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13x01 - Episode Review Part 1

In which Dean just about held it together… and I did not. 

This review will be in several parts. I have separated it into several sections that I wish to talk about because hot damn. What an episode! This Part 1 focuses on Dean’s grief and Destiel and saying goodbye to Castiel. 

Firstly, an introduction

As I sit here, surrounded by three friends who I met on tumblr, BECAUSE of this show, I am amazed at how far I have come. I did not think that when I joined this fandom I would ever get to this moment, but my gosh what an amazing feeling this is. To all of you out there – reach out to people, you really won’t regret what you find. 

I adored this episode. I screamed, I even shed a single man tear whilst holding on to @amwritingmeta quite tightly… sorry Annelie if I hurt you at all. @tinkdw, @margarittet and @amwritingmeta you guys are wonderful and I am so glad that I have been able to flail and scream along to this awesome episode with you. Thank you for sharing this crazy obsession with me.

Part 1 - Love, Grief and Saying Goodbye

THEY USED METALLICA’S NOTHING ELSE MATTERS AS THE OPENING SONG! We were two seconds in and @margarittet had to pause because we all collectively SCREAMED that they chose to use this as the open song AS WELL! @tinkdw said that she wanted to try and guess what the opening song was this season but I don’t think ANY OF US considered that they would reuse “Nothing Else Matters” because its just so on the nose isn’t it? Nothing else matters? Nothing else matters than what exactly?

Well once again the “Then” sequence ends on Dean kneeling over Cas’s body.

The answer is Castiel. Nothing else matters than CASTIEL. This is repeated CONSTANTLY throughout the episode. You are not allowed to forget about him for a SINGLE SECOND and this opening song drums that home. Seriously if there are any Cas fans out there still bitter about Cas I dunno what show you are watching because it certainly ISN’T the show I watched yesterday.

It hurts to think about. What even was this episode? From the opening song “Nothing Else Matters” to the “Goodbye Cas” at the funeral pyre, this episode was chocablock full of moments that prove unequivocally that for Dean, Cas truly is his guiding light, his hope. Even if you don’t see their relationship as romantic you cannot possibly deny after 13x01 that Dean and Cas have an extraordinary connection and a deep and profound love that has now transferred to an even deeper excruciating grief in Dean.

Choosing to use this song as the season opener though? The season opener always reflects the tones of the season, the main themes. To have THIS song as the season opening? Wow. Just wow. This is a song that comes up first if you google “Metallica Love Song” by the way. In case you were wondering if it was indeed a love song. Because it is. James Hetfield confirmed it was written for a girlfriend. Interestingly though it has been debated over the years as the lyrics themselves are not conventionally romantic lyrics. Nevertheless, this is now fact: Supernatural used a Love Song called “Nothing Else Matters” to set the tone and theme of season 13, lingering over shots of Dean looking down at Castiel’s dead body. This isn’t even arguable. This is where we are.

(and what a wonderful place to be my friends)

Dean’s grief was beautifully portrayed by the superb acting skills of Jensen Ackles. In my season 13 wishlist I said this:

“It probably goes without saying but MAN PAIN OVER CAS – I mean, I reckon we are gonna get a good helping of this. Maybe not immediate tears but its gonna be pretty damn angsty – if the promo’s are anything to go by. I basically want it to be UNDENIABLE in canon that CAS is the reason that Dean is so broken up and that BOTH brothers are seriously struggling with his death. It has to be OBVIOUS how important Cas was to them and how his death has affected them

I think we can tick this one off. :)

Continues under the cut.

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His Nickname For You (All)

Warnings: NONE

Word count: 610

Originally posted by moan-s

Scott: “Love”

He loves to call you this ever since you first said “I love you”. He remembers the way you were so shocked when he finally said it to you. He remembers the way your eyes lit up so wide and the biggest smile grew on your face. Scott loves to make you blush and smile by calling you love. His favourite thing is when he just randomly calls you it, and you shiver every time because it makes you so happy. Just the word coming out of his mouth can make your day.

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Stiles: “Babe/Baby”

Stiles, being the sarcastic human that he is, only really uses pet names in two circumstances; if he’s making a stupid comment or really looking after you. For example, if you’re both in class and you get something wrong, he will say something snarky like “Seriously babe? You didn’t get that?” Stiles does it purposely because he knows you blush and cringe at his words. But then you can also get sensitive Stiles, the one who really loves you and will do anything to care for you. If you’re upset or worried about something, he will gently rub your back and place a kiss on the top of your head, whispering soft words like “You can do this baby” and “I love you, baby” just because he can, and just because he loves you.

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Derek: “Princess”

Derek loves to spoil you and treat you like royalty. Like his princess. You love the way he will compliment you randomly, whether it be on something small like he likes the way your hair looks, or something big, such as he loves the way your eyes light up when he walks in the room. Derek knows that you have a really long day with school and then work straight after, so when you get time to go to his loft, he makes a big deal for you. He will relax you by giving you massages and telling his princess how much he loves her and playing with your hair to make you melt into his arms. It’s in those special moments that Derek realises he will never get so lucky in life then when he managed to get you to be his princess.

Originally posted by ultimateteenwolf

Liam: “Bub”

You hate this nickname so much, but at the same time you love it with all your heart. It started off when you were teasing Liam over text and you tried to call him “a silly little pup” but it autocorrected as “bub”. He then turned the teasing on you and now calls you this nickname to annoy the hell out of you. But you don’t mind really, because it comes from Liam. If it was anyone, you would snap their arm off at the elbow, but because it was YOUR Liam that did the messing around, you didn’t care. You loved it. But he was never to find out ;)

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Isaac: “Beautiful”

Isaac loves to make you feel good…yes like that but also by simply calling you nicknames that make you smile. If he knows that you’re feeling down, he will make an extra effort to make you feel special. He will do simple things like kiss you for a long time, buy you flowers or hug you tightly, or it could be massive gestures like taking you out for dinner. He knew you dealt with body image issues and constantly doubted yourself, but he told you not to. He makes you feel like a princess and would do anything to make sure you knew it. Isaac loves you with his whole heart and won’t ever let you forget it.

Tony Stark/Iron Man - You Look So Familiar

Originally posted by theperkybuttofrdj

Tony runs into a 14-year-old girl outside of a coffee shop and spills his coffee. When she freaks out and tries to run away, he stops her and asks her if she’s okay and notices that she looks very familiar. He takes her back to the tower to get cleaned up and Natasha points out that she looks just like him. So, Tony tests her DNA and finds out she’s his.

Requested by: Anon

Pairing: Tony x Daughter!Reader

Characters: Fem!Reader, Tony Stark, Harold “Happy” Hogan, Natasha Romanoff, Steve Rogers, Bruce Banner, Wanda Maximoff, Vision, Clint Barton, Sam Wilson. Peter Parker, Thor Odinson, James “Rhodey” Rhodes (Mentioned)

A/N: Thank you to @mo320 and @molethemollie for being my betas for this!

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“I’m dead dear, not stupid.”

Pairing: James March x Reader

Warnings: None

Word Count: 1425

Your shift working at the concierge desk was almost over. The man checking in was good looking and not to mention, very kind to you as well. Yes, you’re married to James, but it didn’t hurt to look, just as long as you kept it at that.

“And what’s your name, beautiful?” The man asked with a sweet smile while rubbing his chin.

You smiled back. But hey, you weren’t flirting, the man was just asking a simple question. There’s nothing wrong with that. “Y/N.” You turned around to hand him a key to his room, then continued, “Yours?”

“Matthew.” He replied, taking his key gently from your hand.

Suddenly, from the corner of your eye, you saw a figure from upstairs by the railing, which caused you to look. To your surprise, it was your husband, James, just standing there wearing his striped suit and hat, leaning on his cane, staring at you. 

