so ruthless look at them go

Okay, Hear Me Out

We’ve all seen this shit ‘ere where Lotor like smooth talks Lance “We’ll be powerful, your friends dont need you, come to the dark side, etc”

And so, they’re on a mission, and Lotor talks to Sweet BoyTM and Lance pulls an Anakin Skywalker on his pals. And so he and Lotor bond, and he becomes a trusted right hand man to the prince.

Meanwhile the others feel totes betrayed, and they blame themselves, but they also get angry at Lance because he turned on them.

And they meet him on the battlefield, and they ask him to come back, ask him why he would do this to them. He doesn’t answer, just steps behind Lotor slightly, head bowed. There’s a bruise on his face, they think, and he looks thinner than normal, but he wont look at them, so they don’t know what to say.

Time passes, and they learn to function without him. Their missions don’t go as smoothly, and they get injured far more frequently, and they realize how much they needed Lance. But they carry on.

And they prepare for their final battle, battlefield littered with different species, everyone that the Galra had victimized rising up. Allura, who took the place as the blue pilot, feels Lance’s loss more than ever.

The battle begins. They fight hard. Lives are lost, so many lives. Lotor is has grown so much stronger, so much more ruthless, more prepared than Zarkon ever was. The galra army is bearing down on them, closing in for the kill.

Shiro and Pidge are unconscious. Allura went missing among the soldiers. Keith is injured, Hunk is trying to protect them. The castle, Coran, has gone silent. The end is near, they are going to die. The Galra are going to win.

They see the ion cannons charging, hear the hum that signals their firing squad. They see the lights as they prepare to fire.

And then it all shuts down.

The purple lights that represented their fear go out. The Galra ships crash to the surface of the moon that they were fighting on. The mother ship that had ordered their massacre settled to the ground, slowly opening.

Two figures stepped out. Clearly visible, was Lotor, a knife to his throat. The second, who held the knife, was shorter, and shielded from view.

Hunk and Keith watched the slow, long march Lotor and his captor took towards them. Hunk raised his weapon, but Keith weakly put a hand on his arm. “Wait.” His voice was the only sound in the otherwise deafening silence.

As the two neared, Keith recognized the messy brown hair, the cocky grin that never seemed to leave.

“Lance,” he breathed.

“What?!” Hunk asked.

“Look. It’s Lance.”

Hunk thought Keith was delirious with pain, but as the two approached, he too recognized hthe blue lion’s true pilot.

Lotor was forced to his knees several feet away from them, Keith’s knife still at his throat. Lance smiled tiredly at them. “Sorry I took so long. I cant read Galra,” he said sheepishly.

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Hi Emma! What can I do to have a productive summer? I usually just melt away in the heat and become an unorganized mess (more so than usual) when school starts again.

Hey! I have a break coming up too so I’ll list some things that I’ll be doing during the holiday and then some other random ideas:

  • clear out my desk - I’ll usually do this properly every holiday. I’ll tidy up all my drawers, organise used/unused stationery, collect things that can be stored. I’ll go through my pens/highlighters/etc and throw out ones that don’t work. I’ll make a note of things I need to replace for the new semester too. I will recycle any bits of paper I don’t need any more as well.
  • organise my computer - I’ve become a bit of a clean freak with my laptop and like everything to be filed, in place, or deleted if unnecessary. I’ll clear my desktop. Refile or rename documents that are randomly placed. Things I definitely don’t need I’ll either trash or put onto an external hard drive. I also will go through my history, clear that and any additional caches/cookies/web data that doesn’t need to be there. Another one is going through all your emails, social media, etc and deleting or unsubscribing from things you are no longer interested.
  • back up my (old) computer - this is on my list because I recently got a new laptop. I’m planning to back up all my files from my other laptop and transfer anything I need to my new one. I’m going to make some note of all my login information, etc. I’ll make sure to back up my phone too.
  • sort out my bedroom - I’m in the process of designing how I want my bedroom to look so that something I’ll be sorting. Whilst this happens, I’ll be going through all my drawers, boxes, magazines, etc. I really need to just part with things I’m never going to use. I’m a bit of a sentimental hoarder with things so I need to be ruthless :’-)
  • clear my wardrobe - since I’m redoing my wardrobe too I’ll be going through that. Probably just donate some of the things I never wear or don’t want any more. I’m planning on doing an eBay sale of some unworn/unused things! Otherwise, I’ll donate them!
  • work on my hobbies - blogging is my hobby so I’m planning to do that. Hopefully getting my YouTube up and running (if I tell enough people, I’ll be forced to do it and get over my nervousness haha!). You could spend the holidays doing something you enjoy, or learning a skill.
  • prepare for the next school term/year - obviously holidays are the perfect time to organise the previous term and get organised to start again. Go through your files/stationery/etc, make a list of what you need! It’s best to make a list that you can add to and cross off once you’ve purchased it. It will also prompt you to get things before it’s too late. For each semester, I’d type out my timetable and place it in my notebook. I’d print binder covers for each of my subjects. Next term, I’m going to do a semester outline as @bookishandbright did, as seen here. It will show my weekly readings, when things are due, reminders, etc. I’m debating whether to print and bind all my readings at my local Officeworks so I don’t have to print them myself each week.
  • find out a planning method that works for you - this is probably a good time to switch between planning/organisation methods if you’re not happy with your current one. You can test out bullet journaling for a few weeks, using a time planner for a week or a digital calendar/bullet journal. You can see which one holds you most accountable and improves your efficiency.
  • boost your resume - see if you can volunteer somewhere, work with your parents for a little bit, get a part time job at the local store, or work experience/internship in a field you’d enjoy. This obviously isn’t necessary - especially if you’re very young - but if the opportunity arises, it’s a great place to start!
  • read something - this could be a book that you’ve had your eye on, the next one in a series you’ve read, or just something that might help in another way. I recently read ‘13 Reasons Why’ and enjoyed it! I’m thinking of reading either ‘It’ or ‘Before I Fall’ over the holiday. I was given the career code by Katherine Power/Hilary Kerr for Christmas since I was interning for their company but in Australia and thought it would be really interesting. My dad has recommended ‘Getting Things Done’ by David Allen for years so I’ll maybe read that too.
  • relax - the biggest thing to do in the summer!!! You’re allowed to have days where you sit around and do nothing. That is what holidays are for, right? Take time to do things you don’t always get round to when school is on. Catch up with some friends. Go to the movies. Spend the day exploring somewhere new. Start and binge a series (I can recommend loads if you want!). 

Hope you have a fun, but productive, summer!! x

flintwood: through the eyes of the weasley twins

for the @hpwritersnet‘s prompt #1: the weasley twins

okay so i’ve been thinking about this a lot and there’s a lot of shit to go over in this headcanon so let’s get started

