so so so happy the album is out


Been in with Julian, coming out with some good stuff so, very happy with that. Chillin out for the weekend and back at it again on Monday. Some good stuff going on. So yeah I think I’m just gonna keep writing for a while. Feel like at the moment I’m writing some nice stuff and there’s some good songs coming out the sessions, so it’s obviously a bonus, so the longer I keep doin’ that, more good tunes I’ll have and it will be harder to pick for the album.


Happy 30th Birthday Brendon Boyd Urie!! You don’t know how much I love you and support you. You helped me so much throughout the years. You inspired so many people and helped them out through tough times. You are one of the people that inspired me to continue playing my instruments and introduced me to amazing music. Just you smiling can make everyone’s day. I’m so fucking proud of you for writing an album that got nominated for a Grammy, I’m happy that you are achieving your dreams like going on broadway. Thank you for continuing Panic! At the Disco. I just wish for you to have a beautiful day and thank you for everything ❤ I love you

[translations] 2017.06.18 NCT 127 Cherry Bomb fan sign at Sangam part 1

1. Today’s seating order: Johnny, Haechan, Mark, Winwin, Taeyong, Jaehyun, Yuta, Taeil, Doyoung [capabili_ty]

2. Taeyong says that he helped the members take a lot of the polaroids, and directed many of the poses. It was interesting, Haechan’s and Mark’s turned out best. [kHealingsmile]

3. Haechan talked about change of roommate from Mark to Doyoung, Haechan says that when he roomed with Mark it felt as if they don’t sleep in the same room but when rooming with Doyoung he is really like an older brother roommate. [kHealingsmile]

4. Mark’s favorite lyric in Cherry Bomb is 박수 (click to watch the part!), coupled with a drawing [yekitrbl]

5. Yuta’s aim for this comeback is to get a win on a music show & Taeil is glad that they are still charting [kHealingsmile].

6. Taeil says that the digital ranking for Cherry Bomb was at risk and ranked 99 once and almost fell out of ranking, he checks the ranking once every hour. Though Taeil sounds like he was joking around, please work hard to stream the song! [nct_jh_214]

7. Doyoung will stream Cherry Bomb digitally every night with his phone in silent mode and told the members to do it too. He said the digital ranking is not important even if the fans don’t stream he will still do it so it’s okay hahaha [kHealingsmile]

8. About not accepting gifts, Taeyong says that they have thought about it for a week with the members, they are thankful that fans buys albums already and they would feel bad if they receive so many gifts from fans. Taeil says do not spend money on them, please understand their decision. [0_0nct] Doyoung says that they are people who sing and dance so just watch them will do, gifts are appreciated but they feel that they shouldn’t accept them. [kHealingsmile]

9. Yuta is happy that they didn’t fall out of the digital charts this time, Yuta made hand gestures showing the fluctuation of rankings. Jaehyun mentions that the song rises up in the charts at night [kHealingsmile]

10. Johnny was asked if there’s anyone in NCT worthy of taking over Nax3 as DJ. Johnny says anyone’s fine, but if he has to choose one it would be Doyoung. Jaehyun,’No one at all!” [D0L0V2]

11. OP asked Taeyong why did he try to kiss Mark at the end of Music Bank. Taeyong replies,”I always try to kiss him!” [nct_jh_214]

12. OP asked if it’s okay to draw a heart on the photocard, Haechan drew it for her. OP says that members of NCT DREAM have been growing well, how about Haechannie. Haechan,”That’s… In comparison, Jisung has grown A LOT taller” [j_yunoh]

13. OP says that Haechan is so pretty she thought he’s an angel. Haechan replied,”Not if I’m standing with Taeyong hyung~” OP replied,”If you are standing at the corridor even the ants will stop for you. Let’s work hard~” Haechan says thank you and even winked at her 😆 [moontell_]

that was hands down the best interview ever???? i’m so glad that he got to do his first interview with grimmy like they were both so comfortable and the interview was very casual and it was so amazing to hear harry just talking about his life and family and making jokes and giggling and he was so happy!!! and it was two hours but it didn’t feel like super long or anything??? it was so entertaining and engaging and he just came across as so humble and hilarious and down to earth and i’m just!!! this was so brilliant and i can’t wait for them to do it again when the album comes out and just more than anything it was so harry and i’m so glad for the world to see him for the beautiful soul that he is :’)

Yes Sir Part 2

Yes Sir by evansrogerskitten

Part Two: You’re Mine 

Professor John Winchester x Reader

Read Part 1  Series Masterlist

Reader’s affair with Professor John Winchester develops. Emotions run hot and so does the smut.

