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Take It or Leave It - Part 2


Anyway, that aside, thank you so much for your incredible reaction to the first part and I hope that you really like this part!

And without further ado, let’s get into the second part! 

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“Stark, what the hell was that?!” Steve asked the second you were out of ear shot.

“Language.” Clint muttered but he went ignored

Sam snorted. “She’s like Sherlock and Dr Watson all in one.” 

“No. She’s Y/N. You can’t compare her to anyone else trust me.” Tony replied, completely unfazed by Steve’s outburst.

“She just came up here with convenient perfect timing, happened to bring Chinese with all of our favourites that we didn’t even know and can read people better than Romanoff and Buck? And you say she’s a lawyer?” Steve crossed his arms and took a few steps back. 

“It’s not my story to tell but for the record, she’s justified.” Tony was quick to defend you after years of loyalty.

Steve rolled his eyes. “Oh of course. Because you know all about ‘Bunny’, don’t you? And justified? She speaks 9 languages fluently, and is highly trained in Ballet, Gymnastics and Martial arts!” 

Bucky and Natasha shared an uneasy look. 

“For God’s sake, Rogers! What is your problem with the girl? She knew this case had a less than fifty percent chance of winning it yet here she is, ready to bust her ass to make sure your asses don’t end up in a maximum security prison that makes The Raft look like a five star hotel!” 

“We risk our lives constantly to help protect the world and now you’re telling us to put our trust in someone who is trained well enough to be one of us when we don’t even know her!” 

The tension in the room was thick and everyone was tense and ready to pounce the minute things headed south.

Tony stood up, slamming his glass on the table. “That’s exactly what I’m telling you to do! You can’t get yourself out of this mess on your own, admit it! You don’t know jack shit about the law whereas she knows it inside and out, back to front! The reason she’s speaks so many languages is because she enjoys being able to communicate with people in their own language! 

“But Latin, Tony! Who the hells speaks Latin nowadays?”  Steve threw his arms out in exasperation.

“I do.” Natasha piped up.

Bucky smirked. “So do I. And the population of the Vatican City does.”

“Well unless she represents the Pope it means nothing, Buck!”

Tony grinned. “Well, she doesn’t represent him but she does have his number.” 

“How the hell does she have the Pope’s number?” Sam butted in looking completely confused.

“Like I said, Pigeon; it’s Y/N.” 

“I don’t trust her in any way, shape or form.” Steve steered the derailed conversation back on track. 

“Captain Rogers. You don’t necessarily have to trust her, only her abilities.” Vision spoke for the first time since you had originally arrived. 

Steve took a look at everyone’s faces before storming out the room. 

… … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … 

You woke up the next morning to papers strewn all across the duvet and you laptop tilted to the side, precariously balancing on your thigh. Groaning and sitting upright, you began mentally preparing yourself for the the day. Today was the day the team was going to have to fill out the paperwork to officially take you on as their attorney and you were going to have to deal with trying to get Steve to sign two documents, since he was the leader of the Avengers as well. 

The Avengers were a private organisation that therefore required even more paperwork to sign them on as your client. Jesus, you might just die today. 

First things first, breakfast. You silently set about your routine. You whipped your hair up into a bun quickly before applying a natural makeup look, every colour in the nudes apart from a rose tinted lipstick. You shook your hair out  and gently brushed it through; your hair was something you loved about yourself and took great pride in and hence you were very careful when you lightly curled it for the day. Opening the wardrobe, you took out a shirt and skirt that you had unpacked last night from your bag. Sliding into heels you set about gathering up your sheets and organising them into folders, snatching up the laptop and giving yourself a once over. 

Yep, you looked ready to take on whatever the day threw at you. 

You take that back. 

Upon entering the kitchen, you decided that you were going to need a raise. Clint was sat on top of the fridge watching the mayhem unravel with a smile. Natasha and Wanda were sat quietly to one side, Wanda showing Natasha something on her phone. Vision was sort of just hovering by them confused. Peter, Tony, Sam and Scott were in the midst of a very intense food fight. Steve was sat on the sofa to one side drawing, judging by his hand motions. Bruce wasn’t present yet. Rhodey was sat on one of the chairs to the side trying to stop the four but not really putting in effort and T’Challa was finishing up on a phone call before he came to stand by you.

You whistled but to no effect. “I believe the Colonel has already tried that and failed.” The King had traces of humour in his voice. “They remind me of the animals we have back home in Wakanda.”

You smiled at the man. “Wakanda must be stunning, your majesty.” 

“Please, Miss L/N, there is no need for titles; you are doing my friends and myself a monumentus deed.” 

“In that case, I must ask you to call me Y/N.” 

T’Challa smiled at you before giving a brief polite nod. “I’m sure you need to speak to them, yes?”

You nodded in confirmation.

“Then I must suggest that you endeavour to find a way to get them to stop and then listen.” 

You grinned. “I have a way. But no one’s going to like it.” 

“And why is that?” 

“Because it involves the knife attached to your right ankle.” 

T’Challa shook his head quietly but nether the less, bent down and retrieved the knife for you. “I must request that you don’t hurt anyone, Y/N.”

“Who said anything about hurting anyone?” You smirked before you spoke. 

The knife had barely been in your hand before you threw it in a dead straight line to the other end of the kitchen, cutting through the food fight and burying itself with a loud thud in the cupboard door, next to the fridge. The room went silent in shock, no one moved until their heads turned to you.

“Excuse me!?” Tony shrieked.

“Get over it, Tony; both myself and Colonel Rhodes had tried to get you to stop but nobody listened.” You replied, completely calm with your game face on. “Now here’s what’s going to happen. You four, are going to clean up your mess; Miss Maximoff and Miss Romanoff, you’re both going to go and get dressed; Colonel Rhodes if you could go and get Dr Banner it would be appreciated; Captain Rogers, it would be muchly appreciated if you could go and get Sergeant Barnes for us.” 

“No need, Sugar, I’m right here.” Bucky winked at you as he walked in.

“Good morning, Sergeant Barnes.” You smiled politely at the soldier. You quickly fixed you attention back to its previous focus. “Mr Barton please get down from the fridge and pass me the knife back. And Mr Vision please can you help me in the kitchen once the boys are done cleaning up?”

Vision inclined his head. “Of course.”

“Thank you.” 


"Tony.” You replied in the same type of voice.

Tony sighed dramatically before starting to tidy up and everyone jolted into action, following your instructions.

As soon as they had cleaned the counters, you immediately swooped in and began going around the kitchen. 

“Mr Vision, where do you keep your bowls and utensils?” You asked as you opened cupboards at random. 

“The culinary utensils are in the second draw to your left whilst the bowls are in the bottom cupboard to your right, Miss L/N." 

"Please, just call me Y/N.” You smiled as you glanced at him before taking the eggs and milk from the fridge. 

“And in return I ask that you just call me Vision." 

Grinning, you asked him. "Vision, where do you keep the flour and sugar?”
He once again guided you to what you were looking for.

Before long there were pancakes and waffles cooking away, whilst others were stacked up on plates and cut fruit was in bowls, courtesy of Vision. You were wielding a spatula and kept whacking anyone’s hands that tried to steal any. Moving gracefully around the kitchen, you laid the table and made everybody sit down before laying the food that you had made in the middle of the table as Vision followed with the fruit.

“Do you make breakfast for all your clients then?” Clint asked as everyone dug into the food.

“I don’t normally stay with clients, Mr Barton; it’s that I’ve been working for Tony  a long time and he now insists that I stay with him when I do. And from what I’ve heard none of you can really cook with the exception of a few.” You ate a mouthful of fruit.

“That’s right, Legolas. Bunny’s here enough when she’s doing things for me that I gave her a room about 7 years ago.” Tony piped in, drowning his waffles in syrup.

“Which reminds me…” You trailed off as you pushed your chair back and got up before grabbing the files you had brought with you. “You’re not going to like this but I’ve got paperwork for you. It’s only a bunch of signatures and basic information.” 

Groans met your admission.

“So that’s why you made us breakfast!” Peter exclaimed.

You nodded sarcastically. “Well done, Mr Parker. If you want something from someone you have to give them something in return.”

Sam snorted into his coffee as you handed out the folders.

“We’re going to need pens, Miss L/N.” Steve spoke directly to you for the second time since you arrived.

“Who would have known America’s golden boy had sass in him? There are pens in each of the folders if you open them.” Today was so not going as planned and you hadn’t even gone through breakfast yet. “And I’d step to it, Captain Rogers, because you have twice as much than everyone else.”

“And why is that?” 

You pouted dramatically at the man.

“I thought you were in charge of the Avengers and that means you have to do all the corporate paperwork as well. And I’m going to have to file it all today so I can get your case going.”

An hour later you were walking out of The Avengers Tower to hail a cab heading for the law firm Hughes and Wood for a day of paperwork.

… … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … 


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Written Secrets

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A/N: Hi, my birthday is the 1st and that is very close and I’m excited. thank you. 

Summary: Bucky had naughty dreams about reader and he writes them down. Big mistake Buckaroo. Totally inspired by @bucky-sempai ‘s anon ask. 

Bucky had his secrets, quite a few of them actually. And that was common knowledge to anyone who knew him. What they didn’t know was when Steve brought him and his little journals to the compound, the things he wrote to the journal changed drastically. For Bucky’s defence, he did have different journals for different things he had remembered; he had a journal for memories he had stumbled upon and a journals for the dreams he had. After living in the compound a for a long time and developing a good friendship with Agent Y/N, Bucky found himself writing down his fantasies about her. It was like his safe place, a safe place he could write down inappropriate things in peace.

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Title: Teenage Rebellion
Fandom: Stranger Things
Characters: Jonathan Byers x Reader
Reader Gender: Female
Word Count: 1,355
Warnings: Some swearing, mentions of bullying
Notes: Based on a request from an anon for “Could you do a Jonathan Byers fic with the prompt ‘I always hide in this one stairwell whenever I’m having a mental breakdown / existential crisis / etc but today when I came here you were already there’ Thank you!”

Originally posted by therealspideyman

Jonathan Byers had grown very accustomed to people whispering about him, often pointing and giggling amongst themselves as they did so. Because of this, it didn’t bother him when a few of his peers began gossiping about him – until he heard his mother’s and brother’s names come up.

“I still don’t think that Will Byers ever really went missing. That freak show of a family probably just wanted to land some paid interviews or something.”

I think the mom is a bit of a schizo. She probably just had a psychotic break and made the whole thing up.”

Jonathan could hear the teacher yelling after him as he left the room. He knew that if he had to sit there and listen to those idiots for another second, he’d have ended up getting suspended. The teachers would undoubtedly be looking for him, so he went to the one place he knew they’d never check.

