so she tried pushing him away time and time again

thoughts on Aaron bc i think he has a lot of potential as a character also im emo

  • he hates andrew
  • he hates that he took away the chance to reconcile with tilda
  • he hates he never got to confront her like he dreamed of doing
  • he hates that he couldnt save himself
  • he hates that andrew so often turns to violence. it takes him back to days he wants to forget.
  • he doesn’t hate andrew. he’s just so angry. all the time. andrew changed his life so he’s the easiest to hate
    • its complicated, though, because half of the hate is for himself. because he wasn’t there. he doesn’t understand. he feels like andrew is light years away, at times. 
  • sometimes he catches himself thinking of Tilda again. these are the worst days, when he tries to rationalize what she did to him. he can’t help it. she was his mother.
  • he knows his remarks hurt nicky and remind him of the unwelcoming home he grew up in
  • he doesn’t mean it. he only means to hurt nicky enough to push him away. family has been a source of pain for him as long as he can remember.
  • nicky is just so bright and persistent and he can’t stand it. he feels hollow and broken and he wants nicky to just leave him be, he wants his entire family to disappear and leave him be, but he made a deal. 
  • he loves katelyn because it seems like none of his impurity can touch her
    • she smiles and he feels he can too, and it won’t feel fake this time
    • when she holds his hand he doesnt see scars on his knuckles or the racquet that killed drake, he sees the ring he wants to give her on graduation
  • he wants to be a doctor because he spent so much time patching himself up, covering up bruises from home by telling people that exy is just a rough sport
  • he knows the signs of hiding hurt and he wants to help people so they don’t have to do that
    • him and katelyn’s first child is adopted. a little girl came in with a broken arm and fear in her eyes and a father who didnt let her speak.
    • aaron thought he knew anger before, but that day? he felt like he would gladly kill a man. again. 
    • that little girl smiles so much now and looks at aaron like he hung the moon and stars. he makes blueberry pancakes for her every saturday.
  • he works in the ER/trauma ward as a surgeon. he deals with some of the worst injuries but he loves what he does because he gives people another chance
  • he volunteers in the attached rehab center. he attends addicts anonymous meetings there as a guest speaker. 
    • there’s a boy there who mustve been the same age aaron was when he started, the lonely dead look in his eyes haunted aaron after the first meeting he saw him in
    • he’s in recovery and babysits aaron’s daughter now and loves her like a little sister
  • at nicky’s wedding he doesn’t make a speech, no huge fancy present. he walks up to nicky, he says “i’m sorry, and i’m glad you’re happy”
    • nicky cries
    • its the first time erik smiles at him
  • he doesnt give andrew presents, but he knows the cats birthdays and sends really obnoxious toys for them
  • him and katelyn have two boys with bright blond hair. they smile so much, and them with their daughter is always his phone background.
    • they go on play dates with matt and dan’s kids. their daughters are connected at the hip (aaron’s daughter gets the guts to ask her out in high school. they’re married when they graduate college).
  • the boy from the AA meetings comes over for holidays, is the kids honorary big brother, and goes to palmetto state university not to be a fox, but just to get his degree.
  • aaron and katelyn grow old together
  • he never  bothered hoping for any of this. he thought he deserved every hit his mother dished out, everything life threw it at him. but he grew up, he fell in love, he found a family in the foxes and made one of his own soon after.
Don’t Break My Heart- daryl x reader part two

Summary: You and Daryl reunite at Alexandria, but how does Daryl feel about Spencer’s role in his bays life?

Note: ENJOY MY LOVES! Text in italic takes place in the past. 

Warnings: fluff, angst

Part one

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You awoke with a start, sitting up immediately. You rubbed your face and sighed as this was the second time tonight that you had woken up tonight. It was like your motherly instincts woke you up every once in a while, to check on the baby. You looked around and spotted your baby boy Elijah sleeping peacefully in his cot at the end of the bed. You smiled softly to yourself but soon after your mind drifted onto Daryl. You let your eyes linger on your son as you watched him sleep. Although he was just over a year old, you noticed things that reminded you of Daryl, for example the position he slept in. It was identical to Daryl’s. You sighed at the thought of him when you felt a hand on the small of your back.

“Everything okay? Is the little man awake?”

You turned your head and smiled at Spencer. He lay in the bed next to you, his hair all messy from his sleep.

“Everything’s fine, I just wanted to check on him” you said quietly, almost whispering as to not wake Elijah. You laid back down in Spencer’s arms and smiled as he pulled you in closer, kissing your forehead before drifting back to sleep.

“Where the hell is she Rick?” Daryl spoke angrily as he stood by Rick’s cell. Rick was blocking the door with his body as he knew Daryl had been drinking and he wasn’t exactly the kindest when drunk.

“I told you Daryl, she left” Rick said calmly. It was the middle of the night and he didn’t want the shouting to wake anyone up.

“I know she’s in there!” Daryl pointed in the room before looking over Rick’s shoulder. “Come out (y/n)! You can’t hide behind Rick forever!” Daryl dashed forward but Rick quickly blocked Daryl once again, this time pushing him back and holding him in a chokehold against the wall.

“How many times do I gotta tell you? She aint here Daryl, she left.” Rick said angrily, his voice low.

Daryl struggled in Ricks grip as his words cut through him. You were really gone. Tears burned his eyes as he tried to blink them away, but the thought of you being out there so vulnerable and pregnant all because of him made him feel like shit. Daryl let out a grunt as his airways were still blocked. Rick loosened his grip but when he saw Daryl in distress he let go. Daryl lay on the floor, his back against the wall and his knees up to his chest. Rick bent down so the men were the same height and he spoke softly.  

“I know what you thought. That me and her had something going on but it aint true” Rick whispered. “I was helping her get supplies for the baby, she wanted it done in secret cause she was too scared to tell you”

Daryl looked up at Rick and Rick saw the guilt in his eyes.

“And when you reacted the way you did- she didn’t want to be around you when you thought so low of her. So she took off, but I gave her enough to keep her going for a couple months-”

“And you didn’t even try stop her?” Daryl interrupted, his voice raised.

“Of course I tried! Daryl, you left her torn, I wasn’t about to fight with a pregnant lady and there’s no way I was about to keep her here against her will” Rick replied.

Daryl said nothing, he only looked to the ground and ignored Rick’s eye contact. Rick sighed and placed a hand on Daryl’s shoulder before getting up and heading back to his cell.

“Hey Spencer!” you waved your hand to grab Spencer’s attention as he was just leaving his house. You had Elijah resting on your hip as you walked towards him, both of their faces lighting up as they saw each other. Elijah reached his hands out as Spencer got closer, and soon he had Elijah in his arms, swinging the laughing toddler around. The sound of Elijah laughing made you smile, and you vowed to keep your baby safe for as long as you could.

“Do you think you can watch him for the day? One of the lady’s need my help in the kitchen” You said.

Spencer stopped swinging Elijah around and he held him in his arms. “Yeah sure! No problem” he smiled.

You pressed a kiss against Elijah’s head and then on Spencer’s cheek. “I’ll see you boys later” you waved goodbye as you walked away, smiling as Spencer helped Elijah wave back at you. You laughed to yourself and continued on your way to help prepare some food.

“So, you said you name was Aaron?” Rick asked, walking along with the man who had given them water and a chance to join a community.

“Yep, that’s me” Aaron replied, smiling across at Rick but he only got a stern look in response. Rick and the others had a hard time trusting people now, and even when Aaron came along they gave him a hard time, but it turned out he wasn’t so bad after all. He took the group to his truck and they all managed to fit inside as he drove back to the place he called Alexandria. Everyone had a hand on their guns, ready for any danger to attack, but it never came. They arrived at the gates and Aaron looked back at the group.

“I really think you’re gonna like this place!”

Aaron shouted out a name from the window of the car and the man behind the gates started to pull it open.

“New recruits?” The man asked, looking among the group in the car.

“Yeah, call the others” Aaron said before driving off to park the car.

