so so soon!

I realized it’s going to take me ages to finish a more refined piece/ref of this, so I may as well go ahead and post it!

This is the concept sketch for Volya’s Oberon, Anaed. He’s so in-tune with nature that he literally changes with the seasons~ But as I still wanna do a proper profile picture/post for him, I’ll just leave it at that for now.

Agonized over his design for weeks but needed a finished version for a few other things I wanna do so had to bear with it. ;~; But I’m pretty happy with it!


a little prep work for the upcoming one shot Vive Le Tour. Things to know (which will be explained in the story, but if you have present curiosities):

  • The tour is 21 stages, aka 21 days of racing
  • The jerseys awarded are as follows:
    • Yellow Jersey, for the winner of the tour, who has the best combined time; the person who rides the whole thing the fastest
    • Green Jersey, for the winner of the points competition, who wins the most points for sprints throughout the tour
    • Polka Dot Jersey, for the winner of the mountains points competition; the person who climbs the mountains the fastest, usually the smallest person in the race
    • White Jersey, which is the same as the yellow except it’s for the best young rider, meaning under age 26
  • Each team has a leader who the others rally around as their candidate most likely to win the yellow jersey
    • A ‘domestique’ is someone on the team whose job it is to help the team leader
    • In cycling this means that the domestique is usually around to give the leader a break, or help them gain speed; they will lead into the wind until the leader is ready to break away, and then usually the domestique will fall behind. it’s all v selfless (and romantic, she says, giggling)
  • Darian Mulciber is based EXTREMELY LOOSELY on the riding style/personality of Chris Froome, while Caleb Avery is based EVEN MORE LOOSELY on Richie Porte. 
    • Richie Porte was Chris Froome’s domestique for a long time, but is now one of his rivals
  • The sprinters, who compete for the green jersey, also have a backstory. Harry Potter is based on Peter Sagan, and Theo Nott on Marcel Kittel (though Marcel much more accurately resembles Draco Malfoy, but we don’t have all day to spend on this insanely niche AU)
  • This one shot will be narrated by Lee Jordan, but the real narration can be heard in the highlights video by two hilarious Australians

So I have the next chapter of 2am about half-way done? But I’m working on a little something for the BNHA Summer Exchange that will be at least 2 chapters long. I’m about halfway done with this project’s first chapter, and when it’s done, it’s back to 2am, and then I’ll alternate between the 2 until one of them is done XD So you have a few things to look forward to from me!

not to be extra emo but i hope one day my life is filled with so much happiness and fulfillment and love that i no longer have to rely on kyungsoo and exo for that like i’ll be forever grateful to them for giving me something to focus on and live for but i hope one day i can finally begin to focus on and live for myself and i’ll be able to support kyungsoo and smile fondly at all of his endeavors and be able to know that while his happiness and growth means the world to me, so does my own

Calling out all Pokémon XY players!

Hello there, everyone! I’ve been neglecting my X cartridge since I won the Pokémon League, but since I’m a shiny hunter of sorts, I decided to step up my game and begin looking for shiny Pokémon in my X as well - so far I’ve only hunt on Alpha Sapphire and Moon. 

Because of that, I’m looking into filling my Friend Safari the best I can! The odds there are ridiculously high and there are Pokémon with their hidden abilities as well.

tl;dr Would anyone be interested in changing FCs for the Friend Safari? I’m looking for varied types but I don’t mind repeated ones since there may be different Pokémon for each person ´w` What I can offer is the following:

So, just reply here, reblog, send an IM, whatever you wish, if you want to change FCs! (But please say so when replying, reblogging, etc, because I’m oblivious and miss stuff easily sobs)

And a shout out to my honey @audi-no for patiently checking out my Safari for me :3c ❤

     au where kayn is 12 and rhaast is his edgy sonic oc