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YuriYuu Sick Day headcanons~

I’ve been feeling unwell all day so I want to share some sick day head canons to cheer myself up T ^T

  • Yuri is the biggest baby ever when he’s sick. He’s rarely sick so even the most minor cold feels like death is coming for him.
  • It’s also either a minor cold that lasts a day, or something like the flu that lasts two weeks. It’s nothing in between. 
  • Yuuri gets sick not super frequently, but frequently enough that he can get through it with minimal issues.
  • Yuri tho, does nothing but whine. He turns into a loudest, whiniest, and neediest person. Holy shit he turns into clingwrap. He tries to tough it out and be tough but he just…fails horribly.
  • Yuuri doesn’t mind it though because he gets to dote on Yuri and he never allows that otherwise.
  • That said, Yuri is the one to always force Yuuri to the doctor because “you make me suffer the doctor so you need to suffer the doctor too” otherwise he’d never go on his own. 
  • (they both are pretty bad about going to the doctor on their own though)
  • Poor Yuuri always seems to get whatever crud Yuri had shortly after. Yuri rarely gets Yuuri’s sick.
  • Yuri’s cure all for Yuuri being sick is to make him soup. It doesn’t matter what Yuuri is sick with, he’s getting soup. 
Weekend Update :)

Hey guys :)  As I noted last night, I’ve come down with the flu….which is quite sad because I was planning to finish up the Fashion Mod updates/Teen Career and post them this weekend.  I won’t completely rule it out- I don’t have a TON to do but it all depends on how well I’m feeling.  If I can’t finish by Monday, then I promise to finish sometime during the week :)

Anyway, I can’t have a truly unproductive weekend, even when I’m sick, so instead I’ll be doing some updates to my CC sets…the same stuff I’ve been working on for months, but I never finished the list of things which needed updating, haha.  I’ll reblog the sets if I add new content to them (some of them will have some new CC and swatches added :))

Thanks everyone!

Oh, god.

Requested by Anon Elijah x reader - 52 Maybe all originals involved somehow? Pretty Pretty please *puppy eyes* (old prompts)

Prompts – 52 – ‘I think you might be pregnant.’

Word count – 478

Characters – Niklaus, Elijah, Rebekah, Hayley and Reader.

You entered the French quarter, to see Hayley your best friend. When you heard footsteps rushing down the stairs.
‘Ahh it’s only you.’ Niklaus said as he only seen you standing there.
‘Yeah who else would it be?’ you asked confused. Niklaus just looked at you and walked away.
‘Okay then.’ You said to yourself.

As you reached the top of the stairs you bumped into Rebekah.
‘Hi, Y/N. Hayley’s went into the library.’ She told you and you nodded.
‘Thank you.’ You replied.
‘So how you feeling?’ Rebekah questioned.
‘I’m okay, feeling a little sick but I think it’s the flu or something else coming on.’ You told her. She nodded.
‘I don’t think it’s the flu, maybe go see a doctor or something just in case it’s not.’ She said.
‘Will do when I get home thank you.’ You said to her and headed towards the library. Everyone was acting weird around you this morning. You entered the library and Hayley turned to you.
‘Hey, how has tour morning been?’ she asked.
‘Uh, weird. Klaus came running down the stairs and was expecting more than just me.’ You said as you sat on a seat.
‘Then Rebekah asked how I was and suggested I go the doctors, cause I’m not coming down with the cold.’ You told her.
‘Elijah has been the only normal one and that’s because I haven’t seen him.’ You said as you watched her look for a book.
‘Mmmm. Well maybe they’re just been nice.’ She replied as she chooses a book and sat down.
‘No, this is strange even for them.’ You told her.