Daryl looked around the place, his eyes darting at the people who had spotted the car, confused looks on their faces. He grumbled internally, this was just another place that was bound to fall. He looked around at how clean everyone looked and he silently scoffed. They probably have no clue about the outside world, he thought. His eyes were passing over different people until he saw someone who looked exactly like you. The same hair, face shape, eyes and body. He shook his head and looked away, there was no way that was you. It couldn’t be. The car halted and Aaron eagerly got out of the car, followed by the other hesitant group members.

You followed the gathering people outside and noticed that Aaron had actually found new people. You hoped that they wouldn’t cause too much trouble in your community, especially with a baby around. You continued to watch the car drive when you got a glimpse of someone in the window. He looked the splitting image of Daryl, but you looked too quickly and when you looked back you couldn’t see them anymore. Your heart nearly skipped a beat but it soon went back to normal when you saw Spencer.

“New people. Exciting!” he said, Elijah in his arms resting.

“Thanks for looking after him. He wasn’t too much trouble, was he?” you asked, slowly stroking Elijah’s head.

“He’s been sleeping all this time”

“Good, he needs it”

“Attention!” You turned your head to see Aaron outside the car, the rest of the people inside following him out.

“I’m excited to welcome Rick Grimes and his group!”

You felt nervous at the name and your eyes immediately grew wide as you saw Rick and the others. Daryl, Michonne, Carol, Maggie and Glenn. There were some new people as well that you didn’t recognise. Rick looked completely different under all that man hair, and all you wanted to do was run up and hug them all. The only thing stopping you was Daryl. He still had that intimidating look on his face that always scared you, except in the past he would use that face to do different things besides intimidate you.

You saw Daryl’s eyes fall on you and you stood completely still. The first thing you thought of was the baby. Would he be happy or angry still? How would he feel about Elijah growing up with Spencer as his father figure? Did he even remember you? Everyone caught on to Daryl’s staring and the people you knew smiled as they looked at you. You smiled back, tears wetting your eyes as you walked forward. They did too and after a couple of steps you were all embraced in a group hug, Daryl was the only one not participating.

Daryl still felt guilty about what he said to you. How his words caused you to run away. When he saw you standing without the baby his heart broke, but his eyes soon wandered over to the man next to you and he immediately knew the baby had survived. He felt jealous and angry that another man was holding his kid, but he couldn’t let his emotions be known because he had no right to be upset over that. He put himself in that position.

You took a step back from the hug and everyone moved away to let you and Daryl reunite. You had to admit, it was very awkward to see him standing in front of you, but he soon stepped forward and pulled you into the tightest hug, his arms squeezing you close to his body and his hands protectively holding your head. Daryl shut his eyes to keep the tears from spilling, but you let yours fall down your cheek.

“You guys know each other?” Aaron asked, even more excited than before.

“Yeah, we go back” Daryl said.

“This is fate!” Aaron shouted out, resulting in Elijah waking up and starting to cry. “Shit” he whispered, looking at you apologetically for waking him up.

You smiled in return and walked back to Spencer who was now hushing the baby. “Let me take him” you said, carrying Elijah in your arms and bouncing him on your hip. His screams died down and you walked over to the group who were looking at the baby with love.

“This is Elijah” you spoke softly, his cries turning faint. “Daryl’s son” you continued, saying it seriously as you remembered Daryl’s reaction.

“He’s beautiful, looks just like his daddy” Maggie smiled at the baby then Daryl.

“Thank you” you replied. “Do you wanna hold him?” you asked, looking to Daryl.

He hesitated before looking over to Spencer who had his arms crossed over his chest. Daryl then looked back to the baby and nodded his head. He cradled the baby carefully in his arms, raising them slightly to support his head. Daryl immediately fell in love with him in that moment. That was his child, he was holding his son in his arms for the first time. His baby Elijah. He smiled and happily looked up at the group as the baby started to drift into sleep. You smiled as well and stroked Elijah’s head.

“Do you want me to take him to the cot? I can watch over him while you guys catch up” Spencer asked, approaching the group.

“Back off, we’re good” Daryl snapped, his tone defensive but the baby was unstartled.

“No, he should take him. He gets grumpy if he doesn’t sleep” you said, looking up at Daryl. “It kinda reminds me of you” you let out a soft laugh, but Daryl only forced a smile. He didn’t want Spencer to have any more responsibility for Elijah. But he couldn’t argue with you. Spencer took Elijah from Daryl’s arms and walked back to your house, disappearing inside. Daryl watched him with spite and you could see the anger in his eyes. You lightly touched his arm to bring him back to reality and you smiled at him.

“Let’s take you to Deanna!” Aaron said, moving his arm to indicate the group to follow him to Deanna’s house. You walked with the group the whole way. You wondered how this would work. you couldn’t just take Elijah away from Spencer after all this time. They had formed a special bond and you didn’t want to break that. On the other hand, you couldn’t deny Daryl his right to be a father to the baby, after all it was his. You sighed internally at this dilemma, but you let it melt away as Daryl wrapped an arm around your shoulder and you finally felt safe.

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Akumatized Marinette

I know everyone is all on board the Marionette or Miss Fortune thing, and idk if what I’m about to suggest has been thought of before or not but…

  • Marinette getting possessed by an akuma
  • it happens because something happened to make her feel empty, alone, fragile, hurt; maybe Adrien rebuffed her affections putting Marinette at an all time low, and maybe Chloe saw that and took her chance to make Marinette feel so awful
  • She transforms and becomes China Doll; she is now essentially porcelain, and her outfit is more traditionally Chinese
  • At her touch, things turn to porcelain, and they stop being able to move. This way nobody can leave her again, and they won’t be able to hurt themselves either. How perfect, a world of glass is, as long as it’s undisturbed.
  • But really, who can trust a cat around glass things? Of course one would disturb what China Doll has created.
  • He spots her and he recognizes her as Marinette. He tries to appeal to her, to make her stop, because he doesn’t want to break her further.

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10 Days - Part 5 - AU Series

Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2,534

I don’t own any of the gifs seen here. Credit goes to those they belong to.

Day 4.

Since pretty much a year there were no secrets in Sam’s house, all due to the work of little Michelle. The moment she would find out a secret, Dean would know about it too. Problem is that nobody knew that Dean knew; they were all convinced of being safe with their secrets, except… they weren’t.

“All right Mickey, now that your aunt is at the gym… Do you have any secrets for me?” Dean inquired curiously.

“Maybe…” She shrugged. It was not like she couldn’t keep secrets; no, she would just sell them for the right price.

“Well, I bought a lot of ice-cream,” Dean replied, pretend to be indifferent.

“Okay, I have one!” She affirmed immediately; the things she would do for ice-cream!

“Okay, I need some more info before I can give you your payment,” he continued, expectantly. Man, he loved getting to know all those secrets, keeping the others in the dark.

“It’s about auntie Y/N,” The kid replied happily, already sure of her prize.

“And Ice-cream it is!” Dean stated smirking. Y/N’s secrets were his favorites, without any doubt.

Now, this wasn’t a dark secret, none of that. It was mostly embarrassing. One month before, Y/N and Michelle were taking a little walk around the city; it was a sunny afternoon, so it was nice to be outside. Y/N, in particular, was feeling quite happy that day; it was one of those days when you are confident and feel like everything is going to be all right; generally, when that would happen, she wanted to share that happiness with anyone around her.

She wasn’t usually an optimistic or very confident person, but we can say that that day she surely was.

During their little walk, they met someone as happy as her. “Hello there! How is your afternoon going?” An old man exclaimed loudly from the front of his house.

Y/N thought he was a polite man, so she was going to be polite herself, “Really good! How about yours?” She asked loudly, with a big smile. 

Her happiness sank a second later, though, when she realized that the old man wasn’t talking to her, but with his neighbor.

Her mind got into action and she applied immediately one of her escape plans, literally; basically, she picked her niece up in her arms and ran away. If the man hadn’t noticed her before, he did at this point and he thought that she was probably nuts. Man, she wanted to bury herself and don’t come out of her hiding for at least 5 years. Problem was, she had a witness, her niece; so, in front of a large plate of cookies, she made her promise not to tell anyone about that little incident.

