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Request: “hello again!! its the ‘angst anon’!! i’m quite proud of that title to be honest, anyways, i requested the two angsty one shots which i am absolutely loving!! anyways i want to request another incredibly angsty newt x reader (yet again) where newt is married to a woman (any of your choosing, take your pick) and she’s cheating on him and the reader finds out but newt doesn’t believe her??? please and thanks 💗”

Word Count: 2,211

Pairing: Newt x Leta

Requested by my lovely Angst Anon

Requests are currently open! Feel free to send one in

You see it when you don’t want to, when you’re just walking to your favorite book store five blocks away. Grey clouds cover the sun, threatening a storm. That’s the only reason you’re walking so close to the shop windows. If the sun were shining, you’d be closer to the street. With the gusts of bitter wind and the smell of rain hanging heavy in the air, though, you want to be able to duck into a shop should the sky follow through on its threat and break open, drenching anyone walking in cold rain.

You’re not even halfway to the store when the first drop of rain crashes onto the concrete. You pass another few shops before the rain begins to pour. You struggle forward, trying to cover your face, but give up and slip into the first door you see.

The first thing you notice is the heat of the room followed closely by the inviting smell of espresso and hazelnut coffee. People sitting at nearby tables don’t glance at you as you venture further into the shop. Some customers have quills in one hand, drinks in another, while others in animated conversations wave their hands, filling the room with a calming chatter. You start to think you like this spot and that the storm really was a bit of a blessing when you notice the couple in the corner. They hold hands over the middle of the table, talking and laughing like they don’t even know the rest of the shop exists. You wonder for a brief moment if you’ll ever find a relationship like that. The thought disappears when the woman flips her hair.

You freeze. You know her.

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Marrying Moonbyul would include...

  • 0 shits would be given about the fine details of your wedding
  • She’d leave it all up to you
  • But wouldn’t trust you with the event planner
  • She’s convinced that every person you talk to wants to marry you now
  • And you’re just like ??¿?
  • “Byul Yi, they can see my ring”
  • “Damn right they can”
  • She got you the most ostentatious ring possible
  • If she could’ve made it shoot fireworks she would’ve
  • Cuz her future wife deserves the best
  • But now your hand is hella heavy
  • “Now you’ll be so weighed down no one will take you"
  • “Shut up, Moon”
  • Pouty Moon Star is pouty
  • She wears a suit
  • But you asked if she wanted a dress
  • She wasn’t paying attention to a single thing you said
  • “Yeobo, do you want to wear a dress or a suit?”
  • “Uhhuh”
  • “Moon Byul Yi, stop staring at my lips and listen to me!”
  • “Whatever is fine with me, jagi” *still staring at your lips*
  • She made the guest list
  • And picked your maids of honor
  • Of course they were Hye Jin, Whee In, and Yong Sun
  • She wanted to rap you her vows
  • You vetoed that
  • She performed it to you on your honeymoon tho
  • Which she planned
  • You ended up on some tropical island
  • “Moon, we can’t have sex in the ocean!”
  • “Can’t or won’t? Cuz I think we can”
  • You don’t
  • Mostly cuz you’re terrified of getting some mermaid STD
  • You’re still on your honeymoon three years after you got married
  • Like you could be cooking dinner
  • And along comes Byul Yi
  • “Jagiya, I love you so so much”
  • “Moon, get off me so I don’t burn the food”
  • She moves about a foot away from you
  • She always washed the dishes because she hates when you take your ring off
  • She wears her’s on a chain so she can’t lose it during schedules
  • You guys adopt kids
  • When you asked Byul Yi why because you wouldn’t mind being pregnant
  • It’s just return of greasy Moon Byul
  • “This is mine” *sticks hand between your legs*
  • “Yah, you perv! I wasn’t gonna sleep with anyone”
  • “Damn right you weren’t”
  • She honestly so protective of you
  • Now she has a kid
  • She’s squaring up to every ant she see at the park like
  • “Touch my kiddo you get hitto”
  • And you two try to walk away from your crazy wife
  • Renewing your vows after 10 years
  • Byul Yi still gives 0 shits
  • But you let her rap this time
  • Honestly y'all are both perfect for each other
  • Like you’ll wake up in the middle of the night just to stare at her
  • Cuz ??¿?
  • She’s snoring and drooling but oMG SHES SO BEAUTIFUL AND SHES ALL MINE!!!
  • It’s that life long type of love

You know what? I’m really really done being angry about XF, and I’m excited for filming today, and I think having ANY women on staff is good for even reasons like there will be someone to go “hey Chris, mostly women don’t wear bathrobes in bed” or “hey Chris, actually it takes only nine months to have a baby” or things like that.

