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Mitch Marner - Hatred

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Request: “  hey can you do an imagine where the reader is auston matthews best friend but her and marner act like they hate each other when they really love each other? Maybe have them admit that they really love each other after one of them accidently yells it out during a huge fight (maybe the reader is all over one of the other guys on the team and mitch is secretly jealous so he starts an arguement?) and then they both realize what’s up and potential make out sesh :) “

Highkey in love with this request just saying.

Warning: Foul Language

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Night and Day (Auston Matthews)

Anonymous said:

hey can you do an imagine where the reader is mitch marners best friend but her and Auston Matthews act like they hate each other when they really love each other? Maybe have them admit that they really love each other after one of them accidently yells it out during a huge fight (maybe the reader is all over one of the other guys on the team and auston is secretly jealous so he starts an arguement?) and then they both realize what’s up and potential make out sesh :)

Word count: 1340

Author’s note: His fresh haircut gives me life.

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In the past, you and Mitch had been a package deal. Best friends since long before you had introduced him to Steph, your relationship was closer to brother and sister than it was to two friends. You were always in contact with each other, whether it be a movie night, arcade tournament or just texting. Mitch was your best friend, and nothing would ever break that bond.

Nothing but Auston Matthews.

From the moment that Auston had gotten drafted and Mitch had gotten called up, you had felt your bond with Mitch shifting. Instead of the two of you always hanging out, he only ever texted you now, only hanging out with you if Auston came with. Mitch replaced you with Auston, and it hurt.

You knew that jealousness a petty, childish emotion, yet you still couldn’t help but get jealous at this stranger taking away someone who was basically your brother.

Your feelings towards Auston also aren’t helped by the fact that the two of you are polar opposites. While Auston is quiet, you’re outgoing. Auston is a sports junkie while you prefer the arts. Auston loves hot weather and you’re basically Elsa. The differences between the two of you are like night and day. Steph is convinced that you and Auston are going to get married one day, claiming that opposites attract, but you don’t see it. Instead, you see a person that you could never connect with who stole your best friend, which automatically gives him two strikes.

Although you’re not a straight bitch to Auston, you definitely make sure that he knows that you have no plans on being friends with him. Auston seems to reciprocate your feelings, not ever wanting to be alone with you.

Unfortunately, you’re only human, and a single one at that. So, even though Auston Matthews is a friend stealer who you have nothing in common with, you recognize the fact that Auston is a very attractive man.

Which makes him a lot harder to hate.

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headcanon: the umbrastaff is a UFO cap umbrella

what did i do to deserve such a wonderful anon
btw, this is what anon’s referring to:

i’m. shit. i’m gonna need to try drawing something for this at some point

anyway this is canon

R.F.A: Romantic Headcanons

These just got gradually longer and longer lmao oops


  • comes up with a ton of assorted pet names for you
  • plays with your hair a lot
  • holds your hand in public because he’s all over that pda
  • constantly gushes about how great you are to people - he’s the stype of guy who when waiting in line for something, he’d turn to the person behind him, point and you and whisper “Isn’t she cute? Yeah she’s mine.” then wink
  • every time he leaves you for work or something he’ll wink while saying goodbye
  • winks
  • you end up brushing his hair for him all the time bc it’s just so soft how
  • you’re secretly jealous of his hair
  • sometimes you’d do his hair for him and you’d have matching hairstyles
  • the hairstyles are usually quite feminine but he just pulls them off this boy looks manly in anything
  • seriously though he can look manly in a dress
  • he showers you in compliments and more so if you deny them
  • the only way to get him to stop is by intensely complimenting him or being flirty in any way
  • then he’ll go super red and be very flustered because like he’s the man he should be the hot one this isn’t fair
  • he loves how you stare at him in awe whenever he dances or preforms or just exists bc he’s so hot how can you not stare 
  • he often puts on private performances just for you
  • he knows you die at all the hip thrusts so hip thrusts ahoy


