so sick i feel the flu coming on

How the Avengers Deal with Cold Season

Steve Rogers/Captain America:

-Doesn’t catch it
-Takes care of everyone else
-”Did you need anything? Soup? Pillows? Blankets? Juice?”

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Tony Stark/Iron Man:
-Tries to stay away from everyone but he still always manages to catch it
-Complains constantly while he works
-”Don’t even think about coming in here if you don’t have a mask on your face and Purell on your hands!”

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Thor Odinson:
-Makes fun of how weak they all are when they’re sick
-(Thanks to Loki) He gains the usual symptoms of a flu and whines 24/7
-”You humans are so weak! A little bit of sneezing should not hold you from battle!”

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Clint Barton/Hawkeye:
-Does not complain to any of the Avengers and tells them they’re all wimps
-Acts like a baby when he gets up
-”I feel fine. You’re all just babies.”…”Honey, can I have another blanket please?”

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Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow:
-Keeps up with her normal schedule
-Does not let the cold take her down
-”What? You think the bad guys will just wait for us to feel better before they attack?”

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Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch:
-Cannot control her powers like at all
-Shuts herself out to pretty much everyone, scared to hurt them
-”Don’t come in! It’s dangerous. I can’t control myself…”

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Bucky Barnes/The Winter Soldier:
-Helps Steve make everyone feel better
-Makes sure everyone eats soup, drinks juice, and sleeps
-”Sam! Do not get off that couch unless you have socks on your damn feet! Natasha, eat your soup or I swear…”

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Sam Wilson/Falcon:
-Totally in denial about having a cold
-Stays at his mom’s because, honestly, nothing makes him feel better but her
-”Nah, Man, I’ll be okay. I don’t get sick. These are just my allergies. But I’ll be at my mother’s if you need me…”

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Scott Lang/Ant-Man:
-You’d honestly swear he was dying
-Takes meds every four hours on the hour
-”My throat has never burned so badly… I cannot breathe our of my nose! I’m going to suffocate!”

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T’Challa/Black Panther:
-Tries to get everyone to try these weird recipes from Wakanda
-He low key knows the only thing making him feel alright is the Buckley’s, but he just wants everyone to drink the gross smoothies
-”This is a recipe from my ancestors. It releases all bacteria in relation to our virus. It can clear up a cold within hours.” “This literally just tastes like grass.” -chuckling with no further explanation-

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-Stays by Wanda’s side until she feels better
-Suggests remedies for everyone to try even though nobody asked
-”I heard jazz music can boost the immune system.” “Vis, thank you, but I doubt it will help.”

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Bruce Banner/Hulk:
-Gets better the quickest
-Moody as hell so he just stays away from everyone until he’s okay
-”Hey, Bruce-” “I suggest you get out before someone else makes you.”

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Peter Parker/Spider-Man:
-Determined to make everyone shape up so they can keep Avenging
-Goes fighting with Steve while he waits for the rest of the squad to get better
-”Come on, guys! Evil never rests when it gets a cold! It’s not like the bad guys will just wait until we get better before they attack!” “Peter, I appreciate the enthusiasm, but shut it.”

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Pietro Maximoff/Quicksilver:
-The sassiest piece of shit you’ve ever seen
-Sleeps when he’s not being mouthy or drinking Gatorade
-”Hey, Pietro, did you want some more soup?” “Did I say I wanted more soup?” “Even if you did, you aren’t getting any now.”

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BTS Reaction - He takes care of you when you’re sick

for my hydrodeath anon - you made me laugh and also I feel bad for you because water poisoning sounds terrible I am so sORRY


You had the flu. This boy would be incessantly worried about you, fawning over every move you made. Jin would hover all day, constantly asking if there was anything he could do for you and when you said no, he’d leave and come back with mint tea anyway.

You’d be drifting off to sleep so he couldn’t talk to you and ask you what you needed anymore, so he’d go around to the other side of the bed and mess around on his phone while you slept with your head on his chest.


You two spent so much time together that there was no way one of you was sick without the other being sick, as well. The stomach flu was not fun, but since you couldn’t take care of the other, you and Taehyung just took care of each other. When you threw up, he’d hold your hair. When he couldn’t take his stomach churning, you’d rub circles around his belly button to try and distract him. Couple goals, am I right?


The only thing he’d know how to do is cuddle you when the cramps got to be too much. Being on your period and having the stomach flu at the same time was pretty much the worst thing ever, you’d be crying out in pain from cramping and then running to the toilet to throw up.

When fate decided to give you a break for two seconds, Namjoon would grab a cold, wet cloth and put it on your forehead, brushing the sweaty strands of hair from your face. He’d lie down and let you lay on top of him as he rubbed your back slow and steadily. You’d be so hot you’d lay on top of him without a shirt on, and minutes later you’d be freezing cold so you’d grapple at the blanket next to you. It would freak him out that you were so sick, and although he wasn’t as mom-like as Jin, he’d try his hardest to make sure you were comfortable. 


Poor thing would be panicking when you started to throw up. At first, the word “pregnant” flashed through his mind like lightning; made his Jungshook face, and then saw on the news that the city water had been contaminated somehow. He’d rush to your aid, holding your hair up and once you were done, he’d gently wipe your face with a warm washcloth before pulling you into his arms. You’d be so exhausted and so delirious from being sick that you’d probably end up crying (I know I have - I was so sick that I cried of exhaustion) into his shoulder.

He would feel terrible for you and make you go lay down, and sit next to you while you tried to sleep. When you woke up, he’d have a hand on your head stroking your hair as he looked through “natural remedies to get rid of water contamination sickness.” 

“Jungkook?” You’d ask, so thirsty but terrified to drink anything for fear of your stomach rejecting it. Lying down was beginning to make your stomach churn, so you sat up and Jungkook would pull you into his lap, your cheek resting on his shoulder. Your arms would come around his waist and he’d draw shapes on your back to try and soothe you. Ugh, what a sweetie.


Chim would have read up on this. And he also would have noticed how you took care of him while he was out with a high fever a few weeks ago. While you laid in bed with the sheets pulled up to your chin, he’d grab some saltines and warm water to make your stomach and throat feel better.

After sitting with you on the edge of the bed, you’d pull at his arm and he’d lay down next to you, your arm crossing over his chest and your head on his shoulder. While you closed your eyes and began to drift off, Jimin would hum a song and hope you could get some rest.


He would be the type to stay at your side the entirety of your sickness. If he had to pee or something, he’d leave the door open in case you called for him. You got sick like this once a year, and when it happened, it was so bad you’d get random nose bleeds from coughing too hard. J-Hope would get so worried about you, he’d call off for the next week if possible, to take care of you and help you recover so you didn’t have to be alone. 

