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May I request possible scenarios of how the Chocobros and Cor got to know their s/o, why they appreciate them and got closer to them?

Yes, yes, yes you may dear Anon! :D I just want to say though- this was a tad bit rushed because I wanted to get something out tonight but I’ve been so darn tired lately LOL! So if there are any typos, please flag them and let me know <3 Love you all! And enjoyyyy!

Noctis: Noctis first noticed you two months into beginning high school. He was curious about you, because unlike the other people in his class, you kind of just sat by yourself in the back corner and stayed glued to your books. Noctis would find himself staring at you during class break periods, earning himself a lot of teasing from Prompto. Noctis didn’t really know why he found you so extremely fascinating, but he couldn’t stop himself from turning his head every hour just to check and see if you were still sitting there in the back corner, reading your books and diligently completing your work.

On Valentine’s Day, Noctis received many gifts of expensive, foreign chocolates and roses. Prompto himself had received a whole bunch of gifts from his many admirers around the school as well. However, Noctis found himself staring right past his desk, saturated with gifts and offerings, his eyes landing on your desk. There sat a single rose with a bag of what seemed to be home-made chocolates tied to the green stem. Noctis had felt a pang of jealousy then- though he soon came to realise that his jealousy was unfounded.

That afternoon, as he was about to leave for the front gates where Ignis was waiting to pick him up, you approached him from behind and tapped him gently on the shoulder. Noctis turned around swiftly at the touch and his midnight blue eyes widen at the sight of you holding out the lone rose and cute looking chocolate moogles. His eyes travelled up to your face and he saw your slight blush and endearing bashful expression.

“Um, these are for you, your highness.” Noctis watches you formally bow down to him, your gifts outstretched to him. Not even thinking about playing it cool, Noctis gently takes your gifts from your hands and smiles when you straighten up to face him with a mildly surprised expression on your face.

“Thanks, y/n.” Noctis replies back simply, his gratitude evident in his shy tone. Noctis watches you smile brightly at him, and from that moment on, he slowly grows closer and closer to you until one day, your lips meet and seal an unspoken contract- you’ve been inseparable ever since!

Prompto: Prompto met you when the two of you were each twelve years old. Specifically, he met you when he fell during one of his morning runs. You were taking a walk down to the local corner store to buy some bread for breakfast with your family when you caught sight of a chubby boy sitting on the curb, staring at his bloody knee and crying. Prompto hadn’t even realised that you had approached him as he cried- he was so used to dealing with his emotions and problems by himself. So when you tapped him on the shoulder and offered him a shy, yet determined smile, Prompto was both grateful and fascinated by you.

He admired how you took him by the hand and pulled him up with a strong grip before pulling you along right towards your home. He remembered how your parents were so welcoming of your new ‘friend’, despite the fact that Prompto was almost positive someone as pretty and kind as you would never was someone as weird as him to be their friend. You had just nodded and stuck close to Prompto as your parents patched him up. He was extremely grateful for that act of consideration and kindness.

From that day forth, you and Prompto were close friends. You always made sure Prompto ran safely and Prompto always made sure you had a buddy to walk with to and from school. The two of you grew close over the years, and naturally, Prompto had asked you out on your birthday. At first, you thought it was too good to be true, so you took his invitation as just an outing between friends. But then, when he placed a tender kiss against your cheek that night at the end of your fun filled evening- both you and Prompto knew that it was the start of something special and long on the books.

Until this day, you and Prompto go to that very spot you first met as kids, and tell each other just how much you mean to each other. You tell Prompto that he saved you from a lonely childhood, and Prompto tells you that you saved him from himself.

Gladio: Gladio met you at an official royal dinner. He was absolutely enthralled with the vision of you wearing a black lace dress with golden accents, your hair in an elegant up-do. That night, Gladio’s job was to tail Noctis and make sure that the prince didn’t slip out of the main hall and sneak off into the gardens. However, he was distracted by your beauty and, damn it, he paid the price. Within an hour, Gladiolus Amicitia had already lost the prince.

In a panic, Gladio began to search amongst the crowds in the main hall. In his hurry, he began to job backwards to back-track towards the large mahogany double doors so that he could go and search the prince’s regular haunts around the palace. But then, he stepped on some flowy material and he heard a rather loud rip.

“Oh my…” Gladio stands stock still at the sound of you saddened voice. He cannot believe it. He ran right into you AND he ruined your beautiful dress. Oh, and he lost the prince. Gladio turned towards you, an apologetic look on his handsome and rugged features.

“I am SO sorry! Follow me to the coat room, I think Iggy left an emergency sewing kit in there for occasions like this, my lady.”

You nodded and gathered your ripped skirts, and Gladio felt terrible as he lead you out of the room. Soon, the two of you were in the coat room, and Gladio frantically searched for the sewing kit he mentioned, only to find Noctis fast asleep under a pile of expensive women’s coats. He was about to yank the prince out from under the pile and give him a piece of his mind when you suddenly cooed and reached out to run a sheer gloved hand over the thirteen year old prince’s dark bangs.