You didn’t want him to get to you, so you quickly looked away and looked back at Matthew. “Well Matthew, it was very nice to meet you. I hope you enjoy your stay. Give us a ring if there’s anything that you need.”

“Of course. Well, don’t work too hard gorgeous.” Matthew grabbed his small suitcase from the floor, then made his way to the elevator.

You looked back to where James stood, only to see that his figure was gone. So you just rolled your eyes because you knew exactly what you were in for later. James always was the jealous type. You were used to it by now, so instead of stressing about it, you just went back to organizing your area and waited for Iris to arrive for her shift.

It wasn’t long until she arrived.

Iris arrived through the front door, you could hear the LA traffic before the door closed behind her. She looked very refreshed.

“Somebody looks like she’s in a good mood. Where did you go?” You asked curiously.

“Ramona & I just had a nice meal.” Iris replied, putting her hands on her belly as she made her way behind the concierge desk to take your place. You knew exactly what she meant by meal as in human blood.

To your disgust, you responded with sticking your tongue out and pointing a finger to it which made Iris giggle a little.

“Hey doll.” Out of the blue comes Liz. Standing across from the desk, she raises a brow and rests a hand on his, quickly tapping her fingernails on it one by one. “I have a message for you.” She emphasizes the word ‘you’ pretty well.

“What’s up, Liz?” You asked while twirling your fingers through your hair, looking confused.

“James said to meet you for dinner in 20 minutes. The usual room.”

“Great.” You said sarcastically. There’s nothing you’re dreading more than seeing James right now. You love your husband, you really do, but you just weren’t in the mood today for his nonsense. Dragging your feet, you grabbed your cell phone and keys, then slowly made your way to the elevator towards your bedroom.

The first thing you did upon entering your room was throw your phone and keys on the bed. You sighed, then went inside your closet, running your fingers through your clothes until you found an outfit to wear for tonight’s awkward dinner. Finally, you decided to throw on black leggings, a loose black top, a black blazer and black Christian Louboutin heels. You kept your hair down in loose curls and quickly touched up your makeup. Even though this dinner is the last thing you wanted to do today, you cared enough to at least look decent for James.

You hummed a tune to your favorite song while walking down the dim, silent halls until you reached the designated room. 1920′s Jazz music from the record player quietly leaked through the door. You knocked before opening the unlocked door to somewhat announce your arrival. 

“And who might this be?” James asked, staying seated in his chair.

“It’s me.” You announced once you were in his view.

“Ah yes.” The way James said it sounded rather irritable.

Once you sat down in your seat across from James, that’s when Miss Evers comes to fill his glass. He was basically waiting for you arrive before starting on drinking, no matter how long he had to wait. While Miss Evers was pouring James’ glass, he was looking directly at you with a stern look on his face, moving his hand left and right for her to keep pouring, then quickly put his hand up for her to stop and leave him be.

He didn’t scare you though, so you just sat there, staring back at him with a straight look on your face. 

For the first few minutes, you both just sat there in silence. Eventually, you got annoyed with the continuous stares without a word coming out of James’ mouth. You took a sip of your wine and held the glass in your hand. “Okay seriously James. Enough. What?”

James took in a deep breath before finally getting his word out to respond, “I imagine you are aware as to why I sent Liz to notify you about our small arrangement?” 

“Yeah yeah yeah. And?” Finally, Miss Evers served your dinner which you were pretty excited about because you were starving, so you set the napkin cloth on your lap and started on your meal.

James, on the other hand, didn’t touch his food. I mean, he’s a ghost anyways so it doesn’t even matter. “You should feel lucky I spared that man’s life since business has been slow this past month.”

“Spared his life? What are you…What do you mean? He wasn’t even doing anything. He was just being friendly.” You lied. Matthew was flirting a little, but you didn’t want the truth to come out of your mouth, so you just continued to deny James’ assumption.

“I’m dead dear, not stupid.” James glared at you, then took another sip of his bourbon filled glass.

Originally posted by bitemytonguedarling

You’re not going to lie though, what James just said to you was by far the best comeback he’s ever had. A huge part of you wanted to burst out laughing, but you didn’t want to give in just yet, so you kept your little poker face on for now. 

Since a word didn’t come out of your mouth, James continued, “May I remind you that you are mine. Do not let this happen again.”

“Okay, yeah. Fine. Whatever.” You didn’t agree with James, but you did so anyways or else this will go on forever. James will always be the overprotective and jealous husband. It was the Scorpio in him.

James felt some sort of relief, so he finally started on his dinner. “Now. If this shall happen again, see to it that I will torture a man and tie you to a chair to watch.”

“You’ve really outdone yourself.” If James just kept his mouth shut after you surrendered, everything would be just peachy. But he just HAD to add on. So instead of sitting there any longer, you got out of your seat, darting towards the door, with your arms straight down, with both hands in a fist.

“That’s enough!” James immediately followed after you, grabbing at your left wrist to face your body towards him, then grabbed at your shoulders and pushed you against a wall. Miss Evers was coming in through the back with a cart of dessert, but once she saw James in a rage, she hurriedly walked back out. 

James put both of his hands on the wall, leveled with your ears, then punched the wall once with his right fist. “I’ve grown tired of your attitude, Y/N! I provide for you anything you need and more! And I ask for nothing but your love and undying loyalty!”

“Okay, James. I get it.” You whispered, sounding understanding. It surprised James a little because for almost this entire dinner, you stuck with nothing but a stubborn attitude. To a normal girlfriend, having their boyfriend freak out like that would’ve scared them. But you weren’t scared of James. Not one bit. But you could see it in his eyes that you hurt him. You may not be as jealous as he is, which will take more time to get used to, but that’s okay because you have all the time in the world to get used to it. And someday, you’ll even have all of eternity to.


- I’m still debating whether or not I want to write a part two with some nsfw (; I’ll let my readers decide!

Like You’re Married

Pairing: Sam Holland x Gender Neutral!Reader

Requested: by anon

Request: ok so what do you think about making a imagine where the reader’s been dating sam (holland) for a really long time, and just fluff of them cuddling with tessa, being close to his siblings and parents and just being a “old married couple” (not in the literal sense lol) overall I’d appreciate if you did, but it’s ok if you don’t want to do.. thanks anyways :)) xx

Notes: I RLLY LIKE THIS PROMPT WOW. also i tried to make this gender neutral, please let me know if i messed up anywhere!

“How do you look so cute just laying there?” You looked up from your book, looking at Sam watching you from his spot on the other side of the couch. You shook your head, hiding your blushing face and smile behind your book. “Seriously, look at you,” he said in a teasing voice. He crawled across the couch, crawling over your legs and holding himself over you with his arms on both sides of you. “You’re so cute,” he whispered, bringing one hand up and lowering the book.

“Leave me alone,” you whined, letting go of the book when he tugged on it, and using your, now free, hands to cover your face.

“No,” he whined, resting his lower half on top of you, so he was straddling you, and used his hands to pry yours away from your face, “c’mon, pretty baby. Lemme see you.” You let your hands fall, Sam not letting go of them, but bringing them up to his lips, instead. “There you are.” He smiled at you, kissing the back of your hands. He leaned down, about to kiss you, until he was interrupted by your favorite girl -Tessa.

“Hi, Tess!” You said happily, shoving Sam off you and reaching down to scratch the back of Tess’s ear. Sam groaned, pouting at you. “Oh, shut up, Sam.” You didn’t even have to turn to look at him to know that he was pouting. “Pretty girl,” you whispered, leaning over to press a kiss on top of her head. You smiled as she perched up on the couch, wanting to jump onto it and next to you. You scoot back, feeling your butt and your back hit Sam’s chest.

