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Sick Day || Yuta

Group: Nct

Member: Yuta

Genre: fluff

Word Count: 1.1k

Request: Can i request a yuta scenario where you are stubborn and go out when your sick after he tells you not too and he ends up having to take care of you pleasee💖 also an unloyal yuta stan here 👀

A/n: Another unloyal Yuta stan we’re rising. But this is my first Yuta fic and I’m soft as hell. Omg I love Yuta so much. (I’m stanning Minghao so hard rn I feel like I’m cheating on my Japanese boi)

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You felt like utter crap right now. Your head was in a tailspin of a headache, your nose stuffed so bad you had to breathe through your mouth and your joints ached like crazy. You were sick.

Glancing at your phone you gave a soft smile at the text your boyfriend Yuta had already sent (spammed) you.

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I..I played and watched ending of ‘ac syndicate dlc: jack the ripper’
oMG its all about jack’s what a sick, twisted madness obsession with Jacob.(to my eyes) and my drain just ran into bad, ba-d delusion. I really like this relationship. I know it’s wayyyy too far… But i can’t help it! So i made my self jack’s face. Its based jack’s voice actor’s younger picture, of course not looks like. But I couldn’t do better then this. So excuse me for that. And i’m gonna do something with it soon, if you don’t want , just skip it.

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Why can't just people mind their own business? Like you seriously can't control who's going to see your post omg I hate it when people are like "You're so sick!" or "You're so gross, you know kids are using tumblr".. like keep doing what you're doing (cause it's ❤❤❤). When you post something on the Internet, anyone can see it and you mark some of your stuff as 'nsfw' so I mean.. it's not like they're not aware

Thank you omg, I was actually quite hurt that this person called me sick only because they are throwing a word around as if what they are doing is any better.

Tumblr is not the place to go if you’re a young kid who doesn’t want to be exposed to all kinds of crap.

If they are saying this to me they better be going to every porn/smut/nsfw blog out there and saying the same thing.


So, children, if you read my stuff, you might know that one of my canon!headcanons for Zoro is the fact that he just loves thighs.

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so imagine Peter getting these new webs that are harder to break and he accidentally webs himself to Sam and they end up being stuck for days and they have to stay home bc they can't go to school and they end up fighting all the time and eventually Peter just kisses Sam to shut him up at one point and he gets really embarrassed but they can't avoid each other bc they're stuck together and when they get things sorted out and start dating and they realize after that it could dissolve in water

OMG that’s cute!! Of course the dumbasses wouldn’t think to try water. I can just imagine the awkwardness, they’d be so blushy and like try walking in opposite directions really quickly before they realize crap we are stuck together and end up just angrily tug of war-ing it until one of them gives up and just awkwardly decides to follow the other one. Thank you for these mental images omg that’s really cute.

Sassy EXO sums up my life

“Ugh, you like EXO? Really?”

“Get off the computer.”

“K-POP music is so crap.”

“K-POP…? Lol, what’s that?”

“Get out of bed, you haven’t moved for thirteen hours.”

“I’m so sick of you playing EXO all the time.”

“Why don’t you listen to some 1D instead?”

“OMG have you heard JB’s new single?”

“Sehun is so ugly.”

“I don’t like K-POP.”

“Get off of tumblr and go to work for fuck’s sake, Thomas.”

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Sooooo, this happened much sooner then anticipated. Like the first month off of birthcontrol, which I didn’t want because now I will have 2 December babies!!!!! Poor little bean, and around Christmas time too lol.
Symptoms: based on how I had been feeling since last week I knew I was pregnant but I was denial, but after every new symptom I was like “holy crap”. I was feeling super emotional, cried a few times because of how much I love my friends, cramping every day for almost a week, the sides of my boobs were super sore, and I actually started to feel sick and dizzy throughout the days randomly. Oh and randomly so exhausted I felt like crying.
Saturday I was supposed to get the moonsickness and I’m one of those people that gets it early in the morning and I never got it. So I went to target and got a cheap $5 test(bottom test) and there was a super faint line.
So I went to Walgreens later on bought the clear blue which came with the top two tests. I took the middle one and was like OMG. BUT I WAS STILl IN DENIAL. So I took my first digital and boom.
Soc was very very excited,as much as he can be because it’s still very very early in about 4 weeks 3 days. So there’s always the slim chance this little bean won’t stick but I’m hoping for the best at this point.
The fact that I have been sick so early is tetrifying(multiples scare the crap outta me), and I have been peeing a ton and have also been waking up wide awake at 3-4am. So this little sucker is making life hard, but I know the sicker I get the healthier the pregnancy is so im hoping for more sickness and dreading it too(I get severely sick, lose about 10 pounds).
So please send your positive vibes that this is a viable and healthy pregnancy, because even though the kid will have a sucky birthday, we love and are excited about our little embryo💛💛💛
Oh and I call it “he”. I think it’s a boy.

