so she's not afraid to tell him


I’ve been thinking about this goodbye and what it means. Clarke and Bellamy are probably experiencing a ton of different emotions but a big one here is longing. Clarke indulges in Bellamy’s touch and nuzzles his hand. He doesn’t think Clarke is in love with him, and yet, he KNOWS her. He KNOWS she’s vulnerable and he’s afraid that if he stays too long they’ll do something rash. So he tells her she should sleep. 

He breaks his hand off of her like he’s breaking off a piece of his soul. When he tries to leave, he has to pause, practically wincing in pain. It’s SO HARD for him to leave her sad like this, unable to do anything beyond what he’s already done. He wishes he could love her the way she wants but he loves her too much to feed into that feeling at a confusing time like this.

 Clarke’s eyes follow him until he disappears from view. She doesn’t want him to go either. She craves his touch and comfort beyond what they’ve already done. Her look is pure longing and sadness that they can’t indulge in their feelings; things are too damn complicated right now and the world needs them. But the longing, the longing is there and it’s the most beautifully heartbreaking thing to watch. 

really wanna come and get that

pairing: daveed diggs x reader

request: A Daveed x Reader, smut it up babe, reader really likes DAVEED but is afraid to tell him even though they flirt all the time she feels she isn’t hot enough for DAVEED? Like he hangs with so many hot girls, why would he like her? Then surprise take it from there. Make that reader feel good as FUCK.

summary: reader is crushing hardcore on daveed, but is quiet about it because she’s sure she has no chance, especially when compared to the other girls in the show/he hangs out with

warnings: NSFW!! alcohol, smut, self-doubt, dirty talk, bondage, D/S (whos surprised no one is), mentions of breath-play and face fucking, just so much dirty talk i don’t know what else u want from me

word count: 5,859 (wow im extra)

a/n: I AM BAAAAAACK. renee fic is next, just needed some daveed to get back into the swing of things. hope i’m not too rusty ;) lemme know what you think and all that shiiiiiit. title from clipping’s ‘hot fuck no love’ (HAPPY HOLIDAY)

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Pokemon Random Headcanons

★ Kiawe is the one laughing at bad jokes. And he often tells bad jokes, thinking it’s actually funny. He always keeps his “>:I” face when he tells it, though.


★ Kiawe’s abs are ticklish af so when someone tries to touch his mighty abs he’ll probably punch them out of reflex

★ Acerola is very ticklish but doesn’t seem to care when she’s being tickled. Like hello I’m a ghost I’m not afraid of dying what are you thinking

★ Ilima is not ticklish.. Or at least he tries to hide it. But don’t pinch or poke his sides. Like, he’d squeak or yelp & probably jump & maybe even fall.

★ Mallow will tickle fight everyone & Lana will trick you into thinking she’s gonna give you a hug when actually she’s fully ready to tickle you to death

★ Kiawe will cut you if you mess with Lana

★ Sometimes, Acerola sews or knits things for Ilima.. He’s very reluctant to wear them since he’s a fashion victim but at the same time he doesn’t want to hurt her feelings, so he just.. Wears them for a day or so. Acerola mostly does this because she knows it makes Ilima suffer, and it’s funny

★ Ilima would eventually have a Noctowl, a Minccino & a Furret in his team

★ Lana would have a Quagsire, a Politoed & a Spheal

★ Mallow would have a Cherubi & a Whimsicott

★ Kiawe would have a Rapidash & a Pyroar

★ Sophocles is a big nerd. He’s got like, Togedemaru, Pachirisu, Emolga, Plusle & Minun, & Dedenne. HE WANTS A PICHU & A PIKACHU. GIVE THEM TO HIM

★ Acerola is happy with her Pokemons,, so she doesn’t wanna get more.

★ Mina would get a Cleffa because it’s very cute and easy to draw.

★ Ilima & Mina often hang out. Ilima loves Mina’s Wigglytuff because it’s fluffy, pink & cute & Mina really likes drawing with Ilima’s Smeargle. Ilima thinks Mina’s fashion sense is disastrous so he often bring her clothes, like, she has 200 dresses & shirts she never wears because of him.

Ilima loves to write. His glove is.. useless, to say the least, but he keeps it to make people believe he’s skilled at drawing & writing. (he doodles things from time to time & learns from his Smeargle, but he mostly just writes poems & fanfictions)

★ Very important. NEVER TOUCH ILIMA’S HAIR WITHOUT HIS APPROVAL & AT LEAST 57 OFFICIAL PAPERS. YOU WILL DIE. Don’t touch Ilima in general if you didn’t wash your hands at least 3 times.

★ You know what they say about the fur of Wigglytuff? That it’s so fluffy you can’t stop touching it? Well, it goes for Ilima’s hair as well

★ Mina & Sophocles are video games pals. While Sophocles is the tryhard geek that loves video games with good stories with a passion, Mina is the grumpy gamer who eats doritos when playing GTA. She plays things like LoL, CSS, Call of Duty, Mortal Kombat & Nintendogs.

★ Ilima is very VERY talkative and will rant & bitch about everything to his close friends. “I RAN OUT OF SHAMPOO. AGAIN. UGH.” Though, he tries very hard to be a role model for everyone. He doesn’t talk about his real feelings often but loves to be people’s confident or hear people talk about their life & problems.

★ Ilima isn’t really scared of anything besides his clothes being stained or his hair ruined

★ Ilima is the sass master. Sassy child (also extremely salty from times to times)

★ Ilima with a british accent. He raises his pinky while drinking his fucking tea

★ He has a really warm & comforting voice. Like it’s not highpitched but it’s not very deep either. It’s like honey & it’s beautiful

★ Kiawe’s voice is deep & dry. Like idk. It’s cold but it burns at the same time. I don’t make sense wth


★ Lana speaks slowly, with a rather quiet voice.. Literally never stutters. If she panicks she’ll start talking in a more highpitched voice, quicker & stutter from time to time tho

★ Sophocle’s voice is grumpy n cute. It’s just. Basically Steven Universe’s voice but a bit more highpitched. Can’t talk without screaming

★ Acerola is your typical creepy little girl with a creepy little girl’s voice and a creepy laugh. Very highpitched.

