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I haven’t reblogged many posts on BTS in America because honestly, I’ve been trying to collect my thoughts. A few people sent me asks on my thoughts though, so here goes. I had some pretty low expectations going into this media tour. There are some things I was excited for, some things I still think will be amazing - the AMA’s, BTS on Ellen, BTS on James Corden. Then there are the other things. All the radio interviews, news appearances and interactions with people who quite simply, haven’t done their due diligence. This is the cringe-worthy fact about most people, not just Americans (and not just the media) that, if we interact with someone for only a few moments, we don’t take the time to fully understand them. I, too, am frustrated by the lack of thought-provoking questions towards BTS. By the constant ask of what ‘American things’ BTS like and I find myself asking, why? The point, I think, is that all these interviewers/hosts/anchors are only asking questions they think American/Western society wants to hear.

But in doing so, they’re completely underestimating the audience and missing the point of BTS entirely. The beauty of BTS, is that they’re already speaking a message which people understand. BTS is already saying things which connect, and they’re doing it transcendent of language, culture and country! That’s an amazing thing. People everywhere understand BTS’s message of self-love, self-conflict and self-acceptance. People understand this, despite all the barriers - and honestly, this is the message I wish these interviews would pull out.

Boruto: I have three moods, happy, gay and hungry.

Sarada: Hungry isn’t a mood. It’s a feeling.

Boruto: Have you seen me when I’m hungry?

Mitsuki: Can I see you when you’re gay?

Boruto, puts hands on Mitsuki’s face: Do you see it now?

Mitsuki: It looks no different than how you usually act.

Sarada, looking in camera like on The Office: ….

My Gay Ass Made A Playlist For the Dead Moon Kid

So technically I made this a while ago, but I might as well share it with the handful of you because… you might also like it? Idk

(I made that icon in 3 minutes go me)



Robot Boy ~ Linkin Park  |  Life on the Moon ~ David Cook  |  Breakaway ~ Kelly Clarkson  |  I Am Machine ~ Three Days Grace  |  Shatter Me ~ Lindsey Stirling feat. Lzzy Hale  |  Camisado ~ Panic! at the Disco  |  End Transmission ~ Fire from the Gods  |  Just Hold On ~ Steve Aoki feat. Louis Tomlinson  |  Warrior ~ Evans Blue  |  Rose-Colored Boy ~ Paramore  |  Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up) ~ Florence + The Machine  |  Gasoline ~ Halsey  |  Too Late ~ Dead by Sunrise  |  Dear Agony ~ Breaking Benjamin  |  Broadway ~ The Goo Goo Dolls  |  Mourning Star ~ Gemini Syndrome  |  The Pros and Cons of Breathing ~ Fall Out Boy  |  Hello ~ Evanescence  |  Failure ~ Breaking Benjamin  |  What You Know ~ Two Door Cinema Club  |  A.I. ~ Red

Thank you Tennis Gods, for 2017

1. Serena won AO while pregnant and she had a beautiful baby girl with the initials AO, she married a dude who thinks she’s the GOATest (which is true) and she is amazing

2. I still think of AO and I cry

3. Fedal being the greatest again and splitting slams and being cuties about each other

4. Rafa jumping into Roger’s arms, I mean, CAN YOU BELIEVE IT???????

5. I’m so glad Grisha actually won something relevant, he deserved it


Do I need another reason?

I was looking around and apparently people who don’t like Noctis also protesting that he shouldn’t get in Tekken? That he is a jrpg character from high fantasy setting with sword, magic, etc so he don’t fit in..?

..But it’s a franchise where you have not only one but two laser shooting Devils, a bonafide Angel, aztec god, narcoleptic vampire, chainsaw-wielding android schoolgirl, boxing kangaroos, bodyguard bears, and walking trees among many other thing. Adding a mere magical Prince won’t put a dent in mumbo-jumbo that is Tekken universe.

Design wise? He fits among them just fine. 

Actually he look more out of place when placed with some of his FF senpais. Here you have serious looking, fully armored Warrior of Light and equally heavily decorated paladin Cecil. …..And then there is Noctis, looking like he stumbled into a wrong cosplay con.

“Who are they? Why I’m here?”