“I like this position better.” You heard him mutter, causing you to roll your eyes, despite the smile on your face. You felt Sam’s arm wrap around your waist as you settled against him, Tessa jumped onto the empty spot in front of you and laid down. Sam stretched his arm so it wrapped around you and Tessa, keeping his two favorites close to him.

“You two are so cute,” you both looked up, seeing Tom and Haz looking at you two. “You’re giving me a toothache,” he teased, winking at you two. You blushed, hiding your face behind Tessa.

“You two act like you’re married.” Sam’s arm tightened around you and you could feel his face pressed against your back, feeling as embarrassed as you.

“Aw, Haz! They’re blushing!”

“Oh, my god. Fuck off!” Sam groaned, burying his face further against your back. Tom and Harrison both chuckled, walking over to pet Sam’s, yours and Tessa’s heads before leaving.

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sofiaimam  asked:

Hey could you write drarry undercover auror au where they have to pretend to be in a relationship and kiss Ps I already send you a message but I'm not sure it got sent?

Harry sighed dramatically for the third time in the last hour. “What! What do you want?” Draco yelled out. Harry jumped at the sound.

“I’m bored.” Draco rolled his eyes and went back to work. Harry groaned in annoyance and started spinning in his chair when a memo came flying into their office and hovered in between their desks. Harry stared at the paper plane, then to Draco, apparently not wanting to get it.

Draco glared at him before rolling his chair over and reaching out to grab it. He read the first line. “Looks like you’re in luck, we have a mission.” Harry’s eyes lit up as he rapidly jumped out of his seat and ran to Draco’s side to read the memo. “You both must go the muggle club, Bite. Seriously with that name.” Draco commented. “Which is located in London. There will be a wizard (see attached picture) who is trying to sell illegal potions. You will go undercover as-” Draco paused and read over the next line over a few time. “A couple.” He looked at the paper in disgust, he felt his face heat up.

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Title: Dark Chocolate

Title: Dark Chocolate
Type: Slight angst, SecretAdmirer!Jaehyun
Characters: Reader X Jaehyun (ft. Johnny)
Word Count: 2,022

A/N: I don’t even know why I wrote this but please enjoy loves!

Summary: It’s definitely not your fault that you’re allergic to chocolates. But the problem is, he doesn’t know about it at all.

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EXO scenarios: The moment they realize they like their s/o (ot9)

Requested by super sweet anon <3 Some of them are a bit long because I’m a terrible person :(

Originally posted by imgoinkokobop

Kim Minseok/Xiumin

“Say it again.”

“(y/n), you’re the most generous and wonderful person in the world.” a small pause. “Are we done?”

“Nope, a few more times. But not now.” she smiled teasingly and grabbed a box of cleaning supplies.

 Minseok liked to clean. It was a common fact about him. Everyone knew how crazy he was when it came to it. Usually he would do it by himself but recent injury limited his moves so he needed a hand. Although (y/n) volunteered to do it, she made him do things he wasn’t proud of in return.

 They walked over to the kitchen and began cleaning. She did the dishes while Minseok was putting everything in original order. (y/n) insisted on lifting some of the heavier things instead of him.

“You know I can do it? I don’t need both hands to do that.” he told her while watching her put the bags of flour on one of the higher shelves.

“Yeah, you need to show off your guns etc.” she turned to look at him with soft expression on her face. “You need to cure yourself and letting it rest is one of the ways to do so. I’m here to help you so let me do it.”

 Minseok nodded in understanding, a bit taken back by her seriousness. The first thing he thought of was to just cover it with something cheesy.

“(y/n), you’re the most generous and wonderful person in the world.” left his lips in robot’s tone.

 She laughed at that and returned to washing the dishes. Minseok felt relieved because his heart was close to jumping out of his chest. He busied himself with wiping the counter, from time to time stealing glances at his friend. It definitely felt nice being cared for by (y/n). He wondered whether he could make her heart pound the same way she made his heart do.

Originally posted by dazzlingkai

Kim Junmyeon/Suho

 Junmyeon knew that Chen didn’t like his sense of humor. Still, it didn’t stop him from trying to get to his friend’s fun side. But when he heard someone else laugh, his purpose disappeared into oblivion. Jongdae turned to look critically at (y/n). She was shaking because of Junmyeon’s joke.

“No, don’t tell me you too!” Chen groaned and hid face in his hands.

 Laughter that was plugged before by (y/n)’s sudden reaction suddenly came again with much more force. Suho joined the woman. Jongdae got up to leave because of that. He gave them a look that said weirdos but Junmyeon couldn’t care less.

“That was hilarious!” (y/n) finally let out when both of them calmed down.

“I’ve got more.”

“Tell me another one!”

 They spent the whole evening laughing at his jokes. Junmyeon couldn’t understand how they had never interacted that way.

“And Chanyeol told me that your jokes are terrible! My stomach hurts because I’m laughing so damn hard!” she told him meanwhile clutching her tummy.

 He patted her on the back and shook his head. His cheeks were hurting because he couldn’t stop smiling. Somehow it didn’t bother him at all. The presence of (y/n) made the whole experience enjoyable.

“Maybe we should start spending more time together so I could tell you more.” he suggested smoothly.

 She looked at him shyly. Junmyeon raised an eyebrow and tickled her side sending (y/n) into fit of giggles. He could get used to hearing it at the regular basis.

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Got7 Reaction: Both them and their s/o being each other’s first. (Request)

Hey guys! I’m sorry that this reaction took forever to write, it was a little bit of a challenge to write about first times. But we pulled through! Anyways I hope you enjoy these scenarios/reactions.


JB / Im Jaebum - Tonight was your 8 month anniversary and just after dinner you and JB decide to walk around town. Although there were absolutely no secrets between the two of you, just a few weeks ago JB finally felt that it was time to reveal a secret he’s been keeping for a long time. He was a virgin. Being insecure yourself, after his reveal, you decide to confide in him and also reveal that you too, share the same secret. Typically for your anniversaries, you and JB would order take out and watch movies at home. This morning you were getting ready by slipping on sweatpants and one of JB’s sweatshirts. You looked through a wide selection of movies on Netflix, trying to find one that you’d thought you both could enjoy. Suddenly you received a text from Jaebum telling you to look inside your closet for a pink box. Confused, you walk into your closet finding a pink box. Once you carefully opened it, you gasped. In the box there was a gorgeous dress and under the dress you find a hand written note saying.

I hope you liked it. Wear this and be ready by 7:30 xoxo  

Quickly, you glanced at the clock, it walk already 4:50pm giving you a little more than two hours to get fully ready. Ditching your sweatpants and sweatshirt, you immediately hop into the shower. Once you were finished you slipped into your robe, getting started on your hair and makeup. By the time you slipped on your dress and shoes, you hear the doorbell ring. Opening the door you see Jaebum in a nice white button up polo and navy blue chinos, looking as handsome as ever. Giving you a bouquet of flowers you gladly take them and put them in a jar of water, before going to the restaurant.

All through out dinner, the tension between the two of you was enough to be cut with a knife. So walking out of the restaurant felt like a breath of fresh air. it was almost 9pm when you and JB decided to walk back to his dorm. Worried about the other members, he assured you that he had the whole dorm to himself for the next week while the others went to visit family. Unlocking the door to his room you gasped in shock at the sight in front of you. His bed was covered in rose petals. 

“Jaebum,” you marveled “You didn’t have do this” 

You turned to face him with cheeks burning pink. He slowly puts one arm around your waist, and kisses you passionately. 

“Then I guess you have to take this off and give it back” he says pulling on your dress. 

“hmm, maybe I should” You smirk before kissing him again.