You and Hayley had been reading all day with occasional drinks and snacks. You had talked for a bit but you didn’t need to talk to have a good time. When you looked up from your book, you looked at the time.
‘I need to get going.’ You told Hayley.
‘Okay.’ She said as you both placed your books down. You both headed down stairs where you bumped into Elijah. He turned to say sorry but froze.
‘Hey’ you said, but I was landing on deaf ears. You looked at Hayley, she shrugged her shoulders.
‘Hello?’ You said waving a hand in front of his face. Finally, he looked at you.
‘Sorry.’ He said and started walking away. You decided to follow him into the living room into the living room.
‘Right I’m gonna ask you all a question and you’re going to answer.’ You told them not giving them a chance to say anything else.
‘Why are you all acting strange?’ you questioned, they looked between the three of them.
‘Please tell me.’ You asked desperately.
‘We… ehh… I think your pregnant.’ Elijah said.
‘What?’ You asked in disbelief.
‘You’re kidding, right?’ you asked.
‘No, we can hear a heartbeat.’ Rebekah said.
‘Oh god.’ You said.

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Tips for studying when sick

We all know how hard it can be when flu season comes around and you really need to study, but you just can’t shake off the illness that you’ve caught. 

I’m currently studying for my final exams and have come down with the worst virus I’ve had in years, so I’m going to share with you my tips on how I still maintain a study routine even when I’m feeling rotten. I hope this helps some of you!

1. Maintain regular study breaks - When you’re studying for a big test and you’re in the groove of things it can be hard to want to take time out of your already busy schedule for regular breaks, but when you’re sick this is absolutely essential. Try to take more frequent breaks than you usually do so that you don’t overwork your already struggling body. In my breaks I like to keep up my fluids and listen to some calming music to prevent my brain from feeling too fuzzy.

2. Drink heaps of fluids - While you should already do this when studying so as to keep your brain functioning, when you’re sick you need even more fluids than usual. I like to keep a huge bottle of water with me at all times as well as a cup of tea, drinking from these super regularly so as to maintain my focus and try to overcome my sickness.

3. Get lots of sleep - While it can be tempting to pull an all-nighter to cram in as much study as possible, I don’t recommend doing this when you’re sick. Your body is already exhausted and needs as much sleep as it can get! I recommend having early nights to try to get back in good health as quick as possible.

4. Study somewhere comfortable - While I usually opt for sitting at my desk to study, when I’m sick I migrate to the couch. This is to make sure I’m as comfortable as possible so that I can try to get some studying done. There’s nothing worse then being uncomfortable when you’re ill, and I actually find that it prevents me from working when I’m feeling under the weather. Make sure you sit upright when you’re on the couch so you don’t fall asleep, but cover yourself with a blanket to stay warm and cozy so that you get some work done!

5. Try not to stress - I know this is easier said than done, but stress can weaken your immune system even further. Email your teachers if you have to ask for extensions, or ask your friends for extra support when you’re not feeling 100%. Whatever it takes to make you feel less stressed, do it - trust me, you will thank yourself in the long run. 

RFA+V react to MC hiding an illness from them

As a side note, I am taking requests. To reiterate, I won’t do NSFW stuff or add Unknown because I’m not well acquainted with the peach to write about him. I won’t take a lot of requests, but I’ll do them.


  • Yoosung turns into a mama bear when you’re sick
  • he will drop everything to be at your beck and call
  • will do anything to make sure you are the picture of health
  • does he even BREATHE???
  • so the day you start to feel your throat get scratchy and dry
  • you pulled out your emergency “I’m sick and need to hide it from Yoosung” box packed with cold/flu meds, cough drops, a box of tissues, and five travel tissues
  • as the days go on you try to avoid even the slightest sniffle
  • he’s none the wiser
  • “congested? N-no it’s just allergies ^^;;”
  • the only thing he does notice is how you avoid his touch
  • the little bear just wants love from you!
  • so he decides he is going to get a hug from you
  • when you come home he just runs up to you
  • you didn’t have a chance to react before he wrapped his arms around your body
  • “Hon’ why haven’t y–”
  • once he notices your fever through your skin,
  • scoops you in his arms, tucks you into bed and breaks out his own emergency “when MC gets sick” box
  • you were kind of glad he found you out
  • his soup is the best