“He’s tuckered out, poor darling. He may be prince, but he’s still also just a boy.” You sighed quietly as you stroked the prince’s hair. Gladio couldn’t help but feel a little jealous. Why did the prince get to have you touching him so tenderly? It wasn’t fair!

“Yeah, uh, I guess I should take him to bed then?” Gladio grunted, lifting Noctis gently from the pile of coats and into his strong arms. Gladio was about to tell you to wait in the coat room for him, until he caught you shrugging your coat on over your beautiful dress.

Gladio’s face was downcast as he thought you were going to be leaving. You see this forlorn expression in Gladio’s expressive eyes and you couldn’t help but smile at the large teen’s endearing reaction. You felt flattered that he wanted you to stay around longer.

“I’m not going anywhere, just so you know. I’ll be waiting for you outside the main hall. It’s too loud in there and I want to talk to you.”

Gladiolus came back to you in record speed after you’d expressed your desire to speak with him privately. That night, the two of you laughed and shared stories and aspirations between each other about yourselves. Gladio was absolutely ecstatic and VERY well-behaved. No wandering hands or eyes (despite your ripped dress) what so ever.

Gladio fell for your forward nature and natural confident charm the moment he laid eyes on you, and you fell for his soft, kind heart. The two of you cherish each other immensely and cannot even imagine life without one another. Gladio is loath to admit that Noctis is the one who brought the two of you together.

Ignis: Ignis met you when he’d first arrived at the Citadel at the young age of six. He was extremely withdrawn and absolutely scared of everyone and everything he had encountered. His uncle ad advised the Regis that it would be pertinent for Ignis to have contact with kids his age so that he could normalise and re-socialise after the traumatic experience of losing both of his parents in a car accident.

And so, Ignis first laid his eyes on you in the royal day care. He had been plopped down beside a quietly playing Prince Noctis, and the prince didn’t seem like he wanted to be disturbed, so Ignis had no choice but to play with someone else nearby- lest he die of absolute boredom. He had tried to approach some of the older boys who were playing wrestling on the floor nearby, but he quickly back tracked when he noticed just how hard the boys were hitting each other.

Ignis was about to make his way back to Noctis when he felt a tug on his sleeve. Almost immediately after the tug, his glasses were pried off his face and Ignis felt a wave of panic settle into his chest, suffocating him as his field of vision became blurry. Whether it was from not being able to see without his glasses, or the mere fact that he was about to cry rather violently, he didn’t really know.

He never found out either, because the glasses thief, after stealing his possessions, had immediately perched the glasses back atop his nose after seeing the clear distress on Ignis’s face and in his stunning green eyes.

“I’m sorry- I just thought your eyes were really pretty. I wanted to see them better. Please don’t cry- I’ll take care of you! I turned five this year!” Ignis turned to you, and he was a little mad at first. But then, throughout the weeks, as you continued to bug him to play with you, he grew fond of you. Soon, you were his best friend, encouraging him through his specialised Crownsguard training program and holding him whenever things got to be too much.

One night, while Ignis was walking from the library with you beside him, he couldn’t hold in his feelings any longer. He had to tell you how he felt. But he didn’t know how to tell you in words. So he took his glasses off his nose and turned to face you. When you stopped your gait and stopped to face Ignis, you found him smiling sheepishly.

“I need you far more than I can say, y/n. Will you take care of me, please?” Ignis asked bashfully. You tentatively pressed you lips against his in the cool evening breeze under the murky stars in Insomnia, and it was from then on that Ignis the caretaker of all had someone special to come home to in order to have someone take care of him.

Cor: Cor Leonis met you when you were a newly recruited Crownsguard trainee. Clarus was not available to train you, so Cor had to step in. With no training experience what-so-ever, Cor was a pretty terrible teacher. He basically did everything for you and didn’t give you much opportunity to learn. And so, you naturally had to confront him about this oversight because you were there to learn and become good at your job.

“Cor… could I possibly take a solo mission someday soon?” you asked, your voice slightly shaky out of nerves. You were speaking to the marshal- of course you were going to be nervous. Cor had immediately frowned at shaken his head in disagreement.

“No. You’re not ready.”

“Of course I’m not,” you snapped at Cor, “you don’t even give me a chance to practice what I’ve learned!” you yelled, very frustrated all of a sudden. The man wasn’t letting you lift a finger, and you had no idea why. “Is it because you think I can’t be good? If so, then just tell me. Let me look for another job- be rid of me!” you have started screaming now. Luckily, the training room you and Cor were in was sound proof.

Cor frowns at you, his glare softening in its intensity.

“Are you immortal too?” Cor asked you, throwing you off all of a sudden. The question came out of the blue, and was unlike any question Cor had ever asked you in the past four months of your training. You shake your head silently in response. Cor lets out a sigh and clasps your shoulder gently with one of his large, warm hands. “Then how can I let you risk your life out there? I don’t want to see anything bad happen to you…”

You caught the soft, barely there blush on Cor’s tanned skin, and your heart began to race a mile per minute at the affectionate thoughts apparently running through Cor’s mind, directed solely at you. You were flattered… and you felt special and protected. Suddenly, you weren’t so mad.

