she’s already very knowledgeable in the situation
  • did i say knowledgeable? i meant book smart.
  • seeing it happen irl was a lot different than in the books
  • it takes her a little bit but she finally gets the swing of it and starts comforting you
  • she loves you don’t ever forget that, she gets so scared for you when you have a breakdown she wishes you never felt any hurt like that :((

Okay look, I know I all ready have multiple AUS going but someone’s gotta do it, and if no one else has or at least no one else that I’ve seen then I’ve gotta.


Eric Bittle - Cabin 10. Eric always knew he was adopted, but finding out he was son of the goddess of love and beauty Aphrodite was more than he bargained for. Suddenly he found himself moved from Georgia to New York and learning to sword fight for his own protection. Eric likes his new brothers and sisters, never having any back home, but he finds himself more at home at the Camp kitchens than anything. He may have bribed his way in with pie. He also can often be found by the main fire, sitting next to a pretty young girl whose name he doesn’t know, but he feels close to her anyway. He has plenty of new friends at Camp Half Blood, and if he can just survive his sword fighting sessions with a certain son of Hades, he might make it out alive. 

Jack Zimmermann - Cabin 13. Jack Zimmermann is currently the only known son of Hades. It is a hefty burden to bear, and the isolation of living alone doesn’t help much. His mother loves him very dearly, but had to send him off to Camp at a young age for his own safety. He’s been in the camp almost his entire life, and it’s not until Kent Parson shows up that anyone approaches him without shaking in fear. He and Kent eventually team up for quests, and are unstoppable duo, until they aren’t. It takes Jack a while to learn to trust again, and for a while he embraces the fear that comes with his cold presence and ability to speak to the dead. All of that begins to crumble when Shitty shows up, and ends up crashing to the ground when he’s forced to teach a hopeless son of Aphrodite how to sword fight.

The rest of the team below the cut.

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Bad Girl Ch 25: Paris

I’m not dead! Sorry I’ve been gone but here is a double update! Sorry if this sucks! Please let me know how you feel about it!

My fingers tangle in Jiyong’s hair, his face burrows deeper into my neck, basically purring with happiness. We are laying on the couch in our apartment, he is on top of me, over the moon when I asked him if I could hang out there for awhile and ignore my work for the day. Of course he agreed and now here we are, limbs tangled in a comfortable embrace for the last two hours just napping and enjoying each others company. But the reason for my day of hooky isn’t just for a much needed cuddle session with Jiyong, Jihyo is coming over today, possibly with Jin and the boys and this seemed like the best place.

Jiyong looks at his watch and groans, “I don’t want to go.”

I chuckle, “You shouldn’t have agreed to that late afternoon meeting than.”

“But we were rushing and I am in a good mood so I was saying yes to everything at that point!”

“That is your own fault.”

“No, it’s yours’, I’ve missed you so much, how else should I have reacted when you asked to skip work and go home?”

“With some kind of self control,” I laugh. “I was not expecting you to throw everything off your desk and drag me out.”

He huffs, “I wanted to hold you.”

I hum, “I missed you too.”

“When are you coming home?”

“I haven’t given everyone time yet.” He just groans and buries his face deeper into the crook of my neck. An awkward cough brings us out of our couple moment. Jiho is there, ruffling his freshly died black hair. I cock a brow at him, “That’s new.”

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NCT U Reaction: Walking in on their crush turning someone’s love confession down

You are part of the SM Rookies for almost a year now and one of the trainees had been following you around a lot lately. Even though it were just innocent stares it started to creep you out a bit. When you finally got the courage to confront the trainee you got shut up by the trainee’s love confession to you.

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Taeil: Taeil tried not to get affected by the trainee’s sudden love confession to you. He thought that everyone deserved a chance with the person they liked and he just waited for too long to tell you himself how much he liked you. When you turned the trainee down a frown was present on Taeil’s face, not really knowing why you turned the trainee down because he saw you two together a lot lately. When you waved Taeil over he quickly got out of his trance and walked over to you with a cute smile on his face while letting out an audible sigh of relieve.

Originally posted by nseetu

Taeyong: He felt a bit jealous that someone else got to you first when he had such a busy schedule during promotions. When he heard the trainee confessing to you he was about to take a step forward but quickly with-draw his step when you turned the trainee down in a soft apologetic voice. He smiled to himself, not thinking about the hurt trainee practically running past him. When Taeyong looked up to meet your eye you two just smiled and stared into each other’s eyes a little longer then you two normally would.

