so she's awake when she gets free.

Ok, so, even after aaaalll this time I’m still seeing quite a lot of people who continue on bashing Sakura and saying how useless she is and how she always cries and how Hinata is much stronger and so on and so forth…

So let’s try to start from the very beginning. I get it, she was hardcore fangirl in the first part but c’mon, you have to admit that at some point in your life you acted the same towards someone you really, really liked… 
Sakura was taking care of those two, guarding them and staying awake for hours, keeping them safe. 

Then the three ninja appeared and even tho she was very tired, she still fought them and managed to hold them off enough so others can come and help too.

Later in the exams, despite loosing, she showed a nice power against Ino and please bear in mind that Ino is from a powerful clan unlike Sakura who is from a normal family. After that, she showed genjutsu skills, she was one of the few who didn’t get affected by the genjutsu and that’s how she managed to free Naruto and the others from it. Then when they tracked Sasuke, Naruto was scared, he was actually shaking when he saw the monster in front of him and when Gaara sprung ahead to kill Sasuke, Sakura was the one to stand and protect Sasuke which resulted in her getting caught. 

She shows concern for her friends and is selfless. She is ready to throw herself in between two of the most powerful attacks only to stop those two idiots. And imagine what would have happened if Kakashi hadn’t come in time.

They say that she placed a big burden on Naruto and that she is using him to bring Sasuke back and yet she realized her mistake the moment Naruto came back from the failed attempt in bringing Sasuke back. She swore to get stronger and take off the burden she placed upon Naruto. She started training with Tsunade and indeed got stronger. She healed a lot of people.

She saved Kankuro’s life. Even Chiyo was impressed by her skills.

Then when they were sent to retrieve Gaara. She defeated Sasori. Yes, Chiyo helped her but Sakura showed incredible skills on her own. Sasori praised her on a few occasions.

After that, Naruto was damaged by the Kyuubi’s chakra. It was Sakura who healed him. Even tho she was in pain, she did everything to make the wounds heal faster. 

Then, she had her little moments that I’m going to skip. Let’s concentrate on the bigger ones like the attack on Konoha. She helped a looot of injured ppl uncluding Hinata. If it wasn’t for Sakura, Hinata would have died. 

She even saved Karin and cried on her.

After that, war time, I don’t have to mention that she again saved a lot of people and caugh the White Zetsu.

She also activated her seal and managed to do some impressive work on defeating a lot of enemies.

She summoned Katsuyu and healed everyone on the battlefield… quite the amount if you ask me…

Of course Naruto being one of them :)) 

She also pretty much helped Shikamaru, she kept him alive and gave him chakra until Naruto recovered enough to give them all chakra.

Oh c’mon, I don’t have to say that she saved Naruto’s life.

They say how she was super scared when she encountered Madara. Then again, was Hinata going to be less scared? Or was she going to do that..?

Distract him a little so Naruto and Sasuke can think of sth. And look at her, she is enduring it, pushing the fear away and doing everything in her powers to fight him. 

It was thanks to her that Obito was able to find Sasuke, otherwise, they were doomed…

And she also saved Obito. If it wasn’t for her, the acid would have splashed him instead and … bye bye Obi~

If I remember correctly, Sasuke and Naruto were just about to seal Kaguya away but it would have been another fail. If it wasn’t for Sakura, Kaguya would have escaped them once again.

she also healed those two bakas when they fought

And what did Hinata do?

She did helped Naruto by protecting him from Pain. But don’t take Naruto’s rage that deeply ok. He thought that she was dead and she was his friend so it’s only normal to react like that. It would have been Shikamaru or Kiba or someone else from his friends, he would have reacted the same way.

And yes, she has the byakugan and is able to do a lot of things thanks to it but what would have happened if she didn’t have it????

and what the hell is that? Make your own Ninja Way girl, don’t copy Naruto’s

She is cute and compassionate and has decent power but some things I just can’t forgive about her character. Fuck Trollmoto tho…

I have to say that I do not hate Hinata but I at the same time I don’t like her that much. She had the potential to become more confident and strong individual but she was left submissive and with almost no confidence.

Now let’s pay some attention to the NaruSaku and MinaKushi stuff. They say that Hinata is like Minato. Indeed the both of them are on the quiet side but other than that what? Minato often throws jokes and he often smiles and grins and he tends to be a little goofy. He is also pretty smug when torturing Kakashi and Obito in their trainings and trying to make them work as a team. Hinata … errr…. 

Minato calms Kushina = balance. When did Hinata calmed Naruto? 

here??? (lets not mention how Neji was dead in her feet and she was thinking how warm Naruto’s hand was) *CRINGE*

I do know that it is war time and there isn’t that much time for grieving but she could have at least hugged Neji and told him “Thank you for always being there for me” or sth like that. At least a reaction like Rock Lee or TenTen would have been good but she just stood and watched…

And oh well, sorry to disappoint you but that scene is kinda copied..

*cough* *cough*

Say whatever you want but Kushina’s line stays the same 
“Find someone like your mother”  

And Minato considered Sakura as Naruto’s girlfriend and stated how she was like Kushina. And Sakura and Minato actually worked together.

And they also share some similarities…

If we include the movies. Naruto was saved by Sakura a lot of times. Like in Road to Ninja, she fought Obito/Menma. 

The Blood Prison, she kept him alive enough for Ryuuzetsu to help him.

And in The Last (which is the bullshit of the bullshits) she was healing him and transfering chakra into him for days. She saved his life again.

Even in Boruto the movie when they were attacked, she fought and evacuated the people. Later, healed them.

Including Hinata who instead of staying with her children in such dire situation, sprung to help Naruto only to be knocked out instantly and risking her own life against oponent she has NO chance at even scratching. (what would have happened if the enemy injured her more seriously or worse - killed her? the kids would have been without mother. She is too reckless.)

and that shit about Naruto loving her because of the rivalry? Oh well, you still remember 235 ep right? He said how he fell in love with her sweet smile and all those cheesy things. They shared so many moments.

First thing he mutters is “Sakura-chan”

Unlike Hinata, who was placed in Sasuke’s place in The Last. The moment when they were little and she “was with him from day one” Sakura actually was with him when they were little (alongside Shikamaru, Kiba, Sasuke and Choji and even Ino. Yes, they weren’t playing that much but they still shared some moments. Hinata tho, Naruto just saved her once from some bullies…)

And lookie, we even have the red thread of love

And let’s not forget how she cherished the flower and blushed the whole time

All and all

And also not to mention that Naruto and Sakura would have been not only like Minato and Kushina but also like Hashirama and Mito. Hashirama is a sunny guy like Naruto and Mito is Uzumaki and all Uzumaki are loud and cheerful and energetic like Kushina (and therefore Sakura). And we can also add Jiraiya and Tsunade, the way they acted was the same way the other couples act. Even Rin and Obito are the same (despite Rin being a little gentler) and Yaiko and Konan too. So this is going on through generations, ever since the Warring Eras with Mito and Hashirama to the other war stricken eras with Jiraiya and Tsunade, Konan and Yahiko to the more modern era with Obito and Rin and Kushina and Minato to the peace era with Naruto and Sakura.

And here is some amazing fanart, seriously even if I wasn’t a NaruSaku fan, I would have still being able to notice those things. Hinata is cute but she really isn’t that strong. If she wasn’t from the noble clan she wouldn’t have been able to fend for herself. Sakura on the other hand is not from such a clan but she manages to surpass Tsunade who is known as the strongest woman. I’m a person who sticks to facts.

I hope you can agree with me…. :)) I myself want Kishimoto to fuck everyone and just write a special NaruSaku manga where they end up together… no more bullshits!!!

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Could I request RFA+ V and Saeran reacting to an MC who loves to nap. Like when she comes home after school/work she immediately conks out for three hours.

if this ain’t me


  • College boy understands your pain
  • He was always tired because of his studying (and gaming), so he usually joined you unless he was busy
  • Would normally not be able to sleep for that long though, so he would wake up earlier and have dinner prepared for when you woke up
  • Loved that because you both took naps, you could stay up longer at night
  • more time for gaming, cuddles and… other things


  • Genuinely impressed by how fast you were able to fall asleep
  • Would not let you sleep without him holding you okay
  • As soon as he saw you lay down, he would lay down too so you could sleep on him
  • Wasn’t a big fan of naps himself, but he was able to read and practise his scripts while cuddling you so he didn’t mind


  • “If you sleep during the day, you’ll be unable to fall asleep at night!” fight me, mama baehee
  • Researched it and found out that you shouldn’t really nap for more than half an hour, so she woke you up more often than not
  • She wasn’t too fond of your naps, but would occasionally join when she had a really tough day and needed cuddles


  • He honestly found it really cute
  • You were like a cat!
  • He was able to get a lot of work done while you were napping, so when you were awake he was usually free to cuddle and just spend time with you


  • He’s a horrible influence tbh
  • He doesn’t even have a sleeping schedule, he survives by taking naps
  • Nap buddies!
  • The two of you built a blanket fort just to sleep in
  • Sometimes he would be a jerk and request a password before you could enter, so you ended up just falling asleep on the floor in front of the fort


  • (let’s just pretend he can see okay he deserves all the happiness)
  • His favorite thing was to take pictures of all your weird sleeping positions!
  • Always! Joined! You! For! Cuddles!
  • Also impressed by how fast you fell asleep
  • At first he was worried that you would be bored when he took you travelling, but was relieved that you always napped also slightly annoyed that you didn’t see the scenery but hey, more reasons to take pictures


  • Would sigh every time he found you passed out at the couch
  • Of annoyance? Of admiration? The world will never know
  • Being the tsundere he is, he would probably cuddle and take a nap with you, but would claim that he was “too tired to go to his room and didn’t want to wake you up” when you woke up iwth his arms around you
  • As you got closer, daily cuddle sessions/naps were a must


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Hi!! Could you do a case scenario about if the tfp autobots + megatron getting turned into sparklings? Like you did for the mtmte bots! Thanks :)

*squeals* Baby robots! Baby robots!

