so she's outside the hospital

People who assume self-dx’ers are kids trying to be “cool” are wrong.

My mom can’t sit and do nothing, she’s always gotta be stimulated by some activity even if it’s a jigsaw puzzle or reading. She usually has games going on her iPad while the TV is blasting.

Even while recovering from surgery in 2012, she had to have things to entertain her like crocheting, having her bed by the window so she could look outside and access to the hospital TV set in her room.

Sitting and waiting with nothing to do makes her extremely irritable. My mom is not normally a grumpy person, but when she has to wait longer than expected you’ll swear the look on her face will melt bricks.

A commercial on TV prompted her into weeks of Google searches that helped my mom figure out why she is the way she is. 

She discovered she drinks coffee so much (literally morning to night) because the stimulant action of caffeine helps her focus. She’s been calming herself down with coffee since she was 8. It started when her mom put coffee in her milk and school got easier in the morning and hard in the afternoon until she came home and drank more milk-coffee before doing her homework.

Today, my mom walked into my room with her iPad in hand and a look of triumph on her face as she said, “I have ADHD.”

My mom just self-diagnosed herself with ADHD. 

She’ll be 71 years old in September of 2016.

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ANNA APPARENTLY BEYONCÉ GAVE BIRTH! Why hasn't Jay-z been spotted in a sunglasses shop already? 🤔

did she?? amazing!! so now I am waiting for her to step outside the hospital in heels and skinny high waisted jeans and a flat stomach!!

Took My Love (took it down) 1/3

Summary: The tight-knit town of Storybrooke isn’t exactly the world’s most ideal place to be licking one’s wounds, but even a town where everyone knows everyone else (and their business) can still provide the odd surprise. (Or, the Tortured Musician fic featuring ex bartender Emma Swan.) ~6k

Rating: M

a/n: Yes, it’s rated M. Yes, this is the first time I’ve posted something with smut in it so for the love of god be kind. I’ve written ahead a bit so that I could post the first part if I hit a wall and since I haven’t opened the doc since before xmas… here we go!

Also available on FFnet and AO3. Multiple and profuse thank yous to @swallowedsong​ and @initiala​.


           Unlike her son, Emma hasn’t made the long drive from New York to Storybrooke in over three years. Not since she packed up their things and left town two days after Ruth’s funeral. It’s been easier in the years since to just put Henry on a bus at the start of summer vacation and send him off to spend two weeks with his uncle. To claim being too busy or not able to get the time off work when David asks why she doesn’t come along. Going back now feels a lot like giving up. And it probably is, in a way.

           She’s spent so long being determined to make it on her own. Just her and her kid in the big city, living an unglamorous life but having grand adventures while they do it. David hadn’t been happy when she’d picked up and left after his mother died and she doubts he’s going to be much happier when he learns the reason behind her unannounced visit. If she hadn’t been so completely blindsided she might have been able to come up with a different plan, but Henry was already packed and ready to go and Storybrooke, well…

           Storybrooke is the closest she’s ever gotten to having a home.

           Not that she has any desire to move back permanently. This is temporary, she repeats to herself over and over on the drive. Just a chance to clear her head. There are too many ghosts in the sleepy seaside town to make her ever think about moving back. Too many mistakes. Too many things she should’ve done and words she didn’t say and the chance is gone now, there’s no going back and starting over.

           New York was supposed to be the place where she could figure her shit out in anonymity. Instead it’s sent her from the frying pan to the fire — running away from her adult mistakes and back to the small town that had picked apart each and every one she’d made as a teenager and a too-young mother.

           Emma knows full well that she’ll never be able to repay the kindness that Ruth Nolan showed her when she bailed her pregnant, runaway self out of jail and hired her a lawyer. She’d barely been able to take care of herself and her son back then, let alone chip away at the debt she owed her foster mother. And then a brain aneurysm stole her away from them, killing any ideas Emma might have had of being able to make it up to her in some far off, misty future where her life wasn’t a complete mess.

           It’s still a mess. It’s always going to be a mess, she thinks. But she’s picked herself up in Storybrooke once before. Maybe these two weeks will give her the chance to do it again.