A/N: This is for @roxy-davenport‘s Birthday Challenge. Happy Birthday dahling! My prompts: Jealous sex. Horror movie: Psycho. Quote: “You heard me. Take. It. Off. Now. ” This is also for @mrs-squirrel-chester‘s Album Fanfiction Challenge- “Lonely Star“ by the Weekend. Prompts and lyrics are bolded. Gifs aren’t mine. WC: 4977 | On AO3 

Warnings: NSFW, Explicit, Smut, Oral sex, Anal play, minor breathplay, language, alcohol, so much dirty talk, unprotected sex, fluff- so basically, my usual. Enjoy! xoxo

“C’mon, go out with us on Friday.”

“Yeah, we’re gonna hit up a friend’s birthday party and then the bars. Get in a little trouble maybe?”

I giggled at my two male classmates who were lounging on desks across from me. They were flirting, coaxing me to go out with them that weekend. I flirted back, smiling even though I knew I probably wouldn’t go. I’d known them all year and they were both cute. And a girl has to have a little fun, right?

Problem was I didn’t really want to go out with them. I already belonged to someone else.

I was having an affair with my college professor. Might call it foolish, perhaps even illegal. But the only trouble I wanted to get into was with Professor Winchester.

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This really sweet lucky person won a meet and greet in Australia. Here’s her story:

“I remember you” those were the first words Brendon said to me when he walked into the room. I was at work when I found out I had won meet and greet with my favourite band in the entire world. A band I have been supporting for 12 years of my life and when he walked into the room I have never felt more happiness. I spent almost 20 minutes with him, showing him the 2 Panic! tattoos I have, talking about the album, the tour, his dogs, my dogs, the drunk history of fall out boy, the spongebob musical, literally everything. He was so kind and so grateful and I’ve never felt more honoured to support a musician that cares so much about his fans, I will never be able to thank him enough.

If you wanna follow her this are her social media: emilyxgrace on insta    and itsemilytxylor on twitter

A video posted by Emily Taylor (@emilyxgrace) on Jan 31, 2017 at 2:26pm PST

the way he talks about his album though like he said he wanted to make music that he wanted to listen to and that he wanted to be honest and he didn’t want to censor himself but like the more he talks about it, the more i feel like he literally just - like this album is unapologetically and genuinely /harry/, all the pieces of him he hasn’t shown or hasn’t wanted to show. like he says that it’s easier to talk to an instrument than to a person sometimes and it’s easier to write down in a song than it is to have a conversation and he really sat down and thought about things he hadn’t given himself time to think about or that he didn’t want to think about and gosh like i’m so overwhelmed it’s so personal to him and it clearly means so much and i just it’s really hard to be vulnerable like that especially in the circumstance he’s in where everyone is analyzing his every move and there’s a lot of pressure but he still just put it all out there on the line like “this is me, this is what i want to say, and this what i haven’t said before” and i just applaud his courage and once again just find it so inspiring how he’s so true to himself and i honestly can’t wait to hear the rest of it like seriously he should be so proud of this album after all the hard work he’s put in and i’m so happy he’s happy with it and i can’t wait to hear what he wants to say

Be Okay- Harry Styles Imagine

Warnings: Language and self deprecation

A/N: Hope you guys enjoy this story I put together! Sorry that the ending isn’t the best, I just really wanted to post it before going to sleep so I rushed it. Thanks lovelies<3

Ever since the boys split up, fans have been looking for someone or something to point their fingers at. Of course, there were some fans that understood that the boys of One Direction just needed to go their separate ways. But others wanted to blame one person in particular, you.

Your relationship with Harry started a couple months before Zayn left and has been going strong since. However, due to the timing of you starting to date Harry, a few fans like to blame you for the destruction of One Direction. Lately, however, the hate has gotten worse. You had prayed that with Harry releasing new music, the birth of Liam’s baby, and the other guys being successful with their dreams, that the hurtful comments and hate would stop. Unfortunately, you have never been more wrong.

Scrolling through twitter, Instagram, and other social media sites often left you in tears as you saw comment after comment about how you’re a “bitch”, “whore”, and much worse. Harry of course, knew about the hate, and he tried his best to help you get through it. But you felt as though he just didn’t completely understand. Here he was getting constant love form all his fans, meanwhile they are trying to tear you apart and break you.