★  Mina’s voice is like. Yooo, the gamer girl hipster gal thingy voice. Not highpitched, not low, not anything. A bit like vinyl scratch’s voice. “Ugh”s & sighs & grunts a lot a lot. Her voice is like a rollercoster between normal & highpitched when she’s angry. Is sometimes overdramaaaaaatic when she talks.

★ Lana loves the sound of rain & is more likely an introvert, while Ilima would be an extrovert. He enjoys alone time, though.

★ Lana cries quietly, & you can hear very little sobs when she does. Dont make her cry. You’ll get killed. (tbh she doesn’t care about people’s opinion/comments on her. only fishes & reaaaaally close friends can make her cry)

★ It’s really difficult to make Kiawe cry. Either make him watch Titanic, or kill people he loves. There’s no inbetween.

★ Mallow cries very easily, and Kiawe will also cut you if you make her cry. But now he makes sure to check why she cried before he kicks an ass, because sometimes Mallow will burst into tears because someone stepped on a flower. But she’s a bad bitch though.

★ Acerola never cries =)

★ When you make Sophocles cry you know you fucked up. Everyone will go after your ass because you’re probably a terrible person

★ Ilima rarely cries. He just, takes on himself & tries to be chill and kind. But sometimes it’s just too much and he randomly starts crying. He usually tries to do it alone, and since Lana is really good at reading people’s feelings & different behaviours, she often come to cuddle with him & comfort him.

★ Mina’s tears dryed up long ago with her soul

★ Acerola knows everything about everyone. She knows their feelings. She reads them like books. She doesn’t say anything.

★ MALLOW WILL KNOW WHEN YOURE UPSET OR SAD. OR IN LOVE. But that’s it otherwise she’s dumb

★ Kiawe is pretty oblivious about those things, & Ilima will just ask calmly if something is wrong. THEY WON’T LEAVE YOU ALONE UNTIL YOU FEEL BETTER. WILL HUG YOU.

★ Sophocles probably won’t ask or notice if you don’t tell him. & if he sees you’re sad, he’ll stick with you, offer you food, play video games with you, wrap you in a blanket and make you roll, goof around..

★ Ilima’s laugh is cute. It’ll most likely be a chuckle or even a giggle, if you’re lucky. When you REALLY make him laugh, his laugh wil be highpitched & hysterical.

★ Kiawe’s like “HA HA HA.”. His laugh sounds sarcastic even when it’s genuine

★ Mallow laughs like a fucking hyena and it’s annoying. Snorts & giggles n stuff

★ Acerola literally laughs like “FUHUHUHU”

★ Sophocles probably laughs like a video game character. “Nyeheheh”, or “huhuhu”, and sometimes “bwahahah.” (WAH WAH WAH)

★ Ilima can literally break all your dreams, poke your self esteem bubble & hit you where it hurts the most without even realizing it, and all that with a serene smile.

★ Ilima’s 5′8

★ Kiawe’s 6′2

★ Mallow’s 5′6

★ Lana’s 5′3

★ Sophocles is 5′1

★ Acerola’s 5′0

★ Mina’s 5′9


*This takes place during the recovery period after Grindelwald’s attack. Graves was rescued, Credence is being loved, and everyone is friends (except for Grindelwald)*

*and I’m still not a writer*

Credence has been traveling and living with Newt, learning how to control his magic, and whenever they’re back in New York, Credence gets lessons from Queenie (Tina too, but when Newt was there she preferred to spend time with him, not that he minded. He was quite fond of Queenie’s magic. It was beautiful and gentle. Credence liked that)

They would rarely drop by Mr Graves place, the man preferring a quiet recovery away from prying eyes and pitiful whispers.
Their first meeting was difficult. Graves couldn’t look at Credence, guilt ripping through his chest, so afraid that his boy hated him for letting Grindelwald slip past his defenses. Credence knew that it wasn’t Mr Graves fault, but he didn’t know how to tell Mr Graves without the man shutting out everyone at the mere mention of Grindelwald. He just wanted him to know that he understood the pain of being used by the dark wizard, that Credence thought Mr Graves strong for surviving the torture Grindelwald put him through.
The next time they visited, Credence had pulled out a carnation. It wasn’t the one that Graves took secretly as a memento of their first shared meal together at the diner, not the one that Grindelwald had used to ensnare Credence further into his honey trap, but that didn’t matter.
It was a new carnation. Their new carnation.

After that, the Graves household was open more often to this strange collection of friends and family (but Newt was forbidden from bringing his creatures into the house, lest they decide to wreak havoc, as much as Newt tried to reassure Graves they would behave).
The relationship between Mr Graves and Credence grew stronger. Credence had taken a liking to being overtly affectionate, making up for all those years where the only touch he knew was a painful one. Graves on the other hand was still hesitant, not really understanding why it was necessary for so much human contact, but it was Credence… and he could never find it within himself to deny his boy anything that made him so happy (even if the first few hugs had resulted in some unexpected destruction… but Credence was working on that!)

One day, Queenie had told Credence while musing over a lovely bouquet that had been sent to her anonymously (which happened quite often) how different flowers mean different things. This sparked Credence to research all the different flower meanings, and then he begged Queenie to show him how to conjure different kinds of flowers. They both agreed that some flowers would certainly be a cheerful additional to Mr Graves austere home office. However it then occurred to Credence that perhaps to crown Mr Graves with beautiful flowers would cheer him up even more. A far more direct approach to cheer the often grumpy man up.


Okay hey! Sorry this took me so long to do @carrioncrowned! But I finally got there! Let me know what you think ^_^

This is from this lovely art meme

I’m still open to requests on this meme, so please feel free to hit me up! ♡

And since I no longer have to use my phone to draw all my art, I’m super excited to get stuck into some stuff!

Baby Lucille

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Prompt: Can I request a one shot? I was thinking of a Negan x Reader, where the Reader is pregnant from Negan but she’s way too afraid to tell him and one day he finds her totally sick or something and then he’s super protective and happy that he’s going to be a father?☺ - Nonnie

Ships: Negan x Reader
Words: 1,179
Warnings: Curses, Vomiting (???)
Category: Fluff

You had one arm wrapped around the toilet bowl as you puked repeatedly into it. You had just been ready to get some much needed sleep before a wave of nausea caused you too quickly dash to the bathroom so you could vomit up your lunch.