  • LOLOL dates
  • gaming day is every day with this boy
  • he’s give you a ton of items in game
  • he’d give you tons of handicaps whenever you wanted to pvp him
  • but a crush is called a crush because you need to crush them. fight them, win, and be strONG-
  • now you’re the one giving him the handicaps
  • he constantly makes gaming references at any given moment
  • and now they’ve just rubbed off on you subconsciously
  • one time you sat in his lap while he was gaming and he was so flustered and red he couldn’t focus and lost the round
  • now you’d do it all the time to ruin his rank
  • he can’t stay mad at you though you’re too cute
  • but he will get revenge by showering you in tickles
  • cuddles
  • cuddles all day everyday
  • cute gamer couple ayyyyye


  • she says she’s too busy for cuddles but there’s no such thing as too busy for cuddles
  • you cuddle her all the time, especially when she’s visibly stressed. she hates to admit it but it really helps her calm down a lot
  • will return cuddles but only when alone
  • while you watching Zen’s performances are a pleasant pastime, you secretly get a little jealous of how much Jaehee likes Zen
  • but since you’re also a Zen fangirl you can’t really judge
  • what you don’t know is that she’s jealous of how much you like Zen
  • neither of you bring it up, ever
  • you always cook together
  • Jaehee is a way better cook than you so you always stalk the internet for new and creative food ideas to impress her with
  • it doesn’t seem like it at first, but she’s really easily impressed by you
  • you try to feed her and she goes beet red and slowly co-operates
  • she chuckles nervously a lot whenever you flirt with her
  • she chuckles nervously a lot in general
  • you love her nervous chuckles bc they’re just too cute
  • usually uses an “ahem” to recover from a nervous chuckle
  • which is equally as cute
  • Jaehee is Baehee
  • also Gayhee


  • this boy pampers you silly
  • there is nothing he won’t buy for you
  • and as much as you protest he doesn’t need to, you secretly enjoy it anyways
  • I mean who wouldn’t like it if someone bought you a ton of stuff???
  • you don’t let him know that though bc he’s being too nice
  • he insists on getting the most expensive everythings especially on dates
  • at first you thought he was trying to impress you so you declined but you soon realised that it was just normal for him to spend a ton of money on the littlest things
  • he often finds random gifts in stores that reminds him of you and as soon as he sees it he buys it for you
  • “how much was this bracelet Jumin”
  • “only a couple hundred dollars”
  • “jumIN-”
  • “yeah you told me you didn’t like me spending too much money on you so I got you the cheaper one. To be honest, I really wanted to get you the thousand dollar on-”
  • “jUMIN-”
  • you constantly have to remind him that money does not equal happy relationship, it also needs some TLC
  • but he’s constantly busy with work
  • so when he’s not busy he’ll sit with you in his massive fluffy bed and just spend time together talking, watching youtube, playing with Elizabeth the 3rd, and just have a really sweet time
  • soon you started showing and talking about all your hobbies which of course, Jumin felt obligated to participate in and pay for
  • you thought he was just trying to be nice by liking what you liked but it turns out he genuinely enjoyed your hobbies
  • so he’d even pull sick days just to spend time with you, much to your concern
  • sometimes when he had a stressful day at work, when he arrives home he’d just grab you and initiate a hot make-out session to de-stress without saying anything
  • you don’t complain eue


  • you guys are like the fred and george weasley, the hikaru and kaoru hitachiin of the RFA except you’re not twins, you’re a pranking powercouple
  • couple #goals
  • he literally taught himself to knit just to knit you guys matching ugly christmas sweaters
  • it wasn’t even christmas yet
  • it was like freaking February
  • but you wore them anyways bc it’s the thought that counts
  • getting weird looks in public from you calling him “God Seven”
  • he hacked your phone to make your ringtone “we’re going on a trip in our favourite rocket ship” and it doesn’t allow you to change it
  • and then he’d call you during serious moments to make the ringtone go off and embarrass you
  • you’d get revenge one way or another
  • because you hellbent on revenge shows nO MERCY not even to your God Seven
  • it’ll be a back-n-forth prank war until you guys get sick of it and decide to have a make-out session instead
  • teases you by threatening to turn off the wifi except for his devices
  • “can you get me the remote from over there”
    “pffft, get it yourself Seven.”
    “i’ll turn the wifi off right here right now
    *dashes for the remote*
  • lol what is sleep??
  • will stay up till sunrise just cuddling or spending time with you
  • “gimme a kiss”
  • “no seven-”
  • “then i’ll come get one~”
  • also “meow”
  • you guys love dressing up in cat ears for each other
  • then it escalated to cat onesies
  • you’ll wear them in public with him bc #noshame
  • he will shower you in kisses at the most unpredictable moments just because