  • unlike Yoosung, Jaehee lacks a great caretaker trait
  • she will take care of you, but she tends to slack at her work and forgets her own well-being
  • you don’t want her to neglect her job so you try to act as normal as you can
  • she hardly notices the occasional sniffle or your hot skin when she goes to touch you
  • you do a pretty good job for a while
  • that is until you wake up in the middle of the night with awful stomach pains
  • when you felt things weren’t going to end well
  • ⋆* ⁑⋆* (๑•﹏•)⋆* ⁑⋆* you dart to the toilet
  • while you’re retching, Jaehee takes a seat on the edge of the tub and rubs your back
  • in between your bouts you assure her your fine
  • <_<
  • she takes two days off to take care of you
  • gives you kisses on your forehead when you’re asleep
  • makes sure you eat enough and are well hydrated
  • when you start to feel a little better, she bakes you cookies :D


  • your fever comes about while you were on your way home
  • zen had been pretty focused on his new role so you didn’t want to bother him
  • or worse you didn’t want to get your beautiful marshmallow sick
  • you believe you can hide it until you get better
  • but your hubris gets the best of you
  • you two are sitting on the couch watching a movie
  • then you sneeze
  • he excuses you by complimenting how cute your sneezes sound
  • but then you do it again
  • and again
  • and again
  • and again
  • Zen figures it out on the third sneeze
  • you should have known by now that your boo can balance his schedule very well
  • any long breaks he gets at work, he goes in to check on you
  • he will even give you kisses through his surgical mask


  • he either has two extremes
  • (1) he would have you under the care of the finest doctors the moment you felt ill
  • (2) you would be locked in the house and be taken care of by him
  • but you aren’t exactly a fan of doctors or hospitals
  • and you have no idea how your donut would take care of you
  • so when you had a fever dream of a clown doctor with a large needle
  • you were going to do your best to hide it from him
  • includes chugging down flu medicines and buying tissues while you were out
  • but as the days went on he noticed the signs
  • you wore jacket over jacket, with scarves and a beanie
  • “s-s-sweaty!? I-it’s because I went out for a run! ;;;;”
  • “i’m not tired, i’m fine!”
  • “my voice changed? oh that’s because of the…weather?”
  • you make the mistake of visiting him at work
  • while you were sitting on the couch together, you cough into your scarf
  • that was what did it
  • against your wishes he takes you home and has you go straight to bed
  • as he was calling his doctor you manage to convince him all you need is some TLC
  • the donut can’t say no to your sparkling eyes
  • skips work to take care of you the best he can
  • to pass the time he reads to you until you fall asleep


  • you don’t really give Seven the benefit of the doubt
  • you assume since he’s always working he wouldn’t notice when your nose was stuffed or all the tissues lying around
  • while you were in your bedroom on your phone, you sneeze
  • as you reach to grab a tissue, you hear the door lock
  • you think Seven is playing a prank on you
  • but the door is legit locked and he’s not on the other side
  • it then dawns on you
  • when you call him he says it’s for your own good until he can gather the needed materials to make you feel better
  • as revenge you lick the doorknob but immediately regret it
  • hella salty
  • why did you do that???
  • you sit in bed with the longest pout you’ve ever done
  • a few hours later he finally unlocks the door
  • enters with a box full of comics, and graphic novels.
  • he even brought extra blankets, pillows, water bottles, and even a stuffed animal
  • how did he manage to go from 0 to 100 in a few hours???
  • will provide you soup he got from the store
  • if you refuse to take your medicine he tries to bargain with you
  • “if you take your medicine you get a kiss”
  • even though you don’t want to get him sick,
  • you CAN’T resist kisses from Seven~
  • this turns out to be a great tactic to make you better and get him sick so you can take place as the caretaker with kisses


  • you have a lot on your plate like work/school, social obligations, and the RFA parties
  • it gets pretty stressful and you don’t want V or anyone else to worry
  • because you know he would want you to take a step back
  • but you don’t want to disappoint anyone, especially V
  • you work yourself until you feel the flu begin to take its hold on you
  • at first, you thought this would be a piece of cake, when your throat was coated in mucus
  • but you realized it was going to be harder than you thought
  • this guy has ears like a hound
  • you end up walking outside to go sneeze
  • or you suppress your cough then try to play it off
  • “oh…I just swallowed some spit. Don’t mind me ಥ_ಥ”
  • after working on the guest list with Jaehee all day, you thought you could slip into the bedroom without V noticing
  • but you take a few steps and everything just goes black
  • you land face first on the ground with a loud thud
  • when you wake up, you’re in the hospital with V by your side
  • he’s hurt that you didn’t tell him
  • don’t look at me like that!
  • since he can’t take care of you at home, he thought you were in better hands at the hospital until you get back on your feet
  • being the sweetheart he is, he takes care of your business for you
  • calls sick for your work/school, tell your friends you were ill, and allocate your duties to the RFA
  • overloads your nightstand with flowers he either picked and bought
  • sits with you and listens to you as he holds your hand
  • is just a complete sweetheart
[SCENARIO] Jun when his GF is sick...

