so she's going to let him help her
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“Gotcha. I’m the team sharpshooter; I won’t go down so easily,” he replies, tone chipper and the farthest thing from what he’s feeling right now. But even though Pidge is sixteen now, she’s still his little sister, and he’ll never let her worry about him if he can help it. She snorts, and he allows himself a smile.

Keith is taking too long doing his job. Lance goes to check on him.

It doesn’t end well.


Credence is my son and I want him to be happy. Also trigger warnings for mentions of abuse.

Gif Credit: @hardyness

Credence whimpered as you bandaged his hand. 

You had done this so many times, it felt like second nature. It was common for Credence to come to you when he needed help, but this time had managed to upset you more than usual. 

It was the anniversary of the day he had been adopted by that awful woman and Credence had done some small thing to upset her. Instead of forgiving him, she had hit him. 

You were saddened even more when Credence told you that he was the only one who had remembered the significance of the date. 

You weren’t going to let her get away with this again.

“She can’t keep doing this to you Credence,” you said, trying to keep your voice even, “I won’t let her.”

“(y/n), please don’t do anything,” he said softly, “It’s not worth it.”

“Yes it is,” you said, cupping his face in your hands.

“You are worth it, and this,” you said as you held his bandaged hand gently, “can’t keep happening.”

He didn’t say anything, so you wrapped him in a hug. Your heart broke as you felt his body wrack with sobs.

“The next time she does this you are leaving and coming to stay with me, okay?” you ask him.

He nods and hugs you tighter, feeling loved and safe with you, knowing he has someone who will protect him.

If I had to write a fix-it fic for the Hamilton-Reynolds affair:

  • Alexander still would’ve brought Maria home, and she still would’ve tried to seduce him, but Alexander would actually know how to say “no”.
  • Maria admits that her husband was forcing her to seduce him so he could blackmail him.
  • Alexander brings back his offer to help her in any way he can (while secretly plotting ways to destroy her husband).
  • Alexander immediately writes to Eliza and let’s her know what’s going on, and Eliza is right away on board with helping this girl get out of a horrible situation.
  • Alexander at first just checks up on Maria every now and then to make sure she’s doing okay, but after a while he invites her back to his home, just so they could both have some company.
    • They act as quiet company around each other for a bit, with Alexander alternating between coming up with a compromise for his debt plan and writing/responding to letters from Eliza, and Maria reading books, making tea for Alexander and herself, and whatever else she can think of to pass the time.
    • The more time they spend together, the more comfortable they get, accumulating to Alexander going over to Maria’s after a frustrating day at work, and him coming in like “HOLY SHIT MARIA, LET ME JUST TELL YOU THE WAYS THAT JEFFERSON SUCKS”. And he continues ranting until they reach his house, and Alex is just like “Oh my God it feels so good to have someone to talk to”, cuz with Eliza, Angelica and the kids away, he doesn’t really have many people he can just talk to.
  • Eventually, Maria and Alexander become best friends, and they spend enough time together that the next time Alexander gets a letter from Eliza, there’s also one addressed to Maria. Maria is definitely surprised, but then has to suppress a laugh when she reads the content of the letter, which is essentially, “Maria, I’m assuming you’re at our house, so please do me a favor and make sure that Alexander leaves his office to eat and sleep. Drug him if you must.”
    • Maria and Eliza start writing to each other themselves, which makes Alexander a little nervous (”What are you and Eliza talking about?” “..why are you laughing?” “Maria, whatever my wife said, it isn’t true.”).
  • James Reynolds still sends the blackmail letter, because in his mind, there’s only one reason that Alexander keeps spending time with his wife.
  • Alexander shows Maria the letter, and then shows it again to Eliza when she returns home. Eliza beats Alexander to the punch and writes back to James, saying, “Hi. This is Eliza Hamilton, Alexander’s wife. My husband isn’t doing anything with your wife other than being a supportive friend. Also, Maria is a lovely girl, and deserves much more than a shitstain like you (that would’ve been Alexander’s addition to the letter)”.
    • Eliza insists that Maria stays in their guest room, and Maria is so amazingly thankful that her initial attempt at seduction failed, as she would’ve never found such wonderful friends in the Hamiltons.
  • Alexander introduces Maria to Aaron Burr, and convinces him to help her get a divorce from her husband (which is actually true; Burr served as Maria’s attorney when she filed for divorce, and they won!)
  • In the end, Maria is divorced from James, becomes best friends with the Hamiltons, and the pseudo-aunt to their kids. And Alexander remains faithful to the best woman in the world, and doesn’t fuck everything up by writing The Reynolds Pamplet.
Treat you better (Peter Parker x Reader)

Request: Peter x reader based on treat you better by Shawn please❤  / To be honest anything angsty would be great haha. Maybe even with a few parts of you’d rather by @thefandomplace

A/N: Requests are open!

