so rude but so adorable

Murdoc talking to most people: aauuurrrwwwhh, i’mmurdocniccalsfromgorillaz and i’m better than all of you, i’m a shithead sex god with a killer dick, appreciate my band you tasteless wankers

Murdoc talking to fans: oh, hello! i’m so glad you’re here! do you want me to laugh for you? i’m so glad you like my laugh! thank you so much! i love you, okay? love you! bye bye!


“we can track anything that’s happening in the city.”

im CONVINCED when nina was 4 and usnavi was like 9ish, she would force him to do little plays in front of the entire barrio with her. LIKE HOW CUTE

she would find play scripts in abuela’s home and make him memorize them with her and perform them at potluck dinners her parents organized.

usnavi was not the best actor, he was too monotonous. even tiny infant sonny would laugh at this ngl (my headcanon is that he’s been living with his cousin and aunt&uncle since he was a baby)

nina was WAY too dramatic when it came to these plays, yet vanessa was always there right in front, clapping away. best friends 4 life!!

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May I request Whirl, Rodimus, Swerve and Rung reacting to their female human s/o becoming pregnant with their kid? Hope this is okay! Love your blog ❤️

( Melly’s Mod Notes: Anon I love any headcanons or requests that involves children so this is more than okay!! Hope you enjoy these headcanons, lovely. )


✦ Freaking out when the tests come back positive because fuck shit ass tits this is not what he thought would happen. When he realises that the liaison looks hurt by his reaction, Whirl will calm down (just enough because he loves them that much, the little fragger) to explain he doesn’t mind being a dad or a mom or whatever the humans call their parenting roles. It’s just… You know. The optic. The claws. What if these are hereditary? What if his kid picks these up because everything he touches always ends up fucking up? His human will need to reassure him that they’ll get through this together. It’s scary but- They’ll make it work. Life finds a way.

✦ Mellows out during the pregnancy as time goes on to the relief of his human. Whirl sees the way his human’s womb is getting by the month and, really, Earth months are Earth days to Cybertronians so this is some freaky human biology shit that he can’t help but find cool. He’ll never admit but he likes pressing the top of his claw to against their surface of their belly, hoping to feel the kick of the sparkling or, maybe if his adjusted audials are lucky enough, the brief beat of a spark. Or heart. Whatever his perfect freak of nature is going to have. They’re going to be perfect in his optic. He’s already decided on that and will start fights if he so much as thinks someone doesn’t think so.

✦ For the love of all things that are sweet and holy don’t ask him for suggestions on what the baby’s name should be. Whirl will purposefully keep giving awful suggestion for names like Assburglar or Fleshlight. Instead the human should ask him who they should ask suggestions from. Whirl will, with complete sincerity and honesty, suggest maybe asking Cyclonus and Tailgate. They must have, like, a million stuffy names full of importance and significance that they can try out.


✦ Laughs because oh man! You got him there for a second, babe. You’re pregnant with his sparkling? Really? Really…? Really?! He’s over the moon and won’t even bother to try and suppress the urge to keep his spoiler flat on his back. He picks his human up, peppering them with kisses as his spoiler does the flippy-flap-flap. All the while promising them that they’ll be the best parents ever he promises. After he sets them down, he’ll make a beeline to his desk and make an immediate captain’s announcement because guess what you guys! He’s going to be a sire!! That’s right he put a bun in the liaison’s oven! Rodjmus. Just. Gushes out his excitement and hopes for all the crew ot hear to the pleased embarrassment of his human and the utter annoyance of Ultra Magnus because Rodimus no that’s an inappropriate use of the intercom system-!!

✦ Eventually this becomes a Lost Light Thing because of course it does. It’s all hands on deck as the human - to the mechs and femmes on Lost Light - develop the baby in their body at an astonishing rate. A baby room is made and a roster of reliable babysitters is finalised. Toys are made and inspected for hidden weapons. Everyone is struggling to not curse in preparation of the baby’s arrival and Whirl is getting annoyed at how much of his hard-earned Shanix is being put in the swear jar. The next nine months is a rollercoaster of emotions for everyone involved and they’ll all claim it’s, more or less, worth it in the end. (One of the best moments during the pregnancy? Ultra Magnus becoming overwhelmed with emotions when approached by the couple for the possibility of him being the godfather of the little one. In fact he’s so overwhelmed that he pops out of his armour and then Minimus Ambus pops out into his most irreducible form.)

