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Hey so where did we land on the whole are you single thing?

Okay I’m gonna do this update on the Snerg/dating application situation under a cut because there were just SO MANY ASKS hahahahaha 


So a while ago this happened, and I’ve gotta be honest and say I was ENTIRELY UNPREPARED for all of the responses!! Like I thought I was making a ridiculous application that nobody would answer but then I FORGOT HOW AWESOME AND SILLY YOU ALL ARE and so I was overwhelmed with replies and very busy at the time and unable to answer them all…



First of all, to Snerg: I’m sorry if you thought I was preferencing humans over snails. That wasn’t the case at all!! I just thought you didn’t seem like the kind of snail who would want to jump into a commitment like that

To everyone wondering if I’m dating a snail: AS YOU CAN SEE, no, I’m not. I think I may have ruined everything by not replying fast enough. I’ll just have to sit here and mourn my snail-free sex life 

To everyone who filled out my RIDICULOUS application / expressed interest in winning my affections: You guys are all absolute GEMS and you deserve someone way less fixated on snails than yours truly. Receiving your responses made my day, and I’m so honored you would offer yourselves up for my impromptu dating show/blog/event/whatever that was hahahaha :D

To everyone WEIRDLY FIXATED on my relationship status: After determining that I lost my chance with Snerg, who I’m sure was my one true love, I went to @jadepresley and cried on her shoulder and idk guys she’s kinda cute and she writes hella good fics so to fill the gaping hole in my heart, I think I’ll just stare at her and tell her how amazing she is and yeah that’s pretty much where I’m at right now I hope that clarifies things

To the anon who just innocently wanted to know more about me and had no intention of starting any of this: I FEEL YOU, BRO. I TRULY DO. 


nine in the afternoon // panic! at the disco

how could i forget madara

inspired by ch. 13 of Under the Rabbit’s Moon by @vesperlionheart

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Do you have any Sansa and Ned headcanons because their relationship (along with Cat and Arya's) is so underrated. People always say that Ned loved Arya more but he loved them equally and Sansa is his first girl, I can just imagine her being a daddy's girl when she was young even if she's a proper lady

Hello Anon! Yes I have headcanons about Sansa and Ned relationship (and also for Arya and Cat!) 

First: Ned is Sansa first hero. Sansa love for stories and knights comes from her admiration from her father. This is not even a headcanon, its a canon statement to me, based on actual quotes. When Sansa is feeling scared her first reaction is to think about her father, who she sees  as her Savior: 

Slowly he turned his head. Lady growled. A terror as overwhelming as anything Sansa Stark had ever felt filled her suddenly. She stepped backward and bumped into someone. Strong hands grasped her by the shoulders, and for a moment Sansa thought it was her father, 

His courser was as slim as her rider, a beautiful grey mare, built for speed. Ser Gregor’s huge stallion trumpeted as he caught her scent. The boy from Highgarden did something with his legs, and his horse pranced sideways, nimble as a dancer. Sansa clutched at his arm. “Father, don’t let Ser Gregor hurt him,“ 

Sansa I AGOT or in  Eddard VII,  when she is scared the first person she thinks about is her strong father. 

Later she associates strong solmen figures (like Ned) with protection, with safety. 

Lord Yohn still looked as though he could break most younger men like twigs in those huge gnarled hands. His seamed and solemn face brought back all of Sansa’s memories of his time at Winterfell. She remembered him at table, speaking quietly with her mother. She heard his voice booming off the walls when he rode back from a hunt with a buck behind his saddle. She could see him in the yard, a practice sword in hand, hammering her father to the ground and turning to defeat Ser Rodrik as well. He will know me. How could he not? She considered throwing herself at his feet to beg for his protection. He never fought for Robb, why should he fight for me? The war is finished and Winterfell is fallen. “Lord Royce,” she asked timidly, “will you have a cup of wine, to take the chill off?

Bronze Yohn had slate-grey eyes, half-hidden beneath the bushiest eyebrows she had ever seen. They crinkled when he looked down at her. “Do I know you, girl?”

Solemn face…grey eyes…Strong..shy with women..: GRRM wanted to make an association with Ned here. Its clear that the more a person looks like her father, the more Sansa trust him and wants to be protected by him. Which is the reason  why I believe she longs for the hound, its the reason why i believe when Sansa meets Jon again, she will trust him and choose him over littlefinger. Because seeing Jon for Sansa (with his grey eyes, long and solemn face, strong and broody..) will be like seeing her real father reborn. 