“Cor, I know what I signed up for. To serve the Crown is my life. My duty. My entire soul.”

“That’s unfair- can’t you leave some of your soul for me?”

Cor’s smooth words from that day were what led you to throw your arms around his broad shoulders and kiss him senseless. His words were also the reason why you decided to take on an administration role, much like Monica. Cor was happy with your decision, and supported you one-hundred percent with your career from then on.

Over time, you fell in love with the way Cor only smiled for you, in private. You fell in love with the way he kissed you so tenderly that you were convinced you would break if he applied even the smallest amount more pressure because every affectionate act shared with Cor was extremely overwhelming.

You could feel the love exuding out of the stoic man for you. And Cor’s simple reason for having you set in the centre of his world-

… he absolutely loved the kindness and determination settled deep into your eyes. One look at you, that first moment he met you as his student… he’d broken his vow to remain unattached to others. And until now, with you by his side, he didn’t regret falling for you one bit.

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PJO AU question! (I'm very excited XD) What are the Gods reactions to finding out that Keith and Shiro are together? Also, do you think some of them made bets about when they'd get together?

Oh my god lmao I love this There’s another ask, Camp Version but I’ll answer the Gods Version first because this would be funny and this came first.

Voltron PJO AU: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 

The gods were having their luncheon (let’s pretend they actually do that) at Mouth Olympus. They were all gathered around the big golden table and Hephaestus TV was on. It was the gods’ entertainment, they get to see how their children are doing and they get to witness some dramas between the gods and the demigods.

Camp Half Blood was on, it showed that scene wherein the son of Ares had the son of Hades pinned down with his sword

“Oho! That’s my boy, Dan!” Cheered Ares as he drank wine. He looked around the table, “Mother’s from the marines. Pretty—”

“You were not supposed to injure your opponent, demigod.” Shiro on the TV said, catching everyone’s attention back.

Zeus smirked. 

Ares snorted, the same time his son on TV snorted. Like father like son. They witnessed Keith turning the tables and sneering at Dan. “You piece of shit.”

“Ohohohoho!” the other gods cheered. “Hades’ boy really knows how to get shit done.” Hermes barked out his laughter. 

Hades just shrugged proudly as he drank wine. “My boy is resilient.” Zeus could see how Hades was smiling a little when he saw his son immobilize the son of Ares. 

TV Keith spat out blood and walked out.

“Now that was just a very cool exit,” hummed Apollo. “Why can’t my kids be badass like your kids, Hades?” 

TV Shiro grabbed Keith’s arm but failed miserably to stop him. The gods continue to watch until they see Shiro sit beside Keith under the tree and they held hands.

“Oh, what is this?” Aphrodite perked up. She giggled. “Do I sense love in the air?” She wiggled her eyebrows at Zeus. “Your son has got good taste, doesn’t he, Zeus?”

“Now that you’ve mentioned it, Hades’ son is quite handsome. Like he’s so rugged yet handsome. Totally manly basing from what he did a while ago, too.” Apollo commented. “I’d totally—”

“Don’t finish that sentence, Apollo,” Hades interrupted to which the sun god just chuckled.

“I agree with Apollo though,” Athena joined. “They would be quite a pair. Two most powerful demigods? Together? Zeus and Hades’ offsprings at that?” She hummed in pleasure. 

“Definitely interesting! They could literally destroy the world!” Aphrodite rejoiced. “Imagine if they broke up.”

“No one is breaking up,” Zeus sighed. “Besides, they’re not even together yet.”

“Obviously, ‘cause your son is a wimp.” Hades muttered.

“Did you just call my son a wimp?” Zeus raised his eyebrow, bending a little forward to look at his brother. “Are you telling me he can’t muster up every ounce of confidence and confess his undying love for your boy?”

“Ah, so you do acknowledge he’s in love with my boy.” Hades smirked.

“Why of course. Everyone can see it. Can you?”

Hades just hummed. “I saw it the first time they met actually.”

“Oh my gods! Yes!” Aphrodite exclaimed. “It was the cutest puppy love! I was wondering when they will actually admit it.”

“Alright, alright. Bring it all in.” Hermes said. “Let’s start a betting pool. Let’s all see when one of them finally admits to the other, eh?”

“We are not placing bets on my son,” Zeus interrupted. “If he wants to take it slow, then he will take it slow.”

“You’re just scared you’ll lose, Dad,” Apollo giggled. “C’mon! Have a little faith in my lil brother, will ya? He’s got Zeus genes!” 

“I’m betting it will be Hades’ boy who will snap and just kiss him just to get shit done,” Hermes chuckled, placing his bet. “Give or take in a month.”

Hades gasped, scandalized. “My son has more tact than that!”

“This will be fun,” Aphrodite grinned as she looked at the TV and Shiro and Keith were napping under the tree.

Honestly though how is Team Sweden so beautiful?

Smiley boy Eddie is gonna get you with those eyes, rugged Lundqvist twins are so damn handsome and there’s two of them, Willy looks like he is made of sunshine and don’t even get me started on Gabriel… how?

