so rich and creamy
Cookies & Cream Dragonscale Gauntlets, Handmade in Iceland
Ever wanted to be a dragon? Or show off your scales? Well, heres your chance to keep warm with a layer of 48 scales on each arm.

These are made with 100% Icelandic Kambgarn.. The kambgarn is a combed wool yarn in the marino style. Its a lot less itchy than lopi or other course wool yarns, but if your skin is very sensitive it may feel scratchy. Hand Wash in lukewarm water with mild soap Only. Take good care of the wool and it’ll last you a lifetime! 

Finally finished!
Rich brown and creamy off white. 
They are so pretty. 

And Remember!
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Fudgy raw carob-pb brownies from today’s kitchen adventures😛😛 so rich + creamy but so healthy they’re practically salad🙈🌿 (HCLF, gluten/oil/refined-sugar + cruelty free)✔️✔️

You’ll find the recipe for these in my upcoming Ebook! x

IG: @naturally_nina_

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