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I wanted to draw those Cards thingys so…I drew this! Sorry for the huge watermarks, trying to prevent any art theft on this one! 

Snazzy and Cell © @anrez-op-skele (Told ya I’d draw smth for ya :D I hope you like it! O3O)

Sugar Travels

One of the greatest perks of being a sugar baby is the fact that we get to see all of these amazing sights all over the world! So to help some ladies out who might be preparing for an upcoming trip, or hopefuls who just want to be prepared, here are some tips that I have picked up here and there when I am about to travel to a new place for a vacation.

Pre-Travel Care

  • Whether you are staying in the same room with your SD, or having one of your own self care is very needed.
    • Depending on how long your upcoming adventure is, a little trip to get a wax might be suggested. Whether it’s to tame the kitty, or just to have legs smoother than a baby’s bottom, getting a wax is one less daily hassle to worry about when looking your best.
    • Nails, and hair should be tended to also for a fully polished look. Look at the expected weather during the days of your trip so that you can plan your hair accordingly and don’t end up spending bucks on a beautiful blowout that ends up getting rained out the first night you’re there.
    • Drink plenty of water every day for at least 10 days before your trip for clearer skin.
    • MOISTURIZE! for at least  week


Checked bags

  • When spending more than two nights, I highly suggest checking a bag. This allows you to have space for gifts and goodies acquired from a shopping trip.
  • Look up the weather for the days you are expecting to be there so that you can get a feel of the clothes to pack for the trip, and cross that with your itinerary plans for the trip.
  • 2.5 Rule- 
    • Pack two and a half outfits per day, to cover any surprise spills or last minute changes. These extra pieces should be versatile shirts and bottoms that can be used with most of your other pieces.
  • Shoes
    • Have at least one pair of heels, and a casual walking shoe.
      • For longer trips add a statement shoe that will pop against any basic outfit (LBD anyone?), a pair of flats and some snazzy sandals so that all shoes can match with at least one outfit, preferably two outfits

Carry on

Personally I like having a carry on, and a backpack/purse

  • In your carry on…
    • Pack a few basics, like clean underwear, a t-shirt and a pair of bottoms. Baggage gets lost sometime, and at least if yours were to get lost, then you at least have a backup outfit to bide some time.
    • Make sure all liquids are under the relegated 3 fl oz limit to save yourself the time at TSA.
    • If you’re traveling on a flight for more than three hours, keep the flashy outfit towards the top of your carry on so that either before you land, or once you do you can quickly make your way to the bathroom to freshen up into a sexier outfit for daddy.
    • A printed copy of your boarding pass
    • Tablet/ Laptop
    • Keep things you won’t need over the trip (like house keys) kept away in a zipped pocket away from hand traffic so you don’t misplace them over the duration of the trip.
  • In your purse…
    • Keep things that are small and more than likely needed over the course of the trip… 
      • Headphones
      • Phone charger
      • Phone
      • A few small ziplock bags
      • Passport/ government ID
      • A magazine/ reading pleasure
      • Spare socks
      • Chapstick/lipstick/lip gloss
      • Empty reusable water bottle
      • And anything else small and important

Getting through security

Personally I think the hardest part about travelling is getting through security

  • Keep your outfit to something simple and comfortable. Stay away from things that a bejeweled, shoes that are hard to get out of and excessive amounts of jewelry.
    • Wear sliders or simple zip boots, and
      • Ie) My outfit of choice is always leggings, a long basic tunic, and ankle boots that slide on and off.
    • Keep your jewelry in one of the ziplock bags in your purse until after you pass TSA.
    • You’re going to be without shoes for a while, so I always have spare socks in my purse, because the thought of my feet touching the airport floor irks me to high levels.
    • Carry an empty reusable water bottle so that you are able to save yourself from getting robbed for $5 water at the airport.
      • Make sure it is empty so that you do not get pulled aside at TSA
    • Headphones with some music playing to keep you in the zone, but not too loud so you can stay updated as the lines move, and for whatever updates come from the officers are over the speakers.

Once you’ve past security it is smooth sailing from there. Check in with the important people, grab a bite to eat, if you’re above age find a bar and stay near your gate until it is time for your to board for your adventure.