Originally posted by justrightforjb

Mark - It was the morning after, you and Mark’s romantic night. Laying next to him in bed, you stare at his handsome sleeping face. It never occurred to you how handsome Mark looked when he slept. You would always sleep before he gets home from work, and wake up to an empty apartment. Although you understood Mark’s frequent absences at home, it sometimes left you lonely, especially after a hard day’s work and you just want to come home and see his smiling face. Yesterday was different. Once you came home from work, surprisingly, you find Mark sitting on the couch. 

“I didn’t know you’d be home” you say with a confusing tone as you begin to put your stuff away.

He looks up from his phone and smiles before getting up and giving you a big hug and a peck on the cheek. 

“Let’s do something” he suggests.

You glance at your watch. 8:15.

“Where are we gonna go at this time?” you ask

“Uhmm,” he starts “Let’s go to the beach”

Hesitantly, you agreed. After changing into something more comfortable (probably shorts and a long sleeve idk), you and Mark immediately drive 30 minutes heading to the beach. The moon was out and there was a nice breeze. Hand in hand you and Mark walk against the shoreline. You lean your head against his shoulder as he places a kiss on the top of your head. Suddenly, Mark removes himself from your hold. You look at him confusingly, as he begins to take off his clothes. Your eyes go wide as you see an almost naked Mark, standing in front of you in nothing but his underwear. 

“Let’s go for a swim” He says before running into the water. 

You give him a crazed look. 

“C’mon! The water’s great!” He yells splashing some of the water toward you. 

“Fine!” you exclaims as you start removing your clothes. 

Running into the water to wear Mark was, you squeal laughing as he pulls you close to him. 

“I can’t believe you’re actually doing this”

You couldn’t believe it either. It wasn’t like you to go out and do thing impulsively. Yet, for some reason, tonight had a feeling that you would remember forever. After your swim with Mark, you both dried off and went home. Once you got home the mood completely changed. The once playful vibe you two shared turned into something you couldn’t describe. Suddenly all clothes were off before you two could reach the bedroom. 

Now, here you were laying next to the man you love. Snuggling closer you feel his skin against yours. That when you realized.

“OH MY GOD!” you exclaim loudly, as you sit up.

A startled Mark suddenly wakes up looking at you worriedly.

“What’s wrong?” he asks holding your arms tightly

“We had sex!” You exclaim, “I lost my virginity”

Mark then engulfs you into a big hug. 

“You’re not mad are you? Because I lost mine too”

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Jackson - Meeting Jackson was probably the best thing that’s ever happened to you. Your past relationships were nothing compared to what you and Jackson shared. You were hopelessly in love with this man. Although your relationship with Jackson seemed perfect, there were flaws that you wanted to change. You and Jackson didn’t fight often, but when you did, you noticed that it wasn’t because of something silly like him not picking up some of his stuff or you taking forever to get ready, it was because of something deeper than that. Sometimes when you fight, the sexual tension between the two of you was unbearable. There were times where you wanted to just kiss him in mid sentence and let him do whatever he wanted to your body. You held back all those times because you were still unsure about losing your virginity. Of course, you had no doubt in your mind that you wanted to lose your virginity to Jackson, but you felt insecure sometimes overthinking about not being able to please him. 

After much thinking, you finally made up your mind. You were gonna have sex with Jackson when the opportunity is given to you. Both you and Jackson have been on edge this past week due to stresses at work. Right after work you met up with BamBam to go shopping. After about an hour you wonder to yourself why you went shopping with the kid in the first place. He could not for the life of him make up his mind about certain clothing item. So an hour and a half at the mall turned to 3 real quick. You got home exhausted. Opening the door you see an angry Jackson sitting on the couch waiting for you. 

You roll your eyes knowing what was about to happen.

“Where were you?!” He asked angrily.

“I was out with BamBam.” You say tossing your back to the side with your jacket.

“What were you two doing?” he seethed.

“We just hung out, at the mall” 

“Mhmm, sure” he scoffs

“We were!” 

“Tell me the truth. Were you two cheating?” He accused “He’s one of my best friends Y/N!!”

“THAT IS THE TRUTH.” You yelled, shocked at his accusation. 

“Bullshit Y/N I know you tw—” 

You crash your lips against his, not wanted to hear anymore. 

“You seriously think I would cheat on you?” You ask, kissing him again. 

Things got heated between you two really quick. Before you knew it, the both of you are in your room nearly undressed. Just before things furthered on, you suddenly stopped. 

“What’s wrong?” Jackson asks, with a worried look on his face.

“I’m nervous….this is my first time” you reply shyly.

He pulls you tight and kisses your forehead.

“Don’t worry babe, this is my first time too. I’ll be gentle.”

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Jinyoung / Park Jinyoung - Last night was definitely one that you’d remember forever. Yesterday started off not so great but ended in a way that you never thought would happen. The day started with a cup of coffee. On his day offs Jinyoung would take you to new cafes, where the both of you can spend time sipping on coffee and having conversations that could last for hours. This time, something was different. When you lightly brought up the topic of sex, Jinyoung looked oddly uncomfortable. Although you were a virgin, you never had any problems talking about sex openly with other people (especially since most of your friends talked about their sex lives like an open book). 

“What’s wrong?” you asked him, curiously.

“Uhm.. I’m just not used to us talking about sex so openly with each other” He says as he shifts in his seat, taking another sip of his coffee. 

“It’s just sex,” You start, “Besides, I don’t really know what it’s like…”

This time was your turn to shift uncomfortably. Talking about sex itself wasn’t a problem for you, but when it came to talking about your own sex life, let’s just say that you much rather keep that to yourself. You were pretty insecure about still being a virgin. Whenever it came a time to talk about your sex life, you often times thought that talking about your virginity scared guys away. So, that led to many failed relationships due to the lack of sex.

Suddenly Jinyoung’s vibe completely changed. It was like he was suddenly relieved from your sudden confession. 

“Me too…” he says awkwardly.

Your eyes widen, as you choke on your drink. You both continue talking about your sex lives, and it was shocking that someone as handsome as Jinyoung was still a virgin, like yourself. For a while you both talked about how your friends would always come to you two whenever they had problems regarding who they slept with or whenever they wanted to boast about their sexual conquests. Jokingly the both of you talked about having sex that night and even went out of your way to buy the stuff ‘needed’ for that night (roses, lingerie, candles, condoms….etc). 

Once you got home, headed straight for the bathroom, to try on the new lace lingerie you bought. When you got out of the bathroom, the lights were dimmed and you saw Jinyoung lighting up a few candles. Coughing, you made your presence known, and when he turned around, Jinyoung couldn’t stop staring at your body. Soon things got heated and eventually you both lost your virginity to each other. Now, here you were laying in bed with Jinyoung. His eyes flutter open as he smiles at you, kissing your forehead. 

“Good morning” he mumbles “How do you feel?”

“I feel good,” you smile “It kinda hurts though”

Suddenly he got up, placing both his hands on your cheeks.

“Are you okay? I didn’t hurt you too much did I?” He asks frantically

You smile shaking your head

“I feel great”

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Youngjae / Choi Youngjae - You and Youngjae were on the couch playing video games, like usual. Nothing was out of the ordinary for the both of you, but soon you started to get bored. Most of the time, you are always the one losing when it comes to playing video games and you hated it. Naturally instead of throwing a fit, you would just tell him that you didn’t want to play anymore. This time you had enough, you lost for the billionth time and Youngjae didn’t get the hint that you started to get annoyed. 

“No! I don’t wanna play anymore” you say pushing the controller away from you.

“Y/N it’s just a game,” he says picking up the controller, “Here I’ll let you win this time”

You roll your eyes shaking your head, and sigh. 

“I don’t want you to let me win. That wouldn’t be fair”

“Hmm. Let’s make a bet” 

“What kind of bet?” You asked, confused.

“If you win, we could do whatever you want,” He started, “If I win, we get to have sex”

“Youngjae…I’m still a virgin. I don’t wanna lose my virginity over a bet.” 