  • so the gryffindor quidditch team was tight with each other and had closer relationships with each other than with any of the other students 
  • and sure, everyone has their secrets (to some extent) but the gryffindor quidditch team all had a certain in with one another
    • they all felt like they could easily trust each other
  • so when fred and george noticed oliver wood, the epitome of team spirit, sneaking around and keeping secrets, they had to investigate
  • the sneaking around wasn’t obvious to most people, but fred and george had a keen sense of when some shady shit was happening 
    • and a perfect example was oliver wood showing up to saturday morning practice four minutes late, hair gently ruffled
    • oliver was never late to practice, especially as captain
  • “hey olly, man, what’s got you held up?” fred would ask, flicking his eyes to meet his brother’s, a knowing smirk living on his mouth
  • “oh! er, i had to drop some things by mcgonagall’s office,” oliver would reply, thinking that he had only been four minutes late and how could those two possibly suspect anything?
    • but he decided to not let it bother him because it was just the weasley twins and they were always up to something
  • “well, you seem awfully giddy for this hour of the morning,” george would point out
  • “i’m just enthusiastic about the upcoming match with slytherin and the opportunity to kick their asses!” he shouted, rallying the remainder of the team and sufficiently diverting the focus of the twins’ leading questions
  • after that practice, fred and george tracked down harry and asked to borrow the marauder’s map
    • confused, harry lent it to the twins
    • “just don’t drag me into whatever it is you’re doing this time”
  • they hang onto it throughout the day and check where oliver is periodically
  • much to their dismay, there wasn’t ever a girl’s name situated next to his
  • “maybe he really was just running some stuff for mcgonagall,” fred suggests after the map reveals nothing new for hours
  • and george would punch fred in the arm because of course oliver had something fishy going on
    • he was late to practice, fred
  • so the twins don’t give up, and later that night after dinner fred pulls out the map because they’d both noticed oliver’s absence from the great hall that night
  • “where’s he at now, freddie?” george would ask curiously, peering over his brother’s shoulder
  • marcus flint?”
  • “isn’t he from the slytherin team?”
  • shit do you think they’re at each other’s throats?”
    • “but that doesn’t explain why he was late and in a good mood this morning”
    • “who cares, george. we’ve gotta go save his stupid ass. flint’s a ruthless bastard. wood may have a temper but i’m not sure he would win in a fight”
  • the twins looked at each other, both wearing looks of worry for their friend but shameful excitement at the thrill they felt coming 
    • this feeling both brothers always got when they were about to embark on an adventure that would easily become a story for the future was so irreplaceable
    • fred struggled to think of how he would possibly survive without his other half
      • but he quickly dismissed that thought because he knew nothing could ever separate them  
  • moments later, the twins arrived in the library, wands at the ready
  • when it was strangely silent, considering they expected to barge in on a duel, they exchanged another look, practically communicating without saying anything
    • “check the map, freddie,” george would urge. “maybe they’ve left the library?”
  • the map still showed oliver and flint both in the library, albeit on the opposite side from where the twins were
    • “okay, what the hell?” fred would ask his brother, only to receive a shrug in response 
    • “maybe we can’t hear them fighting because they used a silencing charm?” george would suggest
      • shit, you’re probably right,” fred would say, picking up his pace to a run in order to reach the spot the map said oliver and flint were
      • (“when am i not right?” 
      • “oh, shove it, george”)
  • “it looks like they’re in the restricted section,” fred would say, glancing down at the map
    • “oh, of course, they are. bastards.” 
  • the twins confidently and a bit blindly rounded the corner into the restricted section, nearly knocking over a group of second years
  • “wood, we’ve come to save your ass from that snake,” george would shout, wand at the ready
  • however, the sight the twins were bracing themselves for was nothing like the one they got
    • oliver was there, and so was flint, just as the map told them
    • but the map didn’t tell them that both boys were shirtless, with flint straddled across oliver’s lap
  • “fucking merlin, weasley, what the hell?” oliver would exclaim, jumping up and nearly throwing flint off of him
    • “well, it looks like you’re not fucking merlin, but somebody else,” george would crack, nudging his head in flint’s direction
  • then george would turn to fred and say, “i told you something suspicious was going on”
    • (”okay, okay, so you’re always right. woop de doo”)
  • oliver coughed. “hate to interrupt your weird ass twin moment, but what the hell are you doing here? how did you find us?”
  • fred and george looked at each other, knowing they couldn’t disclose the secrets of the marauder’s map
  • instead, fred would tell oliver, “you’ve got your secrets, we’ve got ours.”
  • ”nice to formally meet you, flint,” george would blurt as he tucked his wand away 
  • “be good to our olly, now, yeah?” fred would add as the twins left the restricted section, and the two boys, to their business
  • yup, this would be a great story someday

You know what I want?
I want White Diamond to be worth the wait. Not just in how she’s written, but in how she is compared to other Diamonds. Make her the horrific eldritch ruler that we hoped Blue Diamond could be. Make her absolutely ruthless, and reflect it in her appearance. Give me a mouthless White Diamond who speaks using telepathy because her head to too covered in eyes for anything but them and her gem. Give me a White Diamond who looks like what the Cluster was going to look like when it formed, who’s willing to stomp out gems who dare stare at her fusion-like appearance. Give me a White Diamond who’s all but stated to see everything on Homeworld, who is so powerful that she treats punishing traitors like some sort of game.
Give me a White Diamond who’s worth watching Steven tremble before.

No Longer Forgotten

Fandom: Marvel (Thor’s movies)

Summary: Based on: “Imagine baking Loki his favourite Midgardian cake for his birthday, and him being deeply surprised because he told you when his birthday is just once and yet you’re the only one that remembered it and made him celebrate it after many years” by @imaginemarveluniverse

Word count: 1,573


Originally posted by lokis-quinn

A gentle humming was lighting up the kitchen bathed in the soft sunlight. You checked the oven, looking proudly at the growing cake you had made by yourself. It seemed to be all right, but you got cautious after your previous attempt at baking, which is cooling down on one of the kitchen counters, completely burnt and inedible.

You sat on one of the chairs, trying to avoid looking at the ungodly mess you have made in the process of baking. Flour was covering the floor with a thin layer that you couldn’t get rid of with the broom. You should probably wash it, but you felt weak at the mere thought of it. You were so tired that you could fall asleep standing. Actually, a quick (but normal) nap was a very tempting thought – your sore legs would rest, and your eyes, which you have rubbed with a dirty hand, almost burning them with flavouring…

No! No rest before you finish. You wouldn’t survive another round of starting everything from scratch. Of course, you would certainly give up after another defeat if the cake was meant just for you, but it wasn’t this time. You had a very special occasion and wanted to make everything perfect…

A knock on the door was as surprising as unusual. You have barely any close friends and none of them lived nearby, so there was no chance they would randomly decide to visit you before speaking to you first. And this couldn’t be the mailman, because you had a letter-box on the other side of the building. No one was visiting you like that. Maybe someone got lost or one of your neighbours wanted to ask you something?

You flattened your hair which you had no time to even brush today, but gave up on trying to cover your war with the kitchen – the only thing that could help your clothes get back to socially acceptable standards was a solid wash.

You opened the door with a light smile to greet…


You said none of your friends would visit you unexpectedly? Well, you have forgotten about the one, now standing right in front of you – the only one that you would be more than happy to see every other day but today – and the one that was supposed to come tomorrow. It wouldn’t be such a big deal if you weren’t preparing him a birthday cake. A kind of surprise. And a present. Which you were supposed to give him on his bloody birthday.

And now he got suspicious. He probably had the right to be, since you froze in the doorway, with your thoughts literally screaming and your heart racing.

“Is everything okay…?” Loki asked slowly, furrowing his eyebrows and peeking in over your shoulder. Your lack of words had worried him.

“Of course!” you said with a totally unnatural, high-pitched voice. And there goes your cover…

“So… May I come in?”

“Yea-… I mean… Nothing is-… Maybe tomorrow, you said tomorrow? Of course I didn’t forget about our tomorrow meeting and neither did you, right?” you rambled, feeling smaller and smaller.

Green eyes looked at you appraisingly.

“If you have a guest, you can just tell me. I just appeared to be around and thought that I may come in, but there is no need to…”

“No! No, no, no!” you almost shouted, but quickly calmed down. The longer you were postponing it, the worse it was becoming. You took a deep breath, moving to the side. “No one is here, I just… had a bad day. Kind of. You are welcome anytime.”

Loki hesitated a bit, but entered your home, looking around suspiciously. He was clearly searching for any signs of what was bothering you, but besides the ungodly mess in the kitchen, nothing has caught his attention. He knew your house well enough to catch any change given the amount of time you two hang out up with there.