Peter opened his door to find his best friend crying. Tears run down her face as sobs escaped her throat.
Peter opened the door wider, letting her in and helping her remove her coat before hugging her close to him. He kissed her forehead softly, waiting for her to say something.
‘’I went to his house to surprise him with his birthday gift’’ she whispered, tears still on her face, ‘’and when I arrived he… He… He was with another girl. When he saw me, he started to apologise but… It hurts so bad, Pete’’ she cried on his jumper.
He hugged her closer as his blood started to boil -he couldn’t stand to see you hurt.
‘’Go sit on the couch’’ he whispered, ‘’I’ll go get some hot chocolate.’’
She nodded and let him go, walking towards the living room.
When Peter arrived at the kitchen, he rested his hands on the counter, trying not to scream and go after the boy that had made her cry.
He arrived at the living room with two cups of hot chocolate, giving her one. Her face was not as red anymore, but he could still see the traces of tears on her cheeks.
‘’You should dump him’’ Peter said as he sat on the couch, not daring to look at her face.
‘’What?’’ her voice came out strangled, her eyes opening wide. ‘’But I love him! And he loves me as well!’’
Peter sighed loudly and rubbed his face, trying not to shout at her.
‘’[Y/N]…’’ he started. ‘’You have just come to my house crying because you have seen him cheating on you and you still say that he loves you?’’
He looked softly at her, his hands still covering half of his face. Her eyes were filled with rage, and she looked ready to shout at him.
‘’Thank you for nothing, asshole’’ she said, getting up from the couch. ‘’I thought I could always count on you and when I need you the most, you treat me as if I was stupid. Fuck you.’’
Just as she was about to put on her coat, Peter shot a web at her. She wasn’t even surprised -he did it all the time, although it was usually as a joke.
‘’[Y/N], listen to me!’’ Peter shouted, already mad. ‘’He treats you as if you were a piece of shit, and you deserve somebody who treats you like the princess you are! I can’t understand how you fail to see that!’’
Peter could hear the blood rushing through his veins and if he put enough attention, he could also hear [Y/N]’s heart beating in her chest.
‘’You have no right to choose what’s right and what’s wrong for me, Peter Parker’’ she told him, a murderous look in her eyes.
‘’I know I don’t, but I’m your best friend and I love you! God, I love you! I’ve been loving you since you fell asleep on my bed doing our History project in 8th grade and I will love you until we are eighty! And I promised myself I would let you be happy with him, that I wouldn’t tell you my feelings in order not to confuse you, but, shit, [Y/N], I just can’t stand here and see your life and your happiness go to waste because some random asshole thinks you are not worthy of love!’’
When Peter was done with his monologue, all he could hear was her heart beating faster than it ever had.
‘’I can treat you better’’ he whispered at her, finally letting go of the string of web.
He hadn’t realised her body getting closer to his and he jumped when he felt her hand softly caressing his cheek, closing his eyes a moment after to enjoy the feeling.
‘’Pete…’’ she whispered. ‘’I… I don’t know what to say.’’
‘’Please, don’t say anything. You said it yourself; you love him. I understand that, but, please, don’t go back to him. You deserve way better’’ he whispered, his eyes still closed, not wanting to see the rejection hers held.
She hesitated for a moment and kissed his cheek, softly removing her hands from his cheeks and leaving his house, an empty feeling in his heart after he had poured everything he had ever wanted to say.


To fans who haven’t read the ShikaTema chapter in the Konoha Novel, let me explain to you why they’re blushing

Shikamaru is trying to find out the perfect present for Naruto and Hinata so Choji helps him out. He decided on giving them a honeymoon.

Wanting a women’s opinion, they look for Ino and they happen to run into Temari.

Choji tells Shikamaru to ask her about it. Shikamaru blushes feeling weird asking her and when he asks her, she blushes because she thinks he’s planning their honeymoon.

They end up going alone together at the Hot Springs, have a good time playing a booth game.

When it’s starting to get late, Shikamaru suggests they stay at the Hotspring for the night.

Temari on the other hand thinks that Shikamaru wants to have sex with her there.

She tries to leave, but Shikamaru holds her back saying that he needs her (he’s referring to her opinion cause she’s a women)

She asks if it’s ok it’s her, and he explains that he can’t go on the women side of the hotspring. This confuses her and asks him why they’re there and who’s honeymoon.

He says Naruto and Hinata. This clears up Temari’s head and also causes Shikamaru to realizes what she was thinking. Causing him to blush.

They both smile to each other and Temari happens to open her fan.

In the end they ended being a couple cause they were each other’s dates for the wedding.

an arguing couple sat next to me on the train ride back from the protests. the guy was mad that his girlfriend skipped out on his birthday to go to JFK. she said that this was important. she was a lawyer, this was what she went to school for, she needed to be there helping. he said she couldn’t let what was happening in washington affect her social life so much, and she just shut him down. it’s happening here. it’s happening everywhere. the next time something like this happens, i’m going to be one of the people sitting on the ground, filling out legal documents.

it’s been such a shit day. such a shit week. this woman gave me a little hope, though, so that’s nice

Fun idea: Hanzo having friends

Hanzo and Hana being best buds

Hanzo being one of the few people on base who doesn’t condescend to Hana.

