so somehow this is my first to do list

Ok guys so I just have a lot of angsty headcanons trapped in my brain today about our sweet children so here, have a random list of Nygmobblepot things about these broken characters:

  • Imagine Edward suddenly going still one time and not letting Oswald even touch him for days because Oz somehow managed to say or do something that reminded him of his father
  • Imagine Oswald breaking down out of nowhere because Ed accidentally says something only his mother had ever said to him before
  • Imagine Edward clutching Oz’s arm but not saying anything because the hallucinations are back and he just needs something to centre him in reality
  • Imagine Oswald suddenly backing out of their first time being intimate because he’s too self-conscious of Ed seeing him naked
  • Imagine Edward launching into an argument with Oswald because he was gone for longer than he said he would be and Ed thought he’d walked out on him like everyone else has
  • Imagine Oswald asking Ed to say he’s beautiful because he really needs to hear it every once in a while and he doesn’t have his mother to say it anymore
  • Imagine Edward flinching when Oz points at something because usually when someone raises a hand like that its because they’re going to hit him
  • Imagine Oswald getting irrationally angry at Ed’s teasing because it was too similar to what the bullies used to say
  • Imagine Edward panicking because his hand ends up near Oswald’s throat one time and he doesn’t remember how it got there and now he’s scared of himself again
  • Imagine Oswald freaking out over Ed accidentally cutting himself because he will not have another person he loves die and its made him lose perspective on the seriouness of injuries
  • Imagine Edward overly apologising for something tiny like spilling a drink because he remembers getting in trouble for it when he was a child

Good, I feel better now you lot can all suffer with me.

cottoncandysecrets  asked:

Hi! I was wonderin if u can do a HC of newtxlittlegoldsteinreader whr Tina & Queenie has a little sister reader of very big age gap (like maybe she's 8 or 10?) and little reader has grown attached to newt from the first time they met. Somehow, the reader declares that she'll be newt's bride when she grows up & throws a huge temper when she found out that Newt and Tina is gonna get married. But eventually she say that she'll make it an exceptional case for Tina. Just make it cute & sweet C: Thx!!

I’ll do my best! That’s enough content to make a fic so forgive me if this is shorter, as it will be basically a HC. ❤️

Master list

-Newt would immediately bond with the youngest Goldstein sister, the minute he came through the door she’d run up and hang onto his blue overcoat, giggling.
-Newt would sit down and she’d be in his lap, asking him all these questions about creatures and if she can play with them.
-And as much as he enjoyed telling her all the details, he’d be sure she knew they weren’t toys and she must be careful with them.
-Tina and Queenie would always look at each when they watched them, giggling when their young sister started counting the freckles the wizard had.
-Everytime Newt had to leave, she’d put up a fight, trying to hide his case so he couldn’t go anywhere. And Newt usually caved, sitting with her and telling a story or two before she fell asleep.
-Newt would get up, smiling at Tina and kissing her on the cheek before wishing her a goodnight.
-Except one might their sister caught them kissing, and the next morning she’d be grumpy.
-“Ah, hello there.” He’d smile, picking her up for a hug as she ran to him. Tina would be making them some coffee and tea, smiling over at her fiancé while he played with her sister.
-“Newt…I’m gonna marry you one day.” The little girl would say, making Newt spit out his tea a bit.
-Tina would be holding her mug, laughing at her sister’s cute crush. “You can’t marry Newt, sissy.”
-The little girl would frown, crossing her arms. “And why not? Newt likes me, don’t you?”
-“Um, of course I do, but…” and he’d look over at Tina, a small smile slowly growing as he looked at the woman he loved. “Well, I’m marrying Tina, darling.”
-Tina blushed a bit, trying to hide her grin behind her mug.
-The little girl would huff, constantly saying it wasn’t fair and then taking off into her room to sulk.
-Newt would look after her, feeling a bit bad. “Should I go talk to her?”
-Tina just shook her head, smiling at him as she got up and took a seat on his lap. “She’ll come along, trust me. She’s the dramatic one of us.”
-And Newt would laugh, wrapping his arms around Tina and kissing her. “If you say so, love.”
-Hours later the little girl would emerge from her room, and Newt and Tina would be sitting at the table talking about work.
-“Sissy, Newt…”
-They’d both look over, and Newt would smile apologetically at her.
-She’d hand them both a drawing of a Niffler she did as a sorry for throwing a tantrum.
-“I’m ok if I can’t marry Newt…especially if he makes you happy, Tiney.”

That was cute, omg stop with the sweetness lol

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a list of blogs i expected to get over like even 100 followers on: probably my adam, my fma blog, my fire emblem blog. a list of blogs i didn’t expect this on: muska. 

i am so honored that you’re all here!! lately, i’ve been doing art & my writing has been a bit lacking in my own critique, but somehow, you’re here anyway!! ok i’m a super sap & uh …. muska is such a finicky muse — he’s by far one of the most difficult muses i’ve ever picked up. i started my analysis of his character in the first place when i was like …. 14… that’s nearly 10 years ago. from then to now, things have come so far!! admittedly, with each remake of his blog, he’s become progressively less morally sound, but i mean, that’s character development, i guess. it means so much to me that there are that many of you who have put up with my character development; in the wise words of tolkien ‘ how glad i am that you are here with me ’ except it isn’t the end of all things ahah. anyway, i adore you all & i hope to write with you soon, as soon as i can!! 

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The real kind of man

Prompt: Mission “Show Jimin hyung I am a real man” completed

Pairing: Jeon JungKook x Park Jimin


A/N: This is for the anon who requested it :). I’m not sure if this is what you wanted, but hopefully you’ll enjoy it. I had a lot of fun writing it and as you’ll see it started quite light hearted, but in the mean time, some stuff happened and I think it reflects a bit in it. I still tried to keep it happy and fluffy, but honestly, I’m not too sure if I’m too good at writing fluff. I hope the ending it’s not too cheezy. :)

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Hey you! Yeah, you! Let me get a few things straight before we start this…quest, no, mission. Yeah, mission sounds…cool.