“Well, now  at least I think I understand why you didn’t want me to see all this,” Loki gestured to the pile of dirty dishes completely covering the sink.

You shrugged, standing at the doorframe. You had to admit that the tall man in a visibly expensive suit in no way fitted in that room. You were actually surprised that he came inside of it, not afraid of omnipresent mess. Thank God that Loki was your friend and wouldn’t get mad over some stains on his clothes that you were almost sure would appear out of nowhere. Or at least you thought he would. It wasn’t your fault you’d spilled some things. A few times. Because you happened to be a little bit too enthusiastic.

“You still seem to be stressed,” Loki noticed, making himself sit comfortable on one of the chairs. He crossed his long legs, piercing you with his gaze that you had no way to avoid.

“I’ve just had a bad day,” you carefully selected your words, knowing that you were treading on thin ice. You could almost hear it breaking as Loki was working you out openly. “Nothing serious. Tried to keep my mind away from everything, and well, you see what happened.”

“You mean this burning… thing?”

“Yeah, I kind of forgot about it for a bit too long, got distracted. I’ll have to throw it away…”

“I meant the one burning right now.”

“Wha-…? Oh, shit-…!” you rushed to the oven, almost breaking your legs on the way.

You didn’t even bother to look for a dishcloth, hissing over the sting of pain when the temperature kissed your palms. And almost destroyed your cake, apparently. You put it on the table, between empty packages and a sugar container. It didn’t smell that bad, but the obvious black spots on the sides were ruthless. And you were so close… But, after putting some icing that would easily cover them, a very thin layer of icing, maybe of different colours, who knows…

Loki observed the race of emotions on your face. You were like an open book for him after all those years of knowing each other. He had a sarcastic comment on the tip of his tongue, but let it go, seeing how downcast you were.

The man cleared his throat.

“I bet it tastes better than it looks like.”

“It doesn’t look bad. Look there – this is a burnt cake. This one is… just slightly more crispy.”

“Who have you made this for?” Loki asked curiously.

“No one,” you answered a little too quickly for him not to notice.

He smirked wolfishly. You felt a rock forming in your throat. You knew that grin – it meant that Loki would never drop the subject that sparked his interest before getting to know every detail.

“So I may have a piece after it cools down?” he asked innocently.

“No, you can’t,” you said firmly.


“Because I have to decorate it first.”

“Oh, come on,” Loki smirked. “One piece won’t ruin your very necessary decorations.”

“Yes, it will, because this has to be perfect.”

“But you just said you made it for yourself. Since when do you care over the look and not the taste…? It’s so uncommon of you, I am starting to worry about you, you know?”

You groaned loudly, accepting your defeat. He would never stop, and you were too tired to argue with him for hours.

“I hate you,” you muttered, resting your head on the table.

“And you still didn’t answer my…”

“Because it’s for your birthday, maybe?! Okay, I know it’s not today, but you were supposed to come tomorrow. That’s why everything is a mess and I’m completely not prepared… Loki, why are you so pale? I mean, more pale than usual. Is everything okay?”

Loki was indeed frozen, with pure disbelief on his face.

“You did… what? How did you know about my birthday?” he uttered, suddenly in loss for words.

“You told me.”

“But that was ages ago!”

“And I’ve got this thing called a calendar. I just made a note, Loki. There is no need to act so surprised. Besides, you scare me and I’m not sure if you are okay or not… I tried, okay? I’ve just always been a disaster in the kitchen, that’s why I screwed it up…”

“Am I okay?” He repeated your words with raised eyebrows. “Are you actually asking me if I’m okay with my first birthday present in years? Do I look like I hate receiving goods? I’m a god, I love all of them, let’s be honest…”

You stopped him.

“Wait, so you’re saying that no one has celebrated your birthday in…?”

“Exactly. And now let’s move on to the main course, because the more I look at it, the happier I feel,” Loki licked his lips, which earned him a small laugh from you. It was another great thing about that day and it was still early.

He had almost forgotten how enjoyable birthdays could be when celebrated with someone close. He smiled to himself when you were looking for a plates.

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+And here is where come my new request(?) I would like to see Shiro angry, maybe at the camp someone's still saying things about Keith or does something that makes Keith feel bad and Shiro losts his pacience and face all in the camp? Other way, they're facing strong criatures and one of them manages to hurt Keith pretty bad and Shiro losts control and shows how powerfull he is?! * I'm excited about this * I'm Dei by the way(?) Last thing, you're such an awesome person<3)

[Voltron PJO AU] Shiro was walking towards the Big House to discuss some things with Coran when he spotted Keith leaving the place. Delighted to see his boyfriend, he jogged up to meet the son of Hades.

“Keith!” Shiro greeted, giving Keith a kiss on the cheek and enveloping him into a hug that could’ve probably crushed someone’s bone.

“Oh, hey,” Keith smiled weakly. “I… I have to go help Hunk with something.” He separated himself from Shiro, pushing him away.

As Keith was about to leave, Shiro quickly grabbed his hands and asked, “You’re still up for later by the beach?”

“Yeah,” Keith slowly said.

“Okay, I’ll see you later then?” Shiro gave Keith’s hand a gentle squeeze before the younger one left him.

Something was wrong with Keith and Shiro didn’t like seeing how it affected him. He’d have to find out what was troubling his best friend after his meeting with Coran. Inside there was Pidge and Allura and their meeting began. As soon as they were heading out, Shiro pulled Pidge to the side to ask her if she knew anything about what happened to Keith when he was inside the Big House.

“They are scared of him,” Allura answered instead, clearly hearing Shiro’s question.

“What do you mean? Is this still about his Dad coming here—”

“You know what he could do, Shiro. He’s too powerful, he obliterated a group of chimeras all in one go. A lot of demigods believed he was the one who ripped your arm off.” Allura explained.

“What?! That’s not true!” Shiro protested and he felt Pidge squeeze his arm to calm him down. “Keith’s wasn’t the one who—”

“Shiro, we know,” Pidge reassured him. “We know that, but the others wouldn’t believe it, especially since they know what Keith’s capable of. It’s easy for them to believe he was ruthless enough to take your arm. A rumour was spreading that he did that because you were breaking up with him.”

Shiro blinked in disbelief. “What? That’s so messed up! We’re still together and,” his shoulders sagged down as he looked down on the floor with a sad expression. “I would never break up with Keith, I love him too much to do that.”

Pidge blushed and cleared her throat. “Gods, you guys are so sappy. Keith said the same thing a while ago.” She nudged Shiro, “why don’t you go and find him now, lover boy. He’s probably being emo somewhere.” 

Shiro left them and he wandered around looking for Keith. He wasn’t in his usual spots, so Shiro only thought of one place. He flew up and spotted a boy with raven black hair, sitting on the rock by the beach. His smile grew and he flew towards the brooding boy who probably might be in need of a hug.

“A son of Hermes said that the reason you’re only with me was because I’m too clingy and I forced you to be my boyfriend because either you become my lover or you die,” Keith said as soon as Shiro floated beside him, not even looking at the newcomer. 

Shiro frowned and as soon as his foot touched the rock Keith was sitting on, his best friend continued, “A daughter of Aphrodite said I was too ugly to be with the handsome son of Zeus and that you were wasting your time with me because I refuse to do it with you.”

Shiro understood why Keith and him didn’t have that conversation. Keith just wasn’t into that ever since and Shiro respected that. He would never force Keith to do something he wasn’t comfortable with.

“Keith,” Shiro softly said, sitting down beside his boyfriend.