Request from: @dontsleeponjunhui

Prompt: Y/n caught a terrible flu & Jun knows how attempts to cure it.

Ello friend! I fell sick on the first day of the year. Does this mean that 2017′s gonna be a bad year for me? 🤔  Anyways, I hope that you’ll enjoy this short scenario with Jun! Stay healthy & I hope that you’re having a great year so far! 👅

junnie :>

Jeonghan | Jun

Jun when he finds out that you’re sick…

  • Early in the morning:
  • “Hi jagi, I’m coming over to pick you now! Ready for our date?”
  • “Jun, I’m not feeling well…”
  • “Dude, I just got the flu…” -.-
  • Can you just imagine a super paranoid tol baby overthinking
  • He’ll pout at you and give his super adorable puppy dog eyes
  • He would arrive at your doorstep in less than 10 minutes, even though he is 40 minutes away
  • How does he do it? Nobody knows (Like I said, he’s a paranoid kid)
  • And when you open the door to greet him, he’ll immediately make you go back to your room and sleep
  • “Why are you out of bed? You should be sleeping!!!”
  • “Who’s gonna open the door for you then?” -.-
  • Once he puts you back into bed, he’ll attempt to cook you a meal
  • “Jagi, you rest well. I’ll cook you chicken soup!”
  • “But all you know how to do in the kitchen is make toast.”
  • “EXCUSE ME… I make good toast.”
  • And after 30 minutes of staring at the ingredients in front of him, he’ll give up and call Mingyu over to cook for you instead -.-
  • “Mingyu can you come over to y/n’s? She wants chicken soup.”
  • “Hyung, you’re useless…”
  • And when Mingyu is done with the cooking…
  • “Thanks Mingyu, bye Mingyu!”
  • “W-what?”
  • “You can go now!”
  • “Wtf hyung?! I’m - ”
  • “Ok, bye!!” *pushes Mingyu out the door*
  • He’ll bring the soup + meds & water to you
  • “Soup’s ready, y/n”
  • “I’m not hungry, I just need the meds”
  • “You’re not getting meds if you don’t drink the soup”
  • “Fine, I don’t want both”
  • He’ll pout at you and give you super adorable puppy dog eyes
  • You ignore his pout and turn away from him to go back to sleep
  • But he stops you and pulls you to sit up
  • “Fine jagi, I’ll feed you instead. Say ahh~”
  • You reluctantly accept because firstly, you didn’t want him to keep pestering you (ahem, clingy bf) and secondly, the soup was surprisingly tasty (DUH, Mingyu cooked it)
  • When you’re done with the soup, he’ll help you to wipe your mouth and give you your meds
  • He’ll make you go back to bed + put a towel over your forehead before he does the dishes
  • And when he’s done with the dishes, he’ll come back and check on you
  • “Y/n, are you feeling better?”
  • “Slightly, why?”
  • “Wanna watch a movie? Hehe”
  • He’ll carry you princess style to your living room and plop you on the couch
  • Puts on some cheesy love show because he knows that you like watching them when you’re feeling down + he secretly likes them too
  • Climbs onto the couch behind you so you’ll be leaning against his chest and he’s chin is resting on your head
  • “You’re too close, Jun. You’re gonna get sick too”
  • “I’m not a weakling like you” and he flicks your nose with his finger
  • Which earned him a jab in the stomach
  • Leading to a fierce tickling competition even though you’re drowsy af (Pft, competitive couple)
  • He obviously has the upperhand in the fight since he’s sitting behind you
  • But when you try to stand up, he’ll stop you by pulling your waist closer to his chest
  • “Ok fine you win, jagi. Don’t go”
  • And you’re too weak to wrestle with him anymore so you just give in and finally pay attention to the show
  • But he’ll interrupt after a while and ask if you’re feeling better
  • You didn’t answer him and he smirked when he looked down and found you fast asleep against his warm chest
  • “I never knew someone could look this beautiful even when they’re sick,” he brushes your hair out of your face and hugs you tighter, “I love you”
  • And the two of you fell asleep in that position that night 

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Being sick sucked. You hated the fever, the pain in your body, just everything.