And maybe Kristen Cloke secretly is a terrific writer and it’s just pure coincidence that she is Glen Morgan’s wife that he also shoehorned into one of my least favorite episodes of XF ever because he wanted her to be able to do her accents and then also made the star of Season 2 of Millennium in a way that totally did not work. 

But what is getting my dander up right at the moment is that there are so many fucking talented women IN THIS FANDOM who understand the characters and have thought deeply about the storylines and puzzled through how to make them work while also being emotionally resonant, and have worked their asses off to fix CC’s plot holes and inconsistent characterization, for free. And like, I know fanfic isn’t television writing, and there’s no reason fanfic writers should write for the show and I’m not asking for that. I just…it kills me that this is who they picked when pressured to hire women writers. One of the male writers’ wives. Who is an actress. She’s not even a writer. SHE IS NOT EVEN A WRITER. WHEN PRESSURED TO FIND A WOMAN WRITER THEY COULDN’T FIND ONE. THEY LITERALLY PICKED THE NEAREST WOMAN WHO HAS A DIFFERENT JOB. AND YET, ALL DAY EVERY DAY I AM SURROUNDED BY INSANELY TALENTED WOMEN WRITERS WHO LABOR OVER MULDER AND SCULLY OUT OF SHEER LOVE AND WHOSE STORIES I WOULD KILL TO SEE ON TV. 

Whatever. Also Glen is writing the story, they’re just doing the teleplay, lol. Lot of trust there!

It Is Not Just a Kiss - Date Masamune

Note: This is an extension of RP canon for the relationship between Masamune and Pora. Consider it backstory. Written for @a-night-on-polaris with her specifications, I just expanded on it. Yay MasaPora!

RP created by and writte by myself, @a-night-on-polaris and @noomsu

They were supposed to be watching the moon, viewing the stars… but Masamune couldn’t focus on night sky. His eyes kept straying to Pora’s profile where she sat at his side, closer than any night they had sat together before. To think he called her his wife and after two years he had only now begun to understand and know her. There was a universe of unfound, interesting things behind her eyes and hidden within the mass of brown and pink hair—things he would have never known if she had not defended him from his mother.

               He had locked her away for two days, mostly for himself as he worked through the confusion but also partially to protect her, and then he’d come to her room with just one question.


                Pora had whipped out her words like a cooling rain that melted the heat of his calm, speaking of things he had never told a soul. She said he was kind. She said he never gave judgment without calculated effort and thought, that he had remained from her out of kindness and she knew that too. It was as if this woman to whom he had given the title Lady Date had known so much of him while he knew so little of her, peeling away the layers of his title One Eyed Dragon to find the man beneath.

                It shook him. He left without a word.

                It had been Kojuro who suggested tea, and as awkward as it had been it was the first time Masamune could say he ever seen his wife smile. It was bright, dazzling and warm—something he had given to her. A crack in the wall they had built between them, a hole for him to excavate and discover the caverns of gold and jewels within. Tea turned into walks in the courtyard, rides into town, and evenings watching the stars.

                Evenings like tonight, but his eye had not gazed the stars for some time now. Her nose wrinkled as she turned.

                “Masamune, the stars are that way.” Pora pointed to the sky.

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Imagine loving Harry Winston

You were the daughter of Otto and Luann Delaney, you grew up around Croweaters, porn stars, bikers and outlaws your whole life, and you also grew up with the two future members of SAMCRO, Jackson ‘Jax’ Teller and Harry 'Opie’ Winston. 

