so she would be warm

Some “Class 1-A family dorm life” headcanons!

  • Kirishima is the designated spider killer, except he doesn’t kill them, he takes them outside. If someone freaks out they might bite him, he just hardens his hands and grins reassuringly.
  • If someone screams “KAMINARI” in a tone of pure panic, everyone else knows that the person’s laptop or phone is about to die and they haven’t saved their work. Kaminari will vault couches to get to them. It’s probably the most heroic he gets to be on a semi daily basis.
  • Bakugou and Satou are teeth cleaning fiends. They always scold or remind their classmates to brush.
  • It’s second nature for everyone to remove drinks or breakable objects from around Iida when he gets into talking. They don’t even notice anymore.
  • If Shouji isn’t around, Ochako is the second person they go to for getting things down from tall places because she can just float to it.
  • One time Ochako, Iida, Izuku and Todoroki were all out shopping, and Ochako found a great deal (like, great deal) on some kind of frozen food. But it was so warm out that she was worried it would thaw before they got back. Cue a puzzled (but totally fine with it) Todoroki keeping it cold on their way back to the dorms.
  • Bakugou has a little spot in the kitchen reserved for his hot sauces. Someone (read: everyone) keeps adding new kinds to it when he’s not looking. He’s secretly pleased even if he’s pissed he can’t seem to catch anyone in the act.
  • Momo makes fidget toys for everyone around exam times. She carefully personalizes them to stand up to everyone’s Quirks.
  • The boys love to go to Jirou for playlists to work out to. She makes the best ones.

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I just read everything in your gods and monsters series and wow I am in awe. I am absolutely blown away by your writing it's beautiful the Icarus one had me staring at a wall for ten minutes afterwards absorbing what I'd just read. anywhoozle, I love everything you've written and not to rush or pressure you or anything but I was wondering if perhaps we could get more of the greek mythology stories?

a continuation of this

Caeneus has only ever had two loves in his life.

First is the sea. He’s loved her his whole life, heard her siren song from the time he had long curly hair and still tolerated being put in dresses and called a girl. He loves the sea like his parents go to temple, in an unmovable and inexplicable way that he no longer questions.

Second is Poseidon. Foolish, but so achingly kind. He’s a man who professes his wish to master the sea without ever really understanding it, and Caeneus smiles and kisses the stress lines from his brow but does not worry.

The sea has never loved him back, and it never will. She is power and coldness and loss, and her beauty is in her tragedy. Poseidon is warmth and thoughtfulness and strong hands on his hips. He is nothing like the sea, and he will never rule it.

Caeneus knows this, and he’s relieved by it. Poseidon loves him back. Poseidon is not the sea.

Then he wakes up to his lover’s lips on his neck, cold enough that flinches away from the sensation, and for a terrifying moment he doesn’t recognize the person touching him as the man he loves.

“I can do it now,” he whispers, and cool fingers splay against his waist, “I can make you the man you want to be.”

Caeneus wants the body that men usually have, wants people to stop looking at him and seeing a woman. But if Poseidon had asked, he would have told him – Caeneus would choose his lover over a new body, would rather live as he does now than have Poseidon harm himself for his benefit.

But he did not ask, so Caeneus closes his eyes and accepts the gift his lover is so eager to give him.


Amphitrite has never had a heart before.

She was the sea, and what she desired, she took. Men, women – she wanted, and she had, and then she moved on.

But the heart in her chest is softer, warmer. It turns her pearl hued skin pink and makes her swim to the surface to watch the sun set, makes something like empathy stir inside her when before all she had was selfishness.

The heart in her chest is in love, and she thought it was something she could control, something she could stop. It’s not. It will be one day, when she masters this heart in her chest, but not yet. She spends hours following Caeneus as he sails her seas, guides fish into his net and feels her borrowed heart beat that much faster whenever he pears into the ocean and she catches sigh of his gorgeous amber eyes.

So she says to Poseidon, “You spend too much time on the shore for a god of the sea.”

He glances at her, and his eyes are green just like hers, are cold and uncaring just like hers used to be. She wonders what her eyes look like now. “Caeneus is on the shore.”

“Bring him here if you’re so concerned with your mortal,” she says, focusing on weaving shells into her hair and giving the impression that she couldn’t care less what he does with his mortal plaything. “The palace is big enough.”

He stops and turns to her, eyebrow raised. “You do not mind me bringing him here?”

“Do with your mortal as you wish,” she repeats, and stamps down on the trembling joy in her chest, “It’s no concern of mine.”


Caeneus doesn’t know how to love a god of the sea. He knew how to love Poseidon – take him onto the water to watch the sunrise, feed him warm, sweet drinks, and let him curl around him at night and listen to his stories of his siblings, of impossible gods who do impossible things.

But now he sits in a palace under water, with his own room and the freedom to see the other side of the ocean he loves so dearly. There are no sunsets here, no cocoa to barter for, and Poseidon doesn’t tell him stories any more.

Poseidon still loves him. He kisses him and holds his hips when they sleep together and keeps him by his side while he crosses the sea and gains more and more control over this domain that he now commands. Poseidon still loves him, he tells himself when he itches to return to the surface and the home Poseidon build for him, and the life he built for himself.

He didn’t want to be a consort of the king of sea. He just wanted to be Caeneus, a man who loved a man and was loved in return, a man who loved the sea even though it would never love him back.

The sea will never love him back. He’s known that since he was a child, so the real question is – how much of the Poseidon he knew is left, and how much of him the depths of the ocean?


There’s a hurricane that requires her husband’s attention, and even he is not so foolish as to bring his lover to a place as dangerous as that. Which means it’s the perfect time for her to run into him in the interior gardens, as he stares up through the iridescent seaweed to the rays of sunlight that just manage to penetrate the water. “Do you miss it?” she asks him, and he startles, swinging around to face her and stumbling away.

“My lady!” he says, and falls to his knees before her, bowing his head. It’s what she expects of all mortals, but not from him, never from him. The heart in her chest loves him, and if it’s not her heart, well – the rest of her doesn’t know the difference. “A thousand apologies.”

“You are welcome here,” she says, and smiles. She’s never smiled quite like this before, she’s never felt quite like this before, fond and fluttery and so painfully eager that it would be embarrassing if she ever dared articulate it. It’s a wonder Poseidon managed to get anything done at all if this is what he had in his chest.

He looks up, hesitant, and she holds out her hand. He takes it, and she pulls him to his feet, pulls him closer until they’re nearly touching and he’s forced to look up into her eyes or be stuck staring at her chin. He’s warmer than her, she can feel the heat pouring off him in waves, and she wants him to hold her in his arms so she can languish against him like she would a sun-warmed rock.

Before she had a heart, she took who and what she wanted, when she wanted it.

Now she has a heart, and she takes his hands in both of hers and says, “Would you like to visit the surface? I can take you, and bring you back before my husband returns.”