Optimus Prime:
-He is actually a very playful little sparkling, his favorite game is peek-a-boo
-If you’re not too busy, please cuddle him (he likes bring cuddled)

-He’s a cranky little sparkling that just wants to sleep
-If you get hurt, like you pinched your finger, he’ll crawl to you babbling and reach for your hand (he screams if you don’t give it to him) and give your finger a kiss because kisses make everything better

-Naps are such a challenge because he doesn’t want to sleep at all. He wants to play until he passes out in a pile of toys
-He likes it when you play with him, but he won’t let you touch his favorite toys. If you played with something he didn’t like before, he likes it now because you made it look fun

-Careful, he likes to throw stuff and put things in places they shouldn’t go (he is equivalent to the child who puts stuff in the toilet and flushes causing the house to flood)
-He gets into everything so you better keep things high up

-She hates being detained, she wants to be a free sparkling and go wherever you go… everywhere you go
-She never walked, she was crawling around one day following you on your daily routine, decided to stand up, and “ZOOP!” there she goes running past you laughing

-He is a curious baby who wants to know what everything is and put it in his mouth, keep a close optic on him
-He likes it when you hold him and carry him around, sometimes he is awake and looking around squealing and making happy baby noises, other times his head is on your shoulder asleep

-Be careful of those doorwings, as sparkling they are really sensitive and if he hits them on something he starts wailing for you to make them feel better
-He doesn’t like laying on his back and staying still, you lay him on his back and turn around for a second to get something and you’ll turn back to Smokey on his belly. You roll him back, he flops back over again. He keeps doing it until he just decides to crawl away laughing. (Just swaddle him in a blanket if you want to keep him still)

Ultra Magnus:
-He’s a clumsy little sparkling, he uses something to stand up and he falls back down on his butt
-He wraps himself around your leg until you pick him up, you think he wants to cuddle but he just wants to see what you’re doing

-He plays rough, gets hurt, runs to you to give his boo-boos kisses, then he does it again
-One day you hear a bunch of things crashing in a room he’s not suppose to be in and go running, you find him crying and crawling around running into walls because he got a bucket stuck on his head (don’t laugh, he’s freaking out!) once you get the bucket off he clings to you for a bit

Mini Supercorp headcanon; Kara stopping by at L-Corp sometime around midnight because she noticed Lena’s office light was still on and didn’t want her girlfriend to work too late because she’s seen what Lena’s like when she works through the night and it isn’t good so she comes in through the balcony, makes Lena pack all her stuff up and then flies her home to make sure that she actually, y’know, goes home. And she makes sure Lena’s all settled and in bed in her pyjamas and everything’s good and then Kara’s called away to sort out some disaster/escaped alien/something but that’s okay because she knows Lena’s okay and probably sleeping by now.

But, the next day, she goes to see Lena at work and she’s like a fucking zombie from sleep-deprivation and Kara’s like ‘HOw??? I took you home? I put you to bed? How are you so tired??? Did you work from home all night???’ and Lena just grins like an idiot because ‘Kara, I read three whole books’ and Kara is just speechless because ‘Lena, you need to sleep’ but Lena doesn’t care; she got to read all night long.

And that’s essentially how Kara finds out that Lena’s an idiot when it comes to sleep and that, if you want her to actually, y’know, sleep, you practically need to take everything off her so that she doesn’t have anything to distract her form bed. 

She doesn’t even sleep 100% properly when she’s with Kara, either; she’s on her phone or her laptop or she’s reading or she’s building something and, basically, doing anything other than sleeping. Kara thinks, at first, it might be because she gets nightmares and wants to avoid them but, when she actually manages to get Lena to sleep properly for a full week, she realises that isn’t true, and then she thinks it might be insomnia but quickly dismisses that idea because Lena assures her it isn’t; she just likes being awake and doing things.

And that’s because, ever since she was adopted, Lena’s days have been so full of things she didn’t want to do so she decided that she’d do the things she wanted to do at night instead because that’s the only time she had free and that habit’s just carried over into her adult life so now Kara tries to make sure that Lena actually starts and finished work at reasonable times so she has time to do the stuff she loves during the day instead of losing sleep over it and Lena’s never been happier.

I just noticed I started this thing with the word ‘mini’. Whoops. Never mind.

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hc's for paladins + alteans with an s/o who just casually walks around the castle in their underwear all the time

This is the dream honestly


-At first he is just lack jawed, stops midstep and head nearly does a full 180 when they walk by

-He thinks that they have to be sleep walking or something so he tries to rush to the rescue! Scoops them up and herds them into the nearest room to offer them his shirt 

-Once he realizes this was their choice he feels 1. like an idiot and 2. wow they look super amazing but please cover up

-Hes not trying to do it to be mean or controlling but he is a traditionalist at heart the sweet boy. He just want’s s/os body to be for him and his eyes only. 

-He manages a compromise where s/o will wear a robe, open when no one else is around and closed when there is someone


-Smol bean just doesn’t even notice, just carries on with her life like normal and asks s/o to continue to hand her tools

-Someone else, probably Keith, is actually the one to ask her how she feels about s/o walking around like that all the time (probably after having several heart attacks when surprised by the semi nudity) and she is just like ‘i did not even realize this was a thing’

-Even then she just shrugs and continues on with her life cause its their body and it does get really hot so whats the big idea? They have all been swimming together and they wore the same amount of coverage?

-Would fight any of her friends who tells s/o that they have to cover up because who are they to tell them what to do?

-In the end seeing her s/o be so confident and uncaring she would probably feel more free to go shirtless when she got over heated or when it was getting in the way of whatever she was working on


-Very similar to Shiro in the whole he gets frozen on the spot and he has to pinch himself to see if he is actually awake and seeing this

-When it is confirmed yes he is awake and this is really happening he has to learn how to talk again but it doesn’t really work cause he still ends up mixing his words together and getting them all switched around to the point s/o doesn’t even know what he is asking

-He gets frustrated and beats his head into a wall ‘Why’ smack ‘are’ smack ‘you’ smack ‘practically naked’ and s/o just shrugs and says it has been feeling stuffy which makes him want to scream cause just turn!on!a!fan!

-In the end he is just more confused than anything else, not angry just thinking that this is an extreme and probably also thinks that they were put up to it as a prank by Lance. When s/o explains to them that this just makes them feel more comfortable he slowly unwinds 

-It takes awhile but he gets use to it cause heck if it makes them happy and it doesn’t hurt anyone then its fine. But he lowkey is watching everyone when s/o is doing this cause if anyone tries anything funny he is more than willing to take them down, friend or not


-He keeps walking by without a second though, too busy stuffing his face with junk food to notice at first but then it clicks in his brain what he just saw. He then comes barreling around the corner, face plants then has to crawl over to s/o choking ‘I have a few questions!’ he manages to wheeze out at last

-At first all of his questions are slightly lewd in nature, mostly hinting that they wore it just to get him in the mood, but in the end his voice gets quiet and serious and he asks if this was actually a plan to make him jealous cause if so it would have succeeded

-S/o just laughs and pinches his cheek and thinks he is so adorably cute. But no he wasn’t really a factor in this choice, okay yes they wanted to see his face and to show off for him but he wasnt the only factor. This is just comfortable and if he enjoys the view its all the better~

-Lance is very torn, more so than any of the others, cause on one hand wow s/o is hot but on the other hand now everyone will experience this first hand and though he brags a lot about dating someone so hot this seems a bit overboard. But it does make s/o happy and they are comfortable with it so maybe hes making a big deal out of nothing? He is a very confused babe

-In the end he decides the best way to combat any potentially wondering eyes is by also walking around in his underwear by wears only the tightest and most eye hurting bright colors he can find cause then he knows all the attention will be on him as his team begs him to put something on to cover up


-He sees them and immediately feels like he is having a heart attack but tries to play it off smooth. He blocks their way and tries to make nervous small talk, completely ignoring any attempt to get past him and keeps asking if they want to go hang out in his room instead but first they could totally stop by their room so they could put something more comfortable on

-S/o sees right through this act though and finds it adorable. They ask him if he is uncomfortable with them walking around like this but says that they aren’t doing it for attention or anything, except of course from him. He continues to act like he hadn’t noticed and, very poorly, puts on a look of surprise and says ‘oh I didn’t even notice!’ 

-Once outed he sheepishly admits that he actually is kind of uncomfortable with it. Its not that he doesn’t think s/o looks amazing or that he doesn’t trust them or his friends but well … he likes the idea that he is the only one who gets to see something like that.