Favorite Disney Quotes Starter Sentences Part 1
  • "I'd like to see anybody make me wash, if I didn't wanna."
  • "What does an actor want with a conscience, anyway?"
  • "Boy, I wish I'd have gotten his autograph"
  • "Eating greens is a special treat, It makes long ears and great big feet. But it sure is awful stuff to eat."
  • "And *what* is the honest way?"
  • "And I'm so eligible!"
  • "I have a wonderful idea! Let's change the subject!"
  • "I hereby banish you forever!"
  • "Okay okay! He's talking to you!"
  • "They say if you dream something more than once, it's bound to come true"
  • "I'm so hungry I could eat a whole elephant!"
  • "That love business is a powerful thing."
  • "You told me a lie! You said I could trust you!"
  • "Ladies don't start fights, but they *can* finish them!"
  • "Oh, he's so handsome. Just like his reward posters."
  • "Oh, you ruined my moose."
  • "Well, after all, waking him up in the middle of the night. Wouldn't you be grumpy too?"
  • "Forever is a long, long time, and time has a way of changing things."
  • "Oh, I wish I'd stayed a toad"
  • "We were like each other's shadows for a while."
  • "Hey, man, if this is torture, chain me to the wall."
  • "Never under estimate the importance of body language."
  • "I didn't make it all the way through third grade for nothing"
  • "He's not the monster, you are!"
  • "But you're so old!"
  • "He would make a very handsome throw rug. And just think, every time he gets dirty, you could take him outside and beat him."
  • "Ooh, gift baskets!"
  • "Why is it, whenever we meet, I end up bleeding?"
  • "My sweet deluded little minion. Aren't we forgetting one teensy-weensy, but ever so crucial little, tiny detail? I OWN YOU!"
  • "Dishonor on you, dishonor on your cow..."
  • "Are you sure this water's sanitary? It looks pretty questionable to me!"
  • "I'm a raging epidemic of romance."
  • "It's called a cruel irony, like my dependence on you."
  • "'Course I can drive a truck. Sure, you got your steering and your gas and your brake and, of course, this metal, uh, looking... thing. Okay, so it was a bumper car at Coney Island, but it's the same basic principle."
  • "She likes your butt and fancy hair."
  • "That was more fun than I ever want to have again"
  • "It was probably the fifth or sixth most coldest day of my entire life."
  • "But who would ever eat a chicken?"
  • "By the way, I'd like to say I've always found you extremely attractive."
  • "I'm just not sure how well this plan was thought through."
  • "That meat lover's pizza is NOT loving me back at all!"
  • "I'm sweating like a sinner in church."
  • "Likes you? Please, that's demented!"
  • "What are we renumbering?"
  • "Why are you so freakishly annoying?"
  • "Because I love you, I insist you run."

[ Imagine you’re a post-op trans female and you’ve just moved to Charming to start working at the hospital as a nurse practitioner when you catch the eye of Happy Lowman. ] 

You sighed as you pulled off your white coat and hung it inside your work locker. It had been a long, trying day, and you were just ready to be home. You grabbed your purse from its hook inside your locker and turned towards the door, signaling the end of another work day.

You knew taking a new job in a new town far away from home was exactly what you needed. You had turned your entire life around, and you finally felt like the person you always knew you were deep down. You were cultivating a life you were proud of, a life you loved. And moving to Charming was all part of that plan. As a trans woman, your life had been anything but easy. Now that you had finally moved away from the small, closed-minded town you had grown up in, you finally felt like the person you were supposed to be. You just didn’t expect the adjustment to be so hard. 

No one in Charming knew your story. No one knew anything about you, really, other than you were the new nurse practitioner at St. Thomas Hospital and you were damn good at your job. You were an enigma, and that was just the way you liked it.

You crossed the parking lot of the hospital, making your way to your car. That’s when you locked eyes with a tall, handsome man. Your eyes scanned his tattooed, muscular arms. He was easily the most attractive man you had ever seen, and the sight of him made your heart flutter. You already knew exactly who he was, or at least what he was. He was a Son. That much was clear. You had only been in Charming a few short weeks, but you had already heard more than enough about the Sons of Anarchy. 

The man stood from his motorcycle, placing his helmet on the seat and never breaking eye contact with you. You felt frozen. His gaze was so intense, so hypnotizing you felt like he could see straight through you. You could feel his eyes looking you up and down, and it made you nervous. As attracted as you were to him, you knew you needed to keep your distance. He crossed the parking lot, heading straight towards you. He flashed you a coy smile, and you felt your hands shake. He was so handsome, in the most rugged kind of way, and you were dying to get to know him. But you knew it wasn’t a good idea. Not everyone was as open and understanding as you hoped they would be, and something told you a Son would definitely not understand. So you decided you’d keep your distance. 

“Hey, beautiful,” the man said, his voice rough and gravelly. He flashed you a smile. “My name’s Happy.” 

You nodded your head. Your nerves were getting the best of you. “Y/N,” you answered politely, “I, uh, have to go. It was n-nice to meet you, Happy.” You continued walking, making your way to your car in an attempt to escape any further conversation with Happy. 

