so she can't see it

i met two girls at really random moments and i instantly loved them so much??  even though i’m away and i’ve only known each of them for abt 2 weeks i talk to them every day and i miss them. i literally talked for hours with them on the phone and we always say “i love u i miss u so much” before hanging up. i feel the entire time i was in australia i felt so alone and then i met these gals back-to-back right before i went on vacation and i feel so blessed. sometimes life comes at u fast and drops wonderful ppl at ur door so spontaneously !!! i feel so much more wholesome these days and im really in love with them !!!

at the same time i do feel i’ve drifted away from some of my very close friends and my best friend from a year ago and im kind of recognizing that the whole “best friend forever” concept is unrealistic?? i’ve had so many different “best friends” in my life who have positively impacted me but sometimes u just drift apart esp. if u move around. and i don’t think that’s a bad thing. i would still die for every best friend i’ve ever had even if we aren’t as close these days like my love for them is still so strong. it’s just i have room for new people too and i don’t hold anything against any of them for meeting new people themselves and making new “best friends.” like maybe they needed someone else to help them grow at whatever stage their life is in right now and i’m happy for them! i’m glad i could do my part in their life journey and maybe later we’ll get closer again or maybe we’ll drift a bit farther whom knows! but no hard feelings i love them still


Jung Mal Ran. Don’t rush me. The time’s getting near to tell you that I’m… Jang Eun Cheon. Just wait.. a little longer.

@thebootydiaries I did lil’ drawing of you ଘ(੭*ˊᵕˋ)੭*


in which Bellamy and Clarke don’t want to leave each other

it’s been close to two years since taylor swift kindly penned a handwritten list of eleven new music recommendations and concluded it with “the end (for now).” now she’s curated seventy songs she loves into a playlist for us to listen to on repeat. we truly love a gracious, supportive artist and thoughtful, generous woman.

i want to
  • take you to concerts you love to watch your face light up
  • give you the last of my food if you want it
  • watch your favourite movies with you - give me running commentary of all your favourite parts if you like
  • learn about your whole life, good and bad
  • play with your hair while you doze in my lap
  • get random texts from you about stupid things
  • see every cat picture you think is funny
  • feel my heart in my mouth the first time i hold your hand
  • dance with you (i’ll sit in a wheelchair with you in my lap if i have to) 
  • see you first thing in the morning with bed hair and old pjs
  • show you the stars and make up ridiculous constellations
  • make you blush with every compliment
  • make you soup when you’re sick and risk a cold with my shit immune system
  • make you sneeze your drink in laughter
  • watch you grow as a person
  • be the one you want to text in the middle of the night
  • make you snacks when you’re busy and forget to eat
  • one day get the chance to fuck up your lipstick

“Eclipse and Polaris are really solid. They’ve been together for many years. They’re not like a newly dating young couple, they are really a team.”


I tried drawing Juvia’s major appearances from memories. It’s not completely accurate but if I tried to look it up I would be there for hours, and I had only an hour before class. 


“The only thing I knew, is that you, Juliana Crain, are the only hope any of us had. You asked me if you were in the films - you are - you were. Over and over again. Sometimes I see you in the background somewhere, protest, a speech, a war zone, maybe. Someplace that mattered. I started knowing where to look. You could never stay out of it. Some of the people you knew, I started seeing them, too. Revolving around you like an atom. But they would change, different behavior, different relationships, different points of view shaped by their lives. But you were always you, you and your unnatural consistent mind. I got to know a woman who would bet on the best in us, who bet on people, no matter what the world said about who they were, who they should be. That woman would do anything to save a sick boy - a Nazi boy, even, because she would believe he deserved the chance, as slim as it might be, to live a valuable life. And I knew that was the key. The only way to make sure that your sister’s father wouldn’t prevent that boy’s father from stopping a war. Dixon died in an alley so that son-of-a-bitch Smith could live. But - San Francisco is still here! Millions of people will live because of the choice you made. The goodness in you, Juliana. One selfless act of love and hope… That’s what I put my money on.”


Ok so I couldn’t quite figure out why Kara was rejecting Kara Danvers because of her loss. I mean, all of her greatest losses have been as Kara Zor-El; her family, her friends, her planet, her culture, her people, Astra, even Kal’s childhood. Hell, even Mon-El wasn’t specific to KD, so why proclaim that KD was a mistake? Why try to distance herself from that side of her life? From Alex, J'onn, Lena, James, Winn, her job, her life.

And then I realised: the reason she’s trying to cut herself off from Kara Danvers and focus exclusively on Supergirl/Kara Zor-El, is because Kara Zor-El has nothing left to lose, but Kara Danvers has everything.