Too bad her niece wasn’t the most reliable with secrets, so she spilled everything in front of a large cup of ice-cream. Dean laughed so much he was in tears, just imagining the scene, and he just couldn’t keep it to himself, not this time. So when Y/N got home, he put away his laughter, washed his face and went into action.

“Hey guys, I’m back,” Y/N called out, entering the apartment.

“Hello there!” Dean said, moving from the kitchen towards her, “How is your afternoon going?” He asked, barely containing his laugh.

Y/N frowned, “You know it’s morning, right?”

“Absolutely, I do,” he smirked.

“Oh God!” She whispered, feeling the embarrassment arising again. “Michelle!?” She called and her niece ran immediately towards her. She never called her Michelle, except when she had done something wrong. The poor Mickey knew that already and she presented herself in front of her aunt, with guilt all over her face.

“What happened to our little secret?” Y/N inquired, with raised eyebrows.

“I’m sorry! But the man had ice-cream!” Her niece apologized, sincerely. I mean, it was ice-cream! She cared about ice-cream at least as much as Dean cared for pie. Y/N knew that, so it wasn’t the poor kid’s fault. It was fault of the green-eyed devil in front of her.

“You bought my secret with ice-cream?!” She demanded of him, incredulously. “Man, you have no boundaries!” 

Dean wasn’t even paying attention to her words, though; he was about to roll on the floor with his laughter, “I’m sorry,” he snickered and then continued to laugh, “I can’t…”

“C’mon, it’s not that funny! Right?!” She asked a little worried.

“No, it’s not funny at all!” He replied, still laughing, “It’s hilarious! Especially the part when you ran away… I have the image of the whole thing seared into my brain!”

Y/N sighed, “I guess I’m gonna go hide for a few years…”

“Are you mad at me?” Michelle asked her sadly, with big eyes.

Y/N sighed again, There was no way she could get mad at her, she was just too adorable! “No, I’m not. But I hope you got a lot of ice-cream for this!”

“As for you!” She continued threateningly, pointing a finger at Dean, “You mention this to anyone, and I’ll reveal all your secrets!”

“Yeah, right! You don’t know any of my secrets!” He exclaimed, pretend to be confident but feeling a little worried.

“Don’t I?” She asked, knowingly, “So if I say… pink panties, for example, it doesn’t ring a bell?” She continued smirking.

His eyes went wide, “How do you even know about that!?”

Y/N just shrugged, “You have no idea about the things I know… I would be careful if I were you,” she concluded, putting a little threat there and then moving towards her room; Dean wasn’t laughing anymore, this much was sure. 

Y/N, on the other hand, had moved to her bedroom not to laugh in front of him. She had just made up that entire thing, she didn’t know about any pink panties, and the worried look on his face was just too much! So, not to blew her cover, she had decided it was best to have her little laughter, little being a euphemism, in her own room.

She was still pretty convinced, though, that Dean hated her, for breaking his heart 5 years before, and she didn’t blame him at all. She felt so guilty about that… she swore the hurt look he had had on his face that day would have haunted her forever. So, when she did see him laugh, she would feel so much better. She really wanted him to be happy.

But, like I said, she was absolutely convinced of hating him as well. I know, it doesn’t make a lot of sense. She wanted him to be happy, she wanted him to laugh all the time. You don’t want this kind of things for the people you hate, not at all. It was just her defense mechanism talking for her; if she had been convinced of hating him and if she had acted badly towards him, as a consequence there wouldn’t have been any risk of getting back with him again. She was just too afraid of that idea. So everyone around her was absolutely certain of her aversion towards him, except Dean; he was sure she loved him, like at least 99% sure. But, every time he would act, convinced of that, she would push him away. One time, 3 and a half years before, he had tried to hold her hand and after that she had avoided him for two months; so he had stopped pushing her and decided to just wait. The patience he had was surely admirable.

But, returning on day 4, Y/N went to dinner with Mark and it was only fair, after 4 days spent with Mickey and Dean. When she got back at Sam’s, that night, it was a little late, but Dean was still awake, waiting for her. He was enduring that whole Mark thing pretty well, considering that he loved her, because absolutely sure she would dump him, eventually. He was waiting that day for two years now.

That night he found out, the hard way, that it wasn’t gonna happen.

Y/N walked into the apartment really quietly, afraid of waking Michelle up at that hour. She noticed that the light in the kitchen was still turned on, so she walked in there,“Hey,” she said when she spotted him, intent on watching something on his phone.

“Hey, how was dinner?” He asked immediately. Couldn’t she just dump him already?

“As usual…” She shrugged, putting her bag on the table.

That’s when all hell broke loose. With that little gesture she had done, he noticed something and his heart stopped, “Why do you have a ring there?” He asked, really afraid of her answers.

“What?” She frowned.

“This ring!” He exclaimed grabbing her left hand, “Why do you have it?” Man, that had better not be what he was thinking, or he was going to lose it.

Y/N was still really confused by his behavior. I mean, she was engaged, so an engagement ring was only to be expected, “My engagement ring?”

He frowned at first, maybe he hadn’t heard it right. Then he stood up and started to pace around the table. Oh man, that wasn’t good! He was trying to understand but his brain wouldn’t let him. The only thing going on in there was like an alarm repeating engagement ring, engagement ring, engagement ring.

“Dean, are you okay?” She asked, worried, starting to think that he was about to lose his mind.

He did not reply to that but ask something else instead, “Did he propose tonight?”

“Tonight?” She repeated, confused, and then realization hit her; He had no idea at all! “He proposed two months ago…after you left” 

“No, see that’s not possible… We’ve been living here for 4 days and this is the first time I see that thing!” He stated angrily.

“Yes, because it was too big, so Mark just gave it back to me… it was getting resized,” she explained calmly, really worried about his burst of anger. “You really didn’t know about it?” 

“Does it look like I knew?!” Dean snapped. Then he sighed and put both hands on the table in front of him, looking for support and trying to calm himself down. “You didn’t think of telling me this?” He asked more calmly now, but with an incredulous look on his face.

“Well, I did, I told you I had to lose a few pounds for the dress.” She honestly had no idea of why he was that angry, still convinced that he hated her.

“You didn’t say wedding dress!” He snapped again.

“I swear, I thought you knew… that Sam had told you… really…”

“Oh, don’t you worry about Sam. Can’t wait for him to come back!” He replied bitterly. Then he had an idea, finally his brain was working again, and that idea itself brought him a moment of calm. There was still hope, “You’re not going to actually marry him, right?” He asked matter-of-factly and, when he noticed her puzzled expression, he explained his theory a little better, “I mean, you said yes just because you felt sorry for him, right?”

“Dean, you don’t accept wedding proposal because you feel bad for the guy. You do that when you actually want to marry him.” She was, honest to God, worried in that moment. She just couldn’t put her finger on why he was so pissed. She was thinking that they had spent the last 4 years fighting; why did he care so much about her wedding?

What she wasn’t thinking about were all those little moments he had tried to get closer to her, all of them ending with her pushing him away, literally and metaphorically speaking.

After that answer, his last hope crumbled. All those years waiting for her were crumbling too. If she was going to get marry, there was nothing left for him.

He had to sit down after this, feeling like he was about to break down, “This isn’t possible… You were supposed to dump him and get back with me…” He confessed sadly, “I’ve been waiting for you for 10 years…” He was talking mostly to himself but she heard him and her heart shattered for him. She had been so blind…

“What?” She asked in spite of herself; she just couldn’t believe he was saying that.

“Why else do you think I haven’t dated anyone since we broke up, Y/N?” He asked sadly. He was sure his heart had been broken again. He could feel like a void inside of him. 10 years of his life had been dedicated to his plan to get her back and she was marrying another man instead.

“I had no idea, I swear… I was sure you hated me since you kept fighting with me.” 

“I kept fighting with you because otherwise you would have just ignored me,” he explained, looking at the table and then putting his hands on his face, trying to regain the little that was left of himself.

“Oh my God,” she whispered, wiping away a few tears, not even knowing when she had started crying, “You gotta believe me, I had no idea…”

He seemed to pull himself together a little and looked at her again, “I’m gonna go to bed…” Was the last thing he said to her, before disappearing into his room.