Originally posted by divaliscious

When you were around 16 you found yourself feeling another feeling when the gentle giant was around, and after having a discussion with Jax’s new girl, Tara Knowles, you figured out that you harbored a crush for him. However when you finally realized, he met Donna. 

You figured she would be like the other girls Opie dated, she would be around for a week, they would have sex and he would dump her. And then they would never speak again, and you would try to be the girl who broke the pattern. 

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However one week together turned into two, which turned into two months, which turned into two years which turned into married at 26, where you were the maid of Honor, at request of your new found best friend. 

 After that day you became like a crow eater, just bouncing guy to guy, you had slept with most of the Redwood Originals, and even Jax a couple times. And then you got your chance at loving Opie again. 

 The night Donna died, the night Opie called you in tears was the night the feeling reemerged, for you rushed to the house and ran into his arms. His eyes were red and his voice was hoarse as he sobbed onto your shoulder. You rubbed his back and let him cry onto you, as his children slept. That night was the night you got some hope back, and decided to wait before bringing your romantic feelings up to Opie. 

 He didn’t need time though, he just needed a heroine addicted, blonde bombshell, porn star in a short skirt. He started dating Lyla and you found yourself in the same position as you had with Donna. And then they got engaged and you knew it was all over. 

Originally posted by jaxnathanielsteller

 The day after the wedding you found yourself sitting in Opie’s dorm, playing with your phone when he walked in. 

“She… She doesn’t want to have a baby.” He whispered as he leaned against the door. 

“What did you just figure out she had no intention on quitting porn?” You asked as he sat next to you, leaning against the head board. 

“I don’t know why? I mean I told her…" 

"I get what you told her, but I told you a while ago, she is just like Luann, once a porn star always a porn star. There could be a million reasons she doesn’t want to quit, the pay; the excitement; the recognition; the drugs." 

"I love her, but I can’t share her." 

"Then leave her. You have no reason…" 

And then he kissed you, and fireworks went off in your head. 

"What was that?” You gasped as he pulled away slightly. 

“I love you.” He hissed as he ripped his shirt off and started making out with you, his hand fumbling with your clothes as you tried to wrap your mind around this. 

 You woke up to the sound of Lyla screaming, and Opie’s arms around you, Opie must have been awake already because when she ran out of the room, he threw clothes on quickly and followed. You pulled your own clothes back on and then sat there, wondering what just happened the night before. When he came back, he had an ice pack to his eye and a stunned look on his face. 

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“You’re still here, I thought my screaming wife…" 

"Do you really love me?” You whispered as you looked at him. 

“Yea.” He whispered as you took a deep breath 

“Well what do we do?" 

 "The kids are going to Mary’s, Lyla is going to be a porn star, and me… Well I don’t know." 


"Lyla got an abortion, you were right, she had no intention of quitting her job, she never…" 

"Don’t you dare say she never loved you, I think she really does. However that is all she knows, porn and drugs. So if she gives up porn, she gives up the only thing she knows. And she will never do that. So no matter how much she loves you… You will never get the wife you want." 

"Well then, do you think… We would work?" 

"Opie… I have loved you since I was a teenager, and you have ignored me. And I will not be ignored any more." 

 "I… I…” He just looked at you and smiled, and then he took a seat next to you as you leaned into him. 

 "So I am sure Lyla won’t come back, or sign papers, in case something happens and Piper needs a home. So…“ 

"We just live a scandal, the married emotionally damaged biker outlaw and the original nine’s croweater daughter. Sounds like a fairy tale." 

"Yea, but I would love to see where this fairy tale goes.” He said as he took your hand, and you felt at peace.


Interviewer: Normally, when a guy of your age starts acting there has to be gossip about them and at least one of their heroines. Is it because you’re already married that there isn’t any gossip about you?
Dulquer:  My ultimate girl is Amaal. I don’t know exactly why… I love her a lot… it’s been that way even before we got married. Even now, I think she’s prettier than any other girl I’ve seen. So I don’t think I’ll be distracted. I’m very much in love with her. 

This has been a Mrs. Amaal Nizam Salmaan appreciation post. Also happy birthday to her :)