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Prompt: Broken Vows

Yamato: She promised to be with him forever. Through thick and thin. Better or for worse. She said that, promised, vowed to him that she would be his and only his. He didn’t think a fight would escalated this rapidly. Yamato stormed out of their house, more so to cool off his own head, but when he returned, he froze in the doorway. The apartment was a reck. Picture frames broken, plates scattered across the floor, sheets and cushions strewn about the living room, his precious Romba in the trash. He panicked, calling your name in fear that someone robbed the house. Running around the apartment his eyes landed on a letter, clearly in your own distinct writing. Reading it over, it said you were leaving. You packed a bag and took the next train back home and you wanted a divorce. He felt his world crumble as his body did just that. Laying on the floor and clutching the paper, the last piece of you he had. Why was he so stupid? Why was he so immature, so stubborn, so naive? Someone like her would leave him eventually. 

Saeki: He didn’t think things would end up like this. His normally messy apartment was now a mess on purpose as random items were thrown about. Dirty dishes piled up in the sink and scattered beer bottles laid on the floor where Saeki laid. He didn’t think that you would leave him. He thought since the first day he met you that you were his for forever. He though back to your wedding, how happy you seemed. Was it a lie? What were those vows? Till death do us part? What a bunch of bullshit. He though as he laid on the floor that his spark was gone. How could he write romance when all he felt was a hollow being with your absence?

Ren: “Bye!” Elise screamed as the door slammed shut. At first he believed she would come back, she needed time, space, a place where she could freely thing. Although, what he didn’t realize was that Elise had no intensions of coming home, back to Ren. He waited in the living room for hours, calmly watching tv, waiting for her soft “I’m home” to echo through the quiet room. After waiting for what felt like an eternity, the phone quietly rang. Picking it up and seeing her as the display name, he wasted no time answering it, “Hel-” “I am mailing you our divorce papers Ren.” She cut him off, her voice cold and full of irritation. He was speechless as he grunted and hung up. That was it, all it took. He sighed to cover his tears as he fell back onto the couch. Didn’t she love him? Cherished him? Their marriage, was it a joke? She vowed to love and to cherish him, so why was she leaving him?

Takao: Takao sat in the hospital outside Elise’s room. Out of all the things they had been through, this had to be the worse. Elise’s condition wasn’t getting any better. She was slowly dying and in her haze demanded a divorce. “You need to live you life not tied to me anymore Takao.” The words echoed in his ears as he sat outside her room waiting to go in. Right now she was talking to a lawyer, signing papers to make their divorce official. He knew she was trying to help him, ease the burden, but he was already so far deep into their relationship it wouldn’t make a difference. He needed her. He wanted to be by her side, through sickness and health. Did those words really hold no weight? Did she not mean them then? Did she know she was going to die? He couldn’t help the emotions that were bubbling up inside of him as he softly sobbed, waiting for the worse. 

Yuta: As time slowly passed after their wedding, finances became tighter and tighter. It didn’t help that being a comedian was a tight job, never knowing when you would get paid, but Yuta loved it and loved the feeling he got from it. He never thought that Elise was unhappy, struggling everyday to make ends meet. He never thought it was strange when she moved out of his tiny apartment and back in with Kuni. He never once questioned the visits becoming less and less frequent. But when she showed up at his doorstep with a pile of papers, he knew what was coming. The word divorce made him sick. He couldn’t stand to hear the word, especially coming from her lips as he shoved the paper back at her, denying to sign. “Yuta, sign it now.” Her demanding voice made him realize what she felt. But what happened since the wedding? Thoughts swirled though his mind as he shakily signed the paper, “I though we would be together through everything.” He said, handing it back to her, “For richer or for poorer?

Something Worth Killing For

First of all, that pun was inevitable and I’m not sorry, AnR fandom has seen worse.

Pairing: Sagae Haruki x Inukai Isuke

Setting: Isuke is delivered to the same hospital where Haruki is still staying at. Because this is obviously a scene that needs to be in the anime, but I’m not too sure about ever seeing them again (the pain of shipping side characters)

Oneshot. Fluffy silly oneshot.


“That incompetent brat spilled hot soup on me. The skin on my chest is still irritated.”

“Oh?” Haruki looked up in interest, a smirk already on her lips. “Want me to kiss it better?”

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