After another round of puking your slumped back against the wall, breathing heavily. You felt a small drip of vomit fall from your chin onto Negan’s large shirt that you had become accustomed to wearing.

The acidic smell of vomit was dwindling in the air and it almost set you off gagging again. You reached over toward the toilet and after a few attempts you pulled the handle. You stayed there for a long time; you weren’t completely sure how long it was, puking every once in a while. You couldn’t muster the strength to get up from your current position.

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Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1100

Warnings: None

AN: Requested by @charliebradbury1104:  Do you already have your 15 request? If by chance you don’t I’d like to make one. Dean x reader where he totally falls in love with everything about her. However, he’s afraid to tell her how he feels. So she has to tell him she loves him first.

I tried writing this more from Dean’s POV than the reader’s for a change. Hope you like it! Thank you to @jalove-wecallhimdean for being the awesome beta she is!

Originally posted by canonspngifs

I’m not sure when it first happened really. It almost seemed to happen overnight. It hit me like a freight train, and it stole my breath and made my heart feel as if it might literally explode inside of my chest. She hadn’t been doing anything out of the ordinary, really. Just research for a case that we had been on at the time. I think it was a kitsune case. Anyway, I’m getting off track here.

She had been sitting with us at the table in this awful motel room somewhere in Oklahoma. We had probably been at it for five or six hours and I remember my brain feeling like it might fall right out of my head if I had to read another word. Just a quick glance up was all it took. She had her hair pulled up into this messy knot on the top of her head, only a pencil holding it in place. Her button up shirt had been thrown aimlessly in the room at some point, leaving her in this worn out black tank top. She had a pen between her teeth, her lips wrapped around it and brow scrunched in deep concentration while her eyes moved quickly across the pages in front of her. That’s when it hit me. That one little glance had turned into a full on stare, my heart began to beat so fast and my palms became sweaty like some teenage boy trying desperately to control his hormones.

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anonymous asked:

How does the RFA feel about semi/public sex?

A/N: This one is pretty short, I’m sorry ;A; But it’s almost like a yes/no question to me ^^;;;;; NSFW guys! ~Admin 404




           -He would get really excited if you initiate something that intimate in public

           -But definitely too scared to actually get naughty!!!

           -Will literally sprint home with you if he’s turned on enough


           -yes, yeS

           -He’s like a sex god!! Doesn’t care when or where!!

           -So long as you aren’t caught, and no one else but him gets to see you in such a provocative state

           -It’s an A+!!

           -He’s usually the one to initiate it! I CAN’T HELP THE BEAST, MC



           -Tells you that she’s willing to try it at least once with you

           -But is also afraid of being caught mc this cant go on my record

           -When you surprise her with it though, dear god she loves the thrill!!!! It’s amazing!!!!

           -10/10 will try again



           -FUCK, MAYBE EVEN PRIVATE CAR SEX sorry driver kim

           -Is not afraid to show people who you belong to

           -Does not care if you’re caught, like?? Okay? It’s human nature juju thats not the point

           -He’s the one who initiates it, but respects your decision to wait until you get home if you wish though he’ll get a little more rough at home because he had to wait



           -Love love loves it

           -Almost every time the two of you go out, he cannot keep his hands off of you

           - but you aren’t complaining

           -Go ahead, catch him, he doesn’t care he’s not gonna stop unless mc wants him to??


           -Okay he may be a precious cinnamon roll but he’s also a sinnamon roll, ya feel me?

           -He wouldn’t do it very often, but sometimes you were just too irresistible

           -Apologizes afterwords but you aren’t mad!!!

           -It’s such a culture shock when it happens but??? Omg? It’s h o t

           -Usually though, he would rather be at home where the two of you can take your time!


           -Oh fuck yeah

           -Though he’s not in public very often?? But still

           -Will not hide it at all because? He doesn’t care- he likes people to know that you’re his and only his

           -Unless you’re uncomfortable then he ABSOLUTELY WILL NOT!!! WILL NOT DO ANYTHING TO MAKE YOU FEEL UNCOMFORTABLE

           -Though he’s really embarrassed the first few times, he quickly gets over it when he sees your reaction (if you’re into it as well)

Just had a guy come into my store and say, “I need your help.” I’m like yeah? And they he goes on to tell me about how he was in my work a week or so ago and saw a girl working here and describes her to me. I immediately know who he is talking about.

He wants to know if I know her and what her name is because she smiled at him. SMILED. I ended up quoting Mariah Carey to him, “I don’t know her.” I lie and say we just had a girl quit so maybe that’s who he saw. He says, “yeah I haven’t seen her since so I was afraid that’s what happened. I’ve been in here a few times at night looking for her.” IN MY HEAD IM LIKE IS THAT SUPPOSED TO BE CUTE??? cause it’s coming off super creepy.

Idk I always keep an eye out for people cause you never know. Like I once had a girl hit on me at work and I told her I wasn’t single and she still some how found me on Facebook and messaged me, I ignored her message, and then she found out who my sister was and she realized she was friends with one of my sisters friends so she tried getting my sister to talk to me for her. Just recently she had her friend message my sister again asking about me and it’s been two years later!

Any ways leave people alone when they are at work god damn like of course they smiled at you, they are working and have to be polite.


Could you write a spencer x reader one where no one in the team knows he has a girlfriend because he is a bit embarrassed about it? He’s afraid Morgen will tease him . So one day reader wants to suprise him at work but she quickly finds out no one knows about her so she is hurt and drives back home. ( she is a really good doctor) So Morgen confronts him later on and spencer drives to her apartment and it’s really cute fluff? ( and maybe morgan tells spencer later how hot she is n stuff )? 

Originally posted by toyboxboy

You waited for the elevator doors to open, you held on tight to the brown bag containing Spencer’s lunch. You had never visited him at work, but there was a first time for everything. 

The doors opened and you looked around not recognizing a single face. Spencer had told you so much about his co workers but you had never met them. You walked through the glass doors catching Penelope’s attention, she stopped looking at your visits batch, “Hello, you’re a new face, are you looking for someone, I know every one” she said excitedly. 

This was her Penelope, you could recognize her from everything Spencer had told you, “Yes, I’m looking for Spencer” you said looking lost. 

“Reid, Spencer Reid, you are looking for Reid?” she said confused. 

“Yes, Dr. Reid” you confirmed. 