He’s hesitant because he’s afraid of her. Caeneus will never love her, because although she holds the heart he loves she is not the person the heart belongs to. Not that he knows any of that, not that anyone will ever know the details of her and Poseidon’s arrangement. But she doesn’t want Caeneus to be afraid of her. She wants him to smile at her like she is a sunrise. “Yes, please,” he decides on finally.

She stands and watches as he walks through his home, as he touches the hearth and looks longingly at the bed, as he stands in the small cottage that he clearly prefers over her palace, over all the riches and adoration that comes with being consort to the sea.

Caeneus is a simple man, whose heart loves with a simple love.

He is a man whose heart loves someone who now has no heart, and Amphitrite can’t bring herself to tell him. She’s the one who took it away, and she won’t give it back.

She likes having a heart, and one day she will need to return it, but not now, not yet, not for a long time.


Caeneus lies besides Poseidon, curled up so his head rests on the god’s outflung arm and he can watch his chest rise and fall as he sleeps. There are bruises on Caeneus’s hips and down his chest, bite marks on his shoulder and up his neck. It’s not the first time his lover has been rough with him, and he doesn’t mind, like that Poseidon doesn’t touch him like he’s afraid he’ll break, likes that whenever he’s rough he’s careful enough with his strength not to ever cross the line from bruising to breaking.

It’s different than it used to be. It’s been different for a long time, ever since Poseidon somehow convinced the Lady to hand over her title as monarch, to share her power with him for no reason that Caeneus can see. It’s not love between them, because the sea does not love. But she got something out of it, something valuable enough to bargain away part of her power, and as soon as she did the man Caeneus loves ceased to exist.

He slides out of bed and angrily rubs at his eyes. He can’t do this anymore, can’t sleep and live with this man who has his lover’s face and memories and nothing else.

He knows this palace well, and everyone else knowns him too. The servants don’t question him, only offer shallow bows before hurrying on his way. He’s a fisherman who lives on the outskirts of society. He’s not any sort of person that people were meant to bow to. He stands in front of an ornate set of carved doors, the beautiful shimmering inside of a muscle shell of impossible size. Two guards stand at each door, but neither move to stop him as he pushes it open and slips inside.

“Lady?” he whispers. Large, bioluminescent carvings flare to life all across the room, bathing them in soft golden-green light. Amphitrite pulls herself out of bed, green hair loose around her and the rest of her on display, pale and flawless, as perfect an example of a beautiful woman as Caeneus has ever seen, and he averts his gaze. “Lady!”

“So modest,” she teases, and when he glances over she’s in a simple white robe and pulling her hair up behind her. She looks vulnerable like this, almost like his mother did when she would rouse him and his father from sleep in the darkness of early morning so they could catch the fish while they were still sleeping. “What’s going on Caeneus? I thought my husband had exclusive rights to your nights,” she winks, and he forces a smile.

He walks over to her, takes her hands in his because he knows she likes how warm he runs compared to her, and her smile slips off her face. “Please,” he whispers, “Poseidon is different than he once was, and I want to know why. Please.”


She shouldn’t tell him, but the heart in her chest loves him, and she loves him too, thinks she would even without Poseidon’s heart influencing her.

So she tells him, and when he starts crying she brushes away his tears and he doesn’t stop her. “He’ll never love you like he once did,” she tells him, “It’s not that he doesn’t want to, he just can’t.”

“The sea doesn’t love you back,” he says, because he knows, because he’s a skilled sailor, because he’s one of the people who has worshipped her his whole life without ever expecting anything back, because that’s what an ocean gives back – nothing at all. “Can – can I give you my heart?”

She stares. “Excuse me?”

“Let me give you my heart,” he pleads, “so that I may hold Poseidon’s in my chest. You can have mine, I know I’m only a mortal–”

“You’re all mortal to me,” she says, because a hundred years, a thousand, ten thousand, what does it matter – she and Gaia were around long before gods and humans, and they’ll be around long after them. “If I give you Poseidon’s heart, you will become a god.”

He pales and flinches away from her. He’s not in this for power, this was never about power to him. It was always about love. “Lady, I’m not trying to – I don’t want that.”

“If you become a god,” she continues, because she loves him and that means she wants him to be happy, even at her own expense, “you will be alive when the time comes for me to reclaim my title of monarch. One day I will take back my heart from Poseidon, will reclaim the cold, black thing in his chest as my own, and when I do he will no longer be master of the sea. When I do, you can give him back his heart, and he will love you as he loved you before, as he will always love you.”

Caeneus has a hand over his chest and there’s so much hope shining in his eyes that it’s almost painful to look at. “Please, Lady. Please. I love him, let me carry his heart, let me have him back once you are done. I will wait.”

“It will be a long time,” she answers honestly, “Empires will rise and fall before I’m willing to give this up, before Poseidon will be willing to give up his power over the sea.”

“I will wait,” Caeneus repeats, “I love him. If you have my heart, maybe you will grow to love him too. If you have my heart, you will protect him, you will keep him safe.”

Amphitrite loves Caeneus, and Caeneus loves Poseidon, and Poseidon is incapable of loving anyone at all. “Very well,” she whispers, because a heart is a heart, and just like Poseidon she’s unable to deny Caeneus anything.

She breaks open her chest and takes out the warm, beating heart of Poseidon. She slits open Caeneus’s chest for him, and holds him upright while struggles to take out his heart and clumsily places in into her chest. She heals over instantly, and nestles Poseidon’s heart in Caeneus’s ribcage. He too heals over, and his eyes flash with power as the heart settles inside of him.

Caeneus becomes so much more than a mortal man in that moment.

This heart doesn’t feel too different, she still loves Caeneus because she’s capable of loving and he is worthy of it. “Go,” she says, “Say your goodbyes, and leave. If you stay, he’ll just continue hurting you, and in a few thousand years he’ll hate himself for it. Leave now, and spare both of you that pain.”

He leans forward and cups her face in his hands, kissing her on each cheek. “Thank you,” he breathes, and then he’s gone.


Caeneus can feel the power of a god flowing into him, but he doesn’t care about that, the only reason he’s glad he’s a god now is so he’ll live long enough to get Poseidon back, to get the Poseidon who loves him back.

He goes back to where Poseidon is sleeping, and takes a long, careful look. It will be a long time before he sees this man again. He kisses him on the lips, softly and carefully, the way Poseidon first kissed him when he thought he was sleeping.

Then he leaves, stepping outside the palace and using his newly gained powers to bring himself to the shore.


Poseidon is furious, bur Amphitrite won’t budge, says only that Caeneus left. He throws a temper, and half the palace is lost in the aftermath, but she does not care.

She doesn’t tell him that she no longer carries his heart. It doesn’t matter. Caeneus’s heart beats in her chest, and she sits on her throne amongst the rubble and does nothing more than sigh at the way he threatens to tear the world apart looking for his lover. It will pass. The depth and coldness of the sea is unable to sustain such fits of wild passion.

