so rude but so adorable

DBS: *brings back Frieza AGAIN*

Me: Good. That’s fine. Y'all would ruin Cell anyway if he came back. Let him RIP (Rest in Perfection).

Also Me: Oh, ok. I’ll just…stay here in the corner, minding my own business… dickriding Perfect Cell until the inevitable heat death of the universe…


luhan, staring and pointing are rude

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Please tell me you're not against Haylor too ..... you have no idea how hard it is to love Taylor Swift and Harry Styles with the same amount of adoration. So many Harries are so rude :((((((

I don’t really like Taylor. Nothing personal to her. and it’s nothing to do with Harry - before people come and attack me for being jealous. I just don’t listen to female artists that often and her music isn’t something that interests me or catches me intrigued. I don’t hate her nor have I ever sent hate her way or anything; I’ve never once hated on a girl for being with Harry, at all. No. I respect her as an artist because she does create some amazing songs; they’re just not my type to listen to. xx

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if you don't mind, I have another request: one with a teasing harry, where he sees you scroll on your phone - maybe looking at some videos of him from when he was last gone on tour - and then he comes up behind you, seeing you looking at him on your phone, and then he teases you about stalking him, or being a silly fan who only thinks about fantasy/fanfic harry? idk, is this stupid? xo

omfg no this isn’t stupid cute!harry literally makes my life aah sorry this took so long but is it okay if i make it short? i’ll try to make it as long as i can, though. XOXO (gossip girl) 

It’s early in the morning.

Harry was still passed out next to you, laying on his stomach, snoring lightly. You smile and press a gentle kiss to his temple, careful not to wake him.

But then the fangirl side of you decided this was too cute of an opportunity to pass up. You log onto Snapchat, carefully capturing Harry’s sleeping face in your favourite dog filter, and posting it onto your story with the caption: sleepy head.

You decide that eight a.m. was too early for you to start your day. You were desperately craving a cup of coffee or tea, but you settled for lying next to Harry, scrolling through your Instagram feed, as well as your Twitter.

You sniffled a laugh when you see you’re tagged in a video a fan took of Harry on stage. Or, to be more precise, Harry on stage falling. You immediately like it, biting your nail as you do, careful not to let your shaking frame wake Harry up.

But then one video turned into five, and soon an hour has passed and you are so deep into the Harry Styles tag that it was impossible to claw yourself out of it. Or out of bed, for that matter.

So you were more than shocked when you feel Harry shift from behind you. You stop scrolling. Were you shaking harder than you thought? You’ve come across some downright hilarious ones, but–

Harry mumbles something incoherent, and his muscular arms wrap themselves around your waist. He still has his eyes closed as he murmurs against your shoulder, “Morning.”

Your heart flutters as you lean back into his embrace, echoing, “Morning.”

He peeks over your shoulder, eyes adjusting to the bright glow of your phone, and grins, “Stalking me?”

You try to shut off your phone while simultaneously throwing it to the end of the bed, but Harry grabs it out of your hand. His smile only widens as he scrolls up and down – confirming that you have liked a lot of videos of him on tour. 

“Gimme my phone back!” You try to fight him for it, but he exclaims, “You’re so cute! Like my personal fangirl.”

You try to frown, but how could you with his beautiful green eyes looking back at you? Your jaw drops, “I’m not your personal fangirl! I’m just…proud of you! That’s all!”

“Mhm,” Harry teases, letting your phone peacefully slip back into your hands. He pulls you closer, the morning making his voice raspy. “Proud enough to write some erotic fanfiction?”

You try to hide your blush, but he catches it right away. He howls, “You wrote fanfiction about me?? MY GIRLFRIEND WROTE–”

“Stop it!” You smack him with a pillow as his whole body shakes with laughter, making him defenceless. “I had a writing phase, okay? Stop laughing! You’re so rude!”

“No,” Harry makes out between mangled breaths. “It…It’s so adorable. You’re so adorable.”

You give into his kisses, sinking your face in your hands. “Hey, hey,” he tips your head up to meet his. His green eyes sparkle. “How would you describe me? How would you write me, right now?”


“No, I’m not mocking you, trust me,” Harry interrupts. “I just want to know how you see me.”

“Right now?” You ask, a little embarrassed. He nods.

You clear your throat, “Right now, on this bed…you’re like…you’re like one of those too-perfect movie scenes where the girl always wakes up with the right guy and for an instant it’s all perfect. They don’t have to worry about what’s beyond the bedroom – because there is certainly things to worry about beyond the bedroom – they get a chance to disconnect from the world and just…be in the moment.”

“Wow,” Harry grins. “Shakespeare.”

Oh, shut up!”


Jacob was simply a perpetually happy person, and he carried that happiness with him like an aura, sharing it with whoever was near him. Like an earthbound sun, whenever someone was within his gravitational pull, Jacob warmed them. It was natural, a part of who he was.