Today was the worst experience with hate that you have seen so far. Although seeing the hurtful comments was hard, this one was nearly unbearable. As you walked out of the store with your friend, you could almost sense that something was off. However, you weren’t sure what it was until you were standing next to your car.

At first you could barely even tell it was your car. It was almost unrecognizable with the spray paint across its blue hood. The words read “die bitch” in white letters. The driver’s side windows were completely smashed, leaving traces of glass all over the seats and the ground.

“We should call someone” your friend says quietly. No words could come out of your mouth, only small sobs, and tears strolling down your cheeks. “Do you want me to call your parents or Harry?”

“No” you choked out. “I’ll be fine. Let’s just call a cab. I’ll take care of this when I get home.”

The ride home with your friend was silent. The entire time you just kept staring at the pictures you took of your car. Disbelief filled your head as you never thought anyone would do this to you. Once your friend was dropped off, you decided to call Harry to see if he has already heard about what happened. As the phone rang, you felt your heart skip a few beats, unsure of how to go about this conversation.

“Hey love” he answers.

“Hi babe, I was just calling to see what you were doing.”

“I’m just finishing up in the studio, but I should be home in about an hour. Why what’s up?”

“Oh nothing” you lie. “I just wanted to see when you’d be home so we can just talk then.”

“(Y/n) is everything all right” he asks. Of course Harry could always tell when something was off with you. Whenever you had the chance to talk to him you would talk for what felt like hours, so he was concerned when you said you wanted to wait until he was home.

“Yeah everything is fine. I love you and I’ll see you later.”

“Alright baby, I love you too.” There was a hint of sadness to his voice, but you ignored it and hung up.

As the cab pulled up to your house, you thanked the driver and paid your fare. Once you set your bags in your room, you sat down in your living room letting out a sigh. While waiting for Harry to get home you scrolled through your twitter to see that the story of your car has already hit media. Worry filled your mind, as you didn’t want Harry to see any of the articles posted, or any of the other additional comments left by some fans.

To your surprise there was a mix of positive and negative responses to the article. Some fans shared their pity and shock for what happened. But others wished someone had done something sooner, or worse, wished it would have been you that was bashed, instead of your car windows. Loud, audible sobs left your lips as you read hurtful comments, one right after the other.

“Babe I’m home” Harry yelled as he walked in.

“Shit” you muttered while you tried to clear your face so that he couldn’t tell you had been crying. “Hi Harry.”

“So what did you do today?”

“Oh I just went shopping, nothing special. How was it at the studio?”

“It was amazing. Words cannot describe how excited I am to start touring again. I just feel like everything is falling into place” he says with a soft smile. “I was wondering though, where’s your car? I didn’t see it in the drive way so at first I thought you wouldn’t be home.”

“It’s at the shop” you say a bit too quickly. “One of my tires popped so I just had it towed there and I’ll pick it up tomorrow.”

“How did you get home then” he questions giving you a look of concern.

“I just took a cab” you answer, avoiding eye contact with him.

“Awe, babe, next time just call me and I’ll come and pick you up.” Harry approaches you, holding out his hands and placing them on your hips. The moment his hands touch your body, an uncontrolled sniffle comes out. He gives you a look of confusion, unsure as to why you were upset.  

“Harry, we need to break up.” You spoke so softly, but Harry still heard every word. His green eyes turned glossy, as if he was ready to cry.

“What are you talking about” he asked through shaky breaths.

“I can’t do this anymore. I’m just not happy.”

“Was it something I’ve done? If it’s because of me spending so much time on the album or the tour, then baby I’m so sorry. I’ll put it all on hold if it means that I won’t have to lose you. Just tell me what I can do to save us.” His voice had a begging tone to it.

“I’m sorry Harry, trust me it’s not you-“

“Don’t give me the ‘it’s not you it’s me’ stuff, because I don’t believe it one bit. Something must have happened to make you feel this way. So just tell me what it is and we can work through it. Please (y/n) just tell me.”

Taking a few steps away from Harry, you take a few deep breaths, debating on how to handle this. Yes, you loved Harry, he was your everything. But you also knew he could do so much better, and have any girl he wanted. If you stay in this relationship with Harry, are you being selfish? Is it wrong to stay with the person you love, even though you don’t deserve them?

“Everyone hates me” you say in a hushed voice.

“Wha-What?” He looks at you confused, having no idea where you plan on going with this.

“You’ve seen the hate I get. Constant messages of how I destroyed One Direction, and am ruining your life. I just can’t take it anymore. I’m sorry.”

