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A Supercorp College Meet-Ugly:

Kara is totally that one college kid on campus who likes to climb trees and chill up in the branches to do her reading and studying. One day, Lena is taking a shortcut through the wooded area on campus to avoid the masses of students. Unluckily, she happens to be walking under Kara’s tree right as Kara shifts, making her textbook slip through the branches and drop 25 feet … right onto Lena’s head. Hearing a small shriek from below, Kara immediately hops out of the tree to check on her unfortunate victim.

Lena’s literally concussed and cannot contain her gay. She just looks in awe at this gorgeous blonde that dropped out of the sky from above her, babbling, “Wow! You’re sooo pretty! Are you an angel? Did I die??”

Kara is between laughter and concern because this girl will not stop mumbling about how beautiful this “tree angel” is. She is also quite obviously concussed and bleeding, so Kara takes her to the hospital—literally carrying her because she keeps stopping to check out the tree angel’s ass—and sits with her, holding her hand through the loopy babbles, concussion check, and stitches. She even offers to keep an eye on Lena, instead, when Lena sniffily tells the doctors that she doesn’t have anyone to check in on her overnight.

Through all of it, a concussed Lena keeps chattering about how pretty Kara is, and really, giving a girl a concussion is the strangest way Kara has ever started a relationship.

In which I shamelessly self-promote my YouTube channel and also give forth a soliloquy about accessibility on Tumblr

Hey guys, remember how I mentioned that I’d be making a youtube channel for longer speed paints and maybe some other stuff keep an eye out kids? Well I have, and my second video is up! At the moment, I’m just uploading slowed-down versions of the quick tutorials I’ve already posted here on Tumblr, but from now on I plan to upload a short one on Tumblr and a long one on YouTube every time I make a process video.

There are a couple reasons why I’m doing this. The first might be most obvious– when you’re watching 4 hours worth of work condensed into 5 minutes, you don’t get to see a lot of what I’m actually DOING. But the second reason is that for people with visual impairments or difficulty following the super quick zooms in and out, the super sped-up videos are tough to watch– @ryanthedemiboy was kind enough to explain that to me. So these longer videos will (hopefully) be a little more accessible to those people who have difficulty following the shorter ones.

One last thing, while I have your attention (under the cut, since it’s rather long): 

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who wants to send me pizza

my pay day isn’t until the 16th and I’m dead broke till then

OTP prompt #20

Imagine Person A and B in a high fantasy setting as elves in an elven settlement. One day they decide that although it’s by no means a bad place, they want to leave their home to strike out on their own in the big wide world.
Cue your OTP going on a crazy adventure across bizarre fantasy lands, encounters with foreign creatures and a heck tonne of awkwardness as they try and fit in with the cultures of different peoples and fail miserably each time.

Thank you for the warm welcome back! I’m overwhelmed (in a good way) by how sweet you all are being. Sending many internet hugs your way! ❤ ❤ ❤ Also, I noticed some people asking about Reviving Romance. That fic is definitely next up on my fics-to-complete list! ;)

Guess who wrote two whole chapters for a new series last night???

Yup that’s right…. ME. 

Bye bye writer’s block. 

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It was horrible knowing ya. 

I’ve moved on and now I have a angsty, fluffly, complicated love triangle fic that will be posted soon. 

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I hope ya all are ready for some Bard and Thranduil!!!!!

Hello everyone, my names rose and please ignore how late I am to the party. I have accepted the fact that I am literal garbage !! Anyways, here I am to introduce you to my overgrown child Jongmin, a piece of trash with really nice legs. You can read more about him on his about! page and also I should come on here later to announce when I finish his plot page. I’ll give a brief summary of him below, but as always if you want to plot you can like this post and I’ll shoot you a message <3

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wow i somehow managed to meet my goal of where i wanted to be on bboi by the end of the day today even tho that turned out to be writing nearly 6k today wow good job cary i’m proud of you