“You look awful”, said Magnus and you looked to him.
“I’m miserable. You don’t get sick so you have no clue how such a flu feels.”
“You know that I could just heal you”, he suggested.

For a moment you wanted to give in. Feeling good again would be amazing but you had a reason for not letting him do it.

“I’m human Magnus. Human get sick but we get over it. It’s part of our life.”
“I just want you to feel better (y/n).”

“Then come over and cuddle me,” you pouted and hugged your teddybear tighter.
Magnus looked at you with a soft smile before he made his way over to you.

He laid down besides you and embraced you in a warm hug.
With a sigh you tucked at the fabric of his shirt and already felt a little bit better.
As long as Magnus was with you, everything would be fine again.

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Hope you feel better soon ^^

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raynt replied to your post “Think I got the flu, my eyes and teeth feel like they’re gonna come…”

oh no! I hope you feel better soon!!

Thanks, I hope so too, like, I never get sick, so whenever I actually do the psychosis decides to have itself a field day because I have no experience trying to reconcile the two

Like, part of me knows this is just a flu, but then the part of me responsible for, like, my panic responses is just like, “Nah, a fly probably flew into your nose while you were sleeping and now maggots are eating your brain, looks like yur gonna die, sorry~”

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what is the oa? the thing you just reblogged about watching the oa

HI! Well last weekend while I was feeling very sick and miserable with the flu, I took up the advice of a couple friends and started The OA, which is a show on Netflix. I honestly had zero idea what it was about when I started it, so I don’t want to give too much away. But it centres around a woman called Prairie who comes back home after disappearing for 7 years, and what she goes through during that time. I WATCHED THE WHOLE SEASON AND I CANT WAIT FOR THE NEXT ONE!!! It was kinda confusing at times, and very emotionally intense, but I LOVED IT. So if you do end up watching please let me know :o)

Anyway bc I’ve been sick w the flu for the last four days (on top of also having my period WHAT UP) I’ve been feeling v fat n lazy and I haven’t worked out or anything soooooo booooo. My hamstrings cramped up today just standing around at work but I have zero energy to do yoga or anything lmao thanks flesh prison.

Tomorrow I am working w the professor from 9-5 and then tutoring from 5:30-7:30 so I will just come home and Crash. Tuesday/Wednesday im just gonna be home in the day reading Richard III and trying not to freak out so maybe if I’m feeling better by then I can do something idk.

it feels weird not to work out !!! idk !!! Anyway good night i need to take some flu meds and fuckin pass out


You lifted your head just a bit from your pillow, sniffling as you looked to the door. Dean stepped into the doorway, concern evident on his face. 

“I’m sick." 

A soft smile came over his face as he made his way into your room. You shook your head, laying it back down on your pillow.

"Don’t come in. You’ll get it, too.”
“Risk I’m willing to take." 

He leaned over, laying a hand on your forehead. 

"Jesus, you’re burning up.”
“I’m so cold. And everything hurts.”
“That sounds like the flu." 

You moaned, burrowing under the covers, moaning again at the pain that sent through your body. Dean sighed, gently patting your arm.

"Hang on." 

An hour later, you had medicine in your system, a laptop in front of you with Netflix continuously playing, a box of tissue by your side that were quickly dwindling, and you were curled up beneath the biggest, comfiest blankets the Bunker had to offer. Dean came walking back in, a tray in his hands. 

"All right. Got some of Mom’s tomato-rice soup, sure to cure whatever ails you. And if not, there’s always John Winchester’s cure-all kitchen sink stew that I can whip up. Although the pepper might do you more harm than good right now…" 

You sniffled, shaking your head. 

"I’m … I’m not hungry.”
“You need to eat.”
“I don’t think I can." 