“Baby I don’t want to lose mine over a bet either, all the more reason for you to win.” He says as he cups your cheeks, lightly kissing your lips. 

Sighing. You agree, grabbing the controller. This time you were definitely going to try your hardest to win.You loved Youngjae from the bottom of your heart, and there was no doubt in your mind that you wanted to lose your virginity to him. But you always thought that when you lost your virginity, it would be romantic with roses and candles. You definitely did not want to lose it because you lost a bet. 

You and Youngjae agreed to play three rounds. Before playing, you made him promise not to take it easy on you. If you were going to win, you were going to win fair and square. The rounds between the two of you felt like a life time. By the end of the second round, the score was tied. The tension in the room made you more nervous than when you started. You glance over at Youngjae, he looked almost as nervous as you were. For some odd reason, you started to find his hard focus on the game a huge turn-on. The competition started coming to an end, but instead of focusing on the game, your mind started to drift off to how sexy Youngjae looked. Before you knew it, the game was over. 

“I won!” You exclaim with excitement. “I actually won!” 

“Good job Ja–” 

You interrupt Youngjae with a heated kiss. 

“Woah…Okay” He says pulling away “So what is it that you want to do”

“I have something in mind” You reply with a smirk before kissing Youngjae again.

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BamBam - It was the morning after you and BamBam shared your first time. You snuggle closer into the pillow as you open your eyes, it surprised you to find BamBam not sleeping next to you. It left you feeling a little disappointed and upset. You always thought you’d wake up the next morning seeing the man you love right by your side, after your first time. But waking up to an empty bedside, made your heart drop. Sighing, you pull on one of BamBam’s t-shirt and head over to the kitchen to make yourself a cup of coffee.

 As you walk over to the kitchen, you hear BamBam talking on the phone. You roll your eyes. BamBam left you to wake up alone so that he could talk to his friends (the friends he sees everyday). You were about to interrupt him and give him a piece of your mind but, something stopped you. 

“Yeah guys so I’m a man now.”

You tilt your head in confusion.

“Well I lost my virginity to the woman I love. I know that most of you aren’t able to say that,” BamBam coughs, “Mark” 

You smile to yourself as you lean against the wall. “Yes I do love her. I don’t see myself with anyone else but her. She’s amazing”

Feeling your cheeks heating, you place your hands on your face to calm yourself down. 

“Shut up Yugyeom!” He exclaims, “I’m not telling you details. What’s wrong with you??”

This time you couldn’t help but giggle to yourself, as you imagine what Yugyeom said. Suddenly, BamBam stops talking. Your eyes widen as you grab what’s closest to you, a lamp, and hide behind it. BamBam turns around the corner and stands in front of you, smirking. 

“Really, y/n?”

“Uhm y/n isn’t here at the moment, please leave your message after the beep.” You pause, “Beeeeeeeep”

“Okay, well when y/n wants to eat breakfast, I’ll be making some in the kitchen”

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Yugyeom / Kim Yugyeom - You and Yugyeom were in the dance studio. Ever since Yugyeom caught you trying to learn the choreography to ‘Just Right’, he never stopped bugging you to let him personally teach you the choreography not only to ‘Just Right’ but for any song you were willing to dance to. For the past week, Yugyeom’s been teaching you some of the choreography he’s danced to when he was on Hit the Stage. Reaching for your towel, you wipe the sweat off your face, and take a sip of from your water bottle. You walk over to Yugyeom laying on the floor also wiping the sweat off his sweat. 

“Thanks Jagi” He says out of breath. 

You hand him your water bottle, and he sits up taking a large gulp.

“I’m gonna practice the one part we’ve been working on” You say walking over to the speakers. Putting on “Take you down” by Chris Brown, you walk over to the middle of the room waiting for your cue to start dancing. Once the chorus started, you immediately started feeling the music as well as the choreography that Yugyeom taught you. When the music ended you stood up and leaned against the mirror. 

“How was that?” You smile, breathing heavily.

Yugyeom stays silent as he beelines over to you. He puts both hands on the mirror trapping you between himself and the mirror. Your eyes widen as you look up at him. You see the lust in his eyes, and you shift beneath him. His body pressed against you, made you flustered flustered. It was like the air in the room started suffocating you.

“Babe…” You mumble.

Suddenly, Yugyeom pushes himself off of the mirror. 

“I’m sorry Jagi,” he starts “You looked so sexy”

Now it was your time to step forward.

“Babe, you know how we talked about our first time.” 

“Mhmm” He replies

“Do you wanna get it over with now?” You suggest smirking.

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If you don't mind me asking, which episode or moment made you ship nalu? For me it's a tie between the phantom lord arc where Lucy trusted that Natsu would catch her, the episode with the rainbow sakura tree (still not over the fact he uprooted an entire tree just so Lucy could see it, too freaking adorable), & when they both fought Kain during the tenrou arc.

I guess the Rainbow Sakura omake/episode is what made me seriously consider NaLu romantically. Natsu is such a cinnamon roll, how he didn’t want Lucy to miss out and did something so romantic (and it was romantic, that’s above and beyond what a friend would do). Honestly, that scene sent shivers down my spine, with the FT music playing and the sincerity behind his actions. It was beautiful. 

And the look on Lucy’s face…Natsu made Lucy feel like that. Why wouldn’t I ship a pairing where they obviously love each other so much?

This is the scene that convinced me Lucy had romantic feelings for Natsu. And I don’t blame her. 😌

And then this scene…

Followed by 

My shipper heart was sold. These scenes convinced me Natsu felt the same, irrefutably so. His anger and passion over Lucy being “taken” from him, I absolutely loved this show of emotion. I watch Natsu protecting Lucy scenes, again and again, I will never tire of them. 😁

Of course, the other scenes add up to me shipping NaLu but these are the scenes that stand out the most to me (in how I came to ship NaLu). The fact that they are best friends before lovers is important to me. It says they are more than “oh they look good together”, it says they make each other happy and their lives are enriched by being together. 

The fact that Lucy isn’t happy when Natsu isn’t around is telling. When Natsu disappeared for the year she could have gone with the other FT members but she didn’t. She could have joined Mira or Cana (they wouldn’t have said no), the only explanation that makes sense to me is she didn’t feel right without Natsu by her side. To Lucy, Natsu became home, he is her tie to FT and if he’s not there it affects her mentally. He motivates her, gives her hope. 

Lucy doesn’t have her parents anymore and she was alone when she met Natsu. He’s the one who introduced her to the guild, gave her a family again. Her violent emotional reaction to his “death” in chapter 538 attests to how much she loves him.  I wouldn’t be surprised if NaLu becomes canon on their reunion. I don’t think either of them will be able to get away with withholding their love for each other, especially with Lucy thinking he is dead.  Natsu knew that loss not too long ago and went demon over it. 

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Sup! I loved your recent heart/head meta. Pretty much agree with everything you said. I was just wondering what your read was on that glorious face caress from 4x13. I always interpreted it as their first flirtatious intimate moment. Like Bellamy, literally just touched her, because he WANTED to. It wasn't about comfort that time. And Clarke's reaction was just cute. Idk, I just found that to be such a leap in the intimacy they've always shared. What were thoughts on that particular moment?

Thanks nonny! Glad you liked my meta (not so recent now since I took approximately six years and seven days to answer this ask).

That glorious face caress is one of my FAVOURITE moments of the finale (there were a lot) and, honestly, the whole show. Seriously. Whenever I see it giffed on my dash I have to take at least a ten minute break from scrolling just to stare at it and die half a million small deaths.