Poor thing wouldn’t even get any sleep, because he was always in this half-conscious, twilight state that enabled him to be able to jump up in case you were calling his name or were coughing really hard. He couldn’t sleep when you were this sick, and you appreciated him so much for taking such good care of you.


Oh, Yoongi. Always pegged as the lazy one, but when you were deathly sick and crying from the pressure in your head, he’d be there so you could lay on his chest while he hummed to you and rubbed your back to try and calm you down. Suga would be so sweet and run a bath for you, where he’d sit in there with you as he gently sponge bathed your shivering body with the hot water.

Later, he’d bring you back to bed and make sure you were comfortable before he set a glass of water and some medicine on the bedside table, then laid down next to you. He was careful not to pull you too close, because he didn’t want you to wake up sweating in the middle of the night, but you ended up using his arm as a pillow anyway.

feel better hydrodeath anon!!

sick - junhui scenario

request: I don’t really know if this is the right way to make a request but can I ask a sick Junhui scenario, please? Thank you very much 😊

a/n: I wasn’t sure if you meant that the reader was sick, or he was sick, so I just went with him being sick

  • got sick after going out in the rain
  • stupid decision on his behalf
  • decided to start planning his funeral after he started coming down with the flu
  • “this is it. this is how I’m gonna die.” 
  • “shut up, you literally only have the flu”
  • so much complaining
  • “(y/n), my throat is sore, and my head hurts, and I can’t breathe and I’m dying”
  • sleeps for eighteen hours straight
  • begs you to get him pills and make him food
  • which you (hopefully) do because your baby is ‘dying’
  • pushes you away if you try to kiss him
  • “but baby, kisses will make you feel better”
  • “no!! you’ll end up dying like me”
  • you have to wrap him up in eight thousand blankets before he finally stops feeling cold and shaky
  • “help, I’m still cold”
  • “fine, do you want me to make you soup?”
  • nods so quickly that he makes his head hurt even more
  • “that was a bad idea”
  • probably asks you to feed him the soup
  • and then makes you cuddle him for hours
  • “babe, I have stuff-”
  • “no!! you’re staying here and cuddling your sick man”
  • he falls asleep five minutes later
  • freaks out when he wakes up because you’re not in his arms like you were when he fell asleep
  • but you’re just makin tea or somethin
  • “(y/n)???????” he calls out in such a hoarse voice that you think he’s gotten worse
  • so you come runnin in
  • he’s still in a little nest of blankets
  • “you were missing and I got worried..”
  • “jesus, jun, I thought something was wrong… do you want tea? it should make you feel a bit better”
  • once again nods so quickly that he makes his head hurt even more
  • “I should really stop doing that”

asdfghjkl this was so bad but he’s basically my ult. bias so I had to try

thank you for requesting!!

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fic request: bellamy is helping clarke search for something in her things and he comes across a drawing of himself

Turnabout’s fair play,
Clarke figured, as she hefted Bellamy a little higher on her shoulder.  His breath fanned against her ear, smelling like four too many whiskey and cokes.  “Just a little farther,” she coaxed.

“You don’t have to help me,” he slurred.

“You helped me,” she countered and picked through his keys to find the right one.

Everything in her body hurt.  Every muscle ached and she was somehow on fire and freezing at the same time.  She heard a noise from the front door and honestly, if it was someone coming to kill her, she didn’t even care.  She felt like death anyway. They were welcome to try.

But her murderer didn’t come to the bedroom and her curiosity got the better of her and she heaved herself out from under her nest of blankets.

But in the kitchen, Clarke realized her fever must be sky high.  Because Bellamy Blake was standing at her stove with his sleeves rolled up to his forearms.  Her nose was stuffed up but whatever he was cooking smelled savory and delicious.

“You should be in bed,” he observed without looking over his shoulder.  The last time she’d seen him she was reasonably sure she’d called him a smug jackass.  But then he called her a spoiled princess so they were at least even on that front.

“I didn’t realize hallucinations could be this vivid,” she said and sank into a chair.  Her head felt too big for her body and her knees were weak.  She’d used up her energy walking the twenty feet to the kitchen, apparently.  “How did you get in?”

“I swiped Miller’s key,” he said, turning back to the stove.  “And I made enough soup to last you a few days.”


“Because when you have the flu it’s easy to run out of energy and that makes it harder to feed yourself.  In 1918, whole families starved to death during the flu pandemic thanks to fatigue.  So I made a bunch.  You can heat this up in seconds and it should keep you going until you feel better.”

Clarke closed her eyes and rested her head against the wall behind her.  “I mean, why did you come here?”

“Monty said you’d missed three days of work.  I figured you were really sick and everyone else is a germaphobe.”  Something clunked in front of her and she opened her eyes to find a bowl of soup with steam curling from the surface.  “And unlike the rest of our asshole friends, I’ve got my flu shot.”

Clarke eyed him warily and picked up the spoon.  “You really think I’m going to starve to death?”

Bellamy shrugged, a smile playing on his lips.  “Probably not..  But why risk it?”

“Thanks,” she said, fighting her own smile.  

Bellamy watched her eat and when she stood to take her bowl to the sink he plucked it from her hands.  “Back to bed,” he ordered, and if Clarke was feeling better she would have argued, but the heat that usually fueled their disagreements was gone, replaced by something akin to fondness.  He followed her to her bedroom— probably a wise choice, since she was really dizzy— and when she stumbled over a sweatshirt she’d left on the floor he caught her before she fell.

“Careful,” he said, steadying her and helping her the last few feet to her bed.  Clarke let him bring the blankets up to her chin and tuck her in.  “I’ll put the soup in the fridge and let myself out,” he said and turned to walk out.

He stopped at her dresser where her sketchbook was lying open and frowned.  “What?” Clarke asked, but he just shook his head.  

“Nothing.  Get some rest,” he directed, and then he was gone.

Clarke unlocked Bellamy’s door and heaved him inside.  He stumbled as he kicked off his shoes and she nudged him in the direction of his bedroom while she poured him a glass of water.  

His jeans were in a pile on the floor when she entered his room, his face mashed against his pillow.  “Drink this,” she ordered, and Bellamy groaned and pushed himself up.

“The room is spinning,” he complained and accepted the water.

“That’s what happens when you get super drunk,” she countered, but she kept her tone light.  Ever since her flu they’d been something like friends, but any time she tried to get closer to him he’d withdraw.  It was confusing, but at least tonight he’d agreed to let her help him home.