-He doesn’t want to control them or their choices so he gets if they feel he is being too overbearing and promises to work on it but s/o shuts him up with a kiss. They don’t want to do something to make him uncomfortable and tells him that they should have given him a head up

-Hunk feels for the 1000000 time that he is the luckiest person ever to be dating someone so caring but he doesn’t want them to dress a certain way for him. So together they slowly work on the idea taking baby steps until they are both comfortable with the idea

Broken  17

Broken 17:

Warning Domestic Violence

You let out a quiet groan. Everything hurt. The last thing you remembered was Brock meeting you on the stairs. From the way, your body felt you must have tumbled down them, and judging by the pounding in your head no wonder you had lost consciousness. Taking a deep breath, your stomach rolled and you had to bite down the nausea. You were on your back, so if you rolled over on your stomach you could push yourself up and judging by the chill on your skin and the small sliver of light to your left you were once again in the garage.  

You mentally braced yourself to roll over and when you started you let out another cry as you realized your hand was cuffed to Brocks work bench. “think y/n” you whispered to yourself as you looked around you. Brocks cruiser was sitting in the garage blocking you in-between it and the work bench. You couldn’t even see the door that lead to the kitchen from where you were laying, and you had no idea what time it was.

You curled in on yourself as much as you could when you heard the telltale sign of the kitchen door opening and heavy footfalls. “Glad your awake Sweetheart” Brock rasp as he bent down beside you and ran his hand down the right side of your face, “I wish you wouldn’t have made me do this” he told you with sincerity.

You tried to move away from him and he laughed, “Still not learned your lesson Sweetheart” He ask, “I am the boss in this household, and you will do what I say. If you don’t I can replace you” he whispered the last part as he bent back the wrist that wasn’t attached to his work bench. You couldn’t stop the scream as it bubbled from your throat when you heard a snap.

“Shut your damn mouth” Brock hissed at you as he placed his hand over it. Tears were leaking down your cheeks, and Brocks head was turned toward the garage door. “Do not utter a sound” Brock warned you as you heard another knock. He moved quickly from his kneeling position and headed toward the garage door opening it and stepping outside before shutting it again. You could hear a muffled voice, and then Brocks loud and clear. “Yeah, we were having a problem with the battery, I put in a new one this morning”

Clint, your mind supplied Nat said she was sending Clint to get your car.

“No, I took her to work” you heard Brock again and before your mind could even process what you were planning you screamed.

“Nah I got a horror movie playing on the TV in the garage” you heard Brock say, “But be my guest if you wanna tow her car to your shop. I will have to find where she put the keys and I can drop them off later, Yeah thanks man”

When the garage door opened and closed again you couldn’t help the cry that escaped you. If Brock was back that meant Clint had left. It took mere seconds for Brock to cross the garage, but for you it moved in slow motion as he came to stand next to you, his booted foot kicking you in the side causing another cry. “I told you to keep your mouth shut” He hissed bending down his face inches from yours, “You know I can’t let this go unpunished” he tutted squeezing the wrist you knew was broken. Tears were streaming down your face at this point.

He stood up and you could hear tools being shuffled around on his work bench, “This should do” he muttered to himself as he held a large wrench up. His smile made shivers run down your body. You let out relieved sigh as you heard his ringtone that he had set up for work He groaned in annoyance and dropped the wrench with a clang in landed inches from where your head was laying. He grabbed a rag from his work bench and bent down quickly, you tried to move your head as he stuffed it in your mouth. He tutted again as he quickly unlocked the cuff around the bottom of his work bench and slapped it tightly to your broken wrist so that both hands were above your head. “Can’t have you taking that out Sweetheart, you proved to me earlier you couldn’t be quiet”

Standing up he quickly pulled his phone out of the clip on his side and answered it “Rumlow”

You were glad for the short reprieve of the phone conversation. Your body was shaking, and the pain was almost unbearable. Not to mention you were terrified, you knew you messed up trying to get Clint’s attention. You had never seen Brock this angry. To make matters worse you were not sure how you would get back in his good graced.

“Looks like I am going to have to give you a little time to think about what you’ve done” he growled at you, “They need me at work.” Going back to his work bench he found a nylon strap and quickly wrapped it around your mouth as well. “Can’t have you blubbering” he smiled.  He stood up and made his way back into the house.

It didn’t take him long to come back dressed in his uniform, and he smiled down at you once again, “I want you to think long and hard on what got you into this mess Sweetheart, and don’t go anywhere while I am gone” He laughed at his own joke as he climbed in his cruiser opening the garage door just long enough to back out. You let out a muffled sob as the door closed back.

Pain was making your vision white, and it was almost a relief when he left. You knew you needed to stay awake find some way to break free and call Bucky or Nat have them pick you up. You needed to leave. You tried to change your position, get to a better angle and then everything was a fleeting thought as the blackness crept over you.


Natasha had finished grocery shopping, and was standing on the porch of her best friends’ childhood home. She had knocked once and so far, she didn’t hear any shuffling from the inside. Knocking again she yelled, “Hey Barnes” as she waited a few minutes. Still nothing. Growling to herself she stepped off the front porch and made her way to the back of the house, where Y/N bedroom was looking in she saw him asleep on the bed. She knocked on the window and he didn’t even stir. Growling again she looked around she needed something to boost her up to the window sill. She had climbed into this window enough as a teenager. Finding something she could use she dragged it over and hoisted herself up, she tried the window first and rolled her eyes to find locked. Fine then she liked a challenge every now and again. It took her less than three minutes to have the window up as she slipped in and shut the window back behind her “Morning Sunshine” she yelled loudly and laughed as Bucky let out a yell and moved back on the bed.

“What the hell Natasha” he asks his voice gravely from sleep, “The door was locked”

“didn’t use the door” she shrugged.

“You broke in” he just looked at her.

“Well if you would have answered the door, I wouldn’t have had to” she reasoned strolling out of the bedroom, toward the front door to unlock it and bring in the groceries she had left on the porch. A few minutes later she heard him ambling into the kitchen behind her.

“If I didn’t like you, I would report you for Breaking and Entering” he chuckled.

“And I would take these groceries back” she snarked back as she placed them on the counter as she turned and looked at him.

“You didn’t have to Natasha” Bucky told her honestly.

“Y/N ask me to” was all she said as she then cocked her head to the side, “Like your new arm Robocop” she smirked.

He laughed out loud then, leave it to Natasha to be blunt and not only compliment but insult him at the same time. Some things never changed. Steve had always muttered about how he didn’t understand the need for his best friend to argue with his sister’s best friend over everything.

“so no worries Barnes, now you will be fed. I’m going to head out let you get your beauty rest you need it”

“What not going to put them away for me” he smiled.

“Y/N as me to pick them up for you, not put them away. You have two good arms start using them”

Bucky stuck his tongue out at her as he moved to start putting the groceries away.

Natasha turned to leave when her phone rang. Pulling it out of her pocket she saw it was Clint. “Yes Dear” she chirped when she answered, “Glad you got it, now what’s wrong with it” she ask and Bucky stopped what he was doing to listen, “Uh huh” She nodded her head and Bucky felt his stomach tighten at the grim look that came over Natasha’s face. “I’ll call you back Clint” Natasha told him hitting the end key before she looked at Bucky.

“What was that about” Bucky ask.

“Clint picked up Y/N car this morning, said he ran into Brock when he was getting it. Brock told Clint he put in a new battery today, but Clint says the battery isn’t a new one” Natasha told him.

“Well maybe he had one laying around” Bucky was trying to give the benefit of the doubt.

“Clint installed the last battery that Y/N car needed, five years ago. Clint is pretty sure it is the same one. And Clint also mentioned Brock was rushing to get him to leave. Something doesn’t feel right Buck” Natasha told him as she bit her lip. “I’m calling Wanda, Brock told Clint he dropped Y/N off at work”

Natasha then opened her lock screen scrolling through her contacts hitting Wanda’s number. It took a couple rings before she answered. “Is Y/N at work” Natasha ask as soon as she answered. Bucky watched as Natasha nodded her head a couple times, “Ok call me back” she said as she moved the phone from her ear and sat it on the counter.

“Wanda took today off, she is spending it with Sam. She is going to call another co-worker and find out for me” was all Natasha said as she picked her phone back up and stuck it in her pocket. She turned and headed toward the front door.

“What are you going to do Natasha” Bucky ask

“I can’t sit here and just wait, I am heading over to Y/N house to see for myself”

“Natasha, I am sure everything is fine” Bucky tried but he had a heavy feeling in his gut.

“She’s been acting funny for months now, she said they were having some problems they were working through. I believed her she doesn’t lie to me Barnes, and I hope I am wrong but something is telling me I’m not”

“Well give me a minute, if we are going to barge in I’d at least like to be wearing pants’ Bucky told her as he headed back to his bedroom to throw on a pair of jeans.

“Put on a sleeveless shirt, makes your arm look dangerous” Natasha called after him.


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anonymous asked:

So how do Lena and the kids handle things when Kara gets hurt from a fight with an alien or something?


