so serious


When I came to Hollywood, I jammed with everyone I could, but the first show I ever played was with Thelonius Monster. It was quite nerve-wracking. Here I was in the Red Hot Chili Peppers, yet the singer had only heard me once. I just had no idea how to act onstage. For the first couple of months as a Chili Pepper, I always felt I had to be entertaining onstage, that I couldn’t just stand there I would jump  around like crazy even though it might not be coming naturally. I just felt obliged. As time went by, I realized there was a certain power in just standing there and looking cool. It works the same way for musicality. There are all these people out there who are capable of doing all these technical tricks. And they feel obligated to show them because they know how. But it wears very thin because there’s very little of their personality coming through. They’d be better if they learned how to express themselves. Music isn’t Olympics. Music is something you do because it’s the face of God.

- John Frusciante