will add V + Unknown later it’s 1am and I should go to bed early lmao hope you enjoyed!!! Feel free to give me feedback, I’m open to all critism!!!

Good morning, Champion

otayuri | M-rated

“ “It’s already past noon,” Otabek says and Yuri groans, stretching his legs under the blanket.

“We left the banquet at like, four or something? Normal people need sleep after things like that.”

“‘Normal people’?” Otabek laughs in disbelief and pulls Yuri against his chest, pressing a kiss on the back of his neck. “I don’t think you are one of those, Mr. Just-Broke-Another-World-Record.” “

PWP; sweet & sleepy morning sex

[Read on AO3]

i was in a need of some stress relief, so i just… wrote this. idk if i will put this up in AO3 but, just have it.

Rays of bright morning sun manage to slip in the hotel room through a small gap between the heavy, cream-coloured curtains. Otabek squeezes his eyes shut as a pathetic attempt to fall back asleep, but the sun is too powerful - its shine is luminous, lighting up the whole room. It feels warm and pleasant on Otabek’s skin and he blinks his eyes open with a sigh, stretching his arms.

Even though Otabek is usually very tidy person, on that moment his hotel room is a mess. His suitcase lies open in the middle of the floor, most of the things he needs to pack piled next to it. Three different skating costumes have been thrown over the suitcase, black skates with mismatched blade covers placed neatly on top of them. Otabek takes a look around the room and finds pieces of his dark blue suit scattered around the room, already wrinkled - his tie has found its way in his duffle bag that’s right next to the bed, the zipper open. A ray of sun hits the pair of medals left on the dressing table (golden next to a silver one), making them glisten and sparkle bright enough to blind.

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Sabriel for the ship who's who in the relationship thing :D

Who’s the cuddler: Gabriel 100%, and he’ll always get frustrated and try to deny it whenever Sam brings it up like “archangels are not cuddly, Sam,” as he’s practically clinging to him on the sofa like a koala.

Who makes the bed: Sam does, usually after physically dragging Gabriel’s lazy ass out of the blankets. (It’s like if you’ve ever tried to make a bed around a stubborn cat that doesn’t want to leave its spot)

Who wakes up first: Sam? I mean technically Gabriel doesn’t need sleep but somehow Sam will still be the one to actually want to get out of bed first.

Who has the weird taste in music: pfft, Gabriel.

Who is more protective: I’d say they’d both be really protective of one another, but Gabriel would be more of a “mother hen” when it comes to taking care of Sam after hunts, insisting on healing every minor injury he can find.

Who sings in the shower: Gabriel does. Sam finds it both annoying and adorable.

Who cries during movies: Sam will start to tear up if an animal dies, or if something reminds him of any of the friends and loved ones he’s lost over the years. Gabriel never teases him over this, especially since he’s the one who cried over Lilo and Stitch.

Who spends the most while out shopping: I mean, have you seen how expensive healthy food is?

Who kisses more roughly: they’re pretty evenly matched ;)

Who is more dominant: Sam. 100% Sam. And Gabriel (not so secretly) loves it.

Who gets jealous the most: Gabriel, oddly enough. I mean just look at Sam, who wouldn’t try to flirt with that? And Gabriel gets all defensive like “get your own moose, this one’s mine.”

One headcanon I have: Gabriel can’t cook. Like, at all. He still tries to make Sam breakfast from time to time though, only to produce the most burnt, unappetizing pancakes that anyone has ever seen. But hey, it’s the thought that counts.