  • i mean when they’re little, the kids aren’t super duper aware??  and the adults around them keep a p good handle on everything when shit goes down so they usually remain p blissfully ignorant when kara gets hurt
    • like they get that kara has a sometimes scary job where she has to protect ppl but its like aunt maggie or aunt alex’s jobs and sometimes she walks in the front door moving a little stiffly and sometimes they have to go see her at the deo, sitting under these bright lights that make maia and finn feel a little weird, a little dizzy, a little powerful, and they hurt stella’s eyes (or maybe that’s not why there’s this heavy pounding at the back of her skull?  she’s so little, she doesn’t have words for it) but it doesn’t rlly…..idk sink in??
      • that said: lena is quietly a Wreck.  bc the kiddos respond to how she responds, she can’t rlly fall apart (not that she ever rlly did??  but she was able to cry abt it and drop everything to rush to the deo and fuss over kara) so she gets v quiet abt it, all hurried crying with the sink running, bathroom door locked.  she gets v good at hiding the evidence that anything is wrong 
    • one time, when finn is abt six or so and maia is four and stella isnt quite a year old, kara gets Hurt.  like big time, holy shit, lena we’re doing everything we can for her hurt.  and lena’s stretched so thin already bc kara’s been gone a lot in the week leading up to this, trying to catch this trio of aliens (one rozz escapee, two that got caught up in his schemes) bc they made a direct threat to that pretty luthor you seem so interested in, isn’t she married supergirl? so she just—she can’t imagine not being with kara at the deo but she can’t make their three little kids spend the night in uncomfortable chairs either and she’s exhausted and terrified bc for the first time in a long time she’s not like one hundred percent sure kara’s going to be okay??  and she can’t do this alone, she can’t raise their children on her own, this was always a partnership and she can barely keep them all on schedule for a week how on earth can she do that for the rest of their lives?
      • and god bless the superfriends, they all step the fuck up.  they’re all sick with worry, obviously, but these kids are still pretty sheltered, still dont have any idea of what their mother does, who she is, what she risks to protect them every day, and everyone pulls it together a little, just enough to take shifts with the kiddos.  
        • maggie takes mornings, gets finn and maia up and off to school, makes sure they have packed lunches and healthy breakfasts and sends lena little text updates, a picture every morning of the kiddos grinning in their carseats
        • james covers afternoons—winn picks the kiddos up and drops them at catco and listen, they love their uncle james to no end and he comes up with a million and one games for them to play.  cat usually emerges from her office at some point bearing sweets and the offer of cartoons on one of the many tvs on her wall
        • lucy flies in on the weekend and hosts a sleepover at her apartment in the city, promises that she’ll make sure they eat their fruits and veggies and then immediately gives them just about as much sugar as they can ask for.  they watch the incredibles and finding nemo and the aristocats (abt 37 times, lucy counted)
        • eliza stays at the house, helps take care of stella when lena needs to sleep.  she and alex understand The Most, and they stay the closest; eliza cooks meals and moms the hell out of lena and alex sits right next to her at the deo, squeezes her hand whenever she starts to cry and cries along with her
          • its not good and its not easy and those six days are the Longest of lena’s life but the kids dont even remember them rlly, just a hazy sort of fog of hanging out with their cool aunts and uncles and finn’s the only one that kind of remembers??  but he only rlly remembers kara coming home and them eating a lot of potstickers


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Anonymous suggested: I have had an appendectomy yesterday and I’m feeling generally crappy… can you write anything with Sheldon having to have a surgery and Amy taking care of him?

Note: Feel better, sweetheart!  I hope that you are taking it easy.

The doctor walked into the waiting room and sat next to Amy.  She set down the book she had been staring at, but not reading to look at the doctor.

“Everything went great.  He’s coming back around and you will be able to go see him in a few moments.  We are going to keep him overnight, but you should be able to take him home tomorrow.  Do you have any questions?” the doctor told Amy.

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Masterlist Updated and Organized!

Harrison Wells

Brass Tacks - Imagine the Flash is having some legal issues and our dear Harry sees your advertisement and has experience with you on his earth…but things are not the same…

Contract - Imagine getting into an argument with Harry about your contract with Star Labs and it turns against you

Clear - Eobard needs to blow off some steam, he ends up in your diner (EoWells)

Assurance- Sequel to Distraction

Assurance - 2

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Distraction -  Harrison Wells ‘I walked into work this morning and found you shirtless on my desk, how much have you had to drink?(Complete)

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Kalt - Imagine being Harrison Wells’ secretary. Everyday you simply move around him and his frigid demeanor. What happens when you catch his eye?(Hiatus)

Kalt - 2

Kalt - 3

Love Is Not A Factor - Imagine fancying the good Dr. Wells and show him in little ways. He never notices, until one day… (Discontinued, I started Distraction at the same time and my direction melded together.)

Love Is Not A Factor - 2

Love Is Not A Factor - 3

Connection -Request for a one Dr. Wells~ the reader becomes a famous, well renowned singer in the future and Wells considers her a classic singer that he really admires. He meets her in Barry’s time, and she turns out to be one of Barry and Iris’s best friends; oh, and a meta. He can’t resist her voice and starts to fall for her, too.

Connection - 2 (Complete)

Mick Rory

Slow Burn - Imagine Mick coming to find you after not seeing you for a year. Something you both promised to do on the anniversary of your meeting one another.

A Little Late - Imagine Mick showing up at your wedding reception…

Barry Allen

Beck and Call -  Barry Allen/Reader Imagine Barry being excited that he’s almost a daddy!

5 Seconds… - Imagine the Flash saving you and giving you a pep talk.

All To Myself - Request: Hello! I absolutely love your writing! I was wondering if you could write a story were the reader gets super turned on whenever barry gets possessive (because it’s so out of character) so they flirt with other people sometimes to bring out Barry’s jealous nature. Thank you for your amazing work!

Race You to Midnight - Sequel to Break, Barry Allen/Reader. After an accident one year ago that brought you back into Barry’s life, your work and your life took you from him again. Will fate let you back in? Or have you lost all your chances?

Race You to Midnight - 2

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Race You to Midnight - Snapshot

Fracture - Imagine being Barry Allen’s daughter and never really understanding why he doesn’t want you to explore the abilities you inherited from him…Until you meet him and he’s ‘not’ your father…(Time travel, bad description I know…)

Fracture - 2

Fracture - 3

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Sweet Thorns - Request: The Reader is also a superhero and works with Barry and Captain Cold and her fall for each other? (Barry/Reader) ( One Shot)

Night Life - Request: the reader is a burlesque dancer/singer and Barry’s girlfriend but he doesn’t know what she does. So one day he and the team follow her the the club she works at and he’s in awe of her because she’s usually really innocent. (One Shot)

Break - Request: I was wondering if I could make a request for the lovely Barry Allen. One where the reader has been kidnapped and by the time Flash comes she’s just barely hanging on and so she tells Flash her last wish is for him to find her best friend Barry and to tell him she loved him and she wants him to be happy and Barry like rips off his mask begging her to stay awake and to just hold on.

Break - 2

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Free Fall - Request: Reader is from Earth 2 and she gets to Earth 1 for whatever reason, and when she meets Barry she freaks out because she was best friends with E2 Barry… Who just so happens to be a famous singer! (Because Grant Gustin has pipes and they need to be appreciated!)

Free Fall - 2

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Leonard Snart

Forgive Me - Imagine it’s your birthday and your dearest as ditched you…what could Leonard Snart be doing on your special day?

Turn Down the Heat  - You’re the engineer and technician for the Wave Runner. While doing maintenance the ship takes off and you end up working with Rip Hunter’s new crew. One Leonard Snart seems to have an interest in you and you can’t help but feel drawn to him.

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Turn Down the Heat - 12

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Turn down the Heat - 27

Turn Down the Heat - 28

Turn Down the Heat - 29

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Turn Down the Heat - 31

Christmas Snart - I intend to do a couple more of these, I hope at least! Thanks for the request!

Cisco Ramon

These Little Words... - Fran"Cisco" Reverb Ramon/Reader

These Little Words… - 2

These Little Words… - 3

McSniffles - Imagine Cisco taking care of you when you’re sick…

Spectre - Imagine a vigilante has moved into Central City ‘cleaning’ up the city and preventing further crime lords from moving, but their methods are a little…out of Team Flash’s style. Will they agree to disagree? Or will a certain engineer help them find a different path?

Spectre - 2

Spectre - 3

Spectre - 4

Spectre - 5

Spectre - 6

Spectre - 7

Spectre - 8

The Flash

Vulpes - Request: Could you do a team flash imagine were the reader is like 17 and she is trying to defeat zoom she’s kind of like black widow but they call her the fox because of her clever personality and her hair looks like a foxes fur and the team want her help and they end up really liking her( her eyes glow orange when she fights and her suit is orange red white and black) sorry if it’s too difficult

Vulpes - 2

Vulpes - 3

Vulpes - 4

Vulpes - 5

Vulpes - 6 (Final)

Companions react to them seeing sole in a desk shaking in their seat working with a large pile of empty cups of coffee?

Here ya go :) Personal fave one: X6′s. 

Sole was working on a pile of paperwork. Why the hell did they bother with helping out with the paperwork again. Ugh. Still, this shit had to be ready by the next day so they could just be done with it. That meant caffeïne, loads of it. Sole didn’t even noticed the cups piling up on the desk, nor their own bloodshot eyes. That doesn’t mean that nobody else did…

“ Mum/Sir what is going on?” Sole looked up. “Can’t you see? I’m working.” They sipped from their cup once more. Codsworth started cleaning up some cups. “You do realise this is barely healthy behaviour?” Sole looked up, showing their bloodshot eyes. “You mean this is no good for me?” They asked sarcastically. “ Do you want me to answer that or should I just glare?”

“ What are you doing precisely?” Sole grunted and faceplanted on one of the papers. “Brotherhood paperwork, go away.” Danse grabbed a chair and sat next to them. “Are you trying to tell me you’re suddenly mature and responsible?” Sole nodded against the paper. “Trying to be.” He grabbed a pile of papers Sole grabbed them from the other side. “Nooo.” Danse leaned in. “I’m more experienced in this than you are. Allow me to aid you.” Sole sighed and let go. “Fine… thank you.”