Originally posted by ceohan

Doyoung: He was already silently judging the trainee from afar even though he didn’t mean to. It just really annoyed him that someone else also had feelings for you, while he didn’t even had the opportunity yet to confess to you himself. When you turned the trainee down he tried his best to keep a straight face while his heart started racing a little faster. He couldn’t help but somehow feel bad for the trainee, thinking about how he would feel in that situation.

Originally posted by markhyuks

Ten: This bubbly ball of sunshine doesn’t even want to hear anything near a love confession to you coming out of someone else’s mouth. So when he heard the trainee confessing, he just stood there like a statue staring at the both of you. When you turned the trainee down with an apology, Ten was internally screaming while walking over to you. “Hey y/n let’s go do something” “Now?” “Yes now, I have to tell you something.” Not wanting to wait any longer to confess to you himself before anyone else could try to take you from him.

Originally posted by mintokkies

Jaehyun: Jaehyun just really wanted an excuse to see you even though you guys hadn’t been talking for that long. Jaehyun was a bit surprised, thinking all kinds of things that already worried him when he overheard the conversation you were having with the trainee. He tried to draw-out every noise other than the conversation at hand. When you turned the trainee down he didn’t have to think twice but to practically run to your side, “Hey y/n to whom were you talking to?” 

Originally posted by nctech

Mark: You caught his eye almost immediately from the moment you two met. When the trainee confessed to you, Mark’s lips parted just a little in surprise that the person standing across from you could say something like that so easily. He observed the situation from afar. After you rejected the trainee you looked right into Mark’s eyes. His lips where still parted before he looked down and smiled to himself, feeling a little blush creeping up his cheeks.  

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44, johnlock

44: “ I’m going to keep you safe. ”

trigger: angst, alcohol.


You wait for him.

The PUB is too crowed but you finishes yet another glass, feeling the bartender’s eyes on you, disapproving, probably wondering what drove you here, drinking Scotch after Scotch without bothering to open your mouth when asking for a refill. You don’t care, not about him, not about the couple behind you, not about the women laughing too loudly or the old man sitting on the chair next to yours and who’s been talking for what might be hours now, but you’re not listening. 

He’s forty-four minutes late, you arrived twenty-two minute early. That’s one hundred and ten minutes you’ve been waiting here for someone who’s obviously not coming. You’ve never waited so long for anyone before. 

Still, you wait for him.

He’s the one who asked to meet after all, the one who punched after the two years you just spent away, the one who was proposing to someone else. 

The door opens, and you can’t help but look again. 

You should leave, should have left a long time ago. It doesn’t matter, not anymore. You’ve ruined it all, destroyed the only person who had ever been able to save you. He has no reason to come, none expect to tell you it’s over, that he doesn’t want to see you, ever again. You haven’t been able to think about anything else since his text.

You wait for him anyway. 

“Don’t bother, lover bird, she’s not coming.”

You ignore the old man once more. The door opens. You don’t look.

You stare at the empty glass on the counter, wonder if your body could take one more, wonder if your heart could ever heal, wonder if your life could ever mean something again.

One hundred and fifty minutes. You feel the first signs of nausea and close your eyes, wishing yourself elsewhere, daring to imagine his arms around your shoulder and his breath against your nape. 

You’re going to be sick. You’re not exactly sure how you manage to take out your wallet and pay before ruining outside, letting the alcohol and tears spill out in some dark alley. You don’t care, not about your cries, not about the stares, not about the whispers. 

You don’t feel it at first, the hand on your shoulder. 


You shiver, unable to repress another broken sob.

“I was outside, waiting. I wasn’t sure you’d come.”

You can’t talk, can’t move, can’t breath.

“I’m sorry, God, I’m so sorry. Please, Sherlock, look at me.”

He makes you face him and you can’t look away, can’t take your eyes off of him, can’t believe he came.

“I love you,” he whisper and you find yourself holding on tightly to his jacket. “I’m going to keep you safe, going to take care of you, going to make it all brilliant again.”

You lean into him, letting him walk you both away from here, back home.

You tell yourself that you’ve been waiting for so long that it might just be a dream, that you’re probably still siting at the bar, ordering another glass while staring at a door that he still hasn’t pushed open. 


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Do you think you'd ever consider writing something with ace!dex or Nursey?