You wanted to get to know him. You wanted to stay and talk. You wanted to know how his lips would feel on yours. But you never would. You knew that. He was a member of the Sons of Anarchy. There was no way he would be interested in you if he knew you were trans. You were sure of it. Deep down, you feared he might become angry if he found out. As much as you wanted to get to know Happy, you couldn’t put your safety at risk. So you swallowed your feelings and walked away, leaving Happy standing alone in the parking lot and watching after you.


You hadn’t realized it at the time, but walking away from Happy like that with not so much as an explanation had only made him want you more. He spent the next week thinking about you, wondering what your story was. He had never seen you before. You had to be new to town. You were too beautiful for him not to have noticed you before now. He was driving himself crazy, wondering when he would run into you again, if he would run into you again. He had to see you again. He hadn’t felt such a strong connection to anyone in a long time. He knew the two of you could have something amazing, explosive even, if only you’d give him the chance.

You were struggling with the same issue. You felt a spark with Happy in the few moments you had shared with him. Maybe it had just been the nerves talking, but you could have sworn you felt something with Happy in those few brief minutes. You could feel it the moment your eyes had met his all the way across that parking lot. But you and Happy could never happen. You knew that, deep down, but that nagging voice inside your head wouldn’t let the thought of him go.

You were walking aimlessly down the sidewalk, lost in your own thoughts. You had been avoiding Happy for the last few days, but it seemed like he was everywhere. You were so busy inside your own head, you hadn’t even realized Happy was standing right across the street from you. The moment he caught sight of you, his heart began to race.

“Hey!” Happy’s voice called, snapping you from your thoughts. You looked up, startled. His face lit up in a smile the moment you looked at him. “Y/N!” He crossed the street quickly, making a beeline straight towards you. 

You stood there, once again frozen by Happy’s intense gaze. He looked genuinely happy to see you, but you were a little terrified. Happy was an attractive man, but he was intimidating as hell. You couldn’t keep running into him like this. You knew he would find out that you were trans eventually. You weren’t ashamed of who you were, and you weren’t trying to hide anything. You knew who you were and what you had gone through to get there, and you were damn proud of yourself. But you also knew Happy could never find out the truth about you. You were scared of what he might do if he ever did. 

“I was hopin’ I’d see you again,” he said, smiling as he stood in front of you. He watched you for a few seconds before he spoke. “I’ve been thinking about you all week.”

You said nothing for a moment. You knew where this conversation was heading. Happy had made it clear that he was attracted to you. You knew it was just a matter of time before he asked you out, officially. Your heart fluttered at the thought, but reality also set in. You and Happy would never work. Even if you did agree to go out with him, he would have to find out the truth eventually. And then what would you do? What would he do? You didn’t want him to think you were hiding anything, and you didn’t want him to feel like you had tricked him. You had heard the stories of other women like yourself who had become victims at the hands of cowardly men. You knew things could get dangerous fast, and you never wanted to become another statistic.

“I want to take you out,” he said matter-of-factly.

You sighed. You already knew this was coming. “Happy, I don’t have time for this,” you blurted suddenly. “Look, you’re great, okay? But I can’t go out with you.” You looked at the disappointed expression on his face. “I-I gotta go.” 

You walked away from Happy for the second time that week without another word.


As hard as you tried, you couldn’t seem to stay away from Happy Lowman. You had managed to run into him another ten times over the next few weeks, much to your own dismay. Every time you saw him, he asked you out. And every time he asked you out, you found it a little harder to say no. You were the first woman Happy had ever really asked on an actual date. He had never been good at the whole dating thing, and he wasn’t really sure what he was doing wrong when it came to you. He had even brought you flowers. He couldn’t understand why you wouldn’t just go out with him. You were clearly interested in him. You had even gone so far as to tell him you were attracted to him. You told him you thought he was great, yet you wouldn’t go out with him. The worst part was you wouldn’t even tell him why. Every time Happy asked, you would give him some lame excuse. You could never give him a real reason.

You were making your way to St. Thomas Hospital to begin your shift when you spotted Happy leaned against his bike in the parking lot, evidently waiting on you.You pretended not to notice him, but Happy could already tell you had seen him. He knew what you were doing. You were avoiding him, and he wanted to know why. You walked past him quickly, keeping your eyes down and focused on your shoes.

Happy stood from his bike. “Y/N,” he groaned, jogging to keep up with you as you hurriedly walked towards the hospital entrance. “Just wait.”

You stopped and looked at him. You let out a deep sigh. “What, Hap?”  

Happy stopped and stared at you for a moment. You were so beautiful, and you were so mysterious. He couldn’t figure you out. One moment you were telling him you were attracted to him and thought he was great, then the next you were refusing to go out with him without so much as a reason why. He couldn’t figure you out, and it was driving him crazy. 

“Why do you keep running from me?” Happy asked suddenly, his expression a mixture of concern and disappointment. He let out a short, sad sounding laugh. “You scared of me or something?” 

“Happy,” you sighed loudly. “You really don’t give up easily, do you?” 

A mischievous smile crossed Happy’s face. “No, ma’am, I don’t.” 

