so she can punish you some more

PTA Sans time

I absolutely love this thing! I have noticed that some people are angry that the 3 main ‘villains’ are female and that they don’t get any character development for them. So how about this:

There is this new parent that joins the PTA and it is pretty clear pretty early that he is that completely ignorant type of person. He starts spewing some insensitive nonsense and Sans feels himself getting more tired because ‘Oh f*ck there’s another one’ and Hellen is silently nodding along.

At one point however he brings up something so stupid or ignorant (science being made up or bringing back corporal punishment, idk use your imagination) that even Hellen opens her mouth to protest.

Before she can utter a word though he turns to her slamming his fist on the table and yelling: “Shut up, WOMAN! You should know your place and keep your mouth SHUT!!!” The guy is a hothead and really aggressive (because what do you expect from a guy without respect for his fellowman) and actually tries to hit her. Sans quickly prevents it though and calmly ‘threatens’ that physically harming someone in public is largely illegal and he might get into some trouble if someone were to report him. 

Every other person there is absolutely horrified, Hellen feels honestly grateful and Sans is absolutely horrified that there are people that actually come this close to as evil as Chara was.

After the meeting Hellen, Linda, Diana and Sans just give each other this look and they go like:


“For now.”

And that is how the PTA truly came together for something, Sans and Hellen started watching each others backs and both teachers and students started looking up to check for flying pigs.

And so to little Dorothy (Dori), school time became the best time and her father Mortimer’s time at it  b e c a m e  a  l i v i n g  h e l l .

(Sans doesn’t have to be friends with them afterwards, but now you have an excuse for them to interact and get to know each other.)

hello everyone im annie and im playing my absolute fave (right behind the glorious kol mikaelson), miss davina claire. im always open for plotting, espesually with characters who davina hasn’t espesually interacted with on screen because I love coming up with headcanons and connections. So below is a bit about what she’s been up to for the past 15 years:

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I can’t believe how sexist this is. As a fandom and as a society, we have gotten to the point where a woman cannot be successful without sleeping her way to fame. I’m so disgusted at this message, and a woman should not be punished for her success just because some people who are jealous that she gets a fucking magazine cover before her boyfriend. Are you kidding me right now? But if he got the cover, these messages wouldn’t appear, and that disgusts me even more. How come a man can be successful without fucking his way into Hollywood, but a woman can’t?