I was a little leery of Nursey/Dex at first, but boy am I glad that I gave your writing a shot. After marathoning all of your fics, I can definitely say that I’m hooked on these nerds and their love. That being said, I don’t know if you’re taking prompts, but I have a real need for ace Dex. Like, Nursey kisses him and he freaks the hell out because he’s never had to have this conversation before. How do you say “I think I’m in love with you” and follow with “also I will never want to have sex”?

Dex is baking when it happens. Bitty’s gone for the weekend, and Ransom had a really shitty week, so Dex decided to try his hand at the brownies his mom always makes. Nursey walked in while Dex was getting all of the ingredients out, and promptly hefted himself up to sit on the counter and annoy Dex while he worked.

He just put the pan in the oven, and he’s trying to figure out how he should start cleaning this absolute disaster he’s made of the kitchen, when Nursey pauses his seemingly never-ending monologue.

“What’s up?” Dex asks, looking over to the counter Nursey’s perched on.

“Dude, you’ve got flour, like, all over your face,” Nursey laughs.

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Good Little Whore (Part 12)

Ghost x reader 

​Warnings : Language, Smut​​, Extreme Violence

“Can I do your makeup?”
Ghost pauses, frowning as he turns away from the mirror to look at you. His hands rest against the sink, and from the way he looks at you it’s obvious he’s going to say no.

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and i’m so bitter, you know? i hate and i hate and i hate and it’s so so tiring but i don’t know how to stop. and it’s like i think i’m getting better then i see something and everything comes crashing back and i want to die.

like the way everyone you love seems to love someone else more and how you’ll never fully be one of them and how nine times out of ten they’ll choose him over you and how you’ve seen the way they talk and you wonder why he doesn’t talk to you like that anymore.

and it’s hard, sometimes. you know? more than sometimes. it hurts.

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Every member of the rogues gallery has a crush on batman, true or true

True! Let’s examine.

Catwoman. Obviously. The flirting is unabashedly fun at first, but the more she gets to know him, the more her impulses give way to a weird mothering instinct. He’s such a mess. She doesn’t care, can’t care, but surely any normal, functioning human could do a better job than he does at managing those stress levels. Her flirting turns to pity sometimes, but he can sense it, and it drives him off that much faster. She tells him to go fuck himself under her breath, makes a note to show up to the next Wayne Foundation event, where he can’t run away from her so easily.

The Joker. Obviously. Once, just once, he saw the flash of the Batman’s smile in the dark, white as a jewel, and he’s been hungering for it ever since. Never mind that it came right before Batman knocked him into a wall. Whatever makes him happy. The truth is that the Joker used to think the Batman was someone truly boring, someone who thought he stood for something. But the Joker knows that smile, watched it curve over his own mouth in the days after Ace Chemicals, after his skin had finished cracking and peeling. It’s the smile that has nothing behind it whatsoever, just a weird mix of boredom and longing that makes you confuse every feeling in your chest with happiness. It could be a heart attack, it could be your knuckles crunching on someone else’s jaw–it’s all different enough to feel like you’re alive again. Batman feels it, too, and the Joker is in love.

Two-Face. On his good days, yes. They were friends once. Dent still remembers the thrill of working cases with him, how sometimes Dent would be poring over case files on his own and feel a prickle on his neck that meant Batman had squirreled into the room somehow and was hovering beside him, like a demon that had sprung out of Dent’s own head. Only Batman isn’t just a lurking, heavy shadow; he comes with coffee, knows just how Dent takes it, presses it into Dent’s hand and gives it a squeeze before telling him, “You’re working too hard.” And on his good days, Two-Face flinches when Batman shows up, not because he’s afraid, but because he wants to lean into him, missing him.

The Riddler. Would never admit it. Batman is the greatest riddle of all, everything he stands for is corkscrewed somewhere under that cape of his, and even Batman is too afraid to drag it out into the light, let Eddie puzzle over it. What am I? What am I? Every time Batman shows up, it’s like he’s asking that question between every other word. If Eddie could just guess the answer, Batman would leave him alone. Eddie’s the only one who can tell Batman what he is, but it feels hopeless sometimes. I can’t help you, Eddie wants to say, but he refuses to leave the ’t on the end. There’s an answer somewhere. When Batman lifts him up by the collar, Eddie grabs hold of his wrist with both hands, assured by the heat of his pulse underneath. Batman is human and real and knowable, and Eddie likes the way he smells because it’s familiar, and anything that’s familiar can be understood, with time. Just hang in there, buddy. I’ll figure you out.