You looked around the parking lot nervously. You knew you were going to have to tell Happy the real reason you were avoiding him eventually. Every time the two of you spoke, you felt yourself falling for him. He made you laugh, he was sweet, and he was handsome as hell. And he also wouldn’t take no for an answer when it came to you. 

“Look, Hap,” you sighed again, “I like you, okay? A lot.” Your eyes searched the sky for a moment as you collected your thoughts. You had to tell him, one way or another, but you were terrified. You hoped with all your heart that he wouldn’t, but you were scared he would react violently when you told him the truth. “But there’s a lot of shit you don’t know about me.” 


“So, I don’t think it’s a good idea for us to go out.” 

“Give me one good reason why you won’t go out with me,” Happy retorted. 

“I’m trans,” you blurted. 

Happy looked at you for a moment in silence. You were wondering what was going through his mind, and you were fearing the worst. Your nerves took over, and your hands began to shake. You decided to continue.

“I was born a male, physically anyway,” you explained. “But I’ve always been a woman on the inside. I’ve known since I was a kid.” You swallowed hard. You feared what Happy’s reaction would be. “I’ve been living as female since I was a kid,” you continued, “But I started hormones when I was a teenager.” You took in a deep, shaky breath. “And, uh, I’ve had all the, uh, surgeries.” 

“Okay,” was all Happy said.

You cocked your head to the side, now confused. “Okay?”

He nodded his head. “Okay.” He shrugged nonchalantly and flashed you a smile. “So you gonna go to dinner with me now, or what?”

You let out a deep breath that you felt like you had been holding forever and nodded your head. A happy, relieved smile formed on your lips. “Yeah. Dinner sounds good.” 

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I remember I drew a couple of sketches a couple months ago when he still had his long hair ahh. I was so sad that it didn’t even last that long. Mashima blessed us with long haired Natsu and quickly took it away from us. 

Woops didn’t realize that this was slightly nsfw– lmaoo

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OMG ! I saw the last comic , it was so A.W.E.S.O.M.E.!!!! Like really I loved every detail! Like Lena and Hanzo grooming eachother and gossiping together! So cute! and she making that sweet purring face *-*. And then you gave us the most handsome rugged Canine!Mccree that anybody can ever wish for. Like seriously he is so freaking handsome in his rugged way! And tracer making that fucking knowing face when she leave these two alone. You can draw such awesome expressions !

@pinksnowrabbit Awwww you are too kind ;W;
2 whole letters of compliments??? Do you want to kill us with happiness?!
I don’t even know what to say!! I’m so glad to hear that you enjoyed the comic so much in all its details, and also really happy that you noticed all the little things that we tried to fit in there, especially the fact that McCree is relaxed near Hanzo <3 Don’t worry, you don’t sound creepy at all an you most definitely made our day!
We wanted to reply more but we are just speachless, drowning in happiness! Thank you so much for all that you’ve written to us ≧◉ᴥ◉≦

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A cowboys love part 1

Disclaimer: so I was talking to the lovely @bookwarm85 about this idea I had of an imagine where Jai is a horse handler for a living and he meets the love of his life because of a traumatic situation and she writes it down in a letter that he finds when he’s cleaning out his and Maya’s master bedroom one day
It was as equally warm in Australia that day as it was in Jais’ heart when he found the box that had belonged to his beloved Maya he hadn’t meant to find the box it had just fallen out of the closet and he just wanted to remember her spirit so he started reading the letter he would always cherish.

Dear rugged and handsome,
I don’t remember the things in my life more clearer than the night I met you because of Brutus and I can’t thank that silly Australian Shepard more than I can right now.

I was running so fast I could feel my breath leave me and all I keep telling myself is if you stop he will find you I was turning a corner when all of a sudden I hear my name being yelled by Jonas’ mate Carter I could feel my sprained ankle throbbing harder than it did just minutes ago when I broke carters nose.

I wish I would’ve told you how much that moment meant to me that the man that I grew to know and love came to find out why his beloved best mate and only family at the time was barking

I could clearly see a house with a barn and connecting stable in the distance so I made the split decision and decided to climb over the fence and all I could do was run to just hope that I could get a good distance away from the people I thought were nice and kind I grew tired so I ran towards a tree that looked like it was shady enough to hide me the only thing I didn’t see was the dog patrolling his territory until it started growling then started barking so loud I knew someone would come

The thing that struck me when I first met you is how gentle you were with Brutus that you didn’t even have to get mad at him or tell him to shut up he just knew that you wanted him quiet with one look

“Little girl little girl I won’t hurt you any worse if you just show yourself right now so get out here right now” Jonah had started screaming towards the end Carter also started speaking “ it won’t hurt me or Jonah if you misbehave in fact it will make it fun for us ” the man said with Jonah starting to chuckle. All of a sudden I heard what sounded like a motorbike coming our way that the two men started running but I couldn’t move I was quivering and crying too much to hear the man walk up and tell the dog to stop barking “good boy Brutus go lay down” the man commanded the dog with a very thick Sydney accent.
I looked up and what I saw made me stop breathing for a second it was tall man 6 foot 2 maybe 3 inches dirty blonde hair slicked back he was also wearing a red plaid shirt with a white tank top underneath and looked like a true cowboy with a beard and I could see slight chest hair peak out. “My name is Jai and that rascal laying by the hailbays is Brutus neither of us are going to hurt you can you tell me your name” I didn’t know how to respond so I just said “ my name is Maya.” Jai offered me his hand and took me inside to his house.