So, first of all, I’m a real man. Like a manly man kind of man, if you get what I mean. But the thing is, you know, not everybody can see that. Don’t get me wrong, most people consider me a Hercules, son of Zeus and yada, yada, yada. But others, and they are few and far far far between, cannot. And that drives me insane. Bananas. Potatoes. Whatever.

To give you an example.

My mother. The Cerberus for my virginity. My Kryptonite.

How would you feel when, randomly walking with your mother to the supermarket, you run into one or two or three of her friends, and she would call you “My little bunny.” “My kiddo over here.” “This little one.”

You get my point. There’s nothing manly in those pet names. NADA!

The thing is, I can look past these names my mother gives me. I can understand it. But when it comes to the next example, I cannot.

Park Jimin.

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Drabble: Please don’t go (Daryl Dixon x Reader)


13. “Please don’t go, don’t leave me alone”

Fandom: The Walking Dead

Pairing: Daryl Dixon x Reader

 Sooooo, this is my first drabble ever!

I wanted to try something, maybe if you like it you can ask me to do another one, just choose a prompt from the list I just reblogged from hyenaswritings 

English is not my first language so, sorry for eventual grammatical errors.


Warnings: A little bit of angst

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We were shocked by Denise’s death, but the one who  got hit the most was Daryl.

Denise died right before him and somehow he blames himself: “ I should’ve kill him back in the woods”.

Later that night I enter in our bedroom and see Daryl clutching Denise’s keychain, he was upset: 

“Daryl…it wasn’t your fault” I say, hugging him from behind.

The day after I wake up alone in our bed, I go into living room and see Daryl packing up: “Daryl what are you doing?”. 

He turns around and come to me: “I’m sorry (Y/n), there is something I have to do”.

Realizing what he means, my eyes start waterin: “No..Daryl please! Please, don’t go, don’t leave me alone!”. 

He doesen’t say anything, just gives me a kiss on my forehead and walks outside, toward his bike.

I start to running and screaming “Don’t leave me here alone!” but that doesn’t stop him.

He will be okay?

Will I ever see again my beloved redneck with the crossbow?


And now I can go hide in the darkest corner of my room ;)

hi kids!

sorry i’m late. 2016 was an absolute dumpster fire, but somehow, in spite of it, i’ve had a wonderful year online; and that’s because you’re all so very wonderful. so in thanks i thought i’d do, after six years on this hellsite, my first ever follow forever! this is a list of literally everyone i follow. all of you. you all are worth following, forever.

first, i would like to thank not only god but—

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second, i would like to thank

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Malachai; Moriarty x Reader

Requested by Anon: the reader comes home and finds Jim asleep with your baby on top of it, you take Malachai carefully and place next to Jim *-* plz?

So I might have lied when I said I was coming back… But I did get a job! So that has been taking up my time with training and whatnot. Anyway here’s this request which I have been wanting to complete for a very long time so I hope you like it!

Your heels clicked as you walked down the sidewalk finally on your way home. It had not only been a stressful week but it had also been your first week back at work after having your son Malachai. Thankfully your husband Jim had sworn to take on less work which meant some of your worries had been relieved but somehow the stress just kept piling on.

As you walked you created a to-do list in your head of things that had yet to be completed at home and back at work. Finally your flat building crept up and you were inside the fancy elevator ready to begin checking things off.

You ruffled around in your purse looking for those god damn keys that you knew were in your purse somewhere. Finally you found them and thrust open the door, hanging up your coat, throwing off your shoes, and tossing your purse on the table in the entry way.

You let out a long sigh and rubbed your face stressfully before walking into your living room and halting. There was your wonderful husband Jim passed out on the couch with Malachai curled up on his chest sleeping.

A heartfelt smiled crossed your face as a friendly lemon scent entered your nose. “Apparently he cleaned as well,” you happily thought. You raced quietly upstairs and changed out of your stiff suit and into something warm and inviting. Your feet gently padded the carpeted stairs on the way back down to your peaceful family.

You paused again and looked on at Jim with marvel. When you had first told him you were pregnant, never would you have imagined ten months later seeing Jim so delightfully content in his new position as a father. In fact Jim was downright terrified and didn’t say much about your pregnancy for a couple of days. Thankfully he came around and completely transformed into the loving dad he is today, albeit slowly, but still wonderful in his own right.

Malachai gently stirred in his sleep and you moved to take him off of Jim’s chest before resting him onto yours. You kissed your beautiful son’s forehead and climbed on the couch next to Jim, curling up around his body. The scent of Jim, and the scent of the clean house, filled your nose with joy as you closed your eyes and feel asleep, right where you belonged.

When I was in high school and Facebook groups were still a thing, I started a group called “Gauloise-Smoking French Existentialist Appreciation Society” which somehow amassed more than 400 members. The page contained a running list of “existentialists” (most of whom were not, but the group was more about an aesthetic than anything resembling philosophy) as well as a lively discussion about who should and shouldn’t be on the list.

At one point someone said, “If we went on a field trip to Paris, what would we do?” and my response is prime eighteen-year-old me:

I’m glad you think so, ma chère! [someone had said “Best. Group. Ever.”]
Now. Though it took me rather long enough to draw it up since the idea first got floated, je n'ai pas oublié–here is my proposed itinerary for our hypothetical field trip.

1) Purchase twenty-five cartons of Gauloises. Cartons, not packs, friends. ‘twill suffice for us all. Secure five crates of table wine. Ration potables and fumables accordingly.

2) Double check we have des allumeurs ou des allumettes. Ça n'irait pas bien if we were without. I don’t savor the idea of asking passing Parisians for a light, do you?

3) Check at the airport gate to see if anyone thinks the incessant peppering of one’s speech with franglais is pretentious. If they answer in the affirmative, commend them for their honesty, then gently suggest that they may want to rethink their decision to take this field trip in light of the fact that they may very well be driven quite crazy.

4) Those of us to whom it applies shall curse the fact that we don’t live in Europe, and thus could not use Paris-Beauvais-Tillé Airport, which is cheap-ass, and disembark at Charles de Gaulle International Airport. 5) You Brits can take the Chunnel. I hate you.

6) Visit the Place Sartre-Beauvoir.