Deacon walked in with a non-caffeinated drink in hand. “Hey! Hard day at the office, dear? Huh?” Sole grunted. “Get out Deacon.” 
“ Oooh, someone stepped out of bed with the wrong foot…” He lifted a cup. “Or not in bed at all looking at these.” Sole gave him an angry glance. Deacon lifted his hands. “Oh-kay. Suit yourself, or… have some better drink and get some sleep?”

“ You know what’s better at keeping people up all night then coffee?” Sole looked up. “ Unfortunately not.” “Me.” 

Sole rolled their eyes. “No, truly.” Sole looked right at him, completely unamused. “Hancock, has that line ever worked on anyone…” Hancock leaned back in a chair opposite them and placed his feet on their desk. Sole got up to shove them off, but he just sat up straight, shoved some papers aside and put his feet back. “ I usually don’t need any ‘lines’.” He needed to find a way to get them some sleep. “I’m taking away the coffee.” “NO don’t you dare.” “Relax cupcake, it was a joke. Carry on.” Before Sole knew, they were all out of coffee fiters. “HANCOCK!”

“ Hey boss, don’t you think now would be a good time to quit doing this?” Sole didn’t even look up. “No. I want to get this done.” MacCready picked up some papers and said “C’mon, these look doable.Just do this last bit tomorrow, get some rest before I have to yank you out of the raider’s vizer cause you were too tired to notice ‘em.” Sole looked up. “You’re not my bodyguard anymore.” 
“ But I’m more than a bodyguard now, so I want to keep you safe for other reasons. Being that I give a damn about you now.” Sole sat back and took another sip of coffee. “Ya know, feel free to help out if you think it’s so easy.” MacCready smiled. “No thanks, I’ll watch.” He walked away and came back with his sniper rifle. He placed it on the other side of the table “I’ll stay here though.” He took it apart and started to clean it. 

Maxson walked in on Sole and leaned against their desk, arms crossed. “You do realise you might need to lead our men into battle tomorrow?” “Yes, Maxson. I do.” He leaned in a little. “I need you awake. Get some rest. And lay off the coffee” 
You told me to get these papers…” “You heard me. Do as you’re told.”

Nick walked in and looked at the piles of coffee. He imagined that’s what i’d be like if he needed any sleep whatsoever. “ Hey kid. Whatcha working on?” “Minutemen paperwork.” He picked up some papers and leafed through them. Settlements who have agreed to join them and new recruits. “You do realise it’s almost midnight?” Sole’d regret this but they had to ask. “What’s at midnight.” “Your bedtime.” Sole shook their head. “Seriously, I’m cutting you off. By the looks of it you’ve got too much caffeine in your system already.” “I need it.” Sole got confronted with the fact that, for a robot, he was damn good at getting emotions across. No discussion.”Fine, but I’m staying awake until this batch has finished working.” 

“ Are you still awake?” Preston had walked in so quitely that Sole shot up straight. They figured that it was partially the coffee making them this jumpy. “Preston, fucking hell you scared me.” He looked at the cups of coffee. “Sole…” They looked at him. “What?” He placed a couple of fingers underneath their chin to have a better look at their eyes. Sole yanked their face away from his general direction. He sat down next to them. “You can’t do this alone, okay. You need me.” Sole grunted. “I’m the general, I have to do this alone.” He grabbed a pile. “Nonsense, we’re in this together as always.Now lay off the coffee. You’re not looking good.” Sole grinned. “Auch.” “Not what I mean…” Sole winked. “I know. Thanks.” 
“ So, what can I do?”

x6 walked in on Sole and realised immediately what was going on. Like son, like mother/father. That probably meant when it came to trying to get them to stop that it wouldn’t work either. But he was assigned to look after Sole’s wellbeing. He sighed and aimed a gun at their arm. Sole looked up. “X6, what the fuck are you doing?” “Goodnight.” He shot them in the arm, a small dart. Sole had just enough time to yank it out and say ‘really?’ before they dozed off. X6 carried them to their bed, saying ‘It’s just a tranq, they’ll be fine.” When he passed young Shaun. Problem solved.

“What are you zhoing? What is zhis?”  “Coffee.” Curie picked up a cup and had a sip. “It tastes terrible!” Sole took the cup from her and drank from it. “It’s pretty strong.” “Why?” “Keeps me awake?”
Curie then got highly interested in the result that all that coffee has on the human body. While Sole tries their best to keep focus, Curie studies their eyes and indicates she wants to run some other tests on Sole who just mutters. “No, I’m busy.” “Based on zhe eyes, zhis is perhaps not so good for you?” 
“ Not sleeping will do that to ya.” “Oh, non.” She got up and yanked Sole’s arm. “You shall go to sleep immediately! You need sleep! You are human!”

Cait downed a cup in one go only to get a bitter look on her face. “Coffee, huh?” She put down the cup. “Yep.”  “Whatcha tryin’ to stay awake for?” 
“ Paperwork.” She leafed through some papers, thinking of how terribly boring that had to be. No wonder Sole resorted to coffee. “Good luck with that.” She was about to leave when Sole yelled “Feel free to help!”. She just yelled back “Oh, I wish I could but I don’t want to!’

Scribe Haylen:
“What the hell? What are you still doing now?” She took a sip of one of the cups. “Okay, that’s really strong.” Sole just kept working while saying “supposed to keep me up.” “Can I help?” Sole sighed. “I don’t know.” Haylen sat across Sole and said “Okay, just tell me what to do.”

“ Sole, what exactly are you still doing up?” Sole looked up, bloodshot eyes. “Working on those reports. We’ve gotta track down those synths somehow.” Desdemona started clearing some cups while saying “Well, maybe you should take it easy.”  Sole shook their head. “I wanna be done with this.” “Sole, I’ll help you tomorrow. Get some sleep before you do this wrong. You know this is something you need your head for. And it seems too clogged up with coffee now.” 

“ Not like I haven’t done it myself before Blue, but this much coffee is a bad idea. When’s the last time you’ve slept?” Sole looked up. “I’m fine.” 
“ Well, you could’ve fooled me.”  Sole sighed. “I’m still working, aren’t I?” 
“ Sure you are. You’re all ‘Coffee please, and a shot of cynicism’, super healthy way of living.” Sole added “Well I learnt it front the best.” Before they looked up, eyes wide. “I’m sorry, I’m a bit punchy.” “No offense taken.” Piper sighed. “Guess I’ll just write then. Keep ya company.”

Midnight - Teen Sam Drake x Reader - Part 1

Summary: Maybe your life would’ve been a little easier if you hadn’t pretended everything was perfectly okay. You wouldn’t have thought about leaving this place behind on a daily basis if you’d realized it was for the best. You wouldn’t have seen him climb from a window across the street, wishing you could do the same.

Words: 2,838

Notes: hey nerds!! some of you may have seen me mention a teen sam thing i was writing before and here it is. it’s gonna have multiple parts, and i’m gonna tag them all under #midnight writing, so blacklist that if you don’t wanna see these.
if you guys have any feedback on this, then please tell me! other than that, enjoy! (this is gonna go under ‘read more’ because it’s almost 3k words lmao) (p.s. please tell me if this is bad, i don’t wanna annoy you guys with fics you don’t wanna read)

(p.p.s @rayesgamingtrash this is the fic i said i was writing!)

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elorcan- "black coffee with white sugar"

you guys have been asking for elorcan lately-here it is! (yeah it’s a coffee shop AU) the next fanfic after this one will be rowaelin:’)

characters copyright to sarah j maas

“elide! come on, busy shift-you’ve got to be quicker darling.”

elide loved her boss dearly, but vicky really didn’t quite understand the issues that was a line of ten, and a waitress count of two. vicky could not be bothered to help, due to paperwork on how knows what.

aisie was alright. she didn’t talk much, and elide was fine with that-but it messed up the communication on building the coffee. so many customers, so much confusion behind the counter, with all its gadgets to create the hot, creamy liquid of some sort of latte.

vicky headed quickly back to the office deep within the small building. she could’ve made at least one drink, elide thought. just one. they were a starbucks chain, so they were frequently busy, even though there were more than stars above in new york city. elide appreciated it though-she appreciated the constant energy that kept her awake even when she was tired.

elide was supposed to be getting off her day shift now; she would come back later for graveyard hours. elide didn’t live in a respectable complex for free-and college wasn’t cheap, either.

she would not be getting off her shift.

aisie yelled, “alex! marshmallow and caramel frappe is ready.” elide handed her a steamy chocolate latte, after she’d put the recycled cup holder around it. she could always feel the heat no matter, though.

aisie got to work on a pink drink; elide slid over to the cashier, to take the next customer. three more people to go until the ten paid, were served, and left. then she could get off her shift.

the man standing in front of the register in black leather and faded jeans, black long hair slicked back and caramel skin clear, radiated some sort of alluring darkness that had elide narrowing her eyes at him.

as she looked closer, the line was not a line.

it was a gang. did they answer to this odd one?

elide decided she needed a second to assess her current surroundings. loud lounge full of people on Macs, the smell of coffee beans and rich vanilla in the air, paintings of coffee-related items hanging on the pine-green walls, the chairs soft red leather adorned with clean, glass, low-tables…

and a group of low-lives that were earning quite some stares and silencing the room, gathered near the midnight-haired one. they were slowly inching towards her, and elide almost went nauseous with stubborn fear mixed with pride.