“Why me?” Bellamy slurred.

“Hmm?” Clarke asked.  

He drained the glass and flopped back down on his bed.  “Why’d you draw me?”  For a second she wasn’t sure what he was talking about, but then she remembered her sketchbook.

“It isn’t that I like his face, it’s that it’s an interesting face,” she’d explained to Lincoln when flicked through her work and raised his eyebrows at her three pages of sketches of Bellamy.  She’d been trying to capture the tilt of his chin and the angle of his cheekbones at first, and then moved on to trying to get the sparks in his eyes just right.  Lincoln clearly didn’t believe her, but Lincoln was sober.  Bellamy was drunk, which made this a lot easier.

“You have a sketchable face,” she said lightly.

“What’s that mean?”

“I means I like drawing your face,” she said, and Bellamy pressed his face into the pillow again.

“I like your face,” he mumbled, and her heart did a stutter step.  

That’s not what I said was on the tip of her tongue, but instead she just drew up his sheets.  “Get some rest,” she ordered and let herself out, her heart thundering the whole time.

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Prompt idea : Even calling Isak "My Prince" and being extra and in love

hahaha awww Even being extra and in love….isn’t that all the time tho? 🙊  Okay slight warning - this somehow turned into a sick Isak drabble i’m so sorry. it just happened. 

“Baby what’s the matter?” Even asked walking into the bedroom and seeing Isak completely consumed by the covers. All that was left of Isak, was the little vague shape of a beautiful goofy teenage boy under the quilt. 

he sat himself on the bed and gently rubbed Isak’s back through the covers. 
“I made you breakfast baby.” 

Isak slowly lifted his head just a tad out from under the cover, so Even cold see his red nose, his puffy eyes, and his messy blonde fluffy hair. 

“I’m sick” he whined. stating the obvious. 

Even smiled down at his adorable boyfriend. The fact that he could still make Even’s heart twinge just from the mere sight of him when he was the shade of death, and covered in snot, was remarkable. 

Even was so gone for this boy. 

He pulled the corner of the cover up and swung his legs underneath, immediately intertwining them with Isak’s as he pulled the tired boy in his arms, so he was laying on top of Even’s chest. Isak’s torso agains’t his. Isak’s clammy forehead resting gently on Even’s neck. 

Isak sighed at the cool feeling of Even’s skin. 

Even pressed his hand against Isak’s cheek. “jesus baby, you’re so hot.” 

“thank you” Isak mumbled weakly 

Even was worried but he chuckled lightly anyway. “no baby. not that kind of hot - although you know you are, but-” he broke off to run his hand through Isak’s hair. “you’re really sick angel.” 

Isak didn’t listen, he just pressed his warm sweaty hand against Even’s cool cheek, and smiled satisfyingly with his eyes closed. 

Even looked down at the warm golden light sprawled out on his chest. His entire world was right on top of him, wrapped in his arms. 

He felt his heart melt at the sight of Isak. He was his everything. 

He had never loved anything as much as he loved the way Isak smiled at him, the way he giggled and shook his head every time Even did or said something mind bogglingly ridiculous, the small kisses on his cheekbones Isak wakes him up with every morning, the way the entire world opened up and enveloped him in love every single time Isak looked at him. 

This, this was everything. 

This was what loving Isak Valtersen was like. 

Once he felt the deep heavy breath of Isak sleeping against his neck, he gently and very carefully moved Isak so he was sleeping on the mattress and not Even. He shifted restlessly a little, but continued to sleep, as he wrapped his arms around a pillow as an Even substitute. 

he took Isak’s socks off and pulled the heavy quilt off and replaced it with a light cotton sheet, to try and cool down Isak’s fever. 

he looked down at his sleeping prince for a moment, his fingers brushing against his cheek, his lips, the spot between his eyebrows, his lashes. This was it. This was his entire world. 

He kissed Isak’s forehead deeply, and watched as Isak smiled happily in his sleep because of it, before getting up and going to the kitchen to make his boyfriend some god damn soup. 

When Isak woke up, besides his body feeling like he had just been hit by a bus, all else he could feel, were arms wrapped around him, his back supported by Even’s comforting chest. He squirmed around a little to make himself get as close to Even as possible. 

Even’s arms wrapped tighter around him before he felt his lips tickle Isak’s cheek. 

“welcome back my prince” he breathed softly, making Isak’s skin light more on fire than it already was - if that was possible. 

“hi” he smiled dazed. 

Even turned him around so Isak could see his soft warm comforting smile.

“Will you do a favour for me?” he asked, his eyes focused so deeply on Isak. 

Isak felt his eyes threatening to close again but he forced them open to look at Even. “anything” he breathed.

Even smiled and then reached over to pick up a glass of orange juice and a little container with a mix of pills. 

“Take these for me baby” 

Isak pouted “too many” 

Even helped Isak sit up before handing him the orange juice. “they will make you feel better. Vitamin C, panadol, this magic flu tablet my mum recommended and then you can have some soup afterwards, Okay?”

Isak rolled his eyes “since when did you become a nurse.” 

“I can wear the outfit if you want me to baby” 

Isak laughed, and it made Even’s chest combust. 

“okay fine, i’ll let you medicate me, jesus christ.” 

“I knew the sexy nurse outfit would convince you” 

he smiled a big toothy grin at Even before swallowing down the pills, wincing as they hit his sore throat. 

Even brushed his hair back comfortingly and kissed his cheek. 

“good job baby. Now will you eat some soup for me?”

“Only if you feed me.” 

Even raised his eyebrows, and smiled suggestively “really?” 

Isak giggled “i’m kidding! jesus.” 

Even felt himself relax at seeing Isak’s cheeky sassy self come back to him. He could tell he was already feeling a little better. 

Isak finished the bowl in 2 minutes. 

Even laughed “good?” 

the boy smiled “always good.” 

“you’re so beautiful you know?” Even said pulling Isak close against him. 

“yeah they say the flu does wonders for your looks.” 

Even turned Isak’s face up to him and leant down “always beautiful” 

“Even don’t your gonna get sick.” 

he shook his head, “I don’t care.”  before pressing his lips against Isak’s and letting his world combust again and again. 

3 days later Even is lying in bed surrounded by tissues as Isak shoves a bunch of pills in his hand. 

he smiles up weakly at Isak who is trying to get the damn thermometer to work.

“Worth it.” he says before sneezing.  