Hanzo acting brotherly and giving her tips on stretching and anti-inflammatory tea so she doesn’t pinch a nerve in her neck.

Hanzo knowing what it feels like to be a young solider in a battle you shouldn’t have to fight in.

Hanzo recognizing Hana’s ‘battle personality’ as the same type of coping mechanism Genji used.

Hanzo glaring and shutting down anyone who tries to suggest Hana’s too young to fight with them.

Hana helping Hanzo out of his shell.

Hana making damn sure that Hanzo knows she thinks he’s great.

Hana distracting Hanzo when she notices him start to retreat and go into a depression spiral.

Hana letting Hanzo just sit and watch her play games so that he doesn’t have to be alone without having to overwhelm himself.

Hana distracting people in conversations when she notices Hanzo start to get overwhelmed.

Hanzo and Hana keeping eachother company late at night, playing games and reading and drinking tea, tired but with nightmares of fallen friends too clear to risk trying to sleep again.

Hanzo and Hana being friends.

We Have Cookies AU Part 1

Inspired by this prompt

All27 Superhero/Supervillain AU

  • Tsuna is a new superhero who moved to a new city. 
  • He’s still a bit clumsy, but he’s determined to be a hero and help people. 
  • Of course being a superhero isn’t all fun and games and it certainly doesn’t pay well. But thankfully, Haru his best friend runs the local store and is more than willing to hire Tsuna to help her run the store (and she’ll even look the other way about him leaving suddenly all the time if he would let her design his costume). 
  • His first couple rescues as superhero go off well enough. Tsuna had managed to stop a few supervillains’ plans from happening. 
  • Finding an apartment was hard though so he snatched up the first available room he could find. 
  • He should have asked around first though. 
  • Vongola Apartment Complex is home to nearly every major and minor villain in Namimori City. 
  • There’s Smokin’ Bomb Gokudera, responsible for blowing up at least 10 buildings, Smiling Sword Yamamoto who is said to have killed over 1000 people with a smile on his face. Strong Arm Ryohei who has caused even more damage then Gokudera with the swing of his fist. Demon Twins and Crimelords Mukuro and Chrome. The Monster Hibari who was rumored to be unstoppable and  the cherry on top was Chaos Lord Reborn World’s Greatest Hitman and strongest supervillain in the entire city. 
  • That was just the one floor
  • And Tsuna was locked into his contract for a year. How was he going to survive?!?! 

Check the we have cookies au tag for more

honestly though my favorite thing about gintama is the way that sorachi illustrates that it is absolutely fine to rely on other people and accept their help and support while also emphasizing the importance of self-love and self-respect. like there’s no gross “i’d be nothing without you” or “you’re my whole world” aspect to the relationships, it’s about what makes them happiest, not what makes them “whole”

it’s shinpachi, gin, tae, etc who make life on earth so great for kagura, but when she chooses to stay instead of going home with her father, it’s not for them, it’s for her, because she’s happier there. shinpachi is a kind and helpful person by nature and tends to baby gin and kagura at times, but he never lets them use him as a doormat, no matter how much he loves them. tae originally agreed to marry kyuubei but in the end, she chose to go home because she wouldn’t be happy leaving her family behind, and even after everything she kept up her friendship with kyuubei, not because she felt that she owed them anything, but because she loved them so so much. it was gin’s forgiveness and support that gave sakamoto the strength to leave the war behind, but it was still ultimately sakamoto’s choice for his own sake. sakamoto gave mutsu an opportunity to build a better life for herself but it was still her who decided that the change needed to happen at all. shinpachi and kagura want to protect gin not because they couldn’t live without them, but because they don’t want to. they’re happier with him in their lives. i could go on, man.

i just think that there’s this kind of idea going around that without our loved ones, we aren’t whole, and that’s a dangerous idea. no matter how many people come and go in our lives, it doesn’t change our value as individuals or our ability to live fulfilling lives. is it important to have a good support system and surround ourselves with people who have a positive influence on our lives? absolutely yes. but when we go through lonelier parts of our lives when it seems like there’s just nobody around, does that mean that we’re somehow incomplete? fuck that, man.

gin doesn’t replace ken or hajime for shinpachi. toushi and kondo don’t replace mitsuba for sougo. eli doesn’t replace zura’s old joui family. shinpachi and kagura and otose don’t replace shouyou for gin. losing someone doesn’t leave a void for someone else to fill. 

the thing that makes the relationships in gintama so great is that they don’t complete one another so much as they help each other put the pieces of their own lives back together. they offer guidance and support and love and encouragement but in the end, the person they’re supporting comes to love themselves for themselves and do what they feel will make them happiest for their own sake. and that’s how it should be, really. 


a/n: and here it is thank u so so much for your patience!! i’m so grateful for all your love in the previous parts of this series!! please tell me if you liked this and if you want another part maybe 

word count: 1,3k

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The night after the date was uneventful for Y/N at least. All she could think of all night was Chris and how nice he actually was. She felt quite disappointed about him leaving to pick up William, but it was understandable. Chris seemed to care a lot about his friends, which she admired a lot.