“who are you?”

the leader, she assumed, raised a brow. “i’ll take a plain black coffee.
load it with sugar.”

elide slowly and carefully rang him up. a crowd of ten-one coffee?

strange. she forgot the steps of even bare coffee in that moment-elide was quite certain the only she knew was the emotion of alarm, and that she wouldn’t show it. she stood taller, and her chin followed.

“ID please.”

the male looked at her like she had lost her head. “is that necessary?”

elide nodded. “yes.”

it actually was-even if you were only slightly suspicious looking, she’d ask. vicky constantly scolded her, and aisie simply closed her eyes condescendingly; whatever. if they didn’t like it they could quit. elide would run the cafe better than they even could imagine.

many throughout the room were now throwing glances at elide and this gang’s direction. kick them out, a quiet voice whispered, inside her head. kick them out.

the one smirking at her looked mexican, in his early thirties; the rest of his gang looked like a sepia-tone spectrum, she thought. from pale yellow to polished bark. their faces advertised trouble from the glow in their ears to the quirk in their smug expressions. kick. them. out.

multiple members had their hands behind them-she wanted to know what they were holding, if anything, but the other was that elide would be disturbed at whatever was revealed.

a couple customers had hurriedly left the cafe, and elide figured she knew exactly why.

so she made her mind-and took a calming breath. “i’m going to have to ask you to leave.” elide had no hesitations.

the gang chuckled-the man leaned in. “you can call me lorcan.”

she took a back-step from the register; she needed space between them. elide caught a whiff of his scent anyways, though-crisp wood and soft vanilla. he smelled…exquisite. elide had never encountered anything like him.

“let’s no make this hard, sir.”

lorcan found this surprisingly pleasing. “i think we should go as hard as we can.”

she closed her eyes, took a breath…“get out.”

despite how blatantly rude he was-she sensed the male only meant to flirt-lorcan simply had no idea how.

“honor me by leaving with me?”
he leaned against the counter. “please?”
“out. now.”
the man sighed. “fine-we could’ve had a lot of fun, though. i’m going to come here every day from now on until you say yes.”
elide couldn’t help but crack a smile-persistent. “leave.”
“must we?”
the band of merry robbers left first, but the leader, he turned around to wink at her before spinning back around to his colleagues with looking back again. elide put a hand on her hip, and let her mind wander a bit. getting off of the shift was forgotten.

hope you guys enjoyed it-please please please leave a review however-it helps me out tremendously! plus it lets me know that people are actually reading. thanks, loves!!!

Its been 7 years since we left Varis 5… A solitary crew of me, and the 800 passengers in cryostasis awaiting the sanctuary of Our new home on Pandora. “Pandora” Stupid name when you think about it.

1 year asleep, 2 awake…. I’m allotted 8 hours for rest but that is the only real free time I get… so instead of sleeping it away I use it to decompress and remind myself I’m not a robot… take the time to myself so I can play video games, and whatever else passes the time. I mostly play older games that I have downloaded to the AI of the ship. She doesn’t mind though haha. She has fully admitted to playing them herself. If I manage to sleep it isn’t for long no more than 4 hours max.

I’m envious of the settlers to be honest. I wish I could just be in stasis the whole trip rather than endure the conscious lonesomeness of solo piloting this ship…

bestivals  asked:

you’re my emergency contact and i’ve been in an accident so you drop everything to come to the hospital!!!


Bellamy Blake has been Clarke’s emergency contact since before they ever started dating, since back in college when she didn’t want her parents to get called if she got drunk, and he told her she had better not get herself killed. He’s been her emergency contact for so long, she doesn’t even know who else to use.

Which isn’t to say that she shouldn’t have changed it; she absolutely should have. She meant to. It was one of those things on her awful post-relationship to-do list, none of which she really wanted to do. The first, and easiest, was changing her Facebook relationship status to single, and then putting all of his stuff into boxes to leave at his sister’s apartment, which was basically where she fizzled out. She didn’t want to talk to anyone about it, she didn’t want to feel better. She wanted to wallow and be irritable and eat ice cream, not figure out if she’d left anything at his apartment or rebound or drunk-dial him.

And, honestly, who really thinks about updating emergency contacts? It’s not like anyone has ever had to call her emergency contact. It’s foremergencies.

He was never supposed to know.

That’s what she’s thinking as she drifts in and out of consciousness after the accident, as the paramedics load her into the ambulance. She wants to tell them not to call him, wants to tell them–but it is an emergency. And Bellamy’s good in crisis situations. Even if he doesn’t come, he’ll make sure to send someone who can deal with the situation. Raven, probably. He knows better than to call her mother.

He’ll help. Just because they broke up doesn’t mean she doesn’t trust him. There’s no one better.

Still, her last thought before the anesthetic sets in is that she hopes he’ll come himself.

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anonymous asked:

OMG!!!!! Today's post was incredible!!! PLEASE MORE MORE MORE MORE MORE!!! I'm so heartbroken I need to know more about Claire in the future. We never get to see these moments in the books because it flashes to that stupid time 20yrs later. Please continue it. Claire needs happiness.

Part 1.


Claire jolted awake, the force of the dream knocking her sideways as she clutched her chest and gulped in a much needed breath. She’d fallen asleep in the uncomfortable leather chair again. She’d tisked when Frank bought the damn thing, hating the very sight of it from the off. She pushed herself up, clicking the joints in her spine as she went, eager to be free of her dreams.

They’d landed in Boston three months earlier, Frank had found them a suitable house and had furnished it all within days. She’d had no say in the matter, not that she was present enough these days to make any objections. Claire had found herself an OBGYN who’d immediately put her on bed-rest after she’d told her of her issues with Faith. Now she simply sat in the house, slept, ate and merely existed. She was lost and more than a little lonely.

She’d attested her discomfort to that alone, assuming the large amount of time she spent by herself was slowly affecting her sleep. The visions had started just as she’d begun to show, the little bursts within her now growing more powerful as the baby grew. Now, at a little over five months, she’d finally started to feel actual movement. A great chasm opened in her heart as she rubbed her belly, remembering the first time Jamie had felt Faith kick, remembering the words he’d spoken to her. Tears welled in her eyes as she tried to hold them back.

It was no use, seeing him in her dreams had dredged up the memory of him and his loss burned within her, a searing hole that seemed to gape and grow no matter what she did. It was days like these when she’d find her way into the study, riffle through the overfilled desk and pull out the ‘wanted’ poster she’d taken from Reverend Wakefield’s spare room. Sitting on the floor she’d stroke the rough lines, wishing more than anything that he was here with her or that she were back at Lallybroch with him.

The baby chose that moment to kick, a strong pulse within her, almost as if she could sense Claire’s distress. She sighed and wrapped her arms around her belly, rubbing her fingers over and over her sensitive skin.

“I’ve promised that I won’t talk about him to you, that Frank would be your daddy, but I hate it. I hate that I can’t tell you who he was. I know it’s for the best, at least I thought it was before. But now I can’t seem to stop thinking about him. He’s haunting me – Christ, I’m going mad!” She pushed herself up, dusting bits of fluff from her dressing gown before pacing the small room.

The last vestiges of daylight were filtering through the small slits in the blinds, making the dust motes almost sparkle as they fluttered in front of her eyes. She should be grateful of the safety the twentieth century afforded her, but she wasn’t.

Finally she locked the pictures away once more, slamming the draw and locking it, determined to shake it off. She’d promised after all.

Days turned into weeks and the inner-peace Claire was seeking never came, she often found herself sitting by the locked draw, aching to open it but not allowing herself to do so. The idea of a whole new start hadn’t worked, they’d travelled far away from Scotland and its memories, but they’d followed her. She couldn’t sleep without seeing him. She’d promised she wasn’t going to live with a ghost of a man, but every night she revelled in it. She stopped fighting it and longed for the night when he would show himself to her once more.

Frank had left a few days earlier, off on another one of his lecture tours. He’d invited her to tag along but she’d been so relieved that she’d get some time alone that she had rejected him, stating that it wouldn’t be good for the baby. He’d had to agree, and had made her promise that she’d rest. That wouldn’t be an issue, she’d thought grimly, all she did these days was rest.

The moment she’d had the bed to herself she’d begun to dream more deeply, she’d become almost immersed in her dream-world. On intense days she’d wake in other rooms of the house, occasionally surrounded by Frank’s books as if she’d been searching for Jamie in her sleep. She couldn’t shake it.


She’d been walking through the open Scottish fields, small fires were lit all over the place, Lallybroch stood strong in the background. The smell of death and destruction surrounded her. He was there, as he always was, stood on the brow of a nearby hill, sorrow in his eyes as he surveyed what had become of his lands. Claire’s hands shook, she wanted so badly to kiss away the pain she saw etched into the harsh lines of his face, but she couldn’t get her legs to work.

Calling out she tried to get his attention, but her cries went unanswered, almost as if he couldn’t hear her. Finally his eyes caught hers, she could see the hope light behind the bright blue iris’, she was sure her gaze mirrored his. He smiled, a small thing that eased some of the lines around his eyes. His lips moved, but no sound came. She watched, intent on his mouth, hoping to decipher his words.

“Find…me…” He said, clearly this time, as if he were stood right next to her. She cried out, her vision of him fading before her eyes as she called back, “…always…”


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hihiyas  asked:

Enjonine + 8

She doesn’t cry - she says that once she starts, it’s very likely that she’ll never stop. It’s been one hell of a year. First there was the Marius thing, then her sister bailed and left her to raise Gavroche and the kiddos all by herself. And now her stupid friend is in the hospital. 