My Thoughts on Avril Lavigne's "Hello Kitty"

Omg I’m literally so sick of seeing all of this bull crap about Avril Lavigne over one song that apparently the public is too stupid and ignorant to understand. I mean clearly I’m going to have a biased opinion on this matter anyway because I love Avril and always have, but that is just more proof that clearly I’m intrigued in why so many people hate this song/Avril Lavigne herself and I’ve come up with a few reasons, they hate it because:

• They think its racist.
• They feel it’s written like a child would write it.
• They think its generic and over done.

So first off the album that the hated single “Hello Kitty” is on has been out for quite a while and no one has taken notice of this song until it was released as a single, and personally I’d rather it if she released “Sippin’ on Sunshine” or “Hello Heartache” as a single because I think that them two a top songs, I personally didn’t like “Hello Kitty” all that much because the techno in it and the I never really got into jpop. Anyway I digress, the idea that this song is “racist” is so bloody ridiculous, Avril’s main demographic is the teenagers of Japan, as in the people of Japan that are quite literally obsessed with Hello Kitty, Cutesy cupcakes and toys and of course you all mighty famous Japanese emotionless dolls. So Avril wrote this song with we husband Chad (from Nickleback) for her Japanese fans and they LOVED it, the demand for this song to become a single was so big that she did exactly that, for her JAPANESE fans, she released it western as well because, well, why not? More money and I’m sure she would get flack for not doing so because people would complain about that too, the issue is Tumblr got to the song and like the massive group of sheep it can be, and the fact that the majority of tumblr will find ANYTHING to whinge, bitch and moan about they picked this song and claimed that it is extremely racist? Ignorant kids didn’t look at the facts, didn’t research any shit, believed everything read and BAM all this shit happened. I’d also like to say that Gwen Stefani made an entire album based off the cutesy part of Japanese culture literally naming a song “Harajuku Girls” after those emotionless doll-like entertainers in Japan and they city where people go to literally dress-up that way and there was absolutely no uproar about it. One girl posted saying “All these white women appropriating Japanese culture to what they want it to be” and a few other things, pretty much saying if you’re white and a woman you can’t embrace this part of the Japanese culture because its racist… That totally makes sense considering a lot of the Japanese culture has started to stray and Japan is the MOST western of pretty much all the Asian countries.

Now the fact that apparently it’s written like a child would write a song isn’t completely wrong. The point of the song is to be simple and fun, upbeat and colourful, something you can bop around to in the car, and fact of the matter is that most JPop songs are actually super similar to “Hello Kitty” the techno beat included. So the song while simple and maybe lame to you, actually holds a lot of the latest music styles of Japan and its intended for their audience. Not everything has to appeal to Westerners.

Also perhaps it is rather generic and overdone, the whole Japanese thing, but that’s because it’s what appeals to people of Asian decent and people of Japan and the song is doing great in Japan because this song is what they want and like, and sure, the video clips was a bit silly and made with a very low budget and maybe slightly too strange, but that’s been Avril’s thing lately. Like have you not seen the video clip of “Rock N Roll”? Can’t get more strange than that.

My issues isn’t that people don’t like the song, that’s to be expected and I respect everyone’s own choice in what music they like, I don’t love song either, the difference is I actually know why it was made and what significance it holds, people on tumblr are literally bullying Avril Lavigne and not thinking twice about “because she’s famous so it’s okay to send her death threats and tell her she’s a worthless sell out” because she’s not perfect and has one single that your uncultured little ass doesn’t agree with.

5SOS Blurb #2: He has the stomach flu


Dear anon that requested, i’m super sorry i turned this into a blurb but it was going to end up very similar to the car sick preference and i wanted to avoid that. Hope you enjoy!(:

Ashton:Ok so we all know Ash is like super dorky and giggly and kinda self conscious and all that good crap so i think his situation would be so freaking funny. So imagine you have your flat with Ash and you come home after school/work only to hear someone groaning and so obviously you’re all worried like omg there’s a ghost in my house and im gon’ die. You’d probably make your way up the stairs and then you hear it. A GIANT ASS FART COMING FROM THE BATHROOM FOLLOWED BY SOME GROANING. By now (im laughing so hard guys) you figured it out that Ash is sick and probably you’d be laughing, he’d manage to hear you over the noises his ass is making and groan telling you to “leave babe! this is embarrassing!" And well no one wants a self-conscious Ashton so you’d leave medicine on the night stand and walk out to the living room only to tease him about his stomach issues later on when he’s better.