“I don’t care if they’re scared of what I can do, Shiro. I can’t help that. Dad gave those powers to me.” Keith said with his eyebrows knit. Then he pulled his legs closer to his chest and rest both his hands on top of his knees to hide his face as he softly whispered, “But I care enough to actually feel hurt knowing that the others don’t feel like I’m worthy to be with you.”

“Keith,” Shiro placed a hand on the boy’s back and caressed it. “You kn—”

“I know I’m not the most handsome boy out there,” Keith scoffed. “But being scrutinised about my looks, not taking into account how I fee—”

Their conversation got cut off when screams filled the air and Shiro looked up to see a dragon with many heads like the Hydra. It was the dragon, Ladon. And honestly? Shiro was just annoyed that they had to stop just because someone decided to drop in. Keith and Shiro looked at each other and Keith grabbed Shiro’s hand to shadow travel them near the ancient monster. The demigods tried to fight, not seeing any progress until the big three joined.

“Where’s Lance?” Keith shouted, eyes wandering trying to find the son of Poseidon until he found him near the tree beside Hunk. He looked at Shiro who nodded and flew them towards their friends.

“I want you to try and drown the dragon as long as you can, while Keith and I try to do what we can. Hunk, keep it distracted.” Shiro shouted orders. They got into work but so far nothing was working, it wasn’t until one of the dragon heads caught Keith by its mouth, crushing the son of Hades’ body in the process that Shiro could see blood spreading throughout his shirt.

Now Shiro was pissed. He clenched his fist as he flew in the air, dark stormy clouds surrounding him that might have alarmed the others but he didn’t care. Keith was hurt and Shiro wasn’t going to let that go. His whole body gathered sparks as he flew towards the dragon and sliced through one of its neck that held onto Keith. Immediately Hunk was there below to catch the son of Hades as the son of Zeus gathered all the lightning that he could, forming a really huge thunderbolt that could rival his own father’s. He threw it towards the dragon.

“Lance! Now!” Shiro shouted as Lance directed the water from the beach towards the creature, electrocuting it. 

Shiro wasn’t thinking clearly, he only had one thought in mind and that was to kill the creature that hurt Keith. So he threw more thunderbolts for each of the heads, and then clasping both of his hands together, he aimed at the dragon’s body and surged to it the highest voltage he could muster for what felt like an eternity—bright light temporary blinding a lot of demigods except for him—until he could see the the dragon slowly weakening, giving it one final blow causing it to disintegrate, blasting off a shock of energy towards the entire camp like what Keith had done to the chimeras. That should’ve made him weak considering he hadn’t known he could do that, but for some reason, he had too much energy left in him that he quickly flew towards where Keith was.

“Keith!” Shiro breathed out as he landed beside the body of his lover. He lowered his forehead to touch Keith’s, unaware that it electrocuted Keith—just a little—until Keith opened his eyes in shock.

“Oh gods! I’m sorry!” Shiro stared in horror, finally seeing he was still emitting some lightning sparks from his body.  “I… I don’t know how to turn it off?”

“Wow,” Keith coughed out weakly, giving him a smile. “Sparky.”

Shiro laughed, then he noticed the other campers stare at them in horror, still unable to comprehend what they had witnessed, some backing off. “Now that makes the two of us very dangerous. We’re The Power Couple.”

“I wouldn’t have it any other way,” Keith whispered as he closed his eyes with a smile as Shiro carried him towards the infirmary. 

anonymous asked:

I just had the phrase "The Great Bitty-Parse War of Attrition" pop into my head. Is there any chance you can write something inspired by that phrase

I’ve been saving this prompt for … a while… lol. But here it is! Poor Jack is caught in the middle. 

“Say it.”


“Just say it.”

“I won’t.”

Bitty pulls away the cherry almond pie that has been wafting under Kent’s nose, a quiet promise, and it’s all Kent can do not to chase the smell. With one last mournful look at the golden almond streusel, the bright red cherry still bubbling under the crust, Kent wrenches his eyes back to Bitty with a determined glare. It’s gonna take more than delicious, made-with-love pastries to change his mind on this.

The front door clicks open but neither Bitty nor Kent dares to be the first to look away.

“Hey boys- oh.”

In his peripheral, Kent can see Jack taking in the scene before him: Kent in the kitchen, sitting at the table with a straight back and crossed arms, and Bitty leaning forward, one hand braced against the old wood while the other spins the pie plate temptingly.

“You still arguing about this?” Jack takes several small steps backwards, trying to escape without getting caught in the vortex. He’s managed to stay neutral so far, but Kent’s not sure how long that will last.

“Kent was just about to apologize,” Bitty says brightly, pushing the pie back in closer to Kent, close enough to feel the warmth of it. “Wasn’t he?”


Bitty’s cheshire cat grin falls into something truly terrifying for a moment, and Kent swears he can see Bitty’s teeth glint.  

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Hiruzen had to get the bell test from somewhere right? So I’m willing to bet Tobirama came up with it and can you imagine Tobirama doing this bell test shit with his students. No mercy. He had these kids out here on the brink of death. Shit must have lasted a week. Hashirama probably came out to the field one day like “Tobirama, the parents are wondering where their children are—” 




“Tobirama-sensei, can we take a break? We’re starving.”

And he just looks at them. “Are there still two bells in my hand?”


“Then no. Don’t ask again.”

HE PROBABLY HAD THEM CHASING A CLONE THE ENTIRE TIME WHILE HE WAS AT HOME RELAXING. THESE KIDS ALMOST DIED FROM EXHAUSTION. fucking Tobirama this is why Hiruzen was such a lenient sensei Tobirama put him through hell 

An Unlikely Pairing

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Summary: (Unrequested) Your boyfriend, Sebastian Smythe, shows up at school one day.

A/N: Just a one-shot I thought of, nothing too special about this one. Again, from my old blog

You sat in the Glee Club room with everyone else as you were waiting for the school day to start, the room had become your hangout place. Everyone was talking, until a sudden presence in the doorway quieted everyone.

“I still hate the stench of public schools.” Your boyfriend, Sebastian Smythe.

“Oh my god, what is Satan doing here?” Santana groans with a pointed stare at Sebastian as he enters the room.

“Well, I have the day off, and I thought I’d come and see my competition. Well, you’d technically only be competition if you even had a chance at winning. But that’s besides the point. I also came here to see my girlfriend.” He leans against the piano, waiting for the reaction.

Blaine, your brother, who is currently the only person at McKinley who knows about your relationship, groans. Everyone hears him but pays little attention, instead murmuring  to themselves.

“But why is he here?” Sebastian looks at you and winks while everyone is distracted. He knows you haven’t told New Directions that you two are dating.

“I thought he was gay.”

“No, actually. I’m 100% straight. It’s just fun to flirt with guys.” Sebastian chimes in, still leaning against the piano.

“If you’re here to see your girlfriend, why are you standing around here?” Mercedes questions him, and Sebastian just looks at you.

“Guys,” you sigh. “Sebastian is my boyfriend.”

“WHAT?” They all shout at once.

“You’re dating Satan?” Santana asks you.

“Y/N he’s the enemy.” Kurt admonishes, his deep distrust of Sebastian showing.

“Yes, we’re dating. And relax, we’ve been dating for a while, if something bad was going to happen it would have already happened. Have the Warblers even tried to sabotage us recently?”

“Blaine, you knew about this?” People start to question him, and he gets defensive.

“Guys, guys, don’t pin this on Blaine, I told him not to tell you.” Sebastian takes his chance to move from the piano and stride languidly towards the group, taking a chair and sitting in it backwards, so the back of the chair is facing them and his long legs are slung on either side.