“Fuck those guys. Those people who say they love my music but talk shit about you, are not my real fans. They are just jealous of how insanely beautiful and talented you are. I know hearing those things hurt, but don’t care about what they say, just listen to me, and believe me when I say I love you.” His voice sounded panicky and urgent as if any moment he will lose you.

“It’s not just their words anymore Harry. It’s now their actions as well. Do you want to know the real reason why my car isn’t here? It’s because someone smashed in my windows and wrote ‘die bitch’ on the hood. So I’m sorry if I just can forget about it.” You voice cracked every other word and you spoke so quickly you weren’t even sure if Harry understood a single word that you said.

A silence fell in the room as you two stood apart from one another. Slow tears fell down Harry’s face as he watched you shake and sob. Taking slow steps, Harry approached you, and placed his large hands to your cheeks. Your eyes locked with his for a moment, until he moved to lightly place his lips to your temple.

“I’m so sorry baby, I had no idea. We can figure this out. In fact, I’m going to find out who did this to your car. I won’t let anyone hurt you anymore.”

“Harry there’s only so much you can do. I just don’t think we will work-“

“(Y/N) please. I love you so much. I don’t know what I would do without you in my life. We can figure this out, please baby.” He locked his eyes with yours, and kept a hand on your chin so that you couldn’t look away. “Tell me that you’re not happy and you don’t love me, and I will leave right now. I won’t bother you about this again.”

“Harry… you’ve made me the happiest I’ve ever been and I’ve never felt this way about someone before. I don’t want to lose what we have, but I also don’t want to hold you back. You can have anyone you want, so why me?”

“Don’t you see that you are the girl I want, the one that I need. I don’t care about anyone else but you. I promise I will do whatever it takes to make you happy every day. I promise to keep you safe from all the people who try to hurt you. And most of all, I promise I will love you unconditionally, with all my heart.”

Your body was still shaking from being unable to contain your emotions. Within one smooth motion, Harry met his lips with yours. The kiss was soft and passionate, and exactly what the both of you needed. It just helped reassure that Harry was the person you were supposed to be with. Sure the hate is hard, but with Harry by your side, you could overcome anything.

anonymous asked:

i wasnt around for ot12, and i wanna know more about luhan so i figured why not come to you, LuhanStan69, for information????

ok well first of all, the name luhanstan69 is…. .…. .. .  . horrific and i want it tattooed on my ass .. .. . and second of all …. i was also not around for ot12….. but i can still show u the world (im so sorry just…….click on the bold links,,,,i didnt mean for this 2 happen)

ok so : my man… first name han last name lu and it means dawn deer and he really fucking looks like a deer?? his eyes are so big and sparkly and his features are really delicate and soft but don’t be fooled he really takes no prisoners and will fight literally anyone (here is him yelling at a saesang driver who was recklessly driving, like he really doesn’t take any shit one time at the airport he showed the fancameras that a saesang was calling his phone also the song Roleplay exists in which he basically tells his saesang fans that he will Fuck Them Up if they keep trying him,,,…,.,. a legend if u will) he was born april 20, 1990 and technically he’s a taurus by some calendars and aries by others but he said fuck it im an aries and whatever he says is law so he’s an aries. 

mmmm he’s an extremely talented vocalist and dancer (he was main vocal for m and their lead dancer also the visual). im not sure how familiar you are with exo m but I will recommend moonlight and what is love as songs that really show off luhan’s vocals from his exo era. as far as dance goes this is a classic mmm also his solo from the lost planet for the star is a treasure that must be preserved tbh. um anyways ya luhan was the bomb in exo m but he’s also the bomb solo!! his last exo concert was the 140921 tlp in beijing and he left exo in october of 2014 due to lack of support for luhan’s career and obvious health issues (if u watch fancams from his last stage u can see his face is swollen on one side and pictures of his eye being fucked up and he was having really bad chronic headaches i think i dont remember exactly also he fell down during let out the beast and is clearly in pain sorry im not trying 2 write a defend luhan leaving piece but this info isn’t really circulated now so it’s easy to write off him leaving as for just money or whatever)

