so seriously just look at both their faces

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2. silly taehyung

“Man, I give major kudos to people like Hobi and Jackson.”

Squinting because of the blinding sunlight, the tall handsome brunette beside you turns to look at you, a puzzled look crossing his face. “And why’s that?”

“Think about it Tae,” You continue, readjusting your hand within Taehyung’s enveloping grip, your hand seemingly so small when encased by his much larger hand, “They make absolute fools of themselves in front of cameras every day for millions of people to see. It’s not only hilarious, it’s seriously a given talent. Not just anyone can throw away their dignity for the sake of making viewers laugh and be good at it as well.”

Even though you’re both walking through the parking lot underneath the beating sun, he pulls you to a stop, the look of confusion growing more perplexed on his face. “That’s not a talent – they’re just being themselves.”

“Exactly!” You throw your unoccupied hand up in the air, nearly whacking the poor boy next to you with your bag, “Hobi, Jackson – they’re just such silly, loveable, and hilarious guys that are not afraid to just be themselves, however they may look. They don’t care enough to stop themselves from just having a good time, and that is so admirable, don’t you think?”

He cocks an eyebrow at you incredulously, “Are you fangirling over them right now?”

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Let’s just focus on the amazingness of Rich and Rob and please ignore my face completely, because I seriously dislike the way I look in both pictures and I really mean that, but I figured some of you may be interested in what I was up to at the con in terms of photo ops, so I am jumping over my own shadow and post it though it makes me feel mightily uncomfortable. So what can I say about Rich and Rob… I could write a novel about them. Really, I like these two so much, you have no idea. :’) I had initially intended to use my two single photo ops as a double photo op with them, but I learned that it unfortunately wasn’t allowed. ;___; The basic idea was to take a pic with both “Kings of Con” and have them wear a crown because of said title. I was going with the term “Princess of Con” for myself. ;P They both are just such great guys. I mean, you can basically do any crazy thing with them. And god, the way both of them look in the pics kill me, because it captures them so well as personalities. :’) Both were very quick to put on the crowns. I guess there may have been a few people who had the same idea for the photo op. ;P

Can I just say that I love everything about this screen shot? Lance leaning on Hunk while they both look like they seriously enjoy their juice boxes. Shiro sitting criss-cross lookin slightly confused. Is that a smile I see on my mullet son’s face? Pidge looks cutely unsure of how they like the flavor of their juice box. And space uncle there to tell them he thinks they are doing a good job.

“Y/N WAKE UP!!!!“ Phil yells at you with a smile on his face.
"mmm no 5 more minutes…please!?!” You mumble into the pillow.
In a few days was the beginning of Dan and Phil’s US tour and you were going with them. You had to leave today, but you and Dan didn’t sleep until 4 in the morning. You were both making a very late collab for your channel. Phil was trying to wake you up at 9 in the morning, which mad you very grumpy.
“No, please get out of bed y/n. We need to get going.” Phil said seriously
“But I want to cuddle with you for awhile” you say giving Phil the puppy dog eyes, which makes him cave in and lay down.
“I am so lucky to have an adorable boyfriend like you.” You said with the biggest smile on your face. Phil just looks at you, smiles, then kisses you.

So, it’s really short because I’m not very good at making fanfics/imagines


Prompt: Hi! I was wondering if you could do a SamXReader where(like French Mistake) they get sent to our universe, and they’re filming when he’s soulless so he has to act mean, pretends to hurt her etc, and he gets upset by it, so basically fluff (andsmut)  

Reader Gender: Female (anatomy and pronouns)

Word Count: 1,947

Warnings: Smut, Sad Sam, Mentions of Soulless!Sam

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O.K, seriously, is there anything more adorable than the proud look they have on their faces when the other person is doing the right thing? 

The influence they have on one another is just so intense. Emma helped Killian transform to a hero from a “villain” and Killian helped Emma to be a forgiven person and not to shut down anymore to people in her life.

They both know what would make the other person happy and they will not be happy themselves as long as the other person’s soul is in struggle.  

You’ve seen me make the claims that the character Mayor Dewey and his voice actor Joel Hodgson look so frickin similar that it can’t be just coincidence.  I mean, just look at them!  Look at them!!

But then I began to look deeper into this and found a specific picture from Joel’s MST3K days

Oh hai Buck Robinson!  Seriously??

Okay, let’s go deeper, way WAY deeper into Joel’s past.  Certainly, certainly there’s nothing back there that’s going to remind me of either of these two… right?

The- the delivery… the lazy voice, th- that monotone face, even the arguably artisic side of prop comedy.  That’s Buck!!  That’s fucking Buck!!  That’s fucking- dammit!!

Did they model both Deweys after this one magnificent bastard?????

Okay, okay I need to settle this mind fuck once and for all.  For the sake of my sanity, we need to go one step further.

Let’s see what Joel looks like now.  Let’s see his work today, off camera… in the Other Space series.

………………………. *smashes lappy, flips table*
ALL RIGHT THAT’S IT!!  I want to PERSONALLY meet this member of the crewniverse that’s fucking with me!!!

Was anybody else super disappointed by this season of Downton Abbey and the way they ended the series?



  • Probably the most forced romantic relationship I have ever seen on TV between Mary and attractive-but-personalityless-race-car-driver-who-is-literally-just-there-as-a-love-interest-not-a-character
  • like seriously this is what disappointed me the most and kind of left a bad taste in my mouth about the series as a whole
  • because like Mary was one of my faves and her relationship with Matthew was such a natural gradual thing and they were both strong well developed characters in their own right who just happened to be well suited for each other instead of slapped together by the nauseating, in some cases out of character insistence of everyone around them (like seriously if that isn’t Fellowes jumping in and punching us all in the face with ‘THEY’RE SO PERFECT TOGETHER EVEN THOUGH THEY HAVE NO CHEMISTRY LOOK EVERYONE’S SAYING SO SO IT MUST BE TRUE’ like way to tell when you should be showing)
  • Mr. Carson went from stodgy and traditional to downright cruel, especially with Thomas
  • Tom being reduced to Mary’s Jiminy Cricket
  • Edith quickly forgiving Mary for LITERALLY RUINING HER LIFE without so much as an apology because someday everyone’s gonna die ?????
  • There was such a brouhaha about Robert being sick all season and they kept building it up only for it to be taken care of in one episode
  • Same thing with the whole hospital drama like that was a HUGE plot point for ¾ of the season and then other than Violet being pissed it was just dropped with no impact on anything
  •  Edith is unhappy again (I mean they’ll probably remedy this in the Christmas special but still)
  • One of the biggest overarching themes of the whole series has been about preserving the Abbey itself and its connection to the family but they barely touched on that all season aside from a few one-off comments about how grand houses were no longer a thing
  • So many plot points were dropped like Carson catching Thomas leaving Andy’s room after trying to teach him to read and thinking the worst like nothing came of that at all, and same with the budding romance between Mrs. Patmore and William’s dad
  • rushed wedding ahoy
  • I just feel like a lot of the stuff they introduced this season had no bigger purpose beyond some conflict for like half a second which sucks when continuity is usually so on point in Downton
  • The dynamic between Carson and Mrs. Hughes didn’t change at all after they got married 
  • seriously I don’t think I’ll ever forgive the show for what they did to Mary’s romantic life