Part 2 coming soon
If you would like to be tagged when I post the next part please let me know

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that blue fellow you keep posting x reader? prompt: a day at the spa

You are going to the spa with your handsome boyfriend, Yondu! He’s been so busy being in space that you two haven’t had much time to spend together. 

He crashes his escape pod into the spa with his usual charismatic flair and you chuckle, “That’s my Yondu!” you say aloud to the horrified on-lookers who aren’t even looking at you.

You skip the rest of the way to the spa because you’re so happy and you always skip when you’re happy!

The staff is cheerful and tell you to not even worry about the GIANT hole in the ceiling (which you offered to pay for with your immense wealth that you have from your fulfilling career.)

“I always forget how pretty you are, babycheeks!” says Yondu before giving you a too-moist kiss. 

His lips are so blue and perfect and he’s so handsome. He’s just as rugged and good-smelling as he was on the day you met. 

You hold his soft hand while you get pedicures (you paint your toenails blue because Yondu is blue and so you paint your toenails blue to match Yondu, who is blue. Yondu paints his toenails black because he’s a goth.)

The stylists have to shed a tear because your love for each other is so pure and they are jealouse.

You cannot hold hands while you get manicures, so you play footsie instead. (You paint your fingernails blue to match your toenails, which you painted blue to match Yondu who is blue) (Yondu paints his fingernails black because he’s a goth.)

The stylists are more uncomfortable with this but say nothing.

Finally you get massages together. At first, you are jealous because the masseuse gets to touch Yondu and you aren’t and you know he’s just so strong and handsom that the masseuse is no doubt growing at least one (up to three) feelings for him at this moment. But, Yondu squeezes your hand and you remember that he loves only you.

You feel sp relaxed and the day has been so perfect.

“I gotta go now and be a space captain, dolphin” says Yondu. 

You shed a tear and he tenderly wipes it away with his soft hands with black nails. 

“I understand,” you weep gently.

He hops into his escape pod and tenderly fucks off.

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For the fictional character ask things, Elizabeth and/or Bardroy

I’ll do both for you, anon!


who? | only know their name | loathe | ugh | overrated | indifferent | dead | alive | just okay | cute | badass | my baby | hot | want to marry | favorite

I’ll cry if anything bad happens to Lizzie. I’m not even kidding. She’s one of the purest, kindest characters around and Ciel should be on his knees thanking the Midfords for betrothing her to him.  


who? | only know their name | loathe | ugh | overrated | indifferent | dead | alive | just okay | cute | badass | my baby | hot | want to marry | favorite

There’s no option for “underrated” because Bard is so underrated. I always found him handsome in a rugged, older way which is super refreshing in comparison to a lot of Yana’s bishies. That, and he’s awesome. 

[[ A little Opie smut to brighten your day 💞 ]]

“Hey, Jax.” You walked up to him as he sat outside the Sons clubhouse. “Have you seen Ope?” 

He looked up at you, took a long drag from his cigarette, and smiled. “Hey, sweetheart.” He nodded his heads towards the TM garage. “He’s in the garage.”

You nodded your head and gave Jax a light smile before you walked off to find your old man. He had been working extra hard lately, picking up extra shifts around TM and doing any mechanic job he could get his hands on. You appreciated all his hard work, but there was a downside. You hadn’t seen him nearly as often lately as you’d like. Sure, you shared the same bed every night, but by the time he got home, he was exhausted and usually passed out before you really got a chance to do much of anything. You loved your old man, and you loved that he was wiling to work hard. Of course, you needed the extra money too. But you also needed to get laid.

“Opie,” you sang as you walked into the garage. You rounded the corner to see Opie lying on his back under a car, his shirt lifted just enough for you to see the tiniest bit of skin. You felt your heart flutter. It had been way too long, and you craved the feeling of his skin. He slid out from under the car, his work shirt stained with oil and dirt. His hair was hidden under a beanie, and his beard was bushy and wild. He looked rugged and tough and oh so handsome. Just the way you liked him. 

He grinned at you. “Hey, babe.” He wiped his hands on a old rag, smearing it with oil. “How was your day?”

“Fine,” you answered, taking a few steps closer to him. You pressed a finger to his neck and ran it slowly down his chest. “But it’s better now.” 

“Good,” he replied, obviously not taking the subtle hints you were trying to drop.

“Yeah.” A mischievous smile played at your lips. “You wanna take a break?” 

He smiled and pointed back to the car he had just been underneath. “I’m almost finished, if you wanna hang around a few more minutes.” 

You shook your head and bit your lip. “I think you should take a break now.” 

