so sick of this crap omg

Opal’s Fanfiction Recommendation List 11/21/17

I’m gonna preface this by saying that I was sick this past week so there’s gonna be a lot this time ALSO IMPORTANT THE MARVEL SECTION WILL HAVE SPOILERS FOR THOR: RAGNAROK!!!!!

The Originals

Imagine Trying To Take A Weekend Off With Klaus, Far From The Madness of New Orleans by @vampiricallyinclined

I love that Klaus kept his promise and didn’t even pay attention to what hat he chose!

Imagine Getting Jealous When Someone Flirts With Klaus In Front Of You by @vampiricallyinclined


Imagine Being A Friend of Rebekah’s and Klaus Saving You From Some Unruly Vampires by @vampiricallyinclined



Imagine Loki Surprising You By Making Sure You Stay In Bed To Recover When You Get Sick by @sserpente

This is just what I needed, being sick myself!  It’s wonderful!!!

Imagine Loki Being Drunk and Knocking On Your Door In The Middle of the Night Part 1 & Part 2 by @sserpente


Empathy Series Part 1, Part 2 & Part 3 by @astouract

I’m always a sucker for a good angst/fluff combo I LOVE THIS

Grieving by @allthemarvelstories


Too Much by @justauthoring


Earth to Loki by @colagirl5


Snow Part 1 & Part 2 by @colagirl5


Floor Is Lava by @colagirl5

This. Is. ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Naptime by @pickledmoon

I SCREECHED (in my head because I don’t wanna freak the dogs out lol) THE FLUFF AGH 

A Thousand Years by @hela-avenger


Harry Potter

Fine Line Between Love & Hate by @idonthavehusbandsihavelovers


Sick Day || Yuta

Group: Nct

Member: Yuta

Genre: fluff

Word Count: 1.1k

Request: Can i request a yuta scenario where you are stubborn and go out when your sick after he tells you not too and he ends up having to take care of you pleasee💖 also an unloyal yuta stan here 👀

A/n: Another unloyal Yuta stan we’re rising. But this is my first Yuta fic and I’m soft as hell. Omg I love Yuta so much. (I’m stanning Minghao so hard rn I feel like I’m cheating on my Japanese boi)

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You felt like utter crap right now. Your head was in a tailspin of a headache, your nose stuffed so bad you had to breathe through your mouth and your joints ached like crazy. You were sick.

Glancing at your phone you gave a soft smile at the text your boyfriend Yuta had already sent (spammed) you.

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Your bio is so relatable. I have like 20 characters and only ever use 3...

Omg I seriously have issues, I have a folder of hard copy sheets and a crap ton digitally on my phone and then I wanna gush about all my new characters but everyone gets so sick of me lmao


I..I played and watched ending of ‘ac syndicate dlc: jack the ripper’
oMG its all about jack’s what a sick, twisted madness obsession with Jacob.(to my eyes) and my drain just ran into bad, ba-d delusion. I really like this relationship. I know it’s wayyyy too far… But i can’t help it! So i made my self jack’s face. Its based jack’s voice actor’s younger picture, of course not looks like. But I couldn’t do better then this. So excuse me for that. And i’m gonna do something with it soon, if you don’t want , just skip it.

The man cold

My wife is driving me absolutely bonkers today.

How TF is this woman coming down with a man cold.

She’s literally unable to do shit and is so moody and helpless. I’m ALSO sick with the same cold, and I’ve been doing the same crap as usual!

She just threw a huge fit because I wouldn’t help her get the remote out from behind our bed. I was busy or I could have helped pull the bed from the wall.

I said “use the buttons for now and I’ll help you get it later”. She threw a tantrum because I wouldn’t jump down flat onto my pregnant belly and reach for it under the bed for her. Whaaat


Shes so moody and helpless while sick omg

Someone send us a waaaambulance 🚨🚨🚨

She better feel better tomorrow cause this shit isn’t gonna fly! 😑

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Can we not just give you the keys to the fandom, so you can stop the crap from coming in? 😊

Omg, I would do whatever it takes to stop these hurtful crap from coming into the Fandom. It causes me so much anger that so many wonderful people here receive this kind of hate. This is sick, out fandom should be a safe place. All the anons that send hate just need to get the hell out of here. But we shouldn’t give them the attention they seek. They don’t matter. Toxic shits don’t matter in my house! When I see hate posts, I’m just like this:

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bringmesomepie56  asked:

Are you sick my baby bean? I see you reading through my sicky reader fics, so I wanted to check. If so, hope you feel better.💖 If not, then just happy reading. 😉

omg this is seriously the sweetest message ever!! thank you for asking💗 thankfully, I’m not sick but I was having trouble falling asleep (I was literally awake til 6am🙄) and felt like crap so I decided to read your sick!reader fics because they are GOLD!!💕  who doesn’t love jensen/dean taking care of them right??

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so imagine Peter getting these new webs that are harder to break and he accidentally webs himself to Sam and they end up being stuck for days and they have to stay home bc they can't go to school and they end up fighting all the time and eventually Peter just kisses Sam to shut him up at one point and he gets really embarrassed but they can't avoid each other bc they're stuck together and when they get things sorted out and start dating and they realize after that it could dissolve in water

OMG that’s cute!! Of course the dumbasses wouldn’t think to try water. I can just imagine the awkwardness, they’d be so blushy and like try walking in opposite directions really quickly before they realize crap we are stuck together and end up just angrily tug of war-ing it until one of them gives up and just awkwardly decides to follow the other one. Thank you for these mental images omg that’s really cute.