She sighed, throwing herself on the bed. Y/N couldn’t help but let her mind wonder a little. Does Chris still like her? Or did he even like her in the first place? If he does, how will he act on it? She had so many questions surrounding the thing going on between her and Chris, but she didn’t know how to approach them or how to ask Chris anything concerning the matter.

Y/N looked around her room, hoping to magically find the answer to all her questions so she’d be able to go to sleep. Her eyes landed on a book on her floor. The book was one of her personal favorites, she had always admired the main characters courageous personality.

Then it hit her. All she had to do was gather up enough courage and face Chris. It maybe wasn’t the magical answer she had hoped for, but it was enough to make her fall asleep somewhat relaxed.

Chris on the other hand wasn’t mad, he was actually furious. Not because of Y/N, obviously he had had a great time. He almost felt betrayed, William had promised him to not bother him tonight but that clearly was too much to ask.

The other thing was that on the phone William had told him to pick him up from a party, because he was drunk but when Chris arrived to the address he had been given he found a sober William who just told him to drive to another address. Turns out he had planned to meet the Yakuza boys.

That was exactly how Chris had ended up laying on William’s couch several hours later with a black eye and a small cut on his cheek. Chris groaned in a mix of pain and annoyance, William rising an eyebrow at him.

”Seriously? You couldn’t wait another day to do this?”

”No, you know exactly why too. Couldn’t have done this without you, you’re the freakishly strong one.” William grinned, trying to boost up Chris’ ego so there’d be less yelling involved.

Chris rolled his eyes at the boy. William had left the fight with no scratches whatsoever, which just fueled Christoffer’s anger even more. Sure, he never told the exact reason why tonight was so important to him but either way William should respect him enough to respect him and what he says.

”You never told me what was so important to you tonight, care to tell me now?” William carefully brought up after sitting a good 10 minutes in silence, hoping to not piss of Chris even more. He was one scary man when he was mad.

All Chris could do was sigh, he knew eventually curiosity would take the better of William. Chris nervously chewed on his bottom lip, trying to find the right words.

”I went on a date.”

William fell from the chair he was sitting on, hitting the wooden floor hard. He was shocked to say the least. If he had to bet on someone who’d be the most likely to not go an a date in the whole school, he would’ve been confident on betting for Chris.

”You did what?!” William exclaimed, wincing in pain making Chris feel slightly better.

”Yeah, that’s what I keep telling myself but I really like her and I’m doing my best in trying to show her that my life doesn’t actually depend on hooking up with a bunch of people.” Chris was staring at the ceiling, a small smile on his face thinking of all the things Y/N had told him. It made him upset but first off it sadly was true but she was the first person to actually have the courage to tell him so.

William looked at his best friend, searching for any hint of humor in his features. He couldn’t help the little ’oh’ get past his lips when he realized that Chris was actually serious. The rest of the evening was spent in an awkward silence.


Y/N was a nervous wreck when she arrived at school, she had plenty of times changed her mind about confronting Chris and there probably was many more to come. She was standing in the courtyard of the school with her friends, desperately trying to find Chris or one of the penetrators.

Vilde noticed her odd behavior and was about to comment on it when her attention went elsewhere like everyone else’s.

Y/N’s mouth parted when she saw Chris and his black eye. She wanted to know what had happened to him. Scratch that, she needed to know. Y/N waited a moment before excusing herself, quickly getting inside the school to find Chris in hopes to talk to him.

Soon enough she found him getting standing in front of his locker. Her hands were shaking, her less confident and more nervous side of her taking over. Y/N was about to bail when Chris noticed her. He didn’t say anything, but he just tilted his head at her in a questioning manner.

Y/N took a deep breath before taking a few steps, so she’d be standing directly in front of him. Instinctively she brought her hands up to his face, gently tracing the bruises doing her absolute best to not hurt him. Chris on the other hand just stared at her adoringly.

”What happened?” she wondered out loud. Chris panicked a little, figuring the worst was about to happen.

”Look before you get mad at me or anything, I didn’t end our date so that I could go and fight someone. William had set it up and when I told you last night I have to pick him up from a party I actually thought that was it but then it escalated from there quickly and I really like you, so much that it actually frightens me so if possible dump me in the nicest way possible,” Chris said in one breath. That was a lot of information to process in approximately 15 seconds, Y/N’s brain processing all he said.

The butterflies in her stomach were going crazy when she realized he had just told her he liked her. Christoffer Schistad liked her. The next thing she realized was that he asked her to be nice about dumping him.

”Dump you? How do I dump you when we’re not together?” Y/N wondered out loud. A blush spread out on Chris’ face, making Y/N smirk. For once he was the awkward one, not her.

”W-well I’d actually like to be with you as more than friends. Like I’d be the one who can kiss you and take out on dates and kick someone’s ass if they try to make a move on you. I just really like you,” Chris told unsure of what to do next. This was all new to him.

A smile spread on Y/N’s face. A huge weight had been lifted off of her shoulders, she no longer had to worry about how Chris felt.