“Look, I know you guys don’t like me. I don’t expect you to. Well, I expect one of you to.” Sebastian looks at you and winks, giving a proud smirk when he makes you blush. “But I mean, I decided to spend my entire day off with my girlfriend at her…poor excuse for a school.” He shudders slightly and looks around with disgust at the last phrase but continues. “Plus, you all know me, I can be ruthless, cold, I’d go as far as heartless even. But I love Y/N, I mean ask Blaine he’s seen us.”

“It’s true, it’s actually kind of sickening sometimes how they are together.” You get up from your chair and go to Sebastian, grabbing his hand and pulling him out of the chair.

“Heyyy, can we talk? Okay great, come on.” Once you’ve successfully gotten him into the hallway (how does he manage to walk so smoothly even when he’s pulled?) you stick your head back into the room.

“Just a sec.” You close the door, unaware that they could still see you through the window. All is quiet in the room as they try to hear you and Sebastian.

“Why did you come, Sebastian?”

“What, no ‘happy to see you’ kiss?” He smirks, and you reach up on your tiptoes to quickly kiss him, but he catches you and deepens the kiss, taking a step forward to close the gap. You respond immediately, intensifying the kiss until you have to break away to air.


“Oh. My. God.” Kurt is the first to speak, saying what was on everyone’s mind.

“I feel like I have to go wash out my eyes.” Brittany comments, and people murmur their agreement.

“I’m the one that has to deal with this all the time, guys.” Blaine says, and people all apologize.

“Shhh, they’re talking again.” Mercedes quiets them.


“But seriously, Sebastian. Why did you come?”

“Because I want to spend the day with my girlfriend. Even if it means being inside a public school.”

You smirk, a habit you developed from Sebastian. He smirks to himself, pleased that he was rubbing off on you.

“Well that’s nice of you. But please, don’t be a jerk to them.”

“I’ll try. But only because I love you.”

“I love you too.” You kiss him again, quickly this time, and head back into the room.

“We’re back.” You announce, as you sit back down in your chair and Sebastian takes the one next to you.

“Fine, just please don’t make out like that again.” Rachel says. “It was disturbing.”

“No promises.” Is all Sebastian says as he takes your hand, pulling gently. You concede, getting up from your chair and going to sit in his lap, turned so you can see him like you usually do. You see people looking at you, but you give them a few pointed stares before settling in and talking to Sebastian.

“Does this always happen?” Kurt questions Blain.

“Unfortunately, yes. But you should see him with her, he’s different. He cares about her.” He motions for the group to gather at the other side of the room while you talk to Sebastian.

“Guys, I know you may not like Sebastian, but Y/N really does, and he likes her.”

“Okay, well I don’t see any problem with it. Besides, it’s not our business to be involved in her relationship, as long as they’re both happy. The most we can do is be accepting.” Mercedes says, and everyone agrees.

“If Y/N gets hurt though, I’m kicking his ass.” Santana adds, and people agree again. The group disperses, and turns to see you and Sebastian kissing again, like you were in the hallway.

“Oh my god the images.” Artie says and covers his eyes.

“Y/N, please. I’m your brother I don’t need to see that.” Blaine says as the group comes to stand in front of you and Sebastian. You pull away, both you and Sebastian looking at the group in front of you. Mercedes is the first to speak.

“Y/N it’s come to our attention that you’re dating Sebastian, and although he is ‘the enemy’, we wanted to say we’re happy for you. Just please, don’t kiss like that in front of us.” You get up from Sebastian’s lap, and hug Mercedes.

“Thanks you guys, that means so much.” Santana walks over to Sebastian and looms in front of him.

“If you hurt her, I will hurt you pretty boy, so treat her right.” Sebastian just stands up and adjusts his shirt.

“I already do.” He comes over to you, grabbing your hand and gently pulling.

“Come on, Babe. You can give me a tour of this wretched place. Or we can go get coffee.”

“Fine,” you acquiesce, with a hint of a smile. “See you guys later!” You call out as the door shuts behind you.

“They really are good together.” Quinn comments as everyone sits down again.

“Yes, they are.” A chorus of people respond.
Liam Payne reveals his love for Cheryl for the first time, saying she's been his dream girl forever
LIAM PAYNE is genuinely living out his childhood fantasies. He’s a multimillionaire, a music superstar and, to top if all off, about to have a baby with the woman of his dreams. For the first time,…

WE’RE SUPER HAPPY’ Liam Payne opens up about his love for Cheryl for the first time, saying she’s been his ‘dream girl’ since he was a teen

One Direction star gushes about his mum-to-be girlfriend in new interview

WORLD EXCLUSIVEFrom Dan Wootton’s Bizarre column16th March 2017, 10:01 pm Updated: 16th March 2017, 10:06 pm

LIAM PAYNE is genuinely living out his childhood fantasies.

He’s a multimillionaire, a music superstar and, to top if all off, about to have a baby with the woman of his dreams.

For the first time, the ONE ­DIRECTION star has broken his silence about his relationship with CHERYL, admitting the Geordie singer — ten years his senior — was the girl he lusted over as a scruffy teenager in Wolverhampton.

Liam said: “This is the thing. In a non-cliché way, it’s weird waking up every day and literally living out your dream. You wake up in the most beautiful places.

“Obviously I have the most ­beautiful girlfriend in the world and she’s absolutely amazing. She’s been my dream girl since I was younger. She’s so ace.”

Liam and Cheryl, who I revealed were dating in February last year, are UK music’s No1 power couple, amassing millions of record sales between them courtesy of their careers as part of the biggest boyband and girlband of their generation — 1D and GIRLS ALOUD.

They first met when Liam ­auditioned in front of judge Cheryl on the 2011 series of The X Factor, where he went on to form 1D with HARRY STYLES, LOUIS TOMLINSON, ZAYN MALIK and NIALL HORAN.

Her experience in the music industry is ­certainly appreciated by Liam, who’s about to embark on his solo career following an incredible five years with his band.

Speaking to Rollacoaster magazine, he said: “She is a wonderful, wonderful person and it’s amazing to have someone who can relate to so much of things — someone who’s taken greater steps than me.

“Her solo career was ­amazing. She’s been in the ­industry for 14 years now.

“She fully supports me. We’re super happy. It’s a very personal, precious time for us. I’m still ­learning. I’m only 23.”

Cheryl is a wonderful, wonderful person and it’s amazing to have someone who can relate to so much of things — someone who’s taken greater steps than me

Liam will soon become the fourth member of the band to release his own material, with Harry still ­keeping the fanbase waiting.

The singer, however, refuses to ­distance himself from the record-breaking boyband, showing his loyalty by his decision to accept the award for Best British Music Video at the Brits last month.

He clearly has fond memories of being in the band, even looking back proudly at being thrown out of a hotel by the new President of the United States.

Liam said: “DONALD TRUMP ­actually kicked us out of his hotel once. You wouldn’t believe it.

“It was about [meeting] his daughter. He phoned up our manager and we were asleep. He said, ‘Well, wake them up’ and I was like ‘No’ and then he wouldn’t let us use the underground garage.

“Obviously in New York we can’t really go outside. New York is ruthless for us. So he was like, ‘OK, then I don’t want you in my hotel.’ So we had to leave.”

As well as speaking about Cheryl for the first time, Liam also addresses his secret ­friendship with JUSTIN BIEBER in his rare chat.

The singer revealed the pair confided in each other regarding the pressures of the industry and dealing with their “chaotic lives”.

Liam said: “He’s a great guy — inside there’s a really good heart.

“I said, ‘Look, the difference between me and you is I had four different boys going through the same thing to look to. He didn’t have that.’

“I said to him, ‘Take my number and any time you want a chat, let me know as I’m here and I understand exactly what you’re going through and I understand your world.’

“He needs somebody like that and in that position.”

Unlike Liam, who only has to roll over and speak to the person he’s sharing a bed with.

