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Taehyung (bts) crush reaction

here’s a thing, I haven’t done a whole lot of bts recently but there’s gonna be a Jungkook scenario hopefully soon as well as another installment to the Jimin boss!au thing, so be waiting!


-          Tae, I have a feeling, would be somewhat obvious. Not like painfully so, but it wouldn’t be terribly difficult for anyone who’s even the slightest bit perceptive to figure it out

-          When he developed a crush for you, you just made him sooooooo sooo so happy whenever you were in the same room as him, and the closer he was to you, the happier he was. So he’d make an effort to be near you as much as he could be

-          When he was talking directly with you, he’d have two sides. Sometimes, if it was a really lighthearted situation like a party or something, he’d be very giggly and smile a lot at you and tease you very cutely and childishly

-          He’d be super fun when he’s like this

-          And he’d find excuses to touch your hands a lot, like if you drew kittens on your nails or whatever, he’d be fascinated with them or if you had a panda bracelet on, he’d fiddle with it while he was doing other stuff absentmindedly

-          He’d hug you whenever you guys were saying hi and whenever you said goodbye

-          He’d prefer to stand next to you when he’s in that kind of mood

-          But then there’s the other side. This side is for slightly more serious times or when there’s not something that’s happened that’s put him into a hyper happy mood

-          He wouldn’t be super dark and brooding and mysterious but comparatively, he would be less goofy and he would come across as a lot more manly

-          His sense of humor would become kind of dry but not dark at all and still funny

-          He would prefer to stand or sit opposite you so that he could look at you more easily

-          He wouldn’t touch you very much but when he did it would be with a hand on your back or holding your hand to lead you through a crowded room

-          When he laughed, it would be his rectangular smile, but when he was just smiling w/o laughing, it’d that good natured smirk he has sometimes

-          This side of him would come out if he was really in a mode with work or something and the silly side was temporarily switched off

-          But usually he’d be the goofy version

-          He’d take every opportunity he could to goof off with you

-          And that’s part of why he fell for you in the first place, because you had this kind of quirky side too

-          But you also kind of took care of him, like you baked him cookies and made sure he didn’t forget things, which he appreciated because he could sometimes be all over the place

-          So whenever you took care of him, he’d get giggly and kind of affectionate and it was the sweetest thing

-          So he can be kind of shy sometimes and awkward, but he’s also a very forward person, so I don’t think it would take him too long to confess

-          So you’d be unpacking lunch at the studio because he forgot so you brought him food, and he’d just get this overwhelming sense of mmhhhhmmmgghh :3 :3 :3 kind of feels, so he’d just walk up behind you and back hug you and bury his face in your neck and hair and say ‘I like you’

-          And when you told him you liked him too, he’d giggly his deep breathy adorable giggle, you’d turn around and he’d hug you really tight and give you eskimo kisses (rub your noses together)

y’all are abt to get fuckin slammed with gifsets by me

when will ppl realize bisexuals are not just here to here to prop up L+Gs?????? we r not bad representation if we decide to be with someone of the opposite sex….. we are not setting L+Gs back if we decide to be with anyone of the opposite sex— we’re making a choice that’s purely our own. why was i never informed of the fine print that said ‘even tho u identify as bisexual which we define as liking both men and women– oh WAIT! not so fast! it also means once ur with a girl you can only ever be with girls again otherwise you’re setting lesbians back and that’s not fair to them.’

??? EXCUse mE????

can these ppl not see this is basically “it’s not fair to us if you don’t repress your sexuality”? why is it that we r only valid when they think we’re helping them?? why must WE erase our sexual identity to be considered part of a community that we’re supposed to be able to turn to when we’re being oppressed and bullied, and yet it’s that very same community who’s practically spearheading and fueling the oppression in 20-fucking-16 by not only telling us we aren’t “enough” but also fearmongering us into avoiding exploriNG OUR SEXUALITY by telling us we’ll be harming other parts of the community if we decide to –god forbid– act based on our orientation and be with someone of the opposite sex. fuck y’all and ur biphobic asses.


sweet bb rabi

okay so

1) our apartment is small as fuck and its sooooooo cute i love it :’)

2) lyalls parents arent staying the night anymore they left :“’)))

3) at dinner my step mom was actually speaking to me and lyall like now i live nowhere near her so we’re friends or something ??


in conclusion: im soooo happy lyalls mom is coming to take us grocery shopping in the morning and then it’ll just be us and like our whole life is going to be perfect for the rest of forever

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I know you aren't a band person, but I get so sad when people say Rey's theme is boring, it is literally so amazing. All the use of brass, low and high winds, the mallet percussion and the string. Like yeah every movie piece uses that but Williams put them all together so well. You can feel the emotion of the piece, you know this girl has been through a lot but is still so young and smart and brave. The piece makes me literally cry it's so beautiful. Okay rant done

YES rey’s theme makes me cry too and it’s one of my favorites! Like, both it and “The Scavenger” are sooooooo good and really underrated pieces imho. I think it’s one of the most original themes from sw, and sounds really different compared to the rest of the scores. To me it honestly reminds me of the stuff  Williams made for the harry potter movies. It’s a lot more whimsical than sw music usually is, but it’s still super epic too. 