”Good thing I like you too a lot, then”, Y/N told him Chris’ eyes lighting up. She took a step forward, her hands going behind his neck. She gave Chris a reassuring smile, before getting on her tiptoes so she’d be tall enough to press her lips against his. Their mouths moved in sync sweetly, both of them pouring all of their emotions to it. Chris’ lips molded perfectly with hers, it was like they were built to be together.

Y/N’s nose bumped the bruise on his cheek, pulling them both out of their trance. Chris quietly groaned making her giggle, strand of hair falling from behind her ear. Chris smiled, putting the strand of hair back behind her ear before he placed yet another kiss on her lips.

He could definitely get used to this whole thing. Her smiling because of the dumb stuff he says and does, kissing her and to the feeling of happiness.


Pairing : Draco x Hermione
Words : 1,341
For : slytherdornet’s new beginnings challenge

The Malfoys are missing for months after the war. Aurors are searching for them, they’re on every wanted list, there’s a hefty bounty on all three of them, and there are posters everywhere.

So Hermione is more than a little shocked when Draco shows up at her doorstep late one rainy night in October. A bit dazed, she lets him in but looks to her fireplace and thinks about calling Harry. But when she looks at him and sees that he’s soaked to the bone and shivering and bleeding she realizes that it may not be the right move.

“You have to help me, Granger!” he pleads, his eyes wild with panic and fear and she’s genuinely a little frightened of what’s happened to him. “I don’t know where else to go, please.” So she tells him to calm down and sets a drying charm to him, then grabs the blanket out of the basket under an end table, leads him around to the sofa, and goes to puts the kettle on. She watches him as she fixes the tea; he’s tense and scared and running his hands through his hair and his leg won’t stop bouncing.

“Milk?” she asks when the tea is ready and he actually jumps a little before shaking his head.

“Sugar,” he replies, his voice cracking. Hermione brings the tea to the living room and he takes his and wraps his hands around the mug but doesn’t drink. She sits and waits and watches - but he doesn’t say anything, he just bounces his leg and stares at the floor. She takes in a breath and, just like she would have with any other person sitting in her living room in such an abnormal state, reaches a hand out and places it on his knee.

His leg freezes and she can see the goosebumps form on his arm as his head snaps in her direction and she almost pulls back. Instead her resolve hardens and she puts a little more pressure in her hand. “Tell me what happened,” she instructs, because she knows that what’s going to happen won’t matter if she doesn’t know what’s already happened. He sips his tea and she can see that his lip is quivering, but whether from the cold or something else, she’s not entirely sure

“They found us,” he finally says, his voice cracking.

Her brow furrows in confusion. “Aurors?” she asks, and then catches just how naive she sounds and she looks on in horror as he shakes his head and tears finally start rolling off of his cheeks and into his cup.

“D-death eaters,” he says with a sniff. She takes his tea from him and puts it on the table when she sees his forehead crease and his mouth pull into an ugly line across his face. He tries to keep it together but a sob escapes anyway. “My mother… they - they-” but he can’t say it, and his hands come to his face as his shoulders start to convulse.

Hermione moves her hand but it’s only to wrap her arm around him and pull him closer and she just holds onto him while he cries into her shoulder. She’s at a total loss and has trouble thinking of her next move for longer than she’d care to admit but it’s really hard to think with a sobbing mess of a boy who’s just lost his mother clinging to you for dear life.

After what seems like hours, his sobs subside and he’s just breathing, big breath in, shaky breath out, and eventually he pulls away. His face is wet and red and his hair is going in every direction and he’s apologizing over and over himself.

“You’re sleeping here tonight,” she says, getting up and heading towards her hall closet to fetch some pillows.

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We’ve Got Company Pt.2

Pairing: Joker x Reader

Request: I got a few people asking for a part to so here we go!

Description: Y/N is Frost’s daughter, and she finally confronts him for the hectic lifer she had because of him. The Joker offers to take his interest in her further.

Smut: No

Words: 1922

Requests are open!

Part One


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myrtle & marauders
  • Peter was the one who found Myrtle’s bathroom.
  • Not like find find. They knew the bathroom was there, they just didn’t know Myrtle until Peter decided it was a good place to hide from Slytherins they just pranked.
  • Myrtle was not very welcoming at first but Peter was nice to her, so she let him hide there without making a scene.
  • As soon as he got to their dorm room Peter told the boys about her and the bathroom. Jamie, I think you’ll get along with her very well.
  • It was empty, no one went in there and they really needed somewhere to make potions without getting caught.
  • So, Peter took the boys to meet Myrtle. 
  • Myrtle took great interest in Sirius, Remus took great interest in leaving

Sirius: Moony, you are not jealous of a girl, are you? A girl who is also a ghost? 
Remus: Of course, not.  
spoiler alert.. he is.