YuriYuu Sick Day headcanons~

I’ve been feeling unwell all day so I want to share some sick day head canons to cheer myself up T ^T

  • Yuri is the biggest baby ever when he’s sick. He’s rarely sick so even the most minor cold feels like death is coming for him.
  • It’s also either a minor cold that lasts a day, or something like the flu that lasts two weeks. It’s nothing in between. 
  • Yuuri gets sick not super frequently, but frequently enough that he can get through it with minimal issues.
  • Yuri tho, does nothing but whine. He turns into a loudest, whiniest, and neediest person. Holy shit he turns into clingwrap. He tries to tough it out and be tough but he just…fails horribly.
  • Yuuri doesn’t mind it though because he gets to dote on Yuri and he never allows that otherwise.
  • That said, Yuri is the one to always force Yuuri to the doctor because “you make me suffer the doctor so you need to suffer the doctor too” otherwise he’d never go on his own. 
  • (they both are pretty bad about going to the doctor on their own though)
  • Poor Yuuri always seems to get whatever crud Yuri had shortly after. Yuri rarely gets Yuuri’s sick.
  • Yuri’s cure all for Yuuri being sick is to make him soup. It doesn’t matter what Yuuri is sick with, he’s getting soup. 
Sick!Fic starters

“Does it feel like I have a fever?”

“It feels like you have a fever.”


“I feel like I’m dying.”

“If I puke will you hold my hair back?”

“You look like death.”

“Did you really just sneeze on me? I don’t want to get sick!”

“Oh, poor baby, lie down, I’ll get you some tea.”

“You’re not going anywhere today, not when you’re sick.”

“You’re burning up.”

“I told you you shouldn’t have kissed me when I had the flu! Now you’re sick too.”

“It’s okay, just relax. I’ll make you some chicken soup.”

“Can you make me some *sniff* chicken soup?”

“I don’t feel so good.”

“My face is leaking. *sniff* I hate being sick.”

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*hesitantly raises index finger and asks* Did you just imply that in a drunken haze Reigen tried to come for Mob? As in, he tried to /go see/ Mob?

Or did he think of it before and thought drinking was the fastest way…           

(this post)

Sandflake said in their tags that they were torn between a scenario where Reigen was drunk or sick, so in the fic I left it intentionally a bit ambiguous, but in my head I was writing along the lines of gravely ill.

Like, Reigen woke up feeling like he’d caught a bad cold or the flu and decided to stay in bed and sleep it off, only to have his health decline so rapidly that, by the time it was obvious something was wrong-wrong, he was too delirious to get himself somewhere for help. Sand answered another ask proposing pneumonia–so something like that. No one intentionally dies of pneumonia

The dangerous implication here is the fact the Reigen now knows he’ll be able to see and hold Mob if he’s on death’s door. Do with that info what you may…

How to treat a sick little

If a little is sick, it can affect their whole routine or life. I myself, have come across these things that help.


If you notice a fever, or anything out of the norm, go to a doctor! If they can prescribe a medicine, great. Make sure to set a timer so that you, or your little, remember to take it. After taking the medicine, turn on a show or movie or music that is comforting to the little. Give them a blanket and a stuffie. Settle down with them, and make sure they feel safe. If they fall asleep, that’s great. Sleep helps get rid of sicknesses, so let them be! This cycle may go on for a couple of days until the sickness.☁


Rashes are very painful, and burn red. If you notice these things, get lotion or ointment. When you apply the lotion/ointment over the affected area, be extremely gentle. Sometimes it can feel like an open wound. After that, give them a snack. It will take their mind off of the pain for a while, then maybe a nap. Comfort them at any time.🌱


-Ask them to do anything that disrupts the healing process.
-Ask them to participate in any act for your own pleasure, and not theirs
-Leave them alone/ignore them
-Punish in a forceful way (spanking, etc.)❌

👸Side note: if your little has the sex of a female, and is having extreme menstrual cramps, make them hot chocolate, chocolate helps with the contracting that causes the pain.👸

Feeling just AMAZING and so positive today despite my shit show yesterday. I did end up turning the rest of the day around and went out for dinner with my fam jam and went to bed with a full belly. I woke up this morning with so much energy and told myself that today was going to be a great day! I decided to go to the gym and burn some of the energy inside me. Did some back, biceps, abs and even cardio! I have had to take it pretty easy when it comes to anything that involves my shoulder because I fucked it up trying a new move a few weeks ago, skull crushers I believe? I have always had loose limbs since I was a kid so my shoulder maybe have popped out and popped back in😬 it’s not hurting anymore, but I wanna take it easy just incase! Taking it easy or even resting is something that I would have never done before, not even if I was sick with the flu. I was so addicted to exercising I always felt obligated to do it regardless of the condition my body was is, and this is a really big recovery win for myself because I realize that now I have a positive relationship I have with the gym and exercising. I don’t feel the need to go everyday and I don’t feel guilty if I take it easy or even miss a week or two because life happens and things come up. Fitness is apart of my life, but it is no longer my whole life and I’m SO OKAY with that🤗

Oh, god.

Requested by Anon Elijah x reader - 52 Maybe all originals involved somehow? Pretty Pretty please *puppy eyes* (old prompts)

Prompts – 52 – ‘I think you might be pregnant.’

Word count – 478

Characters – Niklaus, Elijah, Rebekah, Hayley and Reader.

You entered the French quarter, to see Hayley your best friend. When you heard footsteps rushing down the stairs.
‘Ahh it’s only you.’ Niklaus said as he only seen you standing there.
‘Yeah who else would it be?’ you asked confused. Niklaus just looked at you and walked away.
‘Okay then.’ You said to yourself.

As you reached the top of the stairs you bumped into Rebekah.
‘Hi, Y/N. Hayley’s went into the library.’ She told you and you nodded.
‘Thank you.’ You replied.
‘So how you feeling?’ Rebekah questioned.
‘I’m okay, feeling a little sick but I think it’s the flu or something else coming on.’ You told her. She nodded.
‘I don’t think it’s the flu, maybe go see a doctor or something just in case it’s not.’ She said.
‘Will do when I get home thank you.’ You said to her and headed towards the library. Everyone was acting weird around you this morning. You entered the library and Hayley turned to you.
‘Hey, how has tour morning been?’ she asked.
‘Uh, weird. Klaus came running down the stairs and was expecting more than just me.’ You said as you sat on a seat.
‘Then Rebekah asked how I was and suggested I go the doctors, cause I’m not coming down with the cold.’ You told her.
‘Elijah has been the only normal one and that’s because I haven’t seen him.’ You said as you watched her look for a book.
‘Mmmm. Well maybe they’re just been nice.’ She replied as she chooses a book and sat down.
‘No, this is strange even for them.’ You told her.