“We hope f(x) can help other people find a character for themselves”


a m a z i n g | for amy, perfect daughter and loving wife, murderess and psycho bitch, bright and hard and smiling with many teeth

o1. Fade Away (Instrumental) Zack Hemsey 
o2. Heart Killer Gossling
o4. Pretty Baby Brendan Benson
o5. Fineshrine Purity Ring
o6. Putting Down the Prey Esben & The Witch
o7. Where Have All Your Good Words Gone Laura Gibson
08. Justin Calls Iris Jeff Beal
o9. Bang Band (My Baby Shot Me Down) Nico Vega
10. Sedated Mikky Ekko

When we first got signed and started writing with people, I heard all these stories about things people did themselves that weren’t normal. People writing their own songs, doing their own makeup, directing their own music videos, working out every day at 3 am to be fit for tour…. Each time I heard a story about someone going the extra mile, I automatically assumed we would do that too. And as our career progressed, we learned how to do more and more things ourselves. We styled ourselves head to toe for almost every event, wrote hundreds of songs on our own, filmed, recorded and edited all our own videos, choreographed our own shows, hired our own producers, booked our own gigs…. Sometimes we had help with these things and now we’re getting more help but I’m just so glad we learned how to do all that. Nobody can control us or make us do anything we don’t wanna do. No one’s holding the key to our future. Nobody is shaping and molding us. We’re calling the shots.
I didn’t realize how few people did it like this but now I’m seeing how rare and what a blessing it is to be able to do so much on your own. I mean what did bands do in the 70’s!? They showed up to their concerts in whatever they felt like wearing, performing songs THEY wrote. Make no mistake, you don’t need anyone to hold your hand through life. YOU can get things done.
It’s so great to be a part of a team with some AMAZING labels who let us breathe and bring us the most incredible opportunities and really trust in our vision. I’m soooo glad we chose this path and feel so blessed to be working with these people, but I know we wouldn’t have gotten here if we just asked someone to press a button and give us a career.
I. Am. So. Happy. With. Our. Music. Yayayayayay I can’t wait for you guys to hear some new stuff next week once we perform it. Seven years ago when we started this band I never thought we’d get this far, but I know it’s just the beginning. We’re just finally setting into motion things we’ve been wanting to do for SO LONG but somehow I never thought we’d actually see the day when we got them done! Haha I’m SO EXCITED!!!!! Really really really cool things are happening and you’re gonna get to see a lot of them this year!
And I really just wanna thank everyone who’s supported us so far, it means SOOOOOOO MUCH. You’ve changed our lives!!! We LITERALLY wouldn’t be doing this if you didn’t click on our videos, follow us on twitter, instagram, facebook, etc., and take the time to show us you cared and wanted us to keep going. So THANK YOUUUUUU for being a part of this and I can’t wait to share the rest of it with you!!! WE LOVE YOU GUYS


So my friends and I literally have a love hate relationship with Sunset Blvd like we literally come here every single weekend bc they literally live like down the fken street. Anyway, we heard that the Vamps were staying at the hotel on Sunset and we wanted to get milkshake from Mel’s so we just went. We literally sat in the car for like a good 30 mins bc rain LOLOLOL and when we saw James came out in his Drop Dead jacket (we parked right in front of the hotel), we just crossed the street. But when we were walking toward it, they already left the crowd at the hotel and were walking toward us so we just said hi and asked for pics LOLOL fml me and my broken umbrella….

anyway, we were pretty much done with the whole rain thing and we were hungry so we walked to Mel’s??? and we were joking about how it would be sooooooo embarrassing if Con and James were there. When we got seated at the booth though, we found out that they were indeed there so fml fml fml we were so horrified we literally wanted to leave bc we didnt want to look like stalkers like wtf

so we wrote a letter LOLOLOLOLOL saying how sorry we were and how we didn’t know that they were coming here and that we didn’t follow them here and that we’re rlly sorry again and how we can leave if they want us to. So we asked the waitress to take it over there. And then we asked for their check and we paid for it bc we honestly felt bad for intruding on them and shit. (they still didn’t know about it)

Anyway, we were finishing with our food when Connor walked up to us and was like “You guys didn’t have to write that letter blah blah we would not ask you to leave blah blah and you didn’t have to pay for our meal either and stuff and since you guys did we decided to pay for yours” and we were like just OMG THAT IS SO ADORABLE HAHAHAHEWAE so he left to James who was paying for our shit and I was like CAN I PLEASE ASK YOU GUYS FOR ONE FAVOR

and they walked over and we took a group pic and aw it’s so cute it’s the WIGGLES GANG (AKA OUR CLIQUE NAME)

then we asked James to follow us etc and i asked when they were leaving and where is the rest of the band etc etc. And then I asked Con if he can followed me and he took out his iphone and my friend asked him why didn’t he update it and stuff and when he typed in my user it fucken froze so we were just making fun of him for not updating it aw aw bye 

Anyway he asked me to write it on a piece of paper bc he needs to go to the “toilet” LOL. so I did and i gave it to James and he was like wait hold up and took out something from his pocket and was like “i just found this you can have it????” and i honestly thought it was trash like he wanted me to throw it away for him but no it was a bracelet that says TEAM SIMPSON on it LOL



yeah that’s basically it we offered to give them our umbrellas bc raining but they didnt want them so yas