so so so coooool


“How did it go?”

“oh yea they wvere so into me! the famous ampora charm wvas getting to them you knowv. wve talked, made out, the usual. i’m not sure if i’ll call them back though, i havwe so much on my plate already if you catch my drift.”

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I actually had this ‘done’ a few months ago but when I tried to line it properly…it looked bad, so I just gave up on it for a while.

But since drawing’s still difficult for me these days I figured I’d try and fix it up a bit? Colouring is probably the most fun, I swear.

Confession: Tiki is half the reason I started playing Heroes, her design’s way too cute!


I got tagged by the lovely @leanarutherford to post five of my fav drawings (thank you so much for tagging me, this is an awesome taggy thingy haha). I do have older drawings stored on another hard drive but I was too lazy to go looking for it, soooo I just looked through my 2015 until now folders haha~

Tbh, I could have posted only 5 Critical Role or Dragon Age drawings because I have so many I like T_T BUT I decided to make a nsfw post too : > just…under the cut orso haha *coughs*

Aaaaand I’m gonna taaaaaag (and always feel free to ignore ofc!): 

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Edit: The nsfw version can be found on my other blog huehue

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