Nicknames: Gabriel is the king of giving anyone and everyone nicknames, as much as it may have gotten on Sam’s nerves at first. Sam mostly sticks to calling Gabriel “Gabe”.

My rating of the ship from 1-10: 11

headcanon that Ronan likes to give the other members of the gangsey really shitty store bought gifts on their birthdays despite the fact that he could dream anything he wanted to for free.

Like just imagine it being Blue’s birthday and all the women and the gangsey are gathered at fox way and Ronan loudly declares to “save my gift for last because it’s the best”, and once everyone got over the surprise that Ronan actually brought a gift and once all the other presents are opened Blue tears open the paper to find a box of one of those 90s-era child stilts. And she’s like “Ronan what the hell” and he just cracks the fuck up and is like “happy birthday maggot.”

And then later that night at the Barns when they’re all lying around in the living room and falling asleep to the sound of some B-movie Blue picked out Ronan just lazily reaches a hand behind his head to the side table by the couch he’s laying on and grabs some weird plastic-looking gold bottle and throws it to Blue (he misses and it lands on gansey’s head but that’s ok bc the dork can sleep through anything and Blue has grabbed it already anyways) and he says in a really quiet whisper so as not to wake Adam “happy birthday” and Blue feels the weight of it in her hand trying to figure out what it is, (it’s extremely light and strangely smells like a river???), so she lifts it to her mouth to take a drink and Ronan bolts upright and Adam falls off the fuckin couch onto Gansey who wakes up with a startled “jaNE" and Adam swears but Ronan just yells “DONT DRINK IT YOU IDIOT” and tears it out of her hand.

and then there’s a lot of confused yelling from everyone until Ronan’s like “it’s fucking HAIR DYE” and gives it back to her and it turns out he dreamed her up some hair dye that changes to whatever color she wants based on her thoughts (think Tonks’ hair) and Blue is fuckin ecstatic and Henry is not-so-secretly jealous and everytime Gansey sees Blue with a different color he’s like “Jane that looks EXQUISITE on you. Truly your color. You are a VISION jane. Top bar.” and very long story short Ronan buys everyone shitty birthday presents but gives truly extraordinary dream-gifts and I’m v emotional about my precious child that is all.

EXO Reacts ~ You Attend an Expensive and Private Dance School

Okay, here we go guys. Very first reaction for ot9.

Request found here

Xiumin (Minseok)

“You should think about joining SM, you’d be a great idol. Maybe a better one than Jongin.”

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Suho (Jumnyeon)

*Contemplates how much money your family has* “She can’t be richer than me…”

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Lay (Yixing)

*Overly excited* “Wait what? How much is the school worth? Can I see one of the dance studios?”

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“Ohhh, can you show me what they taught you? Did they teach you anything sexy?“  *Pervy Baekhyun*

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Chen (Jongdae)

*Doesn’t give a fuck, but is secretly jealous* “So? Suho is probably worth more than that school.”

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“Really? Can I enroll too? They’ll let me in for free, right? I’m famous.”

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D.O (Kyungsoo)

*Not phased at all* “Let’s see what you got then.”

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Kai (Jongin)

*Amazed af* “No way really? Are one of the studios free? Let’s go dance together!”

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*Sassy little shit* “Well…you’re not the one famous, are you?”

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Reactions master list

Mobile master list


So um…this is what my phone suggests when I hashtag “diego luna.” (With just “diego,” it helpfully suggests “luna lust for,” “luna,” “lust and.”) I’m not entirely sure how to feel about my phone now. Either way, the suggestions are not unwarranted. Well done, 3-4-years-out-of-date-totally-uncool phone. Well done.

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OH MY GOD CROSSBOW IS THE ABSOLUTE CUTEST AND I LOVE HIMMMM! oh my god but when spy joins in tho. that is the best. i am aaalllll about that idea. yessssss. what if spy was secretly (or not so secretly) really jealous of them. What if he really wants to be a part of that or a part of something like that oOOOO I aM GOING TO DIE OF THIS FUSION STUFF I SWEARRRR

Thank you glad you like him! :D

Would Spy be jealous? Perhaps not, but It would be funny.