Hope you enjoyed my tips! What are your sugar travel tips?

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Harry Hook - The Words Not Often Said

Originally posted by unchxxrted

Requested By: Anon

Request:  OMG BOO YOUR WRITING IS SO SNAZZY! May i request a Harry Hook imagine where his gf is the daughter of The Mad Hatter and she’s having him try on almost all of the hats she’s made (basically using him as her model) and she begins to doubt her work but he reassures her? Super fluffy please!!!

Authors Note: I’ll be honest, I’m not very happy with this. I loved this request but I had a LOT of trouble writing it, particulary the end because I was trying to make it super fluffy. I just feel like it’s kind of rushed and doesn’t really involve as much comforting as what was probably wanted, but I still hope it’s enjoyable! 

IMPORTANT: As you read this imagine you may notice that the Mad Hatter is kind of off character. That’s because, as of writing this, I have yet to see Alice in Wonderland or any other portrayal of the Mad Hatters character. I immedietedly made him seem more mean due to the fact that I thought he was a villain, and I am now realizing that his personality is a bit different. Please understand, and know that I will definitely do more research on characters that I don’t know of in the future. 


“Just a couple more and I promise we’ll be done!” You encouraged, your hands lacing through your boyfriends’ thick locks before placing yet another hat upon his head. 

Harry had been sitting in your room for hours now, the simple routine of trying on hat after hat quickly becoming boring to him as time went on. This wasn’t something that was new to the two of you though, as you were the daughter of The Mad Hatter and it was something you forced him to do quite often, but it still didn’t change the fact that he never found any enjoyment in it. Ever. 

“Come on, babe. We’ve been doing this for hours now.” He slurred, his eyes heavy on your own as he tried to distract you from using him as your own personal model. “I’m bored, and we’re in your room. Alone. Don’t you think we can find something much better to do with our time?”

You laughed, your boyfriends ridiculous attempt at flirting completely catching you off guard. Giving him a small smile, you walked toward him again, your hands finding themselves a spot on his shoulders as you crouched down to meet him face to face. 

“Just a couple more. Please?” 

Harry let out a breathy sigh, his hands reaching up and removing yours from his shoulders in order to take them in his own. “You said that an hour ago, Y/N.” He pushed, “Besides, what’s the point of even doing this?”

You gave him a strange look, almost as if the answer should be obvious. “This is how I make a living, Harry.” You reminded, your hands squeezing his as you stood from your spot on the ground. “Besides, you know who my father is. He’ll kick me off the Isle himself if I don’t make top quality hats to sell in his pathetic excuse for a shop. I need to make sure they look good on an actual person before I give them to him.”

Harry looked at you in suprise, not fully understanding what the problem was. “But you already make top quality hats. Why are you stressing about it?” 

“Not to him.” You sighed, the sadness in your voice all too obvious. “He told me that the last few hats I made were the ugliest things he’d ever seen and that if I didn’t start doing better he’d make me work in the shop 20 hours a day as a ‘learning experience’.” 

Harry let out a small growl at that, the anger evident in his voice as he crossed his arms in front of his chest. “He’s ridiculous.”

“You think I don’t know that?” You laughed sadly, quickly pulling the hat off of Harry’s head and replacing it with another one. “But he’s not wrong. I’ve been really distracted lately and the last few hats I made weren’t the best.” 

“Now you’re being ridiculous.” Harry exclaimed, quickly standing from his chair and making his way in front of you. “Everything you make is fantastic! Not only are all your hats well made, but you can tell how much work you put into them! ” He comforted. “Besides, you shouldn’t worry about what your dad says. He’s crazy. Literally. It’s in his name.” 

You looked at Harry and laughed, your heart swelling to the size of a balloon as you realized that he was trying to comfort you, which is something he, not surprisingly, didn’t do very often.

“Well, I’m glad you feel that way.” You admitted softly, quickly leaning forward and giving him a kiss on the cheek. “That means a lot coming from you.”

Harry smiled widely and pulled you closer to him, his face no more than a centimeter away from your own as he looked at you warmly. 

“I’m your boyfriend. I’m pretty sure it’s what I’m supposed to do.” He joked, his lips gently resting on your ear as he hugged you closer to him. “Besides, if you ever want me to…talk to your Dad, that can be arranged.”