You and Hayley had been reading all day with occasional drinks and snacks. You had talked for a bit but you didn’t need to talk to have a good time. When you looked up from your book, you looked at the time.
‘I need to get going.’ You told Hayley.
‘Okay.’ She said as you both placed your books down. You both headed down stairs where you bumped into Elijah. He turned to say sorry but froze.
‘Hey’ you said, but I was landing on deaf ears. You looked at Hayley, she shrugged her shoulders.
‘Hello?’ You said waving a hand in front of his face. Finally, he looked at you.
‘Sorry.’ He said and started walking away. You decided to follow him into the living room into the living room.
‘Right I’m gonna ask you all a question and you’re going to answer.’ You told them not giving them a chance to say anything else.
‘Why are you all acting strange?’ you questioned, they looked between the three of them.
‘Please tell me.’ You asked desperately.
‘We… ehh… I think your pregnant.’ Elijah said.
‘What?’ You asked in disbelief.
‘You’re kidding, right?’ you asked.
‘No, we can hear a heartbeat.’ Rebekah said.
‘Oh god.’ You said.

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Sam x Reader, Dean x Lisa

A/N: So my son Rylington came home from school today with the typical signs of an oncoming cold. Being a medic I had a feeling he wasn’t going to go back tomorrow morning. Towards the end of tonight, he spiked a fever, sealing my professional opinion. All my mind has been consumed with is making sure my little boy will be okay (every parent on here would share their sympathies I’m sure lol) Writing always makes me happy, and that’s how this fic was born. Expect at least 3 parts. Hell maybe I could even make this into a full blown series. I always get carried away when writing!

Word Count: 636

Featuring: Family fluff, sick children angst, parents being cute with each other lol (didn’t really want to call them warnings)

Summary: “The Life” long in Baby’s rear-view mirror, Sam and Dean both settled down, now proud husbands and fathers. Dean ended up married Lisa, now runs his own mechanic shop, and he and Lisa gave Ben a little sister named Sabrina. Sam married you, was able to finish his law degree and runs his own law firm, and through your womb he gave you three bustling little boys named Al, Leo, and Ricky. Al comes home sick one day. You and Sam do your best to deal with it when all three boys end up sick. 

A cough was nothing to you.

But it doesn’t always go away. Sometimes it turns into other nasty things.

Al was sent home early from school that day, and you had a feeling it was going to turn into the latter. A notice was sent home from your boys’ school saying the flu was going around. So you knew there was a possibility he wasn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

“Mama, I don’t feel good” Al whined from the couch, a untouched NutriGrain bar in his hand, laying down watching cartoons.

“I know sweetie.” you replied from the kitchen. You were still trying to clean up the mess that had progressively grown over the last few days. You hated doing dishes and only did them when you ran out of cups and plates. “Your brothers should be getting off the school bus anytime now.” as you spoke, you could hear the sound of a bus applying it’s breaks and children laughing. If the sidewalk by your driveway wasn’t a bus stop, you would’ve been out there waiting for your two younger children to get off. Al was 8 and in 2nd grade, Ricky was 6 and in 1st, and Leo was 4 ½ and in preschool. They were good boys who took after their father’s academic excellence, yet had their Uncle Dean’s mischievous streak on occasion. You’d received a parent teacher conference summons when Al played a prank on a female classmate, resulting in her being sent to the nurse’s office for playground sand in her eyes. 

You heard the door open around the same time Sam’s Charger was pulling into the driveway. The boys ran in chasing each other and laughing. Sam followed not too far behind them. All three kids ran up their father and tackled him to the floor, Sam laughing all the way down, holding up his arms in surrender. You came out of the kitchen to greet the handsome men in your life.

“Hi sweetie.” Sam said, getting up to kiss you, causing your sons to groan audibly. You and Sam shared a smile. “How was your day?”

“Eventful, to say the least. The kitchen and dining room are now as spotless as they can be, all the boys’ sheets are in the dryer, and Al came home with a congested cough.” A look of concern came across Sam’s face as he turned to see his oldest son crawling back on the couch, it being clear he exerted what little energy he had left joining his brothers in ambushing their dad.

Sam approached the couch. “Hey sport, how you feeling?”

“Awful, dad.” he laid back down but this time in Sam’s lap. Sam placed a hand gently on his forehead and his concerned look grew.

“Gee kid, you’re on fire.”

“I’ve already called Dr. Schwarts,” you said as you were walking back towards the kitchen. “she said to keep him home from school and keep the fluids coming, give children’s Advil as needed.”

“Okay. Ricky, Leo, try and play among yourselves for the rest of today. Your big brother’s sick,” Sam said to the younger boys.

“But I like germs. Icky things are cool!” Leo exclaimed. Ricky made a face. You were thankful one of your messy boys was something of a germaphobe.

But they obeyed their father and went to play outside. Some of the neighborhood kids were outside too. Sam got out of his business suit and changed into a T-shirt that showed off his incredibly ripped upper body and a pair of jeans and sandals. He followed the boys outside to watch them while you finished wiping down the counters. After putting the spray bottle away you went to the couch where Al had fallen asleep and took the cereal bar from him, covering him with a flat sheet.

Part Two Coming Soon!

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Hello! Your blog is very well written, and I enjoy reading all of your scenarios :) May I request a Rap Monster fluff? There aren't enough out there! Thank you!

Oh my gosh thank you so much!!! ~~ 

“Good morning, boys,” you said as Jimin let you into their dorm early morning. It was just reaching seven, and the members, as per usual, had a day full of schedules.

However, your sweet boyfriend had other plans.

“How is he?” You asked as you set bags of groceries on the countertop.

“What’s all this stuff?” Yoongi asked, picking through the bags.

“They’re things for Namjoon. Is he feeling any better?”

“Well, he’s still running a fever, his eyes are all red, and I think he coughed up a lung last night,” Jungkook sighed while putting his breakfast dishes into the sink. You exhaled. You took the day off of work to come and take care of Namjoon. When you’d heard of how ill he was, you almost couldn’t believe it. He was always the pinnacle of health, and he always worked so hard to take care of the other members when they weren’t feeling well. Knowing him, you knew he probably wouldn’t know what to do with himself while sick with the flu.

“I told him to get the flu shot with us in January. He says it makes you get the flu anyway. Now look at him,” Hoseok chimed.

“Don’t tease him~. You boys better head out soon, right? You have to be on set in an hour.”

“How’d you know that?”

“I know everything, Min Yoongi. Now, go, I think the managers are getting the cars outside. I’ll go check on the baby.”