“Who are you” she said suspiciously. 

“I am Y/N, Spencer’s girlfriend, you must be Penelope” you said excitedly. 

Penelope looked even more confused, “I’m sorry his what” she said almost laughing, “You’re his girl friend!?” she said in shock. “Oh my, follow me” 

You followed her orders, she walked hastily towards the conference room. Everyone turned their attention to you, “Guys this is Y/N” Penelope gestured towards you “Spencer’s girlfriend!” she said always yelling. 

You looked around the different faces confused as to what was going on, did they not know Spencer had a girlfriend, did they know who you were?

“Pretty boy’s got a girl!?” Morgan said surprised. JJ couldn’t take her eyes off of you. Finally a face you recognized, Spencer, “Y/N” he said just as confused as everyone else looked “What are you doing here?” 

You finally realized what was going on, none of them knew who you were, he had never told them. You ran through the doors as fast you could, embarrassed. Spencer hadn’t told anyone about you guys, why? Why would he do that? 

After several missed calls, and text messages you heard your door open, you suddenly regretted giving him a copy of your apartment key. “Y/N” he said calling out for you. 

You refused to respond, “Y/N” you heard he was getting closer. 

“What?” you finally called out. 


“Seriously? You didn’t tell them? You didn’t tell them about me!? We’ve been dating for months!” you said angrily. 

“Y/N’ Spencer said his voice full of remorse, “I’m sorry I know this looks awful” 

“Am I not good enough for you?” you questioned him “Would your friends not think me being a doctor is enough, would they think I’m not enough for you Spencer” 

“Y/N, it’s not that, you are more than enough. I didn’t want to mix my life with you, and my job, it gets complicated, it’s tough Y/N, I wanted to protect you” 

Your eyes continued to fill with tears, “So you’re not embarrassed of me?” 

“What!? No way, I could never be, I love you Y/N” he said hugging you tightly. 

“And your friends?” 

“My friends will love you once they get to know you, besides Morgan already thinks you’re too hot for me” 

You burst out in laughter, “It’s true you’re way too hot for me” 

“Well, she’s just playing hard-to-get with Ezekiel”

Carol:  *comes outside not to see Ezekiel but because trip wires were triggered*

*says she wants to be left alone*

*slams door in Ezekiel’s face and shows no sign of wanting to go with him*

Also Carol:

*gets emotional and breathes heavily just seeing Daryl on her doorstep*

*hugs the shit out of him*

*tells him that part of the reason she left is because she was afraid of losing him [Daryl]*

*cooks Daryl a meal and lovingly stares at him eating*

*hugs Daryl a second time when he initiates it*

*is conflicted and seems to want to go with Daryl after he leaves*

The rationalization is strong.

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When did you start shipping them? SEASON 4: Episode 9 - After

Long Before My Tumblr/Fandom Days:

I enjoyed the show. Thought Michonne would end up with *gasp* Daryl. : I was young and naive, I swear!: Anyways, it was this episode and the scene where Michonne cries when she realizes it’s Rick and Carl in the house. I hadn’t expected more tears. But she was so relieved. My heart had broken a bit more for Carl. He was afraid and angry and lost. I ached for him.

Then the knock at the door. I heard the “Ship” horn started blowing when Rick reacted as he did. Rick, beat up and defeated, peeps through that hole and sees Michonne. He crumbles to the floor and tells an anxious Carl, “It’s for you.” He smiles, despite his lips being cracked and bloody. You know it was painful. He smiled. Then fades to black. I screamed Nooo! I wanted more. I wanted to see what happened when the door was opened. I was hooked. I was officially Trash.

Then is see the clip where Andrew Lincoln is shipping 🚢 Richonne. I was thrilled. I joined Tumber, stumbled upon this wonderful Fandom and became a Landfill. 😜💋

For: Anon

Imagine: Getting caught in the rain with Dallas Winston.

“Dally, you two should go, you really don’t need to walk me home,” You tell one of your closest friends, Dallas Winston.  You were at Buck’s place for a party, Dally was walking Sylvia home, and he was insisting on taking you with him since your house was on the way to hers.

“Ya wanna get jumped again Y/N?” Dally has always been so damn blunt, and to be completely honest you were a little afraid, not that you’d ever admit it.

“Dallas, let’s go!” Sylvia says rolling her eyes, this bitch was Dally’s stuck up girlfriend and she hated you. She was constantly two-timing Dally, yet she couldn’t stand the fact that Dallas’ best friend was a girl.

“Alright Sylvia, Y/N will be coming along,” Dally responds, dragging you with him.

“Ugh, fine,” Sylvia says in pure disgust. You join the couple and the three of you head out. You instantly regret it as Sylvia practically throws herself on to Dally. Fuck this, just get me home already.

*Boom* You screech and jump at the sound of the booming thunder as Sylvia grips onto Dally, he chuckles slightly and rolls his eyes.

“Looks like it’s gonna rain, we should take a short-cut through the park,” Dally calls before making his way towards the grass.

You take off your heels and run after him, and Sylvia tiptoes through the grass trying to avoid getting her dress and shoes dirty. Suddenly you hear Dally cry out, “Fuck!”

You look around and see Dally lying on the ground in the mud, you burst into laughter, “What happened?”

“I slipped,” He says, forcing himself to look annoyed.

“Here,” You say giving him your hand, “Let me help you up Dal.”

Dally takes your hand and you pull him up half way before pushing him back into the mud, causing it to go splashing everywhere, he curses and you continue laughing, at this point you can’t tell if there’s tears streaming down your face or if its rain, “What the fuck Y/N?!”

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry Dal, here, give me your hand, I actually help you up this time,” He looks at you reluctantly, and tries to get up himself, but he slips again in the process, “I promise I won’t let go this time Dally, trust me.”

“Will you hurry the fuck up?!” Sylvia says, getting annoyed.

“Alright doll, I’ll trust ya,” Dally takes your hand, and just as you’re about to pull him up, he pulls you down instead, you cry out as you fall on top of him. He takes advantage of your shock, and rolls you over so that you’re in the mud and he’s on top of you, “But you shouldn’t trust me.”

“DALLY!” You squeal as the mud surrounds you. You reach to the side and grab a handful of it, quickly splashing it up into Dallas’ face.

“You little bitch,” He growls playfully, before smearing some on you.