✦ Rodimus is a little bit clueless when the topic of names come up. Names for the baby? Can’t they just call the baby Hot Rod Jr. or their name with a Jr. on it…? No? Oh alright. To be fair he does try his best when the two of them are brainstorming names but he gets frustrated that he can’t think of a decent one. It’s only after he’s told about the tradition of humans naming their children after those they love that Rodimus immediately comes up with a suggestion he’s proud of and the liaison likes a lot. It isn’t long before ‘Drift’ is quickly placed on the Serious List of Contenders.


✦ Laughs in disbelief at first when his human tells him that they’re pregnant. It’ll take a visit to the medbay and a confirmation from Ratchet for Swerve to realise that it’s real. This is real. The human will become worried when all he does for the next few seconds is gape at Ratchet, visor bright and mouth hanging open no matter how many times they reach out to try and snap it shut for him. Then he’s suddenly on and asking all sorts of questions to Ratchet. What to expect, where the baby room should be, who should help Ratchet out when the baby comes along because you never know what sort of shenanigans might happen during birth! Ratchet, at one point, will give the liaison a long and exhausted look because he’s too old for this.

✦ Makes the fatal error of watching a birthing video for his first step to prepare because the screaming, the bleeding. This video unfortunately shows tearing. After he’s watched the whole thing and allows it all to sink into his shocked processors, Swerve scrambles to find his human. The liaison is discussing supplies and possible pitstops with Ultra Magnus when they find themselves being picked up by a panicking Swerve. He hugs them - not too tightly! - and is soon breathlessly thanking them for being so brave and so strong and so damn tough for wanting his baby. His human is flattered by the appreciation he has for what they’ll be facing for the next nine months if a little confused. What’s gotten into him?

✦ Is very excited to suggest names for the baby but freezes when asked what his suggestions are because. Oh. Yeah. He needs to have names to suggest first. Give him a day or two to think about it, doll, would you? After thinking about it long and hard, he eventually comes up with a name and is so proud to suggest it to his human while they’re talking about it one day. Skids is a pretty cool name for a baby, yeah? Because Skids should totally be their name.


✦ Wants to be extra sure and asks if it’s alright if they head back to Ratchet. Run some other tests to make sure that this isn’t a false alarm of some sort. He wants to believe so bad but he’s worried that maybe the positive results are something more nefarious. The liaison agrees and they visit the medbay, explaining to Ratchet about their current predicament. After Ratchet runs the tests again and shows the still positive results, Rung can’t help but cry. They’re pregnant. They’re really pregnant. Coolant is running down his faceplate but the smile is one of pure joy as he pulls them into a gentle hug, promising them that they’ll get through this together.

✦ Helps his human during their pregnancy when the rockier parts of it come up: Sore back. Swollen ankles. Tender body. He’s considerate and sweet to their every need like keeping a supply of apples and soy sauce in one of his secret compartments should a craving strike. He prepares for the approaching pregnancy by filling up the proper forms requesting maternity and paternity leave for him and liaison and asking close friends of his if they’re willing to look out for their little one should the couple be busy. Out of the four he’s definitely got his helm screwed tight on his shoulders.

✦ When it comes to names, he hears his partner’s suggestions first to see what they’re looking for. He really doesn’t have a preference, really, but sees it means a lot to his liaison and wants to make this count. After finding a pattern or theme to the name - in this case, it happens to be stars or constellations found in the Milky Way Galaxy - he helps them go through their list again to see if any stick out to him. Eventually it’s the names Castor and Pollux that tickle both of their fancy and they’re both a little disappointed that they have to pick only one. The possibility of combining the name to Castor Pollux is raised but that’s not fair to their child. Maybe they can delay the final name for their little one for when they’re actually here. See what they’re like. (And to Rung and the liaison’s delight and surprise, and everyone else’s shock, it looks like they don’t need to worry about that. On the day the birth happens, two little sparklings come into the world. Looks like they can use both names after all.)


luhan, staring and pointing are rude