so slinky

im looking at RogueLass’s closet and they included Empowering Amror™ for Sebastian and like it looks SO NICE but like, im crying bc his tiddies are all out he got a crop top on

he looks like the Big Bad Villain of the film just captured him and put him in something slinky so the hero would find him in sexy, sexy peril



Goddamnit Gino I’m trying to work here *continues to stare*

So I finally finished Nobuchika taking his clothes off *sighs* …I think we can all agree that Ginoza like this is quite delightful to look at <3

Art by me (Slinky Whippet) <3


Teeny Ten found himself in a very familiar location on our first day of Spring!

In today’s adventure we tried to find the secret location to Torchwood, wondered round his Tardis (though he was saddened he couldn’t play with the console), interact with some very similar and scary pieces plus i swear I heard him shout someones name at one point…

BONUS: I turn my back for one minute and he’s busy making friends!

Some practice drawing foxes from photo refs. Practicing from photos is always a good solution when you’re not necessarily familiar with drawing something, kind of like drilling vocab for a language you’re trying to learn.