“You think you’re real strong huh Dal?”

“I know I am doll,” He smirks as you struggle under his grasp.

“Asshole,” You say as Dally leans in, before you know what’s happening, Dally’s lips are a meer inch away from yours. It’s finally happening, I’ve been waiting for this moment for years. Your happiness is short lived as Sylvia coughs; you’d forgotten about her.

“I’d hate to interrupt, but this is disgusting and I’m leaving Dallas, if you want to you can join me,” She says, before tiptoeing away.

Dallas grunts and pushes himself off you before helping you up, “Let’s go Y/N.”

“Dal, go after Sylvia she’s your girl, besides my house is close by, I’ll get there,” You say, looking down. You’ve liked Dally for years, you’re one of the few people who, unlike his girlfriend, can actually see the good in him, he’s not just a sex tool for you, but of course, you’ve never had to guts to tell him.

“Fuck it, I’m gonna drop you off first, she always does this,” He says rolling his eyes.

The two of you continue to walk in silence, the only sound that can be heard is the sound of your shivering and a few sneezes here and there. You hear a rustling next to you and suddenly Dallas wraps his jacket around you, you look at him and raise an eyebrow, “Look at you being a gentleman.”

“Do you want the fucking jacket or not,” You stick out your tongue and the two of you continue walking, trying to break the silence from time to time. You finally get home only to realize that you are missing your keys, you mentally curse at yourself, and spend the night at your neighbours’ house, the Curtis brothers.

“Alright Y/N, I’m gonna go now, g’night doll,” He leans in once again, before he realizes what he’s doing, he saves himself by just going for an awkward hug. You hold on for just a moment too long, taking in Dally’s scent. He eventually pulls away, and walks off, leaving you in the Curtis’ yard.

You walk in and see the brothers along with Johnny and Two-Bit sitting in the living room, “Mind if I crash here boys?”

They all look at you as if you’re crazy, you look down and realize that you’re soaking wet, covered in mud, and wearing Dally’s jacket, “Oh this? Let’s just say there was a mishap on my way home.”

“Is that Dal’s jacket?” Two-Bit questions.

“Yeah,” You say nonchalantly.

“Dally never gives anyone his jacket,” Johnny says, smiling a little, this kid has always been trying to set the two of you up.

“So?” You say before walking into the bathroom, you shut the door and finally let your smile break out, as you cuddle yourself in Dally’s jacket. Maybe he does care about me!

A/N: *Please read* Finally another post!! K I know the reader asked for a fluffy Dally imagine so I tried to make it as fluffy as possible while staying true to Dally’s character, I obviously didn’t want to make him seem soft or anything. Also DISCLAIMER, I never really liked Sylvia’s character so I made her sound like a little bitch, but if you guys actually liked her, don’t hate, just change up her name for the sake of this imagine and pretend it’s about a different girl. ILSYM and I hope you liked it!

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Bts Reaction When They Discover Their Innocent GF, Who is Afraid of Everything, Can Fight And Kill Well Because She's the Daughter of the Dead Leader of Their Biggest Rival

Jin: It took him by surprise to say the least. He didn’t expect you to be so skilled in combat.

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Rapmonster: He was upset to find out you were his rivals daughter, but impressed by you. “Just tell me this kind of stuff next time.”

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Suga: He would question you. “Are you planning to get back at me for your dad?” “Was this a way of rebelling?”

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Jhope: Was very impressed by your skill. He would even want to spar a bit to see how good you were.

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Jimin: Gaped at you with awe. “Where did you learn that?” When learning of your father he would feel bad for you.

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V: He asked you to teach him some stuff and excitedly followed your moves. He did feel bad about your father but didn’t want to pull your attention to it.

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Jungkook: He was so awestruck watching you. He would stare at you until you caught him which would make him blush.

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There once was a ghost of a boy who liked to live in the shadows, so he wouldn’t frighten people. His job was to wait for his sister, who was still alive. She wasn’t afraid of the dark, because she knew that’s where her brother was. At night, when darkness came to her room, she would tell her brother about the day. She would remind him how the sun felt on his skin, and what the air felt like to breathe, or how snow felt on his tongue. And that reminded her that she was still alive.

Naked and Afraid: Sirius Black

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So you are my favorite writer by far and I have this idea for an imagine where y/n is dating sirius and she is insecure, sirius finds out and trys telling her different but she just says thanks and doesn’t believe it, so he gets an idea he takes her to the room of requirement and asks her to show him what she doesn’t like. She ends up in just her underwear/bra and he’s just staring at her and telling her how perfect she is and kisses everywhere until she believes it. Fluffy :)

“Come ‘ere,” Sirius comments and wraps an arm around my waist and tug me into his side. I bury my face into his neck, breathing in his minty earth scent and drape my arm around his waist. Underneath the burgundy colored quilt our legs were tangled with my bare thighs rubbing his leg in a nonsexual way. “What’s wrong sweets?” He questions and I didn’t even say anything, hot tears streaming down my cheeks and splashing against his caramel tone skin. His thumb swipe away the tears and then his lips press against my stained cheeks and I could hear the strain in his voice when he pleads with me not to cry.

“Sometime I just feel as though I’m not good enough for you. I see girls walking around school and they’re skinnier and more beautiful than me; Sirius, you can have any girl you want but you choose me,” I confess and his soothing movements cease and his body pulls away from mine for a moment. His eyes are narrowed and I can’t read the emotion on his face, he was usually an open book but seeing him like this made me feel uncomfortable and I move to get up but he grabs my elbow and stops me from moving. “If you’re not going to say anything Sirius then I should just go back to my dorm, at least then I’ll be able to cry without feeling like a pity case.”

“No. I want to show you something,” His voice sent a shiver down my spine and I nod my head. He drapes an arm around my waist and tug me in closer to his side, leading both of us out of the Gryffindor tower. I shift in his arms as we walk through the corridors, trying my best to ignore the stares we got from girls passing by. As we slowly approached a group of girls I could feel their perfectly perfect eyes drilling holes into the back of my head with their glares, I swear if looks could kill I would have dropped dead months ago. A lump form in my throat and tears threatened to fall again but I manage to hold them in a while longer. Suddenly we stop in front of a blank wall and I go to look at Sirius but he simply walks in front of the wall three times and suddenly a door appears. He opens them and then beckons me inside with a wave of his hand, I followed and stepped into the dimly lit area.  

