so so dumb


intersection (fake movie): pairing requested by @queenofmahishmati

Saranya (Kajal) and Raghu (Rana) are two ambitious, strong-willed young people. Both have planned out a path for their lives: degree, job, profit, fame. But in the scramble to get the most out of their professional lives, their personal lives have fallen by the wayside. When their life paths cross, will their disagreements help them gain a new perspective on love and relationships? Or will the head-butting between them be too much and leave their lives in disarray? 

so i work in a commercial printing centre and this morning a customer was trying to argue with me about a specific way to print a booklet after me telling them several times it wasn’t going to be possible and they were like “i want the cover printed on card and the rest printed on paper why is it so difficult” and i said “i don’t think you understand how printers work” and in that moment all i could hear in my head was jake replying “i don’t think you understand how they work, yours burned down” and needless to say i did not take the rest of that conversation seriously


some loser: idealistic characters are so unrealistic!! there’s no way they can go through terrible things and not turn cynical - and if they do, that means they’re totally stupid and na–

me: kbye

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when europeans are so criticial of and condescending to the u.s like "well i can understand that you come from a more TOLERANT country so being concerned with representation in tv might be a pressing issue for you but over here we have more pressing issues at hand :/" but then go: "can americans stop acting like they know anything about us?!" i'm just so angry they're so DUMB

lmao i’ve never heard a european say that, most of the stuff i hear is like “we’re so much more PROGRESSIVE than you” all while completely ignoring the voices of people in their own goddamn countries that are like “uuuuum we’re all terrified for our lives rn”