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Scary Movie Night (Mike Wheeler x Reader)

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Request:  Oml boo yes to stranger things! Could I request a Mike X Reader where the reader is a friend of Nancys and mike has a crush on her and she thinks it’s adorable and asks him out or something and completely shocks everyone? Sorry if it’s too much!

Author Note: My first Stranger Things story! I’m excited! Alright feedback is appreciated and Anonymous I hope this is good enough!

(Y/n) pulled her scarf a little tighter as she stepped out of her car. The October air easily chilling her and causing her to shudder. Her cheeks were already tinting red as she made her way to the front door of the Wheeler’s home.

(Y/n) (L/n) is a good friend of Nancy Wheeler. She’s only a year younger then her and was easily known as the sweetest girl in Hawkins. The two had met when she chose to take Chemistry unlike other people her age. The two hit it off almost immediately considering they both carried more about their grades then guys. Atleast that was true at the time…

Anyways the young girl was at the Wheeler residence for one reason. Earlier that week the two discussed a horror movie marathon. They both agreed on a day, so here (Y/n) was with a bag full of VHS tapes.

She nervously rapped on the door. The leaves on the trees rustling as another gust of wind picked up sending goosebumps across her skin. “Nancy!” She called out praying the girl wouldn’t take too long to open the door. She truly wished she had brought a jacket now that she was out an about.

Light shone across the yard as the front door swung open. (Y/n) could hear the drone of tbe television in the background and feel the warmth seeping out the door. “Look (Y/n)-”

(Y/n) darted into the house making Nancy roll her eyes at the young girl’s antics. She shut the door and turned around noticing that (Y/n) was shivering slightly. The young girl smiled sheepishly as she rubbed her arms to return some warmth. “Sorry Nancy… It was just really cold…”

Nancy smiled slightly leading (Y/n) to the couch. She shuddered slightly considering (Y/n)’s skin was ice cold. “It’s alright… But didn’t you get my message?”

(Y/n) plopped down on the couch nearly sighing at the warmth the couch provided. Her eyes scanning the room for a moment before realizing what Nancy asked. “Message?” Her eyebrows furrowed as she frowned slightly. “What message?”

Nancy laughed sitting beside (Y/n). “I called your house and told your mother we would probably have to change movie night. Mike brought his friends over so I have to babysit.”

As if on cue the sound of several feet came from the basement stairs. (Y/n) looked over just in time to see the group practically stumble out the basement door.

“Dude that was so awesome! Will I can’t believe you rolled a fourteen again!” Dustin.

“I can’t believe Mike tried to trick us again!” Lucas.

“He almost got us though!” Will.

“It was a great campaign though guys! We finished before we hit ten hours!” Mike.

Heat rose to (Y/n)’s cheeks as the dark haired boy smiled at his friends. They all vanished into the kitchen making the oldest Wheeler sigh.

“They just won’t go to bed… So we can’t watch any good scary movies…” (Y/n) chuckled slightly catching Nancy off guard.

“Don’t worry Nancy I brought a bunch of VHS tapes I’m sure we can find one that isn’t too scary,” She stated moving to the floor. She dumped the contents of her bag out and several tapes scattered across the floor.

The scuffle in the kitchen grew quiet as the two girls sat on the floor searching through the tapes. (Y/n) was to busy looking through each tape to notice the group of boys nervously peeking into the living room. Nancy noticed though and rolled her eyes slightly noticing Mike’s eyes on her friend.

The group quickly ducked back into the kitchen. Mike’s cheeks burning in embarrassment considering his sister saw. “What do you think they’re up to?”

Lucas rolled his eyes and opened a pizza box. “Who cares Mike. It’s probably something girly.” Lucas stated grabbing a slice of pizza from the box.

Dustin grabbed a slice as well and took a bite out of it. “I think this was supposed to be a scary movie night,” Dustin chimed in. The group studied him curiously making him shrug. “She argued with your mom about some scary movie night. I think they were gonna watch some rated R stuff.”

Will shifted nervously now eyeing the living room. “You don’t think Mrs. Wheeler would let them watch that stuff with us here…. Right?”

Mike shook his head. “No Mom wouldn’t. I guess (Y/n) came over anyways.”

Meanwhile Nancy and (Y/n) were still trying to find a good movie that wasn’t considered too scary. (Y/n) ran her thumb across one tape that her parents suggested they bring. (“In case Mike wants to join in.”) “Hey Nancy what about this one?” She asked showing the title to her.

Nancy chuckled slightly taking the tape from (Y/n). “God you really want to watch this?” She teased. “It’ll just attract the dorks.”

(Y/n) blushed slightly and smiled sheepishly. “Come on it’s a good movie!” She took the tape back. She bit her lip as butterflies finally took flight in her stomach. Their wings grazing against her sides as they fluttered about. “Besides it won’t hurt to have them watch it.”

(Y/n) stood up as Nancy let out a laugh. “Seriously (Y/n)?” When the girl nodded the oldest wheeler sighed. “Alright alright but bring me a slice of pizza while your at it.”

(Y/n) chuckled slightly. “Alright I’ll be back.” Her footsteps were silent as she made the way to the kitchen. She was humming quietly and was nearly in the doorway when she began to hear the boys’ conversation. 

“Mike I can’t believe you still have a crush on (Y/n)!” Lucas’s voice made the girl freeze. Her eyes widened slightly as she leaned against the wall. Her thoughts already spiraling in confusion. That didn’t seem right… (Y/n) had come to terms long ago that Mike wouldn’t ever like her. So why was the universe out to harm her more?

“What are you talking about?” Mike’s voice seemed to echo in the hall as (Y/n) took a few hesitant steps forward. Her heart was hammering against her rib cage as she pressed herself against the wall. She knew eavesdropping was wrong, but she couldn’t help. Her mind was practically numb as if she was programmed to act this way.

“Aww come on Mike it’s obvious!” Will’s voice was muffled as if his mouth was full. She could hear the other boys snicker as a sigh escaped Mike. (Y/n)’s face was burning as an uneasy feeling bubbled in her chest.

“Okay So I do, but she’ll never like me back. We all know that.” (Y/n)’s knuckles turned white as her grip on the tape tightened. She swore her legs were quivering, but she wasn’t sure why.

“Yea… Sorry Mike….”

(Y/n) peeked her head in catching the whole group off guard. “Hey guys.” (Y/n) mentally cursed as her voice rose nervously. The group of boys jumped a look of panic crossing their faces.

“Hey (Y/n) um what’s up?” Mike asked nervously. His eyes flickering towards the others as if they knew if she heard his confession or not. 

There was electricity coursing through the air as the two studied the other for a moment. The other boys glanced amongst each other noticing the odd shift in the air. (Y/n) quickly shook her head a nervous grin breaking out on her face.

“Well me and Nancy are about to watch Ghostbusters… Do you guys wanna join us?” She asked cautiously. Her cheeks burned with embarrassment as her eyes fell to the ground.

“That sounds fun! Right guys?” Mike turned to the others who all grinned slightly. 

“Yea it sounds fun,” Will said quietly.

“Awesome I call dibs on popcorn!” Dustin stated already searching the cabinets for a popcorn bag.

Lucas shrugged a small smile forming on his face. “Yea… Thanks.”

(Y/n) grinned trying to ignore the fact that she was now overwhelmed with butterflies. “Cool!” The young girl turned to leave but stopped. Her heart was hammering so hard (Y/n) thought for a moment it was trying to escape. She turned around a pinkish hue spreading across her cheeks.  “Hey Mike… How about tomorrow me and you hit up the arcade?”

The shock seemed to electrify the air. The other boys were practically gaping at (Y/n). Mike’s face was slowly becoming crimson as he eyed her curiously. “A-as in a date?” He asked cautiously. he couldn’t be taking this right. (Y/n) would never ask him out on a date…

(Y/n) bit her bottom lip nervously as her eyes flickered to the floor. “Well yea what else would I mean?” 

Mike’s whole face was red now and it reached to the tip of his ears. “O-Of course! I mean um that sounds g-great,” Mike was a stuttering mess. The others were now frozen in shock.

(Y/n) chuckled a big grin spreading across her face. “Great!” With that the older girl vanished from the kitchen leaving the group to think over what just happened. It took a few moments but once they all got a hold of themselves Dustin was the first to speak.

“Mike… Teach me your ways.”

Niall Smut// One and Only

onedirection6 asked: Could you do a Niall imagine where you are staying at his parents’ house with your child but Maura offers to look after her for the night and things get a bit cheeky between the two of you and then the next morning they are all teasing you about it xx


“Thank you for having us over for the weekend, Maura,” you smiled. “We, especially Jessie, were so excited to come over. Niall was really missing his family, and Jessie loves it here. I wouldn’t be surprised if she picks up an Irish accent when she begins talking.”

Jessie was barely six months old, but she knew when she was her grandparents’ house. She loved them to pieces.

“Probably because we spoil her rotten, but I can’t help it,” Maura cooed, “She’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.”

To you and Niall, Jessie was the cutest and the best thing to ever happen to you both. At the same time, nothing was the same after her birth. Your schedules seemed to become more hectic, and when you were home together, you were both exhausted and taking care of Jessie.

“I love Jessie, but I don’t even remember the last time Niall and I had some alone time,” you admitted. “I don’t even remember the last time we had a night that wasn’t diaper or worked filled. I really miss our time together, y’know?”

“I know what you mean, but you both seem to be handling it well. But you know you always have me and Bobby, Greg and Denise. You know we can always take care of Jess,” she reminded you. “Besides, if I can take care of Niall, who wasn’t even potty trained until he was almost four,” she laughed.

“Haha, mum,” Niall half-heartedly chuckled. You laughed yourself as Niall sat down in the seat next to you. “I didn’t see the need to use the bathroom if a diaper did all the work, but you won’t think that will you?” Niall asked, talking to Jessie. “She literally just took the biggest shit I’ve ever seen.”

“Well she seems to be very good at that,” you chuckled. The moment you said that Jessie’s face began to get hot and her face began to pucker. She started to wail and flare her arms while in Niall’s arms. 

“Oh, what’s wrong, Jess?” Niall asked. “Y/N, when was the last time you fed her?”

“It was half an hour ago, she can’t be hungry already. Sometimes she has gas after being changed,” you told him.

“I know, and I made sure she was all out of gas before we came downstairs. Maybe she’s too hot,” Niall said, taking off her little jacket and placing it on the table. “It that better?” Jessie only cried louder in Niall’s arms in response. “Okay, maybe your mum should hold you for awhile.”

He handed Jessie to you. You held her to your chest and rocked her in your arms, but her cries did not stop.

“Are you sure that you fed her?” 

“Yes, Niall, I remember a person sucking on my nipple.”

“Yeah, but is she receiving anything?”

“Niall, why don’t you try and feed her from your breast and tell me how it goes,” 

“Let me see her,” Maura finally said, reaching out her arms across the table. You handed Jessie to her grandmother. Maura took off Jessie’s shoes and socks and cradled her so she had access to her own toes. She slowed her crying as she began to play with the digits on her feet. You and Niall said there relieved and amazed.