Years pass. Rumors reach them of a sea god, one who is known for rescuing sailors and fisherman from storms, one who they say used to be a mortal fisherman himself.

They call him Glaucus, and say that he swallowed a magical herb to become a god.

She smiles when she hears these rumors, and thankfully Poseidon has long given up trying to get her to explain herself. The rumors are only half right, but she likes hearing them none the less.

It comforts her to hear that Caeneus is well.

gods and monster series, part xiii

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Assassin!Harry (Part 1)

Harry is a trained, experienced assassin hired to kill Y/N but ends up, to his horror, starting to fall for her. 


He may be human, but he operates like a machine: identify target, plan, stalk, kill, collect cash, repeat. What one may consider sociopathic or psychopathic personality traits, Harry considers a blessing. After all, it is his lack of regard for human emotions and his own conscience that has made his career possible. The only proof he has that he is not, in fact, heartless is when he feels his pulse throbbing in his neck as he sprints between alleyways, hops fences, climbs walls, desperately trying to escape any chance of pursuit after the murder is done. Although pursuit is something with which Harry has become unfamiliar; he dealt with it in his career’s infancy, but as he has grown so have his skills. His eye for quick, accessible escape routes has grown keener, his aim tighter, and his remorse…well, nonexistent. He works alone, and he prefers it this way, but his work is so precise that many law enforcement officials cannot accept the possibility of the unidentified murderer being just a “murderer” instead of “murderers.” He’s lost track of how many kills he has made, yet, amazingly, he has yet to be caught or even identified. Nobody has ever suspected him of anything due to his brilliant planning, charming exterior, and cunning way with words; he comes off as a sweet, regular guy. All of this, coupled with the fact that he truly is heartless in the figurative sense of the word, makes Harry Styles the most successful, feared assassin on the planet. He never gets off track, never gets caught, and–most importantly–never misses. So, when he woke up and saw the folded yellow envelope lying on the floor under the windowsill of his first-floor, high-class apartment, it was just a normal day for Harry. He receives one to two requests every month, and as screwed up as it is, he can’t help but feel a rush of excitement whenever he wakes up to an envelope lying crisp and unopened on his tiled floor.

Harry picked up the folder, heavy with cash, and opened it to reveal 5 crisp stacks of 100 $100 bills each. Assassinations don’t come cheap, and Harry prioritizes the higher-paying customers. In other words, the sooner you want someone dead, the more money you should be willing to shell out. $50,000 isn’t much compared to most of his other offers, but because Harry wasn’t planning any other kills, he decided to go about prioritizing the operation. He flipped through the information, identifying the twenty year old college student that he was supposed to kill. He laid out the three included photographs of the girl and identified her address on a map. He read through her daily schedule, put together by the unnamed person who had hired him, and went about identifying the lowest-risk time to pursue and kill her. He ventured into the depths of his expansive closet, retrieving the black duffel bag that contained his gloves, his attire, his shoes, his ammunition, and his small, silver handgun as well as his perfectly sharpened steel knife. He never uses both the gun and the knife in one killing; he just likes the option. He grabbed the roll of heavy duty black tape from the bag and went about taping the bottoms of his shoes so that the patterns they would normally leave behind were masked. He put the bag by his front door and went about his day, eagerly anticipating nightfall.

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okay, so someone asked me about the fic I wrote, and how I said that Regina had tried to get to Emma (which is fine, cos I did say her actions were canon-compliant, and I haven’t seen anyone talking about this yet, so I wondered how many of you had caught it), and Robin held her back.

I finally found a clip of just those 2 seconds, and you can clearly see her step forward, and he wraps his arms around her, keeping her there. It almost looks like she’s trying to push him off.


Hello again! I wrote this in about half and hour and didn’t proof-read or anything, so it may be a mess, but hopefully it’s alright? This is a Peter Parker story about the reader having an awful day and Peter being there to help make it better. I got a request for an imagine about Tom comforting an upset reader, but I just changed it to a Peter fic, so I hope that’s okay!


    Peter and Ned rushed down the hallway, late for class as per usual, each boy faulting the other for the possible detention slip that loomed over their heads. Truthfully, they were both guilty parties.

Ned and Peter had gotten hungry after gym class and snuck off campus during their lunch break to grab sandwiches at the shop a few blocks down. They’d been so absorbed by greasy fries and vanilla malts that they had forgotten to check the clock. To make it to physics on time, the boys had needed to run down the street, which proved very difficult seeing as the streets were always crowded with too many people. You could barely bend over to tie your shoe without someone getting in your way and vice versa.

“This is so annoying!” Peter whined, “I can’t deal with a detention today, what if Mr. Stark needs me, or like, I don’t know, I’ve got to somehow figure out how to multiply myself so I can be about a thousand places at once so I can fight all the city’s crime.” He bent over for a second to wait for Ned to catch up.

“Dude, shut up,” Ned wheezed, “I think I’m just going to take the detention slip, I’m over this.” He braced himself with a harsh hand on Peter’s shoulder. “This is like taking gym all over again.”

“No, Ned, we’re so close! I’m sure that we can drag ourselves a few more feet.” Peter encouraged his best friend, while the pair moved sluggishly up the stairs.

Ned opened his mouth with a witty retort in mind, when Peter smacked a hand over his chest to steady him. “Do you hear that?” Peter mumbled.

The boys strained their ears and heard the soft pitter patter of heels clacking against the floor above them. The longer they listened, the more amplified the clicks became. “Shit,” Ned cursed, “we’re so getting caught. I am not down for detention right now.”

The boys fumbled on the stairs, unsure of which direction they should run in when the noise traveled nearer and nearer to where they stood on the stairs. “Maybe we’ll just get a firm talking to for being late again?” Peter said, doing his best to think positively in the face of defeat.

Ned groaned, slumping his shoulders, as he too accepted the fact that he and his best friend were about to be completely vanquished by whatever school staff member was about to bust them for their constant tardiness.

Peter moaned and leaned back into the banister, taking out his phone to text both Aunt May and Mr. Stark that he would be unavailable for a few more hours after class. The boys both lifted their heads up to meet the furious gaze of the teacher that never came.

Instead, the young girl that breezed past the boys was one of their friends, and Peter’s biggest crush yet. When Liz Allen hadn’t worked out, Liz had made sure to introduce Peter to her friend, who was in the same grade as Peter and Ned. She even shared more than a few classes with the pair of them.

She stunned Peter on a daily basis. Whether it was her ability to quote Shakespearean literature like it was a simple recipe that she’d learned over the weekend, drink eight lattes a day, manipulate chemicals to do as she pleased, or her capability to be the kindest person he’d ever met, Peter was always left breathless. She was nice to everyone, even to the people who didn’t deserve it and had never flaunted her beauty or brains in a way that hurt a classmate intentionally. Peter didn’t think he had ever heard her utter a mean word about someone in his entire life, even when people would say horrid things to her.