  • However the rest of the Marauders were convinced that they can use the bathroom.
  • Myrtle approves. Because you know, four mostly attractive boys in her bathroom, doesn’t get better than that. 
  • James flirts with her, Remus is kind to her when she’s not swooning over Sirius, Peter talks with her like she’s a normal person and Sirius.. well, he doesn’t have to do anything to get Myrtle to like him.
  • Remus is the first one to ask her how she died, he doesn’t get a reply and Myrtle starts to cry. 
  • And boy, does she cry. She makes weird noises while she cries so James starts calling her Moaning Myrtle, it gets stuck.
  • Myrtle hates the name and doesn’t hang with the boys like she used to. They are just as cruel as Olive Hornby was.
  • One day, Mulciber hears Marauders talking about Moaning Myrtle. Him and his gang decide to pay a visit to the ghost that’s haunting the abandoned girl’s bathroom and make fun of Myrtle.
  • Remus is on his way to library from Great Hall and hears Myrtle cry when he goes in to check on her, he sees the Slytherins throwing things at the poor girl.
  • No one, and I mean no one, messes with Marauders’ friends.
  • Remus gathers the other boys and they plan a revenge.
  • This revenge results in Mulciber and his friends landing detention with McGonagall for 3 days in a row. To this day, they are still not sure how they pulled that one off.
  • Myrtle hears about what happened while visiting the Prefects bathroom.
  • Myrtle is back with the boys and now she’s even helping.
  • Turns out Myrtle is really good at pranking, the next prank on Slytherins is her idea. 
  • At one point, Myrtle even gives relationship advice to James and Peter.
  • Moaning Myrtle is Moaning Myrtle because of the Marauders and they love her.
Lost Boys

“Ask her!”

“She looks like she knows where she’s going…”

“Just go ask her.”

Y/N tucked her hair behind her ear, glancing over at the small group of boys who were not so subtly encouraging one of their friends to come over to where she was stopped at a bench, presumably to ask her where to go, since they all looked quite lost.

Shouldering her bag, she straightened up as one of them finally broke from the group, offering her a small smile as he walked towards her.

“Uhm, hello.”

“Hi,” She smiled back, trying to not giggle as he glanced back at his friends, who shot him a look. Sighing, he turned back to face her.

“Can you help us? We’re lost.”

“Really? Never would have guessed that.” She couldn’t help but tease, letting out a light laugh at the blush on his cheeks. “Where are you guys trying to go?”

“One of the dorms, actually, I think the building is called Rosedale.”

“You want Rosedale?”

“Yes?” He said, “Shit, are we even at the right campus…”

“Oh, you’re at the right campus,” Y/N assured him, “But you’re on the totally opposite side of where you want to be.”

“Dammit!” He turned back to face his friends, “I told you guys we should have gone right instead of left!”

“Oi, you did not!”


“Excuse me!” She said loudly, drawing the attention of all of them, “Hi. Yeah, do you want me to take you over there?”

“You don’t need to,” The guy said, facing her again, “Just tell us where to go and we’ll leave you alone.”

“Honestly, I’m heading that way anyways. My dorm is actually the building next to it.”

“Are you sure?”

“Joe, let the pretty lady show us the way!” One of the friends replied for her, and the guy, Joe, blushed again.

“I’m sure. My names Y/N by the way.”

“Joe, but you already knew that. And back there is Caspar, Oli, and Conor.”

“Hello!” The three chorused, waving at her.

“Well, come on you lot, this way.” She nodded, turning her body to start walking, smiling when Joe fell into step beside her.

By the time the dorm building was in their sights, she had learned that the boys were there because Conor was doing a gig at the university, but they wanted to surprise Joe’s cousin first, since he attended school here.

The boys had her laughing the entire time, but she kept finding herself drawn back to Joe, and was grateful when the other three ran ahead a bit, jostling each other and talking loudly, or in Conor’s case, singing loudly.

That allowed Joe and her to talk on their own, and he asked her a few questions about her schooling, and Y/N found talking to him easy, their conversation flowing.

“Did you ask her yet?” Caspar asked, bouncing back to them as the doors to the dorm drew closer.

“Ask me what?” Y/N glanced between the two.

“If you’ll come to Conor’s show tonight!” Caspar answered, “Joe need’s a date still.”

“Caspar!” Grinning, the excited blonde bounced back away, leaving a flustered Joe, who looked up at her. “Uhm, well, do you want to come tonight? Not as my date. Just. To come. You can bring some friends too. Or your boyfriend. Anyone really.”

Laughing, she leaned forward, kissing his cheek to silence him, “I don’t have a boyfriend. But I’m sure my best friend would love to come. And if you really need a date, I’d love to be yours.”

“Okay.” Joe smiled brightly at her, “I’d like that. Let me just grab your number…”

Moments later, their numbers had been exchanged, and they agreed on a time and place to meet, with Joe promising to let his cousin lead them there so they wouldn’t get lost.

“I’ll see you later then?” He asked, walking backwards slowly, the other three watching with smug looks.

“You certainly will. As long as you don’t get lost.”

“I won’t. Not if I’m meeting you.”

“I’ll hold you to that, Joe.”

“You better, Y/N.” With one last smile, he spun around and the boys disappeared into the dorm building.

