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How long have you been planning for Coulson to be the Ghost Rider – and what was Clark Gregg’s reaction to finding out that news?

Jeffrey Bell: To say he was happy, it would be an understatement.
Jed Whedon: I think what he said when we told him was, “I didn’t think I could geek out more,” but he was like, “It seems I can.”
Jeffrey Bell: Yeah, that was what he said. [x]

whoops my hand slipped

Noctis: Ignis, are you sure these pocket lights will be enough for the journey? What if we spend days in the same cave? Isn’t their energy going to run out?
Ignis: Worry not, Noct. I made sure to get this precise brand because their battery is like Gladio.
Noctis: Like Gladio?
Ignis: …
Ignis: It can last ten times more than the average.

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