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westallen + third time’s the charm

Early Morning Soup

Hi hi everyone, i am absolutely delighted to announce @jaggedarchetypes wrote a piece based on this comic and its?? so good??? and once again im absolutely at a loss for words & im so very touched oh my god?? please read it under the cut he captured the feeling so well!!!!

For one who felt so exhausted, actual rest sure seemed to allude Hanzo Shimada. Midnight had him tossing and turning, one AM had him pacing, two AM had him outside jogging and walking, and three AM had him resigned to the fate of another sleepless night. But at least, if not a relaxed mind, his exercise had worked up a sizable appetite.

By three fifteen, Hanzo was showered, and by three thirty he was glaring tiredly into a pot. He’d sampled his soup perhaps a dozen times, but the flavor stubbornly refused to be like the one of his childhood. So, Hanzo sent out a text. Then one more, just for good measure.

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I finished a new anime from my list, Accel World, and I have to say, I really enjoyed this one a lot!!
First of all, it’s been a while I truly loved a girl character like Hime (>//v//<), I love her so much, she is mysterious, so smart and badass, but so adorable and sensitive too, she is such a great charac <3333
Then……Haru…….omg I’m sorry but even irl I have this weakness for chubby persons///// and Haru is just one of the cutest charac ever///////// and the fact Kaji is dubbing him doesn’t help at all/////// he lacks of confidence for sure but he is so gentle and shy and so adorable and his reactions are so honest I can’t omg save me I want to protect this boy/////// (AND THE PIGGY AVATAR IS UNFAIRLY CUTE//).
Then for the secondary characs, I have to admit….they are plenty forgettable for me :/ and it’s kinda weird tbh because the anime really takes time to develop them but idk, they never really stand out….the only exception is Niko though, she is so lovable =v= <3

Visually there’s nothing to say, the charac design looks great and it never lost quality. The music was also very pleasant, I’ll remember the last one with the choir and the orchestra, so beautiful (;v;) 

Concerning the story, I always loved anime that are linked to video games, that’s why I was curious about this one in the first place. But tbh it ended to be even more surprising and intriguing than I expected *v* it’s a shame it doesn’t go further because each episodes made me more and more curious about how this universe worked. Also, the futuristic world look so cool and I admit, I wish we could have seen more scenes taking place in the “real world” sometimes, I know the anime is about the game, but idk it must be my need of “humanity part”, I always had more emotions seeing the characs as they are than through their avatar. Anyway….
The real bad point of the anime…….the damn fanservice *grrrrrr*, ok it’s not that much but really, it doesn’t need this at all, the anime is already good enough, the FS seems just forced here and I was rolling my eyes when it was happening each time (–’).


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his flowers are growing!!

I know this has been said but Dear Evan Hansen has so many messages deeper than what’s on the surface and they’re fucking sad. They’re fucking sad and it’s scary that so many people can relate to it. It’s scary that I’ve felt like Evan, that I’ve felt like Connor, that I’ve felt like Zoe, and it’s not okay. Like I’ve broken down and sobbed over So Big/So Small many times because it’s something that I’ve never heard from my mom. I feels how Zoe feels in Requiem. If I Could Tell Her is what I wish my brother was like but instead he’s an abusive asshole. I wish I had the musical even last year. I wish it existed back when I was in middle school, because even though I’m slowly getting better, I still feel like I can disappear and no one would care.

I think we all can relate. Sorry about the quick sketch! I got inspired. Second day in a row. Let’s see what I’ll do tomorrow (; As always, Hattey; I love you.

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I LOVE YOU OH MY GOSH ALEX!! Also your art style is super cute it warms my heart ; w ; <33333333 don’t. ever. be. sorry. for it. uggggghhh~

Tomorrow???? jfc, you’re such a blessing. A BLESSING I TELL YOU. i can’t wait!!~

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okay so I was tagged by @hobikenobi to do the bias selfie tag! Thank youu!💕
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i know i have like 8000 other characters but just know that my brain still comes up with like a billion scenarios for Kled.

after I said that I had no weird things happen to me in mea, I got hit with this wonderful thing last night:

so I was talking to this NPC last night in mea, and i initiated the conversation and watched as he jumped over a railing and continued running away from me until I couldn’t hear what he was saying and had to read the subtitles which was made really hard b/c i was laughing so hard i was crying as he got further and further away