Mr. Freeze. Batman has saved Nora more times than Victor can count, even when Victor pushes him away. If someone has stolen Nora, Batman brings her back and leaves flowers where she can see them. Once, Victor caught Batman having a conversation with her, his voice warm and friendly, reassuring her, as if she weren’t frozen at all. Victor is unspeakably grateful, and in those moments, he can’t wait until he can hug them both and feel warm again.

Scarecrow. His fear toxin doesn’t always work on Batman. At first he thought it was because the brute had figured out a way to get around it, filter out the poison so it absorbed harmlessly into his bloodstream. But it’s nothing that complicated. It’s just that when Batman is afraid, shivering at Crane’s feet, none of the self-preservation instincts kick in like they should. Batman doesn’t attack Crane, doesn’t quail in a corner, paralyzed with fear. Instead he focuses on Crane. It’s a struggle, clearly, his head swiveling slightly as he tries to keep Crane in sight. Slowly he gets the words out, asks if Crane is okay, if he’s getting his meds, if the nightmares have stopped. The damn fool’s first thought when he’s out of his mind with his own terror is to make sure Crane isn’t going through the same thing. It makes him want to kick his teeth in. But in the moment, he doesn’t. He just shakes his head in response. “They never stop,” he says. “You know that.”

Poison Ivy. Batman brings her plastic flowers, tosses them over the wall of the Botanical Gardens, a joke. She expects them to feel lifeless in her hands, but the colors glow and pulse with energy that awakens some dim part of her brain. She takes them to the lab, extracts samples from them, trying to pinpoint what makes them feel so comforting. Finally, she realizes he’s laced them with microscopic tech, an insect-nano hybrid that can eat pesticides, saving the real flowers to live another sunny day. She’ll give him a kiss for luck next time she sees him, poison-free.

Harley Quinn talks Batman’s ear off when she’s in his car, and he doesn’t interrupt. It’s weird, actually–Harley’s used to being cut off. Mr. J., Ivy, the doctors, no one really cares what she has to say, and she’s never talked this long without someone twisting her arm or yelling at her or holding her down to get her warm IV of drugs right in her veins. She actually can’t come up with anything else to say, and when they get back to Arkham, she’s been sitting in silence for ten minutes, and every second feels like hot needles in her throat. Batman parks the car and stares at her for a while. She has no idea how to respond, so she grabs for the worst, nearest thing: “You wanna picture?” she snaps, “or are you off those after what Mr. J. did to Widdle Gordon?” Batman doesn’t say anything, but he flips open a compartment between them, pulls out a paper and a pen and starts scrawling on it. “Hide this,” he says roughly, “I don’t care where.” He hands her the piece of paper (the handcuffs make it an awkward transition), quickly averts his gaze to give her time to read it. A phone number. A message: If you need to get away from him. Call me. You can bring the babies. There’s some symbol next to it. It looks like a shaky, deformed smiley face. Oh my God. The Bat’s gone sweet as candy. When she looks up, he’s not even in his seat. How does he do that? He’s outside, opening the passenger door, extends his hand to help her out of her harness. “Dr. Quinzel?” he says with wry formality, and she’d smack his arm if she could get out of these damn handcuffs.


+ for: me

+ words:

+ summary: first imagine to get this up and running. taeyong working at a cafe. 

+ request? masterlist?

