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@poulerslashes​‘s fic sore must be the storm did things to me

Through his shock, a cold thought occurred to Midoriya, tamping down any other reaction he might’ve had to such a confession. “Todoroki,” he said firmly. “Don’t give up. We’re getting out of here.”

“I’m not giving up,” Todoroki said. “I’m only considering all possible outcomes.” His tone grew quiet again. “And I just…I wanted to know that I told you. At least once.”

~The types as my internet search history~

ENTP: are nuns just self insert shipping themselves with jesus

ENFP: wher buy kazzoo

ESFJ: breast milk calories

INFJ: self sacrificing puddinng recipe

ISTJ: what liight do i cross street on red or gren??

ISFP: fear of pool floaties name


ENFJ: is obama a lesbian

ISTP: i hear goku

ESTP: how do i sneeze into my elbow without looking like im dabbing

ESFP: snazzy cool boy jumpin with hat

INTJ: quick and easy ways to kill your relatives

ESTJ: why does my grandma look like psy

ISFJ: how to censor swear words with while still looking cool and trendy

INFP: dream about finding child in sandwich meaning


@ruki-32​ always inspires me to draw jaspidot whenever they post it AAAAAAA so here are some doodles from today



Do you want a show for the outcasts?

A show with a kick ass bisexual woman, who has flings with different women and is /never/ slut shamed?

A bisexual woman who has been called Bisexual, not a thousand different euphemisms.

A show which tackles racism, sexism, homophobia but isn’t doom and gloom all the time?

A show which is bringing on a Muslim woman hero next season as a regular, who has shut down romantic relationships with the men?

A show where the second in command is a young black man, who is probably the only person on the whole ship that everyone loves all the time?

A show which is about time travel, has literally no budget and wears that proudly on it’s sleeve?

A show which reunites Wentworth Miller and Dominic Purcell, and doesn’t shy away from Prison Break jokes?

A show where instead of shutting down queer headcanons for characters, actors have them as well and don’t shy away from talking about it?

A show with numerous POC, and queer cast members?

A show with cast members who called out biphobia, without any shame or fear of backlash? One who trashed the idea of her character joining just to be in a het romance?

A show which deals with a manly man’s grief over his best friends death, and doesn’t mock it - albeit in only one episode?

Please, please, please think about giving Legends of Tomorrow a chance.

We might be a complete trainwreck in a lot of ways, but we are trying so hard. We learn from our fuck ups.

Storywise, we can be a hot mess but our heroes are So Good.

Legends of Tomorrow is for anyone who has felt like they’re alone, like they don’t quite fit in, it’s for everyone who feels like a hot mess all the time.

Has your show let you down? Hurt you? Hell, do you just want some more goofy, ridiculous cheese? A fluffy mess to try out over Summer? One that yeah, has it’s dark moments but then also has heroes chased by dinosaurs?

Give it a shot. The show is the red headed stepchild of the DCTV universe, but it’s the most warm, loving show. You don’t need to have watched the other DCTV shows, and anything that is confusing, the fandom will fill you in on.

Please, please give it a chance. We’re not trying to replace your show, we just want you to know there really are others out there which aren’t awful too.

Don’t worry I’m not dead, I just started watching Beyblade.