Second:  Ned feeling for Sansa.

He loved her so much. He loves her to the point of choosing to save her and ruin his honor (which is something huge, considering how honor was important to him, and the fact that he made the same hard  decision only in 1 other situation: when he takes Jon as his bastard son, shaming his reputation so he can save him from Robert fury and keep his promise to Lyanna) 

She was his little lady and he wanted her sheltered and safe. Tragically is also the reason why the mess started: Ned should have talked to Sansa and explain his reasoning for breaking the engagement with Joffrey. He didnt because he saw Sansa as his sweet child who was not ready for the ugly realty (he doesnt want Sansa to see the hard truth…a problem that he passed to her. Sansa suffers from it: she escapes reality when it gets hard, and she learned it from her father…).

From his vantage point atop the throne, he could see men slipping out the door at the far end of the hall. Hares going to ground, he supposed … or rats off to nibble the queen’s cheese. He caught a glimpse of Septa Mordane in the gallery, with his daughter Sansa beside her. Ned felt a flash of anger; this was no place for a girl.

Sansa looked up from her food. “If she can have a dancing lesson, why won’t you let me say farewell to Prince Joffrey?”

“I would gladly go with her, Lord Eddard,” Septa Mordane offered. “There would be no question of her missing the ship.”

“It would not be wise for you to go to Joffrey right now, Sansa. I’m sorry.”

Sansa’s eyes filled with tears. “But why?”

“Sansa, your lord father knows best,” Septa Mordane said. “You are not to question his decisions.”

“It’s not fair!” Sansa pushed back from her table, knocked over her chair, and ran weeping from the solar.

Septa Mordane rose, but Ned gestured her back to her seat. “Let her go, Septa. I will try to make her understand when we are all safely back in Winterfell.” The septa bowed her head and sat down to finish her breakfast. 

Thats the problem between Sansa and Ned. If he just explained to Sansa what was happening  everything would have been different. Its also unfair the different standards in the way he treats his daughters . Ned was not as stern to Arya as he was to Sansa (just like Catelyn was more understanding of Sansa needs then Aryas..).   

As for the headcanons Ned is really in awe of his first daughter, she is the perfect lady, his pretty girl and he loves her very much. He is awkard  with women, and it shows when he tries to interact with her too. Still he buys her everything she desires, from jewelery to dresses. He chaperones Sansa to turneys and feasts. And even thought he is clumsy, he still  dances  when his little princess ask him. As  for  Sansa, she  always pictures her hero to be as honorable and dutiful as her strong father Ned. Her first doll is a gift from her father and she plays with it everyday. She beams when he tells her how pretty she looks. And when her brothers and Arya scared her with stories of mosters and evil creatures she comes to her father to feel safe again. 


Waverly + angelic lighting

“That night on the homestead. They killed everyone but me. Why?”

“They knew. No one harms the baby. My words. My law. You’re my angel. Fly, fly away. And make Wynonna missing no more.”

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I'm with wildernesswitchery its really stupid of you to think you can identify herb or decide if its tea.

This is literally the second ask of this nature I’ve received already and I’m honestly upset. I get submissions weekly of plants people can’t identify and they want to know what it is - I answer them every time and no one ever cares or is worried about my input. Why? Because I’m a botanist, plants are literally my thing, bonus I worked at Teavana for three years and I also grow and sell my own?
Let’s say the anon submits a photo; it’s lavender, jasmine, and chamomile. None of them have poisonous doppelgangers, I have qualified education to identify those buds and say yes that’s safe to drink but check your meds first, do research, etc.
Now, let’s say it’s yarrow, mint, and hemlock. Yarrow has a poisonous doppelganger and hemlock is a poisonous doppelganger to parsnip. Do you think in this situation I’m really going to tell them it’s okay to drink the tea? When I can’t be 100% certain? Do I seem like the type of person to make that kind of uncalculated risk to someone else’s life? I offered to let them send photos because there’s a chance it’s all really common shit you can identify with an education, yea? Like? I’m not going to tell people they can drink something if there’s even a small risk of being something else?