That night Y/N didn’t sleep at all.

I’ve been waiting for you for 10 years. This sentence was tormenting her and she just couldn’t push it away. She kept seeing his hurt expression.

She had hurt him, again. How was she supposed to live with herself? She kept pacing all night in her room… then in the kitchen… then in the living room… she just couldn’t find peace. One thing was bugging her the most; he had hurt her, once, 10 years before and she could still remember her heart breaking into a thousand tiny pieces, but she had hurt him more, basically every day for 10 years. She had kept pushing him away, every time he had tried to get close but he had never complained. He had kept asking for her forgiveness when she was the one that needed to be forgiven. Probably that night it wasn’t Dean’s heart the one that got broken… it was hers.

Dean’s heart had start to shatter, this is certain, but he had put together the remaining pieces and had found a new plan. He had waited 10 years for the love of his life, no Mark or Josh or Don was going to steal her away from him. She had cried for him in the kitchen, he had seen that. She loved him, he was now more convinced than before. The engagement was on since two months only, so he had time. Nobody gets married after two months of engagement, right? He was going to prove himself to her. She knew the truth now, she knew he loved her, that he was waiting for her…

He was going to win her back, starting from tomorrow. 

No more fights, no more lies, just the truth.

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Iwatobi, Samezuka, and Kisumi's reaction to finding out their gf is a virgin (assume the boys have all done the do before)


Makoto: Even if it isn’t his first time, he can’t stop the way he shakes when clothing starts to come off. He sensed that something was wrong right away when she grabs his hand before her pants can come off and quickly blurts out that she’s a virgin. He breaks out into a sweat and blushes deeply, scolding himself for getting too carried away. As if trying not to scare her, he touches her face gently and kisses her lips over and over again. “I’m sorry…” He keeps whispering. “I’m sorry. You don’t have to do anything if you don’t want to. It’s my fault.”

Haruka: Sex isn’t something he can ever get used to no matter how many times he’ll do it, so it might feel like his first time all over again. But the way she’s so hesitant gets him a bit doubtful, so he tries to push it aside until she stops him to let him know that he’s her very first. His eyes widen. “Your first… ever? With me?” His eyes suddenly grow concerned and he starts to back off a little. “Sorry. We should stop, then.” It takes a lot of convincing and shaky kisses before they go any farther, but it’s likely that they’d just cuddle for the rest of the night.

Nagisa: He feels so hot that he might melt, but he wonders if it’s just a part of her personality that she’s so submissive and a little unsteady. He kisses her excitedly, not wanting to have to wait to experience a sensation like that with her, but she’d need to hold his face in her hands and make eye contact before telling him the truth. A part of him is both scared that she’ll leave him but mostly honored that he’s the first she’s done this with. He takes her hand and looks at her seriously. “Don’t worry, ___-chan. I’ll make sure to make you feel good, so…” He kisses her. “Don’t go, okay?”

Rei: Rei isn’t ever sure what’s the best thing to do in intimate times, so he’s just as big of a fumbling mess as he was the first time. He has to ask before he can touch anywhere, so eventually when they reach a certain point he blushes and asks if she’s ready to go all the way. When he finds out that she’s a virgin, he scrambles off her and sits up straight, blushing profusely and pushing up his glasses. “I-I’m so sorry, I wasn’t aware of that! Please forgive me!” After he settles down a little bit, he looks away and softly kisses her cheek. “…But please let me know when you’re ready. I promise to wait patiently for you.”

Rin: He feels like it’s only natural to take the initiative in a situation like this, so he doesn’t do much in terms of holding back while kissing her neck and letting his hands wander a bit more. Honestly he’s excited to test out what he knows from his past experiences, but a shock of fear and surprise runs through him when she stops him. When it finally sinks in that she was saving a moment like this for him, he gets a bit teary-eyed and kisses her while holding her face. “Stupid.” He whispers while nuzzling her nose. “You should’ve said so earlier. I don’t wanna hurt you.”

Sousuke: Even if he’s usually level-headed in most circumstances, nothing can ever help calm how heated he gets during intimacy. He kisses her strongly and wraps his arms around her, not wanting to let her go. He gets so into it that she needs to actually grab his hand or pull him away before he can actually hear and process what she’s saying. “Oh… I see. Why with me?” Deep down, he’s touched at her sincerity, and leans back to smile and brush a hand through her hair. “I love you, y’know? You don’t need to feel ashamed about anything. We’ll go as slow or fast as you need to.”

Nitori: His heart is pounding so hard that he might burst, but he still wants to savor the moment and starts to slip his hands up her shirt, hesitantly touching at her skin. His last time suddenly feels like it was a million years away and he’s having trouble remembering what little experience he had, so he tries not to be so clumsy this time around. He might actually feel a bit relieved to hear that he was their first; it made him feel special, and there might be a reason for him to back off because he wasn’t very confident to begin with. He takes their hands and litters their face in light kisses. “I’m sorry. Do you want to stop?”

Seijuurou: He’s quite good at reading people, but even so he can definitely tell something’s off when he realizes that she’s shaking a little. Pausing from his movements, he lifts himself up to touch her face and make eye contact. “Hey… something wrong?” She might be reluctant to tell him the truth, but he’d manage to hear it one way or another and take the news rather well, getting a bit emotional. “…I see. So… I’ll be the first to see a face like that from you, huh?” He kisses her temple. “I got it. I can wait.”

Momotarou: He’s a bundle of nerves trying to make her feel good, but he’s still clumsy and way too energetic to keep still, so he sticks to kissing every inch of exposed skin by tugging up at her shirt a little bit. He’d also be one to need a call of his name or have his face touched before he’s really paying attention to what she’s saying, and his eyes go a little wide before bouncing away. “S-Sorry! I didn’t hurt you or anything, did I? I-I just… couldn’t really help it… B-But I really want you! O-Okay?” He gives her a few apology kisses with a desperate look.

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I hope this is okay, my laptop almost died of milk-poisoning for this
AO3 Version;

That Warm Hand Of Yours

“He’ll be in soon, okay? Just lay down,  I’ll make sure he comes in and sees you.” You tucked the small child into her bed, making sure she was comfortable enough to be able to sleep. After a moment of relaxation, she seemed to fight it; kicking off her starry bed covers.  
“Let me wait up! Not sleepy, I promise!” It was the hardest when she was like this. You could see how much Jolyne wanted to see her father, and it hurt that you had to lie straight to the child’s face about it, since you didn’t know yourself when your partner was going to return home.  
“No can do. You want to be up bright and early for school tomorrow, don’t you?  Look, I’ll even put your nightlight on.” You flicked the little cloud shaped lamp on.
You stood up and sighed as she turned over in bed, sniffling slightly. You placed a kiss on the side of her head, understanding that nothing you could say would make her feel any better at this point; it was only something from Jotaro’s mouth that could.  
“He’ll be up to see you when he’s home, I promise. Goodnight, Jolyne.” Stroking her hair one last time before departing, you turned out her light as you left.  

Once downstairs again, you glanced at the clock on the wall. 10.04pm.  
Jolyne’s parent’s evening appointment was at 5.30pm and he had promised that he’d be home for 5pm to be there to go, he had said that to her himself, so she had taken his word for it. And then he had promised you that he’d make dinner and have it on the table for an hour later. But instead, you took your seat opposite his empty space; both of the cold dinners you had made sitting on the table. You think back to the last time you had actually eaten a meal with your partner- a week, a fortnight, a month? When was it? You couldn’t remember. Just that itself was enough to almost bring tears to your eyes. You loved him, you really did but- this had to stop. You decided, in that moment, that you really had to do something about it. Even if you felt as though you could cope if it was just yourself, it wasn’t fair to let Jolyne be continuously hurt like she was by someone she had put so much faith in. And each time, Jotaro had let her down. It physically ate away at you each time you had to wipe the tears from her face with the empty answer of ‘he’ll be home soon’, when you didn’t even know the answer yourself.  
You pushed the plate away from yourself, even though you hadn’t even touched the food on it. The last time you had tried to call him was almost two months again- why bother? He wasn’t going to pick up anyway. It had gotten to the point where you almost couldn’t bear to look at him whenever he was actually the house, not out of anger, but out of sadness, for the relationship he was throwing away between himself, you and his daughter. There was a barrier that he had built with his own hands, but would need an army to bring down again.