Yes, hello. Enjolras. Said stupid friend. 

He wants to punch himself right now. She has told him to be careful. His protests are more and more violent of late. It is never his fault - he knows how to get people riled up and he uses that to his advantage. People need to know that things need to change. 

The hospital was not his intended destination after the protest. He’d planned to go visit Eponine on her day off and maybe finally muster up the courage to ask her out. So yeah, that really fell through. 

His friend, the girl he’s been in love with for a few years now, is crying. Because of him. 

“You stupid idiot,” she tells him, not realizing his breathing has changed and he has woken up. “I told you. You’re going to have a scar too.” 

He wants so badly to open his eyes and just look at her, but at the same time he wants to stay just like this. His head hurts and Eponine is a calming presence at his side, clutching his hand. So apparently he just had to be taken to the ER to get her to hold his hand. 

Should have known. 

“Chicks dig scars,” he can’t resist. 

“Fuck you,” she bites, and he opens his eyes. 

His first thought is that she looks like shit - but he is a gentleman and he will never tell her that. It is clear that she has been at his side for a long while now, waiting for him to wake up. The remnants of eyeliner and mascara are streaked on her face, and skin is pale. She is tired. 

“I didn’t mean to scare you,” he puts all his effort into placing his other hand on top of hers. 

That was hard. Holy shit, that hurts. His toes are the only things that don’t hurt. 

“I thought you were gonna die, asshole,” if he hadn’t been lying in a hospital bed, Eponine would have punched him - hard. 

And he would have deserved it. He still really deserves it for making her worry. 

“What happened?” he tiredly asks her. 

“Later,” she orders. “When you get some more sleep. You’re lucky they took out the damn tube from your throat. You sound like an idiot.” 

His free hand moves up to wipe a stray tear from her gaunt cheek. The tears start anew. Even though everything hurts and his vision goes dark for a second - so tired - he fights to stay awake. 

“Don’t ever do that to me again!” she continues to order him around. “I love you, but I’m not going to keep doing this.” 

With a dazed, sleepy smile, Enjolras falls back against the pillows. He dreams of happy endings. 

anonymous asked:

Soma (for the au prompts) Child?

This one will rot your teeth, but it’s done.  


Of all the things Maka had never expected, and there were plenty of things Maka had never expected, finding herself with a bouncing baby boy at the tender age of 19 would have been at the very top of her list. She wasn’t dating, had never dated, had never even had sex-yet here she was, for all intents and purposes the mother of a six month old baby.

Alright, not mother. Sister, in truth. The result was the same-the baby was hers to care for for the long haul.

She could refuse, of course, put the baby up for adoption, walk away from the responsibility she hadn’t earned and didn’t want, but she wouldn’t. Couldn’t. This baby was all that was left of her mother, so she would love it like her mother now couldn’t, like her mother hadn’t loved her in a almost a decade. It was the least she could do.

She felt a hand squeeze her shoulder as the lawyer droned on about about inheritance, social security, DWMA pension, and a million other things she would need to mentally sort eventually, but was still too stunned to process. She looked up at her weapon, who’d stood vigil behind her for the entire half hour they’d been in the office, and forced a strained smile. He’d been there with her through all of this, held her until she’d cried herself to sleep when she got the call last week and every night since, cooked for her, waved off all the condolences and her stupid Papa. He’d been her rock as he’d always been her rock, and a swell of gratitude that she had him in her life hit her forcefully. Maybe he’d never love her the way she loved him, but that he cared for her, that he was there for her, these things were just as important. She felt another squeeze, and this time her smile was a bit broken, but genuine.

The lawyer cleared his throat, looking at Maka pointedly. “So, that’s everything. Do you have questions?”

“Um,” Maka bit her lip unhappily. “No? But I may-later. It’s-a lot to process.”

The man, dark skinned, in his forties, wearing an expensive suit and a carefully neutral expression, nodded. “Of course. You have my card-please don’t hesitate to contact me. There’s still paperwork to deal with in order to finalize your custody of Yuki, but as you’re his only known living relative-“

“But,” she interrupted, shaking her head. “Mr. Harris, what I don’t understand is-if Mama had another baby and it wasn’t with-with her ex husband, shouldn’t Yuki’s father-”

The man shook his head, and Maka noticed that the baby in question had begun stirring in her arms, his nap clearly short lived. “We don’t know who the father is. Kamiya Arakawa wasn’t in a relationship and didn’t list a father on the birth certificate. Your mother is the only one who could have told us who to seek, and she’s gone-she hadn’t even updated her will to include Yuki. I had to work completely based on the old will and your relationship to your brother to establish you as the only viable caretaker.”

“Oh,” she said, voice small in her own ears. “I guess that’s it then. Thanks-for all of your help.” She stood then, clutched the stirring baby to her with one arm as she extended her free hand to shake the lawyer’s in thanks. “I’m sure we’ll be in touch.”

He nodded sagely in response, then gestured to the elderly woman standing quietly off to the side, the same woman who had handed Yuki to Maka when she first entered the room. “Ms. Gishi will accompany you home to help you get settled with Yuki tonight before she returns to Japan tomorrow. Take care, and again, my deepest condolences.”

Maka knew a dismissal when she heard one, so she nodded, thanked him, and, shifting the now awake baby in her arms, strode out the door, Soul’s hand never once leaving her shoulder. He really was her rock.

Perhaps the most strange and even unfair part of it all was how quickly the baby bonded with Soul. Not Maka, not his sister, but Soul. He had to hold the child nearly constantly to avoid shrieking. He was the one to feed him, and while Maka did the other things she could-diaper changes and clothing changes and baths-if Soul wasn’t right within sight, things would never go well. Yuki wouldn’t sleep, would scream incessantly if Soul wasn’t with him, so the baby had to sleep with Soul in the bed if they were to sleep at all. Maka had taken to sleeping on her weapon’s floor the first week to be at hand to help (Yuki was her responsibility, after all,) and then they’d just bought a bigger bed. It wasn’t like they hadn’t shared before, and with Yuki between them, it certainly didn’t cross any lines, as if they were going to be crossed regardless.

Yuki bonding with Soul so completely was odd enough-usually children disliked her weapon on sight, his odd features repelling them as surely as if he were a demon in truth rather than simply a demon weapon-but what Maka found even more bizarre was how thoroughly Soul had bonded right back. Her weapon had long since declared his general disdain for all things small and cute, though she had as long suspected that disdain to be ninety percent “apathetic cool guy” bullshit. Still, she had never seen him show much interest in children and he tended to actively avoid them. But she caught him smiling and cooing down at Yuki the very first day, the very first hour they’d brought him home when Soul thought she wasn’t looking. As the scythe began to hum some soothing tune down at the baby who lay swaddled next to him on the couch while Maka listened to Ms. Gishi’s instructions on how the child preferred his formula, wide, dark eyes had stared back in wonder. Those eyes, along with the baby’s dark hair, must have mirrored his father, but his nose, his mouth, his smile-all of those were like his mother and sister. Hearing the child coo happily for the first time ever, Maka had stolen a glance away from the nanny to see her weapon’s actions, a soft smile gracing her own features.

“Ah, Yuki will be lucky boy to live in house with love,” the nanny had commented, causing her to start.

“Uh, yeah,” Maka looked up, then switched to Japanese because she spoke that far more fluently than the nanny spoke English. “I loved my mother very much, and I will love my brother as she now can’t, of course.”

“No, you misunderstand,” the woman had replied in Japanese with a knowing smile. “You and your young man love each other fiercely. Yuki is lucky to come to such a home, where there is love already.”

“We,” she’d stammered, still in Japanese. “I mean, he and I-he’s just my weapon partner. He’s not my-my-young man, and we’re just friends, not-”

“Ah!” the woman said knowingly. “Perhaps that is so, but it cannot erase love or desire. The heart often knows before the head.”

Maka had blinked at her, then, but that was all. If the women misread their partnership, well, she was far from the first and would not be the last. Deciding the bottle was temperate enough, she had excused herself to feed her baby brother.

Ms. Gishi had gone back to Japan the next morning, and Maka hadn’t considered her words since.

A year later, though, the words came back to haunt her and she couldn’t help her concern. They had been walking Yuki through Terminus Square Park, each holding one of his hands, when Yuki ran ahead to watch the ducks. Maka had grabbed Soul’s hand reflexively in its place as they walked down the grass slope towards the pond, where Yuki had already reached the perimeter of the fence. When they caught up with the boy, Soul hoisted him up on his shoulders for a better view, and an older woman who was standing near had smiled warmly at the sight, catching Maka’s eyes.

“You have a beautiful family,” she’d said. “Your child is lucky the two of you love each other so much-to be raised amidst love is a true blessing.”

Soul and Maka had exchanged an embarrassed look, then, but Maka thanked the woman and went on with her day-they were often mistaken for a family. Still, her words, the words of Ms. Gishi so many months ago, weighed heavily on her mind all that afternoon. Yuki was so dependent on Soul already, and it had Maka’s heart in her stomach. If they truly were a family, if they truly were in love, it would be fine, it would be-the word ideal came to mind, actually. The trouble was, that just wasn’t true. They loved each other, sure, as friends, as partners. But they weren’t together, had never been together. Her weapon just didn’t see her that way, and as he neared his twenty first year, she knew it was inevitable that he would eventually, and probably sooner than later, find someone he did see that way and then-then everything would change. Their little family would crumble as her weapon finally lived his own life, and Yuki would be left with only her.

