so so dumb

so, we all know the last soundtrack for yuri on ice is the stay close to me duet

but what if they don’t actually skate it together?

instead viktor finally gets a dance at the banquet that yuuri remembers, celebrating their marriage in the same way their romance started, in each other’s arms, only now that yuuri doesn’t leave but instead promise viktor that this time, they will remain together. Viktor will finally have a lover to stay close to, and yuuri’s longing for viktor has finally come to an end; they found each other, and nothing will tear them apart

finals week.
  • student: um we need to talk about my grade because this is freaking ridiculous
  • me: yes, your grade in my class is pretty freaking ridiculous, glad we agree, good talk, bye felicia

here are several more good pd quotes from the banquet scene:

  • “well, at least it’s brut”
  • “putting those side abs to good use”
  • “is he taking a picture of just his body?”
  • “…whoa.”
  • “……… whoa. yuuri is strong.”
  • “they are wasting that alcohol”
  • “okay but where did they get the pole?”
  • “wait. WAIT. DID THEY KNOW EACH OTHER???” (i shake my head)
  • his mouth drops “….SHIT.” 
  • “it’s that routine. they’re doing it!” 
  • “get it yuuri.” 
  • “he’s so wiggly.”
  • “fuck this is so good.”