It was at this moment- the door clicked open. Had it been a different circumstance, and would you have appreciated the comedic timing of it all; perhaps you could have welcomed him home they way you used to. A faint shuffling echoed throughout the halls of the near-silent house until the figure slowly made its way into your line of view. As per usual, Jotaro stood in his black turtle-neck, hat and white trousers; clothes that you washed day-in-day-out without thanks. Sometimes the only way you’d have known he was ever home would be the new pile of washing left in the basket. He dropped his bag onto the counter next to Jolyne’s discarded Happy Meal box, which she eventually had accepted as her dinner over her father’s cooking since the rumble of her small stomach could no longer lie to you.  
He hadn’t noticed your presence at this point, more than likely assuming you had already gone to bed since the room was relatively dimly lit. He noticed the fast-food box first and you heard him sigh, before moving it to the side and placing his notebook down in its place. Jotaro stood with his back to you and, really, you’d be lying if you tried to make out that you weren’t sitting there waiting for him to realise, a petty trait of yours. You’d have probably gone on with it for a fair bit longer had it not been for the unmistakable sound teeth grinding up against each other.  His neck snapped round and his muscles visibly tensed underneath his shirt, but then relax when he realised who it was. His blue eyes wandered slowly across your figure, your plate, his plate, and the empty table between the two; before sighing, walking straight past it and towards his study.
The man muttered the brief instruction of; “Yare yare daze, I’m too tired for this. Just go to bed.”  

Your body seemed to move on its own as all premise of ‘waking up the sleeping child’ was forgotten by screeching your chair back, moving yourself to stand in front of his study door and looking up to face him.  
“Jotaro, please, we need to talk. You’re five hours late.” For good measure, you even held onto the door handle to show it wasn’t going to be moved unless you were the one doing it. The two of you stared into one another’s eyes for a few seconds, and in all honesty, it was quite difficult to not be the first one to crack. Even as his partner, that blue gaze was still intimidating enough to send shivers right down your spine. Eventually, he lowered his head so his eyes were hidden behind his visor, casting a shadow across the rest of his face.  
“Make it quick then. I’d like to sleep tonight.” Jotaro placed his hand on top of yours and opened the door, causing you to stumble inwards. The other warm hand landed around your waist to stop you falling any further. You’d almost forgotten the heat of the man’s body, and now it felt like it was just radiating off him and melting your aching heart. Even as he held onto you, you felt yourself wanting to forgive him. And yet, the tug in your heart of having to seeing Jolyne cry again, and again, forced you to stop yourself from doing exactly that.  

As though the sudden close-proximity was a new thing, you jumped out of his arm. You stood yourself up and turned on the light, watching as Jotaro went to take the seat behind his desk. Standing in front of it would have felt too much like being scolded by a teacher, so you went behind it too and leaned onto it, with about half a meter between your leg and his. The room was quiet, but not comfortably so. Over the years, Jotaro’s silence had become the norm. It made his words and actions all the more endearing when he chose to use them.
“Aren’t you going to say anything? Tell me why you weren’t there? Make up a lie, say that one of your assistants fell ill and you had to fill in for them. Just…don’t sit there silently this time. Speak to me.” Nail marks began to appear, bright and red, on your palms from scrunching them too tightly. You had always understood that he wasn’t someone who vocalized his thoughts or anything he deemed 'unnecessary’, so, did he think this was unnecessary? Yours and Jolyne’s pain?
“You were supposed to be at parent’s evening. You promised Jolyne you would be. You also promised to cook dinner for her, I’d never seen a kid so upset to be offered a Happy Meal in replacement. She didn’t even want the toy-” You laughed a sad laugh, void of any joy despite the act.
“Jotaro, she went to bed crying…” Your voice trailed off as you looked down at your feet.
 You felt that same warm, rough hand touch the top of yours; causing you to un-clench them instantly. Out of the corner of your eye, you noticed he was lighting a cigarette, despite the number of times he’d been told to not smoke in the house. You tutted, opening the window in front of you to release the smoke.
Another sudden thought flashed into your mind;  
“Jotaro, are you cheating on me?”  

“Good grief, you really do go on when you want to. What gave you that idea? You’re not even giving me a chance.” He finally huffed, blowing out his cigarette smoke. Somewhere deep down, heart told you in that second that he really wasn’t cheating, so you dropped it; he didn’t seem like the type to do something like that anyway.  
“Alright then, here’s your chance.” You wouldn’t be swayed by that warm touch, not this time. You couldn’t while knowing it was the very touch that Jolyne craved every time it wasn’t sitting beside her on the dinner table.
Jotaro sighed, closing his eyes.  
“It was only a parent’s eveni-” He started but you quickly cut him off, retracting his chance.  
“Don’t- that’s not the point and you know it.” You snapped, but fell silent once again.
“I’ll make it up to her then. I’ll buy her some toys- whatever it is that that kid likes now.” Jotaro muttered while tapping the ash from his cigarette into its bowl.
“Haven’t you realised that it’s you that your daughter wants? Come on, you’re smart man who’s very highly educated, surely you must have been able to figure that much out on your own.” The man had a doctorate, and it was plainly clear to see if he would just tear his eyes away from a notebook for just half a second. He couldn’t have been so naive to see how much Jolyne wanted his company and to be able to know her father properly- he just kept shutting her out.
“Yeah.” His reply was blunt and cold, his eyes looking into nowhere but seeing everything.  
“So why can’t you give her that? Forget me, for the time being, this is about Jolyne. Your daughter.” You actually turned to face him in hopes he would return your eye contact for an honest answer, but he didn’t.
“My job is too important.”  
“More important than your daughter?” You waited. And waited. But after a few seconds, no answer seemed to come. You couldn’t quite stop yourself from saying-
“Are you…even the man I married, anymore?”
The silence carried on as it became perfectly obvious that your questions had justbeen answered, and that there was no point in you remaining there.

Although, when that warm hand slowly dropped away from your own, it was almost enough to make you yank it back, clasp it and never release it again. But you didn’t. You let it fall and you left.

Dark Paradise: Part 1

A/N: okaaaayyyy, so, I’m back with another dark story. I hope you guys aren’t too mad. ): it was requested and I hate to let people down! Hopefully you all understand. If this isn’t your thing, don’t read it for your own sake. I decided to break this down into two parts, so here is part one. I realize this is short but this would have been super long with the other part. Anyway, enjoy!

Requested by: Anonymous.

Warnings: swearing, sexual abuse.

Summary: Y/N and Mr. J have been together for a while. They’ve always been happy. Not for long though, when a scumbag decides to kidnap her and rape her. It causes problems for them as a couple.


Mr. J made y/n happy. she was in love with him. they’ve been together for what seemed like forever and she wouldn’t trade him for anything in the world. she was the only family he had and he was hers. everything was great. they always had their moments but that’s because J always liked to play his sick games with her. they were already basically married ever since the chemical wedding of theirs happened. y/n has always wanted a baby but she knew their lifestyle wasn’t good for a baby. Mr. J knew this. he would’ve happily given her a baby but he knew he wouldn’t be a good father either. she didn’t know this though. she just thought J didn’t want a baby. they just decided that when it was their time to start a family, they would. y/n wasn’t very patient but she was willing to do anything for J. she didn’t want to lose him. like she would.

J had a business meeting in one of his clubs. just the usual. he always took y/n with him. he always wanted her on his lap or just by his sight. except for tonight. she was on his lap, kissing his neck while he was talking to the business associates.

“y/n, darling, I need some space. why don’t you go dance or something?” he said, annoyed.

“oh, uh, okay.” she says, smiling at him as she gets off his lap and walks towards the bar. she ordered herself a vodka shot.