“Why are we here?” I jump slightly when the heavy doors shut behind us and turn to look around the room. It was spacious with golden curtains drooping from the ceiling, stained windows that allowed the afternoon light to seep through and a large fireplace with a crackling fire. It was a bit dusty but if you looked past the dust bunnies the atmosphere was quiet romantic and peaceful. I jump once again when a pair of arms wrap around me but immediately relax when the familiar scent wraps around me and buts me at ease. I look down when he starts to unbutton my jacket and blush in embarrassment as he shrugs it off and carelessly throws it to the floor. “What are you doing?”

“I’m going to show you how beautiful you are. I will show you exactly why I’m with you,” His minty fresh breath fans against my warm cheeks and I lean back into his body as his large warm hands undress me. Whenever he would remove an article of clothing he would whisper something loving in my ear, feeling my mind with sweet nothings and sending me onto cloud nine; my mind was fuzzy as though I had been drinking champagne and the bubbles were taking their effect, I was drunk on love. “You are beautiful, smart, funny, caring, generous and I wouldn’t want to be with anyone other than you. Before I met you I was a lost man, roaming the earth without any meaning and living my day like it would be my last. Then I met you and it was like I could hear angels singing from above, the way the light shimmered down on your soft beautiful features and the silky laughter that escaped those red lips at my jokes. God you don’t know how long I wanted to kiss you when we first met, I was even more happy when you agreed to date me.”

He moves to kneel in front of me and I watch through blurry eyes as he slid the last piece of clothing off of my body and look up at me with his cute dimpled smile, he had unshed tears in his eyes as well and laughter mixed with sobs shook my body and I nod repeatedly as a form of telling him the words I couldn’t get out. He stands up and cups my cheeks, his hands were rough against my cheek but this is what I lived for; He was what I breathed for each and every morning. “I love you,” I lean up on my tippy toe and press my lips firmly against his, my hands clutching at his pristine school shirt. “I don’t want you to ever leave me.”

“You’re pretty much stuck with me,” He jokes and I laugh once more, sliding my hands up around his neck and pull him closer to me. Never in my life did I think I would find love at such a young age but watching Sirius go out and beyond for me I knew that I was hook for life. Our relationships had its up and its down but if we weren’t willing to fight for it then we wouldn’t be to passionate about one another. He wasn’t only my boyfriend but also my best friend, someone who would joke with me in the good time and be a solid shoulder to cry on in the bad. Sirius was what little girls dreamt their husbands would be like and I was glad to know that he loved me and was willing to show it.

Soft as A Badger, Cunning as A Snake - Chapter 2

Reader is a popular yet mysterious Slytherin and has every boy falling at her feet, but only has eyes for her shy potions class partner, a Hufflepuff boy named Newt.

Word Count: 1504

Warnings: None


“And that’s why I have to do as much research on them as possible. Because people are far less afraid of what they know, opposed to what they don’t.” Newt finished. He had just given you a long speech about his studies and aims with the creatures he was so fascinated by.

You had invited him to take a stroll around the castle grounds and to tell you about his endeavours. He had never been so giddy in his life. The girl that he had been crushing on ever since his first day at Hogwarts was finally paying attention to him, and she seemed genuinely interested in his passions. This moment of pure joy was ruined however, when he saw a group of menacing creatures walking towards the both of you. Teenage girls.

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017 // 241 - Jaebum

It’s been two months. We’ve yet to meet, but our calls and texts have made it seem like we didn’t need to. Our numbers were exchanged by a mutual friend who didn’t dare tell us who the other was. She was afraid it’d ruin her match-making skills, so she left us as strangers.

“Can’t you just tell me who he is? It’s been two months.”

“You both will have to set up a time to meet. Leave me out of this.” She winks at me with a mysterious gaze.

This will be harder than I thought. He’s been leaving me to guess his name and I figured it’d only be fair if I did the same. The whole game left us hanging, wondering.

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Hey! How is it going? 😊 i have a hc for you! First impression of the RFA + V + Saeran (if you want these two) on a punk mc? With tattoos, name it, really. bUT she turns out to be very sweet and she blushes a lot?

Thanks for the request!I hope you liked it

Any mistakes please tell me


  • Just…
  • Oh dear lord
  • You look badass
  • He is really surprised
  • Really surprised
  • Ok, he was a little afraid of you
  • These tattoos, piercings must have hurt
  • But he seriously thought  that you was going to push him away
  • Be mean, rebel
  • And he would try to be like you
  • Badass Yoosung
  • But he would fail
  • miserably
  • But when he sees your personality
  • You don’t seem like these punks that he seen in TV
  • You’re so sweet
  • Cute in some weird way
  • You two looks like the opposite
  • Everyone in the street keep looking at you two
  • He don’t care
  • He actually likes it
  • But he actually learned something from you
  • Looks don’t define personality
  • He loves you
  • Your personality, your hair, your clothes, your piercings, your tattoos
  • He loves all of it


  • Ok
  • You don’t look like a princess
  • He was NOT prepared for this
  • What with this hair..Oh god, what you did to your skin?
  • These tattoos, piercings
  • Zen, shut up, you can’t say nothing
  • Smoker
  • He don’t know what to do, how to act
  • Then…He will try to be normal about it
  • Everything is so wrong and weird to him
  • But
  • After some time
  • He thinks it’s sexy
  • He means cute
  • Sexy
  • This rebel feeling he got from you
  • Excites him
  • Zen, stop
  • But when he see how much you blush
  • How sweet you are
  • He likes this even more
  • You are like a surprise present
  • You’re a different kind of princess
  • But STILL a princess
  • He loves how everyone can think of you as a serious, angry woman
  • But that you are actually very sweet
  • He loves make you blush
  • Seriously
  • Did i mention that he loves it?
  • Because he do
  • A lot