And wootton has the exclusive?????

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Shance (platonic) "okay, in bed" because sickfics are my jam

(Yes my weakness you done did it now it’s 700 words but that’s still a drabble right)

“Hello, anyone there?” Lance patted Shiro’s shoulder, trying to gently wake him up from whatever deep sleep he had fallen into.

The day had not even started yet, but usually began with Shiro sitting at the dining table, waiting for everyone to join him for breakfast before training or a mission. Lance was hardly the first one there most mornings, but occasionally he would wake up before anyone else did.

Lance cherished the quiet mornings, truthfully. It gave him an opportunity to talk to Shiro by himself, which was a rare occurrence among all the moments of teamwork he shared with the other paladins.

This morning was different, though. Lance walked in the dining room to find the usually perky leader face down on the table, leaning into his folded arms as a light snore trailed out.

It wasn’t until then that Lance considered the fact that this was the first time he had seen Shiro sleep. That in itself was incredibly odd.

“Shiro, hey,” Lance urged again, nudging a bit harder. Concern began to stir in his chest as Shiro hardly responded.

Lance sat himself in the chair next to Shiro, lowering his head to reach the leader’s eye level at the table. “Yo, universe to Shiro!” he called louder.

Inhaling sharply, Shiro shot up in his seat, jolting around for a moment while he got his bearings. After his initial scare, he leaned over to cough vigorously into the crook of his arm, trying to remain as composed as possible.  

“Woah, easy, it’s just me,” Lance spoke gently, placing his hands up in anticipation. “Sorry, didn’t mean to scare you.”

Shiro blinked heavily as he finished his impromptu coughing fit, looking over at Lance.  “No, it’s fine, don’t worry about it-“ the leader was cut off again by a few straggling coughs, raking against his throat as he tried to hold them back.

Lance stared quizzically at Shiro, noticing how run down he looked. Usually Shiro looked authoritative and glowing, but upon closer examination Lance noted the violet circles that sat beneath his eyes, infused with a light flush that sat on his cheeks. His face was pale and drained, looking absolutely exhausted.

“Shiro, are you sick?” Lance asked quietly. “You look awful.”

“No,” Shiro bit, answering quicker than Lance expected. “Sorry, I had something in my throat.” He sniffed miserably, sounding weighted with congestion.

“Yeah, it’s called a cold,” Lance smiled, pulling a small pack of tissues out of his jacket pocket. “Here, I usually hang on to these for Pidge when her allergies get bad, but you seem to need them more.”

Shiro sighed, looking defeated as he plucked the small package from Lance’s hands, nursing a tissue gently on his nose. “Thank you.”

“No problem,” Lance smiled, eyebrows bending in concern. “You should really go back to bed, though.”

“We have training today, I have to lead it.” Shiro spoke flatly, sniffling into the growing tissue wad in his hand.

“So? Allura has that stuff down, I’m sure she’d be happy to lead it.” Lance offered, trying not to cringe at the thought of Allura’s ruthless training for a day.

“Listen, I appreciate it, but-“ Shiro began, words constricted by another fit of coughing. This time was heavier than the last, leaving him nearly doubled over as unproductive coughs rattled out of his lungs, hardly leaving him room to breathe.

“Okay, in bed, now.” Lance asserted, rising from his chair to help Shiro to his feet. “Come on, you could let Keith practice being the leader like you always want him to.”

Shiro gave a weak nod of appreciation as he accepted Lance’s assistance, letting the paladin help him to his feet. Tissues clutched in hand, he gracelessly shuffled down the hallway towards his room with Lance’s guidance.

“You know, Lance,” Shiro sniffed, his voice raspy. “Why don’t you lead training today?”

Lance blinked a few times before narrowing his eyes at Shiro as they walked. “Shiro, I think you have a fever.”

“No, I mean it. Give it a try, I think you’d do a great job. You have an eye for taking charge.” Shiro smiled, suppressing lingering coughs as he spoke.

“You think so?” Lance chirped, his eyes brightening.

“I do.” Shiro smiled.  

I'm Sorry : Alternate Ending

Many were already complaining by the fact that Idle was too much of a “pacifist” in Part 4.

Well. Here’s the thing.

I needed it to achieve a happy ending.

But if you wanted an angsty ending you could have said so from the start of this fanfic.

Welp. For all them people who wanted Idle to go “genocide”. (lookin at rouge and rey thotheyaremysenpais)

Here we go.

Don’t blame me if anything happens to you, ok?


Idle can’t believe what he is seeing.

Colonna, the once, sweet and cheerful Colly has become a ruthless MONSTER.

Idle can’t help but feel angry, sad and guilty at the same time.

And right now, he is looking at the sight of his ex-bestfriend, crying over the fact that she slashed Siren instead of him.

He looked around at his friends,

Xahji probably gonna be blind forever,

Dance loosing a hell lot of blood from his wound,

PaperJam holding on to Fresh as both of them slowly fall unconcious,

Cray helping them move together,

Swifty helping Snazzy,

And of course, Siren.

He has that one big slash across his chest.

Idle felt angry.

No, furious!

He will never unsee this at all.

He looks back at the still crying Colly, the blaze in her eye gone by now.

“You’ll pay for this…..” Idle murmured.

He saw the knife and picked it up, making sure that Colonna doesn’t notice.

He looked down at Colly who was on her knees and hands, orange tears still flowing like a waterfall.

He kneeled down to her level and hugged her. (don’t judge it yet, folks)

“I-Idle?” Colonna muttered as she felt Idle hug her.

“Colly……” Knife in hand, he quickly stabbed her at her back, deep and rough.

The pain rose up to Colonna as she muffled her own scream on Idle’s shoulder, grasping lots of his shirt.

“This was for hurting my friends….” Idle whispered to her, moving the knife slowly out of her back, making it more painful.

He let go of the hug and looked at Colonna’s face, blood dripping at the side of her mouth.

“This is for everything else.” Idle stabbed her again, this time, straight to her chest that cages her soul. If she even has one..

Slowly, her grip on Idle goes weak. She is becoming more weak as more and more of her blood drip down her back.

Oddly so, Colonna looked at Idle one last time with eyes that seem…… Happy?

She smiled and mouthed a thank you as she slowly turned to dust, covering Idle’s bloody shirt.

Her face before she died made the cracks on Idle’s Soul grow worst. He felt it.

His tears run down his face as he too, slowly turn to dust, inch by inch.

“Idle?” Swifty called out to him.

He didn’t respond. He just went next to Siren.

“Idle….” Siren held Idle’s cheek with his hand.

Idle kissed Siren one last time before his remaining parts slowly turned to dust as well.

Siren’s tears broke free, staining the ground.

He grasped the remaining clothes that was left of his lost lover.

Error opened the rooftop door just in time to see Idle completely turn to dust.

Cray was at the corner, crying next to Fresh and PJ, while Swifty was hugging the clothes of both his dead friends, crying loudly.

Goth quickly rushed to his sister who was still hugging Snazzy.

Palette, Ink and Error went straight to Paperjam, Fresh and Cray.

Nightmare rushed to Swifty, Siren and Dance, calling the police and the ambulance.

Ring. Ring. Ring.

“Hello, 911?”

“What do you need, sir?”

“There’s been death at UnderHigh.”


Mun: I…. @blogthegreatrouge !! Lookit what she did to your Colonna!! @reyindee !! IDLE DIED

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Hit Me with Your Best Shot

Originally posted by oohsehunnies


  • Hitman!Sehun.
  • Unlike hitman!Taemin who feels guilty and is hyperaware of the blood on his hands, hitman!Sehun doesn’t give a shit.
  • Well, he does. But, like, it’s his job. He’s not losing any sleep over the scumbags that he’s hired to take out. He can compartmentalize that part of his life and sort of rationalize it and it’s fine for him.
  • This is partly because he has standards for which jobs he’ll take. He won’t take a job unless the person is exceedingly shitty. Like, if they just owe money or something, Sehun’s not your guy. He’s not in it to rough some lowlife up. But if they committed some heinous crime, he’ll take care of it.
  • For the right price.