‘that’s weird. he never wants me out of his sight.’ she thinks to herself as she gulps down the shot.

she shrugged it off and danced by herself. a couple of guys approached but she blew them off. there was one guy in particular though. he kept asking her if he can buy her a drink or dance with her but she didn’t want to make Mr. J mad by dancing with someone other than him. he never danced with her but still. she danced for what seemed like hours. she goes by the bar to order another drink; this time she got whiskey. she glanced over to J’s booth to see what he was up to. she does a double take as she see two girls sitting on his lap, kissing his neck. one of the girls get up to get on her knees and starts unbutton his pants. she could tell that he was purring. she started shaking with rage. J scans the club to see where y/n was at. he grins when they make eye contact. she knew he just wanted to get her jealous. she was so pissed. she wanted to go up to them and shoot both of the girls. instead, she waited to see how far J would go. he went as far letting the girl touch his member, but as soon as she did, he pushed them off and signaled them to go away. he whistled for y/n but she ignored him and stormed out of the club. he went too far with his game. she felt her eyes fill up with tears. she starts walking away from the club as fast as she could before J can catch up to her. she decided to start walking home since she was already close by. she was cold, crying, and tired. she was so hurt. she felt like J cheated on her but technically, he didn’t. or did he? she was super confused. she was so upset. a car pulled up beside her. it was the guy from the club.

“Hey, want a ride?” he asked with a smile.

she hesitated for a second but she decided to get in the car. the car was surprisingly warm. she shivered.

“thanks.” she says, flashing a fake smile.

“I’m Brandon, by the way. where to?” he says, as he starts driving.

she began giving him directions. she sensed a weird vibe from him but she ignored it.

“so.. why the tears, beautiful?” he asks, making small talk.

“I got into a fight with my boyfriend.” she says, wiping them away.

“oh, that’s why you rejected me at the club. I thought it was because you thought I wasn’t good looking or something.” he chuckled.

“no, you’re actually quite cute.” she says, chuckling as well.

she stops as soon as she realizes that he’s going a different way.

“um, do you want me to tell you where I live again?” she says looking out of her window. they were in the middle of nowhere.

“no, I got it.” he reassured her as he smirked.

he suddenly stopped the car. he takes his seat beat off and leans over to her to kiss her. she pushes him away.

“what the fuck are you doing?”

“well, you’re single now so let’s hook up.” he smirked. he tried to kiss her one more time. she pushed him away once again.

“what? I didn’t say I was single! stop!” she sternly says.

she gets out of the car and starts running. Brandon gets out to chase her. she was in heels so he got her. she yelled for help but no one was around. it was hopeless. he shoved her back into his car, but in the backseat this time. he threw her so she would lie on her back and he crawled on top of her. he forcefully takes off her panties from under her dress and starts unbuckling his belt and pants. as soon as she realized what he was trying to do she panicked.

“no— NO! I don’t want to! please! please, leave me alone, LET ME GO!” she screamed.

“shut the fuck up!” he says, as he slapped her in the face. she cried.

“please, don’t do this..” she sobbed.

she tried to push him off but he held her arms down with his hands, as he slammed himself into her. she cried out in pain. she kept trying to fight him but he was so much stronger. she screamed as he kept going in back and forth. he was grunting and panting. she felt disgusted. he started getting annoyed by her screaming and crying so he decided to grab her throat. he held it tight enough for it to bruise. her arms were bruised too. her screaming turned into whimpering and silent sobs as she realized there was nothing she could do.

“aw, don’t cry, I know you like it.” he pants, kissing her breasts. “come on, tell me how cute I am, moan for me.” he says, going in harder and faster. she kept crying. he seemed to be getting off on it.

he kept going until he finally finished inside her. he got off of her and sat up, trying to catch his breath. she just laid there, lifeless with tears rolling down her face. Brandon got out of his car and dragged y/n out with him. she screamed as she tried pushing and kicking him away but she was weak. he got her out, and pushed her to the ground. he beat her until she passed out. he left her on the side of the road. she had bruises all over her body and face. if anyone found her, they would’ve thought she was dead. he drove away when he was done setting her up there.

Mr. J’s POV———————————

as soon as he saw y/n walk towards the bar, he called over two strippers to sit on his lap. they were lesbian. they went with his game since they couldn’t really refuse. he saw her glance at his booth. he chuckles as she does a double take. he can feel her anger. he begins to purr which was totally fake because he only purred when y/n pleasured him. one of the girls take it one step further and get on their knees. he decides to make eye contact with her and to piss her off even more, he grins. he started feeling himself tense up a bit and pushed them away. he sees y/n’s eyes starting to water so he called her over. she ignored him. he went after her but it was hard to go through the crowd. it was packed. as soon as he gets to the door, he looks around for y/n. she’s nowhere to be found. he starts getting angry and stressed. she was in a small dress walking by herself at this time of night? he didn’t think so. he went back into his club and called out for Frost.


“yes?” he attended him immediately.

“get as many henchmen as you can looking for y/n. she left walking and she’s all alone. if you don’t come back with her, you’re all dying a very painful death, GOT IT?” he growled. Frost nodded. “make sure they know that.”

he storms out of his club and into his Lamborghini. he takes off and starts going to places where she’d normally be after they’ve had an argument. she wouldn’t be shopping at this of hour, or at a friends house. he ran out of places to look and got very frustrated.

“you’re not getting away that easy, doll.” he says to himself.

he drove around for hours before he gave up and drove home. he walked upstairs to the bedroom and tried to fall asleep but he couldn’t. he needed y/n in his arms or at least by his side. he decided to stay up that night.

he gets a call hours later. it’s Frost.

“what? did you find her?”

“well yes but—”

“good! bring her back here so I can punish her for leaving.”

“I don’t think you want to do that, boss, she—”

“oh, I would love to. bring her back now.” he almost hung up.

“wait! she’s not in a very good condition, boss..” he hesitantly says.

“what do you mean?” he started getting worried.

“she’s unconscious. I’m driving her to you. I was calling you to tell you about it and ask if you wanted me to take her to your own doctor.”

he stood quiet. he didn’t know what to say or think.

“just bring her back, I’ll figure it out.” he hung up.

he was very concerned. he started blaming himself. he had to wait hours before they arrived. he started getting impatient. he was pacing back and forth in front of the front door. they finally arrived.

“FINALLY! where the hell is Frost?” he asked his henchman, Troy.

“He’s with Evan, helping him bring y/n.” he says with a straight face.

he walks out to the car y/n was in after Troy responded to him. she looks dead. he looks at her with emotional pain.

“what the hell happened to her?” he says, helping Frost get her inside.

“I’m not sure yet, boss, but I called the doctor. he’s on his way.”

they set her on the couch instead of going all the way upstairs.

“you’re dismissed. all of you are!” he shouts at his henchmen. they all leave in a heart beat.

“God, what happened to you?” he says, observing her bruises.

he felt horrible. he felt like it was his fault. if he hadn’t called the strippers over to him, she would have been in his arms, wide awake. he felt an empty feeling at the pit of his stomach. he’s never felt that before.

y/n started to move around on the couch. she wasn’t breathing very well and she was whimpering. tears started streaming down her face. Mr. J noticed.

“sh, sh, doll. you’re with me now. you’re safe. I’m gonna find the asshole that did this to you and I’ll make him pay.” he whispers, as he caresses her.

she calmed down a bit but she’s still not fully awake. the door bell rings. it’s the doctor. he went to y/n as fast as he could and started getting to work. Mr. J wasn’t allowed to be around for any of it so he went upstairs to his office. he impatiently waited, pacing in front of his office door. the doctor came in an hour later.

“she’s fine.”

J sighed in relief.

“she had a bit of a concussion but she should be good now. she was beaten. I ran some tests to see if she was drugged but she wasn’t. since the concussion wasn’t severe, she should remember everything that happened in the last 24 hours. as for her bruises and scratches, I think she’s going to need a full body massage with some ointment to cure them. I figured I’d leave that to you.” he tosses the ointment to J. he catches it. “she’s just sleeping in the bedroom now. she should be awake in a few hours.”

“a few hours?!” J groaned.

the doctor nodded. “look, the most important thing is that she’s fine. this could’ve gone a lot worse—”

“yeah, yeah, yeah, you can go now.” J interrupts as he walks out of his office into their bedroom.

he just watched her. he felt like he wanted to cry but he really didn’t. he just felt horrible about the whole situation. he was very tired though. it around 9 pm. he decided to lay down beside her. his goal wasn’t to sleep but he did anyway. he was just happy to have her by his side.


