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(From the "things you said" prompt list) #8 And 11 with Remus x reader? Please and thank you

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You walked through Grimmauld Place, until you had reached the main dining hall, after a meeting of the Order. All the members turned to look at you as you approached the doorway, but the look on Remus’ face said that he knew what was coming. He turned to Sirius who cleared everybody out so you could both talk.

You sat down across from him when the room emptied. He stared at you for a while before letting out an awkward chuckle.

“What’s so funny?” You asked the rugged but handsome man right in front of you. The man who was trying too hard not to jump over the table and take the woman across from him in his arms. But he knew you needed to talk.

“Sorry, it’s just a funny sight to me. A speechless F/N L/N.” He teased slightly, winking at you. “Do you want to go first?” He offered.

“Last night was… different.” You started. Remus nodded encouragingly. The sooner you talked about this, the better. “I’ve never seen you like that. Well, not since -”

“Not since Tonks passed.” He said, finishing your sentence. “I’m sorry if I made you feel uncomfortable.”

“Same to you.” You responded.

“I didn’t mean to make you cry.” He apologized, looking sincerely sorry. He rubbed his hand over his face. Seeing you upset was the last thing he wanted.

“You had just made so much progress with stopping drinking. I was so proud of you.” You said, feeling rather upset again. “Then one thing came out after another and -” He moved around the table and sat in the chair next to you. He rubbed your back slightly.

“Did you mean what you said?” He asked, asking the dreaded question which he had been putting off for quite a while. “Cause I don’t know if you said it because you’re upset. But if you meant it, then we need to talk about that too.”

You certainly did need to discuss a lot that morning.

“You should go, Y/N.” He drawled, finishing his glass of firewhiskey. You grabbed hold of the bottle and tried to stop the tears from cascading down your cheeks.

“I’m not going to let you drink yourself into oblivion, Remus. I thought we agreed to talk to each other. We’re friends.” You said, feeling exasperated that he was back to this point in mourning. It’d been years since her passing. 

“Well maybe you don’t deserve an awful friend like me.”

“Well maybe you don’t deserve having an awful witch in love with you but we’ve both got to live with it.” You found yourself spluttering out, but quickly covered your mouth with your hands. He stared at you, and suddenly he was a whole lot sober.

And to him, everything just made sense again.

“You’re not an awful friend, Remus.” You said, turning to face him. “You’re wonderful.”

“And you’re not an awful witch, Y/N. You’re wonderful.” He said, moving closer to you, brushing his nose against yours. “And quite frankly, having a wonderful witch like you in love with me isn’t such a bad thing to live with as you may think.” He said, cupping your face.

And you both silently agreed to never having to resort to excessive drinking or crying to admit your feelings again.

You had each other, and that’s all you both needed.


Some sketches of Canach. The first bunch was kind of me pondering over how this guy managed to go from soft baby plant face to rugged handsome cactus. So the arrows show him when he was first (second)born, all fresh and new and soft to a state where he encoutered life’s hardships, became more arrogant and angry and well finally to the pricky plant he is now. It always bugs me that his features appears so changed (his nose, notably) so I tried to find a compromise between his former and his actual ig model.

The rest just… kind of happened.