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smolgay-bean  asked:

HELLO! Could I request some paladin headcanons for when they make the amazing discovery that their s/o is REALLY ticklish?



  • Is an Actual Adult, thank you very much, and wouldn’t use this new piece of information to his advantage. No, not at aaaaall
  • .….you didn’t actually believe that, did you?
  • He’s actually one of the worst because he’s very sneaky about it.
  • Master of Surprise Attacks
  • In a more public place, he waits for his S/O to let their guard down and then very l i g h t l y brushes one those ticklish spots. Has this godawful (sexy af) smirk when they shriek or jump as he just walks on by like he’s innocent of any crime
  • It’s even worse when they’re alone. Has been known to tickle them even in the midst of the Sacred Cuddling
  • The man can’t help himself. He really loves their laugh and it makes him smile. Some days, he just needs to hear it.


  • Is mostly safe for a ticklish S/O. He doesn’t tickle them all that often and never in front of other people.
  • They respect his personal space; he respects theirs
  • .Most of the time
  • When he’s in a particularly playful mood? He’s relentless - all or nothing
  • Will tickle them until they are actually crying and gasping for air
  • Also that one asshole who smirks and says, “What? Sorry, didn’t catch that” as they’re trying to tell him to fuck off between giggles
  • Worst part? Keith’s a wild card, so they never know when or where he’ll strike next.
  • RIP S/O


  • Is the Literal Worst
  • essentially Lance’s face when he finds out that his S/O is ticklish [see face]
  • like, he just doesn’t seem to know when to quit? known for randomly attacking his S/O during important meetings and mission briefings
    • gets the Look from Shiro 
    • which incidentally is literally the only thing that can spare S/O (except for a serious, clear NO from S/O ofc if it bothers them that much or it’s just not a good time for those shenanigans)
  • At least Lance’s S/O has a chance because they know when he’s about to go for an attack. They can see it in that devious grin and the twinkle in his eyes.
  • Which gives them opportunity enough to run, instigating a chase. These two will run laps throughout the entire castle if no one stops them
  • Children, both of them (no one begrudges them that)


  • Is at least nice enough to reserve tickling for appropriate occasions (*looks at Lance*) and isn’t utterly ruthless about it (*glares at Keith*)
  • Very playful, very sweet - just light tickles that give him those delightful giggles he loves so much
  • Definitely throws in an added hug and kiss while at it, complete with snuggling. His S/O can’t even get remotely mad at him after those
  • He has this big ol’ endearing grin on his face the entire time. Like, he’s so happy to be around them and hear them laugh and that they get to have this time together
  • Helps keep his mind off the whole defender of the universe and intergalactic war thing, too. Everyone needs a teeny break from those kind of responsibilities from time to time
  • Literally the cutest thing to watch ever omg? Everyone on the team ships Hunk and his S/O so hard (same, fam, same)


  • Is a tiny savage, that’s what she is, but we already knew that
  • She has all of her S/O’s exact tickle spots pinpointed out and knows EXACTLY where to strike for the best reaction
  • Doesn’t do it often but waits for the exact moment at the right time and right place
  • Loves to randomly poke her S/O at that exact spot whether they’re in the middle of eating or talking to Allura or trying to work here jfc Pidge gimme a break
  • But then S/O makes a discovery: Pidge Gunderson is also hella ticklish
  • vengeance
  • It becomes an all out tickle war between these two to the point where they’re rolling on the ground trying to get away from each other while simultaneously trying to GET the other
  • It’s nice to see Pidge and her S/O goof around and act like kids their age. Space Dad even gets a little teary-eyed.
  • Precious Children :’)
H for High Heels. (Simon from TWDxReader)

Working at the sanctuary had it’s perks, things worked very much like the world used to, work and gain that’s all there was to it. You always had a way with things going your way somehow or another, you managed. That was until you took up position on guard duty as promotion, Simon had suggested it to Negan and he was happy to oblige. He knew Simon had a thing for you, even though you were oblivious. Simon always flirted with women who weren’t Negan’s wives, he knew his place, so you were none the wiser. Until today that is. Assigned to night guard you expected to be able to sleep during the day. A knock sounded at your door. Groaning like a walker you looked to your watch that read 7:36 am, you turned to glare at the door and mutter a slurred “Come in”. As always you expected some sort of terrible thing to occur so you slept in clothes suited for a run which included your black high heeled combat boots. Enough to kick in the head of any walker.

The face you saw was not one you expected, there in his mustached glory you saw Simon. Smiling in the doorway but ever the gentleman he stayed out unless you invited him completely in. “Hey there Darlin’ long night?” Nodding in your tired state you sat up and flipped the covers off, swinging your legs to the side feet planted solid. Simon’s eyes traveled down to your black clad boots and licked his lips, noticing your stare his eyes met yours once more.

Clearing his throat he motioned to the hall with his head as he spoke. “Wanna go on a run, I know you’re sitting there with a stick up your ass outta boredom.” You chuckled at his odd but charming sense of humor, he was always kind to you. Smiling and slightly fixing your hair you followed him out. “You look fine as fine China girly, don’t cha worry bout a thing.” Blushing at his comment and hoping it went unnoticed, which it did not. Bumping you with his shoulder he bent his head a bit to look into your eyes that darted from his and chuckled from his belly. “Well shit is that a little red I see? Looks pretty damn sexy on you.” Pushing his shoulder you mutter “Oh shut up!”

Eventually making your way to the car you realize you and Simon are going alone, which is odd but never the less you do as you are told. He’s Negan’s right hand man, you disobey him you disobey Negan. Your mind wandered to the thought of how Simon would punish you. How he acted earlier with you, you began to fantasize being bent over his knee, a heavy hand coming down on your bott- “(y/n) you doing alright over there you look like you took a trip to fucking Disneyland” his hand was on your knee as you crossed your legs to shift away from him.

The store in front of you and Simon looked ordinary possibly some canned items at most, you didn’t understand why he decided to take you out here when the saviors take from the other communities. Shrugging you follow Simon inside. “Stay put I’ll check around and come back.” He ordered, his voice thick and solid that said obedience. You never were one for rules, so when something caught your eye you looked to see if Simon was looking and wandered off.

Your favorite food lay in a can on the shelf which you quickly went to grab when a hand suddenly jumped out behind the other side and grabbed you. A walker. Your heart jumped as you cut at it’s arm, finally falling free as you stumbled into something solid. Simon and he looked pissed. Gulping you turned back to the undead and kicked it’s face in with your heels. Once done you were dragged away by Simon, his grip tight around your forearm, despite your struggle you could not free yourself. Fear began to bubble within you thinking about Negan finding out, even though he wasn’t fond of hurting women he would if someone made a dumbass decision. Simon finally dragged you back to the truck and threw you into the side of it, face first. His body pressed into your backside as he whispered harshly in your ear. “What the FUCK were you thinking back there huh?!” When an answer didn’t come he smacked your bottom hard, hard enough you jolted forward and gasped out. “I.. I don’t know.” Growling he gripped your ass. “Don’t know? That’s not an answer. I gotta admit seeing you fuck up that walker with those sexy ass heels had me harder than a fucking rock but you do NOT disobey my orders do you?!” When you began to stumble on an answer he spanked you once more, harder than before if that was possible, you were getting wetter by the minute.