“’The baby.’ What about him is a baby?” You heard the members tsk as they all filed out of the room routinely. You sighed, grabbed the liquid medicine (and the tablet medicine incase he’d rather take it in pill form) and knocked on his door lightly.

“Namjoon? Joonie? Are you–?” You stopped when you saw him standing at the mirror, buttoning up a shirt as he tried to conceal a sneeze. You sighed. Goodness, he looked so sick. “Where do you think you’re going?”

“I—achoo!—have to go with the members today for their interview,” he said, his voice sounding cloudier than usual.

“Lay down, you’re not going anywhere.”

“But… it’s an English interview, and they…” he protested as you led him back to his bed. With the flu, he was so weak that he could barely put up a fight as you gently pushed him back down on the mattress. He sighed as you put a hand over his head.

“They’ll be fine. Goodness, Namjoon, you’re burning up. Have you taken any medicine?”

“No… For the medicine, I have to eat, but I can’t stomach anything.”

You frowned as you stood. “What about soup? You can handle soup, right? Because we’ve gotta get some medicine in your system, babe. I’ll be right back.” You rushed into the kitchen and hurriedly fixed him chicken noodle soup before carefully picking out all of the noodles and chicken, hoping it’d be easier for him to consume. You moved the hot soup to a tumbler before heading back into his room. You heard him whimper lightly as he tried to sit up, making you frown.

“No, you can lay down. I put it in a cup, so it won’t spill out.”

“I should… I should sit up,” he groaned. “My head is gonna keep hurting if I lay down.”

You nodded as you handed him the soup and watched carefully as he drank it down sip by sip. You just wanted to hug him, he looked so ill and fragile. It made your heart sore to see him suffering so.

Once he finished, you offered him his medicine and a glass of water. “Once every twelve hours,” you instructed.

“Will you still be here during the second dosage?”

“Do you want me to be?”

“I don’t want you to have to sleep here while I’m sick, and you shouldn’t have to take care of me all day.”

You leaned in and kissed his warm forehead. “I don’t mind taking care of you, Namjoon.”

He reached for your small hand and squeezed it. “Don’t kiss me, you’ll get sick.”

“I got my flu shot unlike you, sir.”

“Those things don’t work,” he huffed before coughing. You sighed and opened up his shirt, making him smile.

“You really wanna test the limits of that flu shot, huh?”

“Don’t be a pervert,” you laughed before rubbing VapoRub on his chest. He sighed.

“That feels nice,” he cooed, closing his eyes as his nose cleared.

“My mom always used this stuff for me when I was a kid… it was my favorite part of being sick.”

Namjoon smiled. “Is that how you learned to take such good care of people when they’re sick?”

You moved the sweaty hair out of his face before kissing his cheek. “Possibly. Are you tired?”

He yawned. “Yeah… a little. I didn’t get much sleep last night.”

“I heard,” you sighed, laying down next to him as you wrapped your arms around his torso. He was so warm as he tried his best to turn his body towards you.

“You’ll get sick…” He cooed again before pulling you close to him. You smiled.

“If I get sick, it’ll be fine. I just need you to get better.”

He laughed before pulling you close. “It’s okay, if you get sick, I’ll take care of you, too.”

You smiled at the thought as both you and your boyfriend drifted off into sleep.

You woke up to the sound of Namjoon trying to scoot out of bed quietly without waking you, only his heavy wheezes were louder than the creaking bed.

“Joonie?” You asked, yawning as he turned to look at you.

“Did I wake you?”

“How long has it been?” You said, looking down at the oil stain his VapoRub left on your shirt.

“About four hours. I needed some water.”

“I’ll get it, lay down.”


“Lay down before I push you down,” you tsked as you got up.

When you went into the kitchen, you heard your phone buzz with a FaceTime call.

“Hi, Taehyung,” you waved. He smiled.

“How is our leader?”

“Still sick. He just woke up from a nap. I’m fixing him some water right now. How was the interview?”

“It was good! My English is getting better, right?”

You nodded. “You’re practically fluent. I-” You looked back when you heard Namjoon calling your name. “Hang on, Tae.” You ran into the bedroom to see Namjoon hurled over, holding his stomach. “Joonie! Are you okay?” You ran to his side quickly.

“I… I think… I feel lightheaded,” he sighed before falling over.

“You should’ve called me immediately,” Bangtan’s manager whispered to you as he entered the Emergency wing of the hospital. You stood shaking, trying your best to avoid the countless fans and paparazzi that were being hauled out as you simultaneously tried to keep up with how Namjoon was doing.

“I freaked out… He just fainted.”

“Don’t be too hard on her,” Jin sighed as he came to your side. “Has the doctor said anything?”

“Not yet. Goodness, I should’ve kept my eye on him more.”

“You’re fine, you were watching him all day. Don’t feel bad. I’d rather he’d have fainted with you there than while he was alone.” You nodded as Jin pulled you into a hug.

“Are you here for Kim Namjoon?”

“Yes, yes, that’s us!” You said, running to the doctor who’d emerged behind the door. “Is he okay? Is he stable? Conscious? What happened?”

“He’s fine. Namjoon hasn’t had food in two days. His fainting spell was a result of lack of energy.”

Everyone sighed. “Can we see him?” You asked, feeling tears of relief prick in your eyes.

As you were all lead into the room, you saw Namjoon sitting up, eating applesauce and a sandwich supplied to him by the hospital. You sighed as he smiled at you.

“Hi, beautiful.”

“Hey, handsome,” Hoseok chimed, making Namjoon turned from him and reach for your hand.

“How do you feel?” You whispered to him. He smiled.

“I feel great thanks to this turkey sandwich. I’m sorry if I scared you earlier.”

“Don’t apologize for fainting, Namjoon. I’m just happy you’re okay.” Yyou said as you kissed his forehead.

“Whenever I feel better, I’m taking you out to a really nice restaurant to make up for you having to take care of me all day.”

“That’ll be nice-” You started, but were soon cut off by Taehyung sneezing loudly in the corner of the room.

“My throat feels weird,” he sighed as he sneezed again. Namjoon pulled you closer.

“Get your own personal nurse,” Namjoon cooed as he wrapped his arms around you. “She’s mine.”

 I tried to make this super fluffy; I’m sorry if it’s not fluffy enough! Thank you for reading!!!

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Both of your kids are sick with the flu and you start showing some symptoms so Bucky springs into action making his mom's chicken soup recipe and lots of hot tea and running you and the kids hot baths. The night ends with him reading your kids a bedtime story before coming in to snuggle you and be your human pillow while you fall asleep watching Singin' in the Rain, him sometimes singing along with the more romantic songs to make you smile.