7) Stare in awe at la Sorbonne from afar.

8) Pass by the Café de Flore and become steeped in a miasma of depression because of all the goddamn tourists. Realize that we, too, are tourists and have a personal crisis about it.

Make a foray into the Right Bank….

9) Visit the Place de Grève and reflect for thirty seconds upon the words of Hugo and Camus concerning the things that went on there. 

10) Shout “Camus won, suckers!” and throw photocopied leaflets of Réflections sur la Guillotine in the air. Realize that passerby are in fact aware that no country in the EU has the death penalty and slink off.

 11) Go seek out some Sarko supporters to molest. Shout “À bas les réactionnaires!” 

12) Visit the Musée National Picasso.

Return to the Left Bank.

13) Hunt down a copy of Le Canard Enchaîné.

14) Watch Un Condamné à Mort s’est Échappé to segue into the Résistance leg of the trip.

15) Visit the Musée Jean Moulin.

16) Visit the Panthéon.

17) Visit the Père Lachaise Cemetery and lay flowers at the Manouchian Group memorial.

18) While at the Père Lachaise Cemetery gawk at the tomb of Victor Noir and TRY not to commit gross sexual imposition at the expense of his life-cast, horizontal statue. It happens a lot and it’s damaging the sculpture. Yes he did have a death erection and yes Jules Dalou did for some reason feel the need to take a mould of Noir’s corpse as he lay there in the street with the trauma from his dueling death manifesting itself now move along.

19) Attend a production of En Attendant Godot. (We have to pay our respects to Beckett.)

20) Attend a production of Huis Clos.

21) Attend a production of Caligula.

22) Recover.

Why you should love Huan Beifong, probably.

One of my bigger goals with this blog is to convince the LoK fandom to fall in love with Huan, because I feel like he gets overlooked a bit among all the other great Beifongs. And I also want to acknowledge why I love him so much when he was probably added in as an in-joke by the creators. I mean, I totally get it - I’m in art school right now and I draw cartoons, so I really do feel them on that. And somehow despite all that, Huan became my favorite character.

Here’s a nice organized list of canon facts about Huan that make him pretty great:

  1. Huan is pretty. I just wanted to get this out of the way first, but it is more significant to me than just attractiveness. Most LoK characters are attractive; Huan is feminine. He has long hair, pretty eyes, wears long robes and jewelry - which isn’t unheard of for the men in Zaofu, but his style is distinctly more feminine than, say, the twins’. This is significant to me because it’s relatable. I identify with Huan more than any other character on the show. I can count the number of femme men in LoK on one hand (Tahno and Desna come to mind), but Huan stands apart from them because…
  2. Huan is good. Huan knows the right thing to do. When Kuvira demanded that everyone bow to her, Huan didn’t hesitate to stay standing. He might be a little obnoxious about art, but that’s just superficial to his character. When it comes down to it, he knows what he has to do. (And while I’m not saying Tahno and Desna aren’t good, they did have to struggle to get there.) It’s nice to have a single femme male character who also is a de facto good guy.
  3. Huan is a pacifist. Even though Huan has bending, you never see him getting in the middle of fights. That doesn’t mean he’s useless  (when he babysat Ikki and Meelo, for example), it just means he knows how to play his strengths. Huan doesn’t have an ego or feel the need to prove himself.
  4. Relatedly, Huan is an artist. Maybe a sorta kooky, pretentious one, but benders using their abilities for art is sort of the coolest thing ever. The fact that Huan apparently hasn’t learned any fighting styles and uses his bending solely for art makes him a very unique character. I mean, Kuvira is a metal dancer, and she still tried to take over the world.
  5. Huan is a complex character, underneath it all. I think it’s obvious that the creators didn’t develop Huan’s character as much as he deserved, but they did leave some interesting questions for us. Why doesn’t Huan use his bending to fight? Why isn’t he close with anyone in his family? What happened to him while he was captured? How will the trauma he endured affect his art? There is a lot of potential in his character that the creators left up to us to explore.

So why do I love Huan? Partially out of defiance, because I’m fed up with characters I can relate to being given the short end of the stick. The creators probably never put this much thought into his character and just kept him out of the way whenever they didn’t have the opportunity to use him as a punchline. But I will continue reading depth into his character because for as diverse as the Avatar franchise is, Huan is the first character I could really relate to.

Also he’s just very pretty and angsty.

The Way You Said I Love You (Alec Lightwood Imagine)

Fandom: Shadowhunters

Series: #15

Pairing: Alec x Reader

Request: Can you do an Alec X reader with number 2 from the I Love You list?


The way you said I love you:
With a hoarse voice, under the blankets

Warnings: female!reader

Words: 1.207



So this is a short Imagine that has been requested. Enjoy! :)

Also sorry for any mistakes, English isn’t my first language lol. Fandoms I write about (x), my ask box (x), my collection of stories (x) and

Read it on ArchiveOfOurOwn (x)

*gif not mine*

Somehow you had always thought that Alec was invulnerable. The tall and talented Shadowhunter might earn himself some scratches but a serious wound that could end his life? No, that simply wasn’t an option since your brother Jace was always by his side. Together they were immortal. Or so you had thought.

The minute Jace had came back from his mission alone, blood pooling at his feet you knew something was terribly wrong. Your brother could barely walk and as soon as you grabbed his arm his legs started to wobble, his heavy body crashing into you.  
‘’Jace!’’, you cried out as he struggled to stay conscious to report to you what had happened.
They go attacked by vampires and Alec had been kidnapped.
Your felt your heart drop at the news and seeing your brother in a sea of his own blood scared you.
Maryse and Robert Lightwood tried to find their son while Jace was healed by the silent brothers.
Your heart was torn, on one hand you wanted to stay with your brother and make sure he was alright but on the other hand every atom of your body dared you to find Alec yourself. It wasn’t just the fact that he was your brother’s parabatai, but you secretly loved him for years.  During the last few months a shift had happened between you and the dark haired Shadowhunter, suddenly Jace’s cute little sister had turned into something entirely else- something that Alec wanted. But you were both reluctant to deepen your relationship since Alec was afraid of his parabatais reaction. So you kept it innocent, the longing in your glances the only indicator what you both desired.