  • Ok, what is this?
  • All those strange things, you look like a vandal
  • He hates it
  • But he don’t say anything in the beginning
  • But sometimes he keep saying to you just..Take those things off
  • You politely say that you like it, and you are NOT going to take off
  • Give him some time
  • A little time
  • He will start to like it
  • You’re so…Exotic
  • Really Jumin?
  • He feels like you are a rebel that only him can tame
  • And he don’t seem a problem why he can’t be seen with you
  • Different styles?
  • And ? What is the problem with that?
  • If people looks at you with a weird look
  • He looks at them with a weird look to
  • This works
  • If people asks what he thinks of your looks
  • He will say that you are a beautiful and exotic masterpiece
  • When he discovers how you really are
  • So sweet…
  • He love it
  • If someone sees you,they will think you are bitter
  • But only him, your husband,knows how sweet you are
  • This is perfect to him
  • And he loves how cute you are even with this appearance
  • He loves to make you blush too
  • Is like oxygen to him
  • You’re cute as Elizabeth
  • His little cute vandal
  • Jumin,i’m not a vandal
  • His little cute MC


  • Well he already knows your appearance when he sees you for the first time
  • You look like a villain
  • He loves it
  • Those piercings, tattoo, that half shaved hair
  • Was so cool!
  • He made a little fun of you  
  • Making fun about your personality don’t matching your outfits
  • And he take every opportunity to make you blush
  • He loves when you agree to do a cosplay with him
  • Oh i need to say you are the bad girl?
  • Because you are
  • Damn it Seven
  • He loves you
  • Your outfit and your personality
  • You are cute but you are dangerous
  • He likes it
  • This little mystery


  • She was like..In shock
  • What kind of clothes is that?
  • Is this appropriate?
  • All this tattoos,piercings
  • This was a No no to her
  • She always insisted that you take those things off
  • But after that she just feels guilty for not accepting who you truly are
  • You are so pure, cute
  • A blush mess
  • And yet she is being like this to you
  • She just don’t see the art in your appearance
  • And think you will look much better with all of this
  • But slowly, she accepted
  • She makes herself think about it
  • Just because you are different from her, this means that you’re wrong?
  • No,people have to respect you
  • If she ever sees someone trying to make fun of you or something because of your looks
  • She will fight them
  • Yeah
  • You’re a sweet person, you don’t deserve this
  • Baehee is a way of living


  • He just don’t care at all
  • But he thinks that you’re unique beauty has to be show to the world
  • V stop
  • So he always want to photograph you
  • He is taking this seriously
  • This tattoos,piercings, this hair color, this clothes, needs to be memorized for the rest of his life
  • He just find a little weird your sweet way
  • When people are looking at your photos
  • They think you are a serious and angry woman
  • But he knows that you’re not
  • This always make him laugh
  • And when people why he was laughting
  • He just say it was nothing
  • After that he takes pictures when you are a blushed mess
  • He loves capturing the true side of you
  • And he loves when you’re a blush mess
  • V is precious


  • He is like
  • NO NO
  • He loves everything about it
  • He don’t feel like a unique person
  • Indifferent
  • You are just like him
  • Except you are really sweet
  • Damn it MC…
  • I thought we were going to be a rebel couple!
  • But he can’t deny that he loves when you blush
  • It’s cute okay?God..
  • He may be are always trying to make you blush
  • But this is not something to tell everybody

I want the “really good artist lance” au where one day they get to go to the markets and they have this super rare money so they can get a bunch of stuff so Lance just buys 1000000 things of paper and like- 12 sketchbooks. Watercolors. Color pencils (or stuff that is v close to it) some markers, charcoal- all of the stuff he uses for his pieces and stuff so the lady giving it to him helps him carry the stuff to his lion and he draws what’s on his mind so he can think about it and stuff and he doesn’t wanna tell the others about it because he’s afraid they’ll think he’s bad so he draws and paints in private and sometimes he hangs them on blues walls and she’s super happy when he draws the two of them and so one day he’s hanging out by the kitchen and shiro comes up to him along with the rest of the crew and they’re like "So we haven’t been seeing you lately, and we’re worried. You’ve been cooped up in your lion more than ever. I get that hanging with our lions is important, but it’s important to hang with us too.“ 

And Keith is like "you’re ruining the bond throughout the paladins” which earns him a hard elbow to the ribs from Pidge.

And he’s like “Yea dude just me and blue have been getting along more than ever” and like- that’s not really a lie they’ve been doing a lot better recently especially when he painted her and the other lions and hung it up. 

And Hunk is like “but a couple days ago I saw you bring something in there?” And everyone just looks at Lance and they’re like “well lets just go check it out then" 


..and then Lance books it he is flying out of there to blue so fast it’s like they don’t notice what’s going on before he’s already close to her opening and they start running too and just as Keith is about to make it to her jaw she shuts it and they’re all like "LANCE I SWEAR TO GOD YOU GET YOU ASS OUT OF THERE OR ELSE YOU LION WONT BE THE ONLY THING THATS BLUE AROUND HERE.” And hes like- trying to hide all of the art work of them and he’s just like “blue they’re gonna think I’m a weirdo” and blues like “child ily but everyone already thinks that.  But we all love you very much I’m sure it pains them you hide this.” And so he just silently starts crying and then he’s just wailing on blues controls trying to give her a hug or something and he can feel her hugging back

And so he puts all of the paintings and drawings back and says “you can open up if you want I’ll be finishing up this painting” and he just picks up his paints and turns back to the big sketch of the seven of them he was already painting and then she opens her jaw and they walk in ready to beat the shit out of him for running away but then

they see his art

And they are so breathtaken and it’s so beautiful shiro wants to SOB his eyes out because L a n C e did this Lance his amazing partner his paladin his teammate did all of this and pidge is so happy about the drawing of her with short braids in her hair and Keith is just blushing slightly at the drawing of him with his hair cut and lance just says “I think it would look better if you got it cut.” And hes like “ too.” And Lance S m i l e s and Shiro wants to take this cute boy into his arms and kiss the life out of him. 

Shiro settles on picking him up and hugging him as he holds a picture of the five of them all laughing together in one of the restaurants on earth and Lance hugs him back and he was like “I drew that when my homesickness was acting it’s worse. Maybe after we’re done being paladins we can all go and eat together on earth. That would be cool.”

hope you liked this is basically me I’m always scared to show people what i draw cause its not as good as the other people’s stuff 

Promises - Fred Weasley Imagine


Hi sorry to bother you again. Could I have a request where the reader (Ravenclaw please) is pregnant with feeds baby but is afraid to tell him till he eventually pushes the reader to tell him why she keeps (pregnancy symptoms). You can pick the ending. Thank you again love your writing sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much.💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

A/n: You said I can pick the ending so, I decided to change it up… Only a little… Ish

~(Y/n) POV~

There it was. On the counter. All the noise that was outside the bathroom door disappeared and time seemed to stop. I’m pregnant, a thing I tried to avoid ever since I became a teenager so I could pursue my dream. Once I think back to the time it happened, It now becomes clear how reckless I was. I got drunk and got caught in the moment.