“She just needed a little distraction. Babies her age just need distractions,” she smiled. “But I know you guys are staying here tonight, and Bobby is going to be home soon, so don’t you guys go upstairs for the night and relax. Jess can stay in our room tonight.”

“Oh, mum, you don’t have to–”

“No, I want to. Just get some rest and enjoy each other’s company. We’ve got her,” she told you both. “And your brother and Denise are coming in the morning so we can go to the fair in town tomorrow with Theo.”

You nodded and thanked her. You both kissed Jessie good night before retreating upstairs to Niall’s old room. Nothing about it had changed that much. They upgraded the bed so you both could stay in there. Niall bought himself a TV to put in his own room when was 18 so he could watch it when he came to visit.

“Maybe we can finally relax, watch a movie,” you suggested as you slid off your shoes and fell onto the bed. “I left a couple of bottles for Jessie in the fridge, so we can have a beer and some popcorn.”

Niall smiled and passed you a remote, “You find a movie and I’ll get the stuff.” 

The end credits of the movie rolled as you adjusted your position on the bed. Your head laid on his bare chest, and you held the popcorn bowl in your hands. 

“Y’know, right now, one of us would have been coming home from work probably exhausted. Jessie would have worn one of us out and would be asleep,” Niall said, playing with the loose hairs that didn’t make it to your ponytail. “We would sleep peacefully until Jessie would start crying for a reason beyond me, and we would wake up again.”

“And then I would wake up even though I would tell you that it was your turn,” you chuckled. 

“Okay, okay, but I was thinking if you didn’t have anything to do tonight, maybe you might want to do me,” Niall mumbled under his breath, his hand running over your exposed thigh. 

“Niall, your parents are down the hall with our daughter. We’re in your old room; it’s just weird,” you chuckled, placing your hand your his and sitting up.

“Come on,” he groaned, pulling you closer to him. Your face was close enough to his for your noses to touch yours. “If it makes you feel any better, my parents are heavy sleepers down the hall. They’ll wake up if Jess cries, but they can’t hear us. I promise you.”

Your lips touched his softly before removing them, “Can you tell me something first?” He quickly nodded. “How many girls have you had in this room?”

“How many girls have I had sex with in this room or have been up here?” he asked for clarity.

“How many girls have you had sex with in your room?” you clarified, running your hand down his chest. 

“Hm, I think — no, I know that you would be the first and only girl that I’ve fucked in this room, babe. ” he assured. He attached his lips to your neck, kissing and sucking below your ear. You let out a soft groan and sighed. He pulled you closer. Your bare leg rubbed against his, closing the gap completely between you two. “Oh, I’m sorry; you never said if you still wanted to—”

You cut him off by placing your lips on his firmly. It didn’t take at all for Niall to fully respond. He used his right hand to hitch your leg over his hip before turning you over. He rubbed your thigh tenderly. Your hand traveled and played with the small brown hairs on the back of his neck. Your hand moved from the nape of his neck to jawline where he hadn’t shaved in a couple weeks, but you never minded.

“We’ll keep quiet, okay?” you told him, removing your own top for him. 

He placed both of his hands on your breast, gently squeezing them, “You’re telling me like I’m usually the issue,” he challenged. “Where were we when our hotel neighbors called the front desk for a noise complaint? New York, wasn’t it?”

You smirked, “I don’t recall. Do you mind reminding me?” 

He licked his lips before taking your right breast into his mouth, his tongue flicking over your nipple while his other hand showed attention to the other. He repeated his motions but switched while you were complete bliss. Your nipples were still not as sensitive as they were before your pregnancy, but Niall still got you there. 

He moved on to kiss down your stomach making you a little self-conscious about the baby weight that he hadn’t fully lost. 

“Ni, stop,” you half-hearty laughed. 

“Why you used to love this, baby,” he reminded you before he sighed, “Is this because you haven’t fully lost the baby weight?” You nodded slowly. He titled his head as his blue eyes met yours. “Hm, don’t you do that, Y/N. You still are and look amazing. You carried my, our child, and you care for her now. You’ve never been sexier to me,” he smirked, kissing your stomach again. “Plus, a little more for cushion for the pushin’ always helps, and I thought your tits were nice before but now…” he chuckled, his hand gripping your thighs.

You chuckled, throwing a pillow at him. Niall stood up and caught the pillow before it came into contact with his face. You both laughed. You sat up and wrapped your arms around his neck. 

“I love you so much, Niall,’ you whispered, caressing his face and neck, “Now, take your pants off.” He was quick to remove his sweatpants, leaving him in his underwear. You could slightly see his bulge in his sweats, but now it was obvious. You bit your lip, “I don’t want to wait; I want your cock right here, right now,” you mumbled in his ear before kissing behind his ear. You removed his boxers for him and threw them to the side as you kissed and sucked down his neck. You gripped his cock, giving it a couple of pumps causing him to groan. “Now I want you to sit back and relax, baby,” you told him, leading him back onto the bed.

“Yes, ma’am,” he rasped, sitting up against the pillows of the bed.

You crawled over and placed your self on his lap. You aggressively placed your lips on his before sinking on his member. He moaned against your lips as he slowly began rocking his hips against yours. You bit his shoulder to avoid moaning too loud. Even though Niall told you it was okay, you didn’t want to risk it.

“Shit, Y/N, you feel so god damn good,” Niall chanted, pulling your hips down against his. 

You circled his hips causing him to hit your G-spot repeatedly. A small shriek left your lips in response. You wanted to cry out; you wanted to yell and tell Niall how good he was making you feel. Your spine was tingling. You couldn’t help but yourself.

“Niall, oh my god; fuck me harder, please. I need you,” you cried out before he covered your mouth. Your cheeks became red in embarrassment out of your lack of self-control. 

“Do I have to gag you, baby,” he chuckled, “or do I just have to cover your mouth since you can’t control yourself? You hid your face in his chest after shaking your head. He slightly lifted you up and placed you on your back. Your head was close to the edge of the bed. “Good cause I still want to hear you but only you though.”

He thrusted into you again but you contained your moan before he could let it out. He leaned down and kissed the top of your breast, keeping his eyes on yours. You ran your fingers through his brown hair, tugging at them. He groaned against your breast before focusing back on you again.

“Ni, I’m so close,” you breathed out. 

“Me too, baby. Cum for me,” he demanded as he quickened his thrusts. He used his index finger to rub against your cilt, bringing you closer to your orgasm. You stifled your short gasps and cries by covering your mouth against Niall’s chest. Your inevitable orgasm finally came over you as did Niall’s. He found himself covering his our moans against your shoulder as you both reached your climaxes. 

The only noise left in the room was heavy breathing. You both just laid there, your arms wrapped around his neck. 

“I don’t think we should stay here like this,” you mentioned. “Who knows who will come in our room in the morning.”

He nodded, running his hand through his hair before kissing your cheek, “I mean it differently wouldn’t be a sight for sore eyes, if you ask me,” he smiled, rolling off of you. You laughed before picking up your top from off the floor and throwing it on. 

You turned to Niall who was putting back on his underwear and pants. His hair was disheveled, a little bit of sweat laid on his forehead, and you could see the red bit marks you left on his shoulder and the slightly purple marks on your neck 

“It hurts like hell,” Niall mentioned, rubbing his shoulder. “My neck, not so much.”

“Oh, I’m sorry, Ni,” you cooed, approaching him. You kissed his shoulder hoping he would forgive you. “Maybe no one will notice.”

“I don’t care if they do,” he told you. “Let’s just go to bed because I’m sure Jess will be looking for her mom in the morning.”

The sound of Jess crying woke up Niall’s parents who eventually woke you both up after giving her a bottle. You and Niall made your way down stairs to greet his parents, Greg, Denise, and Jess. 

You sat down with Denise and Jess, striking up a conversation and spending some time with your daughter. You learned that Theo was watching some TV in the living room while eating breakfast. You saw Niall begin a conversation with his brother.

“So, late night?” Greg asked Niall as he poured a cup of coffee. 

“I mean, we watch a movie last night but–”

“You tell me what you want, but you’re acting like I can’t see the obvious hickeys on my litter brother’s neck,” he snickered. 

Niall laughed and nodded, “Yeah, I do.” 

You over heard Niall and Greg’s conversation and subconsciously over the left side of your neck. Denise over-heard too, and only laughed at you, “So already working on baby number two in his old room?” she asked. 

Before you could come to own defense, Maura step in. “I knew I heard something last night, but Bobby said I was hearing things.”

“To be fair honey, I thought it was their TV,” Bobby responded. 

“Okay, but Niall, when I said you guys could have some alone time, I didn’t mean go to your room and fondle each other like teenagers.”

“I think they did more than fondling,” Greg added. “Y/N did quite the number on ya.”

“No, I think Niall did a major one, but I’m sure he did some we can’t see,” Denise mentioned, whispering the last part to only you.

You and Niall both were blushing pretty hard now, but you both were smiling. Niall kissed the side of your head before wrapping his arms around of you from behind. 

“Ignore them,” Niall told you. “They can’t seem to mind their own business.”

“I mean if you’re doing all your business all over the place,” Maura mentioned.

“I’m sorry, Maura, but your son is kinda a tease,” you chuckled. 

Everyone chuckled and continued their meals. Niall eventually sat down next you, his arm over the back of your chair. You were cleaning up Jess who had slightly spit up on yourself before Niall whispered in your ear, “If I’m such a tease, why don’t you meet me in the shower?”

You bit your lip, still assisting your daughter, “Will I still be the one and only?”

“The one and only.”

Of All The Phenomenon’s In The World.

Ragnarssons x Modern!Reader.

I blame FOB for my title length.

This is basically Vikings meets modern times with a little bit of the avengers thrown in. I don’t know what I’m doing with my life and I can’t even apologize for it.

I blame @cryogenik @kirah34 @dani-si​ for this. It’ll get to the fun stuff soon. don’t worry. I plan on there being lots of exploration if yOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN.

mostly @cryogenik​. mostly.

warnings: cursing. i think that’s it.

“I’m sorry, ma’am, but I’m afraid I can’t do that for you.” Flew between your lips for probably the thousandth time in a single hour, the dark circles under your eyes more prominent than when you forced yourself out of bed this morning.

Gladly enough, as your eyes rolled furthering into the back of your skull with each passing moment, you didn’t have a face to match the ungodly voice grinding through the phone, “Well, find me someone who can.”

Whoever was listening up above give you patience, because if you had strength, you might actually burn the entire building to the ground. Curling your hand into a fist, you slowly motioned punching the sleek black receiver on your desk as a punctuation to each word. “Again, he is in a meeting at the moment, and cannot come to the phone. I am not allowed to give out anymore information than that.”