It felt like hours until Alec stumbled into the institute, held by his parents. If you dared to say, he looked even worse than Jace so in your hopelessness you called Magnus Bane, a powerful warlock who would surely ask for some kind of payment but you were willing to do everything to save Alec. You didn’t care about Isabelle watching you as you ran over to Alec to help support him and also seeking his touch, making sure he was still alive. Still with you.
His eyes fluttered close and as soon as you grabbed his arm he fainted.
For the warlock to heal him took hours, Alec drifting in and out of consciousness, his fever raising and the cries of pain made you shiver. By the time Magnus was done your brother had already sunken into a deep slumber his body healing fast. So you stayed with Alec , reassuring his parents and Isabelle that you would take care of him.
Sitting on the edge of his bed you carefully placed a cold cloth on his forehead trying to ignore the bandage wrapped around his shirtless torso.  You could have lost him. He had been so close to death, and the thought alone made you tear up. Just because you couldn’t act on your feelings didn’t mean that the pain was any less. Or the fear of losing him. You were his and nothing would change that.
So you let the tears fall while you took care of him all night, stroking his cheek and kissing his hair.
Alec stayed asleep for 3 days, you only left his side to check on your brother and to get something to eat here and there. But other than that you didn’t leave your spot on the mattress next to him, praying to a God you didn’t believe in that he would make it. But at some point you must have fallen asleep next to him.

‘’Y/N?’’, a hoarse voice whispered into your ear before you felt someone tugging hair out of your face. You grumbled, damning the person who tried to wake you but when you heard a low chuckle you were way too familiar with, your eyes shot open meeting the soft gaze of Alec.
You jerked up before you threw yourself at him, minding his injuries.
‘’By the angels, thank you.’’, you sobbed. Usually you would have been embarrassed but right now the relief of seeing Alec awake overwhelmed everything else.
You heard a soft shhh sound before you felt dry lips against your temple.
When you laid back a little to look at him you noticed that he was able to get into a sitting position and his skin color looked like usual.
‘’How are you feeling?’’, you asked moved scanning his face for any indicators of pain.
‘’Better than you look, Y/N.’’
Alec softly touched the dark bags under your eyes before rubbing away some tear streaks.
‘’I really don’t care how I look right now, Alec.’’
Magnus obviously had done great , you wouldn’t assume that the Shadowhunter next to you had been unconscious for days.
‘’But I do since you look like death.  You’re alright?’’
You rolled your eyes at his selflessness before you wrapped your arms around his neck and buried your face in the crook.
‘’I am now.’’
You felt his arms closing around you and his nose in your hair.
‘’You almost died.’’, you whispered shivering at the thought. His embrace got tighter before he moved you both into a laying position and threw the blanked over you.
‘’But I haven’t.’’, he said seriously before you heard him sigh and felt yourself getting pulled into him.
‘’You were close, Alec. Really close. Magnus Bane healed you but you were still unconscious for three days.’’
The silence that followed felt heavy.
‘’Jace?’’, he breathed concerned remembering his parabatai.
‘’Probably going insane worrying about you. But otherwise he’s fine again.’’, you assured him before you took a deep breath to calm you down because you were still trembling.
‘’Hey c’mon it’s alright.’’, his voice was soothing as was his hand rubbing your back.
‘’Have you stayed with me the whole time?’’
He intertwined your fingers together.
‘’I thought you would die, Alec. I thought I had lost you.’’, you bit your lip at your confession holding back the tears.
The darkness under the covers kept you from seeing his face but you could tell how the took a deep breath before you felt him pressing a soft kiss on the tip of your nose.
‘’You will never lose me, darling.’’
You swallowed down your tears, both your voices hoarse with the former events and current emotions.
‘’I love you. And I’m sorry if that makes everything more complicated but I have loved you for so long that I need to tell you that at least once.  I couldn’t bear it if you died not knowing.  ‘’
Your voice firm, thick with emotions and damaged by the sleepless days.

You more felt than heard his gasp before he laughed quietly.
‘’Our whole lives are complicated but this? Us? This is easy.’’
Alec cradled your face in his hands, his breath against your lips.
‘’ I love you, Y/N Wayland. And if Jace wants to kick my ass for that I will gladly accept it.’’
The next thing you felt were his lips on yours and you could have sworn that nothing ever felt this right.


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@sarastark - So sorry! When we have to do the yearly audit here my boss brings lots of donuts so I can be on a sugar high. He also does that for month end. I might have a problem.

I see no problem here.  Especially as my first stop this morning was for a big ass cup of iced coffee.  We have to fuel ourselves somehow…I think the auditors took pity on me somehow though, especially when I started to rattle off the list of all the staffing changes we’ve had over the past year…

Also, thank you to everyone else who sent all the hugs.  You guys are the only way I will make it through this. :D

@lostdaemon - They’re different things.  Inhabited by different creatures.  Dark Dimension is more a Lovecraftian hell dimension while the Negative Zone was more just a science based alternate dimension/universe type thing.

That is very good to know - thanks for the clarification! :)  This just means I’ll have to figure out some other way to get the proper Fantastic Four showing up in this universe. *evil grins*

anonymous asked:

Heya! Gotta ask since you seem to be a famous blogger! You know any good UNDERTALE artists?! Btw. Love your stuff! :D Thanks!

I am in no way famous lol haha :’D BUT…I DO KNOW of AMAZING artist!!!! Since I am currently in UT abyss, I’ll list my favourites who draw tributes to it.

@sansybones  creates AMAZING storytelling and art, she really knows her stuff well and also uses traditional art ♥ Her comics inspire me a ton and you should realyl check her things out if you still haven’t - you missing out on a lot!!

@22o22 art has absolute mesmerizing style, the art is very original though it might be a tad disturbing for some because of the violence (I am also not fond of fontcest but most of the art is safe). Nevertheless, they are very unique!!!

@onieon creates really wonderful sans art filled with lot of emotion and style! ♥ they also do lot of cute sansfrisk art. I could list here so so SO many blessed asian artists. I can list @noahxica  (//;__;// tears of joy all time) // @ain0000 (seriously gasping) // stumbled recently upon @lazuen93 who breaking my heart with cute sansfrisk art.