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Hi, so I'm almost finished watching Buffy and everyone talks about it like a big feminist show and at the time that it was made I guess it really was but how can people be rooting for spike after he wanted to rape her? Idk I was wondering what's your vision about this

Spike didn’t have a soul for six out of seven seasons. His character grew remarkably even without one. He went from wanting to murder Buffy to falling in love with her and being gentle with her, even without a soul. He genuinely cared for her and did good deeds for her.


Spike still didn’t have a soul. He wasn’t a good man; he wasn’t capable of being a good man. He still tried to be for Buffy. When Buffy and Spike begin a relationship, it is based on violence. Buffy beats him up all the time, and Spike retaliates because he is a vampire and she is the Slayer. This is what they do. Buffy beats him because she sees him as less than human– as a monster. Buffy has learned to hate herself and the world ever since she got back from heaven. She beats up Spike because he’s an inhuman thing that she can take her anger and frustration out on. Spike, on the other hand, beats her up because he IS evil. He has no soul, and all of his other romantic relationships have been rooted in this vampiric violence. He beat Drusilla, and she enjoyed and encouraged it. He beat Harmony, and she accepted it. Even Angel and Darla have a violent relationship: that’s how vampires get themselves going. 


Buffy and Spike’s relationship begins as this violent, passionate anger. She doesn’t really care for him; she just hates herself and wants to feel something. Spike, on the other hand, loves her and is frustrated that she hates herself when she is so good. He is turned on by the violence and by the power struggle they have. Frankly, Buffy is, too. She had a loving relationship with Angel, but she also had violence with him. When he turned to Angelus, she quickly had to relate sex/love with pain and violence. Even in season three, she and Angel do have at least one physical fight. The thing is, she is the Slayer, and they are vampires; they’re much stronger than us, and violence is a large part of their lives. 


When Spike attempts to rape Buffy, he doesn’t understand what’s different. Every other time they have had sex, Buffy has said no and that she doesn’t want to. Every other time they’ve had sex, they beat each other before they start kissing and fucking and knocking over buildings. Spike doesn’t have a soul, so he cannot understand what is different in this situation. Buffy, being human, makes us see the difference. She is injured and depressed, she is vulnerable in her own bathroom. The fear in her eyes is not something we’ve seen before. As humans, we can see the difference. But to Spike, a vampire without a soul who has known nothing but violence from both Buffy and love in general, he only sees that Buffy is resisting just like every other time. He attempts to have sex with her, and only then is Buffy able to resort to Slayer strength again and push him away, screaming that she doesn’t want to. It is then that Spike wakes up. It is then that he understands that this time is different, that this time he has done something wrong. It clicks for him that this is something that he, a vampire, does not understand.

The reason people still love and root for Spike is that he did not understand what rape was, or how it was any different from the other violent sex that they have had so many times in the past. So he tries to understand. He leaves town, so he won’t hurt Buffy again. He goes to fucking Africa and tries to find a way to get a soul, so he can understand what she felt, and so he will never hurt her that way again. He loves her, and he almost dies getting a soul for her. He suddenly understands that his attempted rape was wrong, and different than what they had shared before. 

That’s why people still support Spike, and why I LOVE HIM WITH MY WHOLE HEART AND SOUL.

Headcanons: (Season 3 Olicity Expectations)

 Team Bow & Brains:

(Fun Fact: This is actually written like a story… How weird is that.)

  1. When Oliver asks Felicity out on a date for the first time, she actually thinks he’s kidding and without his knowledge, has already invited Roy and Diggle along for dinner. When Oliver finds out, he (ignoring Diggle’s laughter)  just drags her out from a prospect meeting to regain Queen Consolidated back. It’s informal and their in their work clothes and it’s all casual but he’s never felt more comfortable.
  2. Diggle and Roy bet how long it would take for Oliver to ask Felicity out. Diggle wins when Oliver asks her out after six months.
  3. Felicity and Oliver haven’t had their first kiss yet, except they keep having “almost” kisses. They’ve had five. Oliver has counted. Felicity might have noticed, but she hasn’t said anything to him, but he doesn’t think she’s missed the signs of how hard he’s fallen for her. He just has to wait for the right time to ask her out.
  4. Ray Palmer is a potential investor who is working with Oliver to help gain their company back. Oliver notices him eying Felicity the same way Barry did and this time, Oliver knows better than to repeat his mistake. Of course, it just leads to Oliver distracting Felicity every time Ray wants to get her alone.
  5. Count Vertigo 2.0 has come back and knows in vivid detail of how Oliver killed The Count for Felicity. And he isn’t above using the same methods to draw the Arrow out.
  6. After she’s been put in danger yet again because of him, Oliver pushes Felicity away. Tells her he doesn’t think he could do this, not when she could be in danger because of him and that’s the last thing he’s ever wanted. She understands.
  7. She understands too well, Oliver decides, because she agrees to go on a date with Ray within the next few weeks. It bothers him, more than he can even describe. He hates it, hates that he has to push her away, and the following day Count Vertigo has been injured so badly that he’s placed the hospital indefinitely.
  8. Diggle has noticed the rage in him, and he has to verbally remind Oliver that Felicity wouldn’t want this. She believed in him more than anyone, and he couldn’t destroy her trust in him like this, by going after criminals with the same rage he had when he was just The Hood. Oliver nods, and tries to move on.
  9. Except he sees her everywhere he goes and he can’t stop the hurt he feels when he sees how happy she is with another man. He’s terrified about how serious this is because this isn’t another Barry. Barry would disappear in a few days but Ray looks like he would give up his whole life back home and move to Starling City if it meant being with Felicity. The thought burns in his throat.
  10. Oliver tries picking up other woman to distract him from Felicity, who is growing happier and happier with Ray and moving farther and farther away from him, but he stops after the third woman because they all look similar to Felicity.
  11. Felicity, of course, notices his growing absence from her life and tries to question him on what’s wrong. He plays dumb for weeks and it makes her angry. They fight, often, and the rest of Team Arrow is confused as to what to do to ease the tension. They don’t let it bleed into their missions but sometimes Oliver wishes it did just so there was a good reason for it to stop.
  12. He tells her the truth, finally, when he’s drunk and everything is dizzy and crazy but he still finds his way to her home and falls on top of her. He doesn’t remember all the words he says but he does remember the “I love you” and the “I didn’t want to let you go” and the “I don’t want to be the Arrow anymore” but nothing else, and that’s not how he wanted the conversation to go at all. The fights stop the next day. They don’t fight that badly again for a long time.
  13. Felicity breaks up with Ray a week later, telling him that it wasn’t fair to him. She thinks she could love him, but she’s always been a one-man type of girl and she couldn’t love him completely. Ray understands. Understands why and who she loved completely.
  14. Felicity and Oliver are still apart but their relationship is tentative, and he wishes he could go back to normal and doesn’t know if he regrets asking her out that day (he can’t; he loves seeing her laugh just for him too much) or if he regrets pushing her away. (That’s a lie. He knows the truth. He knows which one he regrets and it wasn’t asking her out that day.)
  15. Felicity is grabbed from the grocery store parking lot when she wasn’t paying attention, and Oliver tears up the city looking for her. It isn’t until he’s found her and beaten the kidnapper so hard that he would probably never walk normally ever again, that he figures out that Felicity wasn’t targeted because he was the Arrow. She was just targeted for being alone.
  16. He doesn’t leave her apartment that night, and in the morning he apologizes for being an idiot. For pushing her away. For not being there for her when he should have been. Because he knows that if he never pushed Felicity away in the first place, he would have most likely been with her that night. The thought bothers him for the rest of his life. Even though Felicity has forgiven him.
  17. It takes Oliver a few minutes to realize that she was always a little angry for him pushing her away so easily. They don’t get together right then and there, because she wants him to first decide if he can do this. Because once she’s in, she’s not going to just pull back because he’s indecisive. And he only gets one more chance.
  18. He’s not an idiot, most of the time, and he takes his time to decide. It isn’t until days after the newest chaos in the city is over that he realizes that Felicity was yet again a key to win and he can’t imagine a life without her. He tries to, again and again, and still can’t imagine a life without her glasses on the coffee table or her tablet on the bed.
  19. The first time he asked her out was in a time of peace, and he ran the second there was trouble. This time, when he asks her out, it’s right before he’s off to go to battle where he might not come back alive. He asks her to please, give him another chance, because he wants to come home to her after it’s all over. He’s always wanted to come home to her after It’s all over. She says yes.
  20. They had three more almost kisses after their first potential date earlier months ago. But their real first kiss happens right after their first date, and Oliver initiates it, and holds onto Felicity and wants to never let her go because he’s scared that this could be just another “almost” kiss. It’s not. It’s real. Mostly because Felicity holds onto Oliver just as hard.