There was a moment of silence, one that seemed blissful and sweet, but did not last long enough. “So, I can call back later then and he’ll be available?”

Your hands met in front of your face, palms together in a praying motion, and you almost hissed: “Yes.”

“Okay then, I’ll just call back later, I guess,” She sneered, and you silently gagged. “It would of been nice had you suggested it earlier instead of wasting my time, you know.”

The dial tone followed and for a moment you simply sat, legs spread improperly wide, forearms supporting yourself against the cold desk, and eyes unfocused on your CEO’s door. Several muted gestures flew from your hands at the phone, ripping your bluetooth off and chucking it in the trash can, and you began a slow breathing method.

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anonymous asked:

Could you write something about Kevin? But nothing out of character (fluff etc.) So something creepy/feel pf being threatened but kinda romantic. (...Sounds so weird...) I Don't mind some smut btw:P

Notes: This is really long, and probably one of my best ones.

Warnings: Smut is slightly forced.

Your science teacher has assigned a project for the class to do, everyone got partners. Unfortunately you got the quiet kid, Kevin, who sits on the left side of the room. But you would admit, he’s got quite the face. You were the one who made the effort to set up a date when you could come over to work on it. This Saturday, 1:00pm to 7:00pm.

11:00am rolled around and you were getting ready. Your outfit consisted of a black skirt that reached mid-thigh, a white sweater (cozy), black thigh highs, and white converse. Hell, you looked cute. Your flowing hair was did up in a bun with a flower pin in it. You were so ready.

Time came and you drove to his house. His house huge, made out of stone, and was quite frankly, an aesthetic. You exited your mom’s Toyota Highlander, checking yourself for one more time in the mirror before walking up to his front door. You could hear some clamoring stop immediately when you knocked on the door.

An older woman, in her early 50s, opens the door. Her brown hair is short, fringed, and mussed up. She has a sharply defined face, skinny and lanky body, and giant, doll eyes.

“Kevin didn’t tell me his partner was a girl.” Her eyebrows raised. Her voice quite monotonous and she wore a tired, worn expression as if she hasn’t slept. You smiled, a little flustered for some reason. You held your hand out to greet her. Her grip was soft, her hand cold yet inviting.

“I’m Y/N.” You give the woman a friendly smile. “I’m Kevin’s mom.” She opened the door a little, inviting you in. “Thank you.” You replied out of instinct. The inside of their house was just as beautiful, light and warm colours. She brought you into the kitchen, where you could see the living room. White couch, behind it sat three grey sofas and black and white photos of Kevin and what you’re assuming to be his sister.

“I have to run some errands, I’ll be back by 4:00.” Kevin’s mom tells you. Why? No clue. “Kevin! Celia! I’m leaving!” She calls out, which is followed by a loud pitter patter of footsteps.

“Bye, mommy!” A blonde girl, about 8, runs up and hugs her. She turns to look at you, in which you discover an eyepatch on her head. “Hello.” You greet her, waving at her in a welcoming tone. She smiles at you, a little bashful. “Hi..” You sat on a kitchen stool, admiring this cute interaction, tracing circles into the skirt fabric.

Something catches attention out of your peripheral. You look upwards, at the balcony, to find Kevin staring at his mother, then at you. He wasn’t making eye contact, but he was looking at you. His high cheekbone highlighted by the ceiling light above him. “Hey.” You stand up. He’s wearing a plain white tee, which shows off his midriff. He walks down the stairs, keeping his eyes on you the entire time. ‘God, he’s strange’.

“Hello, Y/N. You’re here,” Kevin slows down when he reaches the kitchen counter that you sat at. “On time.” He spoke with that familiar smirk tugging on his lips. “Let’s go to my room. Work on that project.” There was an odd pause before project, weird. “Yeah, that’s why I’m here.” You tried to lighten the mood by trying soft humour, but he glanced at you, before walking up the stairs.

You both were sitting on the floor of his room, figuring how to make the poster. You were sitting criss-cross, which wasn’t proper skirt etiquette, but he was sitting next to you, so he couldn’t see anything. “I have neat handwriting so I can bubble letter the title.” You suggest, grabbing a red marker from next to you. “You want to colour them?” You lie down on your stomach to write better. He raises his eyebrows, “Sure.”

As you finished the first word, you felt a light brush on the back of your upper thigh. It made you shutter. It was his hand, grabbing a black marker. This strange embrace on your leg gave you goosebumps. It felt so wrong, but so good. Your eyes fluttered over at him, unsure, his eyes already staring at you. Brown eyes were common, but not his. Even if for five seconds, the intensity in Kevin’s eyes intrigued you. His eyes, like ebony leather, which may match his distant attitude. Yet, they had me hypnotized. That smug look appeared back on his face before he coloured the words, kneeling on all fours.

The title said: “Impact Force of a Falling Object”. Kevin went to grab another marker, but as pulled his arm back to himself, he dropped it… right between your thighs, just underneath the hem of your skirt. He allowed himself to put his long fingers under the fabric, caressing your inner thigh. Almost immediately you let out a small gasp. “Kevin, we’re supposed to work on the project… C’mon now, stop.” Your voice was weak, shaky. “My bad.” He purred.

Kevin was still kneeling on all fours, filling in the word ‘falling’. He tossed the red marker he was using over, and it hit another marker, sending it rolling a foot away. He crawled over you and grabbed it. Before returning to his seat, he hovered over your back, still kneeling. Kevin placed a finger at the edge of your sock, delicately dragging it up to the hem of your skirt. “Kevin, what are you doing..?” Your face was turning a red tint, surprised from his gentle trace.

Your hormones were going crazy, an attractive male touching you in places only you have touched. You could feel yourself blush, the heat in your cheeks only getting hotter, your skin tingled at the slightest contact from him. “We shouldn’t be doing this…” You whisper yelled. You couldn’t bring yourself to look at him, mainly because you could feel his glare already piercing your soul.

His slender fingers creeping up your leg, under your skirt, then just  skimming across your panties, it was an odd sensation – his cool fingers pressing down on the warm damp spot on your crotch. The gentle trace of his digit then transitioned to him pulling your lace thong down. (Of course you were going to wear cute underwear at a cute boy’s house.) Carefully, you looked up at him. He was watching you through his thick eyelashes, head down towards your arse.

“K-Kevin,” You panted, right hand squeezing your marker. “Your sister is downsta-“He cut you off by sliding his index finger into you and kissing you. The kiss was slow and passionate. You were still face down on the wood, allowing him to fingerfuck you when his other hand came up around your waist, under your shirt, groping your breast.

You got up, him observing, with a slightly angered look. If he thinks you were going to leave, he’s wrong. You pulled your shirt off, unclasped your bra, throwing it across the room. He smirked again, and you felt hot. You rested your back onto the bed and he continued. As he fingered your, his thumb played with your clit. Your shaking arm grabbed his white pillow, then shoved it in your mouth to stop you from screaming his name.

As his right hand played with your pussy, his left hand pinched and twisted your nipples. He stopped for a quick second to pull his pants down, revealing a boner in his boxers. Kevin grabbed you by the knees, spreading you apart. He got between your thighs, taking his hard on and rubbing it against your wet lips. His hips bucked and thrusted on you, his hard girth pushing into your clit. His breathing got loud as your knees started shaking, he then started kissing you. His lips were smashing against yours like a tidal wave. You were going to cum, and he was too. He pulled away, a line of saliva connecting your mouths. His lips enclosed around your nipple as you both came. You could feel the dampened spot on his boxers from his climax, warm on your thigh. He got off you, pulling his hair out of his face. He’s still panting, as are you. You grab your panties, slid them on, and watch as he changes. Just in time too, his sister walks in.

“What were you guys doing?”

the dog’s leash - ed

a/n: uhhhhh i thought of a really extra idea and then spent four hours on it…’s fine this wasn’t 13 pages on word don’t worry about it

word count: 5,362

“Let’s get a dog.”

Blinking blankly at the wall opposite your curled up figure wasn’t enough to suffice the confusion that coarsed suddenly through your veins. With a groan, you wiggled around in Ethan’s grip to face him. Sleep had yet to claim his features at three in the morning as he gazed pointedly in your direction, as if he’d been expecting you to react to his statement.

“I’m sorry, I don’t think I heard you right,” You slid a hand up to press your cheek against it. “Did you say let’s get a dog?”

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re: [quest] Chapter 4 “sponse”

Hello!! So … before we get to it, here’s my explanation of what I’m up to with re: quest. So far, I’ve been BURIED in school and, as far as translations go, have mainly been chipping away at outlines/summaries as well as my tagging system to make things as convenient for you guys as I can. But, at the same time, I thought I should give you some kind of content to get the ball rolling! So I spent all day yesterday and today fleshing out my translation for Part 1 of Chapter 4, “Sponse” (I’m pretty close with the rest of the chapter too – just have lotsa editing to do). This chapter is about Hori Chie and Tsukiyama Shuu and is very cute (happy birthday the other day, 2/25, to Hori, btw!!)♥

About my tagging system and overall formatting: so far, my links for desktop are all set. This post will have Part 1 of the chapter in full under the cut (mainly for mobile users). While posts like this will have as much content as I can include in them, I’ll be using posts primarily as way of announcement for updates. All of the translation content will be on my blog’s Quest Navigation Page, which can also be accessed through my translations page on the main navbar (I am aware that these links don’t work for mobile – that’s why I’ll try to put as much content as I can in posts. The issue is that I can’t guarantee content in posts will stay available). Finally, a disclaimer: I’d encourage anyone invested in the Tokyo Ghoul series to buy the official copies of this light novel and its official translations when they are released in your area to support the authors and publishers.

Thank you everyone for your patience and please please please, don’t hesitate to send me corrections/suggestions/asks and messages about this project! It’s a big work in progress, and there will definitely be some mess-ups on my part, but my hope is that we can all enjoy some more of Quest. It’s pretty awesome. – koko♥

Chapter 4: Sponse Part 1
TL: As we all know and love, occasionally Tsukiyama throws in English or French words when he’s talking. Anything he says that’s written in Roman letters in the original Japanese text, I will both italicize and underline. All other emphatic markings only for conveying their own regular emphasis.

   “Alright, now take a picture, of me!”
   “Nahh,” Hori replied, and the conversation was over in 3 seconds. She was watching through the coffee shop’s big windows at the shopping street where people came and went, housewives buying things for dinner and hoisting bulky eco-bags on their shoulders.
   Hori looked like an uncomfortable elementary school student in the chic and relaxed coffee shop where she sat. However, inside, she was already at the level of a college student. Well, actually, she almost never went to college, as she roamed from east to west as a “free camera-man” with her camera, her one hobby, always by her side.

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Be With Me [1/?]

Cheesy title, blablabla. It’s late night and I wanted to write and the USUK network discord chat gave me the perfect excuse. So here, have some Magical Strike omegaverse.

