so she know its real


nine in the afternoon // panic! at the disco

how could i forget madara

inspired by ch. 13 of Under the Rabbit’s Moon by @vesperlionheart

Thinking about the next chapter and everything, I think the worst part of it is that Mutsuki went to :re for Touka. He has the picture, he knows where that person is, and he suspects that Kaneki might be there BECAUSE of Touka. Mutsuki doesn’t know that :re is more than just Touka’s coffee shop, Kaneki has other friends there, friends he knows since he became a ghoul. But Mutsuki might think he’s there because he has a crush on her. The fact that he arrived and Kaneki was there, just as he suspected… :re, the place where Touka lives… it’s gonna be a mess. Once Mutsuki sees Touka, he will feel tremendously jealous. I’m not sure if Kaneki was the one closing the shop, but I feel like Touka will come back like “hey, Kaneki, are you done? can we leave now?” and Mutsuki suddenly sees her appearing and calling him like that and hoooly fuck, I don’t trust Mutsuki’s reaction at all.


Consider: Ray is short, and if there’s nowhere to set up a sniper nest, he has 0 height advantage. So sometimes, when he has to be on the ground team, he’ll get someone to agree to let him ride on their shoulders, so it’s just a guy in a skull mask with a purple-hoodied gremlin perched up there, or the leader of the most terrifying crew in Los Santos carrying around some kid with a pink gun. And it’s even worse because it actually works, like Ray clearly gets more people like this than on his own two feet. He likes to be tall.

y'all should know that one of the reasons why seats are empty at sens games is because ottawa is a government town and the phoenix pay system implemented by the government of canada fucked up to the point where some employees haven’t been payed in 18 months and most of us still aren’t entirely sure when/if our next pay check will come in so spending hundreds of dollars on tickets to a hockey game (no matter how much most people love the team) just isn’t a good idea right now


Not every woman can be as brave as my Wylla.

A game of (maybe) forgotten ladies: Wylla Manderly

ok but

it sucks when someone you thought was a “”””friend”””” proceeds to stop talking to you bc they learn you’re in a committed long-term relationship so they obviously had other motives…. :// like sorry I bothered you with my purely platonic friendship :// didn’t realize friendship implies a potential relationship now :// *sigh*


ITS LIKE ONE AND A HALF DAYS EARLY but when i saw the ML staff appreciation week prompt “fairytale” i KNEW i needed to draw tangled!au like… right now

Basically Marinette was born the latest reincarnation of ladybug, but was kidnapped as a baby by Hawkmoth. But what he didnt manage to get was her miraculous. Marinette grows up not knowing that she is the lost Ladybug, knowing only that she possesses a magical yoyo with cleansing and healing powers (which in this au is an heirloom passed from ladybug to ladybug). Since her “father” won’t let her go outside to protect her, her only friend is Tikki, who doesnt remember anything about the miraculous or Ladybug.

Secretly Hawkmoth is still trying to get his hands on the miraculous, offering a great deal of money for them. Enter Chat Noir, an orphan who grew up reading stories of the past Chats heroic deeds, but after finding out that he is the next in line, has only really managed to use his powers to try and scrape by. After stealing the miraculous he manages to hide in a secluded tower, and the adventures begin!!

If the King hadn’t already met Nell at Madam Ross’s house, then there’s little doubt that she would have caught his eye crying oranges below the stage. Flushed with the attentions of the gallants, she must have presented an enticing spectacle. According to the anonymous ‘Memoirs of the Life of Eleanor Gwin’ (1752): 'no sooner had she appeared in the Pit and behind the Scenes with her Oranges, than the Eyes of the Players, and those sparkish Gentlemen who frequent the Theatres were fixed upon her, all anxious to the Story and Birth of the handsome Orange Wench.’ And she in turn must have gazed across the green baize benches of masked ladies and their witty suitors to where the King sat with his auburn-haired mistress, confident that there was everything to play for.

But what would those sparkish gentlemen who frequented the theatres have actually seen when they fixed their eyes upon the delightful orange wench with her back to the stage. She was undoubtedly small and fine-boned (with the smallest and prettiest foot in the country), but with a full figure and the confidence to make it show. According to Dryden’s description of her as Florimel, she had an oval face, clear skin, dark eyes and thick brown eyebrows that contrasted beautifully with her warm, bronze-red hair, which was streaked with gold. Biographer Arthur Dasent, who considers this contrast as 'perhaps the greatest beauty of her face,’ claims that it is a feature 'seldom or never found in those of plebeian birth.’ Her cheeks were dimpled when she laughed and her face alive with mischief. Her portraits too reveal something more profound in those large, melting eyes: the melancholy of the jester.

—  Nell Gwynn: A Biography // Charles Beauclerk

It’s odd but I wish I was better at emoting irl

Idk I know I make some good faces but I almost always have to consciously think about it and sometimes I can’t manage anything even though I’m definitely feeling something and everything feels forced anyway and–

Yay anxiety

taz makes me cry and lup and lucretia are my favorite characters and I would die for them

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Maggie got demoted to a guest star for s3 and variety said haught would be a regular, BUT new info has come out that Maggie was only supposed to be in one season so actually she's here longer than expected so it's been a rollercoaster

thank you so much for letting me know!!!! 

honestly i have a lot of emotions going through me right now most of them are Anger but Haught being a regular just made my life a little happier

I wish there were words

More powerful than “I love you”.
My god do I love you. But my love for you is beyond what I can put in words. I can’t even begin to wrap my head around trying to explain to you just how much you mean to me.
The thought of you drives me wild.
Seeing you lights up my day.
Being with you is by far the best.
You drive me crazy sometimes but crazier in love is all.
I don’t know how I got so lucky but I’m so glad I did. You deserve everything and there’s not one part of me that won’t let you know just how special you are.

To my girlfriend,
I love you 😘 and so much more!