She had no doubt Soul would still be there for them as much as he could be, of course he would, but it wouldn’t be the same, they would cease to come first, and she couldn’t do that to her brother. The longer this continued, the worse it would be when everything came crashing down around their ears.

Better to-to deal with it now.

That night, after Soul put Yuki to sleep and snuck into the living room to plop down onto the couch next to her, Maka decided it was time. She’d been watching a movie idly, some silly, unrealistic rom com about a one night stand and the resultant pregnancy, but her mind was elsewhere, and as her weapon snarked at her viewing choice, she shrugged and grabbed the remote to click it off, turning her eyes to him.

“That’s fine, I wasn’t really enjoying it anyway.”

“Really, Maka,” he replied with a concerned frown. “I was just giving you shit. We can watch it.” Clearly he had picked up on her mood, which was for the best.

“No.” She shook her head. “I’d rather talk-or-we need to talk, I guess.”

The frown deepened. “About?”

She took in a breath, deep and calming. “About Yuki. And-and-us.” He began shaking his head, his confusion writ large on his face. She continued before he could speak. “It’s just-we’re friends and partners, and we’ll always be friends and partners, I know that, but Yuki becomes more dependent on you everyday and someday, Soul-someday, you’re going to find someone, and you’re going to focus on your own life, and probably, eventually, your own family, and just-I don’t want to do that to Yuki.”

He looked stunned, as if he’d been smacked viciously, unexpectedly.

“I know what it’s like,” she pushed on quietly. “How hard it is, to lose someone important. I don’t want that for Yuki. So I think maybe-maybe it would be better if you distanced yourself more now. Yuki and I can I can start to sleep in my room, and I’ll start taking care of him most of the time. That way, when you do find someone you want to be with and move out some day, it won’t-”

“No,” he interrupted suddenly, firmly, his red eyes seeking hers imploringly. “You’re my family, you and Yuki, and I’m not going anywhere. Ever.”

She frowned at him. This was hard enough-why did he have to make it harder? She should have expected it from her fiercely loyal weapon, but still. ”I know you feel that way now, Soul. I know you love Yuki and want to be here for him, and I even know you well enough to know you would choose him, choose to stay with us, over-over your own wishes when you find someone. But I don’t want that. I don’t want you stuck here with us, I don’t want to rob you of finding happiness with your own family. I don’t. So can you just-can you just listen to me, for once, and do as I ask? Please?”

“No,” he repeated, voice never wavering, eyes full of hurt in a face that was firmly impassive. “Look-that’s-that’s not gonna happen, okay? There is no other person or happiness or family or whatever the fuck. For me. There isn’t. There’s just you, and now, there’s Yuki. That’s it. I’m not going anywhere, I don’t want to go anywhere. And look, someday, maybe you’ll be the one to finally find someone, and that’s okay. If you do, if you want me to back off, butt out, become Uncle Soul, I’ll do that. But that’s the only way I’m going anywhere, you got that?” She began to shake her head, violently, and was surprised when he caught her chin in his hand, stroked her cheek gently. Maka couldn’t help it, she leaned into his touch, closing her eyes.

"Soul,” she breathed, but he didn’t let her speak further.

“Even before Yuki, Maka, long before, I was never going anywhere. Here, right here, is the only place I’ve ever wanted to be, right by your side. I-thought you knew that.”

She opened her eyes. “I know you love us, Soul. I know I’m your best friend, but-that’s not always going to be enough. You know it isn’t. Someday, you’re going to want more, going to find someone-“

“Fucking hell, Maka,” he cut her off, and she’d been blocking herself from feeling his wavelength, too afraid to catch the hurt, but the anger bombarded her suddenly, viciously. “For someone so damned smart, you don’t listen. You. Are the only one. I want.” His words were spoken slowly, gritted out, as if he were schooling a stubborn child. “There is no other happiness. Not for me. So can we cut this crap and move on with our lives? ‘Cause I’m never leaving, never gonna wanna leave, always gonna wanna be as close to you as you’ll let me.” His eyes were full, intense, but his wavelength suddenly quieted to a simmering hurt and sadness and she-his words-she- “And look,” his voice was quiet again. “You don’t have to worry. It’s okay, you know, that you don’t feel that way, I get that. You can’t help who you love, I know that better than anyone. So when you don’t want me here anymore, that’s fine, I’ll deal with that, and you know what? I’ll be happy for you, I swear I will, because you being happy is the most important thing. You deserve to find love, Maka. If anyone does, it’s you. But-but-just-don’t shut me out before then, okay? Just-it can’t be best for Yuki. You have to see that.”

"Soul,” she was shaking her head again, and he finally removed his hand. She felt its loss keenly so she grabbed for it, held it tightly in her own. His words-it was almost as if-and his wavelength-how had she never noticed? But then, he was so good at hiding things, they both were. “You speak of me finding love, of me finding happiness, as if it were some far off thing, some hazy future. It’s not.” She swallowed, hard, licked her too dry lips. “I-it’s been a long time since my heart was my own, Soul. A long time. And happiness? I don’t know if it’s in my future, or yours, but the last few years have been the happiest of my life. I-I’m never going to want you to leave. Ever. There’s-there’s no one that could change that, no one that can take what already-already belongs to-” his eyes were wide “-to you.”

“Maka,” he rasped out, his hand clutching hers tightly.

“So-so you’re right, the best thing for Yuki, for both of us, is for you to stay right here if here is where you want to be.”

“Always,” he managed.

“Good,” her smile became wide and bright and she laughed quietly in relief, and his smile was soft but real and his soul was so full of warmth she could have basked in it forever, and as she leaned forward and pressed her lips chastely to his, she heard a small, sleepy voice ask, “Mama? Papa?” from a few feet away.

At first, she had always told her brother to use their names, but as Yuki had continued to call them that, she eventually hadn’t had the heart to correct it.

She pulled away from Soul, her lips still warm, and cast her eyes on the child they had raised together for over a year.

“Yes, Yuki, Sweetie?”

“I’m escared.” His dark eyes were pleading.

“You want me to come to bed with you?”

“Yeah,” he said timidly.

“Okay, let’s go.”

She stood, and as Soul stood with her, she met his gaze. “We can finish our talk tomorrow,” she told him, “but I think-I think we have plenty of time to figure things out.”

“Yeah, definitely.” Soul’s warm smile remained as his hand tightened around hers again, and hand in hand, they took Yuki to bed, contentment radiating warmly from all three of their souls as both weapon and meister finally realized the one thing they had never expected above all, that they’d had what they always wanted all along.

Olicity: Getting There

Anonymous said: You know how Felicity thanked Oliver for saving her? How bout a fic where idk shes drunk or something and she’s talking to him admitting how she felt in that moment. Like maybe she thought he’d hate her after breaking things off. Or he would forget.

After finally resting his head for the night,the last thing that Oliver expected was for his phone to ring. What he expected even less was for Felicity’s face to flash across the screen.

It had been mere minutes since he’d dragged himself out of the searing hot shower he’d stumbled tiredly into when he arrived home. He tried to tell himself that it was a heightened concern he’d been harbouring all day for Felicity, that it was because he’d put in more effort to his own surroundings because she wasn’t watching his back, but that would be a lie. It was exhausting because since she left, sleep was as elusive as it had been when he first returned from Lian Yu. Sleep evaded him, and when it did allow him to find a moment’s peace, he’d find himself watching her walk away from him over and over.

On bad nights, he’d watch her slaughtered by Darhk’s ghosts right in front of his eyes.

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monroehoe94  asked:

What's your favorite fake ah crew headcanon

Oh god, I just… I have so many.  Let’s see:

Ryan is secretly really good with kids.  Like one day when the crew was out doing some legwork, prepping for a heist, this kid appears out of nowhere and glomps on to Ryan.  The rest of the crew is just ‘oh god no, get him away from Ryan, he’s going to scar that kid for life’.  But Ryan just very calmly plops the kid on his shoulders and has a very serious conversation with him about crayon colours while he sets off to find his parents, because this is a terrible place for children to be wondering around there could be criminals here.

That even though Michael acts like a giant balloon filled with rage and profanity that could explode in your face at any moment, he’s actually the biggest sweetheart there ever was.  He just shows it in the grumpiest way possible.  He’s always the first to push a crew member out of the path of a bullet (”get the fuck out of the way you moron, do you want to get shot?”), is close at hand to care for someone recovering from an injury (”you stupid fuck, next time I’m leaving you to bleed out in the street.  Now drink your goddamn juice”), and is surprisingly perceptive when it comes to his friends feelings (”get up you lazy fuck, you’ve been moping around all day.  We’ve got some new explosives to test, let’s go blow some shit up, it’ll be fun.”)

Jack is almost always the first one up (every so often Ryan will beat her, if his insomnia is acting up), usually because she’s the only one in the crew who knows how to act like an adult and go to bed at a half decent time.  The rest of the crew is surprisingly predictable, and she usually has a good idea what time each crew member is going to get up.  She also knows how each one of them drinks their teas and coffees, so she’s gotten in the habit of preparing drinks for them at just the right time, so they’re ready as each person is waking up.  It’s sickeningly sweet and domestic, and she kind of loves it.  (On those mornings when Ryan’s awake before she is, he returns the favour)