I’m not scared to have a baby, my parents always told me that I shouldn’t be afraid of what I have to deal with but I can’t help but fear one thing. Fred. My boyfriend, the father of my child. We’ve been dating ever since our third year but we’ve known each other ever since our first year. I fell in love with Fred and I feel like I can’t live without him but how is he going to react to me being pregnant. We’re both 16.

I picked up the pregnancy test. Two pink lines were shown. I took a deep breath in before going on my knees and puking in the toilet. I stayed in the bathroom for a while, just thinking. Thinking about all the different ways this situation can go. Fred is excited when I tell him and he helps me raise the baby or Fred isn’t happy and he leaves me so I take care of the baby myself. I can’t tell him, what if he leaves me?

~1 Month Later~

I’m one month into my pregnancy, my belly is barely showing and I’ve been having Nausea like I’ve never felt before, I constantly have to pee and my back hurts like hell. Fred has been noticing these things and questions me but I always change the subject.

I was planning on telling him the next day after I found out but I got to scared. Soon the days added up and now I’m one month. I’ve told my parents already, they took it better than I expected. It was fear that soon turned into joy of being grandparents.

“Hi love” Fred said wrapping an arm around my waist as he kissed my temple.

“Hey” I said closing my book, we were in the library and it was empty not including the librarian.

“I need to talk to you”

“What is it?” I asked

“Are you okay?”

“Yeah, why wouldn’t I be?” My heart began race against my chest.

“Well, I was just worried… You’ve been throwing up a lot lately and eating differently”

“I… It’s nothing… I already went to the doctors”

“You’re lying to me” he says


"I’m pregnant”

His face changed immediately. It was no longer smirking Fred, he frowned.

“W-what? How? It can’t be mine” He said quickly. By the tone of his voice, I could already tell that he’s not happy.

“What do you mean?”

“We haven’t done anything!” My eyes began to sting as tears threaten to fall. Does he really think that?

“Fred, it’s your baby! I never cheated on you! Don’t you remember? It was the night you won that game, we got drunk.” I whisper wiping my tears furiously with the sleeve of my robe.

“I- I have to go” he said getting up quickly.

“No, Fred. Fred, please come back” I cried, my voice merely above a whisper and cracked but he didn’t listen to me. He left me there and I cried holding my stomach.

“I’ll love you no matter what happens, I promise” I whispered as I rubbed my stomach. After, I stopped crying I began to think again. It was the true Ravenclaw in me that always made me think things through no matter what it was.

I don’t need Fred to help me raise a child. There are so many single mothers out there who take care of kids all by themselves. If they can do it why can’t I.

~5 Months Later~

Time seemed to slip through my fingers. I’m 5 months into my pregnancy and my stomach is as big as a ballon soon it will be too big and ready to pop. These five months have been the hardest/ best months of my life.

The best months because I found out that I’m having a beautiful baby girl and that she’s healthy and alive in my stomach but also the hardest months because I don’t have Fred anymore.

He’s been ignoring me or I’ve been ignoring him. I miss him a lot but how could I go back to him? He doesn’t want the baby and all I want is this child. We’ve seen each other around school but it was only glances back and forth and nothing more.

No smiles, no waves, no words. But as the days pass on, I can see that it takes a toll on Fred. He looks more tired, his usual happy smirking demeanor was changed into a frown and depressed look. I think it’s completely over but some think otherwise.

“You should talk to him” Mrs. Weasley said as she placed a cup of tea in front of me. When I first told her she lit up like a firework but soon became doleful and upset when I told her about Fred.

“No, if he doesn’t want the baby. I completely understand, I can raise the baby myself.”

Mrs. Weasley shook her head sipping her tea. She often invited me to her house for tea to talk about the baby and my plans for what’s to come

“Has he been talking to you?” She asked

“No” She looks a bit teary eyed but I understood why. She was scared that I wouldn’t let her see the baby but I always told her that she can see the baby whenever she wanted too.

“But it’s okay. Fred is the father and that makes you the grandmother.” I reminded her, she smiles and hugs me.

~The Next Day~

I sat in the transfiguration courtyard rubbing my stomach as it cramped beneath my fingers. Somedays the pain would just come and It was hard to calm it. I took deep breaths in and out heavily while rubbing my stomach softly.

“(Y/n)?” I opened my eyes to see Fred standing in front of me. I was quite shocked because I thought our fight was the last time he was ever going to talk to me.

“H-hi” I whispered, it felt so weird talking to him after so long yet it felt good. I missed hearing his voice.

“I…” He sighed heavily and sat down. “I don’t know how to start”

“Start what?” I ask, I’m getting a little scared now. His fists are clenched tight and he’s breathing heavily. I scooted back on the bench putting my arms around my stomach to protect the baby just in case.

“I don’t know where to begin. I know I messed up really bad. I should have never yelled at you nor should I have ever left you for so long. Sorry will never cover what I did to you but if you could give me a second chance.” He said it so softly but I knew he meant every word.

“Give me a good reason why I should?” It was my anger that was setting in.

“Because I love you. I love our child.”

“Then why did you leave us?” I whispered, tears falling down my cheeks.

“Because I was scared. Scared that I wouldn’t make a good father, I thought I wasn’t ready but now I am. I want to help you raise our child and I will cherish him or her with everything. I want to raise a family with you and only you.” His face is so close, I can feel his breath against my face.

“I want to be there with you holding your hand through everything. I will not abandon our child, I will be there for their first laugh, words, steps, everything. Just please give me a second chance because I’m sorry. I’m sorry…” After that he continued to whisper sorry but I grabbed his face in my hands and wiped the tears away with my thumbs.

“I forgive you, Fred” I kiss him slowly like I used to when he was feeling down. It felt so amazing to kiss him after everything.

“Don’t make me regret it, Weasley”

“I promise, you won’t.”