So I’m not going to be able to rewatch for a few hours, but I’m still having a huge flail over the Dean/Cas stuff we got. Cas letting Hannah down as gently as possible, saying that feelings can’t get in the way of the mission, while at the same time telling her that Dean is his priority. Hannah acknowledging that Dean is Cas’s priority. Dean flipping out and nothing is getting through to him when it’s Sam, until Cas arrives and cuddles him into submission. Cas explaining that Dean didn’t want to return to being human because it’s too hard to deal with the human love and pain, but once Cas holds him, the next shot of blood takes, and he gives in and comes back (no matter how temporarily).

Sam in denial about any future problems that Dean may have (due to just not wanting to deal with it right now, it’s just too much for him), but Cas still wants to get Dean right again. Dean and Cas being left alone in the bunker together.

Dean and Cas talking. Dean telling Cas that he’s glad he’s there, that he looks good. The shy smiles, Cas forgiving Dean unconditionally (hey, anyone remember Colette and Cain?). Cas telling Dean to take time, that he doesn’t need to go back to work just yet, that he can just relax now.

I’m really having a lot of emotions over this at the moment.

I am a moon junkie. Every time I look at the moon, I feel less alone and less afraid. I tell my boys that moonlight is a magic blanket, and the stars above us are campfires set by friendly aliens. I track lunar cycles on my iPhone and take my kids outside at night when a moon is new or full or blue. We call this ‘moon hunting,’ and we bring flashlights and moon candy along. The moon candy looks suspiciously like M&M’s, but so far neither of my sons has noticed.
—  Amy Poehler, everyone, because we’re both avid moon junkies.

‘For whatever reason, there– and it’s a small group. Trust me. It’s a small group – but they’re loud. And voices that don’t like you and say mean things really stick with you, for some reason more than voices that say, “You’re great!” So, when that was going on after the Oscars – which you should have been celebrating, you won an oscar! – and then all of a sudden– explain how– ‘cause you accidentally googled something, and then this is what you found.’ 

sorry for the shitty graphic but i really love co-dependant brothers

okay so, i have finally reached another milestone and i am extremely proud of how far my blog has gotten this past year i have been running it. i would also like to say thank you so so much to everyone who has made this opportunity happen, it means the world to me and i love you all so much that words could not even express anymore.

precious darlings

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and that’s the last of it; i know i probably missed a bunch of you, and if i did i still love you darlings! also i just want to say to every single one of you; you matter, you are special, you are worthy, you are loved. don’t ever let anybody tell you otherwise.


Happy 94th Birthday Maureen FitzSimons! 

Born August 17, 1920

“Above all else, deep in my soul, I’m a tough Irishwoman. 

 Being an Irishwoman means many things to me. An Irishwoman is strong and feisty. She has guts and stands up for what she believes in. She believes she is the best at whatever she does and proceeds through life with that knowledge. She can face any hazard that life throws her way and stay with it until she wins. She is loyal to her kinsmen and accepting of others. She’s not above a sock in the jaw if you have it coming. She is only on her knees before God. Yes, I am most definitely an Irishwoman. 

 My heritage has been grounding, and it has brought me peace. Being tough and strong have always been my most dominant characteristics, like a fire that burns deep within me. I have always believed that I can do anything I set my mind to, as long as I’m willing to make the necessary sacrifices. I have called upon this fire to achieve my goals and survive whenever I felt my world come crashing down around me. In this way, I am like many of the women I’ve played on-screen.” 

 - Maureen O'Hara


Fanvid: Figure it out [Stiles Stilinski]

Sometimes it’s the smartest kids who need help the most.