  • he gets really shy when girl customers come in.
  • they’d ask for something really sweetly and he’d get all swoony.
  • he never got crushes though.
  • when ten asks who he likes, he just states he’s looking for the one.
  • he loves baking!
  • when it’s his turn to do the kitchen, the customers seem to enjoy their food more.
  • one day when he’s in the kitchen, mark’s working the register and states that a girl gives her compliments to the baker.
  • and he just goes over the moon.
  • like wth, this girl says she loves his baking and all.
  • so it’s like a week later and you (the previous customer) comes back.
  • but taeyong doesn’t know it.
  • EVERYONE else does though, and watches as he just slowly buries himself.
  • you ask him if taeyong is working the kitchen and he’d stutter out a no.
  • and here comes ten to the rescue, and tells you that you’re talking to taeyong.
  • you gets all nervous and laughs awkwardly, “ah, sorry. i just really enjoyed your strawberry tart.”
  • he’s so excited because that’s his favorite thing to make, “i could make it for you if you want. i can switch with someone.”
  • “oh! no it’s okay, you don’t have to.”
  • “i insist.”
  • he tries to say this smoothly but he’s actually a huge dork and turns away too quickly.
  • he asks ten if he can watch the register but ten’s going on break so mark helps him out.
  • then when taeyong turns back to them, he sees ten??? walking to a table together, and iS THAT HIS HAND ON YOUR BACK ???
  • so taeyong gets super jealous, and sad and he makes the tart and makes it extra special, taking it to you, but leaves quickly before you can say anything.
  • he goes outside for a smoke and watches as she kisses ten’s cheek before leaving.
  • oooooh is he fuming now.
  • he really liked you, from the very beginning.
  • you go outside and sees him smoking and you get this cute little crease between your eyebrows.
  • “im off” “alright” “is something wrong?” “no, nothing’s wrong” “alright”
  • you leave and he goes back inside after crushing his cigarette.
  • ten approaches him although taeyong tries to get away.
  • “i see you’re into my sister, is she your first crush?”
  • he gets a really giddy look in his eye while watching how shocked he became.
  • “you’re sister?”
  • “yeah, my sister. i thought you knew. oh man, ahahaha, you didn’t! this is great.
  • “anyways, im not going to be one of those ass brothers and say you cant date her because youre my friend, she’s run in with a lot of bad types and i think youd be good for her.”
  • “i-i don’t like her!!!”
  • “tell that to your face”
  • taeyong gets really flustered and gets back to work.
  • so now, ten makes sure to bring you in all the time and taeyong just starts getting really annoyed, and you think he’s directing it at you.
  • and you start to avoid him, and now he’s upset cause you’re avoiding him.
  • he confronts you about it a week later and you say he’s the one avoiding you!
  • he’s just baffled you think this and indirectly asks you on a date to make up for it.
  • “it’s a date!”
  • *cue blushing taeyong and scary brother.*

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Lukas/F!Jesse? Probably a make out session0////0 I TAKE IT BACK I TAKE IT BACK!!!!!

Too late!

For the most part, Jesse considered Lukas a good friend. He rarely spoke harshly, but he was almost always honest. He laughed at her jokes and made ones she laughed at. She saved his life and he saved hers.

So it really got confusing when all of a sudden she started blushing at his compliments and felt her heart race when they touched.

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How would nct act if they caught you, their girlfriend, in the practice room with another member? EX: you were asking for help about this dance move and they could have read the situation wrong? Thank you!!

First of all, sorry for making you wait so long!

TAEYONG: He’d be super heartbroken because he thought you were cheating. He has really strong trust issues, and seeing his girlfriend with someone else would kill him inside. Once you explained that he was only helping, he’d apologize for misunderstanding.

JAEHYUN: He’d get really sad and start having many doubts. Did you ever love him? Was he a game that you just played? So many questions would start pouring into his head. After he figured out he was only helping you learn moves, he’d get super protective over you.

DOYOUNG: He’d be partially sad and mad. Tons of regret would pile up into his mind. You looked so much happier. He was very heartbroken, but after you told him he was just helping, he’d apologize over and over again until you got annoyed. :)

TAEIL: He would have no idea what to do. Should he walk in and interrupt your “session”? Or just pretend nothing happened and move on? He walked in and saw you smiling. He would hate his member a little bit. Once you told him, he was still mad, but he couldn’t be mad at you for more than a minute, so he forgave you in no time.

TEN: He wouldn’t be mad. He wouldn’t be sad either. He’d just be plain jealous. You should have gone to him if you needed help on a dance move. Yet you didn’t. Except you thought he was busy, so you picked someone else to do the dance moves with you. And Ten completely read it the wrong way. You told him what happened, and he would still be jealous, but he forgave you.

MARK: Mark would be super surprised and would just stand there staring at you two. All he’d do was stare. As he got his senses back, he would drag you out without a second thought and talk to you about it. Then he’d tell you to come to him if you wanted to learn dance moves. You two would spend the night learning dance moves and you totally slayed it once you finished.

WIN WIN: He’d get pretty dang jealous. He’d just stare at you two thinking he wasn’t good enough for you. He wasn’t able to help you with dance moves and that made him super mad. He’d tell you to come out so you could talk with him. After talking it out, you made a deal that you would only get help from members as long as he was watching.

KUN: The minute he saw you, he would get way too protective. He’d pull you out and just start teaching you the dance moves because he already knew them. He wouldn’t talk, he’d just help you dance. After you were done, he’d lecture you to never get help from anyone except for him. He’d be nagging you like you were a little kid that cause trouble.