Luke: DOES EVERYONE UNDERSTAND THE SERIOUS-NESS OF A SICK LUKE HEMMINGS? YES? GOOD. Alright lets get started, so, super baby Lucas would be super shy about it my dudes. He’s such a lazy ass i bet his stomach is immune to getting stomach flu so this time around everyone is like bruh wtf? this isnt supposed to happen to you, you freaking endless pit of food. I think Luke would try to play it off like he’s ok but after you go to his place and you see he’s pale and the bathroom stinks of throw up, AND some super stinky gas from time to time, well i think you’d get the idea of what’s going on. So when he slips to the bathroom again you decide to take advantage of that time and make him some soup. When he comes back ya’ll curl up on the couch and he eats his soup IN A BURRITO BLANKET. Burrito Luke is important

Calum: Who agrees with me that Calum would never let this day go?I think he’s the kind of guy that doesn’t want his girl to see him all weak and stuff so when he goes to your place (cos you had a home-date planned out) sick he’s trying really hard to be ok. BUT BUT BUUUUTTTTT (Calum’s ass yo), the minute he steps in your house he’s already in the bathroom letting his stomach go to freaking town. You obviously being the caring girlfriend would knock on the door asking if he needs anything, and Calum is the type of guy to make the best in any situation so he’d be all like ”yeah babe, i want you to leave or im gonna fart in your face!“ AND YOU’D BE ALL ”OHMYGOD CALUM THAT’S NASTY, NOT MY FAULT YOUR ASS IS GETTING ALL SWOLLEN FROM SITTING ON THE TOILET". Calum is just the dude to make this icky situation freaking funny and awesome.

Michael: People. PEOPLE. PEOPLE. WE ALL KNOW MICHAEL IS A HUGE BABY.sO Therefore, Michael would totally be one to curl up on your lap and whine about his stomach hurting. I think he’d obviously trust you a lot so he’d tell you that he thinks he got the stomach flu (my poor bby :c) and you’d be the super awesome girlfriend that makes him diet food and drink lots of fluids and FREAKING CLIFFORD WOULD WHINE ABOUT EVERYTHING. “Babe this needs salttttt” “Babe this needs sugar” “babe my tummy hurts” “BABE I NEED MORE PAPER!" nEEDY MICHAEL IS MY LIFE OK??

I think i got a bit carried away ._. my bad yo.

Hope you like it!

- Leni xX

I’m so sick and tired of people going like,

“OMG, Belle and the Beast did bestially. Or however you spell it.”

“OMG, Belle had Stockholm Syndrome.”

“OMG, the Beast kidnapped Belle.”

For crap’s sake, IT’S A FREAKING DISNEY MOVIE. I’m tired of people being like, “Hey, Disney’s our childhood. Let’s go crap it up,” IT’S A DISNEY MOVIE. IT’S A KID’S MOVIE. FREAKING STOP IT

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Please consider: theater AU. Foggy is incredibly charming in the comic relief roles he's been typecasted into, but has dreams of top billing. Everyone takes one look at Matt in the theater district and assumes he's some leading man, but in reality he likes to skulk around in the dark as a sound designer. The climb to stardom is full of drama, and when their production has a few too many "accidents" Matt decides to investigate.

Oh. Oh my friend. You could not possibly have hit upon an AU more up my alley than this one. Picture, if you will, an alley that says “PLUCKYREDHEAD” at the entrance, littered with the canes Matt has tossed there, and at the end of it you will find this AU.

So yes, absolutely, Foggy always gets the comedic supporting roles - your Marcellus Washburns, your Nicely-Nicely Johnsons, your Moonface Martins - even though he has a beautiful light tenor and buckets of stage presence and is usually a stronger actor and singer than the actual male lead.  (He is not a dancer, but he picks up choreography fast and he’s what my old dance instructors would call “a good mover.”)  Matt 100% doesn’t understand how anyone can hear Foggy’s voice and NOT cast him as romantic lead, idol of millions.

Matt, for his part, has no real wish to perform (“How would that even work, Foggy?”) and is perfectly happy on sound tech, but he does secretly have a gorgeous baritone that only Foggy knows about - and perfect pitch, of course.  (He’s also a beautiful dancer - thanks, Stick!)  Karen is the bubbly ingenue; Marci is the established B-list star who is pissed that Karen got the female lead and responds by aggressively stealing every scene she’s in, which actually makes the show better so no one, including Karen, is upset about it.  Ben is the director and Claire is the stage manager who is 100% fed up with everyone’s nonsense all the time.

Then let’s say Fisk is the producer and it’s some kind of The Producers-style scam where he expects the show to flop and make him tons of money (omg Madam Gao as a Broadway angel, I can’t, it’s too beautiful, I love Madam Gao so much) but it’s actually doing great in tryouts and he’s about to be royally fucked, so he hires the Russians to sabotage the show - oh oh OH! and then they break the leg of the male lead, Danny Fisher, and the understudy’s sick so Foggy needs to step in…and he’s a revelation.  Just stupendous, and Fisk is like “Shit, I fucked up, I fucked up, he’s TOO CHARMING, even I want him to sing tenderly to me, crap!”  (I have a mental image of him and Wesley sitting in the back of the theater and Fisk is sweating buckets and Wesley is just visibly swooning.  And Vanessa is like “omg what is wrong with you two.”)

Anyway, CLEARLY to take down the show they need to take down Foggy Nelson.  But that’s when Matt, who has been growing increasingly suspicious, goes into full-on Daredevil mode, because oh no you do not touch his precious singing cinnamon roll.  And then he saves the production, Foggy finds out his secret, tears, smooches, forgiveness, Tony Awards for everyone.

(Somewhere in there Matt will actually sing for Foggy, and further swooning will happen.  Just.  Whole lotta swooning in this AU.)