so she would be warm

game on

He was sick of it.
He was so damn sick of it.
This was Betty Cooper, gorgeous, smart, talented and the most giving female he had ever met in his entire life.
And she definitely deserved better than this shit.

She didn’t love Archie he didn’t even need to speak to her to know she wasn’t in love with that idiot.
She was confused, she’d spent so much time trying to impress him that she hadn’t noticed exactly what she was worth.
Boys watched her, admired her. Every boy in riverdale wanted a date with Betty Cooper.

jughead wasn’t into girls, at least not any girls.
But Betty, God betty.
She was beautiful he couldn’t ignore the fact that she was gorgeous.
She smelt like peaches and she was always so warm and the girl would risk her life to save anyone in trouble.

So that’s what brought him here today, he watched her from across pops the pain etched so clearly across her face as Archie declared Valerie his newest love interest and how he really thought she could be the one all the while smiling at her from the booth.
Had he not remembered Betty spilling her heart out to him less than four days ago?

Jughead wasn’t one for gossip but he always managed to listen in when it regarded the pretty blonde, and the story of Betty’s heart break was front page news.

Before he even realized his feet were moving he was standing in front of Betty and Archie and sliding into the seat next to Betty throwing his arm around her shoulders. Both the teens looked suprised but he smiled at Betty’s look of relief.

“Hey bets, I heard about your pet project, starting up the blue and gold again? That’s risky business don’t you think?”
Betty instantly perked up grabbing onto jugheads arm.

“Oh juggie, it’s amazing. You have to join, you’re so good at writing and the team could really use you!”

“The team?”

She blushed slightly
“Okay I’m the team, it’s just me. Hence why we could really use you.”

Archie coughed from across the booth drawing both the teens attention.

Jughead glanced over quickly
“Hey arch.. so anyway bets I don’t know do you really think the school paper is right for my voice?”

“Oh totally! You can have complete freedom on your articles, obviously I’ll help , and edit, and suggest but other than that it’s all yours!”

He glanced at the red face of Archie and he way his jaw tensed at the sight of jugheads arm around Betty and he smiled.

“Alright I’m in.”

Betty practically pushed him over pulling him into a bear hug squeezing him so tight he could hardly breathe.
Connecting eyes with Archie across the table he smiled at him.

Let the games begin.

Guess who has warm hands while helping run this cookie booth? Me! Because I have these awesome gauntlets/fingerless gloves from @jwab and they are super warm and snugly and soft. I am so stupidly lucky to have her as a friend and now my fingers won’t freeze while I write crusaders tonight!


“ Growing up with Auntie Maggie has been amazing. Her dry sense of humour has me in stitches, especially when dancing with her in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire! My first proper scene in a film was with Maggie. To say I was nervous would be putting it mildly, but she was so warm and kind she put me at complete ease. I love the old witch ! ”    


   A soft sigh escaped Ditzy’s lips as she snuggled closer to Grey’s fluffy chest, well he rested his chin on her head. “Nnnng..I have to go before..the servants see me leave..” She mumbled under her breath, though she made no attempts in leaving from her lover’s side, aside from a weak wiggle. She was so warm and comfortable, it would be impossible to leave…now.  

   At first, she was a bit embarrassed when she sneaked into his room but after crawling in the bed with him…her nervousness seemed to melt away. She always felt safe around him and he certainly made no complaints when she did. 

   The pegasus smiled warmly as she fondly remembered the stallion smile in his sleep, instinctively wrapping his hooves around her waist when she laid next to him. It was adorable really, she had to hold back a few squeals so she wouldn’t disturb his peaceful sleep. 

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nashira !

I FUCKING LOVE!!!! @nashira!!!!! she is a LIGHT in the SHINING DARKNESS!!!! i followed her bc of u a little while back and we never said ANYTHING despite being mutuals and i was just admiring her from afar and then she started TALKING To me and i DIED??? shes so sweet??? genuinely a beacon of light in this dark world? so stunning? shes so so pretty and her love for dogs is OFF the charts!! she supports me wiht my art and it makes me CRY every day! i love her!!! i already think of her as one of my besties its so wild. shes so good. so sweet. so warm. so great. i would hug her if i could. a true pal. 