and then luhan took a break!! he recovered his health in his home beijing and came back with : That Good Good say what u will abt the song either it’s ur style or not idc but the choreo is nice and his face is….stellar.. from there luhan worked toward releasing his album Reloaded which sold like hotcakes :( my baby :( The Star™️ and he started to truly become The Star™️ once he became a member of Running Man China (now titled Keep Running due to S Korean/Chinese political issues) and began to take on movies like The Witness (he also did the ost for the witness titled Medals which blew tf up and was used for the Rio 2016 Olympics) and Time Raiders. he then held his first !! solo !! concert !! in early 2016 aka the Reloaded series ft. three absolutely beautiful hair colors: mint/blue/green pink purple and some ridiculous wardrobe changes and he kicked ass :( and his fame in china rly skyrocketed like this man….endorses the entire planet (off the top of my head he is/was the spokesperson/endorser for: kfc, crest, lenovo, some bike company thing, puma, cartier, coke, sony, gap, lancome, l’occitane en provence, canon, kung fu panda, star wars (he got his own star wars song like exo has lightsaber but lu got the inner force….iconic), ummmmm what else idk i can’t remember anymore oh wait ADIDAS he literally was just announced for adidas today….an icon mayhaps?) anyways ya hims the Shit in china and he’s like the king of weibo?? like he holds a guinness world record for weibo….amazing

ok moving on to my :( favorite part …. when he put out catch me when i fall in oct 2016. This is it. This is That Song tbh. This is when he became the King of Aesthetics and Music. The MV is beautiful and so are the lyrics (i really encourage you to read the lyrics for the song bc they really show a lot about luhan and i fell absolutely undeniably in love with him when i read them). And from there he litralee cannot be stopped im not gonna make u read my opinion on all of them but his absolute best releases since then (keep in mind im talking abt in the like 7 months….he has put out so many songs AND mv’s for all of them plus teasers it’s really insane) are skin to skin , what if i said , and on call . truly … the mf king of aesthetics. i expect his next full album will come out probably around july/august…he’s really been building up to it with his mini albums so it will probably be more or less a repackage of all of those minis but ya !! keep ur eyes peeled!!

beyond his performance stuff he’s really the most passionate, dedicated, hardworking, and talented guy. He works so hard like it is astounding. He is so incredibly inspirational and i really just think he’s a good person and frankly i would trust him with my life. He really cares for his lufans and wants them to be safe and happy even international lufans like he puts english subtitles on all of his mv’s and now his bts videos also have eng subs like…..he doesn’t have to and yet? he’s there….doing it all. he also has fan events for his bday like one year he had a soccer event on his bday and made it livestreamed so that fans at home could watch too  :( he’s just v thoughtful :(

TL;DR: luhan is the sweetest boy on the planet and he just wants to make aesthetic bops and play w cats and live his life happily and freely. he is the most precious thing to me and he deserves all the love in the world. also he is a human meme and Lu is his magnum opus if u want to see more of lu i highly recommend Running Man (this is his first ep, and these two are my favorites) and episodes 2, 5, and 9 of exo showtime are my favorite lu episodes. u can catch him in the movie The Great Wall w matt damon and a bunch of v famous chinese actors and singers lmfao i just got it from redbox the other day lu is so cute um also he’s in a cdrama rn called Fighter of the Destiny which is all eng subbed on youtube the cgi is like ridiculously cheesy kinda power rangers feel but his face and sweet acting…’s enough 4 me….anything luhan does is enough 4 me


Harry was in LA for his week on the Late Late Show. You were supposed to go with him, but you had exams coming up that you couldn’t miss. He was super bummed that you had to stay back in London, but he understood. Well, luckily enough you were able to arrange to take your exams early and caught a fly to LA that would land in just enough time to show up during the taping of Harry’s interview. 

You had snuck into the audience right before fliming started and you were seated in the front row. You watched the show as James introduced his guests for the night and talked about the news. Eventually it was time for Harry to come out and sit on the couch for his interview. 

Harry had been out on stage for almost ten minutes before he even noticed that you were there. They were talking about his fail of a stage dive at one of his promo concerts and he looked out into the audience. He did a double take and the smile on his face grew once he realized it really was you. 

He started to stand up and acted like he was going to walk over to you. You giggled and shook your head, motioning for him to sit. He pouted a bit before sitting back down and finishing his interview. 

The milisecond the interview was finished and they took a little break, he ran right over to you and pulled you out of your seat for a big hug. 

“Baby, what are you doing here?” He smiled. 

“I knew how much this week meant to you, so I couldn’t not be here,” you smiled. 

“But what about your exams?” He asked. 

“I was able to take them early, so now I’m officialy finished for the Summer,” you smiled. 

“I’m so happy you’re here,” he smiled picking you up in a hug. “We’re going to celebrate! I’m gonna take you out for some dinner and drinks to celebrate you being finished with Uni.” 

“If anyone should be celebrating it’s you Mr. #1 album in 84 countries,” you giggled. 