I’m imagining this tall giant fusion likes to hang out with Spy often. Maybe the others question Crossbow too much (asking for medical assistance?) or talk too much. Spy is good company. Ooooo! Imagine them being the first group creating a fusion of three? The others thought only two at the time but because of them fusing, the team discover three can fuse? What’s the limit?! Everyone would be freaking out and wondering about the power and consequences about that. 

I woke up thinking about Domestic!Anders, so have some headcanons about Anders as a dad:

Anders elected to take Hawke’s name upon marriage (even if Hawke is a woman).

Anders wanted to be a stay at home dad while Hawke continued to work (permitting they have children). He insisted on it, even though Hawke suggested a sitter.

He keeps a first-aid kit, some snacks, and coloring books in his car for kids at all times.

Anders makes lunches for his kid(s) and spouse every day. He leaves little notes as well, usually him wishing them a good day, telling them he loves them and is proud of them, or little (usually cat-centric) doodles.

Anders is very active in the PTA. His snickerdoodles are to die for and all of the other PTA moms are (not so secretly) jealous that Hawke has a handsome man at home who enjoys cooking and cleaning and taking care of the children.

It is no secret, but Anders is very competitive when it comes to science projects. If his child comes home with one, especially one where they have to build something, he’ll likely pull an all-nighter and do most of the work. It turns out fantastic, but he gets a routine call home from the teacher about not doing all the work in his child’s project. Again.

Anders is the parent teachers dread. He comes in constantly to dispute grades he feels are unfair, to discuss with them any time his child(ren) may experience bullying or unfair treatment, or just to otherwise check in.

so there are a million totally legit headcanons about cat calling all of her new assistants next season by wrong names but you know what could also be fun?

cat grant calling all of her new assistants by their actual names, and kara being so confused at the change. kara watching a slew of people cat deems incompetent but calls by name anyway, something she didn’t do with kara for two full years. and so every time cat drops by her office to complain and tell her to set up a new interview, kara is (horrified to realize she’s) relieved, because she may have been kiera, but at least she lasted

so kara bites her tongue and schedules new interviews and cat greets the applicants like she had kara, except not. she wasn’t wearied like she was when kara came, she doesn’t scream out for her 10:15 from her office because kara leads them in. they’re not wrong names, they’re not appointment times, they’re people. and kara tries to tell herself it’s a good thing, tries to remember the way cat had said you’ve changed me to her on the balcony, tries to remember i even opened myself up to my assistant kiera and feel proud that it’ll be different for the new her because of the impact she’s made.

but she’s only human (well, kryptonian, but still) and so she gets more and more hurt and offended (and yes, jealous) because why don’t they need to earn it? like she did. just like siobhan hadn’t, either. (and maybe that reopens a wound and makes everything even more confusing.) 

and so it builds and builds until just like that time when she was dealing with red tornado, she snaps. it’s late and the office is pretty empty but kara is still at her desk because she’s juggling her new job and her old job and when cat drops by on her way out to add to her ridiculously long demand list it just comes out and kara asks why. why they’re all so special and why she had to work so hard and why for siobhan, too. why

and she and cat have reached someplace new, someplace close enough (or maybe the timing was just right) that cat shuts the door and crosses her arms and gives kara a mini-lecture about office behavior that somehow includes you are the special one slipped in so nonchalantly between juvenile outburst and dangers of keeping things bottled up.

kara presses with a squeaky what? and cat sighs like this is obvious and says a whole lot of things that aren’t i don’t need to distance myself from them the way i did with you but mean just that. because no one has - no one will - threaten to cross cat’s boundaries the way kara did. no one is going to get close to her like kara has.

because she’s just replacing her assistant, she’s not replacing her kiera

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Jealous Keith headcanons please? This blog is fantastic you are doing great work here

Thanks, hun!