Lover of the Goddess

I was Aphrodite’s lover.

She was soft skin and pearl teeth and hair that fell like silk down her back. I kissed the blue moonlight from the curve of her neck. My lipstick left a jagged red mark on the obsidian jewel shine of her skin and she laughed at me.

She said I claimed her. She said I held her and knew her and she was mine.

It was a lie.

Aphrodite was unknowable.

I was Aphrodite’s lover.

She was a warm touch in the dead of winter, a kiss of life in drowning lungs. She pulled me from the ice, a golden sun who cupped me in her hands and ran away with me. I could not touch her without being burned, so I went up in flames.

I was so cold. She said she would hold me close forever to keep me warm.

It was a lie.

Aphrodite is uncontainable.

I was Aphrodite’s lover.

She was comfort in a sea of pain. She stroked her fingers through my hair and whispered soothing comforts in my ear. Light spilled between my ribs in liquid euphoria. My hair turned grey and my skin grew soft and still she loved me. She was smooth and strong and powerful and she told me she would give it all for me.

It was a lie.

Aphrodite is unyielding.

I was Aphrodite’s lover.

I was her first. She held me in the sunlight and she kissed me on my mouth. I gave myself to her service but she pulled me from my knees. She held me to the mirror and showed me I was beautiful. My hair was coiled and big, my skin coarse from years of labor on the sea. She told me she was born from seafoam and I was born from sand, and that together we were pearls dropped into the sea.

She kissed my breasts and whispered I love you into my mouth.

I told her I would stay with her forever.

It was a lie.

I was unprotected.

And Zeus took me.

“When Penelope first joined the gang, I hated her. There was always something about her that made me sick and I would get so mad when she would hit on Sly. Over the years I warmed up to her and accepted her. Then when her betrayal happened, I was a little shocked but wasn’t entirely surprised. She just keeps going towards what she thinks (or more like what society has taught her) makes happiness; wealth and high status. Otherwise, who wants you?”

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She’s alseep beside me in our bed

Listening to her sleep calms my anxiety in some odd way.
She’s so beautiful laying there all cuddled up
I glance over at her and can’t help but smile
She makes my heart so warm
I never thought I would look at someone and want to just hand over my heart to them
Isn’t it so funny what one person can do to you?
Take away your worries
Make you feel safe
Put the broken pieces back together
She is my home
I don’t think I’m moving anytime soon
She rolls over and puts her arm around me
I think I fell in love all over again

— I wrote this laying next to you

“"So I saw this picture on Instagram the other day and it said "what would you do if you woke up to this?” And the first guy who commented really pissed me off. He said that he would be pissed as hell and that he would make her clean it up and hope it doesn’t stain because “that shits nasty”.

Are you kidding me??

If I had a girlfriend and woke up to this I would run to the bathroom, turn on a nice warm shower, wake her up and tell her to get undressed and have her sit in the shower for as long as she needed, take the blankets off of the bed and throw them and her clothes in the wash, get her some new clean clothes and a towel and throw them in the dryer for like 5 minutes so when she gets out she can be warm. And then I would make her a hot cup of tea and bring her as much junk food as she wanted. I would cuddle her, I would play with her hair, and I would give her endless massages.
“That shit” is not nasty. That is normal. That is life.“”
The Happy Box

Emma knew her mom would be getting depressed during the holidays this year, so she made her a present that would warm her heart and help her through her pain. That’s how the Happy Box was born.

Move over Happy Meal! You Matter Blogger Emma designed a “Happy Box” filled with things to help someone get through a tough time.

When you realize Katniss’ birthday falls on Mother’s Day this year, and start thinking about all the great things Peeta and the toastbabies would do for her

Growing up with Auntie Maggie has been amazing. Her dry sense of humour has me in stitches, especially when dancing with her in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire! My first proper scene in a film was with Maggie. To say I was nervous would be putting it mildly, but she was so warm and kind she put me at complete ease. I love the old witch! -  Rupert Grint (Radio Times, 2010)