Dean set the tray on your dresser, then walked over to your bed. He sat on the edge, reaching over to brush his hand over your forehead. 

"Is there anything I can do?" 

You sniffled, looking up at him. 

"I don’t want you to get sick.”
“I’ve already told you, I don’t care about me. If I do, you can take care of me, okay?" 

You nodded. 

"Will you lay with me?" 

Dean smiled, standing up to toe off his boots. 

"Scoot over." 

You did, and Dean moved the laptop to your nightstand. He tugged off his button-up and slid his jeans off, climbing into bed behind you and pulling you back against his chest. You let out a sigh, sinking into the warmth as he wrapped his arms around you. He pressed a kiss to your forehead and you drifted off to sleep. 


This is for my friend @thing-you-do-with-that-thing! I know you weren’t feeling good yesterday, and I hope this helps. Feel better soon, Karina!

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you already know how i feel about your writing <3. I'd love to see a fic where Stiles gets the flu or something, and Derek comes over and takes care of him, but is so hostile and mean about it that Stiles thinks Derek's there to kill him via alphabet soup burns or give him an overdose of cough syrup. When Derek's just mad because Stiles let himself get sick in the first place.

Enjoy 2k of Derek’s soup assassination attempts! I’m also posting this on an airplane. I am god. :)


Stiles is ninety-nine percentcertain Derek is trying to kill him.

He peers cautiously out from under the frankly obscene amount of blankets draped over him and the couch, eyeing Derek, who’s in the kitchen stirring a pot of soup with so much force, Stiles is half afraid he’s going to break the spoon. Or the pot. The cast iron pot.

Stiles ducks back under the covers and wonders if Derek’s going to try pouring scalding soup over him, considering his earlier attempt on Stiles’ life didn’t work. As if Stiles would let someone kill him with a simple cough syrup overdose! His defenses may be down because he’s sick, but he won’t be killed that easily!

Now if only he could figure out how to get Derek out of his house before things get any worse. Unfortunately, Derek’s here under the guise of kindness and caring for a sick friend, and if Stiles tries to kick him out, there’s no doubt that he’ll end up being the one painted as the aggressor with Derek as the victim.

Fuck. His. Life.

He pokes his head out from under the blankets again as he feels an intimidating presence looming over him. Derek glares down at him, a bowl clutched tightly in his hands. Idly, Stiles wonders if he’s going to have to switch all their dishes to plastic in order to properly werewolf-proof the house. Hell, he probably should have done it years ago.

“Eat,” Derek demands, placing the bowl on the nearby coffee table.

“Okay, but can you really eat soup?” Stiles asks, his throat sore and raspy as he pulls the covers around him again so that only his eyes and nose poke out. “I mean, it’s primarily broth, right? So shouldn’t I drink it?”

“There are noodles,” Derek replies, as if that solves this whole existential dilemma.

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| Requested by Anon

You called him because there was no one home, and you were violently sick with the flu. 

It rang about three times before he picked up. 

“Hey Y/N, what is it?” He sounded happy. 

“Nick, I’m really not feeling well, you think you could bring some soup to my house when you come home?” You asked. 

“Wow. You sound really bad.” He paused. “Screw it. I’m coming right now. I’ll be there in 30 minutes.” He frantically was talking to someone else over the phone, you then a few moments later you could hear the car start. 

“How’d they take it?” You laughed. 

“Not so well. But it doesn’t matter, I’d do anything for you.” 

flu network

i’m feeling absolutely rotten and have lost my voice, so here, have this re-write of an old, fluffy jily fic <3

shoutout to my wife @lililibird for the title

art by the beautiful @hamabee

Lily looked like death. All of the colour had washed out of her face, except for the raw, red skin underneath her nose and the tinge of purple beneath her watery eyes. 

James enveloped her in a hug, rubbing her back. “Aww, my poor little Lilykins, look at you!”

She weakly pushed away, sniffling. “Don’t come too close, I don’t want to get you sick.”

She sounded ridiculously stuffy, and he laughed as he stepped back. 

She frowned and huffed, “Or maybe I should get you sick, if you’re going to laugh at me!”