“Hey Kirkland. Did you hook up with someone?”

Arthur turned away from the coffee machine to look at one of his coworkers, who wiggled his eyebrows suggestively, and frowned.

“No. I don’t have the time for that.”

“Aww, don’t lie! I smell omega all over you!”

Arthur’s frown deepened and he lifted is arm to subtly sniff at it. His coworker only grinned more.

“I knew it! You’ve been with someone! So even a beta can get their hands on a nice omega once in a while, eh?”

Arthur paled, but his collegue didn’t notice as he continued to gush about omegas.

“They’re so nice! Their scents are heavenly and once they get in the mood, mmmh, I tell you, the best thing ever!”

Arthur cleared his throat to regain his composure and frowned at him.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about. I have too much work to be with someone.”

His collegue only shrugged.

“You don’t have to lie about that to me, but sure, if you want to.”

“Before you spout nonsense you maybe should get back to work.”

Arthur took his finished coffee from the machine and left. He didn’t dislike it at first, but he came to hate the beverage over the years. It never had been good to begin with, but he had coffee from a machine for five years and it seemed to worsen with each day. He kept drinking it noenetheless, it kept him awake and the coffee machine didn’t offer tea. Not that machine made tea would have been good either. He sat down at his work station with a heavy sigh, he hadn’t expected this when he had applied to the job. His phone buzzed and he took it out to see a message from his sister.

Coming over tonight and bringing some of mum’s meat pie. Keys are at the usual place, right? I’ll make some tea for you to drink when you come back.

He smiled and replied to her before putting his phone away again and glanced at the mountain of unfinished work. Unlike in the films, it wasn’t an unimaginably high stack of paper, but instead about a dozen open tabs and word documents on his desktop. He sighed again. This would be a long day.

Rosa sniffed when Arthur entered his kitchen. The can of tea already sat there, hot and steaming and a plate with the meat pie next to it.

“Your scent is coming out.”

She surely didn’t sugarcoat anything. Arthur only sighed his what it felt like billionth sigh and sat down.

“I know. I have to heighten the dose again.”

“Again?” Rosa sounded alarmed. “How many are you taking already?”

“Three.” Arthur let his bones crack.

“Arthur, as much as I love and support you, that is too much. This amount of surpressants is going to backfire sooner or later. You’ll only end up hurting yourself.”

“I don’t care.” Arthur poured himself some tea. “As long as I can keep my job.”

Rosa frowned. “What if you never get heats again?”

“Never liked them anyway.”

“What if you’ll never find a mate?”

“Who said I wanted one?”

Now it was Rosa’s turn to sigh. “You’re so stubborn.”

“We both are.”

Arthur loosened his tie a bit. It was unusually hot today in the office. Did the forget to turn the air conditioning on? He fanned himself with his hand and tried to concentrate on his work again, but for some reason, he couldn’t focus. His mind was dizzy, the world in front of his eyes was swimming and he felt strangely light headed, despite the hot temperature in the office. He opened the first button of his dress shirt and made another attempt at concentrating, but to no avail. His head was stuffed with cotton and his desktop was blurry. Did he need new glasses?

Arthur failed to notice that the usual hectic clicking of keyboards in the office had lessened and several heads were turned towards him, sniffing the air as if it was a drug. One of his coworkers growled lowly and started inching towards him. When the others noticed that, they also got up, all moving towards Arthur’s desk.

Arthur leaned against the backrest with a sigh, took his glasses off and rubbed the bridge of his nose with a groan. He had been rather on the edge for the last few days, and today was the worst of them. Only when he felt a familiar wetness between his legs, he realized the situation he was in. The surpressants had stopped working. He had grown immune.

The chair clattered to the floor as he stood up with a quick movement and bolted towards the restrooms. He locked himself in a toilet stall and nervously bit his lips. He didn’t have much time. He needed to  get out of here before his heat got the better of him and turned him into a wet, moaning, begging mess. He knew what his heats were like, and even if it was weakened by him taking surpressants so long, it was still strong.

Arthur remembered with a shudder his high school days, where he hadn’t been taking surpressants and suffered through ten days of ridicously strong heats. It had been hell and it would be even worse now if he didn’t get out of here and back to his apartment soon. No doubt one of the alphas had a little less restraint than the others. He would be stripped, taken, knotted and marked without a second thought. Arthur didn’t even want to imagine it. A knock came from the door of the stall he was in.

“Yes?” He hated how weak his voice was.

“So it is you, Kirkland.” A cold voice replied. Arthur’s breath got stuck in his throat. His boss.

“You’re fired.” Arthur heard footsteps walking away and a muttered ‘filthy omega’. He pulled his knees to his chest, hugged them and started to cry.

His heat was long over, but Arthur failed to find a new job. Omegas were rarely employed afterall. His sister came over sometimes and tried to help the best she could, but her workplace didn’t need any new employees in Arthur’s field and they weren’t willing to employ someone with no experience.

Then the eviction notice came. He couldn’t afford paying the rent anymore and the owner of the apartment building was not hesitant to kick him out. Arthur swallowed dryly. What should he do? Moving would cost too much money, but he couldn’t pay the rent either unless he got a job, but no one would employ an omega. It was a cursed circle.

He had already started selling stuff he didn’t need to be able to afford the necessarities, but he slowly, but surely ran out of things to sell. He was getting desperate, even applying at jobs that he wouldn’t even have considered taking before, but the answer was always the same: no, no, no, no. We don’t want omegas here. Omegas should stay home and be a good mate, cook, clean and have children.

It was frustrating and infuriating at the same time. He was tempted to kick a chair when he come out from one of the offices in the employment agency after another fruitless attempt to get a job. He maybe even would have done it if it weren’t for the alpha in the same room. He gave him a quick once over.

Younger than him, a purple star painted on his cheek, one of the bangs in his fringe dyed in the same colour, a ridiculously long fancy coat with fur around the collar, skinny ripped trousers and the dress shirt with a few buttons too many open. Arthur allowed himself a small smug smile. Alpha or not, this guy probably wouldn’t get employed either.

Then the alpha looked up from his phone and his gaze landed on Arthur. Arthur froze when he grinned and walked over with long, confident strides.

“You!” He exclaimed, his voice loud and boisterous. “You’re perfect! Do you know how to organize stuff?” Arthur just nodded, overwhelmed by the alpha’s whole presence. “Perfect! Perfect!” The alpha laughed, his laugh equally loud as his voice. He leaned forward to look directly into Arthur’s eyes. “Ever wanted to be a secretary?”

Count Your Lucky Stars (Alternative Ending 2)

Ok guys, here it is. The last update for CYLS. I decided to go with a happier ending this time because the Space Family deserves to be happy don’t you think? Anyways, thank you for joining me on this journey :D enjoy!!

Everyone was starting to lose hope. There has been no sign of Lance anywhere on their radars for about a month now. Maybe he couldn’t be found because he didn’t want to be, or so they thought until a call from the Arusians came in. Allura was a bit worried, to say the least. The Galra should have no reason to travel back to the planet now that they were gone. She called everyone to the control room, just in case this was just another call to say hi. The Arusians were friendly and often called to ask if their assistance was needed, or simply to see how everyone was. She opened the video feed to see the King with a stern look on his face. The worry only began to rise.

“Alteans and humans, we are your leaders. Take us,” he declared. Um…what?

“No, no, no you’re saying it all wrong. It’s: take us to your leader. The way you say it makes it sound like it’s the start of a very aggressive mating season,” a voice in the background whispered.

“Wait a minute, that choice of words, that voice. Lance buddy is that you. Please tell me that’s you or else I’m going to cry.”

“The one and only Hunkalicious, how’s it going bro,” Lance said as he came into view of the camera. A chorus of excited “Lance” was heard around the room.

“Lance my boy, is everything alright? What are you doing back on Arusia?”

“All of that can be explained later, for now, can you guys just bring me home?”

Home. After how they treated him he still calls this place his home. Lance still wants to see them after everything they’ve said and done. They’re going to prove to him that this place can be, that they can be worthy of that title. So, onward they went with full speed back to Arusia, back where it all began. It seemed fitting in a way, the place where they officially became a team, would be the place they make their family whole again. Everyone was a little concerned about how they’d react in front of Lance with the knowledge they now hold. They all made promises to themselves to start treating Lance more fairly.

It was just always so easy to not take the Blue Paladin seriously when almost everything that comes out of his mouth is a joke or a pick-up line. That, however, can’t be continued to be used as an excuse, especially since most of the time he’s doing it for their sakes. Just something to get them to smile or ease the tension in the room. With Lance and his antics, it was sometimes easy to forget that they were fighting a 10,000-year war.

It took about an hour or two, but they had finally arrived on Arusia where the people and Lance were already waiting for them to land. Pidge surprised everyone as she bolted out of the door and into Lance’s arms the second they touch down. She clung to him like a sloth with tears in her eyes and simply refused to let go. He just lifted her up to be able to move again. Everyone kind of just dog-piled on after that causing Lance to laugh. It was the greatest sound heard in the entire universe, or any alternate universes Slav was convinced existed.

The Arusians insisted that they stay for a party to celebrate their reunion, and who could’ve denied these adorable creatures. Rather than in the castle, this time it was hosted in the village down the hill, bonfire style. Everyone sat as close to Lance as they could to listen to him retell the story of his escape. Keith and Hunk were on either side of him, Pidge sat on his lap with her head on his chest to take comfort in his heartbeat, Coran across from him listening intently to every word, Shiro chose to stand so he could just watch over everyone, and while Allura was next to the Arusian King, she was giving Lance her undivided attention.

It was obvious that Lance was embellishing his story a little, but no one cared about that. They were all just so happy to see that even after a month in the hands of the Galra he was still as animated as ever. It also didn’t change the fact that what he did was amazing, and no short of heroic. Not only had he escaped and slowed down the main Galra fleet by wrecking their engine, but he also managed to free a good bit of prisoners as well. Everyone made sure to tell him he did a great job and that they were proud of him. They already made the mistake of not letting him know these things in the past. The reason it took so long for him to contact them was because of his injuries. One of the captives had taken him to their home planet to heal before he continued his journey. Coran had suggested that he received a check-up in the morning after a good night’s rest.

Pidge had already fallen asleep in his arms, and everyone agreed that it was time to call it a night. The only problem was that no one wanted to part with Lance after finally getting him back. This time it was Keith that shocked everyone by suggesting a slumber party in the common room. (“Awe Mullet, you really do care.” “Shut it, Lance.”) After Lance handed Pidge to Shiro and left them for a much-needed shower, everyone gathered as many pillows and blankets they could to make the ground comfortable. They wouldn’t even attempt the couch, that thing was far too uncomfortable, and you’d wake up with pains in parts of your body you didn’t even know existed.