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(Adding gif by @xladymorganx cause I couldn’t find one that showed her face after the caress AND IT’S SO IMPORTANT OMG LOOK AT THE WAY SHE’S LOOKING AT HIM)

I like how you say it was Bellarke first flirtatious intimate moment. They’ve had flirtatious moments before, and they’ve had intimate moments but the oxymoron scene manages to combine both of those elements and the end product was MAGNIFICENT. There’s so many things that I love about it, I don’t even really know where to start - Bob and Eliza (especially Eliza, just look at her face dam) capture so. much. in this short little scene and I can’t believe how layered it is.

This moment, in retrospect, feels so tragic and heartbreaking. You can just see in Clarke’s eyes that she knows something is wrong, and she doesn’t think she can stop it this time. There’s this massive sense of foreboding that she feels and you can see it in her eyes. But what really breaks my heart about it is that there’s also so much love there in her eyes. You can tell in the way she sort of lingers after his touch that she wants more, she wants to lean into it. And that’s how I interpret her initial expression where she stares at him and just kind of blinks and looks away - almost like she’s shy, like she’s a girl falling in love for the first time (even though we know she’s fallen in love before). 

But when she looks back, it’s almost with a kind of resignation. She looks sad, because she just can’t shake the feeling that she might not make it out of this alive, and she knows that she may never get to have that kind of relationship with Bellamy. But she wants it, dammit. So badly. And it hurts so much because she knows that she can’t have it. 

Not just because she thinks there’s no time, (it always a problem with time *sigh*) but because if she’s right, and if she dies, then it means she would leave Bellamy behind. Clarke has been there already, losing two of her loves right after finally confessing her love/starting a relationship, and she just can’t put Bellamy through that pain. She can’t tell him she loves him, or kiss him, or hold him in the way that she wants to because she believes that she will die, and knows that when she’s gone it will only be even more excruciating for him to let her go. 

She doesn’t hold back because she wants to, she does it because she loves him too much to put him through that heartbreak of losing her right after finally getting to love her in the way they both want. 

Fuck. I’m emo about this all over again. did i ever really stop being emo tho

I think that, in the fandom, people like to focus a lot on how Bellamy looks at Clarke - which does make sense, considering a lot of people first started shipping Bellarke based on the evolution of Bob’s subtle expression changes when staring at Clarke - but sometimes there’s a scene where Clarke is looking at Bellamy like THAT and it just kills me. Repeatedly. I love the way Bellamy looks at Clarke, don’t get me wrong, but we talk about it all the time and I feel like we just don’t talk about it as much with Clarke.


She is SO in love and you can see it right there in her eyes. Clear as day.

You know what? I think I just realized something about this moment that makes me love it so much. Clarke’s wall that she has so carefully built up has just … completely evaporated. She is so vulnerable in this moment, unlike basically any other time we’ve seen her. Every emotion is right there on her face to see: the fear, the love, the dread. It’s all there. She just can’t hide it, not with Bellamy.

And that bare, uncovered honesty and vulnerability … that is intimate. The way Bellamy reaches out to touch her, without even really thinking about it because it just feels right, is intimate. And the way that she doesn’t stop him, almost leans into his touch, is intimacy too.

How many people do you let touch your face? Because I fucking hate when people touch my face. If a stranger does it, it’s creepy. If a friend does it, it’s weird. Face caresses like that just aren’t platonic gestures. You’d only let someone touch you like that if you feel 100% and totally comfortable around them, if you really love them. 

You’re right - the intimacy runs deep in this scene. 

And like you said, there’s no real reason for Bellamy to reach out to touch her face. He could have just mentioned that she’s burning up. It wasn’t even really meant to be comforting (although it probably was comforting for Clarke, to some extent), it really seems like Bellamy just impulsively reached his hand out to touch her because she was right there and he. just. couldn’t. help. himself. 

Fuck. He loves her so much (!!) I’m actually physically aching right now.

The way he caresses her face is SO SOFT I could literally cry about it. And her face fucks me up in so many ways (which I’ve already talked about). I crave death, holy shit.

Man, why would you do this to me nonny? I’m DYING. 

This moment is everything

‘`[1]′` Long Live The Queen

Genre: angst, series

Pairing: Kim Taehyung x Reader (ft. some girl named Hyerim who plays as Taehyungs new girlfriend & Jeon Jungkook)

Warnings: mild vulgar language 

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    ✕     Your posture turns stiff as you stand there like a deer in the headlights. The girl he is with now giggled, turning evilly towards you with a stare built with push daggers. 

  “[Y/N], I’m sorry…” Taehyung mumbled loud enough for you to hear, “But I’m breaking up with you.” You nearly dropped your things as you felt the distance between the two of them and you, standing at the doorframe of your old bedroom, stray away from you. 

  “I understand…” You exhaled. You will not fight him on his choice to love you. If he wanted to run off with some other chick he’d pick up on the side of the streets then, 

so be it. 

     You briskly packed your things, utterly disgusted at their make-out session going on. It was like they didn’t even acknowledge you anymore. You were merely just a fly. 

To Hyerim, only a pesky mosquito. 

   You can cry about it later. Right now, you just needed to get the hell out of this house and hope to never return. As you exited the building, you wondered as you began to make a beeline for your house. 

You wouldn’t think that’d it’d all come to an end like this. 

  Taehyung had you believing he loved you for you, nobody could top you. 

        You were his angel. How could such a girl like her twist his mind into believing you were but a piece of plastic on the concrete floor? She has him wrapped around her finger, surely. 

      All hope is lost for you, you supposed. This girl… She was far more fascinating than you. Taehyung caught himself a beauty queen, huh? She had the waist and chest, to the lips and the eyes. 

   Her hair was silk like the ties he wore. Her smile were brighter than day and her taste in outfits would put designers out of business. 


You arrived at your house a while later, shuffling in your bag for the key. You managed to fish it out, and unlock the door. As soon as you shut the door, you slid down the door and sunk to your knees. 

You put your head down and began to weep. Sadness seeped through your veins as your head pounded with disbelief. You eventually cried yourself to sleep on the floor. 

        –              ❝    4:00 AM, October 15th, 2017   ❞

Jungkook would make a mad dash for Taehyung’s door. He knew it was way too late at night, but knowing you, Jungkook knew you’d still be up. Jungkook stepped up to the door and knocked gently. 

No answer. 

He’d knock again, but quite loudly. 

Still no answer. 

    “[Y/N]?! [Y/N]?!” He chimed, waiting for you to answer the door. The door nearly swung open, “Why are you here? Go away!” Jungkook gave a displeased look, revolted of the repulsive attitude of Taehyung’s new girlfriend, “You’re not [Y/N]?”

    The drowsy girl hissed, “Oh. That girl? She ran off to cry herself to death. Can’t stand her at all!” 

     A mental record scratch played in Jungkook’s mind. Hold up. He knew this girl was NOT talking down on [Y/N]. Jungkook prayed to the heavens she was not. 

   “Pardon?” Jungkook cleared his voice. “What? I told you she’s not here” Hyerim growled. 

    “I’m not even going to fight you right here and right now. I need to go find someone WAY more important. And tell Taehyung to text me. I need to know what the hell is going on right now!” Jungkook turned on his heels and headed for your house. 

  When he arrived at your door, he knocked and knocked until you opened the door. He obnoxiously rang the doorbell too, Jungkook was desperate to get in and get to the bottom of this. 

    You got up from the floor in sweat. You ran a hand through your hair as you stood and opened the door timidly. “[Y/N]!” Jungkook rushed in and shut the door with his foot, engulfing you in hugs. 

    “What happened?! Who was that at Taehyung’s house?!” Jungkook swung you in his arms a little. 

    “[Y/N], I’m sorry…” 

     You began to sob, your tears wetting Jungkook’s shirt. “[Y/N], oh my– I’m so sorry~” Jungkook walked you over to a chair and sat the both of you down, rubbing your back.