I feel like Bucky has all these home remedies from when he used to take care of Steve 

Daddy Wednesday™

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Domestic spamano mpreg?

Babies suck.

That all Lovino had to say about his predicament. Damn his brother for getting the womb that worked better than a bull’s heart. He was left with what his doctor called “infertility” which meant in a short case that he was having a very hard getting pregnant.

Antonio was really supportive through the ordeal, but the chance of them having a child that was from his stomach was small. If he did happen to get pregnant, miscarriage was high.

That didn’t mean they stopped trying for a kid. Lovino wanted it and Antonio wanted it, so they went for it.

So in their horribly painted green bedroom under some Pokémon covers they tried for a kid.

Antonio was panting after his second orgasm of the night, “anymore?” He had a bead of sweat going down his forehead and Lovino fondly wiped it away.“

He held one finger up, “one more.”

“Fucking hell.”


It was the annual G8 month meeting and Lovino didn’t want to fucking go. His stomach was in knots and that morning he threw up everywhere. Antonio pleaded that he just stay home, but Feliciano would be all kinds of mad if he left him again with a presentation.

Plus with big boss man on their butts, a little flu wasn’t going to hold him back. Instead, Antonio told everyone that was attending the meeting that Lovino was sick and he would need a barf bucket. (Also keep all children out of his sight, don’t want him to get them sick xoxox Antonio

The car ride was uneasy, jostling around the piece of toast Lovino forced himself to eat and came into the fancy building. It was nice that they were hosting in Spain, so they didn’t have to catch a plane or anything.

Lovino greeted his brother half-heartedly at the door and gave him a sluggish hug. Next was Ludwig where the big lug hugged him loosely and wished for him to get better.

Next were his brother’s kids. The thing to know is that children when they were based off cities that were already developed, they didn’t go through the awkward small stage like both twins. It’s similar with Ludwig who took over for his brother and grew furiously to get to his height and stance so he could participate in the first war.

Dominick stood tall just like his father with fair hair and had freckles from his mother. Unlike Ludwig, the boy was quite friendly and collapsed in Lovino’s arm and slapping his sister so she could give him the bright orange bucket.

“Thank you, Louise,” Louise was thin, but held a large bust and had long golden that she had pulled back in endless curls. The brother and sister were Milan and Berlin. Louise was strict, yet artistic and Dominick was inventive and persuasive.

He always wondered what city his child would appear in, but before he could get washed into brain, a chill ran up his spine and he vomited straight into the bucket. The sibling made a disgusted noise, while Feliciano just watched with a fond smile on his face.

“Remember when we use to clean up the throw up, Ludwig?”

“I repressed those memories, dear.”


Arthur was the first one to come out and say that Lovino looked terrible. “I don’t know, you look so grey, how have you been feeling these pass days?”

“Fine!” Lovino yelled setting the now heavy bucket on the floor beside him, “I can’t pin point when I got this flu and it isn’t widespread, because then Feliciano would be fucking sick.”

“Maybe it’s something else, Mama!” That know it all Piper snipped, it was a mistake for France and England to have a children, because they make asshole kids (ex. Canada, America, Piper)

Piper was thin like a fucking twig and had shaggy blond hair with sultry blue eyes. He had this beauty mark on his lip that he probably got from France for no reason.

“Let’s just call it the flu for now,” Antonio said worriedly, winding his arms around his partner and hiding his face in the crook in his neck.

Arthur clasped his hands together, “yeah, okay, keep me updated on your health, come along Piper.”


Sitting through that damn meeting was terrible, yet even if it was boring and Antonio clicked out at some point, Lovino started feeling better. It was like an angel shined down him and patted his head. Even if he was left with a headache and an ugly taste in his mouth, he felt happy.

He mouthed across the table to Feliciano he was feeling better, trying not to disturb Russia’s leader who was talking with Ivan.

Feliciano sent him an enthusiastic thumbs up and whispered to Ludwig about it, because Feliciano couldn’t do anything without telling his partner.

Furrowing his pale brows, he looked at Lovino and blinked a few times. The two conversed, Dominick tried to listen at one point, but Feliciano pushed him away.

“Germany? Italy?” Ivan asked, “are you two okay, you look scared?”

“Lovino is pregnant!” Feliciano shouted and was clipped on the back of the head by Ludwig.

“I said I think!”

“But you said the P word!”

Lovino’s cheeks went bright red as he stood up quickly, his stomach twisted and turned, undoubtedly in the fear that fogged over his body. In his brain he had repressed any idea of a child, but what did those two nitwits know. Feliciano and Ludwig were together, because they meshed well with being emotionless, stubborn, assholes.

Doing the only logical thing, Lovino stormed out and hid in one of the other meeting rooms, nobody was using. The one he chose had a little couch that he laid on and tried to slow down his face pacing heart.

A hand stretched slowly to his stomach and pressed a hand on the pudge, was it true that he was pregnant or just some terminal illness? The doctor said no, he was infertile, having a child would be a 1 in a million chance of happening, yet there was always the 1%

“Lovino?” Antonio’s voice filtered from down the hall and he heard the noise of his dress shoes pattering around the halls, “love?”

Not really in the mood to speak, Lovino just made a loud, muffled noise and turned over on the couch so he was staring at the red fabric.

It wasn’t long before the large doors open and he felt arms wrap around him. A body slid beside him until they were spooning gently.

“What if I am pregnant?” Lovino asked, the words hanging deathly in the air.

Next to him was a low sigh, he could smell Antonio’s breath, a coffee smell. A low kiss to his neck was pressed cheekily on the nape, “then your pregnant.”


“Hell if I know, but we’re going to find out.”

Turning over, they shared one last kiss before Lovino hid his face in the warm chest. A large hand was rubbing his back in the most soothing way possible which made him purr softly. Maybe he was with a child and maybe he wasn’t, but either way they would figure it out, because they were always a team.


It was the ultrasound day and Lovino had excitedly crossed out the day. Today he was going to see the little miracle, because from all odds he was having a child.

Antonio joked that he programmed his sperm to find that one last egg, but was hit on the head for being so dirty.

In the waiting room they were met by Ludwig and Feliciano who joined them for the special moment. Ludwig took pride in saying he was the one who knew first, but Feliciano shot back that he only knew was because he was the one who uncontrollable threw up on the first month.

All the tests came back positive, the doctors said it was true, it was set in stone.