Smiling, she turned around as well, heading for her dorm. Her best friend was going to flip when she told her what happened.

closer || liam dunbar

prompt: the reader wants nothing more than to find the strength to tell liam she loves him. but with hayden in the way and the supernatural drama that’s been keeping him away from her, she can’t help but wonder if she should just let him go. 

(a/n): this was going to be a “first kiss” preference and then i got a little carried away lol.

He settled into a chair, his hair tousled and his brows furrowed. He propped his backpack onto the table and unzipped it; crumpled notebook papers and chewing gum wrappers spilled from the pockets, but he didn’t seem to care as he searched for his homework. 

You picked up a paper that had fallen to the ground and smoothed out the edges. Liam’s name was scribbled at the top, the day’s date printed beside it. You slid it toward him, watching as the realization sparked in his blue eyes, and settled back into your chair. He glanced at you sheepishly, and with a sigh, you handed him the pencil you’d been using. 

“Thanks”, he mumbled. 

You wordlessly pulled your textbook from your bag and flipped it open. You could feel his eyes on you as you read to yourself, and squirmed in your seat. You weren’t quite sure to what to say. He’d put off your tutoring sessions for a week, pulling out various excuses that even he knew weren’t convincing. And here you were, wondering why you even tried when you felt like you barely knew him anymore.

“What changed your mind?” you asked. “Did you finally realize your education is more important than making out in the courtyard with Hayden?” You could hear the venom dripping from your words, and if you were being honest with yourself, it surprised you. But it surprised you more when you looked up and into his eyes, and realized that you couldn’t bring yourself to be mad. When did he have so much power over you?

“You know what? I have to go”, you whispered. You slung your bag over your shoulder and reached for your textbook, but Liam was quicker. He grabbed your wrist, rendering you still and incapable of leaving, and pushed you back into your seat, albeit lightly. You turned away, your cheeks burning with embarrassment as your eyes began to sting. Your voice cracked when you spoke. “Let go of me, Liam.” 

“What’s going on with you?” he whispered.

It seemed so simple a question, and yet you were at a loss for words. His grip loosened and his hand fell from your wrist. You wanted to reach out, to stop him as he stood up and grabbed his bag, but it was as though you were frozen in place. He pushed his chair in roughly, the sound drawing several pairs of curious eyes your way, and headed toward the library doors.

“I’m sorry, Liam”, you murmured. 

His shoulders tensed, and you knew he had heard you. You wished so badly that he’d suddenly understand, that he’d just turn around and wrap you in his arms. But when he slipped through the doors, letting them slam shut behind him, you knew it was your fault that he’d walked away. And you didn’t know if you could save what had already been broken. 


“Okay, but just don’t cancel at the last minute again. You know how much I hate getting dressed to go out.”

I tossed the last pile of utensils in dishwater, then readjusted my headphones. My best friend was giving me her lame excuse, as to why she cancelled our movie date.

“Was Joe mad?” Her voice was full of guilt.

“He wasn’t mad, but annoyed.” I sigh, “He planned something for us last night. Instead I shut him down for you, which I will never do again, by the way.”

“Ugh, I’m so sorry. Please give him my love!”

I couldn’t help but grin. “Let me think on it.”

Footsteps enter the kitchen and I take a glance to my right. Joe walked past me towards the fridge and grabbed a beer. He gulped down half the bottle, then sat it on the table. Suddenly, I found myself in a staring contest.

“Let me finish cleaning, and I’ll get back to you later.” I take out my headphones. “Hey, everything okay?”

His thin lips twisted at the corners, as his eyes lowered. His bare arms folded across his chest.

“It’s funny that you seemed to notice that things are not.”

“Babe, what are you talking about?” I sigh and place my hands on my hips.

He takes a few steps closer. “There’s always something taking away your time from me. Work. Errands. Friends.”

“Joe, listen—”

“Don’t interrupt me.” A long finger lifted in front of my face. “I’ve been put on the back burner too much over these few weeks. I miss coming home to a welcoming wife. As hard as I work, don’t you think I deserve that?”

I eagerly nod. “Yes, babe. You do.”

“Well, lately it hasn’t seemed like it.”

I watched the redness amplify in his face, as well as my guilt. I could lie and say his words didn’t just slice me in half. He was telling the truth. Lately, I had been making time for everything imaginable, except him. The straw that definitely broke the camel’s back, was flaking out on him for my best friend. I felt like crap as soon as I’d done it, but I couldn’t renege at the last minute. Luckily, she cancelled but it was too late.

“You’re right,” I breathe, “I’ve been neglecting you lately, and I apologize for that. I can’t even give you an excuse, because there isn’t one. But just know that I’m so sorry, baby.”

He rolls his eyes. “Is it me? Am I doing something wrong? Am I not there enough for you?”

“No! It’s not you!” I cup his face, “You’re part of my Universe that can’t be replaced. I can’t get enough of how you make me feel, and what you do for me. If there was a problem, I wouldn’t avoid it. Especially like this.”

He pecks my thumb, as it glides across his lips. “You sure there isn’t another man you’re telling these problems to?”