“No.. No sir. I will not disobey you again.” You whimpered and rubbed your thighs together for friction. Ever vigilant Simon gripped your ass and massaged it with increasing pressure. His breathing heavy. “But you deserved to be punished don’t you baby? You deserve to get my belt for that don’t you?” Sighing you pressed your ass against his hand and felt his cock on the other cheek. His hands left you but his body still kept you in place as he undid his belt, snapping it to his side. Shivering in response he hushed you. “Shh baby. You want this huh? You wanna be my bad girl, get this belt and a hard pounding from little old me?” Nodding you pressed back once more.

With your consent he whipped your ass and you definitely felt the sting oh but you loved it. He was rock hard and pulsing with the sight of you in those heels, pressed up against the truck, his hand on your back holding you, and oh fuck that wet spot seeping into your jeans. With a few more ruthless swings he pulled down your pants and panties in one go, and unzipped himself. Looking back you saw his impressive cock spring free against his toned stomach, aching for you. Looking to appreciate his red marked across your ass he soothed them with his hand slightly, suddenly he gripped your right leg sliding his hand down until it reached those heels. Those heels that undid him from the moment he first laid eyes on you. You couldn’t take it anymore so you whined “Simon… please fuck me. Fuck me hard.” Glancing back up at you with a smirk present he rubbed his cock against your dripping entrance and slowly pushed his tip inside. Both groaning slightly before he slammed into you. He body shifting you forward the truck rocking just so. You moaned a heavy sigh and that was all he needed before he began to pound into you. Your pussy gripping him tightly base to tip, he was relentless in his pleasuring punishment. He slapped your ass as he went, you leg bent into the crock of his elbow, back bowed into his chest, his mouth upon your neck biting and suckling hard. Soon enough the heat built into ecstasy. “Oh fuck Simon please oh fuck!!” Grinning ear to ear he whispered “Fuck yea baby cum all over my cock, fuck fuck yea baby girl. You’re such a bad girl for me huh? You *groan* you never disobey Negan but you do me. You wanted this so bad huh? Admit it!” He pounded harder, skin against skin, his hands marking your ass in almost welts. “Ah fuck yes yes I wanted you to! I wanted you to fucking own me!” You screamed as you finally came, pushing you through it he came on your back and zipped up. Catching your breath you leaned against the truck, sweating, ass beaten and satisfied. “Get dressed and get in the truck, oh by the way you better wear those heels next time. That’s an order.”

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Madara and s/o roasting tobirama in private headcanons :)

hooo boi i was excited for this one xD

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Madara and His S/O Roasting Tobirama Headcanons

- Despite remaining stoic, he’s amused. He’d no idea that his s/o was this savage. They have some really good comebacks, that Madara never really thought of.

- “And what’s with those red markings? Are they tattoos? Are they scars that he thinks look cool?” Madara’s got a few of his own roasts, says them, and sends his partner laughing.

- Madara really can’t stand Tobirama, so he’s really quite ruthless when it comes to roasting him; it sometimes escalates to straight out bullying. If his partner dislikes Tobirama enough, they usually join in, however they don’t go as far as Madara does.

- At the end of the day, once his s/o’s asleep, inside, he’s laughing up a storm. He’s thinking of new roasts, and when he sees Tobirama again, if he does, he has a hard time keeping a straight face, but he does manage it.

EDIT: that smile killed me

Laundromat Adventures

Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: (hot mess au) based on a prompt from this list
Words: 1,438
Warnings: language (what’s new)
Notes: idk i wanted to write but then this crap came out and since i already wrote it imma post it so wew not angst WEW

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Kouri rewatches Sense8, episode 6

  • Will and Riley are so cute together
  • “I have complicated friends” no Riley, hon, you have terrible friends
  • Nomi and Amanita need to go somewhere that nobody will find them, so they go to … Amanita’s mom’s house? That seems a little, I don’t know, obvious. Which is probably why Whispers finds them in like twenty minutes.
  • “You looked then and you’re looking now” Wolfgang pls
  • Somewhat off-topic for people who don’t know my fics, but I am just now realizing how much of Asmodeus’ characterization in TLTIE was influenced by Silas Kabaka and Amondi in this show, the doting father/ruthless crime lord dichotomy is almost exactly the same
  • “After your exorcist act” dude why didn’t the people in the bar just assume that Will had choked on a peanut or something? That’s what it looks like. It’s not unusual for someone in physical distress to lash out at people attempting to help them. Will also needs better friends.
  • Lito and Hernando’s work-out routine is so adorable though
Killer Queen (Part 1)

Lucifer X Reader 

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Part 2


The caress of silk sheets and soft kisses trailing down my neck cause me to moan. I open my eyes and see my love.
“Morning my Queen.” Lucifer mumbles, lips still making their way down my neck.

“Ugh, I love waking up like this.” I mumble; leaning into his kiss. Suddenly he leaps out of bed “Hey! What the hell!” I sit up, pulling the sheet up to keep my chest covered.

“Sorry my love, but we have a lot to do today. In fact, we are late for our first meeting.” He says throwing cloths on the bed for me to put on.

Grumbling, I throw the covers off me, and start getting ready; whispering profanities the entire time. Lucifer laughs at me as he leaves the room, dressed and ready to rule.

As the door shuts I breath. My heart rate starts to increase as I think of what the day entitles. People have been saying that I don’t deserve to hold the title of queen of hell, since Lucifer handles everything. They say a queen should be able to rule over her subjects, just as much as king. So Lucifer said I have to show my power today. I will be giving out all punishments.

I shiver at the thought. I’m not super nice, I’m married to Satan himself for Christ sake, but I also am not a fan of being the one condemning people. My hands shake as I put on my outfit and make up. I feel dread starting to set in.

Walking down the long dark corridor, I find a line of people waiting outside the throne room. Heads turn to look at me. I look straight ahead, trying to avoid the eyes of the souls I will punish.

The first punishment is easy. He had been a rapist. So I sent him to be chained up and sliced open for eternity, I even start smiling as he stands there crying.    

The day was long. Person after person pleading for me to go easy on them, but after hearing most of their sins I became just as ruthless as Lucifer himself.
The last person was given their sentence, and I relax into the throne. “So, now that that is over, can we go to dinner?” I look at Luci, giving him my best puppy dog eyes.

“Sure babe. You did amazing today, you deserve it.” He says, leaning over to give me a kiss.

One of the demons clears his throats, demanding our attention. “Sorry your highnesses. There is just one more subject.”

“I did not know about this.” Lucifer states, clearly angry no one told him.

“Sorry my king. With the talk of the queen not being able to make the tough, but necessary decisions, we have one last soul to punish. Just to prove everyone wrong.” Lucifer seems to be debating his words. Torn between being pissed that no one told him, but also liking the idea of putting all this talk to rest. He doesn’t look at me, already knowing I wouldn’t want to do it.

“Okay, bring them in.” He flips his hand at the door all nonchalant.

The heavy doors open, reveling two demons and woman behind them. Once they get to the center of the room they step aside, leaving the woman alone.

I stand so abruptly my throne actually tips over. My fist ball up, and tears fill my eyes as I take a couple steps towards her.

“Mother.” I say. Lucifer stands behind me, hand on my shoulder. This is my test. They are going to force me to condemn my mother to hell.  

Question Time 03!

Usually I would use male face portrait as reference to draw my characters. The right one is the basic one that I’d usually use. Hope this helps. And thanks for liking my work! :D

Actually I was thinking that he can’t speak the Hyrulian language yet because he come from the far north that was recently discovered. He came over to Hyrule to accompany a scholar who can speak Hyrulian well enough to discuss about trade matters and possible alliance. 

That’s when he met Kanisa. At first they try to communicate with each other by hand signals and guesses, but slowly they start to understand each other.

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