“We can celebrate together, how about that?” He asked. 

“Sounds perfect,” you smiled. 

“Oi, Harold, get your ass over here! Stop snogging the missus. We’ve got a game of Flinch to play,” James shouted. 

“Gotta go,” he smirked kissing you really quick before running back onto the stage. 

“Hi, Y/N!” James shouted waving at you. “Just remember Harry can’t have house guests here at the studio, but you’re more than welcome to stay at my place!”

***Sorry if this sucks, it played out better in my head!

anonymous asked:

It makes me so uncomfortable for some reason when all the media and press puts Harry and his still non existent album on such a high thorne. Like, don't get me wrong, I'll be happy whenever it comes out, but all this praising before anything's even out can be so damaging. They create so high expectations for gp and I'm worried it'll backlash and people will be disappointed, which is /not/ Harry's fault. I don't know, I'm sorry for venting to you, I just feel so uncomfortable with all this. x

Yeah, they’re definitely putting a shitload of pressure on him. It’s his debut album and they’re comparing him to Queen and Bowie before it even comes out. I also saw Angus, that Australian radio host, say on Twitter last Wednesday that Harry’s album would be a cross between Sting and Frank Ocean and that it would be the highest selling album of the year. Those comparisons and expectations are just A Lot, especially for someone who hasn’t even talked about their music yet and who hasn’t ever done solo stuff before.

seeing nct’s expressions after they won, i realised that they really didn’t expect to win because they were so genuinely surprised????

and i feel like that makes the trophy all the more meaningful because it was achieved with so much hard work put in by the members, and effort by NCTzens to stream and buy the album!!!! we went all out this time and it was worth it i’m SO SO HAPPY!!!! 💖

Heavy; Yet Empty// Mark Tuan

Originally posted by ceohan

Pairing: Mark x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Summary: You had taken a nap to awake to a delightful surprise.

Author’s Note: This is just a quick write so I really hope you enjoy~

xoxo Sara

You had just gone back to school, your spring break ending so bitterly and messing up your sleep schedule so horridly, that you had thought there was no other choice of things for you to do than to take a nap before you even attempted to star your homework.

Your heart felt empty for the longest time; it felt empty, yet it felt as if it weighed much more than anything else in your whole body, and you didn’t know why. Were you sad? Were you lonely? You didn’t know which fit your description better.

You took a nap, hoping it to only be a quick one, lasting an hour or two; but it ended up being longer than what you had anticipated. During spring break, you found it difficult to sleep at night, so you usually stayed up and slept in the daytime, and it seemed as if you had done just that, because when you woke up, it was the dead of night.

You decided to get something to eat quickly and maybe start your homework, until you heard a sudden knock at your front door.You were startled of course, because you hadn’t had the slightest idea on who it could be. You hadn’t invited anyone over and you hadn’t ordered any take-out for you to eat, so there shouldn’t be anyone at the door.

You got up slowly, making sure to tip-toe down the hallway to not wake anyone in your house. The moon had finally showed it’s pretty face in the dead of night and you were positive that everyone in your house was dead asleep.

You were afraid to open the door, unsure what lied on the other side of it, when it hit you. You felt your heart speed up, but not due to fear or nervousness; but due to excitement. You couldn’t help the smile on your face as you recalled the text messages that you had exchanged with your boyfriend only hours before.

Hey jagiya, i just wanted to let you know that I’m on a flight back~

you’re coming back today? that makes me so happy to hear! i really can’t wait to see you :’( i missed you so much

i missed you too, but it’s going to be very late when I get back. I’m not sure if i should go to your house, i might wake your parents.

No no, it’s fine, come over as soon as you can okay?

How could you have forgotten? You hadn’t seen your boyfriend in over six moths due to his promotions of his latest album and preparations for the new Japanese album that’s due to come out soon, and you missed him dearly, so much so you struggled to smile when he was gone for so long because you missed being in his arms.

Losing all regards and cares to if you woke up your family or not, you made your way quickly to the door and flung it open, so hard you were positive that it could have hit the outside of your house.

And there he stood, his child-like smile with his pointy canines, his beautiful eye-smile accompanying the other, with a small bag in his hand and his suitcase propped up behind his back.

Without another word, you flung your arms around him, taking in his scent. He smelt of airline food and his cologne, and he was still warm with sleep and he pressed you harder into his chest with his arms. You could feel him peppering kisses into your hair lovingly, as he gently swayed you both back and forth as you stood on your door step. No words were exchanged in that moment; they simply didn’t need to be. You could feel his love. You could feel how much he had missed you, just as you hoped that he could feel your love as well.