Revolution - Chapter 7

And suddenly, he knew deep within his very being that he was going to witness one of Shion’s miracles.

Six years have passed after Nezumi’s departure. Even though the progress of the Restructural Committee is like an untamed wave of changes and improvements, some people are unsatisfied and more than tired Shion thinks he has failed. Will he ever be able to look in these beautiful grey eyes again? Or will his guilt consume him?

If you want to know the answers to these questions, you can read the story on AO3 | | or right here!

Previous chapters: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7

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What do you want? (chap 1/2)

Gillovny fic 

A thousand thank-yous and a hundred puppies and kittens to my amazing betareader! <3  

Vancouver, summer 2015

He came back to his rented apartment two hours ago, made himself a small sandwich with what was left in his fridge, and took a hot but quick shower and went to bed, exhausted and disappointed. Just like he had every night in the past few days. Being Mulder again was harder than he thought it would be. He’d fought to find his flow. He struggled to remember his lines. His body was sore with the physical effort this role required. Why did he push everyone to do this, again? Oh yeah! To be with her.

She was the reason he wanted it so badly. What a silly idea it had been. He thought working together again would pull them closer. He was so wrong. It had been two weeks, and they were barely talking to each other outside the set. It’s happening again, he thought. It’s not like he hadn’t been trying. He tried to make her laugh, and he succeeded almost every time. She’d always had an easy laugh. But as soon as Chris decided to wrap for the day, she just hugged him goodbye - that was in the best case scenario. Usually, she would just wave to him on her way out. He tried to ask her out too. She was always too tired, always needed to go back to her own apartment to Skype her children. He understood; her boys were young and she missed them a lot. But she could just agree to go dinner with him, and Skype them after… couldn’t she?   

For a final and desperate attempt, he asked if he could borrow her house on Vancouver Island. He said he wanted to spend the weekend somewhere calm and green, maybe go fishing or just wandering. Of course, he was really hoping she would join him. But she gave him the keys and then bought a plane ticket to London. After that, he just stopped trying. He was unhappy, and so was she; he could see it. But as long as she was pushing him away, there was nothing he could do.

Tonight, he tried to get over it, once again in vain. He had been asleep for an hour. Maybe two. And he started to dream of her, like he did almost every night. In his dreams, she was always smiling and laughing, and sometimes she was naked, too. Tonight was naked-Gillian night. And naked-Gillian was at his home in New York. She was there, wearing the same black dress that she was wearing a few months ago, on one particular night, when he thought they had reconnected with each other for good. He’d kissed her in front of hundreds of people, and it was one of the happiest nights of his life. She went back to his place with him and stayed the night. And the night after. And the night after again. Three days of passion and frenzy and love; at least, that’s what he thought.

But when she went back to Europe, nothing more happened, just silence. She didn’t pick up his calls, nor return his texts or emails. Except for work, he didn’t hear from her at all. Maybe he’d done something wrong, he thought, but what? She probably was having second thoughts.  If that was the case, he’d just wanted her to be honest and tell him. But in his dream, she never left New York.

She was under the shower, he could hear the water flowing. She got her head under the rainforest shower, her head facing the ceiling, her eyes closed and her mouth open. The hot water filled her mouth and she let it dribble down her chin, running down her neck and falling on her breasts. She squeezed the body wash into her palms and applied it to her firm breasts… slowly, very slowly. By the way she circled her nipples, he knew she was thinking about him. She left  one hand on her breast, weighing it, squeezing her nipple between her middle and forefinger while her other hand spread bubbles on her stomach, her ribs, her waist, her groin. The foam died on her pubic hair and her middle finger snuck between her folds. She moaned and bit the side of her bottom lip. Cleaning herself wasn’t the point of this shower anymore.

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Hard Lines: Chapter 10

Rating: NC-17

Beta: My lovely Laura aka- gottriplets and the lovely Rebecca -andiheardeverything both of whom are the only reason this fic looks anything remotely coherent or medically accurate ;) 

Warnings: Cancer, discussions of terminal illness and infidelity (NO character death ;), for those of you who are triggered by that ) 

Summary: Blaine’s elaborate plans for the “best senior year ever” get brought to a halt and his dreams of a future are stripped away when he discovers that the headaches he’s been having, aren’t really headaches at all and all of his strange behavior lately, including cheating on Kurt, can all blamed on one thing — there’s a tumor growing inside of his brain that’s doing it’s best to kill him. (AU post “The New Rachel”) 

AN: This chapter ended up being a lot shorter than the others, so I apologize ;) Hope you like it anyway! 

 You can track the fic with this tag : “Fic: Hard Lines

Previous Chapters: Prologue // 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9

on A03 // (to be updated later tonight)


When Blaine opened his eyes, he was staring up into the concerned faces of all of his friends, as they circled around him. He could remember getting to this point; remembered falling down to his knees and Sam calling out. He’d had a seizure. It was getting easier to recognize, now that he was having mild ones every few days. It was scary, sure. Which was why he didn’t grumble too loudly at the way his friends were standing over him in a panic.

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Catfight part 2 - Jack Gilinsky imagine

You guys wanted it so here you go 😊

You just kept walking and walking towards the hotel we were staying. It didn’t even you when it started to rain. Once you got in the hotel you were soaking. You just used the stairs to the 7th floor. When you opened the door Jack was sitting on the bed waiting for you to come. When he saw you he stood there in shock. “Oh god (y/n) you’re soaking, you’ll get sick!” He said that grabbed a towel and wrapped you around it while hugging you at the same time. But you pushed him away. “Oh so now you give a fuck about me?” You asked throwing your towel on the ground. “I’m sorry sunshine.” He tried to hug you again, but you pushed him away. “No Jack, I’m not your sunshine you embarrassed me in front of a lot of people, but the worst is that you didn’t even trust me when I told you the truth”, he looked down at ground. “I know, I know I’m sorry. I guess I’m just so used to standing up for Leigh because of all the hate she used to get that I didn’t even think”, he said slowly. “Well then use your brain next time” “next time?” He asked you with a smirk. You rolled you eyes “Yeah..but if you do something like that again believe me I won’t even come back to pack my stuff” you said smiling. He hugged you and started to kiss you. The kiss got heated and in seconds you found yourself pressed against the wall in a make out session. “Ready for some makeup sex?” He asked you, but you just laughed.

Hope this was good enough
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weary-hearted-queen  asked:

He hadn't actually expected her to squeak. In fact, he hadn't actually expected her to be ticklish at all, so when she did squeak, and then tried to squirm out of his arms, it came as something of a surprise.

(Basically this is the most plotless, cheesy, fluff-ridden trash I’ve ever spewed out and nothing at all like what I usually write but Seren - star-vault-ofthe-heavens - was angsting about exams and she’d written something for me a few days ago so I thought I’d return the favor. And besides, it’s Valentines day, so gross things like this are acceptable. General timeline maybe two weeks after ROTJ. And man, POV? What POV? Is POV even a thing? Who knows.)

He stared at her.

“The inside of your elbow -“

"Oh, no,” she managed, yanking her arms from his handsand crossing them over her chest. A strand of her long hair, come loose fromits braid, was hanging stubbornly in front of her flushed face. “Don’t you dare.”

Against his better judgement, Han felt his mouth tug upwards in a sly grin.

"Don’t I dare what?”

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