   “I seriously need Taehyung to text me. What the fuck…” 

  Jungkook locked his phone, and threw it behind you. “Hey, look at me,” Jungkook tried to get you to face him, “[Y/N].” You looked at him with tear stains on your cheeks and tears in your eyes. 

   “I’m here for you, okay? Hell, I’ll even move in if I have to, just to make sure you’re safe and feeling happy” Jungkook held your shoulders, gazing into your glossed over hues. 

   You nod, “O-Okay… Thank you so much…” Jungkook threw you into his arms, rubbing slow circles on your back and hushing you as you began to mourn again. “We’ll deal with them in the morning…” 

Part Two Scheduled For Tomorrow.

Word count: 830


Part Two is out

“Instagram frightens me,” Bucky said, frowning at the screen on his phone.

Steve peeked at it as he passed by, then took a step backward to give it a good, long look. “…Why are they talking about our pecs like that?”

Natasha perked up from playing on her own phone. “How are they talking about your pecs?”

“Look what you’ve done,” Bucky hissed at the blond, hurriedly pulling his phone to his chest protectively.

Steve shrugged and held hands up helplessly. “Sorry.”

Natasha had already pulled his Instagram up on her phone. “You accepted my request, idiot.”

“Show me how to delete her, Steve,” Bucky ordered, shoving his phone at him.

“Too late–Oh my God.” She began laughing, and it had just an edge of meanness to it. “You guys actually thought posting a picture after one of your runs while your white shirts were saturated with your sweat was a good idea?!” Natasha actually began rocking side to side in her seat, cackling. “I’m dying–oh my God someone help-!”

Bruce walked into the living room and frowned when he saw her laughing. “What happened? Did an enemy meet a hilariously gruesome end?”

“They’re talking about Steve and Bucky’s tits!” Natasha shrieked, and finally rolled off the love seat, she was laughing so hard.

Bruce looked at her a long moment before he said, “Okay.” Then he turned on his heel and left.

Natasha was still laughing, so Steve and Bucky left too, before they had to listen to her tell someone else about how their fans were talking about their chests.

Unfortunately, for the next three days, Natasha burst out laughing every time she saw them, and soon the rest of the team knew about it. Apparently no one actually looked at the comments on their posts anymore since they could only handle so many heart-eye emojis, but they were suddenly willing to bear with it for the hilarious comments.

“Oh God damn it,” Bucky whispered when Sam handed him a plate with two pancakes on it, whipped cream nipples standing nearly as proudly as the other man’s smile.

“Sorry, man,” Sam laughed, not sounding sorry at all.

Steve looked like he might laugh as well, until Sam gave him a plate with the same thing. “Sam.

“What, you thought I wouldn’t make fun of you, too?” Sam asked, raising an eyebrow, before brightening when Natasha came in. “Natasha, did you see my masterpieces?”

Natasha looked at them, their pancakes, and then turned around to walk right back out, laughing again.

Bucky bent his fork in half.

Tony had been overseas for a business meeting, so he’d missed everything, and Natasha had finally stopped laughing herself to tears when she saw them. They were pretty sure they would get away with Tony never finding out.

Except Natasha was a huge fucking BITCH.

“Tony, you’re back!” Natasha exclaimed when he walked in, still wearing a rumpled suit.

Tony squinted at her, still jetlagged, but he’d wanted to see everyone before he crashed and slept for eighteen hours. Seeing nothing immediately out of the ordinary, he simply agreed, “Yes.”

She skittered over to where Steve and Bucky were sitting, grinning. “Tony, who do you think has the best tits?”

Steve and Bucky both had the distinct thought ‘I’m going to murder her.’

Tony blinked at her slowly. “…You do.”

Natasha opened her mouth, then closed it. “…That’s so sweet,” she finally decided, actually looking flattered, before she slapped her hands down on each of the men’s shoulders. “But I meant between Steve and Bucky.”

“Oh.” Tony wandered closer, humming thoughtfully as he peered very intensely at their chests.

After a moment, he reached out and cupped Steve’s pecs in his hands, either ignoring or not noticing the way he tensed up and squeaked. Bucky would have made fun of him except he made the same noise when Tony abruptly turned and did the same thing to him. He hummed again, then placed a hand on both of their pecs.

“…I can’t decide,” Tony said, and then did not move away.

They stared at him for a little while, worried, before Steve cautiously said, “Tony?”

Tony jerked as if he’d been shocked. “Huh?” He looked at his hands on both of their chests. “…I need to sleep,” he decided, and gave their chests a pat. “I apologize for molesting you.”

“It’s not molesting if we want it,” Bucky blurted out, and then set his jaw, because what the fuck, brain?!

Tony patted his cheek just a little too hard. “Maybe you need some sleep too.”

Bucky gaped as the other man turned and sort of… tottered away.

“He’s going to fall asleep in the elevator,” Clint said fondly.

Bruce sighed and got up to trot after him. “Tony, let me help you.”

“Be careful, Bruce,” they heard him warn as the doors began to shut. “I’m molesting people.”

“Quite honestly I would prefer that to you stabbing me to see if I’ll turn into the Hulk,” Bruce replied blandly.

Steve crossed his arms over his chest when he noticed Sam grinning at him, blushing. “What?!”

“Tony grabbed your boobs,” Sam said, then burst out laughing. “And he didn’t even notice!”

Steve turned to look at Bucky, frowning. “Do you just wanna leave the country?”

Yes,” he answered immediately and viciously.

“I think,” Natasha said, leaning down to put her face between theirs. “That you’re missing the point.”

Bucky glared at her. “And what point is that, you troublemaker?”

“Tony couldn’t decide which of your chests he likes better,” she explained, as if he was an idiot. “So maybe when he’s not about to fall asleep on his feet, you can offer to let him check again.”

“…I don’t understand why you’re like this,” Steve admitted.

Natasha rolled her eyes. “You’re both hopeless.”

“Seriously,” Clint said, raising an eyebrow. “She gave you the perfect opening to hit on Tony and you’re being too prude to do it.”

“Am not!” Steve answered immediately, because he never liked being told he was too anything, and Bucky got the sinking feeling that Steve was going to march him to Tony as soon as he heard he was awake to do just that.

“Couldn’t we just buy him flowers?” he asked, but Steve had that determined look to him. “Steve please.”

“We can get him flowers and ask whose chest is better,” Steve allowed. “It will be mine, by the way, so you can pick out the flowers.”

Bucky turned to glare at him, appalled. “No way, my chest is way better than yours! You’re gonna be super embarrassed when Tony tells you so, too!”

Natasha rolled her eyes as they began bickering and walked over to flop down next to Sam. “What did we do to get stuck with these idiots?”

“I don’t know about you, but Steve basically harassed me,” Sam replied, shrugging. “Whenever someone says ’on your left,’ I still get irrationally angry.”
Here's How Breitbart And Milo Smuggled Nazi and White Nationalist Ideas Into The Mainstream
A cache of documents obtained by BuzzFeed News reveals the truth about Steve Bannon’s alt-right “killing machine.”
By Joseph Bernstein

I’m glad, in a way, that people are reading this and finally understanding that yes, GamerGate should have been taken fucking seriously, because this is where not paying attention, not taking it seriously, got us.

I’m still so fucking angry at not just the people who knowingly, willingly signed on to GG, but also everyone who took a “let’s look at both sides” approach to addressing it, or who took their “ethics in journalism”/”consumer revolt” bullshit facade at face value and decided it was worth engaging, or pretended it was worth engaging for clicks. I’m angry at the stupid fuckers who didn’t know any better, who willingly or accidentally remained ignorant of GG’s origin and motives and ate up GG’s pretense of crusading for a better video game industry, the ones who got taken in by all the lies about “””””bias”””””, and who slept with who and for what gain, and how deceptive and wrong it is for anyone in the video game/video game journalism industry to ever have friends. I’m angry at the people who looked at the whole thing and concluded “but what about how bad that relationship was for Eron, poor guy :(((” as if that was the most important aspect to focus on, as if he didn’t actively invest considerable time and effort into convincing what he knew was a vicious and practiced harassment mob to go after his ex in order to destroy her.