@nyublackneko // @junkpilestuff  always enjoying their work, both have their uniqe drawing style - while Nyu has very clean, readable art that immediately captures your heart and she has great humour! Her mob AU is one of my most favourite things currently. Junkpile has a style that somehow pulled me in on first look (still unsure why) - there’s just SOMETHING special in it that I identify my self with. She was also great inspiration for me w Echotale (and I have a terrible crush on her stoneface :’D)

@velocesmells makes me SPEECHLESS ♥ Her art is so so good it makes me cry at times haha. And she makes very heartwarming comics about Floweypot and blind Frisk

@elictsins  makes me cry too…. though for more pathetic reasons that u will understand once u click on her page.. Her art is stunningly attractive ///@__@/// and now I don’t just say this because she draws the hottest G!sans that ever existed but it is quality art. I have to warn about the nsfw things though *sweats*

If you want to know my favs from not Undertale related pile, here they go >> each and every one of them has given me great inspiration and embodies something I strived for ♥ They are all worth checking out!

@emmyc  - was my first artcrush and I still can’t get enough. She’s not very active lately because she works as storyboarder (also on Gravity Falls) but you can check her old works// @chechula  - her lineart flows so smoothly and is so very interesting with shapes and colors ♥ // @moosekleenex - quality inking and very clever and wise advice, also something I realte to personally// @burdge - RAD ART WITH PENCILS // @seventypercentethanol - one of alltime favourites. Her snippets of travelers and lovers in different worlds is a theme I have a very personal connection to. She also one of main inspirations for Echotale in a way. // there are many many more but I can’t remember some of the nicknames so I end the list here, because I could continue forever >__<;;; I admire TON OF PEOPLE. Really.


Antrus doing things part 1, also a wall of text apparently, sorry about that :D

I found this neato drawing prompt list and I decided that I don’t draw enough OC-s so here is the sleep-deprived grumpy son for the first nine (I planned to do the first ten but somehow I glossed over talking, it’ll come later)

I noticed that the more I draw him, the messier his hair becomes, but that’s good, it’s supposed to be an untameable mess :D for some reason he swears more every time too, but I guess that’s just his wonderful personality shining through, I wonder where he learnt that…

For the singing one I wanna add that Antrus has a kind of mediocre singing voice but he is so tone-deaf it hurts. He has mandatory singing lessons in school but after hearing him disgrace a very simple lullaby the teach decided that he shall write some essays and never open his mouth ever again (for singing that is).

these were drawn on a very fancy A/3 paper (originally A/2 but I folded it in half), of which someone left a bunch in our bookshop and they never came for them, so I kind of inherited some good-quality huge-ass paper :D

I plan to do all the prompts, some digitally, some not, we’ll see how far I get :D

comission info :)


I recently reached 100 followers, which is amazing! So as a thank you, I have decided to do a bootleg giveaway of my audio masters! All of my masters have hardly been circulated, so you will be getting something that not many people have. Here is a list of my personal audio masters:

Kristin Chenoweth in Louisville, KY 2/12/14

This was Kristin’s first time ever visiting Louisville and she does not disappoint. The show includes “Maybe This Time”, “Taylor the Latte Boy”, “Fathers and Daughters”, “Dance Ten, Looks Three”, “Popular (Switching between English, Japanese, and German)”, “For Good”, “Bring Him Home”, “Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again”, “When She Loved Me”, “I Was Here”, “I Will Always Love You”, and many more. Not to mention Kristin’s very own brand of comedy that never disappoints!
Sister Act Tour in Louisville, KY 1/8/14 (OPENING NIGHT)

Ta'rea Campbell, Lynne Wintersteller (t/r Mother Superior), Melvin Abston, Florrie Bagel, Charles Barksdale, Diane J. Findlay, Chester Gregory, Ashley Moniz Richard Pruitt. Amazing recording of opening night in Louisville, KY! Opening night was supposed to be the 7th but due to weather opening night was pushed back a day, making this show opening night. The audience was extremely invested in the show and the cast was on fire! The recording is crystal clear and includes the pre-show announcements as well as the curtain call and the “Spread the Love Around/Raise Your Voice” encore!

Book of Mormon 1st National Tour in Louisville, KY 5/27/14 (OPENING NIGHT)

Mark Evans, Christopher O'Neill, Stanley Wayne Mathis, Alexandra Ncube, Grey Henson, Corey Jones, Jeffery David Sears, Kelechi Ezie. Amazing recording of the show’s Kentucky debut. This was the first performance of the show in Kentucky EVER. The audience loved the show as did I. Everyone is amazing. The show is amazing. I have no words. I will be going to see it at least once more before it leaves. 

Book of Mormon 1st National Tour in Louisville, KY 6/1/14 Matinee

Mark Evans, Christopher O'Neill, Stanley Wayne Mathis, Alexandra Ncube, Grey Henson, Corey Jones, Jeffery David Sears, Kelechi Ezie. Another amazing recording of this show during it’s premiere Louisville engagement. Recorded from the second row.

Book of Mormon 1st National Tour in Louisville, KY 6/1/14 Evening

Mark Evans, Christopher O'Neill, Stanley Wayne Mathis, Alexandra Ncube, Grey Henson, Corey Jones, Jeffery David Sears, Kelechi Ezie. Amazing recording of the show’s last week 1 performance in Louisville. The cast was extremely tired but watching the show you never would have known! Truly wonderful performers. Recorded from the first row.

Book of Mormon 1st National Tour in Louisville, KY 6/8/14 Matinee

Mark Evans, Christopher O'Neill, Stanley Wayne Mathis, Alexandra Ncube, Grey Henson, Corey Jones, Jeffery David Sears, Kelechi Ezie. Wonderful audio of the show’s final Matinee in Louisville. The crowd loved it. Recorded from the first row so the audio is crystal clear.

Pippin on Broadway 9/21/14 

Kyle Dean Massey, Carly Hughes, Andrea Martin, John Dossett, Charlotte d’Amboise, Rachel Bay Jones, Eli Tokash, Mike Schwitter, etc. This was such an amazing show! This was Carly’s 4th as the Leading Player and Andrea’s final broadway performance!