She comforted Peter on his lowest nights, even without being near him. She had a soft voice and he imagined cuddling up with her in bed, while she played with his curls and listened to him cry about the level of stress that he was under without ever making fun of him. Besides that, she was easily the most beautifully luminous girl in Peter and Ned’s entire high school.

Although, right now, she was wiping her eyes and trying to cover up the sobs that drifted past her lips. Peter’s eyes widened and he looked to Ned and then back at the girl that he desperately desired to make his own, and then back at Ned.

“Go,” Ned urged, pushing Peter in an attempt to steer him closer to her. “Go or it’ll be too late. She likes you and you like her, stop being a baby, Parker. Tony Stark can’t do everything for you.”

A few weeks ago, a rumor spread that she had gotten a little too tipsy at one of Liz’s parties and had accidently, and quite loudly, revealed that she harbored a massive crush on Peter Parker. Peter had been quick to brush off the rumor, claiming that it was only started to embarrass her, remained unaware that the rumor wasn’t just a rumor, and was an actual fact.

Before Peter could take offense to Ned’s statement, something clicked in his brain and he was tearing down the stairs, trying to make his way to her before she reached the school’s front door.

He called out her name just as her hand closed over the door’s handle. She turned, brown mascara smudged beneath her eyes and waved, her lips quivering into a soft smile that she aimed at Peter before she pulled open the door and walked through it.

“Shit,” Peter mumbled, breaking into a full run in hopes of getting to her before she drove off.

Her day had been so horrible, no matter how she tried to look at. All she wanted was for Peter Parker to wrap his surprisingly muscular arms around her frame, pull her onto his lap, and allow her to cry into his neck while he whispered soft words of reassurement to her. She logiticied that Peter hadn’t reciprocate her feelings, seeing as Liz had been his crush since day one, no matter what Liz said, so she would have to settle for her warm, pink bed, a tub of ice-cream, and a Harry Potter movie marathon.

Peter called her name out once again, nearly tripping over his own two feet to stand in front of her. “Wait,” he wheezed, all of his words crawling back down his throat when he looked upon her face.

Fresh tears glimmered in her eyes, her rosey lipgloss had been disturbed, her lower lip trembled and Peter was almost lost for words. He had never seen her look so sad before and he decided right then and there that he would find the person who did this to her and destroy them, spidey suit or not.

“What’s the matter?” Peter said gently, moving to hug her close, but then dropping his hands because she hadn’t said that he was allowed to touch her and Peter wouldn’t ever want to make her heart hurt more.

In reality, the girl knew that she was probably being over-dramatic and silly, but she couldn’t help it. Everything that she had worked so hard for was collapsing in on her and there was nothing she could do about it. It wasn’t even one in the afternoon and she had suffered through three anxiety attacks, and was currently on the brink of another one.

She opened her mouth to respond to Peter, but when she couldn’t make her mouth move past a strangled sob, she simply shrugged her shoulders and catapulted herself into Peter’s arms.

Peter reacted automatically, cradling the small of her back to him while he rubbed soft circles onto her spine. “It’ll be okay,” he whispered into her floral smelling hair, “tell me what I can do to fix it and I’ll do it.”

They stood like that for a while, Peter slowly rocking them back and forth, while he supported the meager weight of her shaking frame in his arms. He spoke to her tenderly, telling her that he would help her make whatever was hurting her okay before she lifted her head to meet his eyes.

“Peter, I’m going to get you into trouble.” She sniffled, “you should be in class, I know that you love physics.”

“If you haven’t noticed,” Peter said, raising his eyebrows, “I don’t give half a damn about physics right now, you’re the only one who brought it up. I want to be where you are so I can help.”

She prayed that she wouldn’t regret what she was about to ask Peter, “do you wanna come home with me? We’re both going to get detention if we stay out here for much longer. I promise I’ll compensate you with warm chocolate chip cookies and coffee,” she trailed off, refusing to meet Peter’s hopeful gaze.

“Okay,” Peter said, “but I don’t know if you should drive right now,” he pointed to her shaking hands. “I don’t want you to get hurt by accident.”

She nodded her head, planning on ordering an uber and just leaving her car at the school.

“If you want, I can drive us home, I swear I know how.” Peter offered, a cherry blush spilling over his cheeks.

The girl dug through her purse before retrieving her car keys. “Okay, Peter. I trust you.”

Peter smiled at her before taking hold her keys and leading her into the parking lot. He couldn’t believe that she still looked so pretty after having just sobbed into his sweater.

“Peter?” She asked softly, tugging at his sleeve to make him look at her. “Thank you for being so good to me.”

He shook his head and leaned in, and before he could stop himself, he pressed a loving kiss to her forehead. Peter’s eyes widened, but before he could have his own panic attack, she flashed a real smile at him and pulled Peter forward, through lanes and lanes of parked cars.

Underoos’ what? (Peter Parker x Reader)

Request: Could you do a oneshot where the Avengers (because everyone gets along) are in some huge battle and kind of losing then Peter’s girlfriend, who the Avengers(minus Peter, he knows and is all proud of badass girlfriend) don’t know she has any powers, and she come’s in saves all their asses and is all worried about Peter and checking him for wounds “Babe are you ok? are you sure did they hurt you at all??” she came as soon as she heard there was a battle // Can I request something? Peter is fighting alongside the avengers and calls you for backup because your fire powers could really help out and everyone like ‘who dat?!’ and Peter be like that is my girlfriend. The fight is done and before you leave you go up to him and give him a big kiss before telling him to remember to like I don’t know meet up for a study group later that day and you leave after fangirling a bit

A/N: Combined both of these because they really suited together. This is like my 10th request right now, but I just got so excited and inspired that I couldn’t write anything else. Hope you enjoy x

