so so proud of this


“수고했어 오늘도 ❤️️ You guys have worked hard”

From little, mini concerts on the rooftop to stadium concerts, I can’t express how proud I am of not only how much the boys have grown but also how much the fandom has grown as well. We all know how hard they’ve worked to achieve all of this success. I can’t think of a better group that deserves all the love and support that they’re getting. Thank you for taking all of us, carats, along with you on the ride. We’ll continue to support you forever!

Group hug guys group hug


// seokmin for dazed kr.


when i think about the fall and the horrible minutes and hours where we didn’t really know what was going on

and when I think about the last few weeks and about how uncertain it was when he’ll jump again

it just makes it so much more amazing to see him on his way to the championship, this guy is such a fighter and he makes me so proud
as they say: fall down 7 times, stand up 8

Schlieri, you’re truly an inspiration <3

Delphini - Cursed Child

So, I learned today by a discussion on @hp-and-the-cc that the little kid in the CC logo isn’t supposed to be Albus but Delphi. Being the the hopeless Delphi fan I am, I just had to redraw the whole cover/logo :D