You could feel tears sting the back of your eyes as he hugged you so tightly , so overwhelmed by the fact that he was finally standing right in front of you that you could have simply broken out into sobs.

As soon as he arrived back home, you felt your heart fill again. It wasn’t empty anymore, yet it wasn’t a heavy dead-weight on your chest, either. You felt whole again. Maybe it was loneliness that took the space in your heart where Mark had once been, but now that he was back and standing right in front of you, a bag in his hands and a wide, but gentle smile on his face, he had kicked out the sadness like he had done many times before, and made you feel whole again.

He leaned back slightly, taking his hand from off of your waist and pressing to your cheek, bringing you in for a gentle, yet longing peck on the lips.

“You have no idea how much i missed doing that,” he chuckled softly, his breath hitting your lips, “You have no idea how much i missed being with you.”

“Oh, trust me,” you hummed, hugging him around his shoulders a bit tighter, “I know exactly how much you missed me, because i missed you at least ten times more.”

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Do you ever realise Clean exists and you just have no words

i have a lot of words about clean actually: 

Clean is the 13th and final track on the standard edition of Taylor Swift’s 5th studio album 1989. It was the first and so far only collaboration between Swift and english singer songwriter Imogen Heap. The song was written, recorded and produced in Heap’s home studio on the 9th of february 2014 in the middle of the UK leg of Swift’s sold out RED world tour. 

According to Heap Taylor was so well prepared for their recording session and their musical chemistry so palpable, they managed to demo an entire song from scratch in a single day, with Taylor recording her vocals in just two takes. 

In an email to Imogen Taylor wrote “i’ve listened to clean over and over and i can’t thank you enough for today. it was one of the musical highlights of my life watching you work. This will be such a special song on my album and i’m so happy this all came together”. 

The track features not only some of the most interesting production but the deepest lyrics on 1989. Unlike most songs she had penned prior to her latest album, clean foregoes the specific and personal lyrics Taylor has become known for in favour of metaphors such as “the water filled my lungs i screamed so loud but no one heard a thing” and “when i was drowning that’s when i could finally breathe”. Taylor said she hoped Clean would be able to help people through things just as writing the song had done for her. 

Speaking to Elle about 1989 Taylor said the following about the meaning behind Clean: 

“Clean” I wrote as I was walking out of Liberty in London. Someone I used to date—it hit me that I’d been in the same city as him for two weeks and I hadn’t thought about it. When it did hit me, it was like, Oh, I hope he’s doing well. And nothing else. And you know how it is when you’re going through heartbreak. A heartbroken person is unlike any other person. Their time moves at a completely different pace than ours. It’s this mental, physical, emotional ache and feeling so conflicted. Nothing distracts you from it. Then time passes, and the more you live your life and create new habits, you get used to not having a text message every morning saying, “Hello, beautiful. Good morning.” You get used to not calling someone at night to tell them how your day was. You replace these old habits with new habits, like texting your friends in a group chat all day and planning fun dinner parties and going out on adventures with your girlfriends, and then all of a sudden one day you’re in London and you realize you’ve been in the same place as your ex for two weeks and you’re fine. And you hope he’s fine. The first thought that came to my mind was, I’m finally clean. I’d been in this media hailstorm of people having a very misconstrued perception of who I was. There were really insensitive jokes being made at awards shows by hosts; there were snarky headlines in the press—"Taylor Goes Through a Breakup: Well, That Was Swift!“—focusing on all the wrong things.

Clean became an integral part of the 1989 world tour set list as a result of what became known as the “clean speech”. Before performing the song each night Taylor would deliver an ‘inspirational’ speech promoting self worth and encouraging fans not to dwell on their insecurities and mistakes. The speeches were so good many people suggested if Taylor were to ever give up music she could pursue a career as a motivational speaker. 

Clean marked an interesting and welcome departure for swift both sonically and lyrically. Fans will be interested to see whether she decides to collaborate with Heap again in the future. 

SNL - Harry Styles Imagine

When you’d heard that Harry Styles was going to be on your show, it was all you could do not to scream out loud. You’d been a One Direction fan for years. Now days, however, you were less vocal about it.

You were young, and fond of comedy and writing, so being a comedy writer for SNL seemed perfect for you. You’d only been here for a little longer than four months, but you’d already become a favorite of the cast for your skits. You were by far one of the youngest writers on set.