Consider: Ray is short, and if there’s nowhere to set up a sniper nest, he has 0 height advantage. So sometimes, when he has to be on the ground team, he’ll get someone to agree to let him ride on their shoulders, so it’s just a guy in a skull mask with a purple-hoodied gremlin perched up there, or the leader of the most terrifying crew in Los Santos carrying around some kid with a pink gun. And it’s even worse because it actually works, like Ray clearly gets more people like this than on his own two feet. He likes to be tall.

Thinking about the next chapter and everything, I think the worst part of it is that Mutsuki went to :re for Touka. He has the picture, he knows where that person is, and he suspects that Kaneki might be there BECAUSE of Touka. Mutsuki doesn’t know that :re is more than just Touka’s coffee shop, Kaneki has other friends there, friends he knows since he became a ghoul. But Mutsuki might think he’s there because he has a crush on her. The fact that he arrived and Kaneki was there, just as he suspected… :re, the place where Touka lives… it’s gonna be a mess. Once Mutsuki sees Touka, he will feel tremendously jealous. I’m not sure if Kaneki was the one closing the shop, but I feel like Touka will come back like “hey, Kaneki, are you done? can we leave now?” and Mutsuki suddenly sees her appearing and calling him like that and hoooly fuck, I don’t trust Mutsuki’s reaction at all.



@deathmeowtal  🎩: draw a character in fancy wear

I did both because I honestly couldn’t decide. Abby looks A+++ in a suit so that was an easy decision, but demon Pickles was kinda hard and, in the end, I decided he was sewn into the damn thing. Just given a shirt and jacket with an open back and someone honestly sewed him into it. Because wings aren’t fun for anyone.

Used reference for both, just random Pinterest searches. Honestly, if you search “women in suits” and “men’s fashion” you’ll find em.  

50% of my job is call taking and this lady just called in from our website chat feature to send me a customer’s information she had captured and she LEGIT GOES ‘Her name is, no, i’m sorry, their name-’ and proceeds to give me a name that may or may not have been gender neutral or whatever, like who knows. they give boys ‘girl’ names and girls ‘boy’ names all the time, 

and i just think that’s so fuckin cool dude

 a legit human not on tumblr verbally corrected herself, IN REAL LIFE, and my heart is full because the future is now and we’re progressing

A nkmk headcannon

Nico as an RA in college. Maki is coincidentally a resident in her dorm. They meet. They fight. But eventually they find that they actually vibe with each other real well. So they start chillin with each other.

But then chillin becomes something serious. The others take note of how much Maki has been spending time in Nico’s room but don’t want to call it out bc for all they know, the rich redhead is prob going through some tough no-butlers-to-help-her-bc-she-ain’t-in-her-rich-ass-home type of shit.

But she’s really just fucking their RA.

Wow. Just imagine.

Kitchen Makeouts - Gruvia

“Jesus Christ’s fucking asshole,” Gray whispered, the end theme of the series he and Juvia had just marathoned ringing in his ears. Netflix, ruining lives one subscription at a time.

“Gray,” Juvia admonished mockingly, pausing to yawn. “That’s blasphemous.”

Gray didn’t really care what it was. He cared that Tracy was dead, and with her all his dreams.

“Mm,” Juvia hummed tiredly, pulling her laptop off the coffee table to scroll mindlessly at whatever fuck-all hour of the morning it was and ignoring Gray’s crisis.

He groaned, leaning back against her couch and rubbing furiously at his stinging eyes. They had yet to start studying for their AP chem test the following day, sidetracked by the final season of How I Met Your Mother.

“Hey, Juvs,” he mumbled, reaching out with the intention of shoving her shoulder, but letting his hand linger.

They had been doing that, recently, dancing around each other in some weird mind game that Gray couldn’t hope to understand. All he knew was that something had changed, and someday soon the building tension between them was going to go all Tsar Bomba and explode.

“What’s the time?”

Juvia made a noncommittal noise, typing a reply to Lucy on Facebook—God knew why she was awake, oh, that’s right, high school and it’s determination to slaughter them all with five-page essays and endless lists of why they should consider careers as world class fishermen. Her cursor touched the top of her screen, the little bar appearing to tell them the time, or, in this case, spell their never ending doom.

“Oh my God.”

Gray leapt off the couch, hands in his hair. Juvia froze where she sat, gaping at her screen.