  • He’d get jealous really easily. 
  • He’d hATE it if his s/o got along with Lance because he’s such a flirt.
  • He would beat the shit out of anyone who tried to catcall his s/o
  • He tries to hide how jealous he gets as best he can, but it doesn’t really work.
  • Wouldn’t go as far as to look through his s/o’s messages, but it’s SO TEMPTING when you leave the room without the phone and it buzzes. 
  • When you come back in there’d be a conversation like:
  • “Who’s Jacob???”
  • “Babe he’s my landlord. Chill.”
  • If he caught someone looking at you for too long, he’d wrap his arm around your waist and pull you close to him and loudly (and obnoxiously) say things like, “I love you so much.”
  • Gets so jealous because, secretly, he’s scared that he isn’t good enough and that you’ll leave him for someone better.

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Autistic, workaholic ADHD aro ace demiboy Charlie Weasely whose special interest is dragons and finds working with dragons much more fulfilling than any romantic or sexual relationship! -R

Charlie Weasley whose childhood games nearly always include dragons.

Charlie Weasley who starts making up stories about dragons when he’s four to tell to his family.

Charlie Weasley who LOVES finding the Hogwarts library because there are actually BOOKS ON DRAGONS.

Charlie Weasley who runs into Hagrid four times before they realize the other also find dragons fascinating, and Charlie writes home in one of his shortest letters to his mum, informing her he’s just made his new best friend.

Charlie Weasley and Tonks trying to help each other focus to study and do good in their classes. With Bill and Professor McGonagall’s (who also offers to help Tonks) help, Charlie manages slightly better in this department. But Charlie knows he needs bloody good grades to get his dream job.

Charlie Weasley whose only friends outside of family are Tonks and Hagrid and Sir Nicolas because even though he’s a sweet and friendly guy, not everyone wants to understand him or was raised to give others a chance.

Charlie Weasley who learns the second floor girl’s bathroom is usually avoided, so heads straight for it when things become overwhelming. There he makes another friend - Myrtle, who never minds if he needs to cry or scream or stim in private or be alone or whatever and always offers support that makes Charlie laugh.

Charlie Weasley who never dates and never has the urge to try although sure wishes people would stop commenting on it.

Charlie Weasley and Tonks who explore their gender together because they’d accept one another no matter what. Charlie’s secretly and not-so-secretly jealous of Tonks innate ability to change their body however they want.

Charlie Weasley who loves Quidditch because he can fly and get an idea of what it’s like to be a dragon. Plus, it’ll be a great skill for a dragontamer to have. Plus plus, it’s a time when he can be superfocused on what he’s doing. Before a Quidditch game is always a good time for him to get homework done.

Charlie Weasley who knows what he was meant to do and gets a job doing it and loves it and never regrets one moment of it. Charlie Weasley who is right at home where he is.

~Hufflepuff Mod

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YEAHHHH *cracks knuckles*

sexuality headcanon:  Aggressively (genuinely) heteroromantic/heterosexual but prone to feeling “gay panic”.  Occasionally has intrusive sexual thoughts about masculine!Ranma and starts crying

otp: I don’t think I have one?

brotp: Three-way tie between Kodachi, Nabiki and Gosunkugi.  His relationship with Kodachi in the “Principal Kuno tries to move back home” ep was super cute (he really wanted to be Kodachi’s “parent” for her school’s “parent’s day”!!), and his interactions with Nabiki and Gosunkugi are just really fun.

notp: Kuno/Sasuke because Sasuke deserves better

first headcanon that pops into my head: Kuno’s so proud and so secretly jealous of Kodachi’s good grades that he genuinely tries at school, but it’s just not interesting to him and he’s very bad at it.  He does manage to barely pass his classes, but because a Kuno can’t be seen being less than perfect, Sasuke is forced to routinely sneak into the school and change his grades to all A’s.

favorite line from this character: That bit where fem!Ranma asks Kuno to bathe with “her” for plot reasons and Kuno starts screeching about innocence and propriety and moral indecency while physically scooping Ranma into his arms and sprinting towards the bath (then crying because he can’t get his clothes off)

one way in which I relate to this character: I too become a gibbering idiot when an interaction doesn’t go the way I’d been scripting it in my head

thing that gives me second hand embarrassment about this character: is there anything that doesn’t

cinnamon roll or problematic fave?: problematic fave 10,000%