Once everyone was showered, changed and settled in Lance had begun to sing softly in order to send them to sleep faster. It wasn’t surprising that as soon as he returned he’d start taking care of them. Everyone was forced to take back their earlier statement about his laugh being the most beautiful sound in all realities because his voice took the cake, and ate it too. So, for the first time in what felt like far too long, everyone had a peaceful night. They were even allowed to sleep in the next morning and it was what they all needed.

Three months passed since they got Lance back and they had to send him on a solo mission to retrieve an item needed for the castle’s repair. Only Blue could’ve handled the planet’s icy terrain, and Lance suggested going alone so that he can have some bonding time with his girl. They knew it was wrong, and quite frankly an invasion of privacy, but they wanted to make sure Lance knew they appreciated him. So, when he was gone they went into his room to look at the jars. It appeared that Lance had gotten rid of the old ones and started over. While “the bad jar” still had more stars than they would’ve liked, it was still significantly less than what it was the last time. “The good jar” on the other hand, was overflowing so much that there was a second one to hold the rest.

They knew that it would more than likely be impossible to get “the bad jar” to be completely empty, but at least they were taking a step in the right direction. They were becoming the type of family that Lance deserved. And they would only continue to prove to him that they were worthy of being called such.

Main Story/ Ending 1/ Ending 2


Pairings: Enjolras x reader

Summary: College!AU. Enjolras is stressed but that is not always a bad thing, especially when it brings up new arrangements.

Warnings: none!

A/N: thank you all again for the support! I’m relatively new to writing here on tumblr and i’m still trying to get the hang of it! English is not my first language so i’m sorry about the mistakes you’re probably going to find! Feedback is always appreciated so that I know how I can improve :) if you just want to speak with me, be my friend, suggest me something to write or whatever you know where to find me! It’s always a pleasure!

Ps. those little sentences in italics are Enjolras thoughts!

(y/e/c) = your eyes color

Originally posted by romulanale

Enjolras was swamped in work. It was quite difficult to try and balance everything between essays, various homework and the incoming meeting in which he was supposed to give yet another speech.

And if that wasn’t enough, his roommates decided to give a party, more or less. Actually, it’s not like he could understand what was really happening in the other room, he could only hear a very loud music. VERY loud. Oh, yes, and someone was laughing. VERY loudly, yet again.

This is how Enjolras found himself out of his apartment with all his books and notes after having yelled at Grantaire, who was probably too drunk to even acknowledge him.

Ok, think Enj, where to go?

It wasn’t like he couldn’t go to the library. The problem was that he was in his pyjamas, too angry to even get changed before slamming the door shut. He didn’t even put on shoes and now his bright red socks were in plain sight.

Wait! (Y/n)!

Enjolras’ eyes lightened up at the sudden realisation: (Y/n) has always been his friend and she wouldn’t abandon him now, would she?

His feet carried him right in front of the girl’s apartment which was in the same building but on another floor. He was a bit nervous but knocked nonetheless and after only a few minutes he was graced with the beautiful - wait Enj, get it together - smile of his (Y/n). No, wait, not his like his his.

“Hey, Enj! What brings you here?” asked the girl cheerfully, leaning on the door.

“Hey, ehm, Grantaire is giving another kinda party and I need to study. Can I crash here for a few hours?” he replied nervously.

(Y/n) laughed, shaking her head. “Grantaire’s getting drunk again, you better check on him later…but for now, come on in!”

“Thanks freckles.” Relaxing, Enjolras smiled and winked at her, passing the door with all his things.

“Do you want something?”

(Y/n) was in the small kitchen while Enj was positioning all his books on the little table in the main room. He had a clear view of (Y/n) from his position.

“No, thanks, I’m good.”

“Ok, tell me if you need anything” and with a smile she left the kitchen, going towards her room.

She was always so kind and Enjolras really liked it. Most people tended to keep him at a distance because he was always too immersed in his work but not her. Never her. She had been welcoming since day one. She even had the courage to actually shout at Enjolras, a thing no one did in a very long time because apparently he was too intimidating.

He was intrigued by this girl.

It was only after a little time that (Y/n) returned and sat at the table, right in front of Enjolras, who was watching her every move. She had all her books so she was probably going to study with him. Suddenly Enjolras really liked this new arrangement.

“I thought I could study with you, is that ok?” asked (Y/n) with a small voice.

Enjolras beamed, “Sure!”

For almost three hours the apartment was full of silence and occasionally small talk. It was at a certain point that things changed: Enjolras looked up from his finally finished essay and he felt overwhelmed. (Y/n) was really beautiful. She was fully concentrated on her work, her pencil between her fingers and her eyebrows furrowed. Her hair seemed almost ethereal in that light. He didn’t know what to do, he never felt that way and suddenly he needed to spend more moments like this with her. Just to have the pleasure to see her in that particular light. Just that.

“(Y/n)?” the word escaped him before he could even think about it.

The girl looked up from her book and smiled at Enjolras. “Yes, Enj?”

“How would you feel about proofreading my essay? I could really use your help"

(Y/n) smiled and immediately made grabby hands towards him. How cute.

Enjolras chuckled - a thing that (Y/n) found very amusing - and gave her the essay.

“I’m gonna make some tea while you read it and then we can discuss it because I’m sure it’s awful”

“Nah, it seems pretty good"

“You just read the title, you dork"

(Y/n) snickered, “Yeah but the title is important”

They both laughed and so it began because the next week Enjolras came with another essay, and the same happened the week after and the week after and so on. It became a normal thing for Enj and (Y/n). Always the same routine: he came bringing the essay, made some tea while she read it and then they would discuss it together. Sometimes it was the other way around and he was the one to proofread (Y/n)’s essays, a thing that made him realize how really passionate the girl was.

And after discovering that Enjolras knew he was screwed for good.

“Where are you going?” Grantaire stopped Enjolras at the door.

“Not your business”

“Mhmm" murmured Grantaire while leaving the couch in order to find some food. “So you’re going to (Y/n)…”


“You really think we didn’t know?” asked Grantaire, shocked. “Ponine lives with her, she told Marius she saw you there and puf! Everybody knows! So what’s going on?” smirked the black-haired guy.

“Nothing’s going on. We study.”

“Suuuure. So that’s why you look so…different!” smirked Grantaire, motioning towards Enjolras with his hands.

“…Different? How?”

“Well, like…all happy and lovey-dovey! It’s because you like studying, right?! That’s obvious” continued Grantaire sarcastically.

“I’m not lovey-dovey Grantaire” said Enj without meeting his friend’s eyes “and who the hell still uses that word?”

“Oh, ok sure. Maybe I’ll speak with (Y/n)”

Those were the last words Enjolras heard before leaving the apartment. He was frustrated. Yeah, he liked (Y/n): she made him feel happy and relaxed but all of this was so new to him that he didn’t really know what to do. He didn’t even know if telling her was the right thing to do. He thought she might reciprocate his feelings but he wasn’t sure and to top it all he wasn’t good at expressing his feelings with his words. He was only good in speaking about politics and things like that. He needed to find a way to tell her everything before someone else made a mess. He actually didn’t trust his friends: they were fantastic but they tended to meddle too much and this could lead to a disaster.

Enjolras worked almost the whole night so that he could be back at (Y/n)’s apartment the next day. This time he had a very special essay in his hands. He was about to knock when the door swung open.

“Oh, hey Enj!” greeted Eponine, smirking. “You’re lucky, I was just going out!”

He greeted her with a nasty look and a nod. “Ponine”

The girl laughed and left. “Try not to destroy anything and don’t do it on the couch!”

Enjolras flushed bright red and (Y/n) must have heard everything since she was now standing near the open door, sporting his same colour. He cleared his throat.

“I’m sorry about Ponine, Enj…“ started (Y/n)

“Don’t worry ‘bout it.” Cutting her off, Enjolras smiled and entered the apartment, trying to appear as confident as ever.

“Um, do you have another essay? So soon?”

“Well, yes but this is special.”

Let’s hope not to fuck up, Enj.

“Ok, gimme” said (Y/n) enthusiastically.

He gave her the work and went to make some tea. The usual.

(Y/n) felt there was something different and hoped everything was ok. Eponine and Cosette have been pestering her about Enjolras and their little arrangement after they noticed he lingered at their place for longer than necessary and especially when (Y/n) was at home alone. She only hoped it wasn’t getting awkward because he heard something. She really liked him but she also knew Enjolras wasn’t the kind of guy to start a relationship and certainly not with her: in her eyes, she was just plain. And he was the fearless guy that used to speak in front of hundreds of students and attracted almost half of them with only his blue eyes and the passion behind them.

Leaving these thoughts in a black corner of her head, (Y/n) concentrated on the words in front of her. The text seemed to be way much shorter than the others. It looked more like a bunch of sentences on a blank page. “Are you sure you want to go with this Enj?”

“Just read it freckles!” called him from the kitchen. He was literally sweating.

She took a deep breath and started:

Can you tell me what love is? How can I know that what I feel is love?

All I know is that she’s there, sat in front of me. She’s beautiful. And yet she thinks she’s not. All I want is to look at her, while she reads, while she talks, while she smiles. While she explains her ideas with that passion that is specifically hers. God, her eyes are shining.

Is that love?

So, is he writing about some real girl? Are these his real thoughts? (Y/n) wanted - no, needed - answers because her stomach was starting to knot, exactly like when she was feeling anxious or extremely nervous and that usually brought nothing good. She looked towards him but he wasn’t looking her way so she simply took another deep breath and kept reading.

All I want to hear is her voice, how would it be in the morning? How would it be in the evening, when she’s tired? Is this love if all I want is to wake up next to her and go to bed the same way?

All I see is her, running towards me with a big bag full of food because I’ve been stupid enough to forget to eat at breakfast and at lunch.

No one noticed.

But she did.

Is this love if my heart skipped several beats when I saw her that day?

She remembered that day.  She noticed he was so invested in his plans for the meeting that he forgot to eat so she took care of that buying him something.

Tears started to gather in her eyes: he cared.

All I want - all I need - is to be near her, waiting for those eyes to focus on me; waiting for that mouth to smile at me; waiting for her to talk to me and me only.

Is that love? Is me being selfish love too?

He really cared. He cared enough.

She couldn’t go on because her tears were making the words blurry. Her head snapped towards the kitchen where Enjolras was sipping his tea, stealing glances at her. He seemed calm but he was screaming inside. Especially when he noticed her tears. It wouldn’t have been the first time he fucked up.

Their eyes locked: blue against (y/e/c) and no words were needed anymore. She jumped from the chair and Enjolras had only the time to put the mug down before she was hugging him so tight he almost stopped breathing. Well, he wasn’t going to complain. He buried his face in her hair, breathing in her sweet scent, while she buried hers in his neck.

“I hope I didn’t mistaken anything…”

(Y/n) was still a bit overwhelmed: she’d never been the lucky one in love. So she simply shook her head and kissed him, burying her fingers in his blonde curls. Enjolras’ arms were keeping her near him and his hands were grabbing every part of her body they could reach.