6:46 AM

“That can’t be right,” Gray said, his voice cracking in desperation.

Juvia threw her laptop aside and bolted to the kitchen, Gray hot on her heels. They skidded to a stop in front of the microwave like the fucking Roadrunner, begging it to tell them a different story. Gray covered his face with his hands, keeling over Juvia’s island and accepting his fate.

Juvia, on the other hand, shrieked, grabbing at her microwave and beating her poor, harmless kitchen appliance senseless.

“No, no, no, no, no,” she murmured, her hand slapping against the glass front.

Gray grabbed at her, locking his arms around her and dragging her out of attack range.

“This isn’t possible,” Juvia moaned, struggling against him for no reason other than to heighten the dramatics of their predicament.

She whirled in his arms, forcing him to adjust his grip, and he caught a mad glint in her pretty blue eyes. The blindingly blue strands of her ponytail swirled around her face and shoulders, giving her the look of a storm. Gray wondered what it said about him that he would gladly be consumed by her.

“What time did you get here?” she demanded, puzzling out the logic of their genuinely awful situation.

“Around nine?” he acquiesced, knowing she needed to lay the details out to wrap her head around how unfailingly stupid they were.

“Twenty-four episodes,” she mumbled, her eyes trained intensely on Gray’s shirt. “Twenty-ish minutes each, so about three episodes an hour plus dinner, which was like forty minutes…”

Gray watched as Juvia’s face crumbled in dawning realization. “Nine hours and forty-six minutes,” she whispered factoring in their visit to the convenience store and what little studying they actually had done, damning them both.

They stood in the silence of early morning, two helpless teenagers who were going to fail AP chemistry because of Netflix.

“I’m going to sue Reed Hastings,” Juvia said, looking very near tears. Gray wasn’t feeling much better than she was. She turned on him, large eyes wet and manic. “How could you let this happen?!”

Gray’s jaw dropped. “Me?!” he choked out.

“Yes, you!” Juvia tried to swing her hands down to showcase how upset she was, but was hindered by Gray’s arms, still resting comfortably on her waist. “You know how I am with binging, why didn’t you stop me?!”

Gray, for some reason unbeknownst to him, did not let go of her, despite the rising tension in the room.

“I came here to study!” he yelled back, bewildered. “You were the one who brought up how gay you are for Lily!”

Juvia scoffed, the motion of her head causing her long blue tail to bob in pure indignation. “Everyone is gay for Lily Aldrin, Gray, what do you expect me to do about it?”

“Maybe not bring it up when we’re in the middle of reviewing the Henderson-Hasselbalch equation?!”

“Screw Henderson-Hasselbalch and their fucking equation,” Juvia screeched, her hands waving dangerously above her head. “I’m going to fail this test and go back in time to kill them with Ms. Drake’s precious fucking burettes!”

Gray stared at her, raging away in his arms in her kitchen at 6:53 in the fucking morning.

“Juvia,” he breathed, interrupting her tirade, and her eyes snapped to his, burning him inside out.

“What.” she snapped.

“I think I’m fucking in love with you.”

There were exactly two moments in his life when Gray had done something stupid enough to nearly cost him Juvia Lockser, and here he was, adding another moment to that list. His mind reeled, finally catching up with his mouth, and he stammered out nonsense.

Tsar Bomba his ass, he felt so hot the sun may as well have exploded. Actually, that sounded like a wonderful idea, if the sun would just do him a favor and supernova billions of years early, killing them both instantly, then the pathetic legacy of Gray Fullbuster could die here in this kitchen.

Before he could say anything of actual value after declaring his love to Juvia in quite possibly the most unromantic setting in the fucking universe, she pressed her hands against either side of his face.

“Say it again,” she murmured.

Gray looked at her, really looked, drowning himself in the ocean that swam in her eyes. Fuck it.

“Juvia Lockser,” he said, his voice low and gruff as his hands rose to circle around her wrists. “I love you.”

“Holy shit,” Juvia swore, moving at the speed of fucking light. 3 x 10^8 meters per second. Gray fucking hated chemistry.