If/Then on Broadway 9/13/14 

Idina Menzel, LaChanze, Curtis Holbrook (t/r Lucas), Jason Tam, Stephanie Klemons (u/s Anne), Jerry Dixon, James Snyder, Tamika Lawrence, Ryann Redmond. Great crystal clear audio! Recorded from the second row! Note: Incomplete. Due to technical problems I only recorded the first 26 minutes of act two.

On the Town on Broadway 9/20/14 (FIRST BROADWAY PREVIEW)

Tony Yazbeck, Jay Armstrong Johnson, Clive Alves, Megan Fairchild, Alysha Umphress, Elizabeth Stanley, Jackie Hoffman, Michael Rupert,  Allison Guinn, Phillip Boykin. Amazing audio of the very first preview of this fabulous new production. The show went super smoothly and was very stable for a first preview. Includes a great little ad lib by Jackie referencing it being the first preview.

A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder on Broadway 9/19/14

Bryce Pinkham, Jefferson Mays, Lisa O'Hare, Lauren Worsham, Jane Carr. Great recording of this hilarious show. Crystal clear audio! The cast was having a great time and it shows! 

54 Below Sings Elaine Stritch 9/12/14 

Christine Ebersole, Beth Leavel, Harriet Harris, Jeremy Benton, Hunter Ryan Herdlicka, Lindsie VanWinkle, Edward Hibbert, Paul Iacono, Sara Jean Ford, Shawna Hamic. Director Eric Ulloa and Music Director John McDaniel bring you an all star Broadway cast singing the songs that made Stritch famous and telling the stories that made her infamous. So, come join us for an evening of great music and memories.

Jason Alexander in Louisville, KY with the Louisville Orchestra 9/26/14

Jason Alexander is amazing! This was his first time playing Louisville and he blew the roof off the building. Known for his Seinfeld fame, not many know what a great powerhouse he is. The first part is just the orchestra playing various selections. In the second part Jason comes out to do his set. This includes “Magic to Do”/“Corner of the Sky”, “Only the Good Die Young”, “Ring Them Bells”, a Merrily We Roll Along Medley, and many more. Great sound and an amazing show!

A Christmas Story: The Musical Non Equity Tour in Owensboro, KY on 11/14/14

Evan Gray, Colton Maurer, Chris Carsten, Christopher Swan, Susannah Jones, Cal Alexander, Avital Asuleen. Great recording of the opening night of this new tour of this AMAZING SHOW! Amazing cast that was full of energy for their opening night. Stand outs (for me) included Colton Maurer, Christopher Swan, and Susannah Jones. Note: There was a technical difficulty with the set causing the show to halt for about 30 seconds, and resulting in a laugh from the audience. The actors restarted the scene. 

Matthew Morrison in Louisville, KY with the Louisville Orchestra 11/15/14

Great recording of Matthew’s Louisville Pops concert! Like the Jason Alexander concert, the first part is just the orchestra. The second part is Matthew Morrison. He sang “It Don’t Mean a Thing, If You Ain’t Got That Swing”, “The Lady is a Tramp”, “Sway”, “Send In the Clowns”, “Singin’ in the Rain” and many more. Great sound throughout! 

Newsies First National Tour Closing Night in Louisville, KY 11/23/14

Dan Deluca, Steve BlanchardStephanie Styles, Angela Grovey, Jacob Kemp, Zachary Style, Anthony Rosenthal, Mark Aldrich, Evan Autio, Bill Bathman, Stephen Hernandez (u/s Ensemble), John E. Brandy, Josh Assor (u/s Albert/Scab)Andrew Wilson (u/s Henry). This show was so amazing! This was my first time seeing Newsies all the way through, and it did not disappoint! Everyone was giving it their all and killing it. The standouts for me were Stephanie Styles (Katharine) and Angela Grovey (Medda). Their respective songs were the highlights of the show. The crowd was on fire and loved every minute as did I! For the most part the audio is amazing. At one point I had to check to see if it was still recording and I accidentally covered the mic, so somewhere in Act 2 there will be a garbled sound for about 20 seconds. Such a great listen! Note: Includes Crutchie’s new song that was added for the tour!

There will be 3 winners. Here’s what they will get:

1st: 3 audios of your choice

2nd: 2 audios of your choice

3rd: 1 audio of your choice

Here are my rules:

1. MUST be following me (I will check).

2. Only reblogs count.

3. Reblog as many times as you want, but don’t spam.

4. Have your Ask Box open!

I will randomly pick winners on January 1st, 2015. If you look on my blog you can listen to previews of some of the things I have listed. Some don’t have any previews up yet, but will soon. Thanks guys! Once (or if) I hit 500 followers, I will do a playbill give away maybe post a bootleg gift. Thanks for helping me reach 100 followers! 

anonymous asked:

Fave spuffy moments?

Thanks anon! Trying again seeing as I deleted EVERYTHING last time. Allow me to rant for 50 years:

  • School Hard, when Spike stalks/creeps on Buffy when she’s dancing. The sexual tension there is some GOOD SHIT
  • All of their alliance in Becoming, from the ‘hello cutie’ to Spike’s genuine moment of concern for Buffy when Angel is about to kill her. Like he doesn’t act on it, but it is a start!!
  • “I’m just dying for a good slay” - I’m sorry did you mean lay? I can’t remember which ep this is from but s4 fighty Spuffy is the best, they look like they are 5 minutes away from hate sex at all times.
  • ALLLL of Something Blue, especially the end when they’re both hardcore in denial.
  • Superstar when Spike strokes Buffy’s hair and calls her Betty like dude, are you trying to be intimidating or did you just REALLY REALLY wanna touch her hair
  • Out of My Mind with Spike’s big epiphany dream, first of all I love his reaction to it — “Oh God no, please no.” Like he knew he was fucked from the start, I LOVE EET — and also, how his declaration of love involved asking her to kill him, like how much are you in love with death??? That’s what I love about this ship though, they are bOTH in love with death but as they grow they learn to love life, no one touch me okay ;__;
  • When Spike bursts into Buffy’s room to tattle on Riley and she makes him turn round so she can get changed and he tries to play it cool but then literally makes an O face, I mean, my guy, could you have any less chill
  • Buffy getting furious with Spike for enabling Dawn’s discovery of her keyness, like she’d just been betrayed by a friend or sth, I mean, he’s your mortal enemy what do you expect
  • Crush is a tough one bcs listen the date and the chains and weird stalker Spike in his weird preppy clothes suck ass, BUT I love the porch scene forever, I love the symbolism of that moment, Spike choosing to put down his gun and step from dark into light. He chooses sympathy and comfort over violence how big of a deal is that for a vampire??
  • Again, can’t remember the ep but that scene when Buffy begs him to protect Dawn and Joyce and he’s teasing her but then they have this moment of intense nonverbal communication, where her eyes are pleading and his eyes are melting and it is such a good 👌👌👌
  • Spike bring flowers to Joyce’s funeral, that’s not quite a Spuffy moment I know, but it’s him acting unselfishly and it’s because of Buffy, that he’s starting to feel empathy for people who don’t directly benefit him so yeah, love that also
  • INTERVENTION AHHHH I know I’ve already mentioned this but 1) Spike allowing himself to be tortured to protect Dawn, like okay, we could argue all day about whether this is truly unselfish but it is still an act of self sacrifice, he was ready to die rather than see Buffy hurt, how can he do this and also be so awful idk? Anyway, 2) The Kiss, Spike and Buffy’s first real kiss, Buffy having a genuine moment of feeling for him, I’m not even kidding, I NEED to know how the fandom reacted to this when the show was airing
  • When Buffy decides to run away from Glory and she trusts Spike to help them NICE
  • The Gift (I just realised I said Sacrifice in my fave episode lists I MEANT THE GIFT) anyway, when Buffy reinvites Spike into the house and he somehow does not act like a smug asshole about it? And he’s completely ready to die for Dawn? And the “I know you’ll never love me” speech, with him just looking at her and Buffy on the stairs above him like some sort of ethereal goddess, it is BEAUTIFUL like if u cry evrytiem
  • the bookend to that moment comes in Afterlife with Buffy on the stairs and she’s so scared but he’s so gentle oh man why couldn’t the season have stayed that way, without the scared part I guess
  • when Buffy seeks him out later in the same ep I just love the way she goes to him without even seeming to think about it, as though she was planning on going there all along
  • in the s6 Halloween ep when they’re all going home and Buffy just looks at Spike and says ‘good fight’ and they have this kind of warrior recognises warrior moment I love those
  • forget the ep but when Buffy steps outside the house and meets Spike on the porch and he tosses a cigarette at her foot by way of hello and she just gives this sad eye roll but she’s also semi happy to see him, as happy as she can be anyway oh my life and then he makes her laugh
  • Smashed when they get it on and for a split second they just stare at each other, and it’s so raw and charged and powerful
  • The morning after scene in Wrecked - it’s trash, they’re trash, I’m trash, Spike kept Buffy’s panties, good stuff
  • Dead Things when they have an actual conversation before everything goes to hell
  • (skipping right ahead to s7 because the rest of s6 is hell) Lessons when they meet again in the basement and everything is so screwed up and Buffy reaches out and looks at the scratch marks on his chest and he’s clearly suffering and she just doesn’t know what to feel and it’s a mess, it’s all a mess but it’s my mess
  • BENEATH YOU OH HECK BENEATH YOU. Buffy flinching away from Spike, like yes, acknowledge Seeing Red, I wish they’d done more of that. That’s a weird thing to enjoy, I’m aware - it’s not that I enjoy her being in pain, it’s more that Buffy’s feelings are so often not given priority in their relationship (at least by the fans. I’m even guilty of it, look at this list, it’s 90% Spike focused, I’m awful), so I like to see things be all about her for once. As opposed to being all about Spike being all about her, which is a very different thing.
  • more Beneath You - the church scene. I could write for pages and pages about the church scene. I love seeing the extent of Spike’s madness and remorse. I love the heavy religious overtones (or undertones? Idk. Anyway, fandom + Christianity = v happy Mai). I love the symbolic double talk of Spike’s madness (what if Dru could have heard him then? Would she have understood him? Would she have grieved to see him share her curse? I think she would. Off topic, sorry) and I love love love LOVE LOVE LOVE SMG’s fab acting in this scene. The way the cameras focus on her face and we just see her reactions as Spike circles her, raving and she cycles through anger, fear, sympathy and some kind of transcendental awe when she realises the enormity of what he’s done. When that single tear slips down her perfect face, I die.
  • “I’m not molly coddling you. Go to your closet.” Buffy’s nurturing instincts are the greatest and I just love seeing her exercise them on Spike.
  • Sleeper, I believe I mentioned this before but ALL OF SLEEPER. I love Buffy hunting Spike as he hunts that girl, I love that super awkward convo they have in Xander’s apartment where he’s clearly thrilled to have a chance to talk to her but doesn’t want to overstep either (boundary respecting Spike is a rare and fascinating creature), I love her tossing him out of bed and demanding the truth, but most of all, I love that she’s rooting for him not to be bad. The whole time, she wants him to be good. Also Spike begging for death and Buffy electing to help him, she is SO GOOD AND PURE, ow.
  • When they have the famous “I believe in you,” convo. I think it’s fab that Buffy repeatedly refuses to accept his self pitying BS all season. Every time he wants to wallow, she just will not allow it. But here, she also shows a little softness, gives him that spark of belief that sustains him all the way through his capture and torture by the First. And her declaration that she doesn’t hate like that any more - yes, Buffy, that’s my girl.
  • Buffy rescuing Spike BE STILL MY POOR SHIPPER HEART. The absolute wonder on Spike’s face and some kind of tremulous delight on Buffy’s face. SMG knocked it out of the park in s7, she plays these mixed feelings concerning Spike so well.
  • Buffy calling Spike’s BS in whatever ep she tells him to vamp the fuck up. As I said, she demands the best from him and in response he gives it
  • “You’re the one” this speech is obviously going to be here. I’m sure people have written 10000 metas on this so I won’t say much, but I love to see Spike give Buffy that emotional support. Sometimes I feel that this relationship takes more from Buffy than it gives her — even when she’s doing the taking, it destroys her. So I love to see her get the unconditional reassurance she needs. And to see our emotionally distant girl reach out for something actually more intimate than sex, that tender embrace, staring deep into each others’ eyes, well. That’s worth a lot of angst.
  • Chosen. The ILY/No you don’t moment is cool and all but it’s actually not my fave. My favourite thing here is the hands on fire. If the amulet is literally running on soul power, then it’s burning wherever this power is most strongly present, so that’s Spike’s heart, unsurprisingly, but it’s also wherever Buffy touches him. It’s as though she makes his soul flare, makes all that’s good in him rise to the surface. Damn, I freaking love that.
  • Buffy saying “Spike” as her final line, with that Mona Lisa smile on her face. I wrote a fic about that smile. Bittersweet pride and gratitude and grief, ughhhhh my heart.