“Don’t even play with me like that.” My voice hardens, “Not one bit, Joseph.”

He presses his hips against me, pinning me to the counter. “Don’t give me a reason to, Lia.”

My name sizzled into my skin from his breath. Instantly, he had me right where and how he wanted me. Hot and trapped. He bore his fingers into my hips, and leaned down to my ear.

“Turn around and bend over.”

I did as told without hesitation. Didn’t even need to be told twice. My yoga pants were slipped down to my ankles; thankfully I was bare underneath. His thumbs pressed into my lower back, prompting me to arch perfectly into position.

“Let’s see if we can fix your problem.”

“I don’t have any pro—AH!”

Joe breached into my sleek opening, casually pushing deeper. Once my ponytail was grabbed, the motion was set. His grunts mixed with my moans echoing in the sink, filled the kitchen. I came onto my tip toes, urging him to pound me the way I like it when I’m close. He answered me by gripping my thighs, and folding my legs around his waist. I released a squeal from the surprising lift, feeling more of him in this intensified position. He yanks my body hard against him, grinding onto my throbbing walls.

“Still have a problem?”


“Are you going to continue putting me off?”

“No I won’t!” I gasp, “Baby, I promise!”

“You promise?” He spanks me.


“Problem solved.” He spanked me a few more times.

The hot stings radiated through my body and I came on a loud cry. He stilled my body, while he shuttered from his gut wrenching orgasm. Joe grabbed for his half filled bottle of beer, gulping down the rest. The strength of him holding me up with one hand was turning me on, so I wiggled my butt on his pelvis. He cracked a smirk, softly spanking me. My lower half was gently placed back on the ground, as we caught our breaths. Joe wrapped his arms around my waist to pull me up against him. I sealed my back to his front, inhaling his scent. My arms folded atop his, as I laid my head back onto his chest. Nothing like a much needed quickie to get my mind back right on my husband. That’s for damn sure!

A kitchen sink to you, is not a kitchen sink to me

“Y/N?” Calum knocked quietly on the door. Muffled sobs coming through the door. “C’mon…. P-please let me in” Calum chocked back tears. Who could’ve hurt her like this. Who hurt her so bad her mom had to call him for help. Quiet feet padded to the door. She unlocked it and opened it for him. Dark circles of mascara and tear formed under her eyes. 
“Y/N… Baby, what happened?” You two had called each other nicknames as such for years. You weren’t even dating. 
Y/N practically fell into him, collapsing in his arms. Tears soaking his shirt ;Calum rubbed her back whispering how it was going to be okay. They separated and wet back into her room. They climbed into her bed and sat there quietly not looking at each other.Finally breaking the silence Calum says, 
“Baby…. What’s wrong?” 
“L-levi. His ex told him i said he cheated on her. Which i never did. A-and apparently i was spreading rumors about girls hes been with… And he told me to throw all of his shit away because he didn’t want it and he didn’t want me hung up on him.” Calum’s heart ached for her. He had led her on and broke her heart too many times to count. He would bring her in and then crush her and go off on her about how she has not right to like him.
“That asshole! I’m gonna ki-” 
“Cal, stop. There’s no use. He’s gone, and im fine now… I don’t need him. I’m sad that it’s over. But I’m happy, because him not being around makes me hate things that don’t involve him less” In that moment Calum realized how beautiful Y/N was. Both inside and out. Someone who had hurt her so badly, she had chosen to forgive and have a positive outlook. He kept opening and closing his mouth as if he were to say something. She giggled quietly watching him. She got up pulling Calum with her. 
“What’r you doing?” he asked.
“Making cookies. And you’re he-” Y/N was cut off by calum lifting her onto the counter. 
“Cal, What  the fuck?” He replied by crashiinng his lips onto hers. She entagled her hands in his curly dark hair. The kiss became deep, him leaning into her. He was leaning into her so much her hand went to steady herself, but she accidentally grabbed the faucet knob and sprayed water all over herself and calum. They both where a giggling fit.Y/N’s mom walked into the kitchen eyeing the kids, “What’s so funny you two?” 
“Nothing mom… A kitchen sink to you, is not a kitchen sink to me.” 
Y/N’s mom walked out, as soon as she was gone Calum put his forehead to hers and whispered “Okay friend?” 


Bellamy Blake Imagine: Finding Home


Summary: Octavia finally persuades reader to go with her to Arkadia to see her brother Lincoln. But since Skypeople are on odds with grounders for betraying them during Mount Weather war they decide to sneak in and Octavia gives reader some clothes so she can look like a skyperson. In the camp Octavia leaves her for a while and reader meets Bellamy, then she finally meets Lincoln and he, with Bellamy’s help convinces her to stay in the Arkadia.

Word Count: 2301

Originally posted by clarkesbi-ellarke

“Octavia, I can’t go there,” I protested as she tried to convince me to go to Arkadia for like a thousandth time so I could finally see my brother Lincoln whom I hadn’t seen since the Mount Weather incident.

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doggett/scully + relationship

“He’s worth the effort.”