so small ; ;


Thought : It’s probably such a small thing, Kihyun’s keeping shownu’s mic when he was asked to dance a bit. But it’s the little thing that made it sweet and beautiful (cr)


This beautiful little swallow arrived at WAF recently after falling from its nest. Sadly, despite efforts, it was unable to be returned.

It was given a check-up from our vet team and was very lethargic and dehydrated. Luckily, after fluids and treatment it slowly picked up and is now with one of our dedicated swallow carers for round the clock care!

read in 2017 → squire →  tamora pierce

Seeing herself in the mirror, Kel thought she’d made herself into the girl she would have been had she not tried for her shield. The feeling was odd, more good than bad. Maybe I’m the same whatever I wear, she thought. It’s just easier to fight in breeches.

fuck inaccuracies though because ive literally never drawn azgens locket open, not once, not never

The Posterchildren: Zipporah “Zip” Chance

She was quick, but Marshal could do incredible damage to her with only one successful hit. 

But no one would’ve thought that, looking at her stance. She was so ferocious and so protective and so, so wildly outmatched. She stood her ground. He had never seen her so angry before. Odd, alarming, and warming that she only brought her fiercest self out when protecting someone.