SO that got long, I hope you weren’t expecting a top 5 or anything, haha.

Also how gross is it that nearly all of these are about Spike’s POV? I am terrible.


thank u all so much for 2.5k!!!! i somehow got here just after hitting 2k last week and i’m so grateful for all the love u guys give me, even though all i do is yell about sebastian and weep over anything steve and bucky related. this is my first follow forever thing so i just thought i’d list my fav blogs, there’s probably even more people than just on here that i love and appreciate. you’re all amazing and i wish u the best in life. and thank u to those of u that have sticked with me whether it be for 2 years or 2 days :)

special mentions

@sebastianstahn @puresebastian @stuckyx @buckycap @deapdools @stuccky
@sebuckstianstan @teamcaps @steveogers @chrisbeck @chrisebastian @buckyromanoff @buckyforcap @bisexualmeme @berlinbucky @guernica @charlserik @thesafesthands @angelbarnes @sergeantasset @worthynatasha @yikesavengers @buckypupbarnes @lwtbarnes @ssoldat

in no particular order:

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(my graphical abilities are limited to the PicCollage app, so sorry…)

I’ve been meaning to do this for a while since, somehow, someway, I managed to surpass 1,000 followers (I still don’t know how that happened, but thank you!) and now that it’s Christmastime, everybody is doing one, so here’s one more.

Please note, if I don’t mention you, please don’t take it personally…I follow 533 blogs at the moment and if I listed every one I’d be here for days. Just know that if I follow you, it’s for a reason and I appreciate you! :)

First and foremost, to my best friend, my roommate, (not-legally-but-might-as-well-be) my sister, @mannschaftmadridista, I LOVE YOU! You’re the best friend I could have ever hoped to have and I’m lucky enough to get to live with you too - I’m truly blessed and I hope you never forget how loved you are. :)  

Also, to my now-neighbor, @madriliciouss, I’m so thankful to have met you and your mom this year and that you’re here now! Thank you for being there when we need someone and thank you for always making me laugh :)

To my dear friend, @plszczek, have I mentioned to you how glad I am you went back to this URL? Anyway, thank you for the random messages and for accepting my random ones too. And sorry for the confusion about biscuits and cookies and such… ;)

To @neyvenger and @kaguava, seriously you two are the most adorable people in the world and I curse that I live so far away from you both because I literally think we could sit around all day and talk about Pierreus and be perfectly happy! I’m glad to have people to share my enthusiasm with - both of you, please stay as lovely as you are :)

@twopieceandaborjabaston (I almost typed your old URL, clearly I am still getting used to the change…) - thank you for always being supportive of me and my dumb blog and you remain one of the coolest people I’ve met on here. :)

@clarainthelibrary & @gunnersatheart - I adore you both and want to thank you for always being so sweet to me and sticking with me and my random blog. :)

Now, onto the rest (behind a read more because this is getting long…) - in alphabetical order this time, yay! Also, favorites bolded and all that, blah blah blah…

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back to work, little four-eyes

It’s impossible to believe it is September already. Impossible! Every year it seems that is the case, but this one in particular, far more so than the rest. For the first time since I was practically eighteen, I took a legitimate summer break. Memorial Day to Labor Day, out in the sun (or more acurately, the fog), lounging around, computer closed, traveling purely for fun, without a to do list in sight and you know what, I didn’t look back once. I think, in fact I’m pretty sure, this has been the best summer of my life.

Not to gloss over the very real, very humbling, v.e.r.y. exhausting (is there a stronger word for tired than that? Somehow that doesn’t seem quite depleted enough…) insanity that is the first few weeks and months of newborn / new parent territory. But you know what, I truly have been happy. Delirious, but happy. There’s part of me that does feel like I’m a bit out of my mind somehow being this content in what, looking back, was clearly the trenches. And lord knows I wouldn’t put up with this craziness from anyone else. But it’s like I have blinders on when it comes to this kid and it just hasn’t felt like work in the way I thought it might. I want to be with him, whatever that entails, it’s just as simple as that. (I think they call that love.)

With the start of September also came the end of my maternity leave though. What once sounded like so many weeks off certainly found a way to fly right on by. And so here I find myself, a few days into my second week back and only just now having crawled out of the backlog of three months worth of emails to rejoin the present tense. We’re settling into our new routine, which is no simple task as I’m sure many of you know, but so far it’s actually going ok. In some ways even, it actually feels great.

I have to say, while it lasted, we really made the most of it though. This summer of newness and freedom. The first 6 weeks were purely survival and just as they all say, it felt like a major accomplishment even leaving the house. The last 6 weeks, as we began to regain our footing little by little, we got a lot braver though. We went to Chicago and Wichita to see our families, Palm Springs and Seattle because I’d never been, Santa Barbara on a whim just to see old friends. I know summer is over, whether or not it’s official yet it certainly feels so, but here in San Francisco the fog is just beginning to burn off and the days are turning warmer at last. So if you’ll forgive me the time warp, I’d like to show you what we’ve been up to running around with this little man these last few months. Because all I want to do is pretend it’s summer just awhile longer, and see if we can persuade it to stay…