You giggled, gently pushing Harry away from you as you realized that ‘talk’ really just meant ‘threaten with my hook until he starts treating you better.’

“Thanks, but uh…I think it would be better if you didn’t.” You chuckled, “He really lives up to his name and I dont want you getting hurt.”

“Like that old man could ever hurt me.” Harry scoffed, “I mean, what is he now? 90?”

You shook your head and sighed, a playful smile stretching across your lips as you pulled Harry closer, his sudden abundance of comfort and warmth making you want nothing more than to hold him against you.

“Just come here.” You whispered, gently pulling him closer and letting his lips meet your own.

Letting out a surprised groan, Harry reacted quickly, one hand tightening on your waist and the other making it’s way into your hair. Placing your hands flat against his chest, you held him against you, the sharp edges of your nails digging into his skin as you scrunched the fabric between your hands, pulling him closer. 

“I love you.” You whispered suddenly, your lips gently rubbing against his own as you whispered the 3 words that neither one of you often said.

Harry took a sharp intake of breath at that, the surprise evident on his face as he quickly pulled away from you. He continued to look at you in shock, a small smile playing on his lips as his fingers began to softly run through your hair, the muscles comforting and strong as they traced patterns and lines upon your skin. 

“And I you, Y/N. And I you.” 


Is that…

Acid… rain?

I feel like Lady Debonair’s fight was a very specific kind of foreshadowing if that’s what this is.

I’m not sure I like it.

kent parson can sing

i dont mean like hes ok at it either. no. this boy can SING

  • he mostly just sings in the shower and shit
    • hes always loved gettin down to pop music but hes never been into music so to speak
    • like hes never rlly played an instrument or any of that 
    • he definitely doesnt know how to read sheet music no sirree
    • he cant harmonize easily or sight sing or anything technical mainly just cause hes never really tried
    • but hell he has PIPES and his voice is smooth as butter
    • but no one knows this except for kit purrson and jack ‘soft singing comforted teenage me when my anxiety flared up’ zimmermann
  • one day the aces PR are making videos and they decide to stage a sing-off
    • they get 3 of the aces including kent ofc bc whats aces promotional material without certified heartthrob and team captain kent v parson
    • each of them is told to pick 3 songs and theyll do one at a time for 3 rounds and their teammates will judge
    • the aces being in vegas they have a shit ton of money so they really deck it out, they bring in tech people to set up fancy lights and screens and shit and make the t-mobile arena’s center ice look like a hockey-themed the voice
    • each of them is given time to plan out their numbers with the tech guys so it looks snazzy af even though for all the PR people know they probably all three sound like dying horses
  • up first is chickens fish guy
    • homeboy comes in with this cutesy folk song from russia
    • he can’t sing that great but it’s p cute and the bright bubbly lights and visuals help
  • now taking center ice is jeff “swoops” troy 
    • swoops being a fool for basketball goes with some high school musical “we’re all in this together” and hey he actually has a nice voice. all in all it’s a good performance
  • and finally kent ‘most extra motherfucker this side of I-15″ parson is set to perform
    • this bitch comes out guns blazing with “i will always love you” by whitney houston
    • he fucking KILLS it and the visuals and everything… 
    • his stage presence is naturally on point 
    • every single person in t-mobile arena at that moment stopped in their tracks to take in this fucking amazing performance
    • finally when kent makes it to the end of the song everyones jaws are on the floor and hes like “how was that did i do ok”
  • chickens fish guy straight up walks out with his hands up. swoops concedes defeat and PR asks kent to do his other 2 songs
    • hes like oh um ok i didnt realize i was that good but sure if u rlly want
    • next he does a really fiery “i would like” by zara larsson and hes getting rlly into it with his dancing and everyone is mesmerized
      • (that song is definitely on his sex playlist but the aces and staff dont need to know that)
    • finally he comes in with the beyoncé everyone knew was coming but instead of one of her really well-known singles he does “start over” from 4 and it’s actually really big and powerful on the vocals and it has a lot of wild runs and kent hits ALL OF THEM and the jaws are on the floor again
  • the PR people put the video out and the public goes w i l d because seriously it’s just unfair?? that he can be so damn good at hockey AND singing