When Lorne came to you and asked you to write the new “Celebrity Family Feud” episode you were considerably excited. Not only would you get to write an episode of one of your favorite parody skits, but you got to write a part for Harry Styles. It would be an under statement to say that you were excited.

“Wow, you look very nice today,” your coworker Kate McKinnon said with raised eyebrows.

“Thanks,” you said, pushing a strand of hair behind your ear.

“Any particular reason?” She asked, nudging you. She was one of your best friends on set so you thought you could trust her with your secret.

“Well, to be honest, I’m a big One Direction fan, I’m excited to see Harry,” You admitted sheepishly.

“Oh really,” Kate said mischievously. “Well he’s here I think.”

“He is!” You said nervously, you hadn’t been able to prepare yourself.

“Yeah, I’ll introduce you,” she was grinning with glee.

“Kate!” You tried to stop her.

“Hey Harry!” Kate called, and seemingly out of no where Harry Edward Styles began to saunter towards her. When Harry reached you, Kate had the grin of the Cheshire Cat.

“This is y/n, she’s a huge fan,” Kate said and simply walked off, leaving you alone with Harry. You felt your stomach lurch with nervousness.

“Hello y/n,” Harry said in his deep sultry voice.

“Hi,” you said, making sure you smiled, and didn’t look like a dying fish or something.

“I really like Sign of the Times,” you blurted. “I mean it’s just amazing, it really speaks to me about the state of the world. It’s so powerful and beautiful, and different from anything anyone else is doing, I just I wanted to let you know….I really like it…” you tapered off, feeling awkward all at once.

“Thanks,” Harry said, and he was genuinely smiling with gratefulness. “I was worried it wouldn’t work without the rest of the boy.”

“Don’t get me wrong, I love the boys, but this song is just monumental!” You said smiling.

“Wow, that’s really kind of you,” Harry smiled. Soon you were talking like you’d been old friends forever. It was wonderful, you couldn’t imagine a nicer person to talk with. He’s was so real, so genuine, there was nothing fake or showy about him.

Eventually, of course, everyone had to get to rehearsal, and you enjoyed watching Harry in the skit you’d written. As he was practicing, he turned to you, and winked. However, this action was not unnoticed by one cast member.

“Harry, stop flirting with Y/N!” Jimmy called jovially, and Harry blushed. You began to blush as well, but felt your heart swell happily. “You can use your Styles charm on her later,” Jimmy laughed.

In a little bit it was time for Harry to practice his song. You stood there in awe, as Harry’s powerful, ground breaking voice rang out. The words seemed to vibrate your heart.

When he finished, everyone applauded. You were so proud of Harry that you began to tear up a bit. You’d been there for his Xfactor days, and for the first album, through all the tours, and to know he’d gotten so far made you so happy.

As Harry sauntered over to you, you wiped your eyes quickly to hide your emotions. However, as he walked closer, seeing him made you well up all over again. Without thinking you threw your arms around him, hugging him tight.

“That was awesome,” you spoke into his shoulder.

“Thanks,” he mumbled back, seeming to be thankful for the hug. He was shaking a bit, he must’ve been nervous. You let him go, and stepped back, embarrassed at your outburst. However, when you looked up his eyes were sparkling, and he was looking at you gently.

“So you wanna get some coffee after this?” He asked abruptly.

You had to hold yourself back from saying, “who me?!” You were amazed to see your dreams coming true before your eyes.

“Yes definitely!” You exclaimed. “Here’s my number, just in case I’m doing something when you finish rehearsal,” you said excitedly, scrawling your number on a piece of paper.

“Awesome, thank you,” Harry said grinning at the paper you handed him.

“Y/n!” one of the other writers was calling you.

“I guess I have to go,” you said drearily.

“Alright, well I’ll see you later,” Harry winked and you smiled brightly at him before running off.

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He even said that "at the moment" it's his favourite album, I could sense him being humble from reading words.

i personally don’t see a single thing wrong with saying his album is his favorite. like he poured his heart and soul into it and worked really hard to create something that he likes to listen to. he’s under such intense scrutiny and he was stressed about making it and he overcame that and made something he loves. i’m so proud of him for that!! there is nothing wrong with being happy with something you’ve made!! he should be proud of himself and i’m glad he’s super excited about the end product and about getting to express himself in the way he wants to. it’s not like he’s out there saying he thinks it’s the best thing ever made or that he’s the best artist of all time, it’s his favorite thing to listen to and that’s fantastic and i’m so happy he’s so happy with the album