Hope you liked it!

Taeil: He would try to be super polite about it, because he would be really worried about your feelings.  When he first saw you, he would act like nothing happened.  But once you mentioned your hair, he would say that it looked nice. He might let out a random laugh every once and a while, but otherwise the incident would pass over quickly. 

Originally posted by pcystagram

Taeyong: He would stare at you for a long time, long enough to make you feel awkward.  Once you asked him what was wrong, he would try to choke out something about the weather or how much he loves coffee and would leave the room quickly, trying to keep things under control.  When you go to find him, he would be sitting down somewhere giggling to himself. 

Originally posted by taesyong

Doyoung: He would definitely try and fail to contain himself, but over time he would start to talk to you directly. “so what exactly were you thinking? you know, about your hair concept”. But if someone else made fun of your haircut, he would stand up for you, saying you looked beautiful anyways. 

Originally posted by yonges

Ten: He would be so terrible about it, with absolutely no filter.  He would immediately burst out laughing, and would laugh so hard that tears would come to his eyes.  You would try to act mad, but Ten’s laughter is so infectious that pretty soon you would both be laughing.  He would use this opportunity to get some good material for blackmail as well.  

Originally posted by 96sline

Jaehyun: He is the type to remember something like this for a long time, so he would bring up a bad haircut years afterwards.  ‘Remember that one bad hair cut you had” “JAE THAT WAS 5 YEARS AGO”. He would also take toms of pictures, and would show them to you constantly, just in case you forgot.

Originally posted by jaehyun-nctu

Mark: He would 200% share your pain about bad haircuts. He would tell you to cheer up, because it can only get better from there. Of course, he would pay you back for teasing him about his hair then. “Remember that time that i had that mushroom hair cut” “yeah” “I think yours is about as bad as mine was”

Originally posted by duwbu

“…so…it’s a little weird, right? i mean, he just kind of…left? and i feel…i dunno like i was ready to make the jump, ‘cause that’s what i was telling everyone i would do but then…there was no one to jump to, y’know?” betty sighed, leaning over the counter. the barista nodded.

the coffee shop had been empty the past hour, coming up to closing time, and with no one else to talk to at that moment, betty had struck up a conversation with the barista. they’d been talking for a good ten minutes, until mid-sentence, the barista pointed at something behind betty. 

“– and i just think – oh, wait, is someone behind me?” she spun around, gasping, “ah, i’m so sorry!”


(A/N: I’ve been having Jikook withdrawals lately. Taekook is just stealing my heart, so in light of all the Taekook recently- enjoy this little thing <3)

Title: Promise to forget

Pairing: Taekook

Rating: NC-17

Warning: Slight BDSM, Praise kink, Top Kook

Summary: Taehyung forgets his promise to his favourite Maknae and Jungkook doesn’t hesitate to put him in his place.

“Hyung, don’t you think you owe me something?”

Teahyung cocked his head, his hair gracefully falling into place. The red head stood confused staring at the Maknae. It wasn’t like they had a bet and he lost, so it lead the elder into a state of confusion.

“Hmm, not that I know of. Did I promise you something Kookie?”

Jungkook shivered at the way Taehyung would casually say his nickname. Intimacy between the two came so natural- Jungkook felt peeved that the elder wasn’t affected by it like he was.

“Hyung…You promised me. You said that…I can’t believe th-…Never mind.”

The Maknae stomped off leaving Taehyung clueless. He couldn’t remember making a promise, he wasn’t the type to forget either. He was left in the room alone with his useless thoughts.

“Aish, stop confusing me Jeon Jungkook!”

It was a yell out of frustration, it wan’t meant for anyone’s ears but someone heard. That someone being none other than Park Jimin.

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I like who you are. You’re kind and you’re not scared to let the world see you for what you are. You can make me laugh and you have been the only one who has convinced me to write about something that makes me happy so I’m going to write about you. Because nobody else sings Taylor Swift songs with me like we’re twelve all over again, because nobody else is quite like you. I am so lucky to have found someone like you in a world like this. You’re the kind of person that comes into your life and nothing is ever the same again and you don’t forget those people, ever. I know that ten years from now, I’ll remember what you were like. I’ll remember the things we talked about, your stories and your good heart.
—  for the first boy who convinced me to write about what made me happy // thewordsyouneverunderstood