His kiss was passionate but gentle: he made sure she understood how much he cared. And she did the same.

When they separated they both looked in each other eyes and giggled.

“So, is this love (Y/n)?”

“Yes, this is love, Enjolras”

softly, sweetly

A/N: hey yall so this is my first 5sos written thing! i’m lowkey banking on it being chaptered, so lmk if you want more!! it,,,also doesn’t have a working title yet please feel free to suggest titles

Pairing: Calum Hood x Y/N

Word Count: 1,252

I do take requests!

one | two 

Calum Hood was, to say the least, incredibly attractive. With his strong arms, brown skin, and plump lips, he was anyone girl’s dream, including yours. The problem with this picture was those plump lips of his seemed to be kissing a new girl each month. The second problem within first said problem, was none of the girls he kissed were you. You’d been fawning over him since first year, and now, it was senior year.

This year, you’d decided, you would either get over him or get with him.

“How do you even plan to do that? I’ve tried to get you to date someone else for almost two years! And you never want to!” your best friend’s exasperated sigh came once you’d told her your plan.

“Well, I mean, it’s a rough draft of a plan, okay?” you retaliated sheepishly.

“It’s barely a plan at all, unless there’s something else to it.” She cocked a skeptical eyebrow at your responding grin.

“I said or get with him,” your confidence was blind, but it had some reasoning to it. “He gets with, like, every girl in the school, why not me?”

“Exactly! He gets with every girl in the school. That’s not a good thing!”

You simply rolled your eyes and let her words blow away in the early autumn breeze. The two of you had been sitting on the bleachers of the school football stadium, sharing food and watching the football team. Or rather, you were watching Calum on the football team while your friend ate. Before your friend could voice any more of her doubts, the two of you heard the football team doing their vaguely ridiculous chant they always did at the end of practices. The team began to stream out of the field and into the locker rooms, and once the last sweaty, pubescent boy was in there, you friend stood up.

“Alright, the show’s over. Now, we can go,” your friend huffed, practically dragging you down the stairs. You only grinned and followed.

You knew your friend meant well for you, and her doubts were her way of protecting you. But sometimes she had a point. If he kissed every girl in school, it was liable that you’d become just another girl kissed. Just another rock skipped across the surface until it sunk to the bottom. Part of you knew your fantasies were just that: fantasies. But the other part couldn’t help but wonder ‘what if?’

Your friend drove you home, the two of you occasionally bickering over who controlled the auxiliary cord but for the most part settling to sing obnoxiously along to the song. That was how you arrived home, windows partially rolled down and your noise level turned up.

“I bid you adieu,” you said dramatically and gave your friend a two-fingered salute once you’d stepped out of the car. She drove off with a middle finger and a laugh from you, and you put the key in the doorknob of your front door. You lived with your dad, who was currently still at work, so you were home alone for the time being.

“I’m in deep with this girl, but she’s out of her mind,” you sang to yourself as you helped yourself to a yogurt. Yogurt was quite possibly one of the true blessings given to Earth.

You headed upstairs, singing in between bites of yogurt and using your spoon as a microphone once you’d finished. You entered your room to find your cat on your bed, blinking up at you with mild irritation that you’d woken her up.

“Hello, Kitkat,” you greeted your cat with an affectionate tone before flinging your curtains open to let the sunlight stream in. The cat didn’t acknowledge you, instead opting to move to where the sunlight was the warmest. “I love you too, Kitkat.”

You heard voices outside your window and looked down to see your neighbour, Luke, and none other than Calum himself. The best part of living in this particular house was getting to see Calum around all the time (albeit through your window, but you’d take what you could get). Luke was Calum’s best friend, despite how different they both seemed. Luke came off as much more reserved than popular boy Calum, but you’d seen how he grew more extroverted around his friends.

Only then did you notice you were staring at precisely the same time Luke noticed you staring. He shot a dimpled smile to you accompanied with a wave, and you saw Calum turn to see who he was acknowledging. You locked eyes with Calum, and a blush rose to your cheeks before you pulled the blinds shut on the window.


“Who was that?” I asked Luke, one of my few close friends. He’d been waving to a girl in the window of the neighbouring house. I recognized the girl; she always sat up in the bleachers with her friend during football practices, but I’d never talked to her.

“That was Y/N. How do you not know her name? She’s been going to our school since our first year,” Luke laughed while unlocking the door to his house.

“I dunno. She’s just never crossed paths with me, I guess,” I shrugged it off easily and followed Luke into his house.


“Calum is beside me,” you said into the phone, the excited smile evident just from your tone. “Well, I mean, he’s in the house across from me, but it’s close enough, right?” You grinned when you heard the silence on the other side of the phone before your best friend spoke that meant she was rolling her eyes.

“You’ve been obsessed with him for entirely too long,” your best friend’s voice was singsong with a pinch of frustration. “Just talk to him. It can’t be that hard.”

“But what if I talk to him wrong? I mean, say the wrong thing. You get what I mean,” you stumbled over your words out of nerves. The thought of just walking up and talking to Calum felt awkward and unceremonious. You’d had Calum on a pedestal for so long that it seemed something mundane like ‘hello’ wouldn’t be worthy of his time.

“You’re not going to talk to him wrong,” she reassured you on the other end of the line. You uncrossed your legs from the position you’d been sitting in and laid back flat on the bed. Silence echoed through the room as the two of you each thought of different plans.

“I have an idea,” you said at the same time your friend said, “I have a plan.”

“Can I go first? I’m going first,” you declared, excitement from your idea speaking for you. The idea had struck you and was beginning to blossom into yet another extended fantasy, but the difference between a fantasy and a plan was voicing it.

“Okay, so you know that party they’re having after the next football game? Calum will be there, right? And we’re going. I’ll look super hot, and he’ll notice me!” Determination lit your voice with ferocity that deflated a little when the eye-roll pause came.

“Or you could just talk to him at school instead of when he’ll most likely be surrounded by other girls. You two have that class together, right?”

“Yea, but it’s not as cool.”

“Since when have you been cool?”

“Fair point.”

“You’re going to ignore my idea and drag me along for the ride, aren’t you?”

“You know me so well.”

16. The Nameless One.

I started writing this a couple days ago but it didnt feel like it was going anywhere. Lo and behold did that BEAUTIFUL picture of dear old Harold appear and here we are. He must have known. 
Title creds to @whoopsharrystyles, shes lovely!

It happened at 1:24AM. An hour and six minutes ago.

The room was now quiet apart from the slight snuffles that were coming from the tiny little baby that was laying in Harry’s arms in a large, yet rather uncomfortable, arm chair. You weren’t asleep, but you were lying back in your bed, eyes closed and taking some time for yourself before the task of raising a child took over your life.

“Hey, little baby,” you listened to Harry whisper as he gently rocked in the chair. “Yeah, hi. How does it feel to be out in the real world now, little one?” His voice was quiet but high pitched and you could hear the smile on his face.

“I don’t think she can understand you” You spoke and Harry looked up to you immediately, his grin only getting bigger as he watched you adjust yourself.

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Everything Can Change (2/?)

Summary: Reader is pregnant and tells Dean who reacts differently then she expects. 

Pairings: Dean Winchester x Reader 

Warnings: There isn’t much just Dean figuring out what to do

Word Count: 1K

A/N: This is part 2 and I’m so excited for this series! If you guys want to be tagged just let me know, and thanks for reading. *Italicized part is flashback*

Part 1

Originally posted by jensens-apple-pie

May,15,2017 - 2 Months Pregnant 

“Dean. Please get that burger away from me.” You said trying to calm yourself and trying to restrain yourself from strangling Dean.

“Y/N, you sure this baby’s mine? Because I like, excuse me, love burgers and that means she’s gonna love burgers too,” Dean replied not even bothering to move.

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Sam Winchester-Therapist

Title: Therapist

Word count:1,941

Pairings: Sam x child reader

Summary: One where Sam never wanted to be a lawyer but a child therapist, (never went back into hunting) and meets a child he can’t get to open up. 

A/N: SO sorry it’s so long! I got carried away!!! 

‘’(Y/n), (Y/L/N)’’

Dread washed over you, you sat firmly in your seat, eyes forward liked the trained robot you were. Good little solider. 

The man who was standing halfway out of the doorway came closer, his footsteps were silent and precise even though he was a giant with very broad limbs. Janine, your care-worker, glared sharply at you. 

‘’I’m so sorry, she’s so rude’’She blurted out as the man stood in front of you. ‘’She thinks she can not talk to anyone just because of her past’’. That one hit you. You hated this, you hated that you were being forced to see a child therapist, you didn’t need one. 

You were a special case, the police had found you tied to a bed, bloody and half beaten to death. You were an abused victim, you mother was an alcoholic who suffered from schizophrenia. You had never known a normal life, never been loved or cared for, there was one care-worker, Charlie, you really liked her, but you didn’t talk to anyone. You learnt that if you were to open your mouth, or cry you would be punished and so you did not do it. 

The man shuffled as he gave Janine a pointed look. ‘’Actually, we don’t tend to look at it that way, damaged pasts can lead to PTSD or strained futures, saying things like that will only encourage the patient to feel unsafe’’The Doctor said with a slightly agitated tone at Janine. You risked a glance up, glancing at the man who finally told Janine to shut up but worded it more nicely. 

He was tall, very, very tall. His hair fell to the nape of his neck, a chestnut brown that slightly flicked off at the ends. His eyes were hazel, a mixture of a warm brown and a forest green. He had slight stubbled across his jaw and he was very, very muscular. He smiled when he caught your eyes only for yours to quickly dart back to the floor. 

Never make eye contact. 


You noted the man coming closer but not close enough to frighten you. He bent down, knee’s slightly cracking as he shuffled to stay put. 

‘’Hello, (Y/n). My names Doctor Winchester, you can call me Sam if you like’’He smiled, his voice was soft and soothing but again you stayed put, eyes directed towards the floor. Janine huffed beside you and Sam was surprisingly good at keeping a calm atmosphere. You could feel his eyes gauging your reactions, gauging your body language as he grasped the clip board under his arm. ‘’Why don’t we take this inside my office, it’s much warmer in there’’He suggested, standing up with a small grunt. He towered over you, still smiling but not a patronising one, one that showed you he was okay with whatever you were comfortable with. 

You noticed how he said ‘warmer’ instead of ‘I’m going to ask you a lot of personal questions about your previous life and it needs to be private so step into my office’ he made it seem less scary, like he wasn’t about to unravel all your deepest secrets. 

Sam titled his head, his eyes took in every detail, he noted how you were chewing on your lips, how they were worn down so you probably did it a lot. He noted the way you scratched at your knuckles. You substituted sadness for pain, making sure that if you felt like crying you would scratch or bite down on your lip so you were distracted. 