Peter looked around the café -tables pushed against the walls, chairs being thrown against the windows. He didn’t know what to do. Tony had told the whole team there was a new villain in the city, and that it wouldn’t take them long to capture him, but they needed to go together because he had powers. Peter had thought he was insane, but now, looking at the mess around him, he knew Tony had been right. Tony was lying on the ground, his suit frozen. Natasha was stuck to the wall, covered by an ice shell. Steve was trying to hit the villain with his shield, trying not to get hit with the ice the man’s hands was throwing. Vision was in Europe trying to find Bruce, Wanda had been knocked out by a huge piece of ice, and Clint had been trying to hit the man with his arrows before realising that it was not working, getting then stuck to the wall as Natasha. Peter didn’t know what to do. He knew he couldn’t stop that man on his own. He was used to fighting robbers, maybe sometimes a villain, but none of them had ever controlled ice.
He took his phone out of his suit pocket and quickly dialed [Y/N], anxiously waiting for her to pick up.
‘’I’m on my way’’ he heard as soon as she picked up the phone.
‘’What?’’ Peter asked, confused.
‘’I’m a block away’’ she told him. ‘’Entertain him until I arrive.’’
She ended the call right after that, and Peter stood there for a second before realising he had to do something.
He started to throw webs at the man, knowing it was no use, but trying to get him to pay attention to him so he would leave the rest of the team alone.
‘’What do you think you are doing, Spider-kid?’’ the man asked him. ‘’Do you think you can stop me?’’
Peter looked at the door quickly and smirked, looking back at the man.
‘’I know I can’t,’’ he told him ‘’but she can.’’
The man quickly turned around, not understanding what Peter meant. Peter hadn’t realized how cold the man had turned the room, everybody from his team shivering, until [Y/N] entered the café, her hands bright red as fire surrounded them, the room instantly turning hot, the ice covering Natasha and Clint slowly melting.
‘’Nobody messes with my boyfriend’’ she softly said before lifting her hands in front of the villain, catching him by surprise, and throwing a big ball of fire towards him.
The man fell to the ground, the blue that used to cover his skin slowly disappearing. She run towards Peter, removing his mask and putting her hands on his cheeks to warm him up, his nose red. Peter removed the baseball cap she was wearing, finally seeing her face, her eyes filled with worry.
‘’Hey, babe,’’ Peter said ‘’I’m fine.’’
‘’Don’t you dare tell me you are fine, Peter Benjamin Parker’’ [Y/N] said. ‘’A few more seconds and you would have had hypothermia. What would you have done if I hadn’t come? One of these days you are gonna die and I will not know how to cope with it’’ she told him, her voice cracking at the end.
Peter instantly felt bad about not telling her where he was going, but he hadn’t wanted to worry her.  He pressed his hand against her cheek, the heat making him feel better, and looked into her eyes with a loving gaze.
‘’How did you know?’’ he asked her.
‘’I saw it on the news. I only had to walk three blocks to get here’’ she answered, smiling softly.
She turned around and saw the rest of the team and decided to go and help them, unfreezing Tony’s suit and the blocks keeping Clint and Natasha against the wall, and warming Wanda up so she would wake up earlier.
‘’Excuse me,’’ Tony said, removing his mask ‘’but who are you, may I ask?’’
‘’I’m [Y/N]’’ she said, sounding obvious. ‘’I’m Peter’s girlfriend.’’
‘’Underoos’ what?’’ he asked, looking confused.
Peter scratched his neck, [Y/N]’s hand now on his arm, still warming him up, his cheeks now red.
‘’I-uh… Surprise?’’ Peter said. Everyone looked at him and at the strange girl that had showed up with fire on her hands and saved everybody, not really understanding what was going on.
‘’I have to go’’ she told Peter. ‘’I have a History project to finish. We have a study date tomorrow at 11, don’t forget’’ she said before kissing him softly and quickly leaving the ruined café before waving goodbye at everyone.
‘’So…’’ Peter started as everybody’s gaze directed towards him, his cheeks and ears red. ‘’Are we having dinner together at the Tower tonight?’’

@i-hate-everything-in-life @ace-spidey @ravenrreyes

game on

He was sick of it.
He was so damn sick of it.
This was Betty Cooper, gorgeous, smart, talented and the most giving female he had ever met in his entire life.
And she definitely deserved better than this shit.

She didn’t love Archie he didn’t even need to speak to her to know she wasn’t in love with that idiot.
She was confused, she’d spent so much time trying to impress him that she hadn’t noticed exactly what she was worth.
Boys watched her, admired her. Every boy in riverdale wanted a date with Betty Cooper.

jughead wasn’t into girls, at least not any girls.
But Betty, God betty.
She was beautiful he couldn’t ignore the fact that she was gorgeous.
She smelt like peaches and she was always so warm and the girl would risk her life to save anyone in trouble.

So that’s what brought him here today, he watched her from across pops the pain etched so clearly across her face as Archie declared Valerie his newest love interest and how he really thought she could be the one all the while smiling at her from the booth.
Had he not remembered Betty spilling her heart out to him less than four days ago?

Jughead wasn’t one for gossip but he always managed to listen in when it regarded the pretty blonde, and the story of Betty’s heart break was front page news.

Before he even realized his feet were moving he was standing in front of Betty and Archie and sliding into the seat next to Betty throwing his arm around her shoulders. Both the teens looked suprised but he smiled at Betty’s look of relief.

“Hey bets, I heard about your pet project, starting up the blue and gold again? That’s risky business don’t you think?”
Betty instantly perked up grabbing onto jugheads arm.

“Oh juggie, it’s amazing. You have to join, you’re so good at writing and the team could really use you!”

“The team?”

She blushed slightly
“Okay I’m the team, it’s just me. Hence why we could really use you.”

Archie coughed from across the booth drawing both the teens attention.

Jughead glanced over quickly
“Hey arch.. so anyway bets I don’t know do you really think the school paper is right for my voice?”

“Oh totally! You can have complete freedom on your articles, obviously I’ll help , and edit, and suggest but other than that it’s all yours!”

He glanced at the red face of Archie and he way his jaw tensed at the sight of jugheads arm around Betty and he smiled.

“Alright I’m in.”

Betty practically pushed him over pulling him into a bear hug squeezing him so tight he could hardly breathe.
Connecting eyes with Archie across the table he smiled at him.

Let the games begin.

Lucifer x Reader: The Kindest, The Brightest, and The Wisest

Originally posted by schrodingerwasadicktocats

Background: Lucifer has been bonded with Sam, not in soul, grace, or blood, but rather with a sigil that acts more like a pair of handcuffs. With the bond, there are rules that render Lucifer from using his grace, and from flying away.

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Gvnnin' for my Heart

Lynn Gvnn x reader
​Warnings: language, smut

​A/N: while researching I realized I’ve been pronouncing the band name wrong this entire time, oops! ​​​​

It’s been four years since you’ve heard from her, since her music took off and she moved away in her old, broken down car to find her way to fame.
You missed her, but you wanted her to do well in the world, so you gave your best wishes and let her go, not about to hold her back when you care so much about her.

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Dear Journal,

Hey, It’s Teddy. Today James Sirius and I went out for a date. I was going to go pick him up with my motorbike at his house and we would go for a walk in the park and get ice cream. I woke up and started making breakfast to suprise my dads. They always do it for me and for once I was up before them! While I was cooking, Sirius entered the kitchen with his pyjamas and his bed hair on.

“Goodmorning dad. Breakfast will be ready soon!” I said, smiling to him.

“Smells delicious love.” He said, kissing my head. “Remus and I might stay in bed today.. He’s a bit exhausted and sad since the full moon’s coming up.” He added.

“Oh.. Do you want me to stay at home and help you around?” I asked.

“No! Don’t change your plans for us. Go on your date and I’ll take care of Remus.” Sirius said.

“Okay, is he awake?”

“Yes, do you want to go give him his breakfast?” Dad smiled.

I nodded and took the tray. I had stolen a flower from the garden to put it beside his plate. He always liked flowers and It could maybe brighten up his day. I came in their room and he was snuggled into a big gryffindor grey hoodie.

