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Rating Of Every Raichu Sprite From Main Series Pokemon Games

Pokemon Red/Blue: 

Detailed for what limited pallets the gameboy had back than, slightly minamalist and simplistic in design as all gen 1 Pokemon are.  I respect this elder regardless for his original design. 9/10

Pokemon Yellow:

A PERFECT BOY!!  Look at that expression full of excitement!  I wish we could have seen more of this quality Raichu in this game.  10/10

Pokemon G/S: 

Designers, c’mon now.  This isn’t fair.  You can’t just make me choose between TWO sprites to rate!!  But if I have to choose, than I prefer 1st sprite.  He’s fat, powerful and that expression on his face just screams of smugness.  The second Raichu, however, seems to have more mischievous expression rather than aggression.  Both receive a 7/10.  

 Pokemon R/S/E/FR/LG: 

Not as fat, but I do like his “PUT EM UP, SCRUB” pose. 9/10

Pokemon D/P:

He’s finally relaxed, he’s no longer in constant attack mode!  I’m so proud of him of his comfort around others!  11/10

Pokemon Platinum: 

 I am concerned for his sudden shift in weight gain, but as long as he feels comfortable with his weight however, than so do I.  Now there’s just more of this big boy to hug. 9/10

Pokemon HG/SS: 

What a joyful expression!  An improvement to the previous 2nd gen sprites. I trust him. 10/10. 

Pokemon B/W/B2/W2:

Another quality sprite!  This one takes inspiration from the mid animation frame from 4th gen, I see!  I appreciate the reference.  Also, look at the those LEGS! 9/10

Pokemon X/Y/OR/AS

Not much detail, and I miss his expressions and pose.  He’s happy with his transcendence to 3D but I miss the little details. :( 5/10

Pokemon Sun/Moon:

NOW THAT’S MORE LIKE IT!!  The happiest boy I’ve ever seen.  Unratable, to put a number on his perfection would be a crime.  He’s not quite as chubby however, but he must be light enough to fit on his tail.  Still enjoys a Malasada every now and than.  Finally gets his time in spotlight with his new found psychic powers away from the popularity of Pikachu.  He’s even got his own Z-move!  Good job, little buddy on your rise to stardom!  

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i got really carried away but I LOVE WINGS!!!! I love birbs and wings and i don’t know why i don’t make more characters with wings. 

Fanart of avian Keith and Shiro from @fishwrites’s Watercast fic! Outfits based on @marchingspace’s design with my own twist! I love designing fantasy outfits with functionality for weird anatomy i also love halter tops with a firey passion.

i’d like to take this moment to say that harpy eagles are my favorite species of eagle. o<-< They’re so cute and silly looking with their poofy crests but so badass. 


Azurrin Week 2016 Day 5: Song


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taakitz superhero au where taako is the proprietor of a gourmet bakery that has thieves and villains descend upon it each night because the pastries are SO DELICIOUS and they NEED the SECRET RECIPES so they can HYPNOTIZE THE POPULACE or some other harebrained schemes. his baking is that good.

kravitz, local superhero, must swoop in every time and save taako! …but listen. he is not the superman of the city. he’s not even the aquaman. he is honestly sort of inept, but he has a great costume and an accent and he does his best! he has his heart in the right place.

taako is enamored both with his becaped rescuer and with the cute local reporter that buys a muffin for breakfast from his place every other weekday and has a real sweet smile. hey there, handsome, you want a mocha to go with your blueberry swirl? on the house ;))))

kravitz savors each morning interaction and while he wishes that taako’s bakery wasn’t burgled so often.. it is pretty nice to help him out…. and see him more…. one of these days he’ll ask him out! but will taako accept both sides of him???? kravitz wonders, staring moodily across the city skyline… emo sigh.

(taako knows they’re one and the same, but he lives for melodramatics, so he is all about this whole situation tbh. and kravitz’s mask falls off pretty often, anyway.)

(and listen. those shoulders? he could recognize them anywhere. mmmm. delish.)

(read more for courtesy since this got a tad long)

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So anyways Simon is very musical and his favorite instrument is the ukulele because it’s so cute and he loves to make up little songs about literally everything, including his friends. And he does this very often, so hearing the strumming of a ukulele at the Institute is very normal for Shadowhunters who reside there. It’s also very normal to hear an exasperated cry of, “SIMON, FOR THE LOVE OF RAZIEL” and see Alec quickly walking with Simon on his tail singing, “Alec, your eyes are a lovely shade of hazel, your favorite kind of herb is basil” (with Alec yelling back, “SCREW YOU I DON’T KNOW A THING ABOUT HERBS!”). It’s also very normal for Simon to be sitting with Clary, her legs swinging and a smile on her face as he trills, “My best friend’s name is Clary, She’s sweeter than an ice cream cone from Dairy….Queen”, causing her to laugh and lean her head on his shoulder. It’s also very normal for Simon to follow Luke around crooning, “Luke is the best, Luke is wonderful, Luke is cool, anyone who thinks otherwise is a fool (”and I will personally beat them up for you and defend you because you’re basically my dad and I would do anything for you bye”)!” as well as Magnus, saying, “Magnus is flawless, he’s the king, every time I see him he makes me want to sing!”  Of course, Isabelle loves Simon’s singing and his ukulele, for when he follows her around he always sings stuff like, “Isabelle, you are like a rose, your beauty is breathtaking and you have the cutest nose”. Even Jace gets the special treatment: “Jace, you still call me a 'mundane’, but the way you look at me drives me insane!“ (prompting Jace to tease Simon softly about this and Simon is blushing like crazy because Jace is really pretty and his smile could light up a whole continent, it’s that bright). So yeah Simon can always be seen at the Institute strumming away on his ukulele and making up songs about his friends and the people he loves so much. And even though they don’t always show it, Simon’s singing and his cute little instrument make their days a little bit brighter and they’re very grateful for that.