His name was called by a young nurse who instructed him to lay down and pushed his shirt up to expose his stomach. Lovino instantly brought his hand to Antonio’s as the cold cream was rubbed against the mound of flesh and the wand was pressed against it.

The nurse probed around for a few minutes, humming a sweet tune. She paused, let out a sound of confusion and looked pressed it to another side.

“Well would you look at that.” She laughed. Feliciano took one look at the monitor and blanched straight out.

Lovino was in panic, demanding what was wrong.

“Twins Lovino, you’re the twin having twins!”

“You have to be shitting me, I thought you got that gene!”

Twins. Two babies, well no, two baby girls. With two beating hearts and a healthy weight, if not a little bigger.

Antonio kissed to the top of Lovino’s hand, snuggling the warm flesh, “I’m gonna be a papa to two baby girls, oh my God.”

“Don’t pass out on me, yet, dad.” The nurse joked letting a key of laughter filter over the joyous room. It was amazing and Lovino couldn’t help but be blessed.


Patience. Time. Want.

Lovino wanted them out. He loved his kid, but then Girl A kicked him in the ribs and Girl B was causing cravings for everything inedible. It was to the point where he was about to cut them out himself with a pair of rusty scissors!

Antonio hid the scissors.

They were laying together on the couch watching that one show about the medium with the New Jersey accent that people loved to mimic. His hand was pressed to the side of Lovino’s stomach holding Girl A from kicking and when Girl A wasn’t kicking then Girl B was pissed.

Girl B wanted something to eat, again, and she didn’t want popcorn, but Lovino wanted popcorn so he ate it passionately while his children grumbled and growled.

His husband was talking about… something? Lovino usually tuned him out and that’s what kept their relationship afloat.


“Wow that was a huge kick.”

Girl A was kicking hardcore since this morning, Girl B was even kicking and she never kicked. Antonio kissed him on the side of his temple and placed his hand to rub at the sore place.

Again it was so hard that Lovino’s eyes watered. “God I hurt.”

And then blood. When carriers are pregnant they don’t have the usual warming stuff that woman have so lots of old blood just settles in the stomach to puff it up and warm the baby. When carriers went into labor, blood was everywhere and that’s what happened.

Like someone pulled back the tape holding back water in a broken bucket, blood was leaking everywhere. Antonio had completely ditched Lovino to grab his shit and almost slam his face into the coffee table.

“Lets go!” He yelped like he was the real Diego from Dora and grabbed Lovino by his arm so he could carry him to the car, spouting Spanish phrases about babies and the joy of life.

Lovino was sort of high in pain so all he did was groan.


They put Lovino under sleeping gas as they went into his stomach to take out his children. Antonio was watching from a window as they took the two screaming children out, a single tear streaking his cheek as he tried to remember what a good night sleep would feel like.

Both countries barely even slept so with children it’s not gonna be sleeping, it’s gonna be just all nighters.


The babies were adorable. Antonio was leaning over the bed just to see the two cooing girls as Lovino fixed their wild hair.

Both of them had thick curly hair, the girl on the left had brownish green eyes and on the right she had matte green.

“And what’s their names?” The nurse asked as she held the name badges so they could tell the identical twins apart.

Antonio held the brown eyed baby’s hand, “this is Catherine and the other girl is Maria.” The plastic bands were placed around the baby’s hands and safe wishes were sent.


Quietly they felt it together, Antonio eyes widen as he stared at the two little girls, dressed in only diapers play together in the kitchen.

They were the cities Portofino and Pompei. Catherine was Portofino a little fishing village with beauty everywhere while Pompei was home to artifacts and discoveries of when Lovino was just a little kid. It was just funny that the twins both had cities that started with a ‘P’

Which gave them the fond, but stupid nickname, the P.P twins

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I wanna see Derek being sick (it's just a flu, Derek! Stop being a baby!) and his siblings really dreaded sick Derek because sick Derek will just turn into a whiny, clingy, childish Derek. So what do they do? Call Stiles, of course! (I need me some clingy fluffy Derek) - Z

Yes! I can imagine Derek hates being sick because it’s not something he can quickly recover from so he feels like he’s dying. And feeling like that, he gets really upset and clingy.

Then Stiles comes in and Derek is happy because he loves it when Stiles takes care of him. He doesn’t complain if he can only eat soup because Stiles sits with him in bed, eating soup and watching Netflix. And when they fall asleep from late night streaming of Bob Ross they end up cuddling and Derek likes that.

(I need this so bad now)

Random Hetalia Danish, pt 1
  • Denmark: Nor?
  • Norway: What?
  • Denmark: Are you ok?
  • Norway: Why wouldn't I be?
  • Denmark: Dunno. It is just that you have been like really quiet all day and you barely ate anything. You sure you are not sick? I can be your nurse!
  • Norway: No, I am fine.
  • Denmark: Really?
  • Norway: ...No.
  • Denmark: So do you have fever? Are you feeling sick? Do you need anything? Should I do something? Warm soup? Cuddles? Get better soon kisses?
  • Norway: Calm down. I only had a long and tiring day.
  • Denmark: ...Wanna talk about it?
  • Norway: I guess. Half of my assistants are sick because of some flu and we got some new workers who are just messing up everything. Then my boss send me some extra work only because they decided not to follow my advice last time and now they think I should fix the mess for them.
  • Denmark: ...Kom søde, du trænger til en stærk øl.(come sweety, you need a strong beer)
  • Norway: Yes.

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ughhhh i have requested this blurb everywhere but no one will do it!! can you write a fluff!blurb where y/n and Harry's first little girl and y/n get sick with the flu & Harry has to come home from the h.s. Tour to take care of them both? I think this is so cute I need some fluffy Sunday morning Harry😩

Maybe he has you both wrapped in warm and thick blankets, her small head rested on your chest, her flushed nose pressed against her.

“Daddy, I want a kiss.” Your daughter whines, her dry lips pouting in the same way as her fathers, when he is feeling grumpy.

“Daddy can’t give yeh a kiss, I can’t get sick.” Harry explains, but your daughter starts acting up, some coughs leaving deep from her lungs.

“I want a kiss!”

“This is wha’ yeh get from gettin’ sick!” Harry exclaims, lifting his arms up. He crouches down to her level, stroking her smooth skin with his thumb.

“Just because Daddy can’t kiss yeh now, it doesn’t mean he doesn’t love yeh.”

The pout on your daughter’s face starts to slowly fade away, and she nods, understanding the situation, but the raspy coughs attack her again, and small tears form in her eyes.

“C'mon then. Let’s get yeh some coughdrops and you can nap on mummy in peace? Yeah?”