He raised an eyebrow, his smile spreading. He quickly reached down, grabbed you by your legs, and slung you over his shoulder. “Yo, I’m takin’ a break!” he called over his othershoulder. He carried you to the back of the clubhouse, you giggling in excitement the entire way. He pushed the door open with his boot and placed you back on your feet.

“Take your clothes off,” he commanded as soon as he shut the door behind him. You smirked, surprised that he was being so straight-forward. Opie was usually a much more gentle, passionate kinda guy. He normally liked to take his time. But clearly it had been way too long for him too, and he was ready to pounce.

“Make me.” His grin spread. You knew how much he liked a challenge. He crossed the room, his thick leather boots crashing heavily onto the wooden floor. His hands reached for the hem of your shirt, and he tugged upwards, leaving you in only your bra in a matter of seconds. He unbuttoned your jeans and pushed them down your thighs. His eyes widened ever so slightly as he took in the sight of you standing there in front of him, wearing practically nothing and looking better than you ever had before. He couldn’t take his eyes off of you.

Your hands hungrily tugged at his hips. You needed him now. He pushed your hands away and pulled off his jeans. You ripped his boxers down his legs, and he slid your panties to the floor. You stepped out of them and jumped into his arms. He stumbled over to the bed, his strong arms wrapped tight around you, his lips crashing into yours. He let out a low growl and pushed you down onto the bed. He climbed on top of you, grabbing your wrists with one of his big hands. He forcefully pinned your wrists above your head. Your back arched in anticipation. He spread your legs with his knees and reached down, giving you a little taste of pleasure. It was just enough to make you moan. Loud. You squirmed in pleasure, fighting for your hands to be released. He grinned in satisfaction and positioned himself just right. He pushed himself into you finally, after what felt like forever, and you let out a deep, fulfilled gasp as he filled you. He thrust himself deeper, and you arched your back further. Every part of your body throbbed, begging for him. You felt like your nerves had been set ablaze, but in the most wonderful, agonizingly pleasurable ways. 

“Opie,” you moaned, wrapping your legs around his waist as he thrust himself in and out of you. He picked up his rhythm and tightened his grip on your wrists, refusing to let you go. You moaned louder. “Opie, baby.” You groaned, your entire body arching as far as it could possibly go just so you could be closer to him, so you could feel him. 

He thrust forcefully and let out a deep groan. He pressed his head to your neck. You could feel his fingers digging into your wrists. His other hand grasped at your waist, pinning you to the bed. He let out a barely audible gasp and groaned again. You knew it wouldn’t be long for either of you. You could already feel yourself about to be pushed over that ledge. He thrust one last time, let out a deep, thundering growl, and you both found your release. 

He collapsed on top of you, burying his head against your neck. He took a few breaths, then rolled onto his back so he was lying beside you. He sighed contentedly, trying to regain his composure. He rolled his head to look at you and laughed. “Now I could really use a break.” 

'She's the Man' Sentence Starters
  • "Well hey there, pretty lady."
  • "Girls with asses like mine do not talk to boys with faces like yours."
  • "Be not afraid of greatness, some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them."
  • "I am convinced he's hiding something."
  • "Have you ever tried to run away in high heels?"
  • "I'm a boy, I promise."
  • "A few days ago I kissed this girl at a kissing booth."
  • "...and when I close my eyes, I see you for who you truly are, which is UUUG-LAY."
  • "Who's your daddy?!"
  • "Man, I just, I'm not really good at talking to girls."
  • "Do you... like... cheese?"
  • "Could you be a girl for just 5 seconds?"
  • "You don't have to flirt with her first, okay, genius? You're paying for it."
  • "Beware the old guy chewing gum... it's not gum."
  • "Are those real?"
  • "What does your heart tell you?"
  • "Wake up, I've been waiting for you."
  • "It's not a wig!"
  • "But why? He's so handsome, and rugged, and chiseled, and great."
  • "What are you talking about? Why are you lying?"
  • "I'm allergic to the sun."
  • "I played soccer once... or was it chess?"
  • "God you and your brother look scarily alike from the back."
  • "Remember, chew like you have a secret..."
  • "Why, why do you always talk about girls in such graphic terms?"
  • "Nonsense! You don't need a man to wear a beautiful dress!"
  • "___---, be a good boy."
Joined (Poe D. Soulmate AU)

Summary: Soulmates have matching marks. Poe x Female!Reader soulmate fic.

Word Count: 1,096

Warnings: None. 

A/N: Hope you guys enjoy my take on soulmates with our favorite pilot, Poe Dameron! @sincerelysaraahh 

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Naboo’s lush green landscape stretched out for thousands of miles. Poe looked out the window of his fighter and smiled at his best friends. “I’ve always wanted to come here.”

“It’s better in person than what we’ve heard,” Rey exclaimed.

Finn whooped in response and the three of them promptly landed on the airbase nearby Harte Secur. They were looking forward to this downtime. Poe was also going to take maximum advantage of avoiding the other two. Ever since their soulmate marks had been matched, Finn and Rey were inseparable. Quite often, Poe felt like the odd man out. He knew it wasn’t their intention, but there was something between them that Poe could never understand. After all, his soulmate hadn’t shown up yet.

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