Her mouth crashed against his and Gray lost himself in her, in the way her hands clutched at his neck or his hair, in the line of her body, pressed perfectly against him. A hand cupped her face, thumb running along her cheekbone as Gray kissed Juvia with everything he had in him. She reciprocated in kind, melting into him like the chocolate she’d made for him for his birthday so they could make stove s’mores. God Gray wanted to make stove s’mores with the beautiful girl in his arms for the rest of his fucking life.

Juvia gasped when he bit her lip, and the kiss turned from intense to sloppy high school makeout. Gray’s hands wandered to Juvia’s thighs and she jumped upwards, disrupting the motion of their kiss and locking her legs around his waist. He held her weight easily, turning to set her on the island so he could tangle a hand in her hair. They parted for breath, panting.

As soon as Juvia got her breath back she was blabbing. “I love you,” she tumbled out, “I love you, I love you, I love you.” She said it a thousand times in the growing morning light and Gray felt like he was flying.

“I love you,” she breathed, “I have loved you. For so long.” And wow, Gray must be the densest bag of rocks out there. A few memories came spiraling back to him, like the time in sophomore year when Juvia had been having some sort of silent break down and refused to talk to anyone all day until somehow, they’d ended up trapped in a janitor’s closet (yeah, real fucking cliche, Gray himself was pretty astounded by it) and she’d spilled, baring her heart for him. Gray remembered hearing Lucy’s voice outside the closet door, and how he’d dismissed it as a trick of the mind. She’d known that Gray could pull it out of Juvia, but she hadn’t known that that was the day Gray promised himself he’d rip out the fucking throat of anyone who ever hurt Juvia Lockser again. He had previously been one of those people, and though she had forgiven him for his idiocy, he couldn’t help but hate himself a little for it.

Juvia was watching him, her lip dragging nervously between her teeth at Gray’s silence. He’d said he loved her, but he had so many fucking walls that he didn’t blame her for being a little disbelieving. God her mouth. It was red and swollen and Gray didn’t think he could physically hold himself back from kissing her again.

“I love you too,” he whispered. “So godamn much.”

They’d been through too much shit together for a bunch of high schoolers, but they’d come out pretty okay. And yeah, Gray was head-over-heels, in-fucking-love with the goddess in his old T-shirt and flimsy cotton shorts sitting in from of him.

She grinned, bright and beautiful and blinding, like Juvia tended to be, then leaned forward and kissed him again.

“Kitchen makeouts and true teenage rom-com love notwithstanding,” Juvia said, drawing away from Gray’s lips eventually with Herculean effort, “We are going to fail that chemistry exam so hard.”

Gray’s eyes glinted as a truly, uniquely terrible plan formulated in his devious delinquent mind. “No we aren’t,” he declared dramatically. “Tracy Mosby didn’t die for this.”

Juvia stared at him pityingly. “Is it too late to rescind my love?”

Gray rolled his eyes, pressing a flurry of short kisses against her extremely ticklish neck, reveling in her giggles.

“Cruelty!” Juvia screamed, pushing at him with terrifyingly strong arms, God his girlfriend was the spirit of a world-class bodybuilder trapped in a tiny blue-haired Asian girl’s body.  His girlfriend. The thought made him grin.

He pulled Juvia off the countertop with newfound determination, dragging her into the living room to set his master plan into motion. Never mind that it had so many holes it was practically Julius Caesar. Juvia went without fight, amused by his antics. Maybe she would wait until after the test to tell him about the alternate ending.

author’s note - uhh this requires like maybe slight knowledge of how i met your mother, but like, really slight. also there is a himym spoiler in like…the third line? but im pretty sure everyone knows it? uhhh but this is basically the result of me reading 13 chapters of my rat mom and resident minion hater @umjustkatie  ‘s heads or tails and like,,,,,needing gruvia shit in high school. of course i made them have lowkey vague and tragic backstories because uhh im a fucking bitch for angst but like what is writing. katie i love you, you talented bitch <3 

when you wrote a wholllllee new series. [On Hana’s dad’s background] and have no idea where to fit it, or to even fit it in the story.

but i gotta tell you, im dazed as fuck lmao. Ive been writing for three hours and Im like how do my how brain work 

Its not really a background, its only the events leading up to why they fled his home planet. Him and Hana’s mom, and about Hana and the alien stuff going on in the background that Hana is totally oblivious to at the moment. 


Not every woman can be as brave as my Wylla.

A game of (maybe) forgotten ladies: Wylla Manderly