God, I’m still s o  f u c k i n g  a n g r y.

roommates w. ong

part 1 / 2 / 3

warning: suggestive sexual content mentioned(?) no smut kids.

  • ong suffered from crushing on you for another six months.
  • you never dated within that time frame but he can’t find it in himself to tell you. he fears that it will make your friendship/living arrangement awkward.
  • meanwhile, you were constantly hearing from your friend that was on the couch with you when ong was grumpy. he kept telling you that ong totally had a crush on you.
  • you laughed at that guy’s face because you knew ong for so long and there was no fucking way he liked you. 
  • he was just stressed that day, you thought.
  • “you’re stupid. you didn’t see the way he glared at me before he stomped his way back into his room.”
  • “he was just being a baby. i bet he’ll be okay with you now.”

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Period Cramps (E.D)

Summary: It’s that time of month for you, and you’re having the worst cramps. Your boyfriend Ethan tries to make you feel better.

Word Count: 1,320

Warnings: None.

A/N: I’ve been having the most horrible cramps all day! & all I wanted was to just lay in bed, & cuddle with one of the twins. But since this is real life, & that will never happen, I decided to write about it instead! Enjoy :)

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Reader’s POV

“Good Moooooorning Y/N!” Ethan cheered, smiling through the phone screen.

“Why are you yelling?” I scolded at my boyfriend, who had woken me up with his FaceTime call.

I wasn’t really in the best mood this morning. I woke up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom, and found out I had gotten my period. I spent the whole night in fetus position, trying to make the cramps go away.  

“Someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed today.” Ethan said, looking at me through the phone screen.

“Because you woke me up you assclown!” I spat out, and instantly feeling bad, because you were being rude to your boyfriend for no reason.

“Well I guess I’ll let you go back to bed…” he said sounding a little hurt at my response.

“No, babe I’m sorry for being bitchy. I got my period last night, and the cramps made it impossible to sleep!” I said, and Ethan made a cute little puppy dog pout.

“EWWW! GROOOSSS!” I head Grayson yell out in the background.  

“Gray, shut the fuck up!” Ethan said, turning around and throwing a pillow at him.

* * * *

Ethan wanted to take me out for breakfast, but I didn’t feel like getting out of bed or going anywhere, today. These cramps were killing me. It was like if Satan unleashed his army of Satan babies into my body, and now they were having a twerking contest on my ovaries.  

We stayed on Facetime for a little bit. Our conversation was pretty much me ranting about how horrible my cramps were, and how I wanted to die, and Ethan just laughing at me. He even called me dramatic. Yeah, my boyfriend Ethan Dolan, the drama king himself, called me dramatic.  

We ended up getting off the phone, because he needed to go run some errands, but, he was going to stop by later this afternoon whenever he got through with what he was doing. I didn’t want to get out of bed, but I knew I needed to go brush my teeth and take a shower. I plugged my phone up to the charger, and placed it on my night stand, before getting out of bed, and heading over to the bathroom.

* * * * 

I got out the shower, and went into the kitchen to grab a bottle of water out of the fridge. I grabbed the bottle of Tylenol off the kitchen counter and took 2.  

Hopefully these will help with the cramps.  

I plopped myself onto the couch, and started scrolling through Twitter on my phone. I noticed some pictures of Ethan with some fans so I liked and retweeted some of them. As I was scrolling through my TL I received a new text message from Ethan. 

Ethan💙: How are you feeling babe?

You: I’m dying! Send help!

Ethan💙: Are those Satan babies still having a twerking contest on your uterus? Lmaooo 😂😂😂

You: I’m sure they’re doing the JuJu On The Beat in there 😒 …& it’s probably better than how you do it 😂 

Ethan💙: You know you aren’t very funny! This is why I’m the comedian.

You: Blah blah blah. Wyd?

Ethan💙: I’m finishing up with these errands. I’ll be over soon beauitful 😘

You: Ok. See you soon babe 💕

I closed out of my messages, and opened up YouTube, and started looking up some make up tutorials. I figured I could watch a few, while I waited for my boyfriend to get here.

* * * *



“Babe, wake up!” 

I opened my eyes slowly to see my boyfriend sitting next to me on the couch trying to wake me up. Ethan’s lips curled up into a smile, when he notice me waking up.

I guess I had fell asleep while I was watching YouTube videos. 

“Hey sleepy head.” Ethan said, as he kissed my cheek softly, moving the strands of hair that were in my face, behind my ear. 

“Did you use your key to get in?” I asked, referring to the spare key to my apartment that I had given Ethan whenever we started getting serious. 

“Yeah. I called you, and texted you a few times, but I figured you were sleep since you didn’t answer. And I was right.” he said, as I grabbed my phone off the coffee table.

“Sorry baby. I was watching some videos on YouTube, and I guess I fell asleep.” I said, sitting up, and Ethan grabbed my legs resting them on top of his lap.

“What’s that?” I asked, pointing at the big bag, that was sitting on the coffee table.

“Oh! I stopped at the store, and got you a few things!” Ethan said proudly, grabbing the bag into his lap and opening it up.

“I know you like to eat junk whenever it’s that time of month so I got some of your favorite candies, and this tub of ice cream!” he said, handing me a KitKat bar, and putting the rest on the coffee table.

He reached back into the bag, and pulled out a box of tampons, and a pack of pads. I couldn’t help but laugh at how red Ethan’s face turned when he pulled those items out.

“I didn’t know which one to get, so I got both. Because I know I saw some of these diaper looking things in your bathroom before, but than I also remember seeing these tampons. Soooo I got both just in case.”  he said His face was looking like a tomato, and it was honestly so cute. I giggled a little, at the thought of Ethan going to the store to get pads, and tampons. I seriously had the cutest boyfriend ever.

“Babe, you didn’t have to do that. But thank you! You’re the sweetest!” I said, reaching over, and giving him a peck on the lips. 

“I know I didn’t have to. But I wanted too! I wanted to make you feel better!” he said, reaching back into the bag again. This time he pulled out what looked like clothes? 

“I bought you some of my shirts, and my Adidas sweat pants that you always like to wear whenever you stay the night.” Ethan said, putting them on the coffee table with the all the other stuff that he got me.

* * * *

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I took a quick shower, and changed into one of Ethan’s t-shirts, and slid on his Adidas sweatpants before heading back into the living room.

Ethan ordered some pizza, and we were currently sitting on the couch eating pineapple pizza, and watching Tangled. Surprising Ethan was way more into this movie then I thought. He even sung along to some of the songs. We were at the part where Rapunzel and Flinn were singing I See The Light, and Ethan started singing along to all of Flinn’s parts. I couldn’t help but laugh at my awkward, but adorable boyfriend. I opened up Snapchat on my phone and started recording him. 

We finished eating, and continued watching a few more movies. I was laying down, with my head in Ethan’s lap, and his hand was under my shirt, running his hands up and down my back. I could feel my eyes get heavy, and I felt them starting to close shut. Before I knew it, the soothing feeling of Ethan’s fingers tracing circles on the small of my back, and the sound of the tv help me drift off into a peaceful sleep.

The Boy Named Yoongi

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Pairing: Yoongi X Reader

Genre: Fluff

Length: 1,381 words

Summary: Valentine’s day is coming up and you had no interest in that but that was only until you realized you still liked your middle school crush; the boy who harshly rejected you.

WARNING: Sexual assault (It’s briefly mentioned but I just want everyone to know just in case)


Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

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