“Aw, Lils, I didn’t mean to laugh.” He draped an arm over her shoulders and kissed the top of her head. “But you have to admit, you sound hilarious.”

She opened her mouth to reply, but was interrupted by a violent sneeze that shook her whole body, and once she’d recovered from that she was too upset to reprimand her boyfriend. She just took a shaky breath in and leaned into his shoulder.

“Maybe you should go back to bed,” James said gently.

Lily pouted. “But everyone else is going to Hogsmeade.”

“You’re just going to feel miserable if you try to push yourself. It’s better for you to rest." 

She screwed her face up in annoyance, and it was obvious that he hadn’t convinced her. James glanced over at the Marauders, Mary and Marlene, who were waiting for them by the portrait hole. 

He continued, "Do you really want everyone to see you with your nose glowing like Rudolph’s?" 

She lifted her shoulders and pulled her scarf up to cover the lower half of her face, eyes wide and looking close to tears. 

James hurriedly exclaimed, "Not that you don’t still look beautiful!”

She glared at him before lowering her shoulders with a defeated sigh. “No, you’re right. I’ll just go back to bed. Have fun in Hogsmeade." 

Lily squeezed his hand and turned to go back up to her dorm.

An uncomfortable weight twisted in James’s stomach, and he ran a hand through his hair, knowing that what he wanted to do (go to Zonko’s and restock his pranking supply) and what he should do (take care of Lily) didn’t match up.

But he liked to think that he’d matured a bit over this past year, and so even though it pained him, he told the others to go on without the two of them, promising that they’d be waiting to hear all about it when they got back.

Lily smiled at him from the foot of the staircase, before she was racked by another sneezing fit, and she looked so pitiful standing there shaking that James didn’t regret his decision at all. He guided her over to the couch, re-stoked the fire, and got her to curl up with her head in his lap.

"Why didn’t you go with the others?” she asked, the question muffled as she wiped her nose with an embroidered handkerchief.

He ran a hand through her hair, picking absentmindedly at a knot. “Because you weren’t coming.”

“Yeah, but everyone else -”

“Will freeze out there, while I get to lounge by the fire with a pretty girl on my lap.”

She laughed, a snuffled, almost choked sound, and smiled at him. “I don’t look too pretty at the moment; I look more like a zombie. A snotty zombie.”

“The undead have their good points. And you may be snotty, but at least your flesh isn’t falling off. And you’re not trying to eat my brains.”

She rapped her knuckles lightly on his temple. “You’d have to have some brains in there for me to want to eat them.”

James mocked offense. “Here I am, sacrificing a day out with my friends to take care of my girlfriend, and she’s insulting me-”

“I’m sorry!” Lily turned away suddenly, sneezing and sniffling, rubbing the already raw skin under her nose and wincing in pain. “And there’s my karma.”

He rubbed her shoulders as she lay back down. “Rest, my little zombie.”

“Is that my new nick name?”

“While you look like this, yes.”

“I almost prefer carrot-top.” She pressed her lips together and wiped her watering eyes. “Maybe we should have gone to Hogsmeade, and you could have locked me up in the Shrieking Shack.”

James laughed. “Even as a zombie you’re much too pretty for that place.”

Lily went to kiss him, thought better of it, and grasped one of his hands in both of hers. “You’re the best boyfriend ever, James. Thank you.”

He tapped the end of her red nose and said with false modesty, “Just add it to my list of accomplishments.”


He was so hot and sweaty he felt like he was going to throw up. Sick and achy, shaking off and on. It wasn’t the first time Cato had gotten sick in the summer but this didn’t feel like a summer flu. It felt all… worse than that and it had all come on very suddenly. He looked to Siska and Dius where they were showing him another easy self defense move. “I don’t feel good,” He told them. “Like… I’m not just saying that, I don’t feel good.”

You know we talk about Lewis possessing Arthur and them being all sharing minds and stuff and him seeing Arthur being possessed and the horrible invasive feeling of that thing from the cave controlling him and forcing him to kill his friend…but sharing minds is sort of a two way street and it would really suck for Arthur if that means while Lewis is watching his friend be possessed, Arthur is having a first hand view of falling to his death and it’s pretty invasive getting a spike right through your chest….