Sam had gotten the case file this morning, he was saddened to see the pictures of how badly treated you were, he was warned they were gory but he didn’t expect them to be this bad. He knew you were a special case and would have to be treated tenderly and so they gave it to someone very patient. It’s a good job Sam was patient because you sat on your chair, staring at the floor for a very long time. 

Sam titled his head, hair falling to the side as he watched you. He knelt down again, one knee on the floor, the other up as he bowed his head to catch your eyes but you quickly averted them to the left of him. 

‘’We can do this out here if you prefer’’Sam whispered, voice low and again, soothing. Janine scoffed loudly. 

‘’Oh for God sake (Y/n), stop being so stubborn!’’She yelled. That triggered something in you, the yelling, it reminded you of your mother and you were sure a slap would follow. Your hands shot up to your ears, eyes squeezing shut as your breathing increased rapidly. 

Sam stood up rather quickly, his arm pushed Janine away as he held it out in case she tried to step close again. 

‘’Miss if you could please refrain from yelling’’Sam grunted to her before he came close again. 

‘’(Y/n)? (Y/n)?’’He called, his finger twitched, he wanted to pull your arms slowly down so you could see everything was okay but he knew it wasn’t a good idea to touch a patient suffering from previous abuse. Instead Sam gave one quick, gentle tap to your shoulder before pulling back, he watched, waiting as you opened your eyes slowly. You saw nothing had happened and slowly you set down your hands and relaxed. He smiled at you, nodding his head as if he was proud. 

‘’Everything’s okay, (y/n)’’He smiled, he was very, very good at his job. He stood back up again. ‘’I tell you what, why don’t me and you stay here, you don’t have to say anything, you can just sit here until you’re ready and then you tell me and we’ll go into my office, okay?’’He suggested, voice warm and dripping with honey. Sam turned to Janine and hushed something and she left with a grumpy expression. Sam took a seat on the opposite row, his long legs stretched out as he crossed his foot over the other, his arms crossed over his chest and although he tried to look at something else the therapist inside of him made him keep looking back at you and observing you. 

It was a very, very, very good job Sam was patient. You sat for half an hour, unwilling to go into a smaller room where there would be just you and him. Sam knew he’d have to gain your trust but he also knew it would be extremely difficult too. Sam didn’t sigh, figit or give any indication that he was bored or getting impatient, he just waited and clicked his fingers against the other silently. 

Sam glanced at you, watching your arms slowly cup your body. You were guarding yourself. He leaned forward, bracing his elbows against his kneecaps. 

‘’You know, we don’t have to talk about anything you don’t want too. How about we just get to know each other first? Would you like that, (y/n)?’’Sam asked. He held his breath and it took a while but you nodded, a small nod but still the first answer he got. He smiled, standing up as he held open his door. 

He smiled at you as you gingerly walked through the door, he noticed that you pushed yourself as far away from him as humanly possible. He shut the door, turning back around to you. 

‘’Oh it really is warm in here isn’t it’’He chuckled, moving to sit at his seat. ‘’You can sit down if you want’’He offered, motioning to the chair in front of him. He was very good with words making sure he said ‘if you want’ showing the patient it was their own choice, they had a sense of freedom and choice then. You shook your head timidly, placing yourself behind the chair. 

Sam scribbled down on his clipboard all the things he had spotted earlier and how you had put a barricade between the two of you. Your trust issues really were out the window. Sam looked back up, the usual soft smile on his features. 

‘’So, (Y/n), why don’t you tell me something about yourself?’’Sam asked. He waited but got no response. He ruled out open questions, open questions left someone with a infinite amount of answers, his question wasn’t specific like 

‘Do you like dancing?’

‘What’s your favourite food?’

Instead you could have responded with a whole paragraph of words because he didn’t shorten his question to a specific answer. Sam ruled that out, he would use short, specific questions for now as you weren’t ready to comfortably talk to him yet. 

Sam titled his head, crossing his leg over the other. 

‘’Whats your favourite colour?’’He added, not faltering with your lack of response. Your eyes slowly flittered up, they didn’t look directly at Sam but around the room, he scribbled down some notes. You shuffled, you didn’t mean to be rude, he seemed nice, you just didn’t want him to get mad. Instead you pointed to his tie. 

Sam looked down, fingers lifting up his tie. ‘’Green?’’He said, looking back at you for conformation. You nodded shyly, looking away. Sam frowned softly, not in disagreement or discouraging but confusement before nodding. 

‘’Green isn’t normally a girls favourite colour, actually you know, green isn’t very popular at all. Why do you like green, (y/n)?’’Sam asked, leaning forward. Therapists were very sly, making it seem like they were asking a simple harmless question but really they slowly got you to start talking in depths until you realise your telling them everything. 

Sam only got a small shrug in response. He watched you shuffled your shoe about, watched you tug your jacket over your knuckles. He chewed on his lip, this was definitely going to be harder than he thought. Sam had never had a patient like this before, normally they slowly opened up after finding out how nice he was. Sam leaned back, analysing the situation as he tried to think hard of how to proceed. 

Sam tapped his pen against his clipboard as he scratched at the nape of his neck. Sam was a very good child therapist, however, it was hard to see what direction he needed to go in that would make you comfortable and slowly get you to open up, it was hard because normally other children gave him signals and clues by now but you remained closed. 

‘’Why don’t you move the chair for me, (y/n)?’’Sam suggested a while of silence. ‘’Show me were you’re most comfortable’’Sam nodded, encouraging you as you seemed wary. Sam leaned forward, elbows braced against his knees when he saw you weren’t moving. He stood up, fingers grasping the back of your chair, noticing you stood back abruptly. 

And that’s how it went, Sam would pull the chair back asking if that was comfortable enough away from him, you would shake your head and soon enough it got to the point where the chair was barely scraping the back wall until you were comfortable enough. 

Sam faltered slightly but didn’t let it show, he hoped that after more sessions the chair would slowly be back to where it was, only a couple of inches apart. He asked more questions, nothing personal, questions kids would like but he got nothing, sometimes getting shakes and nods. 

Sam found himself not wanting the session to end but he was getting nowhere. After you left Sam spent his whole night reviewing your file, calling up people, he tried to find ways to go, things you were interested in ready for next session. Sam was determined to get through to you. 

He wasn’t going to say it wouldn’t be a challenge.

Better than a Dream

Summary: Dean gets trapped in a fantasy created by a djinn. Will the fantasy help him realize the truth about his feelings for the reader before it’s too late?

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 3707

Warnings: A lot of fluff, Dean has to get out of the djinn dream by killing himself (because that’s how it’s done), so possible suicide trigger warning

A/N: This is for @deansdirtylittlesecretsblog Romcom Fluff Challenge. My prompt was from Leap Year. Well, when my 60 seconds came around, I realized I had everything I ever wanted, but nothing I really needed. And I think that what I need is here. And I came all this way to see if maybe you might think so too. Huge shoutout to @cyrilconnelly for betaing this for me and giving me the title and @mrsdeanfuckingwinchester for reading it over.

Originally posted by brothersinsync

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Why now? - Another Saeyoung Angst Fic

Title: Why Not?
Rating: Mature, includes death and shooting
Genre: Angst, all the angst
Game: Mystic Messenger
Characters: MC, RFA and Saeran
Description: MC loves Saeyoung and wants to tell him, but it’s too late, he’s found someone else, what’s MC to do?

Hey my lovely lovely followers, been wanting to do an angsty fic for a while and I wanted to do an MM one, I was inspired by this prompt, so enjoy :D

How long had I known Saeyoung for? Too long. How much had I been through with him? Too much. Ever since I had joined the RFA nearly two years ago, I knew I had felt something for the infamous hacker of the group. We had such amazing banter on the group chat, he constantly made me laugh and brought light in my life more than I thought a guy could ever do. Every time I logged in and he was in the chat room already, we always greeted each other with such love and admiration for one another, it felt good. More than good, amazing, fantastic, brilliant, any kind of positive adjective you could think of.

After the first few days of being part of the RFA, getting to know everyone, it didn’t take me long to realise I had feelings for him. The trip to go save his brother, Saeran, kind of just confirmed my feelings. My problem was, I wasn’t sure if he felt the same way.  He kept talking to me throughout his troubles, we even shared a few moments between us whilst Saeran was still healing. He would hug me just a little tighter, our fingers would brush against each-others and he would purposefully do it again, we even almost kissed one time but Saeran had woken up badly from a dream breaking the moment. I didn’t blame him, not in the least, but I genuinely wondered what would have happened if he had continued to sleep.

Zen was the first one to notice how I felt, and naturally Jumin was the last. It was during a meal that Zen and Yoosung asked how I felt whilst Saeyoung was on the phone checking on Saeran at home. Of course, I couldn’t deny it, and thankfully they were more than happy to hear about it.

“Oh my God, I’m so happy for you!” Yoosung grinned like a child.

“You two would make such a good couple, honestly, you’ve been through so much together” Zen grinned too “you going to tell him?”

“I’m not sure, I mean, Saeran comes first right now and he’s doing so well, I don’t want to mess that up, you know?” I said.

“No, of course, but do you want to tell him?” Zen asked.

“I do, not sure how but I do” I smiled, the blush on my cheeks flaring up.

“We’ll help you figure something out, I bet if you do something romantic and slightly geeky, he’ll have to tell you how he feels and you’ll be together forever, and and….”

“Zen, calm down” I chuckled, shushing him when Saeyoung came back and sat next to me.

“Saeran’s ok, had another nightmare but they’re getting easier so, all’s good in the hood!” he grinned, digging back into his food.

“I’m glad he’s ok, like I said, if you need anything again in the future, I’m there” I offered.

“Thanks! I do appreciate that!” he said, giving me a quick hug and we all continued our meal.

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Baekhyun scenario - Too quiet

not requested

heavily inspired by Demi Lovato-Quiet

Genre: Angst

warnings: implied smut…twice

Summary: looking past your pride can be a scary thing, but letting someone slip away because of it is a complete nightmare.

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(gif is not mine)

A/N: I enjoyed writing this so much actually, it was fun and sweet! Feedback is welcomed and very much appreciated. Hope you all enjoy it, as always, thank you for reading

Title: Reminiscing

Requested by: Anon - “43 + DiNozzo? Fluff! Fluff! Fluff!

Word Count: 793

Pairing: DiNozzo x Reader

43. “I think I’m in love.”

“What do you wanna do when we get home?” Tony asked you from across the way, sat at his own desk.

You gave a wry laugh and looked up at him, “We have to get out of here first.” You mumbled, “I’m just happy that Ducky could take Louise for us.” You moved another paper out of your way to read another report to do with the case. It was way past dinner, McGee had gone home to Delilah, Bishop had met up with Clayton, Jimmy and Brianna for a few beers at the bar and Gibbs was…somewhere, come to think of it, where was Gibbs?

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