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Please consider: theater AU. Foggy is incredibly charming in the comic relief roles he's been typecasted into, but has dreams of top billing. Everyone takes one look at Matt in the theater district and assumes he's some leading man, but in reality he likes to skulk around in the dark as a sound designer. The climb to stardom is full of drama, and when their production has a few too many "accidents" Matt decides to investigate.

Oh. Oh my friend. You could not possibly have hit upon an AU more up my alley than this one. Picture, if you will, an alley that says “PLUCKYREDHEAD” at the entrance, littered with the canes Matt has tossed there, and at the end of it you will find this AU.

So yes, absolutely, Foggy always gets the comedic supporting roles - your Marcellus Washburns, your Nicely-Nicely Johnsons, your Moonface Martins - even though he has a beautiful light tenor and buckets of stage presence and is usually a stronger actor and singer than the actual male lead.  (He is not a dancer, but he picks up choreography fast and he’s what my old dance instructors would call “a good mover.”)  Matt 100% doesn’t understand how anyone can hear Foggy’s voice and NOT cast him as romantic lead, idol of millions.

Matt, for his part, has no real wish to perform (“How would that even work, Foggy?”) and is perfectly happy on sound tech, but he does secretly have a gorgeous baritone that only Foggy knows about - and perfect pitch, of course.  (He’s also a beautiful dancer - thanks, Stick!)  Karen is the bubbly ingenue; Marci is the established B-list star who is pissed that Karen got the female lead and responds by aggressively stealing every scene she’s in, which actually makes the show better so no one, including Karen, is upset about it.  Ben is the director and Claire is the stage manager who is 100% fed up with everyone’s nonsense all the time.

Then let’s say Fisk is the producer and it’s some kind of The Producers-style scam where he expects the show to flop and make him tons of money (omg Madam Gao as a Broadway angel, I can’t, it’s too beautiful, I love Madam Gao so much) but it’s actually doing great in tryouts and he’s about to be royally fucked, so he hires the Russians to sabotage the show - oh oh OH! and then they break the leg of the male lead, Danny Fisher, and the understudy’s sick so Foggy needs to step in…and he’s a revelation.  Just stupendous, and Fisk is like “Shit, I fucked up, I fucked up, he’s TOO CHARMING, even I want him to sing tenderly to me, crap!”  (I have a mental image of him and Wesley sitting in the back of the theater and Fisk is sweating buckets and Wesley is just visibly swooning.  And Vanessa is like “omg what is wrong with you two.”)

Anyway, CLEARLY to take down the show they need to take down Foggy Nelson.  But that’s when Matt, who has been growing increasingly suspicious, goes into full-on Daredevil mode, because oh no you do not touch his precious singing cinnamon roll.  And then he saves the production, Foggy finds out his secret, tears, smooches, forgiveness, Tony Awards for everyone.

(Somewhere in there Matt will actually sing for Foggy, and further swooning will happen.  Just.  Whole lotta swooning in this AU.)

Sassy EXO sums up my life

“Ugh, you like EXO? Really?”

“Get off the computer.”

“K-POP music is so crap.”

“K-POP…? Lol, what’s that?”

“Get out of bed, you haven’t moved for thirteen hours.”

“I’m so sick of you playing EXO all the time.”

“Why don’t you listen to some 1D instead?”

“OMG have you heard JB’s new single?”

“Sehun is so ugly.”

“I don’t like K-POP.”

“Get off of tumblr and go to work for fuck’s sake, Thomas.”

This is for documentation purposes. PLEASE DONT POST ANYTHING ON FB or Insta IF YOUR FOLLOWING ME THERE! Thanks;)
Sooooo, this happened much sooner then anticipated. Like the first month off of birthcontrol, which I didn’t want because now I will have 2 December babies!!!!! Poor little bean, and around Christmas time too lol.
Symptoms: based on how I had been feeling since last week I knew I was pregnant but I was denial, but after every new symptom I was like “holy crap”. I was feeling super emotional, cried a few times because of how much I love my friends, cramping every day for almost a week, the sides of my boobs were super sore, and I actually started to feel sick and dizzy throughout the days randomly. Oh and randomly so exhausted I felt like crying.
Saturday I was supposed to get the moonsickness and I’m one of those people that gets it early in the morning and I never got it. So I went to target and got a cheap $5 test(bottom test) and there was a super faint line.
So I went to Walgreens later on bought the clear blue which came with the top two tests. I took the middle one and was like OMG. BUT I WAS STILl IN DENIAL. So I took my first digital and boom.
Soc was very very excited,as much as he can be because it’s still very very early in about 4 weeks 3 days. So there’s always the slim chance this little bean won’t stick but I’m hoping for the best at this point.
The fact that I have been sick so early is tetrifying(multiples scare the crap outta me), and I have been peeing a ton and have also been waking up wide awake at 3-4am. So this little sucker is making life hard, but I know the sicker I get the healthier the pregnancy is so im hoping for more sickness and dreading it too(I get severely sick, lose about 10 pounds).
So please send your positive vibes that this is a viable and healthy pregnancy, because even though the kid will have a sucky birthday, we love and are excited about our little embryo💛💛💛
Oh and I call it “he”. I think it’s a boy.