“Hey dad.” I smiled.

“Oh goodmorning Teddy.” He said, yawning. “Is..Is that for me?” He asked, noticing the tray full of fruits, bacon and eggs.

“It is. I made it myself.” I said, proudly.

“Oh baby c'mere, you’re adorable. Thank you love.” He said, picking up a slice of apple.

“I should go now or i’ll be late picking up James.” I said.

“Oh have fun honey. Tonight I want cuddles!” He said, giving me a hug and a kiss.

“Okay. I got to go! Bye!” I said, waving them goodbye.

I hopped on my motorbike and picked up James Sirius at his.

“Wow! I never thought that one day my very hot boyfriend would come and pick me up on his badass motorbike.” He giggled shyly.

“I never thought that one day I would pick up my very cute boyfriend with my badass motorbike.” I laughed as he sat behind me.

I handed him his helmet and he wrapped his arms around my thorso. We drove to the park and picked up our ice cream cones at our favorite ice cream truck. We walked hand in hand and sat down on a bench under this beautiful pink flowered tree. James snuggled closer to me and licked his ice cream.

“You have ice cream on your nose.” I said, smiling at how adorable he was.

He crossed his eyes to try and look at the tip of his nose. I brushed it off and lick my finger as he giggled.

And then, we heared it. This small kitten noise.

“What was that?” James said.

“You heared it too?”


And we looked under the bench to find this small ginger kitten. She was shaking and so scared. I picked her up, not thinking about her being sick or something. She was so cold. I removed my vest and wrapped it around her small body.

“She’s so cute..” James Sirius said.

“Let’s take her home, she’s freezing.” I said.

James Sirius layed her inside his sweatshirt so she would be warm during the ride home. When we arrived, Remus and Sirius were watching a movie in the living room.

“Look what we found under a bench.” James Sirius said as they kneeled down next to us.

“A cat?” Sirius said, suspicious.

“Dad it’s a poor abbandonned kitten.. She was freezing out there.” I said.

“I’ll go get her some milk.” Remus said, walking to the kitchen.

He came back and set a small bowl of milk next to the kitten. She wasn’t shaking anymore so I guess that means she was warmer. I made her a small bed in a warm blanket and we just looked at her being cute.

“Padda..” i said.

“We’re not having a cat!” He said.

“Oh come on! Please dad look at her.. she has no home.. and no family..” I said.

“Sirius..” Remus said, a hint of a smile on his lips.

“Please Padda..” I said, giving him the puppy eyes.

He looked at me. Then at the kitten. Then back at me.

“Fine! But you have to take care of her!” He said.

“Yes! Oh Thank you dad! I love you!!” I said, giving him a hug and billion of kisses on his face.

“How are you going to name her?” Remus said, smiling.

“Belle.” I smiled, taking her in my hands.

“Teddy she’s our daugther!” James laughed.

She meowed and snuggled into my hand.

“I have to admit that she’s cute.” Sirius said, petting her.

That night, I gave Remus the cuddles I promised him. Except he also had a kitten to cuddle. Now our family consisted of me, Sirius, Remus, James Sirius, thunder and Belle.


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Imagine if Ochako gave Izuku a surprise kiss but got flustered and accidentally used her power on him and made him float off.

Ohhh I like that dude!

I can just imagine it… Izuku sitting down on the couch in the common room of the dorms, then Uraraka walks in, debating whether or not to surprise him with a quick kiss but she finally decides on an answer. So while Izuku is busy muttering to himself about who knows what, Uraraka bends over, grabs his face and plants a nice soft kiss on his lips. Maybe after about five seconds or so, Uraraka pulls away leaving them both flustered, Izuku us totally flabbergasted and doesn’t know what to say,


Uraraka flays her hands all over the place, spewing out nonsensical words and blushing like mad. Izuku tries to calm her down, but it’s too late, her back was already against the ceiling and her palms have barricaded her face. Izuku looks at her, still feeling extremely embarrassed and awkward, but he wants her to come down and kiss him again. 

He takes a deep breath and says “Uraraka-san…. i-it’s okay…”

Uraraka moves one of her fingers away from her face when she hears izuku’s voice. “huh…??” 

“I’I said i-it’s okay… you can come down now…” Izuku said awkwardly stretching his arms up.

“Deku-kun…”  Uraraka slowly puts her fingers together, allowing herself to fall and land in Izuku’s arms. Izuku of course, wasn’t prepared for that, so he starts to blush and mutter uncontrollably. Uraraka, feeling even more flustered quickly scampers out of Izuku’s arms.

“Ahhhh!! D-Deku-kun!!! I’m s-s-sorry! I didn’t mean to! I just acted without thinking… a-are y-you mad…?”

“what no… Ummmm… it’s okay…” Izuku said while using his arms to barricade his face.


“I mean… I-I liked it…. can you… can we…? It’s just been something I’ve been wanting to d-do w-with y-y-you for a long time…. I um…” 

“Deku-kun….” Uraraka tugs on Izuku’s shirt pulling him closer, Izuku blushed again at the sudden closeness between them.

“You like me…?” she asks softly.

“Ahhh! y-yes… I um…. yeah… I do… I like you a lot…”  Izuku swallowed hard, this wasn’t exactly how he thought he’d confess to his first crush, or more like he didn’t think this day would come so soon, well now the cat was finally out of the bag so there was no turning back now. 

The word ‘like’ was actually an understatement for Izuku, what he felt for Uraraka was more than a mere crush, he didn’t exactly want to call it love, but he knew that was what practically what he felt for her just by making eye contact on a regular basis.

“t-then will you…kiss me this time…?

“eh? I mean… o-okay…” Izuku was super reluctant at first, but hey what harm would a quick kiss do?

His heart raced as he leaned in closer, and he was super sure his face was as red as Kirishima’s hair too, and the fact that Uraraka was waiting for him didn’t exactly make things easier.

He mentally face palmed. ‘what am I doing? I’m the one who suggested this… why a  I hesitating?’

“Deku…?” Uraraka called out softly.

“ummm… sorry… let me try that again” Izuku said, he took a deep breath as he mustered up the courage and covered her lips with his.

Izuku quickly discovered that he loved the feeling of Uraraka’s lips against his, tilting his head, he deepened the kiss. Uraraka on the other hand was pretty shocked at how good Izuku was, and a small part of her wondered if he’d ever practiced with someone before… She wrapped his arms around her neck as they slowly parted away to breathe.


Izuku dived right back in before he she had a chance to finish saying his name. Her lips, were so soft, so warm, so addictive… he wondered of she would mind if he gave them a small bite or something… kind of like what they did in movies or the kind of stuff that Mineta talks about. Izuku decided to rely on his instincts instead, he wrapped his arms around her waist and she grabbed a fist full of his hair. Sliding her tongue against his lips, Izuku knew he had to give her more. He slowly opened his mouth, but made sure to do it at the same time as Uraraka and slipped his tongue in her mouth before she had a chance. Izuku mentally snickered when he realized he caught her off guard, happy that he was making her feel good when she heard her giggle.

Izuku could swear that that was the most beautiful sound he’d ever heard in his whole life. As the two continued their kiss the both realized that they were a little better at it then they thought they were. Uraraka accidentally stumbled back and fell on the couch that Izuku was sitting on before she snuck in up on him and pulled him down with her in the process.

Their lips disconnected and they found themselves laughing it off. 

“haha! I’m such a clutz! I’m sorry Deku-kun” Uraraka said, her face still red.

Izuku shook his head. “i-it’s not a problem…”

“Deku…” Uraraka mumbled pulling him closer, sealing their lips again. It was a little awkward this time because half of Izuku’s body was on the floor and Uraraka sitting on the couch, hugging him closer, and he could feel his body dangerously close to hers, he realized that he wanted this just as much as him.

The way she kissed him sent so many shivers down his spine…. it felt so good, too good.  But at the same time, this wasn’t exactly what he had in mind, because they were in the middle of the common room and anyone could walk in and see them, Izuku wondered what All Might would say if he were the one to walk in and see them, or worse, Aizawa. But all those thoughts were drowned out as soon as he heard Uraraka mumble his name and run her fingers through his hair. They parted again to breathe, and Izuku proceeded to kiss the crook of Uraraka’s neck… or at least that was his initial plan until he heard…

“WHAT THE FUCK?!” aloud voice yelled causing the two to pull away from each other. 

Bakugou stood next to Kirishima, both of them in shock and speechless, well mostly Kirishima, Bakugou was a mixture of irritation and shock.



For a long time… there was an awkward, painful, uncomfortable silence, until Kirishima mustered up the courage to speak.

“So ummm… do you want us to pretend we never saw that?” he asked.

Ummmm… I’m sorry this turned into a mini fic…. my writing is terrible omg ^^

This is the kind of stuff that goes on in my head on a daily basis… so please don’t mind me….

done chasing ;;

Summary: How do you chase after someone who’s chasing someone else? 

Word Count: 3,192

Tags: Bridgette/Felix ; Identity Reveal

ao3 won’t post this right now; will add link later.


There was never a doubt Bridgette loved Felix.

She loved him more than anything; he had been kind to her when no one else had, made her feel welcomed and to an extent, loved. She wanted nothing more than to return the favor; let him know he was wanted, had someone he could depend on.

Sure, she came on strong but Bridgette wasn’t one to back down easily.

Not when he rejected her offer to go to the park; or the library; or the music festival; or the café down the street. Not when she got doused with water from that puddle; when she burned her tongue on the tea she had gotten to impress him.

She kept going on; telling herself that it was all worth it if he ever said yes. And Bridgette believed he would; as long as there was even a chance he’d say yes to her - just once, if only to get her out of his hair - she would keep charging on.

That’s what she did; leapt into action and let her heart guide her.

So why was she hiding behind a column, listening to her mind for once?

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kittytigerwood  asked:

Diana prince x reader relationship headcanons, please? Thank you!


-Ok so she grew up around only women, so if you’re a girl too she’d be super helpful with everything

-tbh she wouldn’t find anything weird about being with someone of the same gender aka LGBTQA+ rights advocate Diana Prince

-She’s so incredibly caring, so she’d always make sure you were eating and sleeping right.

-I bet she’d cook for you, like big intricate meals that were equal parts healthy and delicious

-Spooning with her is so nice because she is so big and strong and warm she would always be the big spoon I love her

-Kissing all of the scars all over her body.

-If you’re shorter than her (and you probably are cause she’s a giant) she will pick you up while kissing and not put you down immediately

-Honestly she loves you so much and would be so proud of you all of the time

-Hearing about all of the amazing things she does on the news, and knowing that at the end of the day you get to celebrate with the kindest hero in the world.

The Way You Swell, Slow

Summary: Adam realizes that Belle is very infatuated with his mouth, and proceeds to use this new, delicious information to his advantage. (WC: 2,978 words)

A/N: The title is a line from the song Faster by Matt Nathanson. A fantastic song worth giving a listen to. You can also read this fic on AO3.

Warnings: SMUT AHEAD!

Adam is almost embarrassed by how long it takes for him to notice.

Really, it should have been quite obvious, considering how often he found Belle’s mouth on his. Not even simply kissing, for frequently she would tangle her fingers in the lapels of his jacket in a persistent grip, pulling him down to her so she could merely brush their lips together in a teasing whisper.

Minx, he would murmur, and she would laugh a breathy laugh, so that her sweet warm breath could ghost over his face, bringing him to the brink of anticipation before releasing him.

It was also evident in their exchanges, the way her gaze sometimes drew south while he was engaging her, soft brown irises consumed by dilating pupils as they lingered on his mouth, her side of the conversation becoming significantly less quick-witted as her fair cheeks flushed a delectable shade of red.

But it was last night that it struck Adam, when she laid atop him unclothed with her chin perched on his sweat slick, still heaving chest, tracing a gentle finger over his swollen lips. She never gave, continuing her ministrations even after the rise and fall of Adam’s chest leveled out, long quiet minutes passing as her careful eyes followed the endless drag of her finger over his full, flushed, inviting lips. That was when Adam realized how transfixed Belle was by his mouth.

And oh, the fun he had with that.

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Dating Malia Tate would include:

anon ask: Dating Malia Tate would include please?  

warning: mention of sex

Masterlist / Prompt List / Fandom List / Ask me anything!

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  • such an overprotective girlfriend
  • everyone is a threat if it’s too close to you
  • you have to deal with confused malia 24/7
  • it’s cute though

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Hearts In Velvet 
A Bughead Royal AU
Written by: Raptorlily                

“Betty,” a low, masculine voice whispered in her ear, and the utterance of her childhood diminutive simultaneously released the tension from her shoulders and a horde of butterflies in her belly. “It’s just me. Don’t scream.”

She nodded to show she understood and the gloved hand dropped away from her mouth.

“Archie,” Elizabeth sighed as soon as she was able and then whirled in his arms. Half his face was obscured by hood and shadow, and his lips parted as if to respond, but she didn’t give him the opportunity. Flinging an arm around his neck, she pulled him down and set her mouth against his in a quick, venturing kiss.

It was utterly perfect. A kiss for the songs. Her heart skipped beat. The moon gleamed behind them, the night infused with the perfumes of the gardens and a sinfonia of insects. And he was so warm—so comforting and solid against her—she would have gone back for another kiss if only she was so bold.

When she pulled away, Archie let out a soft grunt and licked his lips and said: “it’s good to see you too, Princess.”

No, not  Archie.

Elizabeth’s eyes widened. Even by the light of the moon, there was something familiar about the sardonic curve of that smile. Lopsided, full. The shape of the jaw and nose was different too. Reaching up, she tore his hood aside and to her horror, instead of red hair, freckles and warm brown eyes, she was met with dark hair, light eyes and cheekbones so sharp she could cut herself on them.

He was older, taller, broader from the sullen boy she remembered playing dragon and who rode off to war, all knees and elbows, but she recognized him all the same.

“Jughead,” she gasped and then, reacting on impulse, she slapped him.

Read the Rest of Chapter Two Here. 

Chapter One Here. 

My new momma - Pack Mom

REQUEST: can you write a one-shot where Y/N shows Liam motherly affection for the first time and he gets all embarrassed and flustered bc he’s a sweet little baby ❤

Y/N busied herself around the Hale loft making sure there were enough cushions on the couch before the pack arrived for a very last minute pack meeting. Y/N was Derek Hale’s mate and the unofficial pack mother to the pack members but she’d attached herself to the newest member of the pack. Scott’s new beta, Liam. Regardless of his anger issues, he was an absolute sweetheart who needed nothing more than the love and attention of an older female motherly figure.

The afternoon turned cold when the sky darkened and the thunder clapped and heavy rain poured down. Y/N put the fireplace on hoping the living room where the meeting would be held so it would warm up slightly. She headed back to the kitchen to set out some snacks placing them on the coffee table. Derek was upstairs taking a shower after a quick gym session earlier that afternoon. Y/N stood by the large windows and watched the rain drops race down the window hoping the pack would make it to the loft ok.  “It’s really coming down out there isn’t it, babe?” Derek asked startling her slightly as he descended down the spiral staircase and wrapped an arm around his mate’s waist holding her close. Instead of his usual attire, he had opted to wear a white tank top and grey sweats relaxing knowing he wouldn’t have to leave the loft for the rest of the evening.

The pack arrived shortly and hurried into the loft embracing it’s warmth.  “Oooh it’s so toasty in here.” Lydia commented heading straight to the mirror to fix her hair.  “Snacks!” Stiles yelled and headed straight for the coffee table. Scott and Malia followed after him settling down by the fire. Y/N looked around the room noticing one member was missing.

“Where’s Liam? Where’s my pup?” She asked looking at Scott.  “Coach held him back. He’ll be joining us later”, the true alpha replied. Y/N sighed and nodded. She sat down on the end of the couch near the fireplace resting her chin in her palm as she listened to Scott and Derek as they started the meeting. Every so often she’d glance at the clock checking the time and out the window to see it still heavily raining.

Thirty minutes into the meeting, the loft door slid open and in trudged a very wet and tired little Liam still in his Lacrosse uniform.  “Oh my gosh, Liam!” Y/N gasped as she got up to see him.  “I’m here…’m here.” The young beta huffed tiredly dropping his school bag and lacrosse stick.  “Oh sweetie, look at you? You’re so cold and soaking wet. Come on, let’s get you dried off and into some fresh warm clothes and we can join the others.” She told him yanking a large freshly washed bath towel off the radiator and wrapped it around Liam as she picked up his duffle bag and held him close guiding him upstairs carefully.  “Really…I’m o..ok.” He began to shiver. “No don’t be silly, sweetie. I don’t want you catching a cold. I’ll take good care of you, honey.” She reassured him.

In the large bedroom Y/N shared with Derek, she sat him down on the bed. She quickly went into the bathroom and turned on the hot shower for him letting it run for a few minutes. She took out a soft navy blue print t shirt, a fresh pair of boxers and his grey sweats laying them down on the bed ready for him.  “Ok honey, go take a quick hot shower so you don’t get a cold and change into the clothes I’ve laid out for you.” She instructed him. Liam was still shivering from the cold but he nodded and hurried into the bathroom.  “I’m here if you need anything, honey. Just shout, sweetie.” She added calling after him.

Y/N headed to the hall closet giving him some time to freshen up as she took out a small fluffy blanket and set it on the bannister so she’d remember to take it downstairs with her. After 15 minutes of doing odd jobs upstairs, she headed to her room hearing shuffling from inside knowing Liam was out of the shower. She knocked on the door three times waiting for him to let her in.  “Come in.” He called shyly.  “Hi honey, are you feeling better?”, she asked him. Liam nodded. Y/N smiled and instructed him to sit on the bed as she took the towel and briefly dried his hair.  “There we go, all done sweetie.” She told him cheerfully. Liam blushed and nodded.  “Thanks.” He mumbled shyly looking up at her.  “You’re always welcome, sweetheart.” She smiled at him.  “Let’s go back downstairs, honey. They’re all waiting for us.” She added.

Y/N held her hand out for Liam to take and the sweet little beta blushed but took it as she led him to the living room holding the blanket on her other arm. Y/N sat back in her seat and looked up at Liam who was stood awkwardly beside her.  “What’s wrong, sweetie?” she asked him.  “All the seats are taken.” Liam replied shyly shuffling on his feet. Y/N smiled and pat her knee.  “You can sit with me, honey”, she cooed as she pulled him onto her lap and wrapping her arms around him. She pressed a kiss to his cheek and Liam blushed red furiously hiding his face against her shoulder.  Y/N smiled and pressed a kiss to his forehead.  “You don’t have to be embarrassed, sweetie. It’s just momma”, she told him loving. “Momma?” Liam repeated. He thought for a minute as it still rang in his ears. Y/N had done nothing but be a loving and caring motherly figure to him. Something he had been craving for a while but here he was in the toasty living room of the Hale loft sitting on Y/N’s lap as she held him close occasionally rocking him in her arms as he rest against her and every so often she’d press a kiss to his forehead. It was the most love Liam had ever felt. He smiled and snuggled into her chest wrapping his arms around her.

“Momma…?” He asked again.  “Yes baby?” Y/N answered lovingly as she wrapped the small blanket around him and pressed another kiss to his forehead rocking him in her arms.  “Thanks for everything.” He replied resting his head against her as he sat contently.  “Anything for my sweet little pup.” She cooed pressing another kiss to his forehead as the pack meeting continued.

Hours afterwards, Y/N heard snores coming from her lap and looked down to see that Liam had fallen asleep against her. He rest his head against the warmth of her chest. She smiled down at him and lovingly cupped his face gently stroking his cheek with the pad of her thumb and pressed a kiss to his forehead.  “My sweet sweet boy.” She cooed holding him protectively rocking him in her arms as he slept peacefully in her arms.

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Hamliza - "Do you want to feel the baby?"


Eliza tried to figure out in her head how many times she and her husband had been in exactly this position. Fair enough, couples had their traditions, the paths they walked more than any other, the little games and routines and conversations they turned to for comfort. And maybe theirs was this, alongside curling up together on the couch and watching The Fellowship of the Ring every single time it was on TV while eating Chinese takeout. A couple could have two traditions, right?

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“ Growing up with Auntie Maggie has been amazing. Her dry sense of humour has me in stitches, especially when dancing with her in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire! My first proper scene in a film was with Maggie. To say I was nervous